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Failsafe's custom security and combat borg sprites

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BYOND Key: AgentWhatever

Character name: Failsafe

Item name: N/A

Why is your character using this sprite?

Because I find it sad that this sprite isn't used at all. It would fit in nicely with the lore I have for failsafe. There's a reason why it does not select security on its own and these sprites hint to why that is.

Item function(s): The -s replaces (or is added to the selection of)the security borg sprites, same goes for the combat borg sprite

Item description: N/A

Item appearance: A modified version of Squats. It's taller, symetrical and has slightly glowing lighting

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? It would insist that there is indeed a reason why the failsafe normally isn't selected for the security department as you could see a clear correlation between the security and combat module.

Additional comments: 05a77d2c5f.png

File: https://puu.sh/ye30B/a33ef2a48e.dmi

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