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[Accepted] Antag ban appeal

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BYOND Key: Jammybeard

Total Ban Length: Three days.

Banning staff member's Key: TishinaStalker

Reason of Ban: Unleashing the singulo as a nuke op after destroying one of the emitters with a bomb.

Reason for Appeal: I would believe, abliet catastrophic in nature, that it was an isolated incident and an accident. My play, and the rest of Nuke Ops team play up until that point had been methodical, fun and genuinly well thought out up until that point. It was going to be the makings of a really fun round after I had sucessfully sabotaged the armoury, and was planning on trying to sabotaging engineering to take out power in order to nuetralise the threat from the AI, (Noone likes it when the last surviving member of a nuke ops team is crushed in a door) unforunatly the bomb I placed strayed too close to the containment of the singularity and it was unleashed, ruining the round for everyone. I think the key thing to recoginise is that the transgression in question was not of a malicous intent, niether is it due to being unable to quality RP as an antag and I think that times where I have previously RP'ed as an antag show that I wasn't just ramboing everywhere, I was trying to undermine the station and unforunatly I made the mistake of planting a bomb in the wrong place. This is never going to be repeated and this lapse in OOC knowledge of how engineering worked is not going to translate into futher messups during antag RP. Therefore I see it as reasonable to consider repealling the antag ban.

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Hello! You say the bomb strayed too close to the engine, but this tells me that it was more of an accident. I don't understand how (when trying to breach into the department itself) you could've permitted a bomb to have detonated right next to an emitter, which then essentially knocked out the little power grid all of the emitters are running on. That seemed almost too methodical if you ask me, coupled with the fact that you told me you wanted to "destroy the engine". Now, because I don't want to keep you antag banned for long, tell me how the bomb just strayed next to this extremely important part of the station, and how you will avoid doing this in the future, please.

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Before Aurora I played on a server that used SM core so Im still learning how the singularity works, I wasnt really familiar with how containment works or how fragile it was, you can ask the other Nuke Ops I literally said "Im going to take out power." If destroying the station with a singulo had been my plan all along I wouldn't have bothered blowing up the armoury. It doesn't make sense for me to deliberatly sabotage the entire round and ruining it for everyone and myself.

As for making sure it never happens again, Im going to stay as far away as humanly possible from the singularity in general.

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Alrighty, that checks out. Glad that you learned from this experience, and I'll be more than happy to see to it your job ban is removed. I'll leave this open for another day, just in case any staff members want to raise an objection against you. If none arise, then consider your appeal accepted.

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