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Positronic Brain cross-chassis compatibility and virtual intelligence

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Are positronic brains compatible across robots (or androids), AI cores, and IPCs, character wise? As in, NanoTrasen owns a specific positronic brain which has a designated IPC which is used when an IPC would be more useful than a robot or AI, or can just be put into robots (borg bodies) and AI cores.

Also, are positronic brains' intelligences virtual or built into the brain? As in, could you construct a new posibrain and have a specific intelligence be downloaded into it?

If the second question is true then would it be possible to play the same synthetic multiple times in a round, just with no memory of its previous life? I.E a brain is destroyed for whatever reason (like a borg getting blown up) but the roboticist pings a brain, and the ghost of the original brain joins into the pinged brain and downloads the intelligence software, essentially playing the same exact character but just without memory.

I apologize if this is badly formatted or has been answered before, I'm new to the forums and didn't find any answers to these questions.

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A fascinating question, and one I'm also interested in.

I (and I'm sure other IPC players) have assumed that yes, one positronic can be move to different chassi. Meaning an android can be moved to an IPC, an android can be move to an AI and back... You don't really see IPC-to-Android brain transfers, though.

Muncorn has a lore canonization app up for how exactly positronic brains work, and I like the general idea behind it. Downloading personality from the Extranet, what have you. Theoretically, this means even a pAI personality can be downloaded into a positronic. But I don't really think this bit of lore has been fully explored. I eagerly await the dialogue on this topic.

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Good to know this is possible! I'll definitely be incorporating this into my first full Synthetic character.

Also, are there any limits at all as to how much an IPC can know/be skilled with? Even if skillsets change between shifts via, say, the use of specific memory drives inserted into the brain, you could theoretically have one character across several departments.

EDIT: Could I be linked to the positronic brain lore? Unless that's the lore currently on the wiki.

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Posibrain lore is just Synthetic lore at the moment. The application to expand it is here: https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=78&t=9153

Cake has stated that IPCs can know up to everything within one department, at the expense of knowing nothing of any other department. So an IPC could know Chemistry, Surgery, general med, and even some Virology, but would not know how to install a lightbulb. Obviously, the less of one department they know, they could gain some understanding of others. Corporate Regs, or building a table maybe.

But I feel like being jack-of-all-trades is impossible.

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Thanks for the link. I like that lighting thing, would be neat if posibrains themselves could be damaged, debugged, and repaired, but that just adds another layer of complexity that the devs don't need right now.

That seems fair. Do Mechatronics fall under engineering lore-wise, instead if Research-wise as it is on the Aurora? (Hephaeustus Industries would probably say so) If so I'd be happy to have an IPC who can do all of Engineering (Except the Tesla, leaving room for the CE position) as well as Robotics outside of the surgery and borging aspect (just mechs, bots, and droids), since a robot building robot is heresy to some people and I'd love to see an anti-robot advocate rage ICly over it someday.

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