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Joe Ander's Omni-Optical Protection System


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BYOND Key: DrHobo2k15

Character name: Joe Anders

Item name: Omni-Optical Protection System

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Joe lovingly developed these customized science goggles during random moments of freedom to tinker while at work to protect his eyes, look stylish (well as stylish as a mad scientist can be) and also to support his diminishing vision from the years of exposure to some pretty nasty chemicals and general ageing.


Item function(s):

They provide eye protection and aid eye sight just as Prescription Science Goggles. They are linked to his PDA (when his PDA is on his person, so no real function there) and provide an RP for interacting with it; such as checking crew manifest, using signaller cartridges and messaging, etc.

Item description:

This pair of goggles has dials, buttons and small blinking lights haphazardly positioned around the sides of the strange colored lenses. The side also seems to be engraved with "JOE's O.O.P.S.", most likely by hand with a laser.

Item appearance:

They just use the sprite for 3-D Glasses.


How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?

Well I guess Joe has become known for his outfit which usually includes a pair of 3D glasses picked up after leaving cryo, This would allow him to twiddle and adjust them when appropriate or wave his hands around like an idiot as he interacts with his own augmented reality.

Additional comments: No mad scientist is complete without a good auld pair of mad science goggles. <3

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