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Aurora Universe Celebrities


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This is kinda like that movie thread I posted, except this one is for specific people. Like before, this exists purely to add extra fluff to the universe, and maybe provide some conversation points. Write down the name/race/gender of the celeb and give some info on them. Here goes:

Ripp Rayson, Male Human

Ripp is the reigning heavyweight champion of the IGBL (InterGalactic Boxing League) Human Division, and hails from Earth. He's something of an abrasive figure, often appearing in the news for engaging in fistfights in public, and is known to be quite arrogant, having referred to himself as "the double greatest" in the past. Most famous for beating Uneth boxer Jabari Nkechi in only five punches.

Alina Hadil, Female Tajaran

Alina is a celebrated painter and musician from Ahdomai. She almost singlehandedly began the renaissance of Tajaran art, and many of her soul-wrenching works relate to the species' long period of enslavement. She has received intergalactic acclaim for her cultural efforts.

That's all I got for now. Post MOAR

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Alliance (military, SgtSammac can get rid of these if he wants) figures of importance:

Admiral Lee Adiyama, Male Human, Tau Ceti Fleet.

One of the most recognized Admirals, despite his low-rank among Fleet Command, due to his countless interaction in battles and luck-based operations. The man is revered as a military genius, and is in charge of the Tau Ceti fleet defense, currently dealing with the entity named Titan Prime. He has had movies done about his involvement with the Unathi Contact war, and his hand in the quelling of the Verdani Rebellion, a small yet meaningful rebellion that occured in the outer Alliance colonies.

Admiral Henry Cromwell, Male Human, NT Operations Commander.

Another recognized Admiral, Admiral Cromwell served in the Alliance military for most of his life, before joining the NanoTrasen Emergency Response division. His countless successes and overall good tactical knowledge landed him a Commander of Division Shark for most of his life, and recently, was transfered to Admiral Captain of the NMSS Odin, the NanoTrasen Headquarters of the Tau Ceti system. There, he commands special operations and overall Emergency Response Team operations, and has the final say over emergency situations in the system, involving NanoTrasen Corporate.

Galaxy's most wanted:

Uvaris S'galuis, Unathi Slavetrade Kingpin

One of the most wanted by the galaxy, S'galuis is a Unathi Slavetrade kingpin operating in the outer colony systems, and a suspected Syndicate Cell leader. S'galuis is known for his brutal treatment of slaves abducted from poor, barely operating colonies, and is #6 on the galaxy's most wanted list.

VISCERA, Rogue AI/IPC/Synthetic

VISCERA, as the project was named in 2450, was created as a secondary watch-over for the Axis project, an synthetics experimental project done by the Axis Munitions supercompany, now dis-mantled due to Alliance regulations. VISCERA was the third AI in the triumvirate experiment, and was tasked with military and tactical information to assist the company's interests. However, prior to release, VISCERA gained a form of 'self-awareness' and eliminated all of the scientists working on it, and downlaoded itself onto the Extranet. The current location is unknown, but most know of it's brutal killing of the team working on it, and, jokingly, most extremely hostile software virus' are dubbed 'VISCERA.' by Extranet tech's all around. Three movies have been made on the AI. It is #11 on the galaxy's most wanted list.

Some of pop culture people:

Vanewood Smalls, Male Human Singer

A singer that everyone in the Sol system fawns about. His music is pretty mediocre, but some call him 'the hottest man in the known galaxy' as many others before him have been dubbed.

Jane Reevs, Female Human lead singer for the 'Xenophiles'

A singer known for her loud potential and her wild advocacy of interspecies marriage. Most of the band's songs are about in-detail descriptions of what it is like to be married to a Skrell, Unathi, Tajaran, or synthetic. Despite her band's promiscuity, she has several books not related to the topic at all, and is a graduated linguist from The University of the Alliance, Earth.

Taylor Cigile, Female Human Writer/Artist

Taylor is a proclaimed writer that has also starred in a few documentaries, and most of her works center around philosphy of the Synthetic mind, and is a lead-step in answering the question, "Are synthetic's alive?" Her works are viewed as extremely non-biased, looking at the question from the view of an experienced and neutral scientists, and every release of a new book or documentary increases members of Synthetic Rights Movements by the thousands.

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