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Bar Menu presented by Jakers, produced by Xanderdox, approved by supreme and honourable board of Aurora administrators.

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So this menu is OLD and lacks a fair few drinks, but if you're lazy it's a good thing to slap down as a reference point for punters.


[center][b][u]Aurora Bar Menu[/center]
Payment must be made in Sol Credit (Cr) and may be paid before, or after consumption of the drink, failure to pay may result in a Bar Blacklist or possible Security intervention. Drink responsibly.
Ask your Bartender for drinks not on the menu, anything off the menu is charged at a flat-rate of 25Cr
[u]Mixed Drinks[/u]
Allies Cocktail - 10Cr
Amasec - 10Cr
Andalusia - 10Cr
Anti-Freeze - 10Cr
B-52 - 10Cr
Bahama Mama - 15Cr
Beer-Milk (Not recommended) - 5Cr
Black Russian - 5Cr
White Russian - 8Cr
Bloody Mary - 10Cr
Brave Bull - 5Cr
Changeling Sting - 20Cr
Classic Martini - 15Cr
Cuba Libre - 10Cr
Demon’s Blood (Contains blood) - 20Cr
Devil’s Kiss (Contains blood) - 15Cr
Gin and Tonic - 6Cr
Gin Fizz - 5Cr
Grog - 5Cr
Iced Beer - 5Cr
Irish Car Bomb - 15Cr
Irish Coffee - 10Cr
Irish Cream - 5Cr
Long Island Iced Tea - 15Cr
Manhattan - 10Cr
Margarita - 10Cr
Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster (Side Effect: Dizziness) - 20Cr
Red Mead (Contains blood) - 10Cr
Screwdriver - 10Cr
Snow White - 10Cr
Syndicate Bomb - 20Cr
Tequila Sunrise - 25Cr
The Manly Dorf - 10Cr
Vodka and Tonic - 8Cr
Vodka Martini - 8Cr
Whiskey Cola - 5Cr
Whiskey Soda - 5Cr
[u]Poured Drinks[/u]
Absinthe (Extremely alcoholic) - 25Cr 
Ale - 5Cr
Beer - 5Cr
Blue Curacao - 10Cr
Cognac - 5Cr
Gin - 5Cr
Kahlua (Coffee-liqueur) - 5Cr
Melon Liqueur - 10Cr
Rum - 5Cr
Tequila - 10Cr
Vermouth - 5Cr
Vodka - 5Cr
Whiskey - 5Cr
Wine - 10Cr

[u]Non-Alcoholic Drinks[/u]
Brown Star - 10Cr
Cafe Latte - 10Cr
Dr. Gibb - 5Cr
Grenadine Syrup - 10Cr
Iced Coffee - 10Cr
Iced Tea - 5Cr
Kira Special - 10Cr
Lemon Lime - 5Cr
Milk - 5Cr
Milkshake - 10Cr
Mountain Wind - 5Cr
Rewriter - 10Cr
Soda Water - 5Cr
Space Cola - 5Cr
Space-Up - 5Cr
Soy Latte - 10Cr
Tonic Water - 5Cr
Water - Free


If people update this menu or change the prices to suit the servers economy, just post it in the thread and I'll update the OP with it :)

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