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More Intense Hallucinations


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Another "what it says on the tin" topic. Straight to the point:

I feel that hallucinations brought on by psychedelics or other substances are a bit, well... Tame. Tame to the point that you can pretty much OOCly, and therefore ICly, ignore them. I think hallucinations that are more extreme would make hallucination RP quite interesting, and might create some interesting (read: hilarious) situations for onlookers.

Here are just a few ideas:

"I'm In Space!"

You know that hallucination where one of the floor tiles is replaced by a space tile? Take that hallucination... And then make ever tile of any sort in a 50X50 radius around the victim in to a space tile, causing the illusion that they are floating in space, and making it difficult to navigate until the hallucination subsides (I.E, even though that wall looks like space, it is still a wall.) This would likely end with victims looking and acting extremely disoriented, screaming about pressure damage and flailing around.

"I'm Melting!"

Simple. The victim enters a hallucination where they get the "your face melts off!" message, and, if possible, sees their own icon as the gross burnt grey one. Bonus points if they get more status message describing the gruesome details of their face sliding off.

"You're a Monster!"

Random (real) characters around the victim begin to display inhuman attributes, much like the status messages you receive when you see a changeling or vampire do their thing. Some examples:

"Leonin Smythe's neck distends and lengthens inhumanly as he leers at you!"

"Roy Wyatt's mouth opens impossibly wide, and he emits a chilling, heart-stopping screech!"

"A swarm of cockroaches begins to crawl out of Ana Issek's mouth and ears!"

And other messages could be more inconspicuous:

"Peter Thrushwood flips you off."

"Phoebe Essel whispers something to herself while staring at you."

"Armando Elysium says, "Your mom's like a truck-stop hooker, except she's twice as cheap!"

And stuff like that. Maybe the messages would depend on what drug you were under the influence of, if that's possible."

"The Floor Is Lava!"

Do I really need to explain this one? All floor tiles within view replaced with lava tiles. OH FUCK, RUN!

So that's my ideas for now. I'd like some feedback, maybe some other ideas for more extreme hallucinations. Post!

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I like the idea of this, but I also saw a suggestion a while back about "good" hallucinations and trips, too. Maybe they could be a chance occurrence, therefore giving people an actual reason to maybe want to trip on space drugs and mindbreaker. More terrifying hallucinations for the bad trips I would endorse in full, though, because having ten Vira de Santos-es shooting at you is really just an annoyance, not too terrifying from the mechanic standpoint unless you really, really submerge yourself into your character at that moment.

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