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  1. Time to put this out here I guess. Most of the following art is non-Aurora (And VERY old for the first two), but you can count on me doing Aurora art again soon. I do commissions for anyone interested-- DM me on Discord aimlessAnalyst#4977 Augur (not Augury, who is played by someone else) Azkuyua Triaka (Jackboot) Lisbeth Viaterna (Naidh) SOME NOT AURORA STUFF Vess Zel'a (Destiny, my hunter)
  2. Reporting Personnel: Mari Korkova Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Detective Game ID: b5f-bil5 Personnel Involved: (Name, Job Title: Offender/Witness/Other. Only three witnesses other than yourself permitted, the rest go to secondary witnesses. Victims count as witnesses) - James Praxton, Roboticist, Offender - Nikiru Kporaro, Warden, Witness - Ilirium Verana, Security Officer, Witness - Jebediah Rickenbacker, Maintenance Technician, Victim Secondary Witnesses: (Name, Job Title: Short description of what they witnessed) - Ada Lim, Scientist, Witness - Watched Praxton slap me out of nowhere, then punch me in the face. Time of Incident: Entire shift Real Time: ~midnight PST, JAN172020 Location of Incident: Cross-Station Nature of Incident: [ X ] - Workplace Hazard [ X ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ X ] - Neglect of Duty [ X ] - Harassment [ X ] - Assault [ X ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other Overview of the Incident: After a workplace incident damaged Jebediah's eyes, he was left blinded and with a rapidly-worsening necrotic infection. There were no medical personnel on site, and without treatment, he would surely die. Security launched a two-pronged solution; One, acquire the captain's spare ID and attempt to hail a fax, two, find a crewman capable of surgical intervention. I, having a pAI with a door jack, was tasked with taking the spare due to the lack of heads of staff and the immediate risk of the Engineer's life. Nikiru Kporaro accompanied Jebediah to Robotics, where the Roboticist confirmed that he was able to attempt the surgery. This ended terribly. I immediately heard concerns over Security that he was slashing into the patient's head, and displayed a startling lack of knowledge, but decided to give him 'one more chance'. After more waiting, during which time I was able to door-jack my way to the Captain's office and acquire the Spare ID and return to Robotics with it, Praxton stated that he would need to remove the patient's brain, and that it was the only solution. His exact words over the common radio were, "He's gonna die if I don't exhume the brain." He cited that an infection was festering in it. At this point, Security removed Jebediah from his 'care' and transported him to medical, alarmed at the drastic change and his apparent inability to simply remove the patient's eyes to fit prosthetic replacements, as had been discussed previously. Here, we discovered that the patient did not have an infection in the brain yet at all. However, one DID later develop due to the time it took to get him properly treated between this point and a surgeon's arrival- Making it obvious that there was no reason at the time to exhume the patient's brain as Praxton demanded was necessary. Praxton was told in no uncertain terms that he would be severely punished if he were to de-brain Jebediah and questioned on why he even accepted the surgery if he was unable to do it. A radiation storm came, and the patient was kept in the care of Kporaro and Verana, who were both trained enough in basic medical functions to handle him. Shortly after this, a surgeon finally arrived to take the wheel, and I became busy with other things. speaking with Ada Lim outside of research on unrelated topics, like that of our homes. In the middle of our conversation, James Praxton strode up to me and slapped me across the face without provocation or warning. In retaliation, I sprayed him with a canister of pepperspray. He immediately threatened to "beat the shit out of me," and I informed him Security would come down on him if he did. He told them he doubted it, and after I did, in fact, inform security of the matter, he threw his fist into my jaw hard enough to draw blood and trigger a severe migraine that lasted me the rest of the shift. I have a medical condition resulting from a brain tumour as a child that causes me chronic, debilitating migraines, and that does not account for the infection that resulted from my injury after he struck me- One that turned borderline septic and required extensive medical care to treat. Despite all of this, he repeatedly berated security, insisted we were seeking out reasons to arrest the innocent, and threatened us all multiple times during his processing period in the brig. He repeatedly harassed Jebediah over common radio as to why he pressed charges when he finally woke up from his injuries. His botched attempt at surgery that he should not have accepted as he was entirely unqualified nearly resulted in Jebediah's death, and resulted in extensive brain damage and memory loss. His assault on my person resulted in a severe brain infection that later spread to my eyes. His actions, as a whole, cost the security time, money and energy that could have been put to much better use handling other situations and patrolling, rather than sitting around for twenty minutes explaining to him why he was being arrested. Submitted Evidence: The following is a recording from Mach-7, my pAI during the shift, from the time when I was speaking with Ada, at which point he came up to me and slapped me without warning. Additionally is an advanced scan report of the infection that I received from his physical assault. Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: There were no heads of staff, however we fined him on-site for his actions. Despite this, he shows a deep-seated belief that he has done nothing wrong and is entirely in the right for his actions. Actions taken: Arrested and fined for neglect of duty, threat of murder or serious bodily harm, and minor assault. Additional Notes:
  3. Dis is unaccweptabwe and gowet needs to be bwanned immwediatewy!!!1! UnU how couwd a mwembew of staff be so cwuel and buwwy-wike?
  4. Alright. I'm finally weighing in on this with my side of things, and starting off with an apology. Because I know I was out of line to snap on you, even /if/ you weren't stopping when staff told you to, even /if/ it was uncalled for, even /if/ I had already given an apology. Because that's what sane and mature people do, we apologize. I know I have issues. I get defensive way too easily, anything negative directed towards me makes it very dififcult for me to perceive anything but an attack. So I get defensive and I try to defend, accordingly. And when people keep jumping up my ass while I'm already trying to explain my side, I get upset and lash out because it /feels like you have me cornered/. It feels like you want something from me that I can't provide. It feels like you're tearing into me. And it's not fun. It's not what I play space for. I know, in a way, that I act irrationally when this stuff happens. When everything piles on at once where I get several grievances, complaints, and people jumping up my ass over anything and everything in the span of a few days over tiny things. I feel like I get put under a microscope, and get stressed, shut down, and inevitably stop playing again because I can't wipe my own ass anymore without someone having an objection to it. Around the end of my tenure as staff here a few years ago, I started having the same issue. And what I did then, was step down. Because I knew I wasn't in a spot where I could reasonably handle players when I felt like everyone wanted my ass skinned. I usually try to ask people to stop pushing me before I hit a point where I know I'm not going to be able to bite back remarks anymore. I try to hold down and at /least/ lock down where I am, but when people inevitably keep jumping on me it gets harder and harder to /not/ snap on them and tell them to fuck off. You were told several times to stop and back off by multiple people in the discord, to my knowledge. But you didn't. And I don't know why. I don't know what you wanted. I already apologized, I already retracted my remark that wasn't even directed towards you, but towards .pabst., who lashed out at me after I apologized in OOC for not knowing what to do with someone else's gimmick thrown at me. This doesn't feel at all like benevolence. It feels like active, thinly-veiled malice, and I am not the only one who's noticed. If you have to say you are being benevolent, you probably aren't. But, all in all, I'm still sorry. What more do you want?
  5. The RP was there for you, but not the rest of the crew. For everybody else, we lined up, went to escape, and suddenly fucking Delta. There was almost no crew involvement that I saw. It was shoddily done and the captain's overall play, to crew, felt limited to unclear announcements that were all over the place. We were not involved with or engaged with the decision to "well, we're nuking everyone, good luck have fun".
  6. Reporting Personnel: Decanus Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Warden during affected shift Game ID: b46-bdjD ( Ongoing issue, but began here ) Personnel Involved: - Klementine Kuznetzov, Security Officer: Offender - Genevieve Francois, Security Officer: Offender - ODIN, Crime Scene Investigator, Witness - Mason Priddy, Bartender, Victim Time of Incident: Roughly 45 minutes to an hour into the shift, at 0045hrs to 0100hrs. Real Time: Somewhere around midnight to 00:10 PST Location of Incident: Security meeting room, Common radio channel Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ X ] - Misconduct [ X ] - Other: Threat of grievous bodily harm/murder Overview of the Incident: We arrived to the shift slightly late, and power was fluctuating. We found in short order that the only engineer was very green, very new, and having difficulties in setting up the engine. Crew were growing upset at the power loss, at which point Genevieve Francois firmly told them to cease yelling at Engineering. All well and good. At this point, Mason Priddy told her to lose the tone, and called her missie. In response, Klementine Kuznetsov threatened, "Don't make me come down there, Mister Priddy," and requested that Vance Khan, the HoS, allow her to leave the meeting the security team was in. Vance told her 'no', and Priddy asked, what she was going to do. Her response was, verbatim, "Cave your skull in with my stun baton". This is in itself a regulations violation, but her distinct intent to physically go down there and do so implies a direct, active intent to commit assault or even murder on crew. At this point, Vance simply told her that this was a breach of regulations, and to can it. Were this not enough on it's own, despite the rest of security trying to diffuse the situation and calm tensions, both Kuznetsov and Francois continued to escalate and throw petty insults back and forth. When officer Katana Silvers expressed concern over Kuznetsov's outburst, she responded, verbatim, with "Just the usual, hounding on someone over and over again to make them feel like a bigger man-- or bot." At this point, we sharply remarked that their behaviour was more fitting of a child than that of a security officer, and for them to shape up. Her behaviour did not, in fact, shape up, nor is it anything new, but this particular instance and threat was significant and worrisome. Had Vance not denied her request to leave, the evidence before us now states that we may have been filing forms for attempted, premeditated murder, instead. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Head of Security Vance Khan was present to reprimand them, however, they remained unapologetic and adamant that they were in the right. Actions taken: ODIN attempted to converse with them as we were busy with brig duties. They remained unapologetic, and adamant that they did nothing wrong. Additional Notes: This is not the first time we have noted markedly immature and worrisome behaviour from Klementine in particular, and Mason Priddy was enthusiastically consenting of this incident report being filed, effectively, on his behalf, as he was the individual threatened with what could very soundly constitute murder. We have attached a transcript of the PDA log that ODIN attempted to speak to them through. Green is ODIN, Orange is Klementine. Note that the apparent 'punishment' from Vance was simply being told that what she did was a breach of regulations. Nothing more, nothing less. (( Shortly after this, the extended round went SOUNDLY non-canon by way of a blob killing like, half the crew, including Vance. ))
  7. I really feel like we're starting to focus too hard on railroading skillsets on a narrow path of "what's acceptable". We're going too far down a road of "Heavy, realistic RP" and losing sight of what actually made the game fun, made it engaging, made it creative. It's becoming Job Simulator 13, because a few extreme job hops have screwed things over for everyone else who was, until very recently, perfectly fine, reasonable and believable. I'm with most of the others on this. There is no reason to do this other than to further clamp down on a frankly arbitrary and pedantic facet of the game. We're becoming what, two years ago, we made fun of Bay for relentlessly.
  8. Hello. I'm the retired administrator that posted the screenshot from Alberyk to Plahunter, originally in a private conversation with BSA. My intentions and reasoning are as follows: - Alberyk did not inform BSA of this impending punishment. It is my understanding that we are supposed to communicate these sorts of things to players to stop them from happening again- not close their tickets wordlessly and wait for them to fuck up again. - It is also my understanding, as staff, that we are not supposed to tell other players what punishments are being handed out to others. With the exception of "yeah, that rando griefer isn't coming back, go cryo him," I have never seen us allowed to say things like this to other players, because this is what happens. My intentions were to warn BSA of the potential inbound punishment. In hindsight, I should have blacked out SC's name, but I didn't anticipate any of this. I frankly anticipated the warning to end there and go no further. I consider it rather unfair, as well, that the ultimate punishment was doled out for something that he (and many, many others) have done countless times. having been paying attention to deadchat, I can safely say that if SovietCyanide had not been persistently crying out over the matter, nothing would have come of it- and if Alberyk had not informed SC that BSA was about to be perma-banned, he wouldn't have been hounding him like a hawk.
  9. You guys are missing the point. Swift does not go in when a chemist is already there to make things, except for a case in which the chemist was SSD and Fernando Gonzales told Swift to do so. Rail does not barge in on a surgeon and say "lol move". You guys are taking hypotheticals of other players and pushing them on to my characters when we both already cleared up that this isn't what happens. Swift is not a Chemist. Rail is not a surgeon. They have only partial, very specific knowledge in both fields. And @Sheveningen, my issue with that, if you read, was originally because I was not told. The agreement I had come to with staff was different from the note he ended up putting in, which got me in trouble because I didn't know. EDIT: I will drop this if... A: Swift's note is altered to clarify that he only knows how to make the loadout on his belt. Not "only in dire emergencies," because that implies that when shit hits the fan I have the grace period to try and break into chemistry or get someone to let me in, spend 3 minutes mixing, and then run out to save people, when every second matters. B: Rail's note is put back in place with clarification that he only works with the brain. And now for something nobody else expected, I'm sorry. To Coalf, to Nursie, to Shame, who've mostly been on the other side of this. I understand you have been trying your best. The way this has been handled has made me exceedingly frustrated, but it's not an excuse to be an ass if I have been.
  10. Basically, yeah, this. I've never joined as a surgeon n'or do I intend to do so, as I'd take up the slot doing nothing but wait for people to hit their heads or die. And... All of the above points.
  11. Then perhaps the medical regulations need to be altered to be slightly more reflective of actual realism, if that's what we're striving for here. Again, I'm tired of being left out of the loop, because while you all seem to have the full communication from start to finish, I only get told something's okay, then after an hour of deliberation, I get told _second-hand_ that that person's changed their mind instead. But what I've gotten out of your response, Coalf, is that the little link you're clinging to like the holy grail here can instantly veto any and all reasoning, experience, IRL examples or IC circumstances. And that doesn't feel right. In fact, it feels more unrealistic and hampering to say "well the guide says no so no." I've lost count of how many examples have been brought up, but here's a few. - IRL, Psychiatrist-Neurosurgeons are much more common than you seem to believe. - A CMO could easily do psychiatry and all surgery just fine. - A psychiatrist must also be an MD to begin with. - Rail is an IPC. It isn't like he's been loaded with the entirety of the medical department's database. He knows two things which he has both programming for, and a decade's worth of utterly no-stop intensive study in specializing in. - At this point, removing this would have serious IC effects as I would have to scramble for a reason to explain why Rail can no longer perform neurosurgery, that doesn't destroy his reputation or reliability. I'm not going to get back into the "this was already discussed and cleared previously before you went takebacksies" again, but is all of this really veto'd by one medical guideline bit that says "no"? Why? For what reason is this so critically important that reasonable exceptions can never be made? Why are IPCs still being held to the same standard when I swear I thought I just had that discussion with [mention]CakeIsOssim[/mention], who's guidelines I screenshotted? Why, again, when I'm told to get permission from someone, do you return my affirmation of that permission with "we're going to go talk to them and change that"?
  12. Up until this point, I have been told different things by different people. I have been told, for instance, "You can play Rail as a psych-surgeon," only for Nursie to come back a few weeks later and say "Nevermind." So I go to Cake, as she asked me to, to get clarification over what exactly is okay. He gives me the IPC guidelines which, as they are, should have cleared both characters. I bring them to Nursie as asked. And /then/ I'm told "hmm, this isn't right, I'm going to have to talk to some people." I feel like I've been jerked around by the administration team over this non-stop, yes-no-yes-no. I feel like every time I am told to bring a reason to the table and do so, you look at it and move the goal-posts again. If you were going to say no from the start, you should have told me. The entire reason I've been trying to fight this is because I keep being given the impression that it might be okay if I just prove it enough, but that's impossible if you keep kicking the goal line back a meter each time I get there. I'm being told different things from different people. I'm being told to get permission from certain people, then when I bring that permission, having it invalidated because it's no longer up to par in your eyes. I am being jerked the fuck about at this point and I honestly hope you can understand why I'm so frustrated as a result. I also need to re-iterate that, with Rail particularly, I am now at a point where people know him for his specialties. I am often asked by Kyla Milne, for instance, to take care of cerebral trauma cases as they come in. This isn't just a footnote in his records I can erase, it's something I'm going to have to explain away somehow without damaging his reputation, because, once again, the goalpost was moved on me and what I was told was fine last week is now not okay this week, despite clear confirmation that it should be. There has been a lot of other stress on top of this. A different note I don't agree with over a situation that killed an antag round that I won't get into. A player complaint. An incident report. All of this happened in a span of a week, and on top of that, having staff start jumping me for things I was earlier told were fine pushed me to a stress point of breaking and cryoing each time. Creatia I don't give a damn about, frankly. I was frustrated, tired, and not in the mood to argue. I vented a frustration and received what felt like a lecture, so I left to avoid saying something I would regret instead. I cooled down, and re-joined. I don't see how that, in itself, is an issue, and I don't see why it was brought up for any reason other than to perhaps make me look volatile or immature. In conclusion...... If you just intend to say "no," regardless of what I tell you or can give you for my reasoning and clarifications regarding my characters, please, do so now and stop leading me on a wild goose chase.
  13. BYOND Key: aimlessAnalyst Staff BYOND Key: Coalf Game ID: N/A Reason for complaint: I've been in a several days long argument with Coalf now about my ability to play Swift as a chemist and paramedic. After I finally had gotten confirmation from Cake that this was okay and forwarded such to the rest of staff, the agreement that /I/ believed we had come to was that "Swift is capable of creating three mixtures to do its job: Dexalin Plus, Dermaline and Bicaridine. NOTHING else. EVER. It will ONLY do so if no other capable staff are present, or if it is asked to by its superior." What I got in the note, however, phrased this as "Swift is allowed to do chemistry as their paramedic but only as an emergency, not to stock the fridge." This led to me getting jumped by staff again because this makes it seem like Swift should only be allowed to do chem if everything is already on fire and going to hell, in which case they can't because they need to be in the field doing the job they actually have. The point of Swift being able to make those mixtures is to bolster its ability to respond effectively to emergencies and save lives. If doctors like JAIS can do first response, chemistry, virology, surgery, etc, I don't see why I'm getting constantly jumped over knowing my job and a fraction of another. Evidence/logs/etc: Original note: "Edited" note: Additionally: Additional remarks:I'm not here to get further upset at anyone. I honestly just want my note cleared up, and to stop being harassed every round over things that I keep being told different things about, people saying "this is fine" one minute and others saying "this isn't fine" the next.
  14. At this point, I feel like the main issue has been taken care of, and now a lot of you are grasping at straws over issues we would have stopped if someone had said something beforehand. Things that are't complaint-worthy. We have both spoken to both Cake and Kyres, who show no concern with how these two are played. This seems to have drifted from "I have a serious problem with these characters" and into "I just don't like ODIN" territory. Syt's agreed to tone down ODIN's swearing, but some of this honestly feels asinine, like being upset over a locker label. We have stated time and time again that ODIN and Talc can and will be utterly serious and respectful when the situation requires. When asked to stop, they stop. Are IPCs no longer allowed to ever goof off when they're not busy, or what? Programmed or not, there's still a sapient, aware mind in both of them.
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