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  1. Time to put this out here I guess. Most of the following art is non-Aurora (And VERY old for the first two), but you can count on me doing Aurora art again soon. I do commissions for anyone interested-- DM me on Discord aimlessAnalyst#4977 Augur (not Augury, who is played by someone else) Azkuyua Triaka (Jackboot) Lisbeth Viaterna (Naidh) SOME NOT AURORA STUFF Vess Zel'a (Destiny, my hunter)
  2. Reporting Personnel: Mari Korkova Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Detective Game ID: b5f-bil5 Personnel Involved: (Name, Job Title: Offender/Witness/Other. Only three witnesses other than yourself permitted, the rest go to secondary witnesses. Victims count as witnesses) - James Praxton, Roboticist, Offender - Nikiru Kporaro, Warden, Witness - Ilirium Verana, Security Officer, Witness - Jebediah Rickenbacker, Maintenance Technician, Victim Secondary Witnesses: (Name, Job Title: Short description of what they witnessed) - Ada Lim, Scientist, Witness - Watched Praxton slap me o
  3. Dis is unaccweptabwe and gowet needs to be bwanned immwediatewy!!!1! UnU how couwd a mwembew of staff be so cwuel and buwwy-wike?
  4. Alright. I'm finally weighing in on this with my side of things, and starting off with an apology. Because I know I was out of line to snap on you, even /if/ you weren't stopping when staff told you to, even /if/ it was uncalled for, even /if/ I had already given an apology. Because that's what sane and mature people do, we apologize. I know I have issues. I get defensive way too easily, anything negative directed towards me makes it very dififcult for me to perceive anything but an attack. So I get defensive and I try to defend, accordingly. And when people keep jumping up my ass wh
  5. The RP was there for you, but not the rest of the crew. For everybody else, we lined up, went to escape, and suddenly fucking Delta. There was almost no crew involvement that I saw. It was shoddily done and the captain's overall play, to crew, felt limited to unclear announcements that were all over the place. We were not involved with or engaged with the decision to "well, we're nuking everyone, good luck have fun".
  6. Reporting Personnel: Decanus Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Warden during affected shift Game ID: b46-bdjD ( Ongoing issue, but began here ) Personnel Involved: - Klementine Kuznetzov, Security Officer: Offender - Genevieve Francois, Security Officer: Offender - ODIN, Crime Scene Investigator, Witness - Mason Priddy, Bartender, Victim Time of Incident: Roughly 45 minutes to an hour into the shift, at 0045hrs to 0100hrs. Real Time: Somewhere around midnight to 00:10 PST Location of Incident: Security meeting room, Common radio channel Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Ha
  7. I really feel like we're starting to focus too hard on railroading skillsets on a narrow path of "what's acceptable". We're going too far down a road of "Heavy, realistic RP" and losing sight of what actually made the game fun, made it engaging, made it creative. It's becoming Job Simulator 13, because a few extreme job hops have screwed things over for everyone else who was, until very recently, perfectly fine, reasonable and believable. I'm with most of the others on this. There is no reason to do this other than to further clamp down on a frankly arbitrary and pedantic facet of the ga
  8. Hello. I'm the retired administrator that posted the screenshot from Alberyk to Plahunter, originally in a private conversation with BSA. My intentions and reasoning are as follows: - Alberyk did not inform BSA of this impending punishment. It is my understanding that we are supposed to communicate these sorts of things to players to stop them from happening again- not close their tickets wordlessly and wait for them to fuck up again. - It is also my understanding, as staff, that we are not supposed to tell other players what punishments are being handed out to others. With the exce
  9. You guys are missing the point. Swift does not go in when a chemist is already there to make things, except for a case in which the chemist was SSD and Fernando Gonzales told Swift to do so. Rail does not barge in on a surgeon and say "lol move". You guys are taking hypotheticals of other players and pushing them on to my characters when we both already cleared up that this isn't what happens. Swift is not a Chemist. Rail is not a surgeon. They have only partial, very specific knowledge in both fields. And @Sheveningen, my issue with that, if you read, was originally because I was not to
  10. Basically, yeah, this. I've never joined as a surgeon n'or do I intend to do so, as I'd take up the slot doing nothing but wait for people to hit their heads or die. And... All of the above points.
  11. Then perhaps the medical regulations need to be altered to be slightly more reflective of actual realism, if that's what we're striving for here. Again, I'm tired of being left out of the loop, because while you all seem to have the full communication from start to finish, I only get told something's okay, then after an hour of deliberation, I get told _second-hand_ that that person's changed their mind instead. But what I've gotten out of your response, Coalf, is that the little link you're clinging to like the holy grail here can instantly veto any and all reasoning, experience, IRL e
  12. Up until this point, I have been told different things by different people. I have been told, for instance, "You can play Rail as a psych-surgeon," only for Nursie to come back a few weeks later and say "Nevermind." So I go to Cake, as she asked me to, to get clarification over what exactly is okay. He gives me the IPC guidelines which, as they are, should have cleared both characters. I bring them to Nursie as asked. And /then/ I'm told "hmm, this isn't right, I'm going to have to talk to some people." I feel like I've been jerked around by the administration team over this non-sto
  13. BYOND Key: aimlessAnalyst Staff BYOND Key: Coalf Game ID: N/A Reason for complaint: I've been in a several days long argument with Coalf now about my ability to play Swift as a chemist and paramedic. After I finally had gotten confirmation from Cake that this was okay and forwarded such to the rest of staff, the agreement that /I/ believed we had come to was that "Swift is capable of creating three mixtures to do its job: Dexalin Plus, Dermaline and Bicaridine. NOTHING else. EVER. It will ONLY do so if no other capable staff are present, or if it is asked to by its superior." What I
  14. At this point, I feel like the main issue has been taken care of, and now a lot of you are grasping at straws over issues we would have stopped if someone had said something beforehand. Things that are't complaint-worthy. We have both spoken to both Cake and Kyres, who show no concern with how these two are played. This seems to have drifted from "I have a serious problem with these characters" and into "I just don't like ODIN" territory. Syt's agreed to tone down ODIN's swearing, but some of this honestly feels asinine, like being upset over a locker label. We have stated time and time
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