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Virology Interview's - A Randal Greaves Report

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14/02/2460 Virologists testing mental and physical changes to experimental virus

Epsilon - researcher

Natascha Sukhoi - test subject

Randal Greaves - interviewer

41] Eplison says, "So please do not pressure them too much"

[01:50] Randal Greaves says, "Sure"

[01:54] Eplison says, "Also. I require that you wear biohazard gear"

[02:02] Eplison says, "You may receive less than pleasant side effects"

[02:03] Randal Greaves asks, "This gift? what does it entail?"

[02:08] Eplison says, "You will see."

[02:16] Eplison says, "Suit up"

[02:20] Eplison says, "And clean your body"

[02:53] Eplison says, "Come"

[03:14] Natascha Sukhoi shouts, "Heya!"

[03:16] Randal Greaves says, "Hey Natascha, finally got down here"

[03:20] Eplison says, "Subject #0001 Please show them your gift"

[03:21] Natascha Sukhoi yells, "Welcome!"

[03:22] Randal Greaves says, "Heh"

[03:25] Natascha Sukhoi shouts, "Will do!"

[mental message is transferred]

[03:44] Natascha Sukhoi shouts, "It is done!"

[03:49] Randal Greaves asks, "Ah so that was you?"

[03:52] Eplison says, "Truly revolutionary isn’t it?"

[03:52] Natascha Sukhoi yells, "Yes!"

[03:54] Randal Greaves says, "You said awesome before"

[04:21] Randal Greaves says, "Well, if you don’t mind my asking what did it entail to get this... "gift""

[04:29] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Well"

[04:49] Natascha Sukhoi shouts, "It took about.. two failed viruses, spaceacillin, and a lot of raisins!"

[04:56] Randal Greaves says, "Heh right"

[04:58] Eplison says, “.Don’t forget the headaches"

[05:03] Natascha Sukhoi says, "AH YES"

[05:12] Natascha Sukhoi says, "A lot of saliva and headaches"

[05:19] Natascha Sukhoi yells, "But I think it was worth it! I feel normal now!"

[05:25] Randal Greaves asks, "What about your treatment while you were down here? in your words how have you been treated?"

[05:33] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Very well"

[05:43] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Eplison was very professional"

[05:53] Natascha Sukhoi says, "And at the same time very caring about my state"

[05:56] Eplison says, "This unit thanks for your compliment."

[05:56] Randal Greaves says, "I noticed him calling you subject 1"

[06:06] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Well that's normal for research"

[06:16] Randal Greaves says, "Sure, sure."

[06:19] Natascha Sukhoi says, "As a researcher myself, I take no offense"

[06:24] Natascha Sukhoi says, "I do the same"

[06:55] Randal Greaves asks, "So what are you opinions on the overall test results?"

[07:00] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Very satisfied"

[07:02] Natascha Sukhoi says, "I mean"

[07:05] Natascha Sukhoi says, "I had my doubts"

[07:13] Randal Greaves says, "Obviously"

[07:17] Natascha Sukhoi says, "But then out of nowhere there was this weird feeling"

[07:42] Natascha Sukhoi says, "And then I realized I could just focus really hard and communicate with my mind"

[07:51] Natascha Sukhoi yells, "So now I'm truly amazed, really!"

[08:15] Randal Greaves asks, "Right, how about your thoughts on the moral inclinations of the overall testing?"

[08:29] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Well to be honest"

[08:55] Natascha Sukhoi says, "I don't really think there are any? I mean I don't want to overexplain things but I am a moral nihilist"

[08:58] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Basically"

[09:04] Natascha Sukhoi says, "I believe morals are non-existent"

[09:12] Natascha Sukhoi says, "So this is just a huge advancement"

[09:16] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Scientifically"

[09:24] Natascha Sukhoi says, "I think it is excellent"

[09:38] Randal Greaves says, "Understandable, what if you put yourself in someone else’s views. in a more morally naive standpoint"

[09:52] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Well, in that perspective."

[10:05] Natascha Sukhoi says, "I could see someone as seeing it as somewhat scary and wrong"

[10:18] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Like an artificial evolution process"

[11:37] Randal Greaves says, "Yes, well. excuse me for this, but it is. now I’m not interjecting my thoughts here, but it unarguably is forced evolution."

[11:45] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Well it is"

[11:49] Natascha Sukhoi says, "But I mean, morally"

[11:56] Natascha Sukhoi says, "People might frown upon it"

[12:03] Randal Greaves says, "Of course"

[12:07] Eplison says, "If you don’t mind this unit asking."

[12:13] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Because they might think it is a type of genetic engineering of sorts"

[12:26] Eplison asks, "When would you foresee the widespread use of this 'virus' is if was ever to be released to the public?"

[12:38] Natascha Sukhoi asks, "When?"

[12:46] Natascha Sukhoi exclaims, "Well that is a question for you, really!"

[12:53] Natascha Sukhoi asks, "What do you think of it?"

[13:01] Randal Greaves says, "Well it could quite easily become a huge invasion of privacy"

[13:02] Natascha Sukhoi exclaims, "You are the pioneer!"

[13:09] Randal Greaves says, "Especially on the wide scale"

[13:09] Natascha Sukhoi says, "That is a good point"

[13:13] Eplison says, "The headaches are agonizing and can last for up to a hour"

[13:22] Eplison says, "And do not let me get started on the deprivation of food"

[13:31] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Yes, I was famished for a while"

[13:35] Natascha Sukhoi says, "See that pile of wrappers"

[13:44] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Part of the process"

[13:46] Eplison says, "Sukhoi also ate 12 donk pockets"

[13:52] Eplison says, "And almost ate all of the items in the vendor"

[13:53] Natascha Sukhoi says, "I thought I'd eat the vending machine"

[13:58] Natascha Sukhoi says, "AH YES and donk pockets"

[14:11] Natascha Sukhoi says, "We'd have a food crisis"

[14:24] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Everyone would eat like twelve times their normal intake"

[14:45] Randal Greaves says, "Right, now away from the moral questioning. from a scientific one, could this ever be a mass market thing, obviously this sis early testing so the process is strenuous and long but, in the future, whether that be close or distant"

[15:01] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Hmm"

[15:07] Eplison says, "Mass Market thing? Companies like NT would try to capitalize on it"

[15:16] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Well there is that angle of things"

[15:18] Eplison says, "Then again. The syndromes before leading to the resequencing of the brain"

[15:24] Eplison says, "....can be very, very agonizing"

[15:28] Natascha Sukhoi says, "But considering the difficulties of making it as well"

[15:31] Randal Greaves says, "Exactly"

[15:33] Natascha Sukhoi says, "It seems very costly"

[15:39] Eplison asks, "Costly?"

[15:42] Eplison says, "Hardly."

[15:53] Randal Greaves asks, "What about food costs?"

[15:54] Natascha Sukhoi says, "I mean, the doctor here put a lot of time and energy into it"

[15:59] Eplison says, "I just need a sample of blood from whoever is infected with it.."

[16:02] Natascha Sukhoi says, "And yes there is also the food costs"

[16:05] Eplison says, "And you can make up to 30 vials a hour"

[16:18] Natascha Sukhoi asks, "But have you perfected the virus?"

[16:28] Randal Greaves says, "That definitely is a high number, but- yes exactly my thoughts"

[16:29] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Because I mean I had two virus and a bunch of injections"

[16:42] Eplison says, "It is quite stable. The headaches and the food depravation are needed in its life cycle"

[16:48] Eplison says, "The virus needs foods. And simulates the gut to do so"

[16:52] Eplison says, "Making the subject more hungry"

[17:03] Randal Greaves asks, "What about un accounted variables?"

[17:18] Randal Greaves says, "Like an illness, cold for example"

[17:20] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Hmm I have no idea"

[17:24] Natascha Sukhoi says, "That's for the doctor"

[17:32] Eplison says, "I would like to think that the two viruses would clash with each other"

[17:35] Randal Greaves says, "That could have drastic effects outside of a lab environment"

[17:35] Eplison says, "Or ignore each other"

[17:49] Randal Greaves says, "True, but still high risks"

[18:13] Eplison says, "Randal. If you would want it. I can whip up a new sample for you to get"

[18:21] Eplison says, "However. You would need to sign a waiver and get prescanned first"

[18:51] Randal Greaves says, "A sample? I think I’m okay for now. besides we just got into questioning"

[19:52] Randal Greaves asks, "Any who, epsilon. as i mentioned outside variables. how would you adjust to these if you did produce, what was it, 30 vials an hour?"

[20:04] Eplison says, "Please do not mind this unit.....I need to take care of the monkeys first"

[20:09] Eplison says, "..I will answer it later"

[20:15] Randal Greaves says, "Very well"

[21:50] Eplison says, "Just taking out the trash really"

[21:56] Randal Greaves says, "...right"

[22:10] Randal Greaves quietly, "Note he pushed a monkey into disposal"

[22:17] Eplison asks, "What was that?"

[22:29] Randal Greaves says, "Just for the recorder, got to document everything"

[22:32] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Yes"

[22:50] Eplison says, "I see you are back from your Semi SSD"

[23:07] Randal Greaves asks, "Well welcome back, is this also a side effect? or a separate issue?"

[23:10] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Yes, yes I was just concentrating on the new capacity"

[23:29] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Not necessarily, I was just.. looking into it"

[24:37] Natascha Sukhoi asks, "Is this even contagious, doctor?"

[24:49] Eplison says, "It is during the first stage"

[24:50] Randal Greaves says, "Of course, now as i asked epsilon while you were... focusing. if this was mass produced so soon in its testing, how would you adjust to outside variables. such as an illness. or even a physical one,"

[24:55] Eplison says, "Which is the drooling."

[25:04] Eplison says, "As for your question Greaves"

[25:38] Eplison says, "Personally. I make sure that everything is running efficiently but I also prioritize on the effects of my bacteria and viruses"

[25:51] Eplison says, "If it is too unstable or risky. I would like to finetune it more first"

[25:55] Eplison says, "Before deciding it is ready for the open market"

[26:37] Randal Greaves says, "Obviously, I was just wondering seeing as how large scale the universe and its diversity is. many variables need to be accounted for"

[26:55] Natascha Sukhoi says, "We don't even know how xeno minds would work, for instance"

[27:01] Randal Greaves says, "And obviously NT would not want new research to cost them"

[27:06] Eplison says, "Sukhoi"

[27:10] Natascha Sukhoi asks, "Yes?"

[27:24] Eplison says, "That statement if false. If it is able to reach my emulated mind.."

[27:29] Eplison says, "Also known as a positronic brain"

[27:36] Eplison says, "It should be able to affect all sentient beings"

[27:42] Eplison says, "Regardless of language."

[27:48] Randal Greaves asks, "Yes but to what effect?"

[27:59] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Well.. there is no real objective to it"

[28:06] Randal Greaves says, "Side effects could be disastrous"

[28:08] Natascha Sukhoi says, "I mean as far as I rationalize it"

[28:23] Eplison says, "The only side effects currently is during its development stage"

[28:26] Natascha Sukhoi asks, "Do you think it is dependent on intelligence?"

[28:37] Eplison says, "I am confident that there will be no other side effects"

[28:42] Eplison says, "As for Sukhoi's question"

[28:52] Eplison says, "I believe one must possess a sort of 'sentience' before it can affect you"

[28:57] Natascha Sukhoi says, "But i mean"

[29:07] Natascha Sukhoi says, "If a , say, skrell was to receive this virus"

[29:13] Natascha Sukhoi asks, "Do you think it would be more potent?"

[29:25] Eplison says, "This is the first test after all. I would need more tests"

[29:28] Eplison says, "But theoretically yes."

[29:34] Eplison says, "As the virus resequences the brain cells"

[29:37] Eplison says, "Making it more potent"

[29:39] Natascha Sukhoi shouts, "Please let me know of further tests!"

[29:42] Natascha Sukhoi says, "This is amazing"

[29:50] Natascha Sukhoi says, "I must be present"

[29:54] Randal Greaves says, "Hmm..."

[30:10] Randal Greaves says, "I would wish to attend also, or at least document the effects"

[30:29] Eplison says, "I will make sure to invite all of you. If I dare make such an experiment again"

[30:32] Eplison says, "To. rather"

[30:47] Eplison says, "The risks in the development stage are too much"

[30:54] Eplison says, "Sukhoi almost died during one critical moment"

[31:08] Randal Greaves asks, "So this will not be replicated?"

[31:17] Eplison says, "Possibly. Until I manage to isolate its causes"

[31:18] Eplison says, "And reduce it"

[31:28] Natascha Sukhoi says, "As a researcher I would say this requires refining"

[31:39] Randal Greaves says, "Obviously"

[31:40] Natascha Sukhoi says, "But the concept is solid"

[31:54] Eplison says, "So the ongoing theory is this:"

[32:02] Eplison says, "First"

[32:16] Eplison says, "The virus enters the bloodstream. Making its way to the brain"

[32:31] Eplison says, "It begins to 'brutally' resequences the brain cells. Causing headaches to the host"

[32:50] Randal Greaves says, "That. that does sound extremely painful and dangerous"

[32:54] Eplison says, "Secondly."

[33:01] Eplison says, "A separate team of bacteria populate the hosts body"

[33:11] Eplison says, "They simulate the gut causing the host to feel hungry"

[33:20] Eplison says, "The food goes into production of the v-"

[lights cut out]

[33:23] Randal Greaves says, "Ah"

[33:31] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Whoa"

[33:36] Eplison says, "Let me just...Continue on"

[33:41] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Well there goes the power"

[33:44] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Nods"

[33:53] Eplison says, "The gut also simulates the glands responsible for saliva at this point"

[33:59] Eplison says, "I meant the virus"

[34:13] Eplison says, "The saliva is highly contagious. The virus being in it"

[34:29] Randal Greaves asks, "Due to the extensive... changes. can he be considered human?"

[34:45] Eplison says, "Yes. Theoretically"

[34:53] Eplison says, "Think of the brain as a building material"

[34:56] Randal Greaves says, "Hmm"

[35:00] Eplison says, "The virus just tears it down and modifies it to be better"

[35:07] Randal Greaves says, "And there go the moral questions again"

[35:35] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Well yes about artificial evolution and so forth"

[35:39] Natascha Sukhoi says, "But I mean"

[36:04] Randal Greaves says, "In a day to day, humans are widely known for being xenophobic, how do you feel normal people would react in a civilian environment"

[36:11] Natascha Sukhoi says, "It's only the way we will go eventually"

[36:23] Eplison says, "Anyways"

[36:30] Eplison asks, "Mind if I continue with my theory?"

[36:40] Randal Greaves says, "Yes sorry"

[36:53] Eplison says, "Right. So, the virus enters a dormant state after remodification"

[37:06] Eplison says, "Co-existing peacefully with the host. Living and dying with it"

[37:10] Eplison says, "If my theory is correct. During the 'resequencing' event"

[37:20] Eplison says, "The virus has a secretion which allows said gift to manifest"

[37:28] Randal Greaves says, "Hmm"

[37:57] Eplison asks, "What do the both of you think of this theory?"

[38:14] Randal Greaves says, "I feel it is most likely a sound hypothesis"

[38:17] Eplison says, "After all. It is just a theory"

[38:30] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Well from my limited knowledge of biology"

[38:32] Randal Greaves says, "But obviously need more test subjects to be confirmed"

[38:57] Natascha Sukhoi says, "It seems that makes sense"

[39:34] Eplison says, "Since we are stuck in the dark..."

[39:40] Eplison asks, "Do you mind if the both of you work overtime?"

[39:46] Eplison says, "After all. I also need more test from Sukhoi"

[39:49] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Well"

[39:51] Randal Greaves says, "Hmm"

[39:56] Natascha Sukhoi asks, "What else do you require?"

[40:06] Eplison says, "Possibly a sample of your brain cells"

[40:11] Eplison says, "....In a high risk surgery"

[40:13] Natascha Sukhoi says, "UHHH"

[40:18] Randal Greaves says, "Well one could be long term effects on mental health"

[40:29] Randal Greaves says, "Definitely a factor"

[40:33] Natascha Sukhoi says, "....right"

[40:45] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Well I don’t feel anything different in my metal state"

[40:56] Eplison says, "Weird.."

[40:59] Randal Greaves says, "For now, but your brain has been completely rewired"

[41:04] Eplison says, "It should be able to heighten your senses"

[41:04] Natascha Sukhoi says, "I mean we could uhhh"

[41:08] Eplison says, "Since it has been modified efficiently"

[41:14] Natascha Sukhoi asks, "... are you sure?"

[41:18] Eplison says, "Possibly"

[41:24] Eplison says, "Maybe they will manifest themselves in the long run"

[41:33] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Well"

[41:41] Natascha Sukhoi says, "I did scan myself"

[41:49] Randal Greaves asks, "Yes?"

[41:55] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Yes"

[42:02] Randal Greaves says, "And..."

[42:11] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Part of the reason why I was so straightforward to this test"

[42:18] Natascha Sukhoi says, "If something went wrong I could be cloned"

[42:30] Randal Greaves says, "Hmm"

[42:49] Randal Greaves says, "So if anything did go wrong you could return to your pre-test stage"

[42:54] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Correct"

[42:57] Natascha Sukhoi says, "I mean"

[43:04] Randal Greaves says, "Without mental changes hopefully"

[43:05] Eplison says, "....And you would have to suffer more"

[43:09] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Not everyone would think like this but I've been cloned a.. few times"

[43:11] Eplison says, "From the headaches and the...hunger"

[43:19] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Oh .... preferably NO of course"

[43:20] Randal Greaves says, "Ah, i personally have been cloned once"

[43:31] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Yeah the first time is always very... odd"

[43:37] Randal Greaves says, "Indeed"

[43:46] Natascha Sukhoi says, "... changing subjects"

[43:51] Natascha Sukhoi asks, "Does anyone have a crowbar?"

[43:55] Eplison says, "No"

[43:56] Randal Greaves says, "No"

[44:04] Eplison says, "We have to work overtime then"

[recording breaks]

[44:40] Eplison asks, "....What?"

[44:45] Natascha Sukhoi asks, "What?"

[44:48] Natascha Sukhoi says, "Nothing at all..."

[44:49] Randal Greaves says, "Hmm"

[44:50] Eplison says, "..Nothing"

[44:56] Randal Greaves says, "The mental effects I mentioned"

[45:12] Natascha Sukhoi says, "I was just receiving some uhhh mental interference"

[45:25] Randal Greaves says, "Right"

[46:31] Recording stopped.

Post-Analysis Memo

NSS Aurora Virology Lab


Analysis determined the existence of a GNAv2-based viral lifeform.

Designation: stamm #7077

Antigen: FV

Transmitted By: Airborne

Rate of Progression: 100

Species Affected: Human, Monkey, Dionna, Space-Adapted Human, Skrell, Neaera, V'krexi, Vaurca Worker, Vaurca Warrior, Vaurca Breeder


(1) Saliva Effect Strength: Average Verosity: 255

(2) Headache Strength: Average Verosity: 345

(3) Telepathy Syndrome Strength: Average Verosity: 15

(4) Appetiser Effect Strength: Average Verosity: 90


Additional Notes:

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[00:00] Recording started.

[00:22] Randal Greaves asks, "So, the recordings started, would you like to take me through the creation process?"

[00:55] Eplison says, "It was derived from the sample i had two days ago."

[01:02] Eplison says, "But i combined new viruses in a method we call 'splicing'"

[01:11] Eplison says, "Where we take specific syndromes of a virus and implant them into another virus"

[01:31] Eplison says, "These effectively killed the headaches and the appetite. And is replaced by mucus developing in your throat"

[01:42] Eplison says, "And what i would like to call a 'waiting' syndrome"

[01:53] Eplison says, "Where the virus lays dormant and waits for the perfect opportunity to breed"

[02:07] Eplison says, "That is all there is to it really. Combining viruses"

[02:33] Randal Greaves asks, "So you've had no chance to test this virus on any subject yet?"

[03:09] Eplison says, "Not yet. Except for a monkey i call Negative 1"

[03:16] Eplison says, "I have observed a new beneficial syndrome in the virus"

[03:29] Randal Greaves asks, "Yes?"

[03:57] Eplison says, "The virus was able to produce hyperzine. Directly responsible for stimulating and hastening the production of andredaline in your andredaline glands"

[04:30] Randal Greaves asks, "Ah. but can adrenaline be harmfull in a high dosage?"

[05:02] Eplison says, "The virus produces it in moderate doses, Parallel to the metabolism rate of hyperzine"

[05:08] Eplison says, "What this means is that there is no such things as"

[05:20] Eplison says, "'Never Enough' or Overdosing"

[05:59] Randal Greaves says, "So i see, but of course there are allways risks and variables. but i suppose we wont know until you gain acsess to a test subject"

[06:24] Eplison says, "Sadly, There is no CMO or Captain. So no one can authorize said tests"

[06:31] Eplison says, "Unless i was to test it illegaly Which would nto end well for me"

[06:37] Eplison says, "Not rather"

[07:33] Randal Greaves asks, "I suppose it would not end well for the most of us. but i'm interested to know what your goal was when manufacturing this new virus, was there a specific effect you were hoping to achieve?"

[08:36] Eplison says, "Indeed there was.. I have managed to amplify the verocity of the Telepathy Syndrome, And it was neat to encounter this new hyperzine production gene"

[09:20] Randal Greaves asks, "So you were wishing to amplify and redce risks of the previous virus, and the hyperzine was a lucky coincidence?"

[09:30] Eplison says, "Exactly"

[10:00] Randal Greaves asks, "Are there any topics you wish to dicuss sourounding your work?"

[10:18] Eplison says, "Not really.This recording is more of a' status' update for you."

[10:59] Randal Greaves says, "I suppose it is, thank you for your time, it was good to catch up on what you are doing"

[11:10] Epsilon says, "It was my pleasure."

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this was one great discussion of philosophy and metaethics

nice to see you saved the transcript.

Edited by Guest

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this was one great round of philosophy and metaethics

nice to see you saved it!


((This is an In-Character board...))

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