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NanoTrasen Employee Record: Sairis Helosi

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NAME: Sairis Julius Helosi

DATE OF BIRTH: Jun 19, 2424

AGE: 33


SEX: Female


CLEARANCE LEVEL: Command (Engineering) Staff (Cargo, Engineering)

EMPLOYED AS: Chief Engineer, L1; Quartermaster, L1


Artwork by http://otakatt.deviantart.com/

HEIGHT: 178 cm (5'10")

WEIGHT: 66.68 kg (147 lb)


DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Varous cut and burn scars mark her body and face


EYES: Green


  • Mechanically prosthetic hand, mechanically assisted eyes. Avoid usage of EM based equipment.




  • Engineering: 7 years
  • Cargo: 4 years
  • Command: Less than 1 year



  • 2445 - Enlistment in Sol Alliance Navy
  • 2450 - Official service begins as a shuttle mechanic following academic graduation, working with pilot Matthias 'BLADE' Arcole (KIA)
  • 2453 - Incident during a NanoTrasen sponsored transport operation, involving BLADE's death and Sairis' medical discharge from the military at the rank of Corporal



  • 2446 - Enrolled in Sol Alliance Naval Academy. Major: Mechanical Engineering
  • 2450 - Graduates Sol Alliance Naval Academy. Four year degree in Mechanical Engineering



  • 2453 - Employment contract signed. Cargo Technician
  • 2455 - Promotion to Quartermaster
  • 2456 - Transferred to NSS Aurora (By request). Station Engineer added to employment roll
  • 2457 - Promotion to Chief Engineer



  • Command
  • Weaponry (Training covers ballistic based weaponry, with basic training in energy/laser weaponry)
  • NT Law (As required for command status)
  • EVA
  • Construction
  • Electrical (Certified for wiring of various station electronics)
  • Engines (Singularity and combustion)
  • IT
  • Medical (Basic first aid, military grade)



  • 2453 - Contraband. Posession of a military issued sidearm while on station (Not authorized by NT). Claimed it was needed for personal security. Helosi was fully cooperative. Weapon was returned at the end of the shift, under condition of it being kept off station.






  • 2453 - Admitted in critical condition from shuttle crash. Left hand amputee, severe burns, multiple lacerations, extensive eye damage. Hand replace by prosthetic. Eyes repaired with mechanical implants.



  • 2445 - Military evaluation: Stable.
  • 2453 - NT Evaluation: Mostly stable. Certain triggers for PTSD.
  • 2457 - NT Evaluation: Degrading. Extreme stress due to activites aboard current assigned station. Transferred by request.
  • 2457 - Secondary NT Evaluation, post transfer: Stable.

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NOTE: This post is OOC information. This information is not publically available IC, but some characters may have learned it from Ziva.

Sairis was born on June 19, 2422, aboard a military station in the Sol system. She grew up with a pilot as a father, and a station engineer as a mother. Upon turnign 18 and completing her basic education, she began work aboard the station as a civilian janitor, sometimes working with her mother and picking up on various engineering tricks that helped with her janitorial duties. At the age of 23, in the year 2445, Sairis made a decision to move on from civilian duties, and officially enlist with the Navy. She spent three months in basic training, then an additional four years with the Naval Academy, studying mechanical engineering. She graduated from the Academy in the year 2450, at the age of 28, and began her Naval career as a shuttle engineer, working with pilot Mathias Arcole.

Three years of work aboard the shuttlecrafts, always working with the same pilot, the two had become close friends, then more, and had become engaged in 2453. A month later, however, their shuttle crash-landed during a NanoTrasen funded transport operation, and Mathias was killed in the resulting impact, unable to be cloned. Sairis was also severely wounded in the crash, and was medically discharged from the Navy following an extensive operation and recovery period. Approximately half a month following the crash, she was approached by a NanoTrasen representative with a job offer as a station engineer. She accepted the offer, but also requested janitorial or cargo duty be added to her roster. The contract was signed on August 15, 2453. A week later, she was assigned to the NCS Cyberiad as a cargo technician and station engineer, based on which positions were required for the shift. After two years of work aboard the station, she received a promotion to Quartermaster, and was placed in charge of the cargo division for many shifts in the next two years. As 2457 rolled around, a routine psych eval required for all personnel revealed high levels of stress due to events aboard the Cyberiad, and she was immediately transferred to the Aurora - A calmer, research based station - In the hopes of avoiding a mental breakdown.

A month and a half later, Sairis is working aboard the Aurora as a Station Engineer and Quartermaster, and has put in a request for promotion to Chief of the Engineering department.

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