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Dalton Industries - A Criminal Business Enterprise ((WIP))

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I still don't understand why I'm going public with this, but here goes nothing. My little enterprise is looking for hired help, both permanent and temporary. I'll be honest with anyone who is prospecting joining my little organization, We are very small. Consisting of a Tajaran, and two humans. However, We are very.. willing to expand our ranks.

Here are just a few things my organization participates in:

-Mercenary Work


-Bounty Hunting

-Drug Smuggling


-Warehouse Storage

-Various other enterprises.

As of right now, We are starting operations in Biesel. Any personnel that operates in the Tau Ceti system can, and will be put to use, and will get their cut of the profits.

Currently, Dalton Industries is looking for the following talents:

-Hired Gun



-Ship Owners


Dalton Industries will give anyone a job, but the more skills you have, the farther you will go. In order to apply, come to the Red Swan Bar, in Mendell City. Ask about the Factory work.

((PM me to apply, basically.))


Robert Dalton - Head of Operations.

Joseph Dalton - Second-in Command.

Kihir S'raha - Drug Smuggler, and Mechatronic Engineer.

Chenmo de Xiaochou - Operative.

Winston Carton - Operative.

Dima Ruslanovich - Operative.

Maxwell Mason - Bodyguard.

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