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Library Re-haul: Kindle Magic.


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What is the Idea?


Well, Library is a big paradox, frankly. Why are we reading books when we have future PDA's in our pockets. My idea is the addition of little stands instead of bookcases, which would have the ability to have multiple books uploaded onto them by inserting book chips by the librarian. Afterwards, players could pick said book, and click the stand with their PDA to download it onto the PDA to read whenever.

Obviously this idea can be twerked, but the point remains that having books 500 years in the future is crazy pants. And being able to just have them on your PDA would be nice.

I'd leave books as a function, but add a PDA stand to the library so that people can just download the book and be on their way. This would allow players to just have copies of manuals on hand, as long as they have their PDA, and so forth.

Or, create a Kindle device that can do the same function and scan books and make a copy of it.

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