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Karima's Bounty ($100,000)

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I'm not sure if this is the place to post this, but if it's wrong, please go and move it to the proper location.

Anyway, awhile back we had an antag round. Long story short: the chaplain tried to appease his diety (he was antag) and was ready to attack some people in research - among them was Karima. The other antag yelled over comms, "Don't /kill/ Karima! She's got a bounty of $100,000!" ERT was called in, Karima was placed in the bridge for security reasons, etcetera.

But I really wanna know, whoever placed that bounty on Karima, is that canon-worthy? How did it surface? Or was it simply background for that round? I checked the syndicate transmissions and found nothing about Karima having a bounty.

And hey, I am totally fine with Karima having a bounty on her head, and her being completely clueless about why she has one. (Although that might cause issues with her contract). If there's any kind of backstory info about this, I'd love to know, so I can RP it canonly.

..............Secretly, Karima is a little honored that someone likes/hates her enough to put that kind of lump sum for her. Scared, yes, but that means she's recognized for more than just some run-of-the-mill tajara hired to fix mechs.

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If you want to make this bounty 'canon' you can go to the Syndicate Transmission network and PM IncognitoJesus. After that, he'll place a bounty on your head and you will be a target for antagonists. If you want further details on how much you can know about this bounty etc., Incog would gladly answer.

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