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pAI chassis models!

Mr. Majestic

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I would have turned the pAI wipe button permissions suggestion and this one into one thing, but development prefers not to have multiple suggestions in a single topic. So yeah. Whole new thing just for this stuff.

Now, pAI chassis models. Oh how I love them. Makes being a pAI tons more fun. But I just have a smallish suggestion regarding them.

The gift of movement to a object is a glorious gift, but it stinks to have a chassis that has the implied ability for added physical interaction with the world (like the monkey has hands for picking stuff up, or maybe the mouse can crawl through vents with its tinyness), but yet all it can do is move. I get that it'd be a tad bit complicated to actually make the different models do different stuff, like hand slots for the monkey, but that's why this is just a suggestion.

So yeah, in short, my suggestion is that the development team looks into giving the pAI chassis models more interaction with the environment, if they would be so kind.

That is all.

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