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Halloween Party: Welcome to the (G)Raveyard

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Event details

Canon: Canon

Event Type: Relaxation + Roleplay

Event Scale: Big

Assigned Admin: Arrow

OOC Event Description: This is the continuation of the yearly Halloween Party, now for the Horizon. No intrigue, no sudden Sol Marines or a headless rider showing up. Just a good time.

Who knows about it: Everyone knows about it. It has/will be announced on the ExtraNet and Newscasters: 


Host/participants: KingOfThePing (Host), Arrow (Assigned Admin)


  • The Party will take place NOT on the Horizon, at least that is the plan for now. You will NOT be able to play normal jobs during this round, everyone attending is off-duty. Real after-work hours. More info when it becomes available. EDIT: It will take place on an Idris luxurious holiday cruise ship. An entire recreational deck has been booked by the company for you all to enjoy.
  • This will also (for anyone who wants it to be) be a costume party. There are quite a few costumes in the code already, but if you want to see something specific NOT ALREADY IN THE GAME, message me at Lanze#2028 on Discord and I will add the costume idea (as long as it is appropiate) of your choice to the game and it will be available alongside the other costumes already in-game. They will NOT be custom items tied to your character. This is limited to ten (10) seven (7) more entries for now.
  • The party will take place on the 29th of October because real Halloween is a Monday evening.
  • There will be no checkpoints this time.

Edited by KingOfThePing

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Relaxed, a nice map. Though the VR systems were a bit underwhelming due to how easily people could powergame (using tools to dismantle the exosuits of the other side, really?) and that there was no 'reset' to give either side more weaponry/equipment. Besides the VR standing out as a neat proof of concept with a poor execution (at least in what it specifically tried to do), I loved the rest of the map. I only wish we had some volunteers for service staff, as some areas felt a little lifeless because of the lack of them.

Overall, good; could use some fine tuning, but I deeply enjoyed the event overall. I'd love to see the VR systems in particular brought back in some other form (good potential as a holodeck replacement!), hopefully without being solely attached to some weird combat simulation that encourages poor sportsmanship/behaviour.

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>Join round as a Skrell

>Enter VR

>[Doom music plays]

>After decapitating the same person 5 times, get out of VR

>Get shitfaced at the bar

>Drink some wulu and vodka

>"Your body is destroyed under the weight of Srom!"

>Literally fucking die on a canon round


10/10 best event ever.                                                                                                                                                 I did get revived don't worry.

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Sick costumes, especially the knight costume. Sick map, especially the jungle dome. Sick everything. It was nice to have an opportunity to interact with everyone, no matter the department in one place, specifically designed for everyone to have fun and relax for once.

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