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  1. The new, more desaturated look is much more pleasing on the eye than the "everything is terribly bright" optics we had before. All in all a great facelift.
  2. I can see where you come from, and with the first part you are mostly correct. Yet: One could think about why that is. And while you are right it's nothing nefarious to play antags it's still a commitment many people don't want to do, for good reasons, obviously. I'd just say that if I ever get forced antag that I would ahelp that I do not want it and want it removed and rather disconnect than to be forced to be one. Expecting to be entertained by antags and me expected to entertain antags should only happen on my own terms, not by force.
  3. Please rename the "robust security award". The "robust" in the name is an IC meme and it should not have it in the name. Just imagine, as a captain, announcing that you are giving someone the ROBUST security award. It's stupid. kthxbye
  4. Being able to opt out this time is good. Yet I have to shake my head about some things posted here. Why people should be willing to play something they do not want or actively avoid I cannot understand. Neither how something good should come out of such a situation. For me and some others this just means now to either exclusively vote extended, not vote and/or not ready up anymore. Definite improvement over the last time.
  5. Lead by example, also known as: its work if you get paid for it.
  6. Bless this Spess. On many more years to come. 😘

  7. Pour one, for Morozov, bless his heart 

    1. Wigglesworth Jones

      Wigglesworth Jones

      Hadii's graces...

    2. Doxxmedearly


      Hadii's Grace, comrade.

      Death to the monarchists

  8. You dont need to be able to speak a language to guess or know which language it is. Your suggestion is also flawed, since one paper can have multiple different languages written on it, which would surely lead to problems with examining it and getting a sentence like you proposed
  9. So you can differentiate the languages from one another. The same reason spoken languages have different colours. This, obviously cannot work here, since, you know, coloured pencils exist
  10. Or maybe implement stuff to use and a proper office for them, too.....I very much like the sanitation technician suggestion
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