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  1. I still have issue with this poll because you didn't win the golden clown award. I voted for you 😒😒
  2. Why did you not mention that this is posted via proxy?
  3. White Text on white Background 

    1. Scheveningen


      Joe isn't happy with this

    2. geeves
    3. ben10083



      uh oh


      he said it


      All of history has been leading up to this moment


      Here it comes..











  4. I am very glad someone brings this up, finally. What satin says, I can only echo it. A character of mine, Sei, comes from Xanu Prime, a system so far away from Tau Ceti I cant even imagine it properly. Yet I sometimes let her visit her sister, back home. (Its one of my ic explanations why I didn't play her lately again) Thankfully no one ever questions the fact that she is not actually like, months gone, which she should be for the two way trip alone. Tldr, travel times should be much faster, otherwise everything falls apart. It's like in Pen and Paper. Travel times are something small but give actual....dimension and scale to any map and world. It's small but important to wrap your head around this and figure out what works best.
  5. Drago, my dear friend, I do hope you get better soon. No farewell, just an extended see you soon
  6. imagine trusting anyone, especially scalie lizards or humans or those mind reading frogs, smhing my smh or, behold, even the
  7. I disagree partially. The Radiation Suits look very horrible and "old", I'd like to see a resprite. The Biosuits and Emergency Softsuits are also in some way....strange. Maybe it's their colours. The Bomb Suit is nice, though. Hazmat suits are okay, I guess, but surely can be improved.
  8. Just reduce the MD slot by two and put them into the surgeon slot. No numerical change.
  9. I strongly agree with Doxx and Matt especially the surgeon thing. We have two operating rooms, there is no need for 4 surgeons or something like that. That is something that happens very often because, frankly, surgery is fun. It's more engaging that giving someone medicine. Separate it from the MD will be for the better, trust me.
  10. The classic white guy smile + slightly sweaty. Get in line, ladies.
  11. These are the hairstyles you find problematic? I didn't know bedhead5 but....this does not look too bad? What exactly is the problem with it? Bedhead4 actually looks good, please dont crucify me for this.
  12. You ensured me that this will stay between us. Another name for the list.....
  13. The current time is 0:32 AM. Thank you for your compliance
  14. I read this response three times now and do not understand what you want to say with it
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