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  1. Long overdue. I'd do it, too. Sounds fun.
  2. Good answer, I also like them very much. Except Central Command.
  3. NanoTrasen would never hire TCFL volunteers, no matter the department, period. Change my mind.
  4. Glad to seet his thing again. Looks still great.
  5. To show how important this is to me I am posting the following meme:
  6. please add the Tuna Snax to the vendors. According to my research this should have no impact on the game's balance and powergaming with Tuna Snax should also be quite difficult. The reason on why to add them is because I like the Tuna Snax and I find it discriminating that Tajara crewmembers have no snack of choice like, for example Skrell with their Skrellsnax. Thank you for your attention. Tuna or no talk > : (
  7. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense, when whitelist restrictions exist in the first place.
  8. Sadly, your nymph play is not that good. I don't know your other characters so I can't comment on how you play in general, but neither your naming nor your behaviour is really good, when you play a nymph. I know Diona lore is not much, in comparison to other species. I assume you're new and it's nice that you show interest, but I recommend observing other gestalts, even though they are played rarely and learn/ask from them. Also, aside from all that, what is said above. While the story is creative it's quite short and barebones, maybe you should rewrite it. Also, I still don't understand why people are being allowed to play nymphs without a whitelist, lmao, but that's just a side remark.
  9. Payback time for @Flamingo


    Look below






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