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  1. I may not had the time to play the past few weeks so I did not have the opportunity to check it out, but I support this nontheless because of the reasons stated above. I think it's a good change, despite the top-down vision a player has as a default and the reduced vision the cone gives. I like it and will try it out this weekend, hopefully.
  2. Weapons are deadly, bleeding out can happen fast. Taking fights is a risk. I dont see the problem
  3. All pretty cool. Good work. Would love to see them in game
  4. Dont worry, if you wouldn't have bumped it, I am sure Dronz would have. Eventually. And yes, the weapon exists and I disagree that SMGs are harder to improvise than shotguns, e.g. Modern Luty style SMGs are (partially) 3D printable. Really easy to assemble (they suck but thats not the point here). Problem nowadays, in some countries at least, is more the ammo than the gun itself. So not unrealistic to improvise with the help of some tools in a future setting! šŸ˜ƒ
  5. I like what Winter and Dronz say. A compromise would be the best thing here. The holo glasses also sound like a plausible solution and adding "normal" glasses of different variety also sound great.
  6. I gave this suggestion some thought. While I still do not agree that the scenarios presented by Paradox are a problem since you can mute LOOC when they clog up your screen or do not feel to deal with it (no one is obliged to answer LOOC). I do agree though, that ghosts do not need it, since ghosts cannot contribute to anything IC, except helping new players or people new to a role, but in that case that should be dealt ICly or with an ahelp or their coworkers can answer in LOOC if there is no other way.
  7. bald

    1. Zundy
    2. KingOfThePing


      Looking at this feels like sexual harassmentĀ 

    3. KingOfThePing


      I would never look like thisĀ at you,Ā baka

  8. I think something like that was being worked on by @wowzewow some time ago
  9. The english translation of the german source also leaves out one important detail on why this should be done (or at leats considered): To translate it freely it means that this project is intended to prevent one part of society from having knowledge that can be used for political purposes ahead of the other, thereby blackmailing the latter. I am not saying this would not be relevant in the future, I am just pointing it out. To the PR I am rather indifferent. Depends on how it looks I guess.
  10. someday, there'll be a reckoning, Zundy
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