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  1. pr is up https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/11044 credits to geeves
  2. I thought about this at work today and I think a staff complaint is a bit much (I was told to do one if I disagree with the warning). While I disagree that the responses I did did not contribute to the discussion I can see where the warning comes from. It's only a warning point after all. Sorry for the trouble, @Simon_the_minerand @Arrow768, I guess this can be closed, since I don't want to make even more fuss about this than I already have.
  3. I made this suggestion purely without combat in mind. There can be other restrictions to this, for example a relatively low, fixed transfer rate, slowdown, etc. I have too much of a smooth brain for game balance, though
  4. I have made this suggestion here a while back. While this is only a minor step that contributes to this, I will ensure it is being worked on, since it is an overdue thing anyway.
  5. They only have two item slots, they are worse than webbing in every way or am I misremembering? They look cool tho...
  6. I have, over the course of two weeks, explained in various posts in the thread why I dislike the idea. Here is an example, for the sake of completness: Just because I did not repeat this, or repeat the other posters, already explained problems with the proposition does not mean I spammed or did a +1/-1 without context. It was a response to an already lengthy discussion. I voiced my opinion, without senelessly repeating the other three or four posts before mine. It does, in fact. It shows what could and probably will happen, when the propsed change is implemented - as it was
  7. I guess you meant two last replies to the thread. Yes, they were short, since I basically just agreed with previous posts. I didn't feel the need to regurgitate them, but still wanted to post my opinion on the newly applied changes. They are still not spam. Have you read my other replies in the thread? I posted a lot, because there was a lengthy discussion, not because I spammed the thread.
  8. I have played an IAC character that has been "leased" out to NT for years now. Not sure if I like this idea. This can be done over records already. Contractors are more for Corps or factions, the IAC isn't really either of them. Or st least doesn't work like the usual corps.
  9. BYOND Key: KingOfThePing Staff BYOND Key: Simon_the_miner Game Round ID: N/A Reason for complaint: I checked the forums after waking up today and was notified about a warning applied. I had no idea what it was for so I checked it, it is attached. I was warned for spamming in this topic: I have re-read the entire thread and cannot see spam posts from me. I also didn't see any posts that were hidden. Over the course of a few weeks I have, in great detail, explained why I dislike this idea, I did not +1/-1, I have not shitposted nor did I flood the thread with u
  10. While I dont think you are not qualified or shouldn't do it, far from it - I dont think you should put even more workload onto yourself. There is only so much someone can do without the already existing responsibilities to suffer. This is not a +/- 1, because I would totally +1 you in an instant because I've worked with you for a while now, but I think you should ask yourself "should I really put more work onto myself, besides lore writing and besides CCIA?", not "CAN I put more work....". In the end it's not my decision though, and I wish you the best of luck l.
  11. Last round we had revenants getting shitfaced at the bar. It was great. It can be a fun gamemode thanks for your work Geeves
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