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  1. Why would anyone ever use the shuttle again if there is just an instant teleportation device on the Aurora. While alternative ways of departure would be welcome they just dont make sense and fuck more over than they would help. Not in favour of this -1
  2. IR binned due to administrative actions against the offender.
  3. Its about species that do not wear voidsuits
  4. What's up, Bro First of all, great you apply, second what I say means nothing because I am not a spriter myself, but, I recommend contributing to github before making a spriter application, if you dont have work to show off. It's probably hard to judge the quality of your work if you can't show something off. So I recommend either doing some stuff and posting it here or working on the github and making new sprites for whatever you want and be a contributer to the github first. Still, great that you apply and want to help out.
  5. Finally. The Detective is a stupid relic from a long gone age, that made no sense in any way whatsoever. I am also glad about the reduced bloat in security. People laigh about the medbay, but sec is in no way better. I think this is a very good change and it has my fullest of full support. I'd even go as far and reduce it to 1 slot, but I can see the reasoning on why it has to be 2. Very good, very overdue.
  6. Looks all pretty good, the Lawgiver not 100% my jam, but maybe because it's looking differently in the source material. Glad though it's still here so I don't complain.
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