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  1. Yeah alright. I get it. My input is unwished for and my opinion is "bad". You can all stop hopping on the bandwagon on bashing me now - I have learned my lesson to avoid commenting my honest opinion, and then some. Thanks for letting me know that.
  2. The CMO in question was not present at the time, so you acted clearly using Directive One. Also - senior staff =/= command level positions. What are you trying to prove here? I will give you the "Senior Surgeon" thing. It was not about the "promotion" to that anyway, but I am sure you grasped that when reading what I wrote. A Chief Medical Officer is not a rank you gain with being a trainee. You know it makes no sense and try to justify it with Directive 1/3. It's not how it works. Regarding sonic: You are absolutely right, but I will not stand getting shittalked by another member of the community and just roll with it. I will not make a new post, but regarding the one below: I don't say the CMO was right in his request (I cannot remember who it was) but you as a Captain should have told him that it is not how it works. Do you not understand what I am trying to say here? To repeat myself again: senior staff =/= command level positions. This is all I have to say before I get forum banned again for off-topic discussion. You have your opinion - I have mine. End of discussion.
  3. Unlike you I will keep this brief and relatively neutral, so I'll get right to it: I have never seen this before and I have played my fair share of years and rounds on Aurora, too. No need to brag about playtime here, if you ask me. And yes, you are absolutely right. The Station Directives, which I know very well say that interims should be appointed to, quote Directive One: "to fill the missing role.". With the arrival of another CMO Directive One can't, or well, at least shouldn't be applied here. Your Captain and you with your "five years [maining] command now" experience should read up on the Station Directives again. Same as above. Refrain from lecturing or passive-aggressive insulting me, nothing good will come out of it. I will quote this here from the Aurora wiki, regarding IPCs and "Job Restrictions": "No more than two jobs can reasonably be undertaken by any IPC, with sparing exceptions (such as cooks/gardeners/bartenders, or xenobotanists/xenobiologists/lab assistant and so on). If there are questions involving this, either inquire with the relevant lore developer or ahelp in-game for clarification. All synthetics are manufactured for a purpose, and any modifications to their core programming to change this purpose would be costly, not to mention time consuming and often needless." Medical is a field with many aspects which are all highly specialized. But since I seem to be wrong in the assumption that a robot should not be able to perfectly perform Virology, Psychiatry, Surgery, General Medicine and Chemistry. I want input from someone who actually is responsible for synth lore. @kyres1, please do me the favour and correct me if I am wrong. This remark is your personal opinion - fine, even if you have provided nothing to support it I will still disprove it. I do not know Soulthief as a person and I have absolutely no interest in knowing him. I have made my observations and experiences public, as he asked. You may notice I did not comment on his first app at all, because I did not noticed any powergaming moments with his chemist, when I played CMO. Why you think, out of all players, that voiced their concern here, I surely must have problems with him I would really like to hear.
  4. I honestly do not understand this suggestion
  5. You ask every round for feedback and critique, which I provided. My personal observations and thoughts. I am not the only one, clearly, having problems with your playstyle (not you, as a person or your work as CCIA). To call us "naysayers" - practically, I'd almost say, disregarding our critique as nothing else but negativity for negativities sake with that term, was maybe not the best course of action here. You don't need to begin again with a clean slate, if it was because of my critique. I doubt you will be able to change my mind with it after this response of yours.
  6. Ah, yes. The "briefing" as you call it. It's funny you mention that. They are really, really motivational. I have the one you did on your very first CMO round. I can attach a screenshot of it, for everyone to read: To me, personally, mind you, this reads as follows: "Hello, do your work, if you fuck up I will punish you and do it myself.". What kind of "briefing" is this supposed to be? Please explain it to me. To the rest: You have no virologist? Unlucky, work around it, you often have none. Spaceacilling as a start, for example can often help, you even said you told it your staff (even though I did not see that, but again, benefit of the doubt). So why is the virus curing even needed? Ask your chemist to make other medication, like Steriziline and the other one, the name I can't remember right now. The surgery - got an infection anyway, so you apparently didn't do a very good job with "making sure he knows what he had to do". The intruder, yes, was near the command surface entrance, that's correct. With the CE. Half of security and lastly you had an AI. You have staff. Use. It. You could apply that argument to *any* part of the station since even janitors have more access than your paramedics. It's something you have to play around, like everyone else. You clearly just do not understand what the problem is. The problem is not that you do surgery and chemistry. It's that you do surgery. And chemistry. And psychological treatment with the Crystal Chamber, for example. And Virology. And General Care. And first response. And - do you see my point? It's been raised several times and this will be the last time I explain it to you. If you still cannot see what the problem is, then I am sorry, I cannot help you.
  7. You did it again. Literally just now in the last round (bZ5-dpPm) you again, despite having a fully packed medical team you: Cured a virus on your own, diagnosed narcolepsy (and attempted or at least very well knew how to cure it), were following a surgeon into the OR, talking to him what he has to do about a routine, minmal intrusion operation (appendix, I believe). It looked like you normally would have absolutely done it yourself if you wouldn't have been on trial. I dont know who did medication that round, so I give you the benefit of the doubt. I have seen you work in the GTR, all in addition to what I have written before. Again, despite having chemistry staffed, having a Nurse, having more than one Surgeon having a Medical Doctor, Residents, even a psychiatrist etc, etc. The character is seemingly proficient in all medical fields. I have played most of the round myself but I would bet my left arm on it, that you have also performed surgery that round. You even, at one point near the end, went out to retrieve an antag, despite having not one, but two paramedics on call, even with an Odysseus. But no, you *have* to be in the front row, now matter what happens and no matter what it is. I think I have never spent so much time outside the medbay, the department you are supposed to delegate and lead, in my whole CMO time, than you in this round (Dramatic exaggeration). But you do not need to delegate and oversee anything, since you do it all yourself anyway. I can only guess how incredibly unfun this for the rest of the medbay must be. In Deadchat it was asked sarcastically "What can Sterben not do?", and the answer was, unanimously, "Nothing.". You also sometimes make the most unnessecary announcements, lengthy, too. But that may just be something that I find distracting, when suddenly an announcement fills up half of my screen, so take this with a grain of salt. It almost feels like you want to drag them out tough, for whatever reason. This is not the first time you were met with critique like the one above. So I honestly ask you: Do you not care about changing this, are you just ignoring it, or are you unable to change your super-doctor "being-in-the-middle-of-attention" playstyle? This is my third time commenting in this app and trust me, I derive no pleasure from this, but this is my third, big -1 from me.
  8. As ready as one can be. I'll keep your advice in mind and do my best!
  9. Woah there - relax. I can only say what I seen and experienced with her. I do not - or very rarely play security, so I never experienced the spicy inner-department memes some people brought up. I am just trying to tell you why I think that a new character besides Lin would maybe be appropiate to make for the command position. It was neither critique nor did I even bring up anything specific. Also, to your "[The] Aurora is not a military base.", this is absolutely correct, yet handling firearms and enforcing law still requires a very strict mental screening. At least its like that in my country. Same with the military, but again, we are not the military. We are basically police, and being a police officer requires (again, I can only speak for my own country) strict physical and mental capabilities. I still give you a +1, just think about what I said and don't take it as an assault.
  10. The only problem I see here is that you want to make Lin a Head of Staff. I can understand why you want to do this, but please, consider her mental state, you know it better than anyone of us. You made it very clear that she has mental health problems and that is fine. I like Lin very much. Really. But think for yourself if such a person should and could be trusted with being the Commanding Officer of a security force. I guess you have to pass several psychological tests and mental screenings - I doubt she would pass them all to a satisfying standard, which again, is fine. You get a +1 from me, but only if you make another character for the command role, as hard as it might be.
  11. There are just several red flags regarding this whole thing. No one else ever had to get a special called role as a "Senior Surgeon", for example, to make it clear that they can be asked questions. You should approach someone in LOOC or even ICly, if it fits. Almost no new player asks on their own anyway. You have to approach them and the "cool" "Senior Surgeon" title won't "make it clear" to anyone or help with that. You are a whitelisted IPC player, it can be expected that you haven't started playing on the server yesterday. All in all does it look like you want to be in the center of attention lately, yesterday, for example with being a "Deputy Chief Medical Officer". Such a thing simply does not exist, and you do not become a CMO, ICly or in real life, by being a trainee for a few weeks. That's just not how it works. I don't know who played the captain that allowed this, but it's not about him anyway. You've been interim for about 5 minutes before another CMO woke up - unlucky, but be it like that. You should've just given away the things from the CMO office and reassigend back to your normal rank (not this Senior Surgeon thing, I'd still be interested how you convince everyone to just allow that either). It looked like you just wanted to keep the CMO headset (and maybe the hypospray but I havent seen it on you so I give you the benefit of the doubt) and thus access to command channels, and, more importantly the additional access, which should not have been allowed, in no case. I saw you use that access first hand, so I know it was not revoked. You also used it to cure a viral outbreak yourself, despite having a biochemist on duty who even asked if she could help. All that looks like you just want to be in the center of attention - something that is absolutely not what being a head of staff is about. I believe you are just not fit for playing command and no one week trial will change that.
  12. Alright. Thank you for your answer. I'm sorry, but I my personal verdict on your app will be a definite -1. Though I have not interacted with your characters that much, I had a lot of opportunity to observe them and without wanting to drag this out, since everything has been said by others before me, I cannot support your command app, currently.
  13. As soon as I graduate from uni, I'll become a professional cat petter.

    1. Butterrobber202


      dogs are better

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      A noble cause. Good work! Pet all the cats I can't because I would swell up like a balloon. More people should get into that career.

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