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  1. To: Tyki'mhet Krrjashni From: CCIA Division of Appeals Subject: APPEAL 09/07/2463 Resolution _______________________________ BODY: Your appeal to the case file 24630709 MMendez_TKrrjashni has been reviewed. In this process all interviews, internal logs, and all supplement material available has been re-reviewed. You appealed this case with the following: The unusual long amount of time that was needed to resolve the Incident Report at hand. Trauma, resulting from severe injuries, which occured prior to he events outlined in the IR. The claim, that the ISD failed to communicate the reasoning behind the punishment you were to receive. The claim that the ISD specifically targeted you as some sort of scapegoat. The claim that CCIA focued on your behaviour during the IR instead of the misconduct of the ISD. Re-reviewing this case gave me only one possible resolution to your appeal. It will be denied, without a chance to appeal it in the future. I will outline the reasoning how I came to this conclusion in detail below: The amount of time passed between filing and resolving an IR is no indicator for it's quality or accuracy. In your specific case a lot of additional information had to be verified. This process has multiple stages, cooperation with different internal department and needs time. I was not the agent who handled the original report but I see no reason to doubt my former colleague's time management. Together with both the IT Department and the Odin's Medical Department I have done a thorough search through all filed medical records during the shift in question. I also reached out to the Doctor in question, who treated you, prior to the events outlined in the IR. Your claim of receiving traumatic injury could not be verified. According to the Aurora's inventory logs and the Doctor, you lost some blood and broke an unspecified limb during the fight with the blob. The Doctor specifically adressed the issue that the injuries seemed not inflicted by the blob but rather by kinetic force. Since you were still carrying your Kinetic Accelerator with you, I put two and two together and come to the conclusion that these injuries were self-inflicted. You received a splint and some medication for your injuries. The Doctor claims he has seen you returning to the fight afterwards. Only afterwards you received minor surgery to rectify the issue with your broken limb. Moving on, multiple sources suggest that you had all the time you needed to come to the brig. No one was forcing or escorting you. More than two sources also claim that the warrant, together with your expected punishment (around 200 credits fine) was clearly communicated to you, yet at this stage you already were very aggrevated. Your claims the ISD saw you as a scapegoat or the entire situation was to be blamed on you is already a weak argument, since not only the ISD, but also the Captain on shift found you guilty of negligence. You disregarded clear warnings, a clear order over radio and common sense by trying to use a heavily damaged elevator during an emergency situation. Lastly, your claim that only your behaviour was in the focus of the investigation I have hopefully disproved. We conduct our investigations properly and thoroughly. We use all information sources possible and work with the facts at hand. I am finishing this on a personal note, because I am not entirely sure what you hoped to achieve here. The case is clear and I dont know why you'd think we want to re-hire an extremely aggressive, brutal and honestly borderline unstable individual, who loses their temper at any inconvenience. The fact that this re-review uncovered that you not only took the fact that you put the lifes of your co-workers in danger during the outlined events, but already before, by carelessly firing your kinetic accelerator in a confined space, is something I cannot believe was not mentioned in the original report. You can be glad that my former colleague did not submit this report to Biesel police enforcement. Me and NanoTrasen wish you all the best for your future but this future does not include our Corporation. ________________________________ DTG: 25-11:27-TAU CETI STANDARD-10-2463 Sign: E. Torrance
  2. To: Tyki'mhet Krrjashni From: CCIA Division of Appeals Subject: APPEAL 09/07/2463 Confirmation _______________________________ BODY: Your appeal for the following incident is currently being reviewed: Case ID: 24630709 MMendez_TKrrjashni Date Actioned: 02.09.2463 Handling Agent: Edward Torrance If necessary, you will be contacted by CCIA Division of Appeals to discuss the resolution applied to this incident. You remain obligated to comply with previous CCIA decisions while this appeal is being processed. ________________________________ DTG: 24-15:17-TAU CETI STANDARD-10-2463 Sign: E. Torrance
  3. Keeping it real with you, Chief, I ain't going to sift through some discord chat messages since the fundamental works of discord, allowing to edit messages afterwards (despite the edited tag) make things impossible
  4. I dont accuse anyone of trying to take advantage and trying to extort money from this project. Ryver is probably a good guy and I supported his applications in the past, it was just a really weird thing to do. I don't know, if I would call it a lack of communication, honestly. I laid out my opinion and everyone is, of course, free to disagree, but I stand by the fact that joining as a volunteer and then asking for compensation halfway through is just a bad thing to do.
  5. These should not be reasons to put a price tag for your work halfway through it, basically holding the project in question hostage. What I gathered is that he agreed to help (which is very nice of everyone who does stuff like this) and then halfway through the project noticed that it's too much for him to work on. This is fine, but then either communicate this and request more time or give it away to someone else. It is not the norm to re-negotiate a deal halfway after finishing it, but I don't know if this is more common in other places in the world, it certainly isn't in Germany. This has a big "I am altering this deal, pray that I do not alter it any further" vibe to it. It is a huge difference to ask for money for doing additional work, like re-sprites or just straight up more, after the initial project is done, especially after your workload got increased through your own projects. But doing it halfway through is nothing that's defendable, in my opinion.
  6. Honestly, server comes before any potential discord RP. If things have to be shuffled around, then so be it. There will be a way, one way or another. It was clear from the very beginning that people may have to leave some of their characters behind because it is not reasonable for them to come along. So be it. I'd encourage everyone to see it as an opportunity, instead of an obstacle.
  7. Even when keeping all the what is true and what not aside, the fact alone that you volunteer to help with a project, but then decide that you want money in return to finishing it (after you are halfway through with it) is something I cannot approve at all. We all are volunteers, the admins are, the mods are (as you should know), as are coders and spriters. This does not mean that people cannot ask for something in return of their work. I also, more than once, paid a considerable amount of money, so that specific things, that were in limbo or so much work that the person in question just wanted something in return for the considerably huge amount of time in return, were worked on. But this is not the rule, nor should it be. Imagine our coders like Geeves, Matt, Alb, GreyWolf or any other contributer would take money for each and every bugfix/PR. There would be absolutely 0 server developement. This is all ignoring the question what was written above is true or not, it's nothing I can and want comment on, since I am not involved. tl;dr I find the attitude and mindset shown by you questionable for a spriter/developer position at best, unfit for any other staff position at worst, but that's not for me to decide. Big -1 from me for this app.
  8. The Return of President Hadii, Part I of X
  9. Every other shit gets announced with a location so I dont understand why this event doesn't. Makes no sense, honestly and it should be changed
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