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  1. KingOfThePing

    We actually use the thunder dome

    "This is NTEB, the NanoTrasen Entertainment Broadcast, on the short-range frequency 149.8. We are broadcasting today's holodeck event. My name is James and I'm here with my co-host Quiib. We are both excited to provide some commentary, right from the first row, to all of you who can't attend in person. But without further ado, let's jump right into it. Today's seems to be [...]" Live casting a show over the entertainment channel is actually a pretty good idea! Don't tell me there wouldn't be volunteers to act as radio hosts. I like the idea.
  2. KingOfThePing

    Xenoarcheology Body Cameras and Locker Changes

    There is one in the study room, down the hallway, south of Xenobiology.
  3. KingOfThePing

    Xenoarcheology Body Cameras and Locker Changes

    Okay. Next suggestion, this is for people like @VTCobaltblood. Some kind of trolley or hand wagon to put anomalies on. It is extremely silly to just drag them behind you without a care in the world, for example when you have to move through public hallways. Do you think something could be done?
  4. KingOfThePing

    Partial Research remapping

    Thank you ❤️
  5. KingOfThePing

    Partial Research remapping

    I have just joined the round this PR was pulled. First of all, I can't see any major flaw and it looks really, really good. Again, thank you for this redesign. I have only one, very, very little thing I want to ask for. Please, don't ask why, but please rename the both first airlocks into the Xenoarcheology department into "Xenoarcheology and Anomalous Materials" instead of "Xenoarcheology and Anomaly Labs". Please. Please, please, please.
  6. Whoever brings me food shall be rewarded.

    1. Synnono


      Enjoy a delicious bánh bao for breakfast:

      Image result for banh bao

    2. KingOfThePing


      That actually looks very nice.

    3. Chada1


      Here, have some French bread to go with your Chinese bread.


  7. KingOfThePing

    Bar becomes a Bistro

    Something similar has been suggested in the past: It was not very well recieved.
  8. KingOfThePing

    Make Vox Not a Meme.

    I do not want to critisize or attack you, but I think this may not be the best way approach to this problem, due to the state and/or status the race is in right now. Again, if you see people misbehave as a Vox, ahelp it. Not that you see that many Vox anyway. I don't know, I would suggest attacking this problem from the lore. I think that would be more helpful, than what you are suggesting. If that cannot be done, maybe just remove Vox entirely. It is not like that would be a big loss.
  9. Hey, hey, I was present during these OOC discussions Doggie mentioned, so here are my two cents: The first one about improvements/quality of life changes about Xenoarcheology began in LOOC/OOC before the thread was posted and I agree, that it was civil. No one lashed out to someone else and in my opinion it was a good discussion. It gave me a few ideas myself. To the incident that the Anomaly Lab got (somehow, I still don't know how) flooded with Phoron and another player made fun of that in LOOC, here I can also say that it was most likely banter from the observing party and nothing beyond the "(Please) leave me alone", which is understandable if these two players do not like each other. I wouldn't really connect this as critique to the RD character itself. I have played some rounds with Doggie's RD and they are good with what they do. They know what they are doing and what they do not know they ask/learn. If there have been other incidents, regarding lashing out to other players in LOOC/OOC, I cannot comment on these.
  10. KingOfThePing

    Xenoarcheology Body Cameras and Locker Changes

    How about some tape, to seal up the digging site? It's purely flavour, but it could work similar to engineering/security tape. Only RP, but what isnt with Xenoarcheology. I would suggest more, but I can't find the list I wrote and would wait until after the science remap to whine about more.
  11. KingOfThePing

    Add ghost mob for rounds with pop less than 10

    The medical sublevel permanent morgue already has the spooky sounds, what damage can a ghost do, ha...ha....oh god, I will never go down there again.
  12. KingOfThePing

    Bretscher's Gang Memorabilia

    Like. It fits Bretscher's character, since he is a giga-robust angry nerd. It uses his background and past in a subtle way and it doesn't give him any advantage in the game whatsoever. It's a slightly different coloured toolbox. I see no reason why this should be denied, really. It may have the colours of a martian street gang but that does not make it a criminal item. So, +1, my dude. I hope you get your robusto box.
  13. KingOfThePing

    Make Vox Not a Meme.

    The lore itself prevents Vox to become a playable race. It is not deep enough to really build anything around them (Quote Wiki: "[...] little is known about them and most of their history is a mystery to other species."). I wouldn't support the idea to make them a regular, playable race without massive retcons and, well, someone who refines and massively expands and maintains the lore.
  14. KingOfThePing

    Make Vox Not a Meme.

    Kind of overdoing that, with a race that can hardly be played at all. If you see someone break the lore, ahelp it. Whitelist is a bit too much for a basically non-existent race.
  15. Thank you for pointing that out, because I think I may have worded that not in the best way(or not at all). I am aware that Skrell are emotional creatures and that humans (or other races in general) are just incapable of hearing the slight nuances in their speech, I think I just phrased that not very well.