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  1. Fair enough, though I'm still eh about entirely removing the ability since they have a resist mod of 2.5 and having that imbalance of strength would be weird. I'd suggest raising the timer of cuff breakage for Unathi to 40 seconds?
  2. I used to agree with this but upon further thought- why would NT need to invest money in expensive nathi cuffs when they can just fire the Unathi that break regulation? As for antags just give security straight jackets ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Great backstory, very lengthy responses. I've personally forged great relationships with Frost and enjoy playing whenever Anslem is on the server. +1
  4. BYOND Key: Dekser Total Ban Length: Over a year Banning staff member's Key: witchbells Reason of Ban: validhunting as an AI. has received bans and warnings about this behavior in the past. Reason for Appeal: I'll keep this one more brief than the other two. To summarize: I was banned late 2020 - early 2021, my last warning on the server was mid-2020 and my last and only serverban was in early april(?) this year. To add more detail to the ban itself, I was banned for constructing a mech and doing Security work as an AI. About a week later I ban appealed it and was lucky enough to receive an unban. Less than 24 hours later I was banned again for validhunting. It was really embarrassing and I want to forget about it, seeing that "banned" text over synthetics is a constant cringe reminder of my shitter days on Aurora. Recently I think I've been getting better, my serverban was a wakeup call and all of my notes since have been very minor excluding the great monkey genocide of 2463... I have also waited the requested 3 months between my last appeal and I think I'm ready to try again at Synthetics.
  5. I agree with both of you to an extent, maybe standard cuffs since they're made of fucking steel shouldn't be breakable but cable and vine cuffs should stay?
  6. Like, powered thick plastisteel cuffs for Unathi and G2. When placed on Unathi and G2 stops them from snapping them and have to slip out with the usual 3 minutes. I imagine they'd be placed in the armory. I'm also gonna spitball the idea that, all other species need to either wait 6 minutes to slip out or can slip out easier because the cuffs are too big for them. Honestly this was a long time coming, I think everyone who has arrested or played a Unathi or G2 has thought of this at least once.
  7. BYOND Key: Dekser Discord Username: Dekser#5511 Character Name: Marc Hardy Item Name: Old age synthetic vocal coords. (Augment) Item Function(s): Essentially overrides the selected accent and replaces it with a Text To Speech accent, or just allows this character have select a TTS accent and also forces them to spawn with this augment. To be clear, with the augment I should NOT be able to select any accent, instead should be restricted to the TTS one. Item Description: Old age synthetic vocal coords, like modern synthetic vocal coords, this mechanical organ takes the place of a damaged vocal coord. However this model seems to be rather old and outdated by modern augmentation standards. This model supposedly ceased its mainstream production all the way back in 2439. Why is your character bringing this item to work?: The augment is built into his throat. How did your character obtain this item?: (ties into the story one line down) What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: In 2441, Marc Bucket Hardy was working on a station orbiting around a sun. The orbit was so incredibly low that solar flares would reach the station every few months, causing great damage. One unlucky day, Marc was working outside the station and was repainting some of the charred exterior hull. A solar flare passed near the station, the heat from the flare rushed over Hardy. This melted his space suit (old industrial voidsuit) into his face and chest, deforming both greatly. He was caught by the station roboticist and with the assistance of a physician the roboticist managed to save the life of this poor old man. To keep the human alive, the roboticist had to turn him into an amalgamation of steel and flesh. Most of his internal organs became mechanically assisted or completely replaced, including the majority of his frontal lobe and his vocal coords. Truly this human is a medical marvel, still somehow alive to this day. Additional Comments: This is my first time making a custom item whitelist, let me know if I need to sprite or clarify on something.
  8. While I haven't seen Colfer very much in game I have definitely seen them around, real 'he may not know the station but he knows the streets' vibes. I think he has been on the server long enough that I trust he knows what he is doing. +1
  9. Personally? I disagree with your list. The reason there are 21 of these is because most are garbage but you describe them all as being too broken. I DO agree with some of them being needed to be corporation restricted.
  10. 21 Additional Augments Welcome to my Augmentation shop, you can purchase anything you wish or just leave without buying anything. I'll be here. (Basically I've been collecting these for the past few weeks and decided to compile them into this list, feel free to pull request any or to just have a gander at my pile.) Colours: Orange - For lower quality, Usually Engineering-related augments. White - For ranging quality Civilian augments. Purple - For mediocre Research-related augments. Blue - For higher quality, expensive Civilian augments. Green - For mediocre Medical augments. Red - For ranging quality Security augments. Grey - For highly-illegal Antagonist augments. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Integrated mag boots, magnetic rods in your feet. You'll never suffer the affects of gravity failure again! The only drawback being painful steel rods in your feet... (Description says it all, magfeeeeet) probably costs 3 loadout points. - Integrated fountain pen, have you ever wanted to write something but didn't have a pen on you and forgot your PDA has one? This is for you! The IFP is a pen which can be toggled from your hand or finger, similar to the lighter. (Should be pretty easy to implement, would love to see it) probably costs 1 loadout point. - Hepht Integrated Welding Tool, sure, there's the combitool but that doesn't include a welder! This one even allows you to drink welding fuel! When welding fuel is swallowed it is stored and used by this machine. (Like a welder but uses welding fuel you drink in your body to refuel. Obviously doesn't work with the drinkable welding fuel augment) probably costs 3 loadout points. - Retractable ATM, have you ever wanted to show off to the merchant by having the exact cash on you without having to walk to some peasants ATM? This is the handy device for you! A wrist-deploying device which is synced with Idris banking, just insert paper and get money! (I have no idea how this one would work but I love it so much) probably costs 3 loadout points. - Holographic hands, incredibly expensive but totally worth it! With the will of technology and space Jesus you can activate holographic projectors on your hands which display text! (Like the kitchen holographic menu kinda. Also allows you to scan things and project them like the projector, this is a personal favorite and I'd love to see it implemented) probably costs 4 loadout points. - Integrated Arm Blade, A sword but out of your arm! WHOA! (Exclusively antag item, thought it would be pretty rad) Probably 4 Telecrystals. - Integrated Zeng-Hu Body Scanner, Too lazy to drag someone's dying ass to medical only to have them die in the scanning process? This alternative will save you 0.782 seconds! (CMO and Research Director exclusive, like the one the CMO has in their office but inside your fucking hand) Probably costs 5 loadout points. - Integrated T-ray Scanner, Let's be honest, you don't carry one of those useless things around because it only takes up space. Now it's in your eyes, causes the near-sighted effect when toggled on. (Engineering exclusive, not much else to say) Probably costs 3 loadout points. - Retractable Protective Eye Lenses, Can't find your welding mask? We've got you covered with these protective eye lenses! Flashes do deal damage the augment when it is toggled on. (Protects against flash stunning, losing durability while doing so. Also protects against welding sparks without taking damage.) Probably costs 3 loadout points. - Night Vision Lenses, Want to play Tajara but not in the mood to make a whitelist? Here's 50% of their abilities built right into your probably human character! (Security exclusive, gradually causes eye damage if active for too long, about ten minutes, similar to Aut'akh eyes augments. Also prone to severe eye damage if flashed, two flashes cause total blindness.) Probably costs 5 loadout points. - Voice Modification Module, Do you wear a suit? Do you think you're hot shit? Well if you don't have a full, smooth Eridinian accent you're not. HOWEVER, with this new voice augment you can mimic any accent you want AND at a relatively cheap price too! (Defaulted at Text to Speech, doesn't mimic crewmembers voices.) Probably costs 2 loadout points. - Surface Temperature Module, a thin layer of electronics packed all along the major portions of your body just under the skin, functions as skin ventilation, allow you to increase or decrease your body temperature in warm or cold environments without a jacket! (Can increase and decrease exterior body temperature by a maximum of 15 degrees Celsius, gradually uses nutrients to fuel this process) Probably 5 loadout points. - News Caster Integration, Ever wanted to read the news but didn't want to use the newscasters like a peasant? Are you a journalist and not a lowly crewmember? This augment is for you! Capable of doing all newscaster functions with the exception of printing newspapers. (Description says it all) Probably costs 1 loadout point. - Facial Adjustment Augment, Tired of your own disgusting mug? Shift your body to match another! This has LITERALLY NO LIMITATIONS except it does. (Exclusively antag item, changes the voice and body to match another crewmember like a changeling. Doesn't change gender) Probably 3 Telecrystals. - Integrated Speaker, Are your crewmembers ignoring you? Maybe giving a bit of sass? Turn this baby on and scream in their faces to make them utterly shit themselves while also bursting their ear drums. Warning, it bursts yours too. (Exclusive command/QM augment, basically a megaphone but as an augment inside your throat) Probably 3 loadout points. - Integrated cane, so you bought a telescopic cane huh? Well you're still a peasant until you've bought the INTEGRATED CANE! A deployable cane which can be folded and then shot into your arm for safe keeping! (Basically telescopic cane but augment) probably costs 2 loadout points. - Gold Star Dispenser, Did your employee just break their back out, pouring their blood sweat and tears into the job yielding great profit? Give them this gold star dispensed from literally nothing, that'll make them love you. (QM and HoP exclusive) probably costs 1 loadout point. - Integrated Global Positioning System, Scans your local station position and pings it to your brain, allowing you to constantly know where you are! Leaving it on for too long can cause headaches though. (Description says all, headache texts ping you after it stays active for longer than 5 minutes) probably 2 loadout points. - Advanced Hand Sensors, Allows you to dip your finger into a liquid and discern its contents, very accurate! (Description says all) probably 3 loadout points. - Hand Hypospray, Just deploy and attach chemicals to prepare! Works like a regular hypospray with slightly less capacity and longer injection times. (Can only hold 10 units and has an injection time of 5 seconds, fairly useless unless the user has not geared yet) probably 3 loadout points. - Integrated Recipe Database, Allows the user to wirelessly connect to a database of Foods & Drinks, like a cook book but in your mind! (Literally a flavor version of the wiki) Probably 1 loadout point. - Optic Camera Lenses, Allows you to take pictures and view them inside your mind at any time! Drawback is, only you can view them. (Description says it all, ICly could possibly say you'll print the pictures when you get home) Probably 2 loadout points.
  11. Funnily this request is what caused us to discover that lol
  12. Blastwave_FX_RattlesnakeShakeTail_BWU.58.mp3 Rattling sound effect, mentioned on the wiki in Emotional Displays, paragraph 6 when enraged, Unathi will sometimes rattle. Figured a sound effect to let people know the big lizard is pissed would be useful. (Sound effect taken from https://www.zapsplat.com/?s=Rattle+snake+tail+shake&post_type=music&sound-effect-category-id=) uses the standard license, same as the usual Unathi hissing sounds.
  13. BYOND Key: Dekser Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: witchbells Reason of Ban: validhunting as an AI. has received bans and warnings about this behavior in the past. Reason for Appeal: So, starting off I was banned November of 2020, appealed February 14th 2021. I've been thinking about the ban for a while now, I recognize and accept why I was banned as I stated in my last appeal. Fairly recently I was banned from the server (about 2-3 months ago?) and that was kind of a click for me, since then I have directly avoided conflict as non security and only responded with violence when it was absolutely required. My main issue with playing Synthetic was when I was the station AI, since that has been whitelisted I don't think this ban is necessary anymore. To add on this, I obviously wasn't good at playing synthetics in general but after some practice on other servers as well as improving my roleplay and response to danger I think I'm ready.
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