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  1. I'm down for cutting open the fox to get the ID. Good furry-deterrent.
  2. Pros: Ranged Recharges Causes toxin damage (building up if used repeatedly) Cons: Harder to conceal Costs more Causes liver damage (if used repeatedly) Crossbow kidnappings generally require more forethought, and a fair dedication of telecrystals. Parapen kidnappings are, like their item, cheap disposable affairs.
  3. On a similar note for readability, perhaps if people were able to see the descriptions of items worn from examining a person (Say, by having a blue link in the character examine text that when pressed shows the worn item's description) people would be less-inclined to do this 'John Doe's Jacket' stuff and more inclined to label it via description.
  4. Workaround for this btw, have said Security ask for the person's ID to verify their claims. Their fingerprint and DNA hashes should be cleanly labelled on there. No one should be refusing to lend their ID to be checked for this purpose, either.
  5. I still stand by removal of the base pen, there should remain the energy crossbow for disabling people silently and above all noticeably via sensors.
  6. I'm just going to mention that the 'short timer' feature engineers/AI can toggle is one of the single most annoying things to deal with, no matter who you are. As it were for OP's suggestion, siding with Jackboot and saying 'let it be done manually'. Otherwise it's likely everyone will cease to be lazy and toggle such a feature when they're not letting someone in.
  7. Are you telling me they nerfed hiding the ID under donuts? Goddamnit.
  8. Unfortunately, this is how it has been and likely will always be.
  9. As I've noted in previous applications of his: he's an adept writer who creates varied and interesting characters/stories. Not only that, but he's improved upon my previous criticisms commented in his Command whitelist application. Creative, accepts criticism, always pleasant to play with. +1
  10. No sweater-vest variant?
  11. Could simply require that, if using an on-station name, it has to be incorporated into their greater plan. Whilst forbidding those who simply throw their names on for giggles/laziness.
  12. I'm not against this, as in the end it may encourage other people to try antag roles. Solves itself quite cleanly and reduces the repetition/annoyance of 'X is always an antag'.
  13. Near-every off-station antag gets a free Agent ID. They still steal the spare anyways. Even with how trivial it is to also just make a new ID with the spare, you still see on-station antags stealing it anyways. Disagree on the sole basis of the Captain-level access being more or less required to do interesting things with the comms console. If said console was made easier to unlock all functions on (mostly for antags who want to e-mag it to contact the syndicate, partially for command who may also want to use said console's extra features), then I'd say 'sure why not'.
  14. I stand by that the correct solution will always be "never let someone roll antag two rounds in a row, and especially not in the same round (on different characters)". Would overall solve most 'Officer Doe is always an antag' problems.
  15. The only time I encountered one of these I thought it was some antag's half-assed bombing attempt. A very strange feature overall.
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