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  1. Please- never do this. This would be the biggest pain in the ass redoing records, rewriting numerous pages + in-game references to the year, and so on. Delete the numbers, makes shit instant, do anything but change the Goddamned year.
  2. +1 Let the uncivilized savages rep their tattered bits of leather and whatever random shit found in maintenance that was put together to create the hide mantle.
  3. These are tied together for the reason I stated. - As for these two points, I agree there's a fairly significant problem there in the former punishing new players and the latter being a boring nanny rule.
  4. I miss the singularity. It was simple, extremely easy to learn, and demanded attention if it was sabotaged or at risk of sabotage. The more complicated Engineering becomes on what it demands from an Engineer, the more Engineering becomes 'micromanage this annoying piece of shit crystal' and takes away from their time spent repairing and doing little construction projects in the second z-level. When something becomes a lot more complex, you have the heightened risk of shitters and players accustomed to set-up on other servers going 'DO IT MY WAY' and overclocking an engine in such a manner that the other (and especially newer) engineers have no fucking idea what to do when it inevitably spirals out of control and the shitter went to cryo. As for balancing generation and consumption, I can't say much on that. Some things take a ridiculous amount of power for seemingly no reason (rechargers), some things take a ridiculous amount of power for fairly understandable reasons (holodeck). Realistically it should be a fairly static affair, seeing as we're not powering the DeLorean from Back to the Future.
  5. Please tell me that the toggle that mutes ambience will mute this like it does for the jukebox.
  6. Carver

    Remove Cargonia

    They are locked behind that, from what I recall. It doesn't help. (After some thinking, I now understand that you mean ordering.) It's far, far too easy of a way for both antags and especially non-antags to open crates. Whereas it used to require either a moderate TC investment (Cryptographic Sequencer, which can be used for other purposes as well) or theft of heavy industrial equipment requiring set-up in a remote or otherwise secret location (Emitters, something that you can order and also use a Cryptographic Sequencer to open the crate of allowing you limitless crate openings thereafter). Now? It's more trivial for miners to open weapons crates via a recharging and easily accessible tool than for officers who need to expend ridiculous amounts of rather limited-supply rubbers to achieve the same effect. No other department can so easily crack a crate illicitly, and it's worse that the department that can do so is the one who gets first access to any and all crates.
  7. Separate airlock access from maintenance access Give everyone airlock access Everyone wins Why airlock access is important: It keeps the crew alive if they're spaced. It lets Security do their carp hunting without giving them tunnel access. It lets antags more freely waltz out and about. It reduces the number of windows being broken and thus the amount of venting, especially since a good amount of airlocks are inaccessible to the AI's camera network. Even if you use airlocks to get into maintenance, you still need to ask to be let around in there, so anyone who uses it to access maintenance is just taking a very long and convoluted way about things that requires a space suit. In short, everyone wins.
  8. Just tap the arrow key to slow walk. I wouldn't mind this but the issue with range tends to lie in the pad itself being the 'ear', so go out farther and the AI may seem 'deaf' to those trying to talk to it when it's pad is off-screen.
  9. Expected a rant from the title but got feels instead. Hope your shit goes well.
  10. Assume the following: Clothing you spawn in/with is fitted for you and can comfortably be worn by someone within a few inches height/width. Certain clothing (Coats, armour, voidsuits, hardsuits, firesuits) have a much wider range of 'comfortable fit' (With exceptions for things like Skrellian voidsuits). Clothing that hasn't been worn has an initial, 'adjustable fit' that locks in on the first wearer. This predominantly serves as a nerf for disguising as someone of an entirely different height and build, and to discourage people who play ridiculously short/tall/fat characters within their species. It doesn't actually prevent you from wearing said clothing, and moreso serves to make you look ridiculous for wearing things not fitted very well to you.
  11. Counter-argument, what if we simply took this and made it so anyone can't comfortably wear anything? Adding height and build into character creation or the like. Have it if you wear something that doesn't fit (i.e. stolen clothing), it shows as: Lizard McLizardman is wearing some jackboots. They don't appear comfortably designed for his species' feet. Redhair McMidget is wearing a security jumpsuit. It looks absurdly large for her height. Lard McDonutEater is wearing a security jumpsuit. It looks uncomfortably small for his build.
  12. Oh I'm not a fan of malfunction chances, merely providing it's typically the 'go-to' mechanic for modifying something in that way, such as how the Detective's revolver would explode upon shooting a .357 post-modification.
  13. I wouldn't mind more things interacting with signallers, as signallers have a dead man's switch functionality iirc. I also wouldn't mind the 'suicide vest' some other codebases have/had.
  14. If the scarf would be lowerable, then I'd agree. It's likely a bug if you can eat/drink when your breath mask is up and over the mouth.
  15. Carver

    Remove Cargonia

    KA's getting into them has to be an oversight, seeing as previously it did require an emitter (Thus requiring an engineer or stealing one, since I believe emitter crates are also locked) or stealing a weapon from Security or Command to destroy a crate. I don't think they should be hackable unless you're talking about Cryptographic Sequencers, and acid should just melt the contents if we're being real. My issue is less about people disobeying -- as I wouldn't mind if they actually acted hysterical like in the video you linked -- and more about how it ends up being some methodical process of step-by-step arming themselves like it's a fucking coordinated rev round. It's almost never cargo techs arming themselves with knives (Something they tend to illegally do regardless for some reason) and instead fucking jank-ass spears, bucklers, crossbows, swords and other ridiculous things -- or just firearms. I'd love to see people panic to try to evacuate and get the shuttle called instead of 'panic' to lynch mob up against whatever's vaguely threatening either the room they like to AFK in or the station waifu. But, instead, people focus far too much on removing the threat rather than removing themselves from the threatened area.
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