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  1. There's a particular blurry lack of sharpness that my eyes find utterly revolting, as though I've had six shots of whiskey before looking at them. I mentioned this in a thread before, but; the entire art style revolves around how tiles look. When your tiles are blurry and look like they're from the 2003 era of SS13, then you may in fact have an impossibly hideous downgrade that harms the aesthetic of everything around it in turn. On an additional note; there are cases in which the new sprites work, but only in extremely specific areas such as the vault where the lighting complements it and particular effort was put into the floor layout. Not every hallway has dim, coloured lighting and such effort. Additional additional note: Whatever this strange bubble-reflective looking tile is, just doesn't work. This one in particular sticks out for not matching anything else in the new or old sprites. Yet another additional note: Holopads look like an item dropped on the floor that I'd be able to pick up, rather than a part of a floor. Those and the atmos things really shouldn't be sticking out as much as they do. Final note: The walls do look good, but only in particular respect to when they use the old floors. Examples: Overall, my opinion: Keep the walls; toss the floors (except for the reinforced floor, which looks all-around cleaner), atmos things and holopads.
  2. Tanks in stations are incredibly anachronistic, and even more ridiculous for a supposedly advanced society like TC. Just give them a mech or something.
  3. I'm down for increased odds if back-to-back is made impossible for any game mode. Extended is great.
  4. Objectively superior to borer and that was made into a game mode. +1
  5. I'm not sure if it'd even be worth bringing the dog along besides for RP anyways. Guard dogs are incredibly useless at subduing even unarmed personnel.
  6. Please don't make spiders tankier, they're already suffering on lowpop if there's no one with armoury access.
  7. Man brings knife to highly sensitive research station, claims sandwich purposes when he pulls it on fellow crew.
  8. If I had to guess, it was probably changed as some odd anti-meta feature. Neutral on the sprites, truthfully.
  9. I wouldn't mind this. I often never really had incentive to help Cargo with their bounties, especially as most rounds I never need to order something at all.
  10. I would hope you understand that VTM is an abysmal comparison, seeing as it has fairly strong ties to two different mage-focused settings. Whilst not quite as frivolous as men in blue robes, they are well enough proof that mages aren't a 'silly concept' in and of themselves. Harry Potter is also a poor comparison past the first 2 child-focused books or so. If a tonal change is desired, alternatives such as Technomancer have been brought up within this thread. Akin to the Syndicate, this is a hold-over reference. Unlike the Syndicate, it has gotten absolutely nothing lore-wise. It's certainly not the most ridiculous writing you'll find on the server, and so you can merely ignore it as per most lazy gimmicks presented by one-off antagonists. Who aboard our high-tech research station, in their right mind, would ever act against the station and company itself? Revolutionaries are the epitome of LRP, Traitors can often be LRP in their goals and gimmicks, Changelings who do absolutely anything that might reveal themselves are LRP, Mercenaries and Raiders are LRP in their mere existence and somehow not being wiped out by the Icarus before even reaching the station - their very boarding is a justifiable reason to call for an ERT immediately due to the station being woefully under-equipped as a location that's been canonically attacked in a multitude of ways. This argument means nothing unless equal action is taken against essentially any mode that isn't extended or a canon event. To say 'all you have are your spells' is also one of the single dumbest arguments I've seen: All changelings have are their abilities. All vampires have are their blood powers. All traitors have are their uplinks. All ninjas have are their suits. Congratulations, you understand that repetition exists in this game. It applies to every single mode, without fault. A subjective view, as I see all changeling and vampire gimmicks the same way. This is arguing against the RP of the players, rather than the role itself; wizards easily have the most potential out of any role due to their lack of grounded lore and thus ability to make up whatever the fuck they feel like, whilst having greater justification due to the 'arcane machinations of their mind' or whatever they wish to make up. If we're going by wasted potential in player writing we may as well remove half the roles and species due to the playerbase overall. Congratulations, in your first sentence you summed up every single antagonist role bar revs and cultists. If we're throwing the 'dogshit' out, then we'd be losing AIs first and Changelings would've been gone years ago.
  11. It's a fitting name, as I've never seen it handed out for the lack of anyone robust in Security these days.
  12. I've always wondered why these drones were never used as a tool for malfs back in the day. It'd also be interesting to see their event as a telecrystal buy-in added to uplinks. As for non-antagonistic uses, the inherent argument is that they're likely designed for ship-to-ship combat and not for intravehicular activity. They also don't exactly have the mob AI to be useful at something like harassing the nuke op or raider shuttles, which would be their ideal IC purpose.
  13. So.. Sopo turns from slow-acting sleeping into an equally slow-acting parapen-type chemical? Eh, why not I guess. I expect a lot of terrible torture RP from this.
  14. Virology/viruses have been so consistently shit over the years that it was the only medical mechanic I learned to powergame and treat within under a minute without needing to touch it's associated mechanics. Into the trash with it, I've never seen good RP from sitting in the virologist's equivalent of the permabrig for half an hour. If anyone tries to claim it should be kept as a form of research, I implore you that a station needn't specialize in every form of science known to man.
  15. Should choking them actually do anything when their breathing tank is internal? If you're at the point you'd cut blood to the brain through the exoskeleton, then you're physically strong enough to decapitate them barehanded. Just make them unchokeable entirely, since the rare occasion of one being without said breathing tank would require cloning one, genetically uplifting a v'krexi or something similarly implausible.
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