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  1. Carver

    We actually use the thunder dome

    Could we perhaps see the Entertainment channel used for these events, then? Live casting via radio would be interesting for crew who can't actively view these things/have to stay in their departments.
  2. Carver

    bigass sprite rework

    100% this. The images I listed above showed a perfect example of refining existing sprites over the years whilst retaining the same style, perspective and spirit.
  3. Carver

    We actually use the thunder dome

    +1 if the Entertainment channel gets used again.
  4. Carver

    bigass sprite rework

    The perspective on those gifts look very off. Why are they directly facing me? Gives a very flat, book-esque vibe. Tubes, pocket watch and the cleanbot are nice enough though. Philosophically I disagree with 'sprite is old? change it', as some of the old sprites (pens, toolboxes, AI circuits, SMES and a bunch of engineering-related stuff) were and are fantastic still, and provide a good idea of the game's angle/perspective. I can't stress the importance of sticking to this perspective. The age of 'ugly holdover sprites' ended years ago, for the most part. Old images that provide good examples of the perspective (particularly the latter image, showing the refinement over the years that led to the game's current style).
  5. Carver

    Counselors and Chaplains Treat Traumas

    Why not both?
  6. Why remove them from the uplink? If they're an issue in their power, simply make them more expensive to buy.
  7. Carver

    Make Vox Not a Meme.

    I'd rather not see one of the (if not the) most interesting species lore-wise be reduced to little but gibbering kobold-tier memes.
  8. Carver

    Make Vox Not a Meme.

    TBH just whitelist them then as suggested. If you need the hardest idiot filter in the game to get it done, so be it.
  9. Carver

    Better TCFL Access

    The only annoying thing I've found is lack of medical access in those odd times they're called in for medical emergencies. Everything else being unavailable makes sense for the downside/lore.
  10. Carver

    Make Vox Not a Meme.

    Surprisingly they have some of the most interesting lore on the server, yet I effectively never see them even among the roles they can show up in. I wouldn't mind seeing a whitelist to up the quality in those odd times I do; Hell, I'd probably even apply for it myself. It's almost as if this is an RP server that has somewhat basic expectations of players familiarizing themselves with the setting, especially in regards to playing non-human species. You choose to play the mechanically powerful species with behavioural limitations/traditions, then you should understand and accept those limitations/traditions.
  11. Carver

    Medicine Side Effects

    Nerfs that don't actually impact the chemical ability to heal? Good, can wholeheartedly agree with each and every one of these. Though I hope the painkiller and alcohol 'synergy' isn't too extreme on the liver damage, I do love a little of the pills n liquor Max Payne experience.
  12. Carver

    The Sol Arc Coming To The Station.... Maybe???

    I find it rather amusing in this thread that it isn't readily apparent to people that the unions are the bad guys here, not the 'good guys'.
  13. Carver

    The Sol Arc Coming To The Station.... Maybe???

    In my most simplified opinion, sounds fun tbh. Always fun to put the boot to unions and the treacherous sorts that involve themselves with them. Though I'm not entirely sure how many people will make characters for this, or have their characters even give a shit about it/involve themselves. Worst case it ends up dead in the water, at which point it'd be no different than if you simply opted not to do it. So, why not.
  14. Carver

    Make IPC Damage Affect Speech

    Have an organ for it, perhaps? So randomly throwing a pen at one won't break it's synthesizer.
  15. Carver

    The Sol Arc Coming To The Station.... Maybe???

    What is the purpose in attempting to make the bullet points unreadable due to text colour? Thank you, now it's readable for the dark theme supreme.