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  1. An impressively competent AI player and knowledgeable medical player that doesn't mess around. Knows his mechanics appreciably and helped me relearn a few things about medical when I asked questions. Don't really have much else to say, he learns the roles he plays and it shows - that's a valuable quality in any Command player.
  2. I liked the idea of doors and frosted/electronically darkening glass more than curtains. The darkening glass feels fairly underused, and would fit nicely.
  3. What Geeves said, it adds a little charm of insanity to prevent people from attempting to 'normalize' Borers as well.
  4. As it were, it should only move to Projects if it's been accepted.
  5. Per the title, their prices feel utterly restrictive and a great majority don't actually provide value matching their cost. The themed voidsuits for Mercenaries are often either quite inefficient due to slowdown, or mere sidegrades. The themed voidsuits for Corps/Traitors don't match the value of other spacewear options provided in the uplink, some being arguably quite worse. Taking this into account, I've priced them at 10 to account for the niche benefits of voidsuits in comparison to a normal softsuit. Taking the first point into the account, beyond theming, the main telecrystal value of single gear loadout crates is in the weaponry - so I've priced them at 15 according to that they offer unique weaponry and ammunition for it, leaving a modest sum for other equipment. Group kits are priced about 10 TCs higher, generally leaving roughly 8 TCs (7.5 specifically, so two with 7 TCs and two with 8 TCs) per member of a 4 man team for personal equipment. They are priced according to the extra weaponry and notably the hardsuit, and 8 TCs (at most for two, 7 for the others) per should afford at most a single personal item of choice for each mercenary. Or they could pool them for a single big purchase with 30 left (Such as a powerloader or the like). The frontier cowboy kits had the single-set price reduced to 10 (as the .38 revolver is a relatively unimpressive sidearm, meaning the most you get from it is flavour and the potent whip), with the group kit sitting at 50 due to offering an extra set for the investment (6 sets in total, thus 1 is 'free' with the bundle). A frame of reference for the corporate voidsuits in particular, showing the relative inefficiency armour-wise vs the Red Space Suit (6 TC purchase) for their currently vastly higher price (Note: Caiman has increased slowdown, and the Red Space Suit can also fit in a satchel or backpack as the Revenant can). PR: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/10058
  6. I really hope this wouldn't up the resource file download size by much.
  7. You should really be able to have vision of a 3x3 radius with you in the center. That alone would solve all of my annoyance with these in combat (without needing a lock-on mechanic), especially since these cones have nothing to accommodate the basic human spatial sense.
  8. Have they not been essentially merged for a month so far?
  9. Funnily, I believe that's smaller than the current kitchen. Seems more space efficient, though.
  10. Armband, Badge, Beret, Gloves, Dress Shoes, Tie is fairly universal to most of my Security contractors. Non-contractors usually wear a jacket of some form as well - along with the aforementioned list of items.
  11. Wasn't there just a normal remote body beforehand? If the mech's a problem, replace it with that and give remote bodies the same code used by hulks to prevent usage of guns.
  12. I'm absolutely loving that design, wonderful to see a dedicated smoking lounge and a clean integration of the arcade that doesn't feel out of place (as it does in the current bar).
  13. It's worth it if you're not using it, arguably. I'd rather it be something the HoS has to ponder rather than incentivized enough that any HoS will readily go 'sure'.
  14. I'd say replace the stage area with more private seating. Again, no need for it when the holodeck exists and already has a stage setting in a far more central area - and it's rather awkward that there's exactly one private seating area. Also: Put a SmartHeater in one of these two spots (or somewhere else if you take my above advice), the chef needs one.
  15. The HoS can weigh the benefit of fulfilling the bounty vs skipping it - and the later possible consequence of potentially needing to order another suit.
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