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  1. If Security gets ran over, as would be expected with 6 (capable) operatives, then you should be turning to ERT instead of militias. If the five syndicates believe they need reinforcement(s), they can also opt for a syndicate cyborg (tc investment, and quite powerful) or attempt to hail for them via an emagged comms console (small tc investment, admin jurisdiction - who by then should have a fair judgement of if the round needs more).
  2. 5 is the ideal limit. You'll never have more than 5 combat-ready Security to contest it (CSI and Detective don't count), and you often have less than that anyways due to how both tend to draw from the same pool of players. Six gives the superior manpower to always run over them with ease using just the base merc equipment and a basic grasp of tactics.
  3. Could we port Bay's crawling where it's simply a matter of 'Fall, can move in a crawl, can't use radio or interact whilst crawling due to stuns/collapsing'?
  4. If it has more uses, it's not a one-and-done. It's not a waste of a spell slot either - it's equivalent to buying ammunition. Ammunition that takes someone out of a fight with relative ease and enables you to demolish an enemy team if you know precisely what you're doing. Why suggest the second option if you're going to argue against it?
  5. Those also typically come with an option to lock your starting sensors, so take that as you will.
  6. I agree with both proposed changes. TP doesn't inherently add anything not already covered by other roles, and doesn't present enough flavour to cover for it. Ideally we shouldn't be having surgeons grazing 30 anyways, and the hopefully very few that do will only need to make a small and harmless numbers shift in their records.
  7. Feels more like an unneeded timesaver equivalent to a setting for roundstart suit sensors or the like, but if it can be added cleanly then why not.
  8. More or less agreed with the above two posts. The more slots for nukies, the less security there are at roundstart more often than not. Four allows for a very strong showing if the players are competent and utilize tactics - any more than 5 would just result in them being able to bumrush everything on a whim without even needing to spend a telecrystal.
  9. I've seen this done elsewhere, it kills a lot of the fun and flavour of bartender when every drink is just 'colour in glass' instead of the wonderfully unique icons that make you often take a closer look. The real shine of learning and playing bartender are those moments, especially when you get some of the rarer reagents. In short, no. I'd never feel inclined to play bartender again.
  10. I'd go with 2. Investing points for more uses would make upgrading it justifiable - it has very strong potential so I wouldn't make it an infinite recharge, though.
  11. Would Sol and TC-related fashions be effectively 'unlocked', instead of somewhat requiring character justification (per Dominian clothing and the rest)?
  12. I can do little but disagree with this sentiment. Customization is valuable, and I've always held that there's no such thing as loadout 'bloat' so much as poor organization within the loadout. Tying random clothing to cultures does nothing for the organization problem, instead only serving to unjustifiably tie articles of clothing to a series of 'who fucking cares' in what I can only assume is some vain attempt to discourage people from making TC-based characters.
  13. It also held the unique property of actually damaging the pilot inside of mechs. It does the job against military equipment - it penetrates the armour, it hits the weak spot, the pilot.
  14. The intention is killing the pilot, not destroying the mech.
  15. Primary Halls is all you need to dominate a crew and make them completely unable to travel without maintenance access.. which they don't have.
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