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  1. I fear that firearms and most weapons as a whole would need another balancing pass too if armour got a new system and series of rebalances.
  2. A shame, though I'd have enjoyed the random chaotic jank (and moreso the lack of knowledge when the antag type isn't dictated by known vote). Unorthodox combinations of multiple roles in a round is generally more fun to me than knowing the roundtype by the first 1 or 2 antag reveals - so I can only hope this system works out with a lot more mix+matching than the very limited present combo-modes. Out of a personal curiosity for the toggles, has that particular set of data ever been released?
  3. This feels like something that would have been a stronger idea during an event arc as a temporary thing (akin to the many flavours of faction fuckery during the week of pain), rather than a permanent fixture. If the beret has sprite issues though that should probably be looked at.
  4. I'm somewhat surprised the system goes for "amount of votes that specific antag receiving vs the total number of antag votes issued" compared to just looking at the roles players have toggled on, a dynamic system made me assume it'd just intermix based on both intensity and what the antag players have enabled in their prefs (aka if you had an intensity that enabled traitors+lings+vampires and you only had people toggling for traitor, you'd only get traitors and never lings or vampires). Such a version would have the curious effect of also showing what antag types people like to play as the mos
  5. Highballing the initial PR to then lower the plan back to the original goal, disregarding the arguments against said goal (such as people who prefer to join within 5-10 minutes of roundstart). Clever.
  6. I'm always in support of more medical tools to help those in critical condition, especially with how unforgiving nu-baymed is.
  7. How I expect it to go when you force people to play a mode they didn't vote for: Winning mode is something controversial. Timmy Fakename OOC: oh ufck offffff Jimmy Fakename OOC: NOOOOOO Franny Fakename OOC: REMOVE THIS MODE IT'S SHIT Renny Fakename OOC: haha eat my dingdong you whiny losers Or in other terms, I have no remote idea how this would foster sportsmanship instead of just getting people even angrier at each other when a mode they dislike wins.
  8. Trying to explain vampires logically is doomed to fail the moment the vampires use any of their abilities. Going by the logic of the supernatural and Vampires in particular (i.e. 'unnatural curse'), a xenobiologist wouldn't get anything besides a swift enthrallment or embrace. As for the Chaplain, most of the time when people ignore the Chaplain it's a very hamfisted attempt at anti-meta (because they're afraid of getting a fingerwagging if they call a blood cult a blood cult and a vampire a vampire).
  9. Therein lays the problem, post-game change was designed to prevent harassment by default. This change would enable harassment by the default setting. I explained exactly how this makes narrowing to a specific person far easier. As it presently stands, unless you already know who plays who, you won't know the antagonist ckeys. The present manifest method is worthless for this unless you already know who plays who (which is still unreliable if they have multiple characters).
  10. Per your own argument, a majority won't disable it. If it's on by default, it's far more metagame-able, and with paying attention to the lobby you can fairly easily figure out who is who at roundstart just by their role alone (especially if you're more familiar with the server playerbase and get a feel for who plays who, something made easier by this system) - in addition to my earlier remark that this will make it generally easier to determine when it's a mode with off-station antags. If Jimbo Fakename is readied for Warden, and I come into the roundstart seeing there's no Warden, then I
  11. On a thought, I'm curious to the mindset of this being suggested when not too long ago ckeys in the post-game antag list were removed. Both this and post-game ckeys offer fairly equal potential for harassment, no?
  12. I wouldn't completely hate a 'soft lock' of this sort, as it does somewhat offer the desired room to appraise the manifest.
  13. As long as there's a preference toggle. I don't want people knowing I went for a single slot role and thus trivially knowing my character, or the bigger meta of knowing I readied for a role and that role didn't spawn in because I rolled nuclear operative or wizard - thus revealing that there are off-station antags (which is doable already, but only if you either count the readied players, or know who people typically ready up as).
  14. Can testify, makes backpressure surges a cancer in some small areas like when they fill a solitary cell and you catch a breath of them in the hallway next to that. Polyacid has always been cancer so I wouldn't be against seeing it nerfed even further. Never once has a time when it's been a strong weapon been fun.
  15. I quite like both of these ideas. Space age technologies and yet people haven't figured out how to design a safe elevator.
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