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  1. Your doc lists watches as costing 2. This is not the same as the live cost. As to explain my argument earlier for other things being free, it was not based on having multiple outfits (this is unfeasible for many anyway in regard to storage) but rather in being able to bring more little personal flavour items like business cards, pens, wallets, passports and badges. As for a mechanical limit existing, that's unfortunate to hear, but on the other hand I'm very glad that the point total would no longer be lowered due to said limit. Having it lowered at all would have felt like a
  2. I don't really know how to feel about accessories being free, but still needing to use points on other clothes and items w/o any inherent mechanical advantage (beyond niche forensics) like shoes, underclothes, hats and so forth. I did some calculations on 3 loadouts of mine, all at 15 presently, and they went to 9, 10, and 9 respectively because I tend to take a fully non-default outfit for them. I was hoping a refactor would allow for more room for things like business cards, card holders and the like - but those still cost points despite being purely RP-based items. Why do watches of al
  3. Stellar Corporate Conglomerate would be the correct way to phrase it, given these are laws then length should not be a terrible concern when the detail is the key part. 'Corporate Conglomerate' by itself is a very vague title rather than a proper entity.
  4. All of my previously stated feedback remains. The Consular isn't leading the crew in emergencies or doing anything that demands the same limitations as the rest of Command (so they ought to be allowed to be both limb-impaired and heavily movement-impaired); while the Janitor, Investigators and Cargo Technicians are both doing tiring physical work that demands them in passable shape (i.e mobility unimpaired) as the former two are getting down and dirty in crime scenes/messes while the latter is physically hauling heavy crates around and about.
  5. This would be neat, but I'm concerned it may be a useless addition when NBT comes. Could instead take a logical in-between approach and have cryo be moved to an area resembling a shuttle instead of just a couple random rooms on the station.
  6. If it's possible this does sound like it should be added, I wouldn't have guessed the current interaction to be intended behaviour.
  7. A more modern take, also from Goon, carrying a fairly common design philosophy of 'one room, two counters' that you may have seen anywhere from older variations of Boxstation to some variations of Torch.
  8. Historic example of a unified bar + kitchen:
  9. I think the issue is more that there isn't any warning for an on-going radstorm, but this is also a good idea.
  10. I understand the argument in that case for Detective, but Consulars are not ever expected to fight. All of their defining equipment is bureaucratic, with sidearms being more of a 'here's if someone wants to kill you' rather than a requirement of the job, and they should not be treated like some Head of Staff expected to take charge in an emergency. I'll stand by every desired change I stated except Detective.
  11. These stand out to me as incorrect assessments: Unimpaired: The job will require the character to use both their limbs with precision and speed. Consular > Impaired: Paperwork and Fax Machines do not need two hands, nor recorders. Detective > Impaired: Recorders again, do not need two hands. The dirty work is predominantly done by Forensic Technicians. Movement Impaired: The job will require a character to be able to move and navigate the station and main departments without issue. Characters with joint pain, Vestibular issues, and other disabilities that might requi
  12. A soft cap might be cool, both on grounds of being something pretty reasonable to wear even outside of the work environment and that those tend to have more adjustable fitting than the liners in helmets (so it wouldn't seem too silly for it to be wearable by most species).
  13. Fair enough, my point is more that it just seems ill-fitting and the mechanical need for a light is what should be addressed as the existing problem - rather than a cosmetic desire for a helmet.
  14. Getting bottled over the head is a scenario that only occurs under circumstances entirely unrelated to where a shaft miner requires light, out mining. That's a very curious 'need' for a helmet.
  15. Could just have attachable headlamps instead of a helmet (which might be a neat universal synthetic loadout option). On the note of storage, I think flashlights can go in the suit slot of the low-light safety vests. Overall I just want to minimize the dumb aesthetic of 'industrial model with head thicker and harder than a hard hat wears a hard hat'. It's like strapping a stab vest over plate armour.
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