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  1. Psych is so separated that I'd honestly forgotten it exists. Pretend that I'd thrown it into the 'auxiliary pile' with CMOs and learner role that I had put into parentheses.
  2. If you want a real spicy take, I'd just go back to the classics: Pharmacist, Physician, Nurse (and obviously CMO and the learner role). No nonsense, just 3 clean and defined core roles.
  3. I've always wished for some kind of auto-doc that could be purchased and used, even if it rendered you vulnerable (out cold) for the time it would take. Bonus points if it's re-usable but quite slow, effectively a paid-for technological version of changeling regen that you need to carry around or hide between uses.
  4. To accurately simulate a character's economic situation unfortunately requires some level of in-depth personal record-keeping, and that's not even taking into account in-round shenanigans and gauging whether it was related to canon or non-canon circumstances. As interesting as this kind of reference may be, it is unfortunately a resource that most players will not refer to. It is also somewhat countered in effect by the weird RNG nature of the in-game 'station accounts', which are given small variables already based on role, species and for some reason NT loyalty (Something that was going to be changed to economic background in a PR some months ago, had the coder of the previous PR not been harassed away. Fortunately said PR was revived by another contributor, so we'll be seeing that soon enough).
  5. This would be an awful regression. I remember the horrible times of when a cheap lighter would burn you, leaving a minuscule amount of damage that would invariably progress into an infection because of no regen. I remember regularly playing characters with prosthetics and getting a piece of paper thrown at me that hit the prosthetic, leaving a damage indicator on the doll that required a full weld to fix. All the tiny little things that do pea-sized damage would become infuriating.
  6. I do like the line of thought behind this design. Makes the glass feel more 'plated'.
  7. I would potentially hope for some form of Death Domain that makes use of skeletons and undeath, but that's my love of necromantic themes speaking. Despite what people may say, there is also absolutely nothing wrong with stealth.
  8. I'm down for killing RnD set-up but I'd hope for some significant mining nerfs so that post-30 minutes antagonism isn't 'break into research and print out the best 1-shot tool, while prepping to deal with the same bullshit spread around the station'. Bonus points if breaking into RnD to wipe the research servers puts it back to where it is now, so there's a strong incentive to do so. As for overpowered being a supposed non-issue, we have too many powergamers for that to be the case, but when shit gets abused shit (ideally) gets nerfed. What finer way is there to balance everything than having it readily available and thus easily judged?
  9. If I was 'trolling' you I'd aim for the plethora of low-hanging fruit on offer instead of going through the effort of testing a mechanic to prove you wrong about soap, and to the topic, why cleaning is nowhere remotely near (both the skill requirements and 'bwoink-worthiness' of) hacking into a room or performing surgery as a crate hauler.
  10. Sprites are 32x32, you would need the cross to be 2 pixels in both horizontal and vertical width to truly be centered. Example after 5 minutes in paint.net: 10x enlarged example: Forewarning if you use these for some reason, I couldn't be assed to bother with transparency. This does serve a fine example of showing you the method.
  11. Auto-passports would be obnoxious without an auto-wallet to store these things, but I'm down for them being free in the loadout. Only argument against it is the weirdness mentioned on a past PR for making loadout things free about the game flipping a shit if you have over 15 loadout items or some such.
  12. This is both standard greytide behaviour, and in a majority of cases is a crime. No one will bwoink you for hacking into maintenance with a valid reason (getting away from danger). I decided to humour you and test this. Soap does not 'perfectly clean' clothes or items, Luminol will reveal the 'cleaned' blood handily. Only for floors did Luminol not work, but I made an issue on that as I suspect that the changes to soap in the last few years didn't take into account the forensic mechanics (let's be honest no one takes those mechanics into account). So in a case of intended behaviour, it does not 'disintegrate' stains.
  13. I'd open to prisoners only if we started phasing a few low-income jobs to be replaced with prison labour: i.e. miners, janitors, etc. But this would perhaps be a bit strong of a tonal change (though far less grimdark than cyborgs, funnily enough) and no matter the implementation they shouldn't be self-antagging (only working with antags or rolling antag themselves). There's a reason most servers with prisoner roles go 'don't try to break out every round', no one wants to deal with that shit all the time.
  14. I'd enjoy this just to giggle at sub-6' characters who set their visual height to 'average' or even 'tall'.
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