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  1. I don't know how often you see people liquoring up during a fight but that's not exactly a common benefit, especially seeing as if command or IA sees you doing so, they're likely to yell at you.
  2. Carver

    Tajaran canon event

    He pinged everyone on Discord about his Garfield fan fiction.
  3. And if you otherwise wouldn't have been interested in that specific stuff, you're now saddled with shit you might not have wanted. It's a team decision as is anyways, considering they can just gang up and threaten whoever took it first if the others believe they're incompetent.
  4. And they have to pay for it. This is a key detail.
  5. Amusingly, I wouldn't consider a lot of it to be 'bad IAA behaviour' in the first place. More that people just don't like being told to straighten their act ICly. They're solely to limit the character's behaviour so as to react how one reasonably would (and prevent easy antag conversion). An IC-esque way of enforcing OOC guidelines for the roles that are implanted. It means if someone is being a shit despite having one, you can adminhelp their ass. Of course, if someone's not actually being a shit (as per my previous response in this post), it's not exactly going to limit them.
  6. So the nuke ops get a flat nerf and the raiders get an odd switch of equipment. I like the latter, but don't really care for the former.
  7. Renaming the revolutionaries to unionists doesn't make them sound any less evil. If I had to come up with new name it'd be something like 'Contenders' or 'Fellows', unassuming (and less violent-sounding) but still adequately explaining what they are in one word. As noted above, the issue is mainly just nothing happens. Often either no one ever recruits anyone, or they try and fail (either because people don't care at all, people don't really feel motivated to do so, or the head revs/loyalists are just bad at it or aren't particularly charismatic characters) then either sit about doing nothing or act like cartoon villains. The impatient acts of villainy often further alienate their agenda towards the crew, as well. There's not really any easy fix to the mode, as the 'culture' of the Aurora crew typically lends them toward following particularly well-known/charismatic characters. So when you see new/inexperienced/unknown heads of either faction, they have to work especially harder to recruit and have to be extremely proactive about it. The advantage of (Head of Staff) Loyalists being that those with command whitelists usually have fairly established characters, or have the (OOC and IC) experience to rally a group of people together.
  8. If the HoP were to inherit the duties/role of IAA, he'd need to have an obligatory loyalty implant. I would not trust a majority of current HoP players/characters (moreso the latter) to sufficiently perform the present duties of IAAs, especially without such an implant. I've also never seen any issue with IAAs performing their role, it's not antagonistic to be the force that grounds the crew into their oft-ignored world of regulations and directives. The role has a purpose, and an important one, albeit niche.
  9. Carver

    Cultural Trends

    I'd be curious to see what manner of fusion cuisines would cultivate from the intermingling of the various human and xeno cultures.
  10. I don't see this as a potential restriction on antagonists as much as greater opportunity for them, whether they happen to coerce the departmental guard to look the other way or take the opportunity to rob his office for equipment. The concept of a 'meta' on an HRP server is also incredibly amusing, you shouldn't rely on 'consistent safe spots' as much as being able to vary up your strategy on a per-round/per-crew basis, this is no different than if you were caught on camera or caught by any other crew member (whom would be just as capable of either fighting or calling in the crime). Adaptability is the greatest skill you can have in this game, and it seems like a great deal of arguments against this are overreaction due to fears that the greater change this brings about would be damaging to the status quo in regards to common Security/Antagonist play and strategies. I say, up-end the status quo. Staleness hurts the game more than anything else. Push the update through with a couple fixes/tweaks, and watch as people are fully adapted within a month.
  11. Overall I loved the change in atmosphere this brought, but some form of communication, even a handset radio locked to the sec channel would be handy (So it's cumbersome but possible to open communications). Main complaint is just the small little losses of access (firing range and the armoury/warden desk windoors, also processing but that may have been purposely removed) and the lack of crowbar/flashlight.
  12. Major feedback: Lack of Sec Radio is cumbersome. Lack of access to processing, the firing range and so forth is puzzling. I couldn't even open the windoor to the Warden's desk, or access the sec lobby rechargers. Lack of spawning with a crowbar/maglite as we previously had access to is fairly disappointing. I can live without tear gas. Minor feedback: You can't put armbands over exowear, such as the various departmental jackets and security jacket. This means it's a little more annoying to make yourself identifiable in regards to the department. You have to go to the arrivals checkpoint to access the uniform stuff, since the brig locker room is gone. The departmental lockers don't have any cuffs in them so you're limited to one pair on spawning. I otherwise loved it. Would like to see another test if the various mapping errors and other things were tweaked.
  13. I agree with making them easier to kill via smash, but, there is already a way to not trigger a camera alarm. Use tools and disable the camera the proper way instead of smash.
  14. Preview screenshots would be handy for those who don't wish to download the files and open them in DM.
  15. In the simplest of terms, it'd be best to just establish that neither owes the other anything by default, and that if requests are to be made to one another, it should be done via paperwork and not radio/PDA harassment. Mining's only obligation is to the Quartermaster and HoP. Research's only obligation is to the RD. If mining simply gives all the materials to the quartermaster and he opts to sell them via the cargo shuttle that is entirely valid. If Research opts to do chemistry experiments and never ponders the remote idea of building a KA, that is entirely valid.
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