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  1. I feel this this essentially solves the issue you've brought up, and at the same time is accomplishes what Tex and Prate were also looking for. I'll assume this is resolved if nothing new is presented in the next 24 hours.
  2. In terms of how the rules are written, heavy accents are permitted for engineering. That being said, I can see the issue that is being brought up here and that is the ability to really be able to understand what is being said. For me personally, I'd say it's a 50/50 on what I'm able to understand when Guddin speaks, be it when I play, observe or logs are sent to me. So I can see why staff and players might think it is Heavy Speech Impediment. I live in a place with a lot of tourists, and when I'm stopped for questions, sometimes I speak more plainly or adjust my speech a bit when I'
  3. I'll be handling this complaint. I'd like @Pratepresidentenand/or @SampleTex to post their side on it.
  4. To summarize the complaint, it can be divided into three parts. 1- Questionable antagonist gameplay. We looked into this and based the logs and testimony of people present, we do not feel there was anything that justifies us pursuing it and that they played appropriately. In the future, we encourage people to ahelp the incidents even at round end, while we do sometimes ask people to write complaints complaints, it is possible we have either already handled it or we have seen enough that we can handle your ticket quickly if brought up. So best to always ahelp to make sure. 2- Antag fi
  5. Your DM must be incredibly lucky.
  6. @MattAtlas and I will take this complaint. We would like to remind people to only post if they are involved or some form of evidence they would like to share. If you are unsure on the validity of your post, contact either of us to verify it for you before posting.
  7. @Flamingo and I went over the complaint and we have a verdict. ----------------------------------- First is regarding @PsycoticCone, we felt like they did not do anything improper to the extreme as it appeared to people. It seems like the idea behind what they wanted to do was act out as a hijacked IPC in order to assist other antagonists. They didn't have any indication that Unity was a traitor and were even shot before they could tell them they were on their side as well. The fights also seemed to have been entirely focused on security as well which seemed fair considering they are
  8. @Rushodan @PsycoticCone What was the purpose behind the medical incursion? From what I see, there was little communication behind it. Markos went to embed in security to betray them and then Unity showed up in medical and forced their way in and started a firefight. Additionally, what was the general idea behind sabotage? I've not seen much in terms of tangible or direct goals.
  9. @Flamingo and I will be taking this complaint. @DanseMacabreCan you give us some timestamps on the video itself?
  10. This isn’t a -1 persay, you haven’t done things that I would say detract from my experience in the round. I however still don’t believe you’ve done much with the whitelist. I’d say I believe I played around 3-4 with your consular. Most of what I saw was very passive roleplay in the shape of just going to the security reception and hanging out with the Tajara groups that frequent security. Aside from looking fancy, I’d assume you’d be just a visitor if I didn’t see your ID or manifest role. I haven’t seen anything in the form of furthering the cause of the nation you represent. I can
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