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  1. @Peppermint and I have reached a verdict. To start, we want to say no one here is in the wrong. Sometimes clashing perspectives during a round gives a different impression of what is happening, which is the case here. Adminhelps and complaints can help smoothen things out and clarify what happened, which is the case here. No action on will be taken on the two reported players and anyone involved here. After reviewing what happened, the two of us came to the conclusion that it seems like the round went in accordance of the rules. We also spoke with some of the people involved to clarify how we came to this conclusion over discord. So we will be treating this complaint as resolved, keeping it open for 24 hours in the event something new is presented back by evidence.
  2. You were already denied a few days ago for lying in your appeal. Appeal denied.
  3. Just posting this for the sake of formality as this thread has received some attention. Both are from the subforum rules for complaints.
  4. To summarize the issues you are reporting here. 1- Lack of roleplay and the round turning into a deathmatch. 2- The two characters using this chance to roleplay out a relationship arc, where the focus of their two interactions was with each other and neglected others. 3- Powergaming and ganking. Is there anything I'm missing here?
  5. I woke up to this and it’s given me both sad and happy emotions. I’m sad because of how much you meant to me when it came to the server, you are an intelligent and reasonable person that helped guide the server to where it is and I think you’re not giving yourself a enough credit. While it may seem that on the surface you did not put in a lot of work, in reality you were still interacting with people on a daily basis, jumping into discussions, sharing your thoughts and helping guide people. You’ve been a great help to me and I say with full confidence you’re a person that has also helped me grow. For that I thank you. On the happy end, it’s nice to also see you push forward. Carrying on with life, passing through the milestones you’ve set for yourself. For this I wish you the best of luck, a genuinely happy and fulfilling life to you.
  6. The application requires some additional writing. Suggest you have a look at some other applications to get an idea of it.
  7. In general, I think a test merge where feedback is given to modify and improve the system is a good measure. You can have jobs mandate a minimum amount of skill in certain skills. I think the administrative side might be tricky but given time and communication between the moderation team and development team I’m sure some kind of functional system can be made to minimize abuse. I don’t think we can ever nullify it but I think abuse of what systems we have can be minimized. But like all implementations, if it unfortunately did not work out during testing then we can always go back. I think it’s worth a try.
  8. I'll be going forward without the testimony of Hesphos, after speaking with others that were there and reviewing the logs makes it unnecessary. In accordance to witnesses and logs, it seems like the Warden fired at the Ta a single time and the circumstances and interaction around this incident and the round do not seem too egregious to require moderation staff intervention. If they did attack Vaurca and especially Vaurca representatives very often then I encourage you to ahelp it during the round itself in the future. I'm going to mark this as resolved and permit the incident report to progress.
  9. @Hesphos When you have the time, kindly give a run down of what happened from your perspective.
  10. If you could pick your account now, it would be best. It might take a while because there's a lot of accounts under you.
  11. I'm willing to accept this appeal, but you'll need to stick to one account from now on. When you're able, reply with the account you'd like to be your primary one.
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