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  1. Try connecting. Notify us of the outcome here.
  2. The way I see it, there exists two possibilities here. 1- You are intentionally using this chance to rile people up and being offensive, using in-character comments as a vehicle for offensiveness. 2- You are unintentionally being offensive, being unaware of what you're doing and how it can negatively effect people. In both cases I feel like your presence is a detriment to the server and as a result are not welcome here. In either case it is your responsibility to learn what is hateful and what is not hateful, no one here is responsible to correct your behavior as a person regardless of how old you are. Lastly, your attitude and demeanor throughout the ticket conversation and this thread has shown a general lack of maturity and empathy. Resolving this in favor to @WickedCybs verdict and given they have no intention of having the ban revoked, I am extending it to your forum account,. Locking and archiving.
  3. We apologize for the delay, we’re both varying degrees of busy recently. We’ve investigated the round in question and we found that there was no OOC malice involved. It was a hectic round with both sides seemingly hostile to each other to varying degrees over the course of the round. Breakdown in communication and relations can occur during the more hectic rounds. No one is really in the wrong, the round is just a result of unfortunate things happening to the involved characters.
  4. As an addendum, we confirm that the player was a minor at the time of the events. The ban being upheld is for other reasons that despite the time gap and difficulty in locating evidence, we have had to make a judgement call.
  5. After an expansive investigation, @Melariara and I will be upholding the ban. Details sent in a private message.
  6. The warning will stay, but will be amended slightly to better convey the issue. As the server has no current age limit, anything said over discord or the server, even between two consenting adults, is still in plain view of others. Certain portrayals and standards may differ on certain topics, but the one constant on a server without a minimum age is sexual content, be it portrayed or implied. The warned example and the example you raised of "Implied interracial orgies" are not allowed, though we won't be increasing the punishment over it, this post and the warning will be serving as a notice for the issue.
  7. I'll see about resolving this during the weekend. I may post further in the meantime.
  8. Unless I’ve missed, it seems like you don’t know where the ban was coming from on Polaris. Is this completely fabricated or a misunderstanding?
  9. I’d appreciate log proof of this and anything else you feel is relevant.
  10. Can you elaborate some more on your history with Polaris and Bay? It’s a crucial point in all this based on what you allege. @Alfa1561
  11. Posting that I'll be handling this. I'll wait for @Alberyk post before moving forward.
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