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  1. The polling system got fixed and the poll is now available on the server via the "Polls" option in the main menu.
  2. We have discussed this application within the development team. One of the main concerns is that you have not created a single PR that has been merged within the last 5 months. There were other reasons at play, however this will not be shared publicly. I will contact you via DM shortly to discuss them. Therefore this application is rejected.
  3. Voting for dismissal due to the reasons stated above. Susan and Shodan are pretty much on point here. I also believe that either command needs to be more responsible when it comes to calling a ERT or we need to enforce that mechanically so command only gets a "gimped" ERT if they are called without sufficient "escalation".
  4. Can you give us some details about your Internet Connection please. Who is your ISP? What type of Internet Connection are you using? (Cable, Fiber, 3G/4G, ...)
  5. Voting for dismissal. If there is a situation on the Aurora that warrants a crew transfer on blue alert or even a emergency shutter it makes sense to lock down the dock and send someone to figure out what is going on. Given that this can be avoided quite simply, by changing the alert level to one that does not trigger the lockdown I do not see the need to change it. If there are any admin tickets that take longer, admins can easily enable the spawner for the odin protection teams to make use of the checkpoint. It should also be noted that the odin protection team has a 50% / 80% chance to occur if the checkpoint is locked down, so people will get cycled though most of the time. Sometimes you are just out of luck tough.
  6. Here are the logs for reference: After which the whitelist has been stripped.
  7. Will be handled by the Loremaster / Deputy Loremaster as this complaint is regarding the conduct / decisions of a Lore Writer. You also posted a incorrect gameid. The correct one is: b9C-aOvt
  8. If the server is part of the host chat, then they can ask there and we will provide them with a high level summary
  9. I’m somewhat late to the party. Migrating a byond account is easy and fast as long as you contact either skull or myself before you connect the first time with the new account. It is still possible if you have connected, but it’s more effort.
  10. Has been merged. Moving to completed Projects.
  11. The disruptor pistol and the ammo display have been added
  12. The AI mech has been removed until it can be reimplement with some changes to prevent/discourage valid hunting. (As that’s what it is at the end of the day)
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