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  1. Arrow768

    Stop people from abusing SSD rules

    Moved to policy suggestions since this is primarily a question of rule enforcement / adaptation
  2. Arrow768

    Restrict telescience teleportation to station levels

    As I mentioned in dev, I think it would be better to rework how the loot is distributed throughout the derelict. I would suggest the following approach to it: Remove the static loot (that is causing issues) from the Derelict Add a large number of random spawnpoints with a relatively low spawn chance OR Write a System that can dynamically select suitable spawnpoints for loot and spawn it I believe the Ability to teleport to and from the Derelict is a nice touch that can be kept if the more problematic loot is distributed.
  3. Arrow768

    Staff Complaint - Skull132

    I have to address a few things mentioned here: From what I saw in the logs it has been handled, however we generally do not inform anyone except the offender about the punishment. The reason because I didn't immediately post an announcement about your retirement was because when I saw your PM about your retirement I didn't have the time to write a proper one. By the time I got home @Bygonehero already made that announcement. (Which is highly irregular)
  4. Arrow768

    Remove false level 7 biohazard announcements

    Could you give us a list of what names you would like to replace and the name it should be replaced with.
  5. Arrow768

    RIGs re-haul and re-balance

    The point of it is, that you do not have medical or engineering rigs running around with heavy combat gear such as laser cannons. If you wish to use a rig with a laser canon, you will have to acquire one that is capable of using heavy combat modules. It is easy enough to make them available via cargo.
  6. Arrow768

    ERT Chance Tweaks

    To post some answers to some questions that have been asked on discord. How is the chance calculated ? Every 3 minutes, the chance to get a ERT is increased by 1% if the station is on green or yellow, 2% if it is on blue and 3% if it is on red (10% if its on delta) This chance is added to the base chance of 10% In addition the percentage of dead people and the percentage of antagonists (amongst the living ones) is taken into account. The more antags and the more dead, the higher the chance. These values are tweakable via config and the intention is to do so once this PR is live and it is actually possible to see how it plays out
  7. Arrow768

    ERT Chance Tweaks

  8. Arrow768

    Add a beam weapon to the uplink.

    The Tajara file has been added to the uplink a while ago. As it fulfils the requirements of the OP -> moving it to completed projects
  9. Arrow768

    allow the butcher's cleaver to go into the belt slot

    Implemented in: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/6004
  10. Arrow768

    Balaclava for uplink

    Implemented here: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/6003 (The part with the balaclava for the uplink. The other stuff needs sprites. If you can get them, before the pr is merged, then send them to me and I can add another mask to the uplink)
  11. Arrow768

    Revert Bucklecuffing taking two resists

    Implemented here: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/6002
  12. Arrow768

    [1 Dismissal ] New Regulations

    I concur with what has been said. Moving the Topic to the Archive.
  13. Arrow768

    Increase the chance for the tau ceti legion to spawn

    The ERT and the TCFL have access to the same chems. Because the ERT is powerful enough without standard access to the L6 SAW. If deployed by a somewhat skilled team it has the potential to fuck over any Antag (Group Antag or not) The argument "give ERT more powerful weapons so we can reduce their spawn chance" is flawed. The 50/50 split we have at the moment is fine. Both teams have their respective advantages and disadvantages.
  14. Arrow768

    Give Skrell Sol Common

    The associated pr has been closed and the branch deleted by the author. Therefore moving it to the archive
  15. Voting for dismissal, as the raised points have not been addressed by the OP