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  1. I advice to update the EMP section then, since that sais: "IPCs will take no major damage from EMPs except to the optics"
  2. It is a interesting idea, but I have to agree with some of the points raised by @K0NFL1QT. The addition of organs, "bleeding", "venting of coolant" (which is basically hunger/thirst in another shape), ... could lead to them feeling more and more like "just another human resprite". Another one of my concerns is the very minor effect EMPs seem to have on them. I strongly believe that a mechanical species should be effected quite a bit more by EMPs than a organic species. This change would actually change it so people with robotic limbs are worse off than a IPC. (The IPC would just get temporarily blinded where as the person with the robotic limbs would have issues using that limb in question).
  3. Your forum warnings are listed on your profile and can be accessed there. (Also attached below for your convenience; with incomplete warning reasons due to the format)
  4. Last weekend I restored my development environment on my laptop so I will start working on the ingame implementation of the supply containers. Hopefully I will have a PR up in the next few days
  5. Since there seems to be a trend of posts that do not contribute to this discussion: Argue or present your opinion regarding the suggestion and keep it civil. Avoid logical fallacies Do not argue about the motivation of a person (specifically mentioned since that happens quite often) Do not insult other people Do not come up with conspiracy theories (While it is entertaining to read, there is no anti-sec conspiracy)
  6. Alright, I cleaned up a few posts that dont really contribute to the discussion. Stay on the topic and argue about / present your opinions regarding the PR in question. (Arguing weather or not someone has played a major or minor part in the implementation of that suggestion does not contribute to the discussion)
  7. @Mogelix Thank you for your insights. Keep in mind that we are currently testmerging it to figure out how exactly that effects the round dynamic and if this is a change worth keeping. I advice you to not pay too much attention to what $people say in OOC about pushing through the change. The only two people who can merge something in are the two Head-Devs and I assure you that we wont merge this PR until we are satisfied with the changes and believe it is a change the the better. Regarding the posts: I merged them together and advice you to format them accordingly.
  8. Well, you should probably make a pull request with that?
  9. Out of curiosity @DeadLantern why did you ask people to RP on your moderator application? (Surely there are better places for it?)
  10. Keep in mind that, as a pharmacist / biochemist, you should store bodies in the virology morgue on the lower level in case they contain or have the potential to contain pathogens
  11. Too late. You already posted here. Time to ban you now. Lets move that to the archive as this seems to be a 1st April Joke
    Great Event. I always love canon mutinies.
  12. This Topic is outdated. Take a look at this list
  13. Thank you for your application. Have you made any PRs to the Aurora Repository / any Sprites for Aurora?
  14. I have to echo what @ben10083 is saying. There are already sufficient means to deal with this issue ICly. Scientists are expected to provide reasonable mining equipment to the miners if they are able to. And miners are expected to procure materials in a reasonable time (and either inform cargo so they can deliver it or deliver it on their own). The person distributing the materials is also expected to distribute it according to the requests they received. (If you need materials in science, robotics, chemistry, engineering, ...) then you should use your requests console to request them or inform the QM of your request. The Heads of Staff already have the capability to solve this issue ingame. (I.e. if a miner is just sitting around in the bar and no materials have been delivered than that can be considered neglect of duty) If Science does not supply mining with reasonable equipment requests (using the request forms) without specifying a reason, that can also be considered neglect of duty (especially if they have the materials required and there are no other tasks that require immediate attention) To resolve these issues is the exact reason why we have heads of staff ingame. And if you believe that there are specific individuals in either department, who continuously refuse to cooperate, then it would probably be a good idea to file a incident report about them.
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