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  1. Arrow768

    Shadow7889's Moderator Application

    I can definitely echo what Prate said.
  2. Arrow768

    Staff Complaint - QueenOfYugoslavia

    I have to chime in on this despite not being involved. Arming and triggering a standard explosive device (if it is premade) is not a very complex operation. If it were, we wouldn't have a problem with suicide bombers and other terrorists that use explosive devices. Usually it boils down to sending a electrical signal to a trigger mechanism. That signal can be generated by pushing a button, a timer that runs out or almost any other assembly that can emit a electronic signal based on some condition. Making it, on the other hand side, is where the complexity lies and there I would agree that only scientists should be able to do it (icly) unless its something as simple as a igniter attached to a fuel tank.
  3. Arrow768

    [Dismissed] Revert Security Dress Code

    Well, I am mostly echoing what the others said. I believe a common uniform is something important for authority figures. For example, you were automatically disqualified from the application process of the police force in Austria if you had visible tattoos or piercings.
  4. Arrow768

    adds firing pins to the RD locker

    To clear something up: The "channel that most people do not have access to" is called "Discord Direct Message" (Naturally only two people have access to DMs) I talked with @Scheveningen in DMs about making pins producible by science. I am also not aware of all conversations going on. So if you want to have my input on something, then it might be a good idea to actually ask me about my input instead of making a passive-aggressive post on the forums.
  5. I am wondering, do I really need to turn off the status updates aswell ?

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      How do I do statuses lol

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      remember to like and subscribe to my friend Geeves' status channel, he produces good content

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      Geeves lawheeze, get a load of this guy! 👆

  6. Has been superseded by the Guidelines Page
  7. Arrow768

    New Forum System

    Finally had the time to read through a bit more of the docs and figure out how to enable the edit history. Its now possible to edit the posts again.
  8. Arrow768

    Turrets Buffs

    I believe adding mech-style weapons to turrets is not a very good idea. The mech weapons are relatively OP already and the turrets have no ammunition limitations. In addition the ion rifle does not work reliably against the turrets, if you cant take out the APC with the ion (which is quite often not the case) But the current turrets are a joke. A skilled person can easily take out a turret without ever getting hit. To make turrets a larger threat we have to look at the two most common tactics to take out turrets: Fire and Duck The "Fire and Duck" tactic uses the delay between the turret coming out of the ground and starting firing to get a few shots into the turret and then ducking back into cover before it can get a shot in. You can repeat that indefinitely until the turret is taken out. The counter for that is relatively simple: increase the time it takes the turret to come out of the ground and start firing. Or possibly give it a "shield" that recharges once it goes back into the ground and can take a shot or two. Lockerblock The "Lockerblock" tactic uses lockers to block the firing path of the turret. By just pushing the locker forward and walling the turret in with lockers, the turret wont fire on any human mobs To fix this the turrets would have to be adapted to disregard dense objects that are not anchored in its firing calculations. And it would be important to check if the objects deteriorate and disintegrate after sufficient hits by a weapon. Crawl and Hit I am not sure if that has been patched already, but this tactic is essentially a adaptation of the "Fire and Duck" tactic. Crawl up to the turret (it wont shoot you while you crawl), get up and hit it as it emerges from the floor and lay down again before it starts firing. It is possible that this bug has been fixed already, if not the fix is relatively easy: Continue shooting mobs that arnt unconcious (possibly with the limitation that they have to get into a small radius around the turret) As a final note: Some of those tactics outlined here use bugs or oversights. If you use them ingame and get bwoinked as a result, its your own fault. You have been warned.
  9. Arrow768

    Low-Pop Map/NBT Testing Grounds

    Indeed a good question. Since the population cycles are relatively predictable, basing it on time/day and the population count (max and players at the end) of the previous round would be possible.
  10. Arrow768

    Revert The Dangers of Teleportation #5651

    TlDr: Its being tweaked. A bit longer explanation why this PR has been merged in the current state: By the time the PR has been merged it was up since 11 days on github and was awaiting to be merged since 3 days. Noone has voiced any major concerns, messaged me about tagging it as feedback required or tagged it as feedback required. I also forgot that we now have the ability to testmerge PRs more easily now (mostly because there were only 2 PRs that I know of which have been testmerged while I was a dev on Aurora) There are already two PRs which further tweak / adapt telescience: Carmen Miranda's Ghost Bluespace Inhibitors If you have further suggestions how to tweak / change the original PR, feel free to post them below. As it stands, this PR will not be reverted sooner than 2019-01-01
  11. Arrow768

    New Forum Design

    As you can see, a new forum design has been selected. I am still looking for background images. If you have any good ideas and that image can be used / modified without having to pay a license fee (licensed under the CC0 license or a equivalent) then feel free to post a link to it in this topic. It might get added to the selection of background images available. Selecting a different background image: To select a alternative background image, click on the "Change Background Image" button located here if you are on a mobile device: Or here if you are on a device with a larger screen: Selecting a different theme: If you prefer the previous theme, you can also change the theme at the very bottom of the page by clicking on the Theme Button Light Theme If someone has a suggestion for a better light theme feel free to post below aswell
  12. Arrow768

    Heavy Mounting Frame: Mech Guns for Infantry

    I have to concur with the balance concerns that have been raised in this topic. Some mech weapons are extremely op to be operated without a mech and the increased mobility. An option would be to apply some of the suggested nerfs and only make it rechargeable on those mech chargers. Would definitely be fun to restrict that to humans skrell and maybe unathi.
  13. Arrow768

    Potential Forum Designs

    My plan is to have a design selected by next week.
  14. As mentioned in the topic about the new forum system we are currently looking for a new design. The following designs have been suggested to me: https://www.ipsfocus.com/themes/titan/ https://www.ipsfocus.com/themes/brave/ Please discuss the options below and feel free to provide suggestions for other designs. You can find some designs here: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/category/162-themes/?sortby=file_views&sortdirection=desc Or by using your google skills and searching for IPB Themes
  15. Arrow768

    Remove Lethals from Detectives

    First of all, sorry. It got a bit longer than I intended to. Yes, that is required by our escalation rules. If security goes after you with lethal weapons and you do not pose a lethal threat that is a violation of ooc rules and needs to be ahelped. (No matter if it is the detective or not) The statement, that our escalation rules are bypassed by the detective is not correct. Our escalation rules also apply to the detective. You are correct, that detectives have (by default) no means to stun crew members. If you can not detain them with the means you have available it would be wise to reevaluate your situation and call for backup. Generally security (including the detective) can match your level of force, but not exceed it. Indeed, we removed / nerfed all the easily accessible insta-stun weapons, so this is the expected result. Of course, you are free to start a petition to return insta-stun weapons. That is the case with all rule violations. The person on the receiving end is fucked. Its very rare that admins will step in to correct the effects of the rule violation. Of course the offender will be dealt with and hopefully learn something from the experience. And again, the escalation rules apply to detectives aswell. If they draw their sidearm to take down a non-lethal threat on code green (as well as blue and possibly red). ahelp them. They will get a detective ban faster than you can say "quickdraw". But if people do not ahelp bad detective play, nothing will change. If you do not ahelp bad (detective) play, then nothing is going to change. It is also the players responsibility to ahelp bad players so mods/mins can investigate the issue. Generally, if you are unsure if something was proper escalation, just ahelp it.