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  1. The preferences of all the existing players have been updated, so ghost looc is enabled by default. (As a result of the poll regarding that matter) The default preferences include ghostlooc so all new players will see ghost looc by default.
  2. These are the results of the poll: Question: Should LOOC be removed from ghosts? I do not care: 29 Yes: 53 No: 104 Given that and the implementation of the toggle-able ghost-looc this is considered implemented and will be moved to completed projects
  3. I’ll look into this on the weekend and close/archive this as necessary.
  4. Due to technical constraints the number of items that can be selected (per gear slot) needs to be limited to 15 items. This limit also needs to be tweakable by configuration file in case it is revealed that this limit is too high (or too low).
  5. This will be handled by @Garnascus in the evening. Make sure to account for the rules of this forum when considering if you should post or not.
  6. Seconding the vote for dismissal for the above stated reasons.
  7. If the AI is being problematic in terms of access, then you are encouraged to ahelp. The high importance areas (mentioned in law 1) are clearly defined in the station procedures and there is also a clarification what authorised means on the wiki: As for who actually counts as "authorized" in relation to law 1 and 4, they'd be the following: Persons who have direct access to an area (a security office having access to most of security, as an obvious example). Persons who have been authorized to enter an area by someone with direct access. Emergency responders (EMTs, eng
  8. To clear something up: We plan to monitor how this PR works out over the coming weeks (as usual) and plan to make changes to it if needed.
  9. The qualifications of the detective and the FT were the same before this change. The only difference was the cadetship. (So they were directly copied over, with the only change to the qualifications being the optional cadetship) There is the expectation that the Investigators are able to perform basic forensic work (Fibers/Prints/DNA). Depending on how this change works out, there might be further changes to the qualifications.
  10. The Detective and Forensic Technician have been merged into the Investigator role. To accommodate characters lacking the 4 week cadetship (that was previously required for the detective) while maintaining the ability (of the detective) to detain people (if the Investigator directly witnesses a infraction) the following change is now in effect: Investigators who do not have a 4 week cadetship on their employment and security records and detain someone can be charged with: "Illegal Detention, Arrest, or Holding" Investigators who utilize their firearms outside of self-defense and d
  11. The poll is finished. Those are the results after a bit of cleanup: I dont care: 22 Yes - Merge the detective and FT into the Investigator: 88 No - Keep the roles as they are: 38
  12. We generally require a person to be reasonable active on our GitHub repo before we extend a staff position to them. Given the nature of GitHub, you do not need to be a staff member to contribute, as everyone is free to create a pull request with the changes that they want to make. I recommend to check out #code_dungeon on our public discord if you need help with GitHub/git (The people there are generally helpful).
  13. Seconding the vote for dismissal. The capability to get slugs is needed in certain circumstances. If security goes straight up for slugs (without it being clear that their other weapons/ammunition is ineffective) then you should ahelp that.
  14. Voting for dismissal. Not everything needs to / should be emag-able, especially if there are already ways for antags to bypass the systems in place. In this case it would be as simple as replacing the pin. (Replacement pins are available via the uplink, cargo and around security)
  15. The first thing I would recommend is to use the already established department-colours for the base: (Medical borgs in the following image) The second concern could be addressed by adding some manipulators to it.
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