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  1. Well, trial projects are a thing, but there is still the requirement to be a somewhat active contributor before getting a trial. The problem is that you only have 3 recent PRs which I would not consider sufficient for a trial. Therefore I encourage you to create a few more PRs over the coming months and then reapply, or alternatively keep the application open until then.
  2. Well, I am not a huge fan of those changes, for similar reasons as stated by Ben: It will make it easier to peeps that get cornered by antags to put up a fight, which will escalate the situation and again make it much more difficult for them to actually do their objectives. Even if a knife does less damage, it has the potential to cause bleeding, which will require medical supplies to be carried. It will validate people that "prepare" for antags. Hostile encounters are rare in our canon lore and even if we would permit the use of self defence items, such items would not help against a hostile invasion. I also would not support reverting the contraband list to a fixed list of items that is not permitted. We had that a while ago, and it didn't work out, because there are always item that are overseen/recently added and then you have the clear case where something is contraband, but you cant charge for it because its not on "the list".
  3. That's just wrong. The normal air you breath consists roughly of 21% O2 and 79% N2 Around 3-5% of O2 are replaced with CO2 so you exhale roughly 4% CO2 17% O2 and 79% N2 (That ignores gases and other contents which exist in trace amounts in the air and make up around 1%)
  4. I discussed the matter brought up by @TheOrleans with @Senpai Jackboot At this time we do not have a Human Lore Deputy slot open, therefore this application will be moved to the archive. You are however encourage to reapply (and answer the raised question) once a slot is available.
  5. Moving to rejected policy as there have been two votes for dismissal and the archival period has been reached.
  6. As explained by others. If you want to see your notes, you can contract a Administrator about it. They will review them and send those to you that can be sent to you. As notes are also used to track internal comments about players (i.e. things to watch out for. things that we suspect (meta-communication / meta-buddies) and so on) we can not allow full access to the notes for players. While it might technically be possible to allow unsupervised access to that, by adding a system to ask for a classification on notes, such a system would be complex to implement and not worth the effort to implement as past notes might have to be reclassified and the effort to look those up manually when requested is much less compared to the effort needed to implement such a system. Therefore voting for dismissal
  7. The guidelines are currently being written A project management system has been setup for the Loremaster and the Deputy. Additional channels in the discord have been setup, to allow Lore to better coordinate with each other. The complaint will be locked and archived in 24h
  8. Well, fully randomized chars arnt really possible anymore since you cant rename your char after a certain amount of days, so you would have to create a new char anyway if you want to play a random char every round.
  9. Gotta agree with shev. The current version of the sprite is really nice.
  10. We recently changed our discord icon. Some of you have voiced that they are not happy with the new discord icon (which is our lobby screen icon from the exodus) Therefore I encourage you to create and post alternatives. Once we have a few of them together we´ll do a poll and see which one is the best. Do not post if you do not have something to contribute. Requirements for the icon/logo: Currently we do not have a server image/logo, that could be used as the base for the discord icon Therefore we´ll extend this to also look for a logo that can be used for other places aswell (such as the forums, the wiki, ...) The logo/icon should be to uniquely identify Aurora Station. Pretty much everything goes there. (The words "Aurora" or any other acronym is not required to be present in the logo) You are also free to submit multiple different colour variants of the same icon/logo. The only requirement we have is that there needs to be a serious attempt at creating a icon/logo.
  11. Arrow768

    Cargo Retool

    Well, I have to correct you here. Bounties were added much later than the rest of cargo and are currently not based on the payment-scheme we applied to cargo items. They also wouldnt really fit in there, because a bounty is placed for a item that is currently in high demand for whatever reason. -> And items that are in high demand usually have a higher price.
  12. Well, personally I dont see the point in that PR. At the moment people can choose if they want to use the aviators or the normal sec glasses. I dont really have an issue with that. Also, if you read through the topic, it becomes pretty obvious why feedback on that wasn't deemed necessary. For every person that prefers the sunglasses there is another person that prefers the aviators. It just comes down to a question of personal preference. Also, two notes regarding the poll: The poll is pretty old and was made before the introduction of the aviators (and therefore outdated) I am unsure if the data presented here has been properly processed. (Some peeps have multiple byond accounts to vote multiple times.)
  13. A guideline has been created. Therefore moving this to implemented.
  14. Yup, from what I have seen vtc knows how to RP and the app is pretty solid aswell. The only thing that I noticed is that the "ooc responsibilities" section is relatively thin. As head of staff it's much easier to make or break a round for everyone. You have to take that into consideration when you make decisions as head of staff
  15. Well, two things. If you want to contest the ruling of a staff member, you need to make a staff complaint. Please update the formatting and let me or a mod/min know once thats done so it can be moved. The second thing that confuses me is: (Shortened a bit for clarity) From what I see in that complaint, you taunted him by not returning the book and then told him to "make you do it".
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