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  1. As mentioned by others: That wouldnt work as a gamemode, because there is only a very limited number of ways this can go. It might however work as a away mission/ghost role
  2. I have to vote for dismissal here. There are already steps in place to deal with the "you are not on the crew, so you must be a antag"-meta, so that should remove the need for the captains spare id. If you want to be added to the crew manifest, you can already ahelp for that and depending on your reasons for it that might or might not happen. In addition, we now have a ghost role that occurs every now and then with a visitor arriving from the odin, that doesnt have any records stationside. -> So having no records is also no reason to immediately valid someone.
  3. As some of you have noticed, we now have ghost roles available. If you have ideas for additional ghost roles, make sure to post them below and they might get implemented.
  4. Application accepted following a successful trial
  5. Application is denied due to inactivity. You are encouraged to reapply once you are more active.
  6. Definitly interesting. I might work on that soon ™️
  7. I want to correct only one thing: The purpose of player complaints is not to request the ban of a person. That is what ban requests are for.
  8. Well, the thing you linked is for tgui. We dont have tgui. -> We are Using vueui, which is a completely different system. But still, something like that should be possible with our GUI System aswell.
  9. Voting for dismissal for the reasons stated by @Karolis2011 and @Shadow
  10. Autoantag currently checks for a simple condition: If there are not sufficient active antags for the current population (there is a ratio somewhere), then new antags are added. So new antags are only added during autotraitor if one (or more) of these conditions applies The population increases Antags die (or go to cryo) The cynic in me would say: "If security wouldnt kill all the antags they find there wouldnt be a constant onslaught of antags". That said, I definitely agree that no more antags should be added if shuttle is incoming, as this will just lead to rushed action by the antags.
  11. Well, then those holes should probs be filled instead.
  12. Well, the PR didnt actually change the amount of rigs (in the latest revision) but still had the old changelog. So I´ll bin that.
  13. Well yes, but the pr is not significantly different. The paramedic changes have been suggested by the op. The janitor changes have been suggested by someone in reply to the op.
  14. When implementing a pr not only the op is relevant but also the feedback provided in the topic. As I agree with the people that mentioned (in response to the op) that access creep is not a good idea I implemented the PR the way it is. The PR does not attempt to hide anything that it does and shows clearly what it will do and anyone clicking on the PR (or just looking at the rich link embed that should show the pr title) will see what it is doing. As shown by the discussion regarding the janitor access removal in the topic, quite a few people managed to click on that link. To reiterate: - I created a PR taking feedback from the suggestion and my personal opinion into account. - I linked the PR in the feedback topic so anyone who is interested in the paramedic changes can easily see it without checking github. - I linked the feedback topic on github, so feedback can easily be provided (which people are doing. So what exactly is staff complaint worthy about that?
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