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  1. @DesvenCould you please explain the difference between this thread and the one you previously created. At a quick glance it looks like they are suggesting the same thing.
  2. That statement is absolutely incorrect. Any team member of the development team can be assigned projects by the maintainers and headdev. They are then expected to use their abilities to complete the assigned project. Being Part of the development team is not a “badge” that you pin to your name. It comes with expectations and responsibilities as any other staff role. If someone doesn’t like the idea of working with a team and being assigned projects, then being in the staff team is not for them. That is the difference between a developer and a contributor.
  3. Voting for dismissal. It is intentional that voting for secret does not guarantee a antagonist.
  4. For those who didnt get to see the item in all its glory: Here it is:
  5. I have been informed by a trusted source that this custom item application is not real and has been posted in the off topic section of the forum. Without the diligent work of this trusted source I would have never noticed this grievous error. Given that this was posted in a incorrect section of the forum I regretfully have to remove this custom item. However I encourage you to re-apply for it via the correct sub-forum.
  6. Usually the goal of a staff complaint is to contest a ban or another administrative action. What is the goal of this staff complaint? (What do you expect to happen when it’s done?)
  7. I do not believe that this is a bug. Not everyone can be bought like a Austrian politician.
  8. What a stellar application. I have no choice but to accept it. The item should be available the next time you join
  9. Invalid Format. You need to specify for what character you want that item. Edit: You can find the proper format here:
  10. PR has been merged and the item has been updated
  11. With the NBT there will be changes to the job structure and this will most likely be implemented.
  12. Voting for dismissal. That’s exactly what we have the FT for. In addition if someone has a FT that makes them look older/younger than what the game would display this would conflict. So we would need a way to disable that. And if we add that we can keep it in the FT as it is right now. In addition we would also need some extra shitcode to handle the shells.
  13. Imho it looks weird due to the large amount of „dead space“ The AI/Surface elevator should be combined and moved closer to the entrance. Then other rooms can be shifted around, so the „top side“ of the hallway (where the teleporter used to be) is also used.
  14. Imho this is a very interesting take. As mentioned above, a lot of jobs are already pretty closely regulated by ooc guidelines which determine what you can and can not do. Therefore I think the skill system would be more useful in applying certain (mechanical) restrictions to the character, if the player so chooses. I.e. that could be a inability to perform certain tasks, taking slightly more damage, ...
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