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  1. I don't like a out right "all knives are legal to carry now" and think that common sense should still apply. Swiss army knife / multitool: sure no problems with that. Cleaver / "good" kitchen knives: Yeah, no doesn't make sense for your average person to carry that around (unless they work in the kitchen)
  2. I am not a huge fan of the new sprites. Imho it would look better if we used the blue one with colored highlights to signify the different roles.
  3. For now I would go without the additional implants.
  4. I can not support this as a gamemode, as I do not see any way how that "gamemode" alone would be able to drive the story for the rest of the players during 2 hours. It could work as a "add on" antagonist for some other gamemodes.
  5. I can only approve this, if all the "features" shown in this safety instruction video from Germany are implemented. (Don't watch it if you have a weak stomach)
  6. Malfunction has been removed from the secret gamemode rotation. It can still be voted in.
  7. Voting for dismissal. Restricting polls to binary options is in my opinion too restrictive in a lot of cases.
  8. Well, there are two ideas to solve the problem of damage going from the gestalt to the nymph. The "easy fix" would be to just divide up the damage the gestalt received amongst all the nymphs. So if the gestalt is almost dead, so would be all the nymphs after a split. My preferred option would be to base the damage the nymph has, on the damage location of the gestalt. For example, if only the arm of a gestalt is heavily damaged, then one of the nymphs that spawns would have almost no health while the others are at full health. If a nymph is damaged to the point, where it would die, it is "dropped" from the gestalt, and they loose the damaged limb. However that comes with another question: What should happen if the torso is damaged to that point. (33 HP is not a lot and could be 1-shotted with a energy pistol) I only have two partial solutions to that: We could force a "split" of the remaining nymphs We could select another nymph to take the place of the core and the diona looses that limb instead. (Selection based on the importance of the limb; i.e. head first, then the arms and finally the legs) But that again raises the question if we should increase the max health of a Diona, as something like a laser pistol would be very efficient at taking out a Diona (if it is not armored). (However I think that is something that could be figured out in a balance phase afterwards)
  9. Diona and the Nymphs have been a long time PITA for me, partially due to the shitcode and partially due to way they are not exactly balanced to fit into the game. The primary issues I have with them are as follows: A Diona can split at any time, to gain "N-1" full-health nymphs (which can be reformed at a convenient time into a full diona again; N being the number of limbs + torso + head) Even if they split right before death of the Diona, 5 full-health nyphs are spawned (if they had all their limbs) When split any negative effects (such as toxins in the system) do not carry over to the nymphs. The health of the Nymphs exceeds the Health of the Diona by quite a bit. This allows a "competent" Diona player to survive pretty much anything, as they can always split and fuck off into a nearby vent. (Yes, that might not be acceptable with lore, but its not mechanically enforced and non-diona players are often unaware of that) While talking with @Yonnimer about the proposed PR and Diona mechanics in general, I came up with the following points that I would like to see in a Diona Balance PR: [nymph count]*[nymph max health] = [diona max health] The max health of a diona cant be higher than the max health of the nymphs its made of [nymph count]*[nymph health] = [diona health] (when split) The total health of all nymphs that are created when split, cant be higher than the total health of the diona. The health the nymphs have when splitting are based on the health of the diona (either proportionally, or based on the location of the damage) Damage the diona has received must be split among the nymphs spawned by the split either proportionally or based on the location of the damage. You should no longer have to "pay" for the split with one nymph as that is a bad way of attempting to balance it. The biggest question that remains is: "What should be the diona max health". Traditionally the damage threshold for crit was 100 and for death 200. However that has changed with our implementation of Brainmed. There is no longer a hard damage threshold that causes mobs to die when reached. So that number might have to be increased accordingly, to be more in line with what is experienced by "human mobs". So in the end that leaves us with a maximum health of 33.3 if we go with 6 nymphs and 200 max health of the diona. The question is, if we should increase the max health of the diona to be more in line with what "human mobs" have. (Imho it would be time to take a long and hard look at diona code to figure out if it would be better to just rewrite it from scratch.)
  10. Forgot to post here. Warning has been revoked.
  11. Could you post a "summary picture" where we can see all the different borg models currently in the game. (For one department)
  12. Moved to Projects as that has a PR
  13. One of the questions I usually ask to determine if something is derailing/off topic is: Does it contribute to the topic? Ultimately this has to be answered as "No" for the post that has been made. If you wrote the Paragraph below in your post from the beginning then this would be different, but you decided not to do that and went for the sarcastic approach which does not contribute to the topic and so we are here.
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