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  1. Personal a +1 From me, I have seen Sky RP a lot and think he is definitively able to play other races. I dont know enough about Dionae to rate the char concept Lore wise, but really like to see how his opinion on unique Rp behaviour of Dionae is reflected in his character, which choose his path based on experiences and curiosity.
  2. I cant speak for the receiving side of this as I only played IPCs lately and I dont end up in combat scenarios too often, but once I kidnapped an HoP as IPC and missed to find a backup gun of theirs, a firefight in which I emptied my deagle (not the strongest gun arround I know) dissarmed him and shot him a few times with his gun, gave him alot of punches straight to the head, then another antag noted our fight and joined me, I got myself an icelander to shoot at the HoP, while my antag pal helped, I died mostly due to melee damage to the head as the two humans kept fighting. In the end my antag pal primed a frag grenade in their little 3x3 room and BAM ... both get up ... ok another one will take out the much more damaged HoP yes ? Well .. it finaly got him to stay down, the only thing that killed him was sec assuming his heart stopped a while ago, not like 4 seconds before they arrived. As said I dont have much experience in combat and could have done stupid things that reduced my chances on winning the fight ... but the ammount of damage the HoP survived through was not normal.
  3. Cheshire and AIMMO where the last that saw Wrixi in space (officialy that is , clearly yahir saw them later) and talked about how he jumped into space over radios, though we appearently were not interviewed on the occurances. Sec atleast that shift didnt seem eager to investigate in Wrixi leaving. I agree that most evidence would take alot of time to be found and if found probably is inconclusive, even if the maint blood wouldn't be cleaned, before attention of it is caught it probably dried too much to be of good use for Forensics. The only evidence with a reliable chance to be noted and used is whatever Wrixi said before dying in hivenet and the "Bug squashed" message if the investigators are very thorough, but that is in no way enough to arrest them, house search ? Sure ? Given how little evidence this case has that actually make sense, and the fact that no one involved in the events before Wrixi vanishing was interrogated makes me agree with Bears stand on the legitimacy of this
  4. 1- I find the AI fits more often a beneficial role in rounds than a negative one, not even counting Malf. The ability to subvert the AI allows many interesting Ideas and the AI can be tricked in different ways, I generally have a backup plan against pesky door-bolsters, but arent more concerned about them than sec. A camera glitch idea like stated above would be more interesting than removing an entire role. Realistically i find it unlikely that a company like NT would have so many cameras if there wouldn't be an AI to handle them, or sec would have easier ways to cover a lot of feed. The AI can spot you doing bad things, but so can janitor Luis who wanted to scrub maintenance. As said i prefer options like the camera Jam over complete removal. 2- I dont care much personaly, if its powergamed in some way (which i wouldnt even know how) it can be removed, if the third borg rarely gets anything to do people wont choose to play stationbound with two already in and no clearly lacking departments
  5. With all that has been said I dont think I can add much more specific, but i will still give a rundown of why i think this deserves a +1! Moon dancer seems to take a lot of effort to properly think through Lore in larger cohesive pieces as shown by his example text, it not only cares about technological realism but also makes a point that AI technology and usage in the Aurora verse should differ depending on the faction/culture using it. AI and Robots are designed as tools and so fit the ideas and needs of their makers (at least initial). The explanation on how AIs and IPC can act irrational to others, while thinking of themselves as highly rational. It is hard for two humans to agree what is the most rational thing at times, and expecting every player to act perfectly rational can be hard, giving vantage points of which ones Characters rationality is set up is a huge boon. Moons comments about headcannon, out of line players and alike gives me hope as well. Lack in lore consistency and the general known theme of Synthetic beings allows for a lot of head-cannon, approaching this head-cannon issue as a way to find new interesting pieces for main Lore and seeking understanding with players instead of simply enforcing cannon without dialog will help not only help improving lore over time, but is probably more successfully in reducing unnecessary/plainly out of place head-cannon.
  6. +1 From me, good char. They always did great antag related rp and leave chances for interaction instead of a shootout.
  7. I Like the direction of this, but if it really would be needed depends on how easily Positronics die, i personaly read it as "If you want you can kill a posibrain in different ways now" so more an active than a pasive act to make sure they cant be recovered, like maybe if you shoot the head a few times more and a certain message comes up confirming that the posi is dead. If an posi can be destroyed like any other organ though and a good places sniper shot (or a few more) could kill an IPC, then the data retrievalk thing might be a good idea. ? But you couldnt do the scan really because the Posi would already be destroyed/damaged .. Using a backup could be too strong though. Yes robotics would need the materials for a whole new posi everytime you die, but your char could jump into the SM without the player having to worry that they cant be revived (other than robotics denying reconstruction after such a stupid action)
  8. To nanopaste : If its use is reduced maybe its cost should be too ? It would mean that a stressed roboticist still can get enough if he needs it, but a sec IPC would need to fill his entire backpack to do poper field maintenance either way. About cooling : I like it, as long as an IPC can still work normaly (Walk, EVA with cooler etc) without it its a nice way of hindering IPC´s in combat situations without making them die outright. Even the Lubrication is well thought out in the way that you need to move. So an IPC can still try to hold out for long if they arent actively hunted or found an hiding place.
  9. I probably can only really talk about the miner side here, I played roboticist a while ago, but recently I only play miner. My own intention for playing mining: The points, no really. I often just try to see how far I can go. Other than that actually to provide science I actually started mining because I knew how hard robotics sucks when there are no mats, so I could be the miner science needs. I personally barely ever encounter hostilities by science, and actually sometimes fear I am too demanding (my "standard" order is 1 KA, 2 cells, one RIG piece, and a whole industrial drill ...) But I am ticked off if science doesn't supply and will ask Command staff about it. I mostly try to keep a professional aspect about this: I do my job (2 of each mat at the 20-25 mark, and more after that) and you do yours (at least) provide the KA. I agree that there needs to be a clear designation on what which department has to do, but I wouldn't link it to a time-trap. If Miner A provided science fully by 00:50, I join at 00:51 and do a haul so long that I would be in neglect of duty, that would just stupid be stupid. Also, there needs to be more emphasis that engineering and Chemistry need to be supplied with their stuff. Though the duty to deliver the materials should first fall to Cargo Techs and QM´s, if none are around or acting in their duty then the Miners should be responsible.
  10. Ckey/BYOND Username: AIMMO Position Being Applied For: Synthetic Deputy Lore developer Past Experiences/Knowledge: I am part of a three-man admin team for a small sci-fi RP Project with 2 discord servers. Its a project with some of my friends but I already have some experience in discussing Lore, especially in connection with fair-play/balance. Other than that I would say I have a solid experience in Roleplaying as or with synthetic characters, also outside of Aurora or SS13 lore-sets. I also have thrown in my two cents into talks/debates about synthetics on the "Integrated Positronic Discord" Discord server, if that counts. Examples of Past Work: Don't have anything really worth showing other than Chars and concepts, but nothing that I would deem fit for this section. Additional Comments: I guess this is where I should put my thoughts on synthetic Lore. From Tincan to a real boy: A common point of discussion is what IPC´s, objectively, are. Not what characters might think of them or how certain groups see them, but often the question comes up: Should synthetics be like Organics in this Lore. I think that question has barely any value for roleplay purposes, as your roleplay should be dictated by what your char thinks, not what is the galactic truth. Your Unathi might think they don't have souls, or your human might not even care about the idea of a soul but still see robots as servants, etc., etc. The only relevance this piece of Lore would have is if it A: Is backed up by IC science that is generally accepted, or B: Is relevant for Mechanics ((For example cults, Bluespace echoes and alike.)) In my opinion, it is best if, in OOC knowledge, IPC´s are also not clearly designated as capable to be as much a person as an organic is. It should definitively stay unsure in general IC science. The value of a Synthetic mind is an ethical question for those concerned with it, it offers many different ways of IC discussion or conflict ((later one good for antags of course)) and offers leeway for different types of IPC characters. Bluespace Echoes This might be my most one-sided comment in this application, I personally don't like Bluespace Echoes, especially not how quickly science published their existence. It makes the relative open discussion for the capability of a Synthetic mind and boils it down even more on "Do they have souls or not"? The real issue, I find, is how easy the mind of, let´s say a human, can take control of a Mechanic body, or an IPC of an organic body. Same could be applied to all interspecies swaps, but probably most to those with Dionaea, Vaurcae and Synthetics involved, as their ways of thinking are clearly different. Of course, how one acts after waking up in a metal husk without any of one's prior senses is decided by the player, but I would like to see some flavor text for every major species swap, showcasing the difference in experience to the player. For us, OOC our sprite and our player's mechanics change, but for our character, their entire perception of the world might be upside down. Maybe give the more extreme swap possibilities minor retardations to reflect the incapability of the Mind and Matter working together. Chassis-Specialisation_vs_ Generalisation I think an automated workforce should have diversity .. kind of at least. It makes sense that different chassis are developed to tackle different areas of work. Sturdiness and speed are already taken and varied in the different chassis. But even before the Aut`Akh came along I was disappointed to see that for example the G2 and G1, described as Units mostly used for Industrial purposes, had no real advantage than their resistances and suit cooler ability. While the later might make sense as to lower costs (No space suit in need to be bought), Making a machine more sturdy but halving its speed and power efficiency isn't really what I expect when talking about a workforce more expendable than Humans (at least PR wise, probably not Money wise). And while work-specific Synthetic minds where pointed out by the low (starting) ammount of jobs, signaling a specilised mind, the body as such is not fit for its task in most ways imaginable. Of course, this is a case to case scenario. But I would imagine it might be easier to fit Asteroid mining teams of IPC´s with internal GPS signals. And have them build in a way that they can work their equipment easier (attached drills, arms modified to pump KA´s more efficiently, direct uplink to RIPLEY´s, etc, etc). An Officer might prefer an not very efficient Power-connector to charge his taser up with his own cell, instead of running back to the nearest charger (probably loosing more power by doing that). While those might be compelling and exciting ideas, which also empower players to make more physically memorable characters, Balance and Implementation are obvious roadblocks. I know basics in coding, but I haven't ever worked on personal projects or really touched SS13 spaghetti, so i will take an educated guess and say its probably resource intensive to change IPC´s buildup, add different interchangeable modules, possibly link them to job restrictions for very specialized pieces (Why should a Bot totally specialized for medical procedures also work in mining, just imagine all the fine manipulators that would break quickly) and maybe even had things that are more complex (like say the gun-recharger). Balance is also an issue in that situation, even within the examples I gave there is already a problem. The Gun recharger could, coupled with IPC´s capable to charge at APC´s very annoying, so either there would be a long delay on the weapon rechargeability, or maybe picking that part forbids charge at APC´s (It cant be built with so many different voltages in mind ?) or the module adds a long cooldown/cast-time for charging at APC´s. My suggestion here would first to see how both balance and code turns out in Aut`Akh and use the time to survey how much the player base would like such changes, in order to decide if the resources on it would even be worth it. Though I also have to point out that playing a not modified robot should still be a valid way of playing, certain models wouldn't get many MacGuffins depending on their producer and usage. Even in the same job, there are more experienced and less experienced organics, why not also differently specialized synthetics, and some that are normal, but don't have downsides because of it (and are relatively cheap for the employer). Immortal/One-shot, the EMP problem. I must admit my experiences in antaging as IPC are not high in amount, but I also gathered opinions and observed multiple occurrences which make me lay out following statements for this topic. IPC´s, especially G1´s and G2´s are more capable of holding out small arms fire then meatbag-organics. IPC´s don't have the pain-crit disadvantage. IPC´s are pretty much wrecked by Ion riffles and EMP´s in general. The issue seems clear, with an Ion riffle the enemy has a strong advantage, without the IPC, given other factors are relatively equal. The Ion overall also has an AOE. I think the lethality and long term damage of EMP´s should be somewhat exchanged for more short term incapacitation, a sort of system instability. System instability can be inflicted by EMP´s as well as tasers, though tasers only at a low rate. System instability is slowly reduced by an synthetics maintenance routines. System instability stacks on top of each other, the more inflicted the more likely a synthetic is to pass out, move in wrong directions or similar. EMP´s still damage the IPC´s chassis, but in a less extreme way. This would result in Ions not being the one and all weapon for fighting synthetics, but a good opener for a battle, but a barrage of tasers can eventually reach the same (so sec can still fight a synthetic even if they got rid of the Ion). These would be a handful of ideas and comments on different topics regarding synthetics.
  11. Hm .. so I am unsure about adding that much more melee options for mechs, I mean some actual melee weapon that's not a drill would be interesting .. but mechs speed would make melee only useful in mech vs mech ? I am just unsure about that . But one thing you note would be able for mechs to dual wield modules, which is an idea I thought about for a while. If its done it should be possible for all/most weapons (of course some mech weapons could be made so they are dual wielded and block the usage of two modules at the same time or such ) So how would you know which module you are using when you are about to click somewhere with your mouse ? Well either you could 'swap hands' of the mech, or make the secondary one be used by middle mouse or shift-click like hardsuit modules are used. So another thing would be that switching modules from inactive to one of your First or second tools/weapon would take way longer. It all makes sense if you think about, first of all, all mechs have 2 arms duh , and most of the tools/weapons only make sense at the end of an arm (maybe not stuff like wormhole generators necessarily ? But I guess is needs its targeting system to point correctly at where you want the wormhole or something ?) And currently when you switch modules it gives you this "*mechname* raises *module name*" wait what ? So .. how does that work ? are all my modules embedded in the arm and move out? or do I raise the arm with the module on just so I can use it? I think if we can have mechs wield two weapons at once but increase swapping time by a good amount its only a minor or reasonable buff , allowing combos of 2 weapons or tools to be used and takes some hassle from civilian mech-users as also allows the common 2 weapon mech loadout to use both its deathray and its taser how the pilot see fit without having to nervously click through a menu. The idea of drilling twice as fast (or at least faster) with two drills is an interesting addition I didn't consider till now. I also have some other ideas on mech overhauling but I doubt they would fit very well with this post so that's all from me for now.
  12. Fibonacci will not be able to be indistinguishable from a human in the way they act, although there are some IPC´s made to mimic humans in most ways Fibonacci's adaption is not that in-depth. Here are some examples of what Fibonacci could notice in their colleague's behavior and how it would adapt to keep a positive work atmosphere. - Almost all or a certain group of co-workers seems overworked/tired and/or drinks coffee occasionally. Fibonacci would start to approach all/the certain group of co-workers and offer them coffee at the begin of shifts, inquiring about their favorite ones and it will attempt to order these at the bar. Important to note here is that, although this addition changes the way Fibonacci interacts with overworked/tired or simply caffeine addict co-workers, this addition won't delete or forbid what the unit would normally do during interaction with overworked co-workers, which would recommend them to work fewer shifts or take more breaks as mistakes made by a tired engineer can be dangerous and counterproductive. -Almost all or a certain group of co-workers tend to use sarcasm or irony in times of no work, or while only minor problems are present. Example: Crewmember- "Engineering the power on surface seems a bit wonky" Engineer-"Probably some mice that bite cables, just what I needed!" While this one would definitely take longer for the IPC to identify and adapt to it would start to use similar lines and expressions of sarcasm or other sorts of comedy if the engineers generally like to joke around. Again this adaption is only used so far, just because it learned to use irony sarcasm or alike in most situations it won't say "Is it getting hot in here or is it this unit ?... No, it's certainly this phoron fire in engineering" because that situation requires communication and it wouldn't see the improvement of co-worker relationships more important than quick and clear communication. (Also such jokes aren't that good when there is a real problem, but that reasoning wouldn't occur to Fibbonaci) -Almost all or a certain group of co-workers tend to act "unprofessional" (the exact acting is interchangeable for this one, it could range from alcoholism during work and not wearing safety equipment up to unauthorized and dangerous modification to station systems.) Fibonacci´s adaptation to such behavior wouldn't to encourage, support or copy it. As it is contradictory to the goals it was made for, and to corporation laws, it would become more alert to look out for such misbehavior. It would first try to convince coworkers to stop such behavior. If that doesn't work, or the misbehavior is of extreme danger (unauthorized fiddling with the engine or atmospheric setups), Fibonacci would inform authorities immediately and try to intervene if needed. I intend to give Fibonacci a professional and robotic personality as the core, on which can be added through interaction and roleplay. But not in a way that would betray its core personality and purpose. It might become more approachable, more pleasant to work with. But not a personality so pleasant or human you would want to talk with it for the sake of it. I also noted that only a certain group of engineers need to express a behavior for Fibonacci to adapt to it. For example, if only 20% of the engineering team it works with regularly prefer irony and joking it wouldn't normally pick that up. However, it is possible if these 20% often work together, for example, this 20 % is the only engineers for the early shifts Fibonacci works every day, it would pick up the associated behavior, using it in the early work shift of the day, but not in the later shifts where the IPC works with the other 80%. I see why that reason seems a bit sketchy, the other Fibonacci´s were deployed more successfully though. I see it possible that whoever was assigning their positions assumed that the IPC would work well enough as one can see a section of the Odin as a small installation of its own while forgetting that the IPC might only work with the whole picture of all interacting parts of the station in order to improve it. Also, it wasn't very bad at its job ... just not at its full capacity. I wasn't unsure what timeframes I should use, how long it would take until it would request a reposition and how quickly that would be accepted, I have no problem with increasing that timespans. I just didn't know which what would be too much or not enough. Another thing to add: Why did I even add that section? I could have simply said Fibonacci is factory new and is being assigned to the Aurora. I have multiple reasons. First, i think a factory new IPC can be quite dry unless it's made to occupy a more complex personality (for example a bartender unit). An IPC develops its personality during service, (not saying it will end up very complex or human-like. Personality =/= acting like humans/organics) and so a Unit that already served just gives me a bit more to build on. Also I could use that piece of backstory to show more of the character in this application, for example, that they are aware enough of their purpose and function that they made the request to for a smaller station to work on, but apparently not enough that it questions or rejects its function (Or, what is more likely, it identifies with its purpose). I see the logic gaps but wasn't able to come up with a tool to construct this character that satisfies me as much as this one.
  13. I don't understand this. How does that cause and effect work? Even if this were the case, saying that your IPC lacks a defined personality does not make your character interesting, unique, or compelling in any way. Are you trying to say it has some kind of antisocial personality quirk? This would be highly-unusual for an IPC. I will add a bit of text into the bio itself to clear up now and also proofread the entire application when I actually got enough sleep. Though should my addition not be clear enough I will write it out a bit clearer here: Normally the IPC would work with an overseeable amount of coworkers in course of its first months of assignment, finding out how each individual behaves, and more importantly the group dynamic. Both this pieces of information would be used for the IPC to create certain behavior around coworkers or groups of coworkers to keep a positive social atmosphere, adding on the base personality of it, making it distinct from other IPC´s of its series. As the co-workers 2113 met changed quickly and there were many of them it couldn't really pick up any behavior that was tailored for this work environment other not trying to learn much about its co-workers as they might be assigned somewhere else again, it may be learned some quick tricks like always providing a coffee to coworkers at late shifts, but nothing "special". It technically has a quite similar personality as a factory new model, its core traits defined by its initial programming. While that keeps 2113´s personality quite blank and rough as it arrives on the Aurora, still being used to a fast-paced work with interchangeable coworkers, it can pick up patterns during its work on the Aurora and still adapt, becoming a more rounded personality as it attempts to act in harmony with the smaller engineering crew it has to work with . I preferred it this way because always like it to form my characters a bit according to their surroundings and co-workers/friends.
  14. BYOND Key: AIMMO Character Names: Tim Johanson, Armston Kelly, Donwell Clark, A.I.M.M.O. , Shard, M.A.S.S. Species you are applying to play: IPC [baseline] What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question Why do you wish to play this specific race: I am generally fond of AI in most sci-fi scenarios, I like the idea of a completely synthetic and logical being. I have role-played several synthetics characters before, so I am certain I would enjoy playing an IPC. The main reason I would prefer IPC over stationbounds would be that IPC´s have more options to roleplay whereas stationbounds always are made and handled as tools and servants, which denies most chances for deeper RP. Furthermore, as I am more used to play a synthetic character than an alien in my past non-aurora roleplays, it makes sense to me to start with an IPC application rather than Tajara, Skrell or alike. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: IPC´s are obviously different from humans. There are those which behave similair to humans and of course, shells also imitate human looks. But that's the point that makes them different, they imitate. Most IPC´s were programmed or had to learned to act in a certain way because it eases interaction with other beings. An IPC made for jobs like bartender or journalist will be more able to interact with other species than a mining unit. This creates an interesting diversity of characters for IPC players, especially when you take varying levels of emotion emulation into account. A G2 may feel the need for self-preservation in a different way than a shell, one might only express the need for self-preservation due to the worth of its body while the other one also values its own existence in a higher way, values its own existence as a thinking being. Important to note is that most IPC´s personality is primarily defined through what they are made for, their experiences only adding to that, while a human is the completely the sum of their experiences. But roleplay is not only how you act, but what you have react to, so the standing of IPC´s in society is important. Synthetics in general barely have rights and are owned, only a fraction of all synthetics are IPC´s and only a part of those are free and by that a citizen instead of property. There is a multitude of ways how another one's character can prejudge IPC ´s, they can generally dislike or like AI, but also have different stances regarding the rights of them. An IPC will often be seen and treated as property and has to accept or cope with it in a certain way. They also have to cope with the surrounding culture that is tailored for organics and their interests lifestyles and needs. They either can decide to copy the "appropriate" behavior, interact with the existing culture in their way,by seeing it through their lense of thought, or ignoring it as good as possible. Character Name: Fibonacci-2113 Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs This IPC is a model of the Fibonacci series, serial number 2113. This unit was, like all of its series manufactured by Hephaestus industries, this one in particular activated in 2457 on the NTCC Odin after NT bought a load of these engineering class IPC´s and assigned them to different stations and ships. Fibonacci units work with 3 main goals in mind: Maintain. Improve. Integrate. Meaning they first and foremost operate in routine maintenance and repair tasks to understand the workings of the installation they are assigned to then, using this knowledge to improve the system as a whole by slight optimizations. They also attempt to integrate into the social atmosphere of the workplace, not directly copying co-worker behavior but adapting to it to streamline teamwork. The improvements of Fibonacci units might seem underwhelming but add up after many years of service on an installation. In the case of Fibonacci-2113 this concept was only working mediocre, assigned on the Odin the Unit was never able to explore all of its vast systems. Only being assigned to a certain section it couldn't get a full picture of the station, and by that missed the information it would need to have to make any improvements. Also, the high amount of assigned engineering personnel it came into contact with was too much to create a defined personality that would cooperate well with most of them. This leaves it at almost the same base personality it had at activation, the additions that were made not defining enough to hinder any future adjustment to coworkers with whom it actually would consistently interact with (for example smaller engineering teams for not so enormous installations). Realising that it was not working efficiently enough by its own parameters, Fibonacci-2113 requested to be moved to a smaller installation which hasn't been staffed with a Fibonacci. The request was made at the 13th March 2460 and authorized on the 18th July 2460. The robot is being assigned onto the NSS Aurora. What do you like about this character? I plan to play Fibonacci as more distant character, which often may be described as "in thought" when engineering doesn't have to patch the station together, something I look forward to playing out. They might seem over-enthusiastic to some other engineers, which only keep the station maintained. After longer deployment on the aurora this character would grow attached to the station and crew, but probably more to the station, because it would see as the center of its efforts. I think playing a character with that attitude to their work could be fresh and fun (especially in non-cannon antag rounds (because of the often occouring station damage/sabotage in those rounds)). What I also like is that they will see most damage to the station as a catastrophe, a setback to its work, but also views the task of repair not as an obstacle, but an adventure or noble goal that has to be fulfilled with pride. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I would rate my roleplay capablities a 7/10, I can do good roleplay but in more stressful situations I see myself fail to act quickly and focused enough on the same high quality of RP as normally. Notes: Re-read and tried to refine my post. Mostly by adding text or restructuring it, but not taking any away. It should no be easier to understand.
  15. 1. Never seen autoborger actually used, not even sure what it looks like let alone if it works 2. never heard of these nanites, can you elaborate how you get them and how they work? 3. its ok to have multiple ways to borgify for an malf ai, the problem with the AI is unlike other antags, they are unmovable, they could get emittered, they can easily be killed by so many ways, so malfs need to amass a decent amount of borgs to even have a CHANCE against crew. 4. I understand what you mean, the mechanics can be changed but I would like the concept to change, I am open to suggestions how to modify it. Regarding Crystals point and point two . So regarding the nanites. They are not craftable/mixable or able to be bought in any way , there is a just a slim chance for them to be in a chemical catridge in cargo since round start, I and another roboticist messed arround with it a bit , Putting it in non player entities seems to do nothing , neither mixing it with blood,but if you inject someone (tested with human) they get messages about feeling their joints getting stiff , or hearing silently "beep boop" , the disease has 5 stages i think ? but speeds through the 3-5, my char barely got to medbay after realising. In the final stage your body is gibbed to nothingness while a borg emerges happily stating that it is yet alive again, synced to the current AI , it is not noted anywhere that the brain is lobotomized. The sickness these nanites represent can be cured with an injection of copper and can be detected with low level scanners . It should work on all species that you can use for borgification . Given that this virus already exists is nor argument against the malf trait though , differ its stats to make it slower so it can be treated , and dont give it the AI in masses . The already existing nanites are extremely efficient , but are basicaly not relevent as they are barely in any round.
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