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  1. I´m aware that staff has the power and right to act like they see fit if it is needed, This doesn't mean I cant use the rules as an argument if I find the situation is not outstanding enough. With the information I have been provided now, that is different. Most of the behaviour mentioned here, did stem out of the way the character developed, to be specific his overbearingness in social matters. I found the eccentricity at which i displayed that as acceptable within what kind of personalities other characters show. I was apologizing because to some people I was overstepping boundries, as said I only ever were aware of two people beeing oocly creeped out by me. I acknowledge that what I was doing can, from another perspective, one that probably is more grounded to the average person, my actions were concerning if not wrong. I apologized to the two people which told me of their discomfort and I show understanding in here, because through the ban and this discussion I was shown that there are more people feeling the same way, and those two people werent outliners that I either went to strong on or that they just were easily irritated on that for their own reasons. If there is so many though that I hindered the joy of playing , I dont need to know who they are, I dont have any reason or ground to call out the action as too swift. I wish those people would have reached out to me and told me, but that doesnt matter here and now. I hereby retract my complaint. I am genuinely sorry.
  2. BYOND Key: AIMMO Staff BYOND Key: Aboshehab Game ID: I did not think of writing it down/screencaping it at the time Reason for complaint: I was perma community banned without chance for appeal over an issue that I was not informed of that it existed or other warnings and which in my opinion is nowhere severe enough to warrant a permanent Ban without any previous warnings or other measures. Evidence/logs/etc: I played that round half-actively, doing something else on the side but keeping an eye on anyone approaching my character for interaction or requests (I was playing chef, which i like to do if I only feel like not focusing too hard on the game), when I was messaged by Aboshehab. As this was the first administrative action directed against me in quite a while, and given the load of the message I was somewhat confused, so i tried understand better. I was understanding that the decision was already made, but I wanted to know with whom the issue lies nonetheless, as at least then I could apologize to the person(s) who I made feel this way or properly ponder on where went too far. There was no reply until the awaited "you are either AFK or disconnected" message from my client to show me it has been enacted. I looked through the chat logs and eventually retrieved all of the conversation I could find for the reason of a staff complaint, appeal or whatever (I haven't been too active on the forums and especially never had to do a staff complaint or alike.) After that ban was enforced I noticed I was also getting kicked/banned from the aurora-verse Discord servers. My forum account was also fully locked, however after asking another staff member about the sitation (again me lacking knowledge in these processes) they told me I should normaly still be able to write staff complaints and Ban appeals, they had to re-activate that limited functionality for me. Supporting evidence : Lack of prior Warning The usual legacy of Permanent Bans as by the Aurora Rules : https://aurorastation.org/rules.html "Permanent Ban: Permanent bans are issued in two general cases. First, to force communication with staff regarding an issue which was left unresolved, usually due to the player logging out mid-discussion. Second, as a final attempt to curb a player's behaviour, following warnings and temporary bans." Additional remarks: The following points would be more fleshed out for an actual Ban appeal, however I find them still relevant to bring the ban into the right light, atleast from my perspective : 1. Yes I have a fetish. Yes, as it is part of my psyche, it is something that has and will impact my decision making to a certain degree, however I will contest the point that any of my characters on the Aurora were designed or changed through my char development in order to serve that fetish instead of creating an interesting character with depth. (for example the decision to expand A.I.M.M.O.s skills onto cooking was a result out of the ongoing development of him wanting to acquire more Friends as a means of security, while I wanted to bring an artisanal interest, the wish to make few things of greater value than their parts, into a character who so far has only strived to acquire exceptional masses of simple things (Mining operations). Chef seemed a good option for that, as it is the only job on the aurora that is focused on creating something, which by many can be recognized as art when done well enough, food. I have not forced any characters into certain type of actions or used antag powers to do something in that direction. I am also aware that obviously my viewpoint on whats acceptable and what not, can be out of norm. I understand the reason given by Abo, I can see that people who know about this would potentially feel uncomfortable, however dont agree on the severity given here. I was not made aware that I am overstepping boundaries. By definition I have not broken any rules and without someone telling me where their boundaries lie I can only orientate myself by my own perception of what is acceptable and not. 2. I was not aware of the discomfort I was apparently causing. The two cases of players approaching me feeling uncomfortable were due to a different aspect of my character, their dependence on affirmation of friendship. I made them overbearing on design, to how further while they know what to say and how to act to be socially acceptable, they get other aspects of it still very wrong, seeing friendship like a state that is only true as long as a certain quota of interactions is fullfilled. Since I received those two complaints I have been trying to reduce that behavior, especially for the characters of said players. I am aware that parts of my chars behavior were criticized IC but I filter that obviously as such. (what a character finds uncomfortable doesn't need to be the same for the player, especially given the cultural and species driven conflict Aurora encourages.) 3. I consistently try to be receptive for feedback on my chars. With my main IPC (the only one I had fun returning to so far, waiting to make new ones until the Next Big Thing is out) i always felt I could step onto peoples toes, although not specifically because of the reasons Abo brings up. Thats why when a new Synth Lore Dev I give them a rough explanation of the current state of the character, point out things I feel can be seen controversially depending on the Lore Dev and affirm that I would like to be informed about any misbehavior they notice. 4. Despite this being an issue that involves rather personal information of myself, which I have been trying to only mention towards as relevant for the issue, I beforehand decline the option of moving this towards a more discreet way of processing which I have been informed of to exist now. I rather wish this issue to be seen by whoever wishes so than hiding my own secrets.
  3. Note : I dont have a skrell whitelist, but often look into the wiki regarding them and try to stay up to date with what happens in the lore discord, take my comments on this as you wish. Also I read this on my lunchbreak, so details might be hazy by now. First the things I like : Change of contact, a bit of pre-federation history and the clear effort put in, also the attempts to make Glorshs aquesition of power beeing a failing of skrell science/culture in which scientific theories and minds are more idolised. Things I dislike : As often already said, too much density in information, especialy in the earlier historical parts, where details are less relevant, the knowledge that war basically was not a concept ammongsts skrell due to their psionics is interresting, so is that subterfuge was already common early on, the names of the first larger tribes/post-tribe .. "goverments"? not so much. Furthermore psionics is opened up to be shown as much more potentialy powerfull, which i dont really like as a prospect, telekinetic and electro-kinetic animals? Implying this is a different way of using psionics ? I dont like it, its too superpowery, even if toned to a realistic degree, skrell already have a massive unique thing going for them, we dont need to amp the concept of psionics up in my opinion, well knowing that skrell themselves dont have these exact powers and that you could use this to explain Wizards etc, but antags like that dont need explanation. Now to glorsh, I found the introductionary bit very promising, showing the failings of skrell society to consider the dangers of hyperintelligence, and some even willing to actively pursue it, the soft compliance of how the Glorsh instances are distributed and used everywhere. This is the foundation for something to go horribly wrong with an AI without one or a small group of people beeing incredibly stupid to make it work, I like it, however the fallout was serverely watered down, I see why it was done, I see that, for the way one set up Glorsh, it might be a reasonable route, and I would even agree on this beeing an interresting way to write a faction/species ... however, the important point is this is not adding lore, this is rewriting lore. Lore that alot of other lore is connected to. Lore that creates alot of social tensions for the rp, If the glorsh singularity acted in this way, which claimed not many lifes, probably only the most when it shut itself down (causing some chaos by doing so) then this isnt a reason for Skrell to see AI as an inherent security risk, but an reliance on it, an over-incorporation of technology perhaps ? With some STRONG pushing you might convince me thats enough to ban all sophisticated AI in their space, but that most certainly wouldnt be an event to spark hatred against machines like IPCs, it wouldnt be a pilar other anti-synth groups could rely on as much as they do these days, they can use it against a further incorparation of AI into daily life, but its not really an argument to destroy stationbound borgs and IPCs, the described singular AI units active during Glorsh reign werent mentioned to be actively subverted or hacked, but just coherced like many skrell were. And again this is fine for making a faction or species. Not every "bad" AI needs to be a genocidal maniac. But glorsh has such infamy in our Lore before this change, that alot of other Anti-synth and pro-synth groups had to specifically adapt their agenda because this happened to the skrell. Shifting the extremety of Glorsh back by so much can make many characters motiviations, or atleast motivations for certain acts feel unreasonable by now. And that is one of the biggest issues when re-writing lore. I understand that there is a dedication to create a better overall version of the Lore for the skrell, but similair to changes I have seen before, these changes, while maybe slightly increasing the whole to be a more coherent thing, or more fit to the current lore-masters design, should not have such servere backlash on existing characters and interactions. Rp is what we are here for, sure new lore means new ways of playing characters, but changing what existed makes character growth and interactions feel less secure, sometimes actively eroding the things a character went through in-game. Reworked Glorsh doesnt need to be robo-satan but it needs to be hurtfull enough to matter to a similair scale as it did before. TLDR: Some things are nice, some are too detailed, rewriting major aspects of Lore is hard to get right without invalidating months or years of character interactions, decisions and growth, which hollows the long term prospect of RP.
  4. I would have some more questions there (and more in general that came up recently) but as they all are more setting than mechanics related they probably should wait for now untill something more concrete is set up. But as long as the Loreteam is also integrated in the development process, my concerns are not as big.
  5. Only issue I might have with this is that characters and the map itself is too disconnected from Tau Ceti itself ?Or any system for that matter. It will give room to new cannon events and noncannon gimicks, But asks alot of questions. One for example, if this is an exploration ship, where do people live ? Does it do like daily/weekly/monthly trips out into deep space to then fly back to Tau ceti or alike to dock ? Tau Ceti as a setting was good because the small system was designed as a melting pot of cultures, having minorities arrive there and different ideologies clash. I am not saying this is a bad change, I am just saying it needs to work in more ways than mechanics, and I am looking forward to see how it will go!
  6. Ion "Laws" for IPCs should be more quirks than "ensure x happens" , it would still be in conflict with self preservation, and given that self preservation routines ARE a thing and ARE enforced in the IPCs systems to the strognest extend, similair less strong routines could exist and be altered.
  7. On the one hand I like the idea ... on the other it brings up alot of issues : How are traitors affected. What are the lore implications (of normal ion storms aswell really, is that a ramovich thing ? Or are station AIs vulnerable due to their large ammount of connected hardware?) How would it be fixed ? If it requires A roboticist that could just fuck up a round for IPC players quickly, depending on the the exact type of law. The one RP aspect I can see to be won by this is the ... tragic of IPCs (synthetics in generall) as they are bound by their programming and assigned values .
  8. -1 Cramping science for something totaly unneeded is a big nono to me, they can use the conference room for breaks in science, and I will fight against more Changes that make the kitchen even less desirable to visit.
  9. What is this Item ? The Anomaly Proximity Alert would be a small item (fits in pockets and webbings) that does nothing else than give off an message or sound cue once it or the player that carries it is in a 10 (maybe less) Tile radius of an yet unearthed anomaly. Cannonically it would be a simpler and easier to produce version of the devices xenarchs have, as it doesnt measure direction and distance, but simply "goes off" at a certain ammount of anomalous radiation. It should either be cheap in the vendor, or inside the Mining lockers. Why do I suggest this Item? As miner I always have the uneasy feeling that with any sesimick charge, KA shot or pickaxe swing I could destroy a potentially fun/exciting thing for xenarcheology, This Device does nummerous things. It prevents Miners who care, to accidentally destroy Anomalies. It allows Miners to call out locations for Xenarchs, if they find some by chance It allows for a greater incorporation between xenarchs and miners, as they can now use the same area, without the xenarch fearing all research material in the area might have been blown up. Why make this item, instead of giving Miners the Super Sonava counter (I think thats what its called?)? Giving them the SSC would be much more of a chore to utilise , it takes more space, incintivises miners to look for anomalies themselves perhaps (and then fail at actually excavating it) and would certainly be more expensive for NT to give miners instead of a dumbed down version.
  10. I personally would like to see this in some way or form, because it somewhat speaks to an issue I have with afformentioned involvement in Vampire (and somewhat in Ling). Those two modes have most of their interaction that isnt open combat focused on organic crew (which makes sense for the antag role) which can be quite upsetting at times, Seeing an Vampire thrall an entire department and yourself having to stay on the sideline because you basically have two big groups fighting (Thrallls+Vamp vs normal sec/command) can be upsetting. A vamp round as an IPC player is often basicaly dead wheight. The only mode that offered some deeper interaction for IPCs in return was Malf, and interrestingly enough due to how the hack was delivered (most) times the player had a choice wether or not they want to be hacked by the simple decision of "Am I going to have my IPC char decide that due to the announcements its unwise to charge from APCs?" I am not sure which antags should have access to it, I could see the appeal for ninjas, heisters and mercs to get eyes and ears on the inside, while for an Traitor it would be difficult to price or should be rolled into the EMAG (but with having a more difficult time to get the condition for hacking) My personal Opinion on hacking as a mechanic is that it can lead to many interristing stories during action (having your character struggle with the new directives and concepts), if the hack can be removed by Roboticists then the same is also true for after action (given the antag is defeated/pushed back) I would love to see all this done just by RP, as that offers the most freedom and possibility for flavour but I cant see this really happening, Imagene things like vampire thralling didnt exist, but you would suddenly try to make someone an obeying slave as a Vamp just with rp, people who are quite quick to dunk on antags will use it as a way to call sec, most would probably refuse it or just fail to pick it up. And that is already assuming that you have the idea to enthrall someone. Without the mechanic there is little incentive to try (due to the unlikely outcome) and it isnt necessarily considered. All in all a way to hack IPCs for certain antags is something worth looking into. +1
  11. Always pleasant to rp with, and as far as I have been able to notice, competent with what she is doing. Clear +1 from me !
  12. Personal a +1 From me, I have seen Sky RP a lot and think he is definitively able to play other races. I dont know enough about Dionae to rate the char concept Lore wise, but really like to see how his opinion on unique Rp behaviour of Dionae is reflected in his character, which choose his path based on experiences and curiosity.
  13. I cant speak for the receiving side of this as I only played IPCs lately and I dont end up in combat scenarios too often, but once I kidnapped an HoP as IPC and missed to find a backup gun of theirs, a firefight in which I emptied my deagle (not the strongest gun arround I know) dissarmed him and shot him a few times with his gun, gave him alot of punches straight to the head, then another antag noted our fight and joined me, I got myself an icelander to shoot at the HoP, while my antag pal helped, I died mostly due to melee damage to the head as the two humans kept fighting. In the end my antag pal primed a frag grenade in their little 3x3 room and BAM ... both get up ... ok another one will take out the much more damaged HoP yes ? Well .. it finaly got him to stay down, the only thing that killed him was sec assuming his heart stopped a while ago, not like 4 seconds before they arrived. As said I dont have much experience in combat and could have done stupid things that reduced my chances on winning the fight ... but the ammount of damage the HoP survived through was not normal.
  14. Cheshire and AIMMO where the last that saw Wrixi in space (officialy that is , clearly yahir saw them later) and talked about how he jumped into space over radios, though we appearently were not interviewed on the occurances. Sec atleast that shift didnt seem eager to investigate in Wrixi leaving. I agree that most evidence would take alot of time to be found and if found probably is inconclusive, even if the maint blood wouldn't be cleaned, before attention of it is caught it probably dried too much to be of good use for Forensics. The only evidence with a reliable chance to be noted and used is whatever Wrixi said before dying in hivenet and the "Bug squashed" message if the investigators are very thorough, but that is in no way enough to arrest them, house search ? Sure ? Given how little evidence this case has that actually make sense, and the fact that no one involved in the events before Wrixi vanishing was interrogated makes me agree with Bears stand on the legitimacy of this
  15. 1- I find the AI fits more often a beneficial role in rounds than a negative one, not even counting Malf. The ability to subvert the AI allows many interesting Ideas and the AI can be tricked in different ways, I generally have a backup plan against pesky door-bolsters, but arent more concerned about them than sec. A camera glitch idea like stated above would be more interesting than removing an entire role. Realistically i find it unlikely that a company like NT would have so many cameras if there wouldn't be an AI to handle them, or sec would have easier ways to cover a lot of feed. The AI can spot you doing bad things, but so can janitor Luis who wanted to scrub maintenance. As said i prefer options like the camera Jam over complete removal. 2- I dont care much personaly, if its powergamed in some way (which i wouldnt even know how) it can be removed, if the third borg rarely gets anything to do people wont choose to play stationbound with two already in and no clearly lacking departments
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