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  1. The event its self was pretty fun, apart from the lack of radio and/or PDA messages, which sometimes left you feeling alone and/or unable to find people. I even tried to play "sec" but if i was the other end of the beach by the time the word of a fight reached me, it was often waaaaaaaay to late, and being unable to do anything about it.
  2. For what it's worth (and that's about half asausage roll) +1 from me.
  3. Reporting Personnel: Hadley Dawson Rank of Reporting Personnel: Security Cadet Game ID: bTg -aHuB Personnel Involved: Hadley Dawson - Security Cadet - Victim Preston Bullard - Security Officer - Offender Samuel Wigglesworth - Security Officer - Offender IRD - unkown job - Witness Astor Shaner - Surgeon - Witness Shane Briggs - Medical Resident - Witness Maybe others i was unable to see for most of it. Time of Incident: Roughly 1700 station time. Real time: About 5am GMT (uk time) Location of Incident: Holodeck/ Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property []Neglect of Duty [x]Harassment []Assault [x]Misconduct [x]Hazing? Overview of the Incident: I was called to the holodeck by Preston Bullard and Samuel Wigglesworth who upon arriving drew stun batons and proceed to stun baton me in the chest before i could ask them to stop they then started to pepperspray me serval times before discharging there tasers into me. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Yes, Drake Bond Head of Security who then took me to see Moren Godswood Chief Medical Officer. Actions taken: I spoke to my boss Drake Bond who took me to see Chief Medical officer Moren Godswood who advised me i should file this complaint.
  4. BYOND Key: Fekkor Character name: Hadley Dawson Item name: Hadley's Camera Why is your character carrying said item to work? Hadey is an aspiring photographer and always has his camera on hand just incase. Item function(s): Re-skinned camera. Item description:A early 2450's Sunny camera with an adjustable lens, this one has a sticker with "Hadley's" on the back. Item appearance: DMI found here : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/iov0ujyjqjjwua6/AACDNxu4iQKeY80sjYxXJAF-a?dl=0 How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? Hadley is always taking photos of everything (and sometimes people) around him, and i figureed having his own camera would increase rp when he does. Additional comments:
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