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  1. Okay, very simple suggestion. Make it so nobody in security can be an antag. I'm guilty of playing antag sec every once in a while and I always make the round kind of miserable for the station, even if it isn't my intention. Nobody has fun when sec gets torn apart from the inside and an inevitable ERT has to be called because security get ruined by people they are supposed to be able to trust. People outside of sec are forced to do what the antag wants or get owned, which again isn't massively fun. It should have been obvious, but it took me a while to figure out. At the very least the w
  2. Hi, I play as Z.I. Unity and will be explaining my actions. I'll try to cover you points bit by bit and hopefully address some of the concerns you raised. "HoS killed immediately and an antagonist warden fighting off all of security, as they controlled the armoury." This was unfortunate. I did not intend for the HoS to die or even find the landmine I laid there that early. I was planning to set it, go and do some general low tier sabotage like hiding some of medical's stuff and cutting some cables until a firefight would likely happen. That is when I wanted the mine to go off. If I w
  3. I'm back!! 😎 Dissertation and Software handed in. Now I have to wait to see if a marker wants to piss in my cereal.

  4. On leave to finish my degree. See you all soon~

    1. Chada1


      You can do it. See you when you get back and take care

    2. Scheveningen
  5. The short answer is there isn't anything to fix. As you described if antags go super loud security should be ass blasting them. The long answer is it depends on the situation. If antags are killing for the sake of killing without any rp motivation or reason then that is actually against the rules. Ahelp it. If they decide to kill based on their gimmick and have built up to it then as stated above, security should be dealing with this. High lethality means people actually have to think about their actions. Nobody wants to get killed and removed from the round, so people tend to rp more im
  6. Not much else to say that hasn't already been said. As it stands today I don't really see any major issues with any department, that includes security. I think adding in antags that focus less on combat is the best solution, shifting the focus to research or engineering - possibly others depending on creativity. What I dislike however is antags that just try to be assistant+, doing nothing but walking around the station and chatting to people. SS13 is at its best, in my opinion, when there are problems to solve in creative ways and that require teamwork. If a feature can be abused,
  7. Sorry about the delay, I am British and you posted this while I slept. Okay - my concern about unbanning you is that it has not been very long since you have received your perma. You were banned on the 2021-01-22 (about two weeks ago) for getting a bunch of notes in a short amount of time. I am willing to unban you, but not this soon. I suggest you get familiar with the rules, consider if you will be able to stick to them and then re-appeal on the 20/02/2021 (just under a month in total) if you believe you've improved in that short span of time. Post below letting me know if you agree wi
  8. They are so fun to interact with that I am hesitant to give them a +1 as it means I might not be able to interact with them as HoS anymore. A fantastic character, give this boi a WL now.
  9. Hi Schev, those were some excellent points and as usual your detail was top notch. I agree I should have made more of an effort in engaging with you after Blondie was arrested but at this point I was going off two things. Firstly, I had told you to stop before and you did not (Void hadn’t worked out you were an IPC due to their dumb player) and was concerned you’d charge into security with Blondie where they couldn’t follow. I’m not faulting you here, I’d keep running if a merc was trying to taze me as an ipc too! Secondly, you were right outside of security and my team was in the ba
  10. Hi, Voidcrawler here. I want to clear a few things up. I did not know the ERT at all, they said something about recognising my character so I went along with it. You did surrender, but by that point we were in combat with security and we are not obligated to accept your surrender. This is not the UN and my Skrell did not have a blue helmet. The HoS I think was caused by an aiming problem (person activates aim intent and forgets to deactivate move, talk etc) and after one started shooting the rest joined in CM style (I am not innocent). The ERT decided that me giving them cash then and
  11. Title says it all, but will elaborate my reasonings here. During the round 606-draT I ended up being an antag in research. Decided to mess around with some chems and made smoke-poly grenades using the below recipe: 40 potassium, 40 phosphorus, 40 hydrochloric acid in one beaker 40 potassium, 40 sugar, 40 sulfuric acid in the other beaker large chemical grenade The resulting concoction took out @ReadThisNamePlz and @Yonnimer characters fairly quickly, killing them even though medical got right on them. Nothing could be done to save them (I am sure the pair tagged can provide
  12. Hi @Caelphon, those are some really great questions and definitely provoke some more thought into my character. Allow me to answer them one by one in a quoted format below: If I made any mistakes or you have any other questions let me know!!
  13. BYOND Key: Rushodan Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character: A yellowy-blue Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes I have Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Recently I wanted to expand both my OOC understanding and my options when it came to the other races as currently I have only humans and IPCs at my disposal. I do h
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