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  1. I'm a fan of the lore you've incorporated into your history, and I am interested in this character's desire to dig deeper into Skrell History. How has Xicic reacted to recent events, particularly those that have made the news? How does beakmouth impact Xicic's social interactions, if it has any impact at all?
  2. Solid responses, and I've appreciated your involvement in the ongoing lore developments- I can tell you're invested. My only concern is how you will RP skrell as less expressive (to humans), I think it will be a challenge for you, but I am excited to see how you tackle that challenge. +1 from me. Which is an accept, so.
  3. Can you give me an example of how you might RP if your character were surprised? Also, you mention Xiq's loyalty to the Federation is strong, but not as strong as it was before. What does this mean for current events, so far as you can predict, with your character?
  4. I motion to ban KingofPing because I am the greatest DM of all time.
  5. Let’s not forget he’s been using slurs and complaining in OOC again. He makes a few good points in this thread when he lists the things he said he wouldn’t do on his appeal but is doing anyway.
  6. Star Chanter Speaks in Mendell Editor's note: Translated to Basic. Crowds of all species gathered in Mendell’s Phoenix Park to witness the historic visit of Star Chanter Ev’ix Qeblak’nyylouuy in Tau Ceti space. Her visit marks the first ever Star Chanter visit in Tau Ceti, and the first Star Chanter in human space since the years immediately following first contact between Skrell and humans. Qeblak’nyylouuy, aged 527 this August, recounted the lives of Skrell before the third incident. “We carried the sun upon our shoulders, it was a time of joy and promise, and the present was so bright we were blinded to all that lurked in the shadows,” Qeblak’nyylouuy told the crowds gathered to listen to her speak. The speech, done in the traditional narration style of Star Chanters, lasted one hour exactly. Qeblak’nyylouuy plans to continue her tour of Tau Ceti and is scheduled to speak on New Gibson tomorrow.
  7. Historic Visit of Federation Star Chanter in Ceti Space Editors note: Translated to Basic. Star Chanter Ev’ix Qeblak’nyylouuy has announced her presence in Tau Ceti this week. Her visit marks the first visit of a Star Chanter in the Ceti system, and the first visit of any Star Chanter outside Federation space since first contact with the Sol System. The Star Chanter’s visit is expected to help improve the local Nlom of Skrell far from home who are mourning the possible loss of the Tzqul Archive- still locked down from its attack by the traitor Nliix Qoiruio late last month. An expert in the entire history of the Skrell and Federation space, the Star Chanter plans to visit and tell stories around the system for the next five days before returning to the Federation. Qeblak’nyylouuy is scheduled to visit Mendell City tomorrow morning, and to visit the surrounding Biesel stations and high population Skrell communities in the afternoon. In preparation of the event, the Warble Enquirer is now selling ad space.
  8. I’m interested in hearing more about the friends Qxiksis moved to tau Ceti to follow- what is drawing this particular froggo so far from home? Can you clarify what you mean by the RP mechanics of the skrell rebellion? I don’t follow And finally, how would Qxiksis speak/emote in game if they were scared? No wrong answer here, just interested in how you plan to play a species with extremely limited expression to most passerby.
  9. Yeah, we end up in a lot of stalemates where like. You can’t lower because the ninja is still around SOMEWHERE and we really ought to have it up they killed the captain but oh my god is he afk in a locker??? Or like last night we had a 3 hour round because we were on delta, the AI kept sending the shuttles back, and why would you lower.
  10. Chaos Unfolds at Tzqul Archive Event, 4 Arrested Editors note: Translated to Basic. The annual attempt to decrypt the Tzqul archive ended early and in tragedy today as Federation Peacekeepers closed down the event to arrest four C’thur working for Skrell scientist Nliix Qoiruio. The group is being charged with possession of illegal technology, crimes against the Wake, sedition, and anti-Federation sentiment. The fifth set of contenders to take on the challenge to decrypt the archive, Qoiruio’s team reportedly attempted to upload artificial intelligence software to complete the task. Countless viewers inside and away from Federation space watched in horror and dismay at the last seconds of the broadcast before it was cut by the Censorship for Wake Solace board. A clip of the last 30 seconds of the broadcast has been circulating around the extranet. The transcript reads- “This is an affront to everything we believe in and spits in the face of all that we have endured,” said Federation Chairman of Community Progress Ji’oirup Tup’qrrioou. “We will ensure that such an affront to the Federation and its people is met with the highest punishment.” The Archive itself has entered some sort of altered state, which experts are identifying as a lockdown. “Something has changed in the code, best case scenario we are now behind an entire generation in decrypting it, worst case scenario, our history is lost to us,” said Q’rrlzaoop V’mlluuk, Chief Scientist of the Xrim Fellowship of Scientific Progress. The archive, which contains the entire history of the Skrell race, has been encrypted since the third incident. “Without the Archive, all that is left of our history lays in our few Star Chanters- and only two of them lived before the Third Incident. I can think of no greater crime any Skrell has committed against their own people.” Qoiruio, the traitor scientist responsible for the affront, remains at large. He is known to conduct research on the traverse with a small group of Skrell, C’thur, and Dionae. A raid on his research station conducted this afternoon found it abandoned, the research taken with it. “We are offering anyone who comes forward with information about the location of or research of Qoiruio a reduced sentence for their crimes in collaboration,” said a Peacekeeper spokesperson today. Federation citizens, meanwhile, mourn the potential loss of the archive. A vigil currently stands around Ploat’nil, where millions have gathered to place antiques and fragments of their possibly lost past. Many more mourn across Federation space.
  11. Crowds Gather for Tzqul Archive Challenge Editors note: Translated to Basic. The Federation’s greatest minds gather this week to attempt to decrypt the Tzqul Archive in this year’s challenge. Qerrbalak spaceports are flooded with tourists, largely Skrell and human, seeking to witness what could potentially be a historic moment for the entire Skrell race. It has been reported that many are setting up camp in the islands around Ploat’nil, and many xeno tourists are landing in the waters around the city to await the event. Such crowds are not unusual- last year’s event drew in crowds of over 15 million. This year will host the usual teams of academics, most notably the Xrim Fellowship of Scientific Progress, whom many believe will be the first to uncover this lost archive of Federation history. The team is known for their groundbreaking work of using spliced slime DNA as a means for unraveling the patterns that may have been used to encrypt the archive. “In my 100 years in the XFSP, I have never been so certain we can break the code,” says Chief Scientist Q’rrlzaoop V’mlluuk. The arrival of the XFSP team was greeted by cheers throughout the city. “The Wake was overwhelmingly positive, I am humbled by the passion Ploat’nil has for the sciences,” says V’mlluuk. Other contenders include the Aloise Code Force, the Kal’lo Future Scholars Association, and a group of C’thur who have not given a name but have placed copies of a permit which calls them ‘Nliix’s Crew’ and provides them permission to occupy the city for the week in the hands of every passerby. The event will be broadcast as far as human space.
  12. Welcome to the world of frogs. Warble on, my friend.
  13. All of this. I don’t like anecdotal evidence, but since that’s all I have, I’ve been parapenned a good number of times and never ganked. One of my best victim-to-the-antags involved being paralyzed and desperately hoping my ally was going to take my side and save me. And you you know what was so cool about that? I was awake. I was still a participant in whatever happened to me. I couldn’t move or speak but I was there, aware of everything that was said and all of the stakes. Sopor, and even chloral, remove that feature of the current paralysis pen.
  14. Yeah, I didn't mean it in a derogatory way. I just realized that they weren't similar at all to my eyes, but for someone who doesn't see green, they're probably identical.
  15. ....are you unironically color blind?
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