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  1. Maybe there should be a means of handling things on server that don’t require clout and popularity to get the upper hand?? Maybe that’s a huge problem?
  2. Sure, I have an example for the whole devs feeling like they can get away with anything thing. (I was also maximum cringe in this conversation, but I did admit that my attitude would probably get me banned, and low and behold, as not-a-dev-or-admin, it did)
  3. Obviously, I agree that there is a severe problem here. I've been called a cunt by staff members, they didn't face any action until they got into fights with other staff members. Since my complaint went up, I've had a number of DMs sharing similar stories from players old and new, some former staff members. It's not my place to share their stories for them, but I invite them to come forward. Since my complaint went up, I've also had two staff members contact me- one to call me toxic for posting the complaint in the first place, another to accuse me of shit stirring, as if somehow handling my issues in the official capacity of a complaint is bad. But then, that complaint is against an admin and a dev. If players are being held to a standard where they can receive a ban for passive aggression over commenting on extended, staff need to be held to the same standards. Calling players cunts and assholes isn't okay, but it happens, it happens regularly, and there are never consequences for it.
  4. Should I make another complaint for the swearing? And generally, very unpleasant attitude, including, hilariously, a lot of passive aggression? I figured it could just be handled here, since the thread was already up.
  5. This complaint is over an admin not using the forum complaint system. It’s over an admin telling a player there’s an investigation into them weeks before contacting the player and providing no resolution. It’s over an admin banning a player for passive aggression, but swearing at that player repeatedly. Why are players held to higher standards here than staff? I can’t comment on it being extended without you deciding I was actually yelling at someone in ooc, who I wasn’t yelling at in DMs, (If I said I wasn’t playing because it was vrow, why did I play the next round, which vrow was also playing?) but you can call players assholes and tell them they’re just paranoid? You can be aggressive, but I can’t be passive aggressive? I understand if my ban sticks because a pattern was established, but your pattern should be recognized too.
  6. When an ahelp is closed the player gets a notification that it has closed. That doesn’t happen over discord.
  7. That's reasonable too, aaaand I won't deny I've been a dick. I've said that from the start, I think I say it twice in the initial post. What was particularly frustrating about how this was handled was that I was told there was an investigation against me early into March, was not contacted about the investigation until the end of March- so I knew something was up, but didn't know what, and couldn't, y'know, improve. This definitely fostered paranoia on my end, since the staff I asked had no idea what investigation I was talking about. Once I was contacted about the investigation, that line of inquiry was dropped with no resolution. The next message from Matt was days later, with no follow up to the inquiry, about another topic. Juani convinced me there was no ban fishing, which is why I haven't mentioned ban fishing here- the only mention of it is coming from screenshots with my conversation with Juani. But I hope you understand the way this was handled- being aware of an investigation but told nothing about it for weeks, explaining my actions and getting no follow up but, instead, just getting a new line of questioning, regarding a new incident, and that all of this was done over Discord by the same admin instead of over player complaints or ahelps (I was on the server when I made those OOC comments, I played the next round, too, the one that wasn't extended, that vrow was also playing on, no bwoink)- it seemed very poorly handled and I did strongly suspect there was some sort of grudge. It was handled poorly.
  8. I understand you won't drop the record. I do hope, though, that you realize I have a ban for passive aggression, but you have an admin over here swearing at a player. If passive aggression is bannable, so is aggression. Fix your double standard, please.
  9. In your example, shoving someone down disposals, that’s a thing you can see. There are logs. It’s concrete. Here, I said “lmao and here I thought I was going to play”. That, by itself, isn’t against rules. I don’t know where this reputation of never being genuine comes from, but I assure you, I am being genuine.
  10. Your response is very angry. You call me an asshole several times. This is exactly my issue with how all of this was handled. I have no idea what that note regarding jackboot is. How does jackboot causing a shitstorm (which is a very vague and very rude description) have anything to do with me? My well documented passive aggression, from alb’s warning, was literally all at burger. The person who was calling women (including me)cunts, who used the N word on server, who was actually going after people, by name, on ooc. Does that justify how I handled it? Nope. But it doesn’t establish a pattern. Do you see how your core argument here is that you dislike me? I’ve never called out slurs on people. I argue with people, sure, but the screen shots are right there to show how I argue- no name calling, always interested in working towards a solution instead of tearing the other person down. Your screenshots from the conversation with juani lack a lot of context- here’s another from the same conversation. Anyone can go through any conversation, especially one where I am, frankly, pissed off, and pick out quotes that don’t show how the conversation was ultimately handled. This is, again, one of the big reasons handling these sorts of things over discord is hugely inefficient. “This is correct. What do you expect me to do? Ask you if you broke the rules, you'd say "no" and then go on your merry way? You don't get to decide if you broke the rules or not.” The rule I apparently broke here was being passive aggressive at vrow. I was commenting on extended. That is the truth, that was my motivation. It is ridiculous that you can decide what I actually meant for me, especially since you’d literally come into this expecting that to be the case. Like you just said, “my perception of you was already poisoned”. Getting a ban for reputation alone is ridiculous. In any case, you still haven’t provided an explanation for why I was told there was an investigation nearly a month before I was contacted about it. You do a great job of reinforcing that gaslighting though, in your response here. You say I’m just paranoid, but we know that an investigation was going on about me, for weeks, before I was contacted. And we know that this investigation was being handled by an admin whose perception of me was already poisoned. I am not the person you seem to think I am. It’s not my job to convince you that I’m not, but your subjective opinion of me should not result in a ban. A ban, again, should be for a rule that I actually broke, for a thing I actually did, not because you think I am a pretentious asshole.
  11. That’s reasonable, and I don’t expect any public resolution here, but I do hope there is an internal conversation regarding transparency.
  12. BYOND Key: Resilynn Staff BYOND Key: MattAtlas, sort of Game ID: N/A Reason for complaint: I'm going to start off with a fair warning that this is going to be a very long, very detailed account of number of different issues. At its heart, I suppose it is a staff complaint. I was temp banned and I want it off my record. But I also want to encourage meaningful changes to how Aurora staff conducts itself and handles internal investigations. Objectivity is, in my opinion, a huge issue in how Aurora handles its investigations. I'll go into more detail on this later, along with my suggestions for fixing it. But for now, I'd like request that the discussion over this complaint is handled, here, over this complaint. I know the second I told anyone I was going to make this, about an hour ago, I got DM'd by someone totally separate on staff asking "Are you going to kick up a cloud of shit again" (which is totally unacceptable, both the rate the rumor of me considering a complaint was spread, that the existence of the complaint was reported to staff before it even existed, kicking up biases before I even got a word in, and also because don't consider this a cloud of shit and calling it one undermines the very point I'm trying to make, here). My last few months of exploring other servers I've found this tendency to immediately go 'omg did you see this complaint' and 'oh man did you hear..' is fairly unique to Aurora and how it handles conflict, and I'm sure we can agree that it's not ideal. I received a 7 day ban for making the following comments in OOC. I explained to Matt that my comments, specifically 'whoops and here I thought I was going to play', were because I learned it was extended. Matt, and, as I understand, other staff, decided for me what I meant, and a ban was applied on their opinion of me alone. But let me explain the context in the months leading up to the ban, because I feel it's necessary. I'm going to be highly subjective here and explain what I learned, in the order I learned it, to show my thought process. Now, all that history aside, here's my argument. My ban was, frankly, bullshit. Sorry for the language, but I don't know how else to put it. It is entirely unreasonable for an admin to say 'No, you said this but I've decided you MEANT this, take a ban.' Especially because I wasn't given a chance to present the logs that clearly show I wasn't being a dick at Vrow. Especially because I was told 'drop it' by Matt while he was asking for my side of things. It is also entirely unreasonable to leave a player pending with 'there's an investigation on you but no one will tell you anything more except it exists, and most staff will deny that in the first place.' It's legitimately just gaslighting. 'Look how miserable Resi is, super paranoid, very defensive, she probably WAS metagrudging Vrow'- except I was concerned over very real threats of an impending investigation. I did not break the rules. It is incredibly unreasonable to put words into my mouth, saying I said what I said at Vrow instead of at extended, and then to ban me for the motivations you decided I had. Bans, even temp bans, should require concrete evidence. Not the bias of a bunch of people thinking I'm a bully because of my character and staff complaints, not the bias of a shadow investigation into a metagrudge that I wasn't even aware of, that I couldn't even defend myself against. I don't think I need to argue that concrete, objective evidence is important, but, well, here we are. You cannot prove, in any way, what I meant. Only what I said, and what I said was nothing close to against the rules. So, that's my first point. I want the ban removed from my record, and I want it written down very clearly for the future that concrete evidence is needed. Second, and importantly, I have a suggestion for the future. This entire experience has soured my view of the Aurora. I don't know if I'll ever come back, I've been enjoying what I view as a significantly less toxic environment elsewhere. I have no plans to come back, currently. But, for people who are in my situation in the future, I suggest that player investigations are handled with transparency. I had no idea what my investigation was over, I only knew there was one, and even then, most staff was denying there was one. This complaint should not have needed to rely almost entirely on Discord logs. Your investigations should be done over player complaints and ahelps. Apparently, in the same week I was reprimanded by Juani for going to a headmin with a problem instead of making a staff complaint, Vrow was able to make a complaint on me without touching the forums. That is a double standard. Vrow should have had to make a player complaint, Matt should have directed Vrow to the forums. If player complaints are too transparent to the entire community (I have not seen another spacemen server that treats complaints in the very dramatic, petty, cliquey way they're handled here), then the complaint should be handled internally on the staff side of the forums. This will benefit you in a few ways. First, if someone who had been handling a case drops out of handling it (Juani said this happened in my case), you have a record of the conversations that were had. Second, you'll avoid another novel-length complaint from whoever Resi 2 is. This mismanagement, this assigning motivations to me and banning me for the motivations you gave me, this allowing one player to tarnish my entire reputation here independently of any of the formal complaint systems we have implemented, this not giving me the chance to properly defend myself and telling me to 'drop it'- I find all of it ridiculous and inexcusable. I was told, for weeks, there was no investigation into me (though Juani said there was). I was never told the conclusion of that second line of questioning, where Matt asked why I removed Mekesatis' eyes, so I could never prove it was done with consent and good intentions. The moment I brought up writing this out, I was accused by a staff member of coming here to stir shit up. I want to know why this investigation was handled this way. Additional remarks: I deleted evidence and logs section since they're included in the whole thing.
  13. Their contributions were good, they were useful, they were timely. A huge portion of the lore that pushed skrell into actually being played on the aurora was developed by paradox. They deserve a better spacemen server but for some reason they wants to be staff on this one (we’ve all made that mistake, I suppose). Paradox has my support.
  14. I have a more detailed price guide and more references and whatnot, so, it’s all highly customizable with a little conversation.
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