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  1. He has also still been complaining about gimmicks in ooc, which is just. Not polite. He has also still been using abusive language, including calling women cunts. He has been enough of a problem in terms of his attitude and how he talks to people that I beliiieeeve he has a recent discord ban? Admins have logs and evidence for all of this, it’s been documented.
  2. Resilynn

    Absolute State

    Why is any of this in general where it is largely unactionable? I mean, I understand that the reason is that none of this adds up to enough for a staff complaint or player complaint and that the previous complaints were/will be (rightfully) dismissed, and I understand that the reason is that this topic in general opens up arguments and rumors and conflict which, by our established rules, cannot be regulated nearly as strictly as formal complaints. But since this is in general, meaning, I can respond to it, I’ll go ahead and comment. Cringe and degeneracy are things, but they are different things for everyone. Complaining something is cringe is hardly grounds for making any impactful changes because it’s an incredibly subjective descriptor. Which is why we define hard lines in our rules- ERP, OOC sexual harassment, etc. But Resi! The existence of loopholes doesn’t justify what I consider to be misconduct! Okay, we have a system for that. We have a whole team of administrators and moderators there to look at any grey areas in a situation and make their calls, AND they are even held accountable though a system of reporting over staff complaints. Every tool is made available to you to handle these things in an official, and largely courteous capacity. And you choose, instead, to open a less regulated conversation where you can frankly stir up drama, rumors, and suspicion, which I assume you know full well will not amount to any meaningful changes because of the basic nature of this branch of the forums. You’re using general to be petty and reactionary, in my opinion. Geeves had the best response on here. Ahelp, move on. If that doesn’t work, staff complaints. If that doesn’t work, maybe you’re being reactionary and taking things out of context- at that point a number of people have looked over logs and incidents and decided they are non-issues. I understand you struggle with seeing outside of your own perspective. Everyone does. But for the love of god, at some point all of the complaining over discord, ooc, and not-the-complaint-boards forums has to stop. I cannot even fathom how you think conducting yourself like this will accomplish anything for you.
  3. Hi. I am just going to go ahead and add this to my to do list. My background is astrophysics so you will be in secure hands in terms of scale and realism. Kyres and mofo will ultimately review what I write and have the say on what gets published but I will post updates as I go so you are all able to continue providing feedback.
  4. “Yahir shot wxkri point blank in front of two people” This alone should be enough to lose your job in a canon event without a damn good reason, even if it didn’t end in a murder 10 minutes later. But then we have the PDA logs, the blood, the body, fibers, etc. There are ways to permanently get rid of a body on the server, there were ways to clean up your tracks. If the blood was cleaned, if there weren’t PDA messages saying “a vaurca did something that made me mad so I squashed a bug”, if 3 different intelligence agencies weren’t paying attention to what goes on on this station, sure. Lastly, I want to say that there is precedence for this. In the second antag contest, characters were not permitted to come back to the station by the lore team because they became big deal heroes. In the Odin murders, I personally had my PDA logs combed through despite there being no IR by the lead of CCIA and got reprimanded without interview because the evidence that I trespassed and withheld evidence in an investigation was strong enough from a few vague PDA messages. Also in the Odin murders, Halstere and LeCheffe(?) were both characters lost because of the event arc. Death has never been the only way to lose a character in a canon event, and CCIA has never been in charge of who is lost in events. All the same, as a courtesy, I did brief lancer before moving forward with this decision.
  5. I'll provide a bit of clarification. It took a couple of weeks because Alb had intended to handle it from the Taj lore end of things, but learned your character does not have a citizenship. These are canon events. You are warned ahead of them that everything in them is canon- and of course, you're not disputing that it was canon here. But consider, you canonically murdered, with what, a pickaxe, as a miner, a vaurca. You canonically PDA'd something about squashing a bug. You canonically walked around covered in vaurca blood. These were decisions you made in a canon event round. My justification for the evidence leading back to you involves a few things- First, you didn't clean the blood in maint where the murder took place. You didn't clean it off of yourself, either. The PDA messages, obviously. Then there's the matter of the vaurca's disappearance. Space doesn't kill vaurca, firstly, and second, if I recall correctly, the vaurca was speaking over their hivemind channel between walking into space and the murder. I understand you assumed tossing it on the asteroid meant the body was gone forever, but there are more permanent ways of retrieval and that seems more like a safe bet placed on knowing there isn't permanence on the server rather than 'oh all bodies get eaten by carp.' Keep in mind, this is a situation being monitored very closely by a number of intelligence organizations between NT, Tau Ceti, and Jargon. I absolutely welcome the chance for Kyres and Mofo to review logs and see if this was the correct decision, but after careful consideration, I believe that it was.
  6. Goweetttttttttt!! Is thwiss what wou’ve bween dowwing iwnstwead owf watching mwoovwies wiff mweee~~~~??
  7. Resi’s ‘I know very much about how medical works and probably have the most hours spent in it’ suggestion: 2 physicians 2 surgeons 2 nurses You will not reliably have a cmo. It’s silly to cut a job slot because a whitelisted command slot might also be able to do that- also, command roles should not be taking the place of a slot in the first place, it’s a management role. So, two physicians. Surgeons speak for themselves. We need two nurse slots. Brainmed is a BITCH. And I love that about it. Nurses are a godsend on brainmed. Nurses are the people running when there is no EMT, they’re the ones doing cpr for two minutes straight while a doctor frantically medicates and gets blood levels up, they’re the ones running from the OR out into medical because someone unexpectedly has toxins rising dangerously in surgery. If we’re cutting any roles, it should be one surgeon slot. Most physicians can do surgical basics anyway.
  8. I’m organizing a project to introduce xenoflora and fauna on a way sites, it should change xenobotany quite a bit.
  9. Still waiting on a bit more community feedback here, since I haven't been in game much this week.
  10. I'll accept you into Skrellship, Fresh. It's a solid app and I think you'll do well I guess.
  11. How old is Quweshi? His parents tried to steer him away from his field, but now he's gone far away to follow that field. How has that impacted his relationship with his parents? How long has Quweshi been in Tau Ceti? How are current events impacting Quweshi?
  12. Hi! Thanks for being patient with my slow response over the holidays. I've read this over, and there are some parts of it I like (I have a soft spot for the Traverse). I have a few questions for you: What do you see the Federation's role as in the lives of Skrell, like Sqliuk's, who work far from home? How would you see Skrell expressing anger? What body language would you emote, if any, how would you speak? What do you think the most annoying thing about sharing dreams with other people would be? Do skrell have Srom pet peeves? Also, try to gain some feedback for this application from people who have seen you around in game. You can advertise the app in OOC once per round.
  13. Rumors of Federation Raids Dismissed, Reformed Terrorist Speaks Editor's note: Translated to Basic. A number of alarming reports of missing Skrell have cropped up all throughout Tau Ceti as Star Chanter Ev’ix Qeblak’nyylouuy travels throughout the system. Suggestions that the disappearances, which have largely gone unseen, are somehow the result of Federation involvement have, however, been dismissed as laughable. “I believe it stems from a somewhat exaggerated article in the human news, with the Mendell Bugle,” said the Star Chanter herself when asked by a human attending her recent speech. “In this article, they indicate that a terrorist cell was dismantled aboard the NSS Aurora- this much is true, though the details of the violence there are largely inaccurate. Regardless, I believe that article has lead to this rumor that the Federation is involved in disappearances- that event was an arrest, mind you, not a disappearance.” Federation Investigative teams have largely attributed the disappearances- now nearing 15 in the last month- to a rise in ‘xenophobic’ sentiment among Tau Ceti humans. Footage leaked this earlier this weekend shows one abduction, the abduction of 42 year old Saxilii Lyoornush, obtained from street cameras in Hengsha. It appears to show the young girl being taken by two dark haired human males- both short haired, both appearing to stand around 180 cm tall. Her parents, a family of 5, have put out a reward for her safe return in the amount of 50,000 credits. “It breaks my heart that someone could take our darling girl,” cried one of her mothers. “She was studying human culture abroad- we’d do anything to get her back. All she wanted was to learn about the humans, and they took her. We share nightmares about what may have happened to our baby, it’s horrible, none of us can sleep.” In addition to these species related abductions, anti-Skrell sentiment appears rife in human space. The JFV Qurivin, a Federation Diplomatic vessel, docked with the NSS Aurora to find ‘GO HOME’ crudely scrawled on the ground and a shrine to Oscar Easter, a human member of the Diam’ond terrorist cell, just outside the docking point. The shrine to genocide advocate Oscar Easter, containing his face sock. “To think they are celebrating someone who worked for the genocide of our entire species, I can’t imagine. I have never felt so unsafe as I feel in human space,” said an anonymous JFV Crewmember. They showed a pamphlet hung at the NSS Aurora, which made outlandish claims about Skrell poisoning the water. The anti-Skrell pamphlet, which refers to Skrell as frogs, a native Sol vermin. We reached out to reformed terrorist Froskur Vel-Rana, currently being monitored in the Pryux Re-Education Center to ask about the allegations that these assaults by anti-Skrell humans are somehow instead the work of the Federation. "It is plainly false that the Jargon Federation executes these "raids", simply because the federation is above such uncouth methods," said Vel-Rana. ""I was a violent, extremely misguided, and deeply hurt individual who needed exactly the type of expertise that the Tups have in non-lethal operations. Otherwise, I don't think I would've forgiven myself if I had completed my plans to finish Glorsh Omega's plan. I am thankful that they spared my life and gave me another chance of aspiring to the ideals of the federation." Vel-Rana also testified that none of the missing Skrell have been seen in her time at Pryux.
  14. Fair answers. Given the strong recommendations and your well developed background, I'm willing to overlook your short playtime on the Aurora. Happy Nondenominational Sol 3 Northern Hemisphere Winter Solstice Celebration Day, my froggo.
  15. Appealing Personnel: Fernando Gonzales Specific Incident: Report found here: Action taken as a result: Fines, largely, and a record. The message from CCIA read- My record reads: Action contested: I would like this incident reviewed and, ideally, the record removed. Reasoning for contest: I still believe it is perfectly reasonable to spend company credits on crew development and morale- in this case, giving a scholarship to two exemplary employees, both of whom have moved on to work with NanoTrasen in higher roles (CMO and Surgeon, respectfully) using the funds that were given to them. Moreover, there was no use for monkey sized prosthetic limbs OR a monkey with prosthetic limbs, which is why the subject was given to the employees who had worked so hard to keep it alive and give it high quality of life. Additional notes: This changed hands between a number of CCIA agents over a long span of time. The initial handling agent, Pena, has stated he did not believe a reprimand was in order. I do not require a refund from the fine.
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