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  1. Resilynn

    Show yer face, II

    Not longer than mine. >:U
  2. Resilynn

    Show yer face, II

    My last was without makeup so here is with.
  3. Resilynn

    Removal of Access: Cloning

    Mechanics shouldn’t have to keep a chemist from cloning. The rules already cover that.
  4. Just make money mean something.
  5. Resilynn

    Remaking the Library into an Internet Cafe

    Only issue 40
  6. Resilynn

    Remaking the Library into an Internet Cafe

    As long as it’s covered in directive 4 and counts as the science department that counts.
  7. Resilynn

    Remaking the Library into an Internet Cafe

    Tbh I like this idea too. Make it some kind of outreach area- a place for entertainment and relaxation but also a place for science to show off their projects to the general crew if they want.
  8. Resilynn

    Departmental Security

    Command staff already has that authority.
  9. Resilynn

    Departmental Security

    To answer the questions about authority, clearly the HoS’s orders would have precedence over the other heads of staff in regards to the officers. I think this would be awesome for the HoS role, making them even more of a tactician in role- deciding which departments to pull and add security to. If we left brig officers and a warden/detective/ft, the brig issue is solved. I think this will be awesome.
  10. Resilynn

    Player awards results!

    How could you forget me bby
  11. Resilynn

    OR Room and Freezer Paramedic Access

    There is blood in the icu and blood downstairs that paramedics can easily access.
  12. Campinkiller has done really well lately as one of our most reliable regular security players. He’s admitted for months that Marc pryce was a huge mistake, and has shown considerable growth since making that decision. And even before that, he was usually a pretty solid member of command. We all have bad weeks, bad months sometimes, even. Even as an antag, Caruso has done an excellent job in security, driving the round in a realistic, reasonable, and generally enjoyable way. I absolutely want to see how campinkiller does as HoS after these months of reflection and growth. +1
  13. I love the mapping. I’m honestly in favor of adding physical trauma, especially if it replaces things like narcolepsy.
  14. Resilynn

    Add a stomach pump to the sleepers

    Sure, but maybe to balance it a bit the stomach pump could work like calomel, where it works but it does a decent amount of toxin damage that has to be carefully monitored.