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  1. I’m still metagrudging from that time she accidentally killed me by shaking me up half a second before I’d crawled over a ledge. She seems okay, though. Abrasive and stubborn, from what I’ve seen as Kevin, which is basically the MO of her department. I’ve seen her go out of her way to help her friends and I recall, after bleeding out from being accidentally shoved over a cliff and abandoned (;)), seeing her not know how to patch her friend up when they were injured (sticking to character limitation is a good thing) and decide just to bunker down in a tunnel because at least it had air. So, solid reasoning there.
  2. You kids may have grandpa sweaters, but I use my great grandmother’s dishes.
  3. Busy is okay, it happens to all of us. I like the exploratory nature of this particular froggo. This is a skrell following a passion, who doesn’t feel pressure to succeed as much as she feels a thirst to know more and be involved. I think, in skrell society, this could be taken as a lack of ambition in the sciences (where are all your other degrees?! Why aren’t you trying to pioneer a field?) and it makes perfect sense that she is studying in human space. Application accepted. I hope to see you around soon.
  4. I accidentally turned Orlova into a monkey on extended once. We we spent the entire round running from security with this sad monkey, brought in science to get her back into a human body.
  5. Alright, this has stayed up for long enough. I am going to accept this, because you've already put in a lot of effort to skrell lore, and the conversations we have about it have already impacted the lore I've been producing and editing. Your conversational style of development, your 'what ifs' and 'hey how doeses', fits well with my own development style. That being said, I understand the concerns brought up with this application. You have not always been good at following up with the lore you're supposed to be working on (vaurca, most recently). You have a history of being abrasive when you disagree with someone, including me. I hope to fix this by establishing my expectations as thoroughly as I can, and maintaining those expectations over time. You said the list of objectives I provided works for you, and that you'd appreciate having that kind of loose schedule. I'll trust you on that, you know your work style better than anyone. So, that's the first expectation. The second expectation is that you will be absolutely, 1000% friendly in conversations about frog lore. You've made big strides here since becoming a mod, so I believe you can do it. I have a bad habit of getting abrasive when I disagree with something, too. This friendliness should extend both to people asking questions, even the dumb ones, and people providing criticism. I want to encourage players (and fellow lore writers) to provide feedback, and feedback is often 'hey this is dumb'. I want players to feel comfortable telling us if they don't like something, and I want to open conversations about what can be improved. If all that's agreeable enough to you, application accepted.
  6. TO: Jackie, Nurse, NSS Aurora FROM: AMS, CCIAAMS, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: This is an automated message to inform you that an investigation has now been opened regarding your incident report, and assigned to Lauren Verdell (Resilynn). You may be contacted by the CCIAA for an interview, or you may contact them directly if you have any questions. -------------------- DTG: 05-10:18-TAU CETI STANDARD-10-2461 SIGN: CCIAAMS
  7. Hi! Sorry for the lack of response on my end, it's been a crazy busy week. I would like you to answer DeadLantern's questions. I see you've played a good handful of rounds since Abo pointed out your low activity, thank you for that effort. I plan to give you my decision on this tomorrow, so please get to those questions if you have a moment to.
  8. I am personally happy with this explanation. It has been a more consistent problem than once, but I don’t expect you to know all of the context behind that one ahelp. I hope you understand where I was coming from in my misunderstanding of exactly what you meant.
  9. I do not think it is shitty to respond to you. I have not used offensive language, I have not commented about your personality in general. I have responded twice directly to your criticism of my antaggery, and once, mentioned your name as an outlier in the 'everyone agreed with this'. I didn't think to censor myself and not say burger because it was not a big deal to me that you did not agree. I was just making my 'almost everyone agreed' claim accurate. You are taking offense where none was meant, and you're responding with slurs.
  10. BYOND Key: Resilynn Staff BYOND Key: Cynam Game ID: b3x-alWP Reason for complaint: Three days ago, Burger was complaining about my gimmick. This is a thing Burger does, and is notorious for doing. It's even a thing Burger said he wouldn't do on his unban request, found here: Not complaining about rounds is literally Burger's first 'step he'll be taking'. So, he complained about my malf gimmick and I said something along the lines of 'what, you, complaining about a gimmick?' He said stop, I dropped it. Yesterday, I was in a conversation about some medical nerfs I drafted up forever ago. I linked it on the general discord and mentioned that everyone on the linked post (except Burger, but you know) mostly approved at least in part on the nerf. I said except Burger, but you know, because, well, it was right there. Burger called me a retarded cunt. Tonight, Burger was complaining about the round where I antagged, again. "You do you" is both dismissive 'ok, whatever', and also, really not unwarranted, given his history and promise to stop doing this on his unban request. And he called me a cunt, again. I ahelped, and was told, basically, 'well don't do things that get you called a cunt'. This is completely unacceptable to me. 1. I've had a pleasant tone this entire time. I've dropped things the moment burger's called me a cunt, or called me retarded. I haven't fought. I haven't called HIM any slurs. Two times were in response to him directly criticizing my antag play, one wasn't even criticizing him, it was just mentioning his reaction in a linked post. 2. I have no control over whether a toxic community member who was permabanned for doing exactly this does it again. I think it's ridiculous to tell me 'just don't be called a cunt c:'. He was talking about my antag play directly both times he's done this in ooc, am I not allowed to respond to ANYONE when they comment on my antaggery or is it just Burger? I want two things to come of this complaint. I want Burger's status on this server reevaluated, he is not following the rules he placed for himself to avoid his previous toxic behavior. This is a player that repeatedly used racial slurs, who I guess is now politely sticking to 'cunt' and 'retard' instead of the n word? And I want cnaym to please clarify if he feels I am allowed to respond conversationally to criticism on my gimmicks, and to justify why he feels responding conversationally earns me being called a series of slurs. Evidence/logs/etc: Included. Additional remarks: N/A
  11. I personally think it’s boring to play with no stakes.
  12. Here are a few scenarios that have happened in the last couple of months or so. I'm CMO. A detective traitor decides to shoot me point blank in the head with their revolver. They fire six shots, I still haven't collapsed into pain crit. I have to type 'rest' and pretend to stutter to be even a little bit believable. I'm a journalist following security around. I go to examine an officer and notice they have the 'yank out object' option that means they have shrapnel. It's been 30 minutes since they were shot. I ask about it, they tell me 'lol yeah' in looc and keep going about because bullets don't matter. I'm CMO and an officer calls me to come sedate a ninja. He explodes next to us. We both walk away totally fine. I'm cargo tech and I fall. I have internal bleeding, but my internet cuts out. I come back 20 minutes later and I'm still in cargo, and I still have internal bleeding, but my fellow cargo techs have been feeding me vending machine food so I'm fine. I understand no one WANTS to die, but dying gives the game meaning, and we already have cloning if you DO die. I understand antags don't have access to medical and so the odds are stacked against them, and I'm all for ways to make it harder to die as an antag. But it's ridiculous that we're so floaty and invincible these days. We keep making it harder and harder to die as we get upset about dying, but dying SHOULD be upsetting, and it should be possible. I don't even know what exactly to suggest, which is why I'm opening this- I'd like everyone to make suggestions for what we could do to make dying even possible half the time. You should not be able to just ignore shrapnel. Internal bleeding should not be able to be staved off with raisins.
  13. Rats should never have been given an extra HP. They are vermin and should be exterminated.
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