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  1. This seems fair. In the event we don't have regular CMO characters when I start up playing again, will Captains work as a substitute?
  2. There are a couple of issues with the lore in this. There are next to no open glorsh supporting skrell in the federation, it is a crime against the wake and considered anti-federation sentiment, which is met with re-education the moment it’s detected. On the note of re-education (and this isn’t written anywhere except for in forum news lore, so I don’t blame you for not knowing it), the standard in the federation is brain washing and reintegration. Your character firmly believes in reintegration here, but that’s already what the federation is doing. I’m happy to elaborate on how it’s done if you need it. You can go ahead and edit your background here if you would like to, or you can submit a new character if this doesn’t work with the concept you have in mind.
  3. To address the questions, specifically- I interpret the inability for me, the player, to play a character/role that I’ve spent years invested in as an OOC consequence. I’ll be honest- I just miss it. I am really frustrated that this lying to ccia thing keeps coming up. It was a Halloween event with like 75 players. The text was scrolling insanely fast. There was a party going on in that room. I was handling messages from staff. I, the player, was not able to keep up with messages and said, in a ccia interview, that not all of staff voted on something *because I didn’t see them vote on the radio*, and this keeps getting brought up as some nefarious crime- and is clearly being considered as valid note against the character. On top of all of this, the vote was about a bunny costume. I mean, come on. The threat was perceived as a joke at the time, hence no investigation opened. I’ve made the joke many times since. But otherwise, yes, the character is intended to have a record. All of this aside, yes. I don’t intend to immediately appeal, I intend to take 6 months or so of character work as a doctor/surgeon with a clean record, building relationships with command, etc. It has never been my opinion that the character shouldn’t be punished, or even demoted, but I am interested and invested in the story of this character slowly improving- hence the 2 years of no wrongdoings. This is why I argued to keep the IR up- I wanted to play out consequences that would foster development. All I would like is the word unappealable to be removed, or, alternatively, for it to say ‘unappealable for [x] months.’ I just want progress in the story development of this character, as a member of command, to continue. And I still feel that given no one was seriously injured, and given that only one IR has ever resulted in a reprimand, this is a reasonable amount of leniency to request- I’ve proven, as a player, that I can be trusted to play out these sorts of things in a responsible, reasonably realistic way. A 6 month or even indefinite-but-not-permanent demotion could be hella rad, but I want assurances that progress and development are possible.
  4. I’ll provide context in DMs.
  5. Additional note: This is not okay.
  6. BYOND Key: Resilynn Staff BYOND Key: Laaaancer? I'm not sure if this is actually his byond key. Game ID: Not applicable- though the investigation will have been archived recently. Reason for complaint: Severe punishment over IC actions with OOC consequences. Evidence/logs/etc: This will be a long one, I am so sorry. I've thought for a long while, very carefully, about how I'd word this, and it never came out short. I'll do my best to be concise. I also know that by posting this, I will open myself up to a lot of criticism, so it's my intention to not respond unless asked a question by the handling staff member. This was the decision following my most recent IR on Fernando Gonzales. I had no intention of disputing it ICly- in my interview the character accepted full responsibility for his actions. I am not contesting a demotion, I have served the suspension without complaint. I am, however, contesting the wording of the demotion. Permanent and unappealable. I will go more into detail about each of my points here, but in summary- this is a severe punishment for a relatively (key word) minor incident, my history of actual, recorded offenses does not support a lead up to this decision, and the nature of CCIA is not meant to be OOC in punishment, but this has OOC consequences. First, I am the first to admit I have a long character history with CCIA. This was always intentional, the character was meant to be severe, flawed, but ultimately well intentioned, which is reflected in the record. The character has been reported countless times at this point. However, the character has been found at fault very few times. This is my first of two CCIA reprimands preceding the demotion. This reprimand was not even the result of an IR. It was a result of the Odin Murder Arc, after which Synnono combed through PDA and radio records to assist in making a lasting impact with some of the events that transpired during the arc. Moreover, though it is officially a reprimand, the actual message I received from Syn at the time specified that the actions I was reprimanded for were justified, as they resulted in the capture of the Odin Killer. That message reads as follows- The second reprimand in my entire, what, four year history of the most rounds played on server as any single character, reads as- Yes, it does say additional reprimands will result in demotion. However, this was two years ago now. Two years with no reprimands, and this was my only reprimand as a result of an IR, ever, in over one thousand rounds played. For the sake of transparency, there are additional notes on the character, which were not formal reprimands. The full record is as follows- So we have, all two years ago, a report with no investigation, a reprimand from no IR, the single reprimand from an IR on my record, and a fine because I OOCly didn't catch all of command radio during a huge halloween party event about whether I could wear a sexy bunny costume or not. This is hardly an extensive history. This is one, single IR with a reprimand ever, two years ago. I do not see how a single reprimand from a single IR, two years ago, is too many chances, unless we are counting reports that did not result in official reprimands, which would be silly. Second, this incident was severe, but it was far from our most severe in Aurora history. We have had literal deaths from horrific malpractice which resulted in temporary demotions, we have had command members fail utterly and get plural members of the crew killed by warforms as they argued over the radio, which resulted in temporary demotions. My character punched a guy. No bones were broken, there were no serious lasting injuries. My character even got punched back. None of the witnesses in the IR were there for half of the incident. In the real world, sure, that would get you fired. But this is a game, and we have precedent for these kinds of fights happening literally every day in the bar. Security got involved in round and handed both of us battery charges with 50 credit fines. I actually ended up being the one convincing the interim head of CCIA during Lancer's break to let the incident get processed- this was while Bear was standing in, he wanted to drop it because it was handled in round. I wanted there to be consequences. I wanted to build and improve my character, I argued to keep the IR up. I did not imagine there would be an unappealable action when my last reprimand was two years ago and was the only one as a result of an IR. Finally, the OOC. I enjoy this character. I believe I still hold the record for most rounds played as a character on this server. I enjoy this character in the role of CMO. And I excel at playing this character in that role. It's stupid to cite the player awards, but I wouldn't get so many damn votes as a solid character if I was playing a character poorly- it has always been my OOC goal to involve as many people as possible, to give medical things to do on extended, to drive character stories around me- and this incident was no exception to that. I played a grumpy asshole, yes, but I played a grumpy asshole well, in a way that involved a lot of people. I am a solid player. I contribute to staff wherever possible. I have never been banned. My warnings are largely for sassing people who did, eventually get banned because my mouth is literally just too large. I would be more than willing, as I explained to Lancer, to play our a redemption arc. I would be more than willing, as I argued with Bear, to be demoted for awhile. I want character growth. Facilitating character growth is why I joined CCIA. This action does not facilitate growth, this reads as a punishment for being reported so many times. I don't even want the demotion revoked, I just want the word unappealable taken off so I can go play a month or so of getting my shit together, character growth and development, and end up continuing to be a solid command character. I've spent years on it. I am invested in this server, in its story, and in this particular character's place in that story. I want this action to be appealable. There is very little reason it shouldn't be- the incident wasn't very severe, there is not an extensive history of reprimands. CCIA does not exist to punish people for being reported many times. I have been a solid player of this character, in that role, for years. Additional remarks: I don't have evidence to back this up, because there have literally just been weird whisperings from members of higher administration and then a lengthy, but productive, conversation with Matt, but I suspect this was also, in part, motivated by some deleted security records. I have not faced administrative action from deleting them- I deleted them before knowing you had to ahelp to delete them, and I did not delete any without extensive work put in ICly to justify their removal- authorized by Captains. There were no rules in place at the time that said this wasn't okay, and it hasn't happened in a long time. If this was the motivation, and of course, I don't have evidence, it is also not CCIA's responsibility to put punishments in place for an OOC issue like that. We are, after all, expected to try to handle things in round, which is what was done. Side note, again, I am SO sorry this is so long.
  7. Cool! I’m accepting this. Welcome to wrbl.
  8. I’m a big fan of your take on the Federation’s relationship to its media here. A couple of questions to buy myself time before I inevitably accept this, no wrong answers- amongst the many trends in skrell pop culture is an appreciation for human music- particularly classical and orchestral music. How does your froggo feel about it? How does your froggo react when someone asks for his autograph, on the off chance they recognize him?
  9. This was wholesome, thank you.
  10. I was asked to post this since brainos is at work right now to clear up any confusion about the whole “This was posted with brainos’ blessing” claim on github Wowzee said since he didn’t mean literally, but again, I was asked to post this so *shrug*.
  11. Fortunately, I don't think it's your approval that matters here. If you can erase our work and put in your own sprite, I SURE can do the same if the community likes our sprite better.
  12. Earlier this month BRAINOS and I designed a new hypospray to replace the old ones, for two reasons. 1, the old hyposprays looked like welders. 2, the CMO hypospray and regular hyposprays were still identical, which is silly considering the CMO hypospray holds more and injects quicker. These were the sprites BRAINOS made. The doctor hypospray is smaller with a longer trigger for a smaller capacity and slower injection. The CMO hypospray is larger with a smaller trigger for a higher capacity and a faster injection. Both are branded on the side with the Zeng-hu logo, reflecting the shift in our lore to a more cooperative corporate setting, since Zeng-hu makes the best medical tech. Less than a week later someone decided they didn't like them and did their own hypo. I don't think they did two separate ones to reflect the difference, but I haven't played since the change. This is the sprite I've seen for that. I'll let the creator of this sprite explain their design process. Anyway, since there's a conflict in whose sprite should be used because of some misleading information on github regarding BRAINOS and my involvement in the design of the second sprite, weeeee are putting it to a vote. So, thoughts. Which hypospray do we prefer? Would be prefer another all together? For a side by side comparison:
  13. I like knowing I am second always to N/A. All praise.
  14. I want to clarify about that warning for not properly escalating. I assume that’s when you killed me. You were ahelped by three different people from that, from what I gathered from ghost chat, not because I was mad that I died but because I had literally not even seen your character yet that round, let alone spoken to him or done anything, and you came up and dominated a surgeon into decapitating me while I was out on a surgical table. It went from no interaction to murder while I was only semi-conscious and completely unable to move. You didn’t even interact with the surgeon you had kill me beyond the dominate. Please don’t dismiss this kind of murder boning as people just getting salty that they died.
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