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  1. Suggestion: Adding a sentence to the contraband guide (found here: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Guide_to_Contraband, will be linked to the regulations page shortly). This sentence will read, “small defense tools that do not easily incapacitate crew members such as small knives (steel, pocket) and flashes are not considered contraband, however, they may be confiscated by security if they are abused. Weapons that do incapacitate crew, I.e., stub batons, condensed capcasin pepperspray, are still considered contraband.” Why might I support this? This change would allow your characters to carry a pocket knife, flash, or similar object of personal defense/ utility nature on their person without facing contraband charges. As it stands, these objects are considered contraband and result in a 15 minute brig sentence- as a medium level infraction. However, it seems perfectly reasonable that small defense tools would be allowed on a station that has seen repeated hostile invading forces- the lii’dra, raiders. Similar tools are generally permitted in modern day workplaces. Mechanically, steel knives do less damage than fists, and flashes no longer paralyze, so their inclusion would be unlikely to cause more harm to antags and security in game. Why might I be opposed to this? The accessibility of these tools may lead to an increase in their abuse- while knives, for example, do less damage than punching, their use may force antags to escalate conflict, as ordinary crew members will be better armed than they currently are. While this is not problematic to more human antags due to the low damage/nonlethal nature of these tools, flashes in particular will be considerably more problematic to vaurca antags and malf/ traitor borgs. Counter argument because obviously I am biased and you are all welcome to chip into the argument: Vaurca and borgs are already mechanically advantaged in these situations (powerful attacks from vaurca and all access from borgs). The abuse of these tools to valid hunt will, as always, be against the rules. Flashes, though a problem for these species, will not be available in the loadout and will retain their current spawn rate. Odds and ends: Your feedback is appreciated-however, ultimately I hope to make this decision using the poll, so make sure you vote. Paradoxspace is working on civilian pepperspray that just slows your attacker and does not give them pain crit to possibly add to the loadout if this goes through- tactical knives will also hopefully be redesigned as pocket knives because they really do not do much damage. These are all tentative changes, though, and your vote either way does not ensure their implementation, merely the change to regulation. Buttetfly knives will obviously still be contraband due to the damage they do, as will cleavers for nonchefs, hatchets for nongardeners, etc.
  2. I finished it awhile ago and mofo just forgot to announce it but I’m okay with still being a trial if I get my BEAUTIFUL WHITE NAME BACK ON THE DISCORD.
  3. Ok but I work full time so this seems incredibly unlikely.
  4. Nope. I would like to clarify for Nat that I, also, do not just fire people who disagree with me. We even offered to change Maxwell to an EMT, and it took him almost giving you organ damage and telling me to fuck off when I told him to move to actually demote him. My characters reputation benefits my character, so I don’t usually try to dispel it, but the reason I have a million complaints (btw, all 3 of the ones this year directly involved Maxwell) and am still around as CMO is because staff go through logs and determine that usually, if I’m demoting or shoving someone, it’s for an exceptionally good reason. You should not take Gonzales’ reputation OOCly and should not base any of your OOC decisions off of it.
  5. Give them the ability to get into the main area of security and the ability to get to the cargo airlocks. Bonus points if they can get halfway to xenobiology (basic science access). Because there are emergency calls there all the time and people DO die regularly on extended while a QM goes 'lmao if the die the clone lol' and slowly shambles up to the door to let the EMT out. Yesterday a QM took 5 minutes. Because he was sorting the warehouse first.
  6. Hi! I think SHODAN has been HoS longer than I’ve been command- so, 2 years, at least. Could be wrong. All of this sounds like an IC issue. We ended the round before, the one where I tossed Maxwell out of the way because he was trespassing in my medical bay, told me to fuck off when I told him to go see the hop, and was failing to properly treat Lin (when your toxins are severe, dialysis is just getting the poison out of your blood- scrubbers do not put poison in your blood, they put it in your lungs. All he was doing was filtering out the dylovene he was giving you and letting you get liver failure)- we ended that round as a command team hanging out in the bar because we pretty much unanimously thought it was ridiculous an HoS would 1. Shit talk another member of command unprompted over their departmental radio (I don’t think we had even interacted in round before I had officers coming up to me like uhhhhh what’s the hos doing- officers, not just Sophie). And we pretty much unanimously thought it was ridiculous you were charging me for battery and not charging Maxwell for neglect of duty, trespassing, and failure to execute an order. So it makes sense the same captain and Sophie wanted to talk to you. Unless you’re suggesting characters are not allowed to have a grudge, which, given your characters conduct with mine, seems unlikely.
  7. Side note. You all realize at any point you could have gone back to the station and gotten handheld radios, right? Sure, next time we will spawn them in. But they were always an option.
  8. I’ve seen you chill out A LOT over the last couple of years. You’re pretty solid in command now, and you seem invested in the universe and your characters- I think being in it for the RP is a great feature in a CCIAA. +1 from me.
  9. I considered it, but ultimately thought I may have too much trouble getting enough people who wanted to play that role and stay out of the fun- sure enough, even the roles I had that WEREN'T strict strong security guys ended up cancelling last minute to go play their own characters chilling on a beach. While I'm willing to open the option for spawned in security details, I am not sure we'll be able to reliably have them.
  10. We are for sure going to include handheld radios in future off station events.
  11. So this was the first of our monthly (or more) holiday CCIA events. This was definitely one of the bigger ones we have planned. The company allowed the crew to go to Beach 8 on a distant moon, which was prepped for a company picnic. They were ordered to keep the shuttle accessible to all crew. A few 'NPCs' were spawned in, if you noticed them: A journalist trying to find out about NT's research and sneak on station. A buff lifeguard type from the Upsilon. Some guy who didn't even work for NT who showed up to steal food. A member of the board, there to coordinate the event. A trained shark, a giant snail. I tried my best to just create a setting to immerse the crew in, and to create just a few prompts for RP but keep everything neutral otherwise. Special thanks to furrycactus for mapping faster than should be humanly possible, and to alb and arrow for handling the dev end of things. We will be having more events like this, so your feedback is absolutely important. Let us hear it!
  12. Yes we did. I have a degree in English, thank you. Modern English started in the 1500s. Edit, now that I’m home from work and have time: A quick google will confirm what I just said if you’re interested in learning instead of going “nuh uh”. I say we already have too much language bloat because over time, with mass communication, languages become increasingly homogenous- we lose one every few years. We currently have three main human languages, most humans speak at least one- English, Spanish, or mandarin. Hindi is in there too but it’s complicated, it’s still fragmented in a ton of little regional pieces. Even though our setting is 400 years in the future, we have 4 main human languages. From a linguistic perspective, this makes no sense. From a lore perspective, as jackboot pointed out, it’s used to show class differences and culture differences. It is a little ridiculously silly that they are wholly different languages than we currently speak, but, well, the alternative is coding in google translate and fuck that. That is why I say we already have language bloat. It serves a purpose but anything more would be unrealistic and definitely be overkill.
  13. Smh where’s my medical character. That literal child cargo tech is on point tho.
  14. -1. Languages need less bloat, not more. 400 years ago we still spoke modern English, there is no reason to believe 400 years in the future we would have even 25% of the linguistic differences we have in game, especially considering the evolution of language slows down as mass communication develops.
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