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  1. That round vis just cited was particularly bad, Nanny-AI was constantly bolting and electrifying doors, even after being told not to over command radio. The AI was yelling at a surgeon, Luna Evans, and kept siphoning rooms. Crew members were dying because the bridge was locked down and the AI was being relatively slow to open them. It DID open them, eventually, as a note, but the AI seems to take security's orders more seriously than anyone else's because from a command position, I couldn't get it to open the doors until an officer asked it to. Which pretty much ignores the AI laws.
  2. You’re more of a heckin nerd than we feared....
  3. 1. Skrell arcs. God, we need Skrell arcs. Or politics. Or anything. Unathi have had translizardism in the last year, Vaurca had the lii'dra, Tajarans have had their usual adhomai winter wars, IPCs are having an arc right now, Dionae got to mysterious disappear which... counts, I guess. I've been on this server for 3 years or so now and I haven't seen Skrell do a damn thing expect show up, occasionally, in other species' lore. 2. I want Paradox to be maintainer. His essay was amazing and he actually has anything resembling an idea of what he's doing. I also want to make seductive eyebrows to be his deputy ahead of time. I 100% intend to keep this up as a deputy application, or to repost if I have to. I know they're not open yet and I know it's silly, but, well. It's what I'm doing. If I have to be a maintainer, I completely believe I can do it. I'm great at project tackling and navigate pretty easily through red tape, but I would vastly prefer to help someone more experienced. I'm not going to lie, I'd be incredibly flattered to be maintainer given my lack of experience. And if I were maintainer, I'd be opening deputy slots to find someone experienced to help me pretty much immediately. For all my jokes about being a narcissist, I know that I would do better with help. I also know I CAN maintain lore if it's asked of me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1/3. One of the neater things I've seen Skrell players do in the last year or so is have varying levels of apprehension towards AI- some even secretly being in favor of its development. Naturally, the Skrell as a whole are going to be fairly cautious of AI, if not vehemently opposed, given their history. But I see so much potential in those secret beliefs, and secret research projects, and secret circles of support. I think it would be a great place to explore some conflict in Skrell society where there currently is very little. 2. I like the psionic aspect of Skrell, and I would like to move forward in fleshing it out a little further. I have no intentions to change any of the recent lore, I've been a pretty big fan of its direction lately. I think the current lore CAN be expanded on to include psionics, right now it's only barely touched upon. I imagine it's a craft that takes a lot of practice, as it takes a lot of focus. I think it'd be interesting to include the history of psionics, from when it was just used as a 'FOOD' or 'DANGER' or 'HAPPY SOCIAL TIME' broadcaster in early Skrell history, following its development into a learned language, so to speak. I think it'd be neat if honing psionic skills was something Skrell really had to work at, taking study and practice and years of devotion- the same way music is, for us.
  4. Behold, a long post on the general direction I'd like to help move Skrell-
  5. Exactly this. I'll answer your questions now, I'm still preparing my little list of things I'd like to do specifically. 1- This is not something I still intend to do, no. In CCIA I've shown a willingness to abandon ideas that the community doesn't like- a good example of this are proposed changes to contraband. I gathered feedback, saw that the feedback was mixed, and decided not to move forward without majority approval. In that last application, most of the feedback mentioned that players were not interested in altering the timeline of skrell events, and I respect that feedback. I've always firmly maintained that the community should come first in staff decisions, and that is true here. 2- I've agreed with how you've handled whitelists so far, you've laid out exactly what you're looking for and you've been communicative about your standards. I'm not sure I'd call it strict, or lax, but I would call it communicative. In terms of flexibility I am absolutely willing to let people explain why they believe their character fits within the guidelines you've laid out, but I will resolve to adhere to those guidelines. I would like to emphasize that I prefer whitelists relatively easy to get, but easy to lose if you are not following the standards laid out for you. When I got my skrell whitelist, I had to write three separate character backgrounds for one character to demonstrate I was capable of playing more than one skrell character- this was in the days of Loow, when Skrell whitelists were considered the hardest species whitelist to get. I don't think that was necessary, and I think the way whitelists were handled then had a lot to do with the low number of skrell players at the time. I am more interested in facilitating players' ability to involve themselves in lore than I am in keeping a species elite. I think you could expect to see me talking with players one on one to help them keep their characters lore friendly before removing whitelists, but I am willing to remove whitelists if needed. 3- Skrell are supposed to be the most technologically advanced species, but we do very little to demonstrate this in lore and mechanics. Sleepy did a fantastic job in giving skrell neat mechanics (telepathy and srom), but those mechanics were biological in nature and I think we can do even more with loadout items. I'll expand on my ideas to improve this in my 'essay', but it is currently one of my biggest gripes. Also, the reason I made this application, skrell are no longer represented in the religious mechanics of the game just implemented today. I would like to fix that, and have a few neat ideas to do so (coming soon in an essay near you).
  6. Getting there, it'll be up by the end of the day.
  7. Ckey/BYOND Username: Resilynn Position Being Applied For:: Skrell Helper (lore dev) Past Experiences/Knowledge: I've been around for forever, I've held canon events using my CCIA powers. I've helped Kyres brainstorm quite a few arcs and whatnot, and I've written a tiny bit of random pieces of lore. I'm familiar with the setting, especially the squidbois. I'm particularly interested in them because their tech is more advanced than human tech, making them pretty unique in the species lore. Also they love stars, and I'd love to apply my astronomy knowledge to Skrell lore. Lastly, I think it'd be nice to have a hand in both CCIA and lore, since the two have every reason to be very interconnected and generally just... aren't. Examples of Past Work:
  8. There is no regulation on speaking basic on comms. If you’re being punished for speaking anything else, file an IR. With notable exception of if a head of staff instructs you to use basic. At this point, it’s covered in regulations under following orders (even though it’s minor), and you can be charged for it
  9. Add a scar to your flavor text and tell your doctor to switch hands to injure you in looc? Almost no one likes sitting unconscious through surgery, especially for longer than they have to. It’s literally staring at a blank screen for up to 20 minutes if your surgeon is new. Very few people enjoy hanging out in medical and most will just take off the moment we say they’re improving. RNG fail chances is artificial difficulty. Artificial difficulty is bad game design.
  10. When you’re mostly used to getting something for free and suddenly someone wants 10 credits for food it’s absolutely unacceptable, I come here all the time! Why has it suddenly changed?!!? I need to speak to your manager.
  11. It’s ya boi. Also a bonus Ellie for your dinosaurs old enough to remember her.
  12. On the note of establishing a pattern, I have seen Lin do the following recently (within one month)- -Deny a telescientist’s request to come map her department on this research station despite the majority command vote to give this scientist the opportunity to do his project with supervision. No hos should ignore a command vote, it carries the weight of captains orders. You should say yes to gimmicks and projects when able, we are here to facilitate a good round. -Bash other members of command, unprompted, on the security radio. -Refuse to make charges on her ic friends. IRs are hard to file. They take awhile to write, they take a long time to process, and antag involvement gets them tossed out. On top of that, they’re an RP tool. Some characters just would not file an IR. Some, like AIs and borgs, can’t file IRs. You’re an hos so the probability of an incident having something to do with an antag is VERY high. IRs are not meant to be a lesser player complaint, if I’m understanding fully what you’re saying here, natcula. Apologies if I misunderstand, but I felt it was worth clarifying.
  13. Excuse me, we have one very important and great at roleplay and good at following their laws secborg who should never be removed. It’s Beepsky. The rest are pmuch bad. Even the best ones are like. Better as engineering borgs. +1
  14. Fill beaker (available in all medical vendors) with 5 units of water from the sink, add pills. Bam.
  15. Also, one bottle of bicaridine is enough to stop IB twice. Again, your nerf is a buff.
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