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  1. TheSleepyCatmom

    Yoshihama Hidemichi's monk stuff.

    I think I've seen them a grand total of once? Although I also play at extremely awkward times. I dunno, I just don't recall ever actually /seeing/ this character around. So adding something like this, for a single character when it's categorized as being acceptable apparel for an entire monastic sect in Buddhism just seems a little odd. This isn't the first Buddhist character we've had around that's a chaplain, priest, or whichever.🤷‍♀️ My two cents on the matter are it should probably go into a larger thing, that adds clothing for all the major religions into the Chaplain's locker. Instead of just Christianity things. But the sprite's alright, so I can't really -1 it. I just don't know the character to give it a +1.
  2. TheSleepyCatmom

    Balaclava for uplink

    There is the new sprite Dronz made that hides your face. It has a green visor instead and states it looks like an older design. :shrug:
  3. TheSleepyCatmom

    Character Feedback: Kuhserze Ioraks

    -1. Literally worst lizard. Get out. JK. Ioraks is pretty cool. Literally the hero we need but don't deserve.
  4. TheSleepyCatmom

    LOOC White/Blacklists

    We could always port bay's singular-muting and player-to-player OOC/LOOC blocking systems if it'd be simpler to do so. Also bay /removed/ LOOC, @GreenBoi Not sure if they added it again, but last I checked it was still poofed. (Perma-muted, is what I mean by removed.)
  5. TheSleepyCatmom

    [Resolved] Staff Complaint - QueenOfYugoslavia

    Hello hello, I played a heister this round who didn't quite understand Basic. One of our heisters, the M'sai that was not me (Snowflower with their ID reading 'Snowbell' because they didn't edit the agent card) started breaking into the vault after my warnings to not do so. So, my character, who was just a doctor, feared for their life via a response when ERT was called and security arming up. So she disarmed, gave her equipment to security (Noir), and warned them about people not being happy and likely getting violent over an ERT being called. Of course this was all assumption as I hadn't overheard any plans, and our M'sai wearing red-Tajara-suits likely pointed fingers at the mercenaries. It's not an unfair assumption to say confusion in the ranks happened, so the mercenaries being blamed wasn't Itanimulli's fault in any way. Beyond that, though, a heister did /not/ hurt Willow Harper. Cassy Hendricks did, who was hired by the Mercenaries, along with Reaper, the Mercenary's cyborg. Being as I watched this happen with Thermals, I can attest to a 'mercenary' recruit doing it. This also pointed fingers at the mercenaries, because Harper likely reported this. She reported it to Stone, at any rate, who likely informed security. I gave up my headset at the time just after, so I can't tell you exactly. However yes, Read's M'sai who was going up and with the Mercenaries was warned by me to simply not go with them, which she didn't listen to. I had a feeling something silly was going to take place ICly, so I didn't go with them either. I was trying to stall the elevator, make them wait because one had internal bleeding and hoping he'd lose enough blood to be ineffective. I'm not sure how he got IB, but he said security shot him with something, so I'd also assumed there was a firefight at one point or another that escalated the incident anyway. Gauging proper escalation off of actual action instead of intent just feels a little silly to me. It wasn't BSA's intent to murder a ton of people, and even I could've told you that from my experiences earlier in the round. If BSA was interested in valids, they'd have just shot me the moment I pulled out my gun to disarm as I kept it in my hand a little longer than I intended to as I lagged. Because when an antag draws a gun on you, it's fine to shoot them so say the rules in most situations. All in all, misconception over who did what crimes where, a bomb being finicky, people boarding the shuttle at an inopportune time, and BSA saying something that could be considered snide seem to be contributors toward the action taken here. I believe it wasn't really their intent to murder six antags and four crewmembers. If it was, they'd probably have set off all three our four maxcaps inside that ship, or kept one on them and ran in to bomb the ship again afterwards to make sure no one survived. I just think it's silly we're saying this is clearly intended gank and validhunting murder. From my perspective ICly it was justified. The death could have been easily avoided had people not boarded. I'm not saying it's their fault for boarding, before that's also somehow turned against me. I'm just saying had they been thirty seconds late it wouldn't have happened. That's an extremely short time frame to permanently ban someone over. And bombing the shuttle which slightly damaged yellow-dock is definitely not blowing up departures, unlike what Yugo said. It didn't damage the arrivals dock, or the main hallway, or damage the windows to it in any way. It didn't render entrance to departures vented, damaged, or otherwise, and the same with arrivals. You could freely go anywhere /but/ yellow dock. What was explained to me by the /administrators/ early in my time here, was to not do either of those things to Blue, and Red dock, but yellow dock is fair game as it doesn't connect anywhere but the main hallway and isn't required to arrive or leave. Thereby not bombing departures. In the end, though, I don't really see what BSA did as wrong. I can see how it can be seen as malicious and their actions resulting in death can be seen as gank and murderbone. But intent really goes into that, and when they placed that bomb in a relatively short time frame to 1:10, it was entirely out of their hands as they ran to a safe distance. 🤷‍♀️
  6. TheSleepyCatmom

    Fix Machine Overload

    Depends on where it is, I've used it three times when my 'station destruction is being a nerd' gimmick took place. NEver breached the main level when I used it on the surface. :shrug: It's situational depending on where it happens and what terrain is random-genned above it.
  7. TheSleepyCatmom

    Fix Machine Overload

    APCs are, yknow. APCs. They hold the power of a cell but also are wired directly into the grid. It makes /sense/ they have large explosions and I don't personally see a reason to change that. A warning would be fine, I agree.
  8. TheSleepyCatmom

    Fix Machine Overload

    Every time you start to use it, you're told by the admins that blowing maxcaps randomly will result in punishment. At least I am. It's the equivalent of blowing a maxcap randomly, because that's literally what you're doing. It doesn't need to be fixed, it just needs to be policed. Which it is.
  9. TheSleepyCatmom

    Sign language clarifications.

    As far as I was aware, it used to flick their tail and ears. I remember messages about it at some point, maybe it's the rebellion-language or some such that did it. Clarifying Nal'rasan does it with ears and tail as well would be lovely.
  10. Age doesn't really have much to do with how I act. Beyond that, I wasn't at all taking the conversation seriously. If I intended to tell someone legitimately to leave the community, I wouldn't bother doing it in OOC. Like I said before, if I had a legitimate issue with Burger, I wouldn't go at them in OOC with them. I tread the line a lot, even if unintentionally at times. I step over it at times, too. Some of these times I'm made aware of by the person, and I'll step back. Other times like now, an argument just kept going on. I'm argumentative, I'll argue about anything ranging from how letters look to the sky being blue, even sarcastically. I find it fun and it's how I get through my days. Burger took offense to things I made in jest. It happens. I toed a line and went over it. That's entirely my fault, and I'll live up to that. At the time it just amused me to say it, due to 'I don't deal with aggressive people.' This is all over taking things I said literally instead of not. For that I'll apologize, sure. I wasn't clear enough with how I worded it maybe, or maybe it wasn't the best topic to be joking about. It'd have been nice to know he was legitimately upset about this before a complaint, as I forgot about the entire interaction the next round and for the next while until this was brought up in discord. Anyway if I reply slowly to this, I'm really sorry. I'm stuck to a phone for the next few days and it doesn't quite like the new forums all that well.
  11. Noir was AFK during the round and got popped into a cryo casket. I can attest to this as I was also security, and talking to him on discord at the time which he validated after the round ended. Carson aimed at him after popping out of the cryo casket from what was said to me, and I'm more prone to believe the person who told me this rather than a secondary testimony that doesn't match it. Noir was also a traitor, as was I. We were doing a 'Film Noir' gimmick which included him as a main plot point. We even killed off CrystalClear to make it work and find the body. The reason Noir (who was a Security Officer, and not a Detective this round) had a magnum, was because he got it from his uplink. Everyone upstairs was an antagonist, by the way. We were all armed to the teeth and ready to take you down, just none of us had a crowbar, because Noir got looted. He wasn't a detective, he wasn't valid-hunting as we were just following our 'Get the bad guy' gimmick (which we got one of them, we didn't plan for two because you didn't speak in AOOC at all during the entire course of us planning the gimmick, or at any point during the round.). The complaint, from my perspective, doesn't really have all the facts. Hence my comment here. Hopefully this clears a few things up at least. I PM'd the link to this to BSA as well, so he can say his piece.
  12. TheSleepyCatmom

    Krin's Punk Outfit

    Can't edit and repost your own DMI? 👀
  13. TheSleepyCatmom

    Krin's Punk Outfit

    Still some pixels beneath the jacket itemstate. But I do like the premise, so +1 from me. Punk-Skrell. Neat.
  14. If me being overly sarcastic is considered 'hostile', I'm not sure what you consider outright abusive. I even clarified a few times, even after the fact when it all died down, that I was being overly sarcastic. And yes, I realize that text doesn't convey this well, as people stated. In the end, my intent wasn't malicious. If I had legitimate problem with burger, I'd make a complaint here. As he did. Regardless of prior action, understandably as I've been relatively aggressive in the past, I wasn't spoken to about anything this round. If you ahelped it and it was deemed problematic, why wasn't it taken care of in round outside of a 'chill out'? It was the beginning of a round, there was time for someone to talk to me. Sure, me saying 'noone cares' was honest. You pulled the 'I'm staff, I have X things going on' card to dissuade a sarcastic remark. About leaving the server, no less. I thought that, at the very least, would've been obvious that it was made in jest. If I went around telling people to leave the server honestly, I wouldn't still be here. If I wanted to be 'aggressive' to you, I'd do so one on one with legitimate complaints and not simply attack you in OOC, with several other people. I'm not a savage, regardless of what people may think. I can't speak for Bauser, or Butterrober. I don't intend to either, my actions were mine. And you're free to talk to me about it if you want, via commenting here or PMing me on discord. I'm sure half of discord can point you to my key. At any rate, I've said my piece.
  15. TheSleepyCatmom

    Colonial Marines & Knuckles part 3.

    What the hell even.