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  1. It closes on blue and red, iirc. It's not just sorta random? I mean it might be, that's just my experience with it.
  2. How does this make sense from an education standpoint? In an IC sense. Aaalso how does this make sense in a logical standpoint? If everyone can do everything with no issues, everyone must have the same qualifications, thereby making having different roles entirely useless? I'm just confused as to what this would actually, really, do for anything. It doesn't fix anything outside of removing roles and adding an min-age to the entire department due to needed qualifications, as well as removing any semblance of specialty in the department. Chemists can no longer be hired since they need a MD because they're also a Medical Officer? I'm, not following the sense, I guess. It's super weird.
  3. BYOND Key: DasFox Total Ban Length: Perma Banning staff member's Key: Garnascus Reason of Ban: Attached. Reason for Appeal: Well, during my last appeal I was gone a few months. Which is understandably not a large amount of time in the grand scheme of things. I can rather easily understand why it was denied, and in the same stretch understand why this one can be denied just as simply. Though it's been vaguely a year since the last appeal, and over a year and a few months of me being perma'd from Aurora. I said in the last appeal that I did stupid things when I was upset, which wasn't false, but I have a history of doing a lot of stupid things even when I wasn't upset. I was just an asshole, which I freely admit. With that in mind, I completely, as I said before, understand why this can be denied rather easily. Chances given, squandered, so on. I do regret doing what I did, a lot of things I did, and do sincerely want to try to right it. Though a little easier said than done, I'm aware, especially with the history I have. Hopefully time simmered things down a bit, on my end. I think it did, personally, but I'm a little biased. So, here goes, even if a little long-winded compared to the last one.
  4. BYOND Key: DasFox Total Ban Length: Perma Banning staff member's Key: Garnascus Reason of Ban: This fiasco. Reason for Appeal: It's a pretty not-so-ordeal situation. I did something stupid when I was quite upset, much to my current chagrin, and I'm not about to try justifying that. I went out of my way to do something stupid, I got a stupid prize for it. Not much else to say there. I took time away from SS13, came back, and now hopefully want to right that. Side note, sorry to Garn for being a bit sassy in that ahelp (I think?). Wasn't cool of me.
  5. I haven't always gotten along with Schev. Cue, flashbacks to things I don't want to bring into a staff application, as they haven't happened again. While I guess I haven't had the best track record in terms of my time here, I can put a general like towards how Schev's responded, and been in the past so-often that I spoke with them, even during my server inactivity. While we still butt heads over problems and ideas, I can happily say I'd appreciate the way Schev would do things for IPCs, the same way I appreciated how Kyres took it and made it even better. So hopefully you get it, nerd, 'cause I like the ideas talked about here. I have questions I guess, but nothing overly relevant to the large scheme of lore so I'll probably PM them to you eventually. Good luck, man. 'ppreciate you.
  6. I was the AI in question, hello. I believe their name was M03-C03?
  7. Well it needs to be distinguishable as that department, as far as I'm aware. That these... uh, aren't. There's not really anything I can see on this that makes Sci/Med/Rescue look like... sci/med/rescue.
  8. The CE never once questioned my request. If he did I'd have spoken to him about it and got alternatives. This never, once, happened. Noone questioned why I wanted it done, noone did anything. Generally speaking when you say something is fixed and you see things about it that aren't fixed or are irregular, you're going to believe it's not fixed. You yourself stated that you'd submit to a reset and what not. If that was done at all I'd have just rolled with the round. I wasn't told it was, it was never brought up again when I asked half an hour later (BYOND possibly ate it, I didn't see the message at all on my end and just presumed it went through, as it does sometimes because I have issues with dream seeker.) I could have gone about carding you in a way that would have left someone able to be killed by hyperlethal turrets in the core extremely easily as a captain who is more concerned about their crew as an asset than the order from above, and in their opinion the best way they can serve NanoTrasen is to keep said crew safe. I am not suddenly lawed to follow Central's announcement's because I have an implant, it's just usually strange if I don't. I've also never ordered to my memory an AI's power cut before this, so I'm not sure where the 'this behavior in this manner has been seen before' is about, unless you're referencing the things I did well over a year ago now, which haven't been repeated at all and this isn't quite close to those either. I don't fight AIs, I don't ever go into the AI core, and in fact I only knew about those walls in the back recently because of Rosetango. Lest I wouldn't have even suggested they go in from back there. It's not like we're all exempt from making bad decisions. But I don't see how me wanting to disable your weapons that you could use when I had no guarantee besides your word that you were still functioning properly, and the word of CC over an hour prior which was quickly disproved by cyborgs acting out and what not, I personally see it was justified to attempt to card you in a way that was safe for everyone involved, even if it disabled you for a few minutes as the CE went in there to get your depowered personality into a card to be repaired. If I was wrong I would have been wrong and punished by Central Command. If I wasn't I'd still probably be punished anyway for doing something to something they deemed 'fine'. The expectation to listen to it is if it's not too far fetched. It was Yonni's attempt at explaining the situation. It explained it, sure, but it didn't make sense ICly. You cannot miraculously repair hardware like you can by just reuploading software. If it hadn't brought up hardware at all I'd have just went about my day, but it did, which seemed fishy to Phoebe. Regardless, I'm just trying to say that Central's word may be law, but an implant doesn't demand you follow that law to the letter. It suggests it may be a good thing to do, but suggestions aren't always on the forefront of someone's mind who's not in that best place at that time. I would like to state I was never once ordered by Central Command to ignore the quirks, oddities, or other things going on. I was also told blatantly by the cyborg that was not linked to you, that was helping security, that was running around saying it was delawed, that you were exactly like the prior AI and were just being sneaky. Confirming Phoebe's paranoia. I trusted that cyborg more than I trusted the AI, because that Cyborg was the one that was helping us /disable/ the first AI, and the others weren't. Be that bad synth play or not, idk, I really just don't understand the argument. That's about all I really have to add to that.
  9. Hi. Borgs were being apparently accepted by my security staff, I didn't agree with that. The terminal when I checked it I /thought/ said they were linked to the AI. Though to be fair I skimmed it and didn't check every single one, though I know Nannybot wasn't linked. To my knowledge, no, Roadman never reset the AI. At all. Hence why my entire plan even was thought up. I didn't expect Roadman to do it and the only reason I had him do so in the end was because it had gone on that long and I didn't trust the AI ICly, and didn't trust it not to just turn on it's turrets and murder someone who went to try. Those turrets got an upgrade and are extremely lethal now. Which leads into the point immediately after. I wanted the power cut so the turrets would fall offline. With the turrets offline I was guaranteed to be able to safely card the AI. I didn't want to play around with the lives of any of my crew in a potential scenario that could lead to their deaths. Phoebe just isn't a character to do that, and she never really has been. If she doesn't trust something, she's not going to risk someone's life to test if it's able to be trusted or not. I'd still like to say AIs can be repaired and reactivated at an AI maintenance console from a power loss. So this really wasn't in any way me killing it either. Which is why I made the decision to do it. If it wasn't possible to do that, I'd simply have done it the hard way with security following the CE into the front to guarantee his safety as he did a reset and carded it. All there really was to it.
  10. There is a very large difference between knowing something from an OOC perspective, and continuing to play my character from an IC perspective. I knew the first AI was a malf due to the context clues Yonnimer dropped. Particularly about their role. However, I did not know Shadow was one until the end of the round. My OOC assumption was that the borgs just weren't linked and it was just an excuse on their part because borgs don't link automatically, until the end where a Camera literally clicked next to me back online in my office, or upgraded, or what have you. As another note, I did prior tell Arrow about the ban. In fact I believe I walked him through a basic part of events from my perspective. Again, the round up until that point gave me reason to act the way I did. This is not comparable to me attacking security. This is comparable to me attacking a borg when another borg attempted to kill me when both were lawed to the same AI. The AI would be the factor that caused the situation if both units were linked to them, no? Let me be clear; players act as they do because their characters respond to stress in certain ways. If you are an organic person, it's very likely you'll behave erratically if enough stress is put on you. If you are a synthetic player, you won't. If you are a stationbound player, you will follow your laws because you are forced to. If that stationbound is not following their laws and is, in fact, harming the crew and dragging them around while injured. It becomes a problem. When that borg is supposedly linked to the central Intelligence whom I was already paranoid against, I will take action at the root of the problem and not just disable the cyborgs if the problem does not lie with them. If antagonists are about driving a story, Shadow didn't do any of it during this round in the first place, and instead allowed his cyborgs to make the paranoid, nearly-murdered Captain even more suspicious of him over the course of said round. Hence why after I point, I just stopped speaking to his AI, because all I felt I would get from an IC perspective was lies. I didn't go against any rule of escalation; if I had raided the AI core, yes. I would have. I didn't, I had it's power snipped to collect it. This is the equivalent of detaining the intelligence, how I went about it would be more of an IC issue as it is with security. If they toss tear gas at a person who's running, sure that might be a little overkill. Me having their power cut might be a little over the top, but again, rational decision isn't something someone who's paranoid is going to make the best. And no, my character is not normally paranoid. I was nearly killed five minutes into my work shift by another AI. Hence why the announcement itself was almost ignored. I say almost because I did acknowledge it, give an order I'm allowed to give and that shadow accepted someone to do, and moved about the round until I notice the borgs they stated were linked to be acting out. Whether it was IC because of malf, or OOC because of borg players, I don't know. That's the problem with it, so I continued with my IC perspective of them being mislawed. And if they're linked I can't just select them for a reset, I'd need to fix the AI, which I can't do if it's also mislawed and has turrets that it can just toggle on and murder me with. If I weren't nearly killed during the course of the round, I'd have just walked in and did the reset myself that I wanted done early on and have forgotten about the ordeal. I'm not going to do that after I had to be carried to medbay on a rollerbed because an AI nearly burned my hand off with a door and depressurized the room I was in. Instead I ordered my Chief Engineer to do it, whom arrived moments before. Who did not. I don't know why you keep thinking I asked him to immediately card the AI, I did not. You kept bringing it up in the ahelp, when I made it clear that wasn't my intent. In the end, my perspective of events is pretty damn simple; I do my daily setup as Captain, I get nearly murdered in the command bar, I break out and get carted to medbay, we then go to the AI core with security, Central announcement and Yonnimer replacement. We leave AI core after Brayce logs in as Roadman and I order him to do a reset and check of the AI Core. An hour or so goes by with nothing from anyone but the borgs, Ninja wants to talk to me when I was hanging around security to sit around the HOS whom I'd had keep the Ion rifle because safety in combat trained people, and as a note this is when I was noticing the borgs being difficult and dragging injured crewmembers. Ninja wants to talk, already in my office with Roadman. He (probably unintentionally) played on Phoebe's Paranoia by just playing a yesman and letting her drone on about how things work with AI. I gave an idea I had, Roadman said alright with no argument at all, went to do it. I went to get him a security guard to take care of the turret in the back of the area so he could disable the SMES and the camera, job done. Security didn't argue it either, they do what they went to do, job done x2, Ahelp. That's the basic gist of my round from my eyes. I'm a person, in the end. But the ban is over and done with. I don't care about the ban anymore. I care about the fact that I had my whitelist stripped over it when I believe you shouldn't have taken the ahelp in the first place. You saying that doesn't change the fact that people who claim to be your friends have stated they can see the animosity in it and disagree with you taking it. That's when I see it as problematic.
  11. I fail to see how any of that contradicts what I told you. Also your poor roleplay as command comment in regards to... what? Where's the evidence of this, barring the complaint that was deemed invalid? Is it your opinion that I was showing poor command roleplay? Because that makes extremely little sense and there's nothing backing it up in that post. Two of those people you went to weren't present during the round. I also never claimed the AI escalated. I claimed the BORGS were doing things after the AI had stated they were LINKED. This, from my perspective, was entirely true. I literally watched a cyborg drag an injured crewmember through security to process them. While injured. That's not keeping the crew safe or really abiding by their laws. I didn't go out of my way to do this. If I did, I'd have done so instantly. I didn't. There was nothing going on besides the Ninja talking to two of my staffers outside of this. An hour and a half went by before I gave this order from when they were replaced. I must say again, replacing an antagonist does not make me suddenly forget that i was nearly killed. I was well within my right as playing a person to be paranoid, and as someone who was paranoid gave an order that they believed would be the best case scenario. Are people simply incapable of saying 'no', as well? I never absolutely demanded Roadman do it, I came up with an idea and said 'Alright here's the plan, let's do this'. I was not demanding and ordering everyone to smash cameras and break down doors to raid the AI core. This was not an attempt to kill or shut down an antagonist. I did not even know until they end that Shadow was a Malf as well, but I roleplayed a character. The entire purpose of the server? I had every opportunity to just kill Shadow's AI when I had all of security kitted and in the AI core as soon as they were brought in, I didn't. My intent was to card them without the turrets online. I stated this, even in the ahelp. Because I was playing someone who was paranoid, whether the decision was entirely rational or not isn't quite on the forefront of that person's mind. And by the definition I got of Validhunting from Arrow, whom I asked for the accepted definition of validhunting the server uses, this isn't validhunting. Oh, side note, also, for log diving purposes; I did ask Roadman to check the AI, in freespeak in a very aggravated way, over the command channel. He also knows freespeak and replied with something along the lines of "right..." immediately after. Something like that. So if you mean his contradiction was him saying "not immediately", that's false.
  12. BYOND Key: DasFox Staff BYOND Key: Drago(??) / Alberyk Game ID: b1X-dDgA (Round) / b1Y-an4X (continued ahelp) Reason for complaint: I'm going to start by saying I was banned. I don't much care about that any longer, it's expired and it's over and done with. The thing I'm primarily contesting is the removal of my head of staff whitelist. I understand why it was removed, but that doesn't mean I agree with it. Especially not for the ban reason that was blatantly stated to me by someone who very clearly has a disdain or animosity towards me. Especially not when it was originally three weeks for 'Validhunting' when I had a reasonable plan that did not go out of my way to murder an AI. Doesn't matter though, I guess, does it? The reason Alberyk is included in the complaint is he lowered the ban, and he's also the Head Administrator and what not. I'm not sure if removing it was his decision or the decision of the team as a whole or however it works. Evidence/logs/etc: I had the log files at one point for my ahelp, but I misplaced the links to them. I'll dig around and see if I can find it in a bit. It's also not just me who feels she shouldn't have taken it in the first place, and I have at least one screenshot of other mirroring said statement, though I'd show them privately to whoever's handling this as I don't want to throw them out to the wind in the spotlight. Additional remarks: My general problem here is the fact it was she who took the ahelp. Being impartial is a huge part of being staff, and I don't feel she was in the slightest, which resulted in me losing half my will to even play the game any longer as most of my characters that I was into playing recently are done and gone now.
  13. About goddamn time. I've been waiting for this for AGES. Can't wait to steal it from you as Seless. +1
  14. >gets PM'd 4 times by different staff to make sure I know >confirm I know >get @ 'd on the complaint itself. Yes I know it exists. I just didn't have anything else to add to it.
  15. My primary issue with it is it shows an understanding of one, very specific subject of Unathi lore, then... nothing else. It delves into Dominian lore, which is interesting, sure, but it isn't what I believe would be needed on an application about Unathi. It shows an understanding of Dominia, not an understanding of Moghes, the clans, and the work put into it by Jackboot for the species as a whole. If I were to make a Skrell application as a serious application, and state they were in Jargon of X place and then moved to Dominia, I would not be showcasing my knowledge of Skrell lore, and more of that of Dominia's lore. But that's my take on it and why I'm giving a -1. So take it as you will; I should probably have clarified this earlier. So yes I see it as less valid, as these forty years of a character's life could have been used to expand upon the lore of Unathi in general, however, it did not. It was a single paragraph dedicated to the species itself, and the rest of a faction. It makes little sense to me.
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