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  1. It's was equivalent to a manager in a way, with how it was brainstormed between the people I chatted with a bit. If Contractors were allowed head-roles I'd have thrown them into RD due to their qualifications. In essence, the CFO of said small facility isn't a very important person in the grand scheme of Necropolis, and just makes sure the facility is running smoothly, efficiently, and nothing's 'clogging up the works'. However, they were a Robotics major and, of course, they work in Robotics & R&D, though not really R&D even with the qualifications because I just hate doing R&D. Old enough to have both degrees, a few years working with Necropolis, and so on. Nothing quite like a super-scientist I see about at times. My justification for them being on the Aurora itself was the facility being sold off to a company startup so Necropolis can get their greedy fingers into another corporation and get more money down the line, along with getting money from NanoTrasen for competent workers now as basically payment for said facility. It's why I kept said facility unnamed as it wouldn't be very large at all, and just something of an 'Oh hey, I did this'. I'm a little tired writing this, sorry if it doesn't quite answer all that. I should also state once more that this in no way places me above someone on a pecking order or that I have more authority or whichever. Just some neat flavor. It'd be unfair of me to be doing that.
  2. The thing with it, is it's a fluff thing. When you're under a contract your prior position means absolutely nothing. In the end it's a contract given by a facility that was shutdown in trade of employees. Something I spoke to Zundy and Pegasus about, albeit very vaguely, and was approved on. So, sure, people can ignore it or not. It's just something that I thought was interesting. Which is all that really matters in the end. Along with a guideline on Contractor ranks, I actually brought it up with Zundy in a roundabout way and he decided to elaborate on corporate ranking structures outside of NanoTrasen eventually, if I recall. So something good came from it regardless. To answer Ornias, the Identification slip is primarily to see if it's possible at all to do that exactly like that. I have sprites for other identification slips, and in fact plans to implement them into the game as soon as I finish the on-mob sprites for a few of them. It's not me trying to be favoritist or overly snowflake, I'm trying to see if it's even possible before I throw a lot more effort into something. It's no different than me asking possibilities while trying to get something interesting for me, because in the end that's what a Custom Item App is. A forum to get something interesting that other people may find interesting too. With the gloves, it's primarily a custom design. It'd be a little awkward to use and not mass produced for, that exact reason. Still ironing out the kinks, as they say. Regardless, Employees cannot be contracted as Heads of Staff, thereby all of them are on the same footlength, as I mentioned very very briefly before. There's no reason people have to listen to me. Regardless, if being visually different isn't reasoning for much, my other Custom Item applications would have been denied, too, Ornias. People didn't seem to mind them. It just seems like people mind now because it's several items, which is a little bit strange to me.
  3. BYOND Key: DasFox Character name: Katerina Danilovna Why is your character carrying said items to work? These things would be something she'd wear to work regardless of where she's at. Particularly as it's acceptable to be a decently ranking person in a company from a Lore standpoint so long as it's not done often (and above a station level, for instance), this would be fitting and relatively unique to see on-station. Hopefully. Let's not start a trend here, yeah? ------------ Item name: Necropolis Artisan's Dress Item function(s): Just a dress, chief. Item description: A black dress with red accents, in a slimming fit. The Necropolis Industries logo sits on the left sleeve, reading 'K. Danilovna - Facility Overseer' around the circular emblem. Item appearance: In DMI. Item name: Necropolis Dress Coat Item function(s): A labcoat, ye? Item description: A deep red coat, with a golden Necropolis Industries logo on the left sleeve. It seems custom tailored to fit a woman, with the name 'K. Danilovna' on the collar. Item appearance: In DMI. Item name: Necropolis Boots Item function(s): Just some jackbooties. Item description: A pair of jet black boots in a custom tailored lady's fit, with red soles and laces. Fancy! Item appearance: In DMI. Item name: Personalized Datagloves Item function(s): A retextured watch. Maybe we can shove the card below in it too, like a PDA? Probably not, but hey. Item description: A pair of black gloves, that extend up a small ways past the wrist. In Necropolis colors, a small holographic information plate sits on the back of the left glove, attached with deep red stitching. Item appearance: In DMI. Item name: Katerina's Necropolis FO Identity Card Item function(s): Preferably this would be like an ID card, except it's not wearable and doesn't use access (to not be used as an actual ID), it just has the fields, Job set to 'Chief Facility Overseer' and the rest the same as the ID. If not, just able to be fit in a wallet with the description is fine. Item description: A black ID card with blue text detailing the owner's position in their company and general information. This one seems to have a gold pin at the bottom, and a large Necropolis seal at the top left. Item appearance: In DMI. (Not for above: If you can't make it an ID card, set this as it's description: ''A black ID card with blue text detailing the owner's position in their company and general information. This one seems to have a gold pin at the bottom, and a large Necropolis seal at the top left. The rank across it's field reads 'Facility Overseer'.'') How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? There's been a steady influx of Contractor characters, especially Necropolis. I'm pretty versed in Science, and having a blatantly unique look that also complies with the Contractor's standard may draw eyes. People already question Contractors about their jobs and companies, and seeing someone stick out makes it easier to approach them at times, or harder depending on who you are. Additional Notes: While a relatively new character, I have been putting work into them and researching into the company, and asking the lore devs about what's acceptable and not. So while I've one or /maybe/ two rounds at the time of posting this, these things usually take a month or two to even get looked at, so it gives me time to establish them safely. Necrostuff.dmi
  4. Hello, I play Aimee, and in the situation you stated regarding me it had zero reasoning in OOC. I don't appreciate being OOCly slandered either that I unconditionally hate you or some such. Aimee is not programmed to have Psychological knowledge, thereby I cannot legally determine if you are safely able to be prescribed more of a psychiatric medication. Giving you more than prescribed than a medication in today's date can lead to malpractice charges as I am not your prescribing physician for the original prescription and have no contact with them. I would, as I told everyone else at the time, have to wait for a qualified professional to come and make that analysis before I can legally prescribe you more medication. While Aimee is willing to stretch a long way for patient comfort, it cuts off sharply at 'breaking regulatory norms'. I ignored the PDA-System after the message because the you had (ICly), began getting immediately hostile as I explained the situation to you through that message. You did not question it, you immediately insulated me and attempted to guilt trip me. Something that would not work on a Synthetic. So I simply moved on. Regardless, dereliction of duty is not the proper term to use for this. Nor is many things; because you don't know what was done from a realistic standpoint beyond me refusing to overmedicate you without a proper analysis. Please don't drag me into a complaint that's not about me. Things like this can also be ahelped in round, and be taken care of in round, instead of being taken to the forums, and you will often be asked 'Why didn't you ahelp?' 🤷‍♀️
  5. A paramedic has the ability and plausible training to react in many situations, including active firefights depending on the state of the country you live in, or the city you reside upon. It's the sad truth of the medical field that we prepare ourselves for the day-in-day-out of crisis even if it doesn't happen on the daily. An EMT is less likely to have such training, as the only qualifier for EMT is going through about two weeks of basic classes and getting a certificate that you know basic treatment, and this is why EMTs are always on-job with Paramedics, and never are there teams of two EMTs. However, doing so upon a fighting member is something you would be told never to do, because it makes you look like you're picking sides and puts a target on you. This is why you never run into a police shootout and put a bandage on the officer shooting, you will be shot as well. It's why areas are cleared before medical services are allowed to enter, in every case and time with very minimal times of exceptions. But yes, Drago is correct, EMS have guidelines they follow in 'combat' scenarios, which is part of their training to get into the mindset for. It's a very "Follow these or you put yourself and others at very high risk of injury." You have to remember as an EMT, you are not a paramedic with multiple years of experience under their belt, and you're not a doctor who can treat people. Your job is to move people injured back to medical to the best of your abilities and provide stabilization care until you arrive. Not to be a cure-all-be-all end of the line, even if you're capable of doing that by drugs. EMT is not just a fluff title and the same thing of a Paramedic, an EMT is an equivalent to a training role for a Paramedic, if you want to think of it that way.
  6. Just gonna put this here. Mercsuit: initial_modules = list( /obj/item/rig_module/mounted, /obj/item/rig_module/vision/thermal, /obj/item/rig_module/grenade_launcher, /obj/item/rig_module/ai_container, /obj/item/rig_module/power_sink, /obj/item/rig_module/electrowarfare_suite, /obj/item/rig_module/chem_dispenser/combat, /obj/item/rig_module/fabricator/energy_net, /obj/item/rig_module/actuators/combat Hazardsuit: Also armor stats: armor = list(melee = 60, bullet = 45, laser = 30, energy = 15, bomb = 60, bio = 100, rad = 45) initial_modules = list( /obj/item/rig_module/vision/sechud, /obj/item/rig_module/maneuvering_jets, /obj/item/rig_module/grenade_launcher, /obj/item/rig_module/mounted/taser Compared to Stealthsuit they get: armor = list(melee = 50, bullet = 15, laser = 50, energy = 10, bomb = 25, bio = 0, rad = 0)
  7. About like this. Ignore the suit, I sprited it too even though it's not on the app.
  8. Naomi is a character I love to hate, yet unironically like. I despise people with drug-likes like that, though. It's just something I'm not for because it gives an excuse to have 'Oooooh I don't care' RP. :shrug: Something I have seen you do, a lot, before. Outside of that, though, I like her.
  9. You suck. But no, honestly? Anya's one of the characters I can guarantee I'll enjoy an interaction with on most of my characters, regardless of if they know her or not. It's an overall very chill experience, and Jo is one of the only people I can legitimately say who's opinion matters highly to me on a character I make when I give it. Not to mention one of the only friends I've made and wish to legitimately keep, even if I just up and leave the community. Orlova is a character that, with flaws, has them believably. In /most/ cases. There's a few concerns I have in general with what you kept canon and what not, but that's primarily just me being nitpicky. I'm usually open with characters who are different or overly unique though, so honestly I don't have much more contribute.
  10. I've had very negative experiences with ParadoxSpace in the past. He's been more abrasive than I, he's been overly argumentative. Something that I'm well aware I do too. He's standoffish and refuses to apologize for things. All of these traits are not someone I'd want to see as a moderator at all. With that being said, Paradox and I have been interacting much more level-headed and calmly lately. It's to the point where I can say I actually appreciate insight from him at times, and have no problem talking or poking him with things I'm doing that are related. I feel he's improved significantly passed what he was before, even if he is a little hard to read about whether what he says is sarcastic or serious. +1, trial worthy. I hope it goes well, pal.
  11. I also think you mean to use the "Alien Whitelist Format" found here. This is the "Command" whitelist format, so a tiny bit confusing at first glance. There's no 'blanket' whitelist for the server, and every whitelist in and of itself is specific. You need to apply for each one.
  12. Not particularly. All of those are specialized fields of medication, and would require time to learn. Not everyone is required to learn each and every one of them. Also a not all chemical reactions react the same way. Medications react in separate ways when interacting with eachother. Which is why, even if Phoron is required for Dexalin, you wouldn't be able to make Dexalin Plus due to a more uncontrolled chemical reaction. But regardless, the argument is an argument for the sake of arguing. I simply disagree with how it is now. It would take effort to make it 'perfect' in my eyes, outside of just renaming it to indicate you want it played this way. 'This way' meaning allowing Biochemists to do whatever the heck they want instead of focusing on Virology. Since some people perceive Biochemists as being surgeon-chemists too for some reason, who also know virology. I dunno, just my two cents, I guess.
  13. It's already categorized in the way that I mentioned, Jackboot. Basic - Standard - Advanced - Specialist, then Psych and so on.
  14. Chemistry is not a related field to Virology. They require degrees with different fields of study entirely. Biochemists should have basic knowledge of chemistry (Basic medication) and a knowledge of how to /study/ Virology and do everything in the department. Pharmacists should know how to create advanced drugs (Up to advanced medications and specialist ones), and have minimal knowledge of Virology. An Exception would be CMOs who know both Virology and Chemistry, and they could do either. I just believe it needs a rename if people want to play it like they do now. Something like 'Viro-Chemist', which is literal but also not an unrelated field as it's not a field of study. :shrug:
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