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  1. I realized I've never actually gotten any feedback on Rebecca since before or after my hiatus. So, I figure, it's about time I ask for some, figure where I can improve and where I'm good. Positive or Negative, don't matter to me.
  2. Bump, since no one else seems to want to add anything and it's been 5 days.
  3. To add on to this... have you noticed the way he's character talks? It reminds me of the average Fulpstation player. No punctuation, little spacing, constant misspelling... It seriously makes me think he came straight from Fulp.
  4. BYOND Key: VentClass Game ID: b3y-dAX0 Player Byond Key/Character name: Don't know his Byond Key/Kirsi Jovian Staff involved: One, however I do not remember his name. Reason for complaint: Alright, where to start? I think the first point I should hit is his tendency to switch between jobs of differing departments. Throughout my time in interacting with him, I've seen him in the roles of Shaft Miner and CT, which he knew very little of what to do (and probably never had EVA training either, cause he popped his lung for not turning internals on), a QM, which was a BIG jump from being a CT the shift before and barely knowing the job. From there, he made a very sudden change: He went to being a medical doctor. If I've got half a brain, someone who goes from several different roles in a short time frame and THEN goes to a vital job after showing proficiency in the jobs he was already doing is probably doing something off. I haven't personally experienced him as the MD, but several players, such as Ruby Lotami, report him as quite the horrible MD, and unfit for the job. From there, after TWO SHIFTS as a MD, what does he do? He went to being a Psych. At this point, I had decided to alert staff of his constant job hopping. If I knew the name of the staff member who had warned him about it, I would provide it. I assumed the issue would be handled. I was utterly wrong. He would continue his constant job hopping, switching between Medical, Cargo, and Bar tending constantly, under the guise of "working psych and bars on the weekends". I have a very good reason to believe he is not only unqualified IC'ly, but has little to no knowledge of several of these jobs OOC. He also neglected to take the SPECIFIC JOB meant for new doctors and players, going straight to doctor and psych. If that was all he had done, I wouldn't be making this report. But believe it or not, he's done more. On the date of October 4th, between 3:30pm and 6:30pm MST, the round of b3y-dAX0 was currently going. It was an infilitraitor round, and I had come on and hour in. So, around 4:30pm. I go to Cargo Surface, unaware of the crisis and begin loading the shuttle. A infilitraitor comes in, and tells me not to try anything and to hand my radio over. A buddy teleported behind me while he did. I shouted over radio of their location, and they quickly apprehend me. After dragging me in Maint, I eventually struggle out and escape to Muhawir's campsite in the Surface Garden, where I am shot to death and Yahir is severely injured. After stuffing my body in the Dorms and bolting the door. It is a while before I am found. The AI unbolts the door and, after finding me and setting up a crime scene, I am brought to medical by a doctor. After some time, I am eventually cloned by Kirsi. This is where the trouble begins. I am brought to Cyrotubes to be healed (expected), and he shoves me in for a while. Eventually, he pops me out. I try speaking, and discover not only a speech impediment and blindness, but a desire to be around others. At the time, he believed me to only have brain damage, and proceeded to shove me back into the Cyro. Keep in mind, at no time did he scan me in the full-body scanner. After popping me in and out a few times, he finally decided to ask me what was wrong. I told him of my blindness (which he had already known about), my brain damage (he also knew about that), and my heart damage (which he not only didn't know about, but blatantly ignored several times.) He drags me off to psych, and to some sort of red machine, which he shoves me inside. After fiddling with it for a while, he is unable to figure out how to fix my ailments with it, and drags me back to cyro. Give or take another 30 or so minutes of Cyro, and I'm FINALLY able to see again. However, my heart troubles had gotten worse, and I made note to tell him about it repeatedly, and the fact I wanted a SURGERY to fix it, since his previous method had failed. He blatantly ignores this, drags me back to Psych, and locks me into his office while he handles Summer Snow, who got similar symptoms as me and was treated the same as me (which is to say, not good.) After some time stuck in his office and attempting to message someone to let me out, he comes back and releases me and Snow. He was going to attempt and continue his ineffective treatment, but I refused to let him continue on me, instead asking for another doctor and my stuff. He allows it, but refuses to give my stuff OR tell other doctors. If not for the help of Ruby Lotami and Neith, I wouldn't have gotten my stuff back or my heart handled. To clarify something, I'm going to be honest: Halfway through his incompetence, I repeatedly told him he was doing stuff wrong, according to procedure. This wasn't Rebecca's first time in medical, after all. For now, this is all I can come up with regarding his character. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I wish you a good day. EDIT: NEW INFORMATION HAS COME TO LIGHT After going into the NSS Aurora, asking Kirsi of his credentials, and talking to both Cordia Claudius, HOP, and Lizidia Immoen, I have discovered new information that conflicts HEAVILY with current lore. Firstly, let's go over Kirsi's degrees: He claims to have both a degree in General Medicine, AKA a MD, and a degree in Psychology. To give context, a MD requires 8 years of college and 2 years of residency to earn the right to be a Medical Doctor. In addition, it takes an additional 5 years to earn a degree in Psychology and 5 years of relative work experience before they will be allowed to work on the NSS Aurora. For reference, Kirsi is also 35 years old. Now, let's go over the time frame of Kirsi's education: He spent 8 years, plus 5 years of residency, to obtain his MD, 13 years. After that, a Psychology degree requires 3-4 additional years of schooling, as well as the IC 5 years of work experience to obtain a job at the NSS, which would be 8-9 years. Assume Kirsi went to college at 18. He would've had to be in schooling for 11-12 years. In addition, he spent 5 years of residency and 5 years in psychology work before hand. He spent around 21-22 years worth of schooling and work. Now, keeping in mind he is 35 and claims to have both degrees, he would've had to go to college at the age of 13-14 IC. That is near-impossible for a human character. The time frame he gave is impossible to justify... but he tried to. His excuse: Cloning to a old backup. This is impossible. By IC lore, cloning only works if the person you are attempting to clone is dead. He claims to have done this at any day he felt he had not learned enough or learned nothing. By IC requirements, a Suicide is considered an auto-DNC, therefore it is impossible for him to have used this method. Making him a fraud IC and a lore-cheater OOC. Approximate Date/Time: October 4th, between the hours of 3:30pm and 6:30pm MST
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