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  1. I don't even remember when this was but I feel absolutely no regrets from saying it.
  2. Alright, so after some brainstorming among me, Pan, and Paradox, I believe I've come up for answers in regards to both parts of your question. To answer the first of how the IPCs of the (now-renamed!) Golden Dream, we've come up with a few different ways and also expanded on how IPCs work on the aerostat. To start off, IPCs that reside aboard the Dream are typically hand-picked from models and units across Venus that tend to be the most appealing, in which these units are brought aboard to an initial workshop area. In this area, they are then "touched up", improved, and in some cases, redefined to not only fit a specific purpose, such as the hired escorts that can be found up in the upper levels. Typically, IPCs that work within this field are made to be as good looking as possible, to the point of being uncanny, and having something of a ethereal/not-quite-human feel to them. In addition to this, we came up with a naming scheme that would help fit in with the new name, which I will reveal at the end, in which IPCs will be given names based on different deities and/or mythological entities based on the look and job given to them. A decent chunk of staff aboard are IPCs, and handle various different jobs: Some work in the escort service available to those in the upper levels, in which a certain amount of hours is paid for by a customer, and whatever happens between the IPC and Customer stays between them and Management. During this time, IPCs are able to have some freedoms in what occurs during this time, being able to deny certain requests if it would have negative effects to the facility, the IPC's status, or anything else that would result in a loss of profits, time, and effort. However, if none of these risks or dangers exist, IPCs generally have to follow exactly what the customers asks for or wants. Others work as the security of the entire facility: They can range from shells to G2s, all designed to not only be effective as security, but also maintain the beauty that is generally represented by Venusian IPCs. Most others work as part of the various attractions or facilities, such as handling drinks at some of the various clubs or covering small-scale administration. IPCs that work as part of the escort service have further abilities granted to them by administration: They can often change their appearance, look, or behaviors based on the requests of the customer, and the distinct look of certain IPCs can be changed at various different workshops located through the staff-only sections of the entire facility. There's also some new additions to the actual system of the aerostat, but in order to go further into the changes, allow me to introduce the new naming of the Golden Dream: Ishtar's Temple. The aerostat has been renamed to Ishtar's Temple, with each area given a specific name that fits with the full name: The lower levels and Aerostat are known as Ishtar's Temple, the elevators that separate the zones are known as Ishtar's Gates, and the upper level of the Temple is known as Babylon Garden. This also connects to the naming scheme of the IPCs that work there and fit in with the attempted look and experience that the design of the IPCs are supposed to invoke. I've also added to how the IDs work: IDs are bio-locked to the individual that they were originally created for, and automatically tracks the location of the owner inside the facility and works as a mobile recorder, in order to add to the security of the facility and it's assets. In addition, the system allows for fake/bootleg cards to connect to the tracking network and immediately report attempted usage of said cards, exposing the immediate location of anyone using a bootleg for Security to "remove". Hopefully, this not only answers the issues brought up but add to the depth of the original application. Again, I credit Pan, Karnayna and ParadoxSpace for help with brainstorming and collaboration.
  3. Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Aerostat (Venus). Describe this proposal in a single sentence (12 word maximum): Venusian aerostat focusing on entertainment, of both the traditional and exotic Venusian variety. How will this be reflected on-station?: This place, in addition to adding to the general vibe of Venus being the "Jewel of Sol", provides further background and potential backstories for potential Sol and Venusian characters, as well as giving a further spotlight on specific groups in both the Human and IPC groups, such as the more risque or elite of Sol and the creation of the beauty-based Venusian shells. In addition, once the shift in scenery changes from station to traveling exploration ship, it could also provide in the way of providing an interesting location for future events and/or arcs. Does this faction/etc do anything not achieved by what already exists?: It further expands on potential character concepts and backgrounds through the expansion on certain sub-types of already existing races, such as the Venusian Shells built to cater to a... risque audience, or the unique environment fostered into the various humans (and other potential species) on Venus. Why should this be given to lore developers rather than remain player created lore?: In turning this to official lore developers, a few different ideas and situations can emerge from it: The upper atmosphere of Venus and the Aerostats, as described by both Lore and Players alike, is one that focuses on beauty, pleasure, and unique forms of entertainment that fails to exist elsewhere in the entirety of Sol. So, in adding a aerostat that focuses on that specific aspect of Venus and reveals some of the deeper inner workings of the Venusian Entertainment Industry and the Venusian Mindset, it allows for more in-depth Venusian characters and helps Sol become more of a background that a player could use for new characters and concepts. With this addition to Venusian Lore, an issue comes up in the form of the Venusian IPC's. For a rather long time, there has been constant arcs, characters, and ideas over the concept of IPCs and their potential free-will/emotions, and the development of Venusian IPCs and their use in Sol could work as a further motivator for potential conversation on the topic, as well as allowing for IPCs from Venus to come aboard and provide backstory and ideas that might challenge or assist the status quo. Venus, within the Aerostats and behind closed doors, is a planet focused on both pleasure, entertainment, and degeneracy. In the addition of Ishtar's, this concept could be further explored upon and messed with, providing material for conversation on what is considered the limit between simple entertainment and total deviancy, as well as providing conflict between groups that are diametrically opposed to such concepts of sin and pleasure. Do you understand that if this is submitted, you are signing it away to the lore team, and that it's possible that it will change over time in ways that you may not foresee?: That's the nature of a lore application: If I submit this and it's accepted, it's not entirely mine anymore. The original concept is mine: The actual implementation is not. Long Description: Venus. The oft-described "Jewel" of the Sol system, Venus is known far and wide across human space as a example of the possibilities of human entertainment, pleasure, and overall ability of humanity to create something beautiful, profitable, and enjoyable the whole way through. This, proved strong by Aerostats such as Binyaria, was only further proved and expanded upon by what many considered to be the "diamond" of Venus: Ishtar's Temple. A rather large Aerostat that existed only a short shuttle ride away from Binyaria, Ishtar's Temple functioned as the perfect twin to Binyaria and an example of what Venusian entertainment could be. The basis of the Aerostat, as it was formed, was simple: It was a place anyone and everyone could enjoy, a place that provided to every niche and interest a place to enjoy themselves and relax. The average person, with a few credits and some time, could board a shuttle and enjoy themselves in any way possible aboard the Temple: Clubs, amusement parks, lounges and bars of all sorts, sport centers and everything in between were open to the general public. It didn't matter who you were: Skrell, Unathi, Human, IPC, everyone could find a place to enjoy themselves in some way. It didn't end with just those attractions, however: That was only the lower half of the Temple. Beyond the guarded elevators and hidden checkpoints known as Ishtar's Gates existed the top layer, elusive to most non-Venusians and even further for those foreign to the system, existed the top half of the Ishtar's Temple: Babylon Garden. Here, the more deviant and elite of the possible attractions existed for the rich, influential, or resourceful: The right amount of cash, the right connections, the right knowledge, or the right influence was all that was needed to gain one of the illusive key cards that provided access to the top. However, in some cases, it was even easier to get inside: Rumor had it that it wasn't uncommon for management to occasionally slip an access card to those who, in some way or another, looked like they simply couldn't get with what was offered. In this upper level, all sorts of deviancy existed: Entertainment of the risque kind was common, the unique and unusual tastes of any patron were satisfied, and all sorts of "hotels" populated the aisles when the night came through. One of the most used services, however, was arguably the specialty of the upper Aerostat: The Venusian Shells of the Diamond. These shells differed from the usual Venesian shell: They were designed with quality incomparable to those outside the Aerostat, and existed in a state that left them with not only more freedoms than their counterparts, but left them more desired by the patrons of the level. Setting themselves for different prices and different jobs, even someone foreign to the level could tell exactly what the purpose of each and every shell could be: Some provided experiences they only wish they could get within their dreams, and others provide the technophile's dream in more ways than one. As time went on, this only further expanded: New attractions and places show up on the daily, and expansions are constantly occurring. As one attraction finishes production, another starts production, starting a cycle of constant innovation and application, in which one visit is always unique compared to another. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A final note: This is the first time I've ever made something as big as this, so forgive me if some things seem wrong or unrealistic. Still trying to figure this all out. I would like to thank Pan, Karnayna#9676 for help in the initial idea and ParadoxSpace#6825 for some further development and context on Venus. EDIT: Changed to fix Venesian to Venusian.
  4. Back when I played as Rebecca alot (SHE IS COMING BACK, HAVE NO FEAR), it was always a joy to interact and RP with her characters, such as everyone's favorite human-cucker lab assistant, Ssarzi. I look forward to seeing what she could do as a Command character. AKA, +1.
  5. BYOND Key: VentClass Character Names: Ventus Dagna (Xenobotanist), Rebecca Holand (Quartermaster, Cargo Technician, and occasional Miner), Brigan Ano (Medical Resident, soon to be Chemist), Alexia Avanes (Bartender), as well as a now deleted character, Collin Rich (Security Guard). Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Somewhere between a sand or rock brown. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, multiple times. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: The main reason I want to try the Unathi is simple: seeing the stories and conflicts of other Unathi characters, with a notable one to me being Aurroes Kas (Don't make me fish you out of space again!). The idea of a split world and divided people, with one side nuked to oblivion and the other struggling to hold together at it's seams, fascinates more, even more than the Tajara. Even more is the possibility that comes from this: wastelanders, criminals, banished, clansmen, and everything in between is seemingly possible with this race. And, on top of that, it feels like something out of a medieval age that's been sped up to spacer times, and all the constant conflicts that come with it. All in all, they prove to be something both interesting and foreign to me, and I'd like to give it a go and see what I can do. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: (One Paragraph minimum) From a lore standpoint, the history of the Unathi is a troubled one, standing in both questions of morality and honor, as well as violence and death. Stratification was built deep within the confines of their system, and lasts even as the world expands to those outside of their own, changing little. The instability of the Izweski and the decimation of the wastelands only add onto that troubled history, and leave many stuck in a strange limbo of what to do. Taking a look from the mechanical sides of things, it's a different story. Everything about their diet is different from what most species can handle, and combat comes easier for them in general. The consumption of meat, both raw and cooked, is necessary to refill any hunger, and the ability to both perform better in combat scenarios and other areas proves them to be somewhat powerful... which can also be exploited and used against them in every way. In the ways of interaction, some conflicts can be expected: Religion plays a very major part in the life of the Unathi, almost to absurd points. Aut'akh, Sk'akh, Si'akh, and Th'akh, and even those without any of these all affect how interaction plays out in the end. In addition, there's an active conflict between those of the wasteland and those of the untouched lands, and the conflicts between the Traditionalists and Izweski still lives on past it's war, affecting every part of this new Unathi life. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Character Name: Uzunji Makzus/Ozeuoi Please provide a short backstory for this character (Approximately two paragraphs): Born originally to the Makzus clan, Uzunji had a rather simple life early on: He lived in the traditionalist lands, and his life was dominated by both the values of Th'akh and their normal way of life. His father, Mzia, proved a decent warrior and hunter among his fellows, with his mother, Msrua, proved unnoticeable among the whole. With but a few siblings, both younger and older, Uzunji's early life proved both comfortable and without strife, even as the Contact War waged across the planet. Although, quite a sum of this time is... hard to remember, to put it simply. Being young does have that slight downfall, after all. However, out of the scattered memories of those few years, one stuck within his mind: a book. It was one that a traveler had left behind, a simple blue cover and unreadable script on it's front. Out of curiosity, the young hatchling, barely 3 at this point, took a peek inside the cover. What he saw was, to his young mind, astounding: objects of unimaginable complexity, devices he had never seen, pictures which showed the impossible brought real. Within only a few moments, he was captive to it's images, flipping page through page of this strange novel. To him, it seemed as though hours had passed by when the book was finally wretched from his hands by one of the clansmen. Within one look, Uzunji felt the spite and anger of those wishing to prevent such blatant violations of the old ways, and it awoke something inside him: an innate curiosity. What was so wrong with what he read? Why did the clansmen look so angry? What had he done? Of course, as fate would have it, he would never get the chance to ask those questions. Barely a few months later, on the 5th of September, 2439, most of Moghes would be engulfed in atomic flame, with Uzunji's home being no exception. Either by pure luck or some divine intervention, his father had planned something for that day: a nearby cave had opened, and the curiosity of the father grew. Following him out of their home and to the cave, Mzia would have only a moment to berate his son before the explosion rang out. Thus, this small cave became a small home for but a few days, as the realization struck Mzia: they had done it. The Izweski had wrought annihilation to their lands, their culture, their people: All as their government had predicted. With this in mind, and his son oblivious behind him, the two would emerge, 3 days later, to what could be described as the end times. Taking Uzunji, the warrior returned to where their village used to lay... only to find an obliterated ruin from where it used to stand. House after house, body after body, nearly everyone he had found were already corpses... except for one. A single hatchling, hidden in one of the outskirts various buildings, remained. Taking this small hatchling, one they would come to know as Akzias Makzus, the father would lead the two hatchlings off into the now-decimated wastes, with what little supplies remained usable. A seemingly endless travel met them for years on end, dodging both the punished and other scavengers, the father attempting to educate both his own son and the young girl they had managed to find to the best of his ability, but to little avail. Th'akh, tradition, and roles fell out in the way of survival in this harsh land, and radiation would only make it worse. Eventually, the father began to slow down, after 10 long years. It had finally happened: radiation had done it's job, and a small lump appeared below the warrior's knee. Day after day, he became slower and slower, struggled harder and harder to keep walking, and, within a few weeks, was unable to keep traveling. The two hatchlings, by this point, had become well versed to this cruel waste they traveled, and searched for anything to help the man that had helped them stay alive this far. And, with luck, someone did: Riding upon a motorbike came a single Unathi, covered from head to toe in what looked like scraps of metal. Approaching the two hatchlings and the warrior, he introduced himself: Ioasi Ozeuoi. From here, things began to change for the three. Having been taken by the man to some strange compound, Uzunji saw something he never imagined he'd see again: that same book from so long ago, sitting upon a bench within the compound. From here began a new life for the three: Uzunji, in light of his father's apparent illness, took to work within this new place, and found one profession held with him: Mechanics. The various machinations and devices that arose from the scraps of the old world fascinated him to no end, bringing back memories of that same book from all those years ago. So, with a ferocity previously seen by those of his comrades, he took to working within this new field, and found an talent at it. For years, this would be his life: assisting the various mechanics and engineers throughout the compound, repairing, making, and even producing various tools, gadgets, and machinations for this new home of his. And, with all this, came a new name: Uzunji Ozeuoi. Eventually, an opportunity arose: a few of the mechanics were heading off to the Untouched areas, to meet with a small group of people for an opportunity, invited him to come along. With approval from his now-recovered father, the young Unathi, now 22 years of age, would depart the compound he had come to know as home for 9 years, and went off with the men on the long trek to this place. And, indeed, it took quite a while, but they would eventually reach the Untouched lands, coming to contact with a species he had yet to ever met before: Humanity. And, with a few words, one or two exchanges, and a nod, the small group would board the shuttle from which had been prepared. Uzunji was heading out to the stars. And where did that leave him, four years later? Out of college, employed for Nanotransen, and ready for a brand new job as one of the many Roboticists in the company's resume. And, as fate would have it, the Aurora was his designated workplace. What awaited him? Who knows? What do you like about this character? (Describe what you like about this character) I'd mainly say I like the chance to actually play someone from a wasteland, someone who has only a few year's experience in a world that's years ahead of what he used to know and live. Species he's never seen, mechanizations that prove foreign to him, methods that don't play into his habits, everything in that vein. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How would you rate your role-playing ability? As of late, I would say my ability to roleplay is significantly better than a few months ago, and I feel I am at a point that I can TRY branching out into things such as Xenos. Notes: Edited the identification area a little bit.
  6. My Characters: Rebecca Holand (Cargonian), Ventus Dagna (Xenobotanist), Alexia Avanes (Bartender), Brigan Ano (Medical Resident) I figured it's about time I got feedback on not just Rebecca, but ALL of my characters. So, throw your opinions at me: Good or bad, don't care.
  7. I realized I've never actually gotten any feedback on Rebecca since before or after my hiatus. So, I figure, it's about time I ask for some, figure where I can improve and where I'm good. Positive or Negative, don't matter to me.
  8. Bump, since no one else seems to want to add anything and it's been 5 days.
  9. To add on to this... have you noticed the way he's character talks? It reminds me of the average Fulpstation player. No punctuation, little spacing, constant misspelling... It seriously makes me think he came straight from Fulp.
  10. BYOND Key: VentClass Game ID: b3y-dAX0 Player Byond Key/Character name: Don't know his Byond Key/Kirsi Jovian Staff involved: One, however I do not remember his name. Reason for complaint: Alright, where to start? I think the first point I should hit is his tendency to switch between jobs of differing departments. Throughout my time in interacting with him, I've seen him in the roles of Shaft Miner and CT, which he knew very little of what to do (and probably never had EVA training either, cause he popped his lung for not turning internals on), a QM, which was a BIG jump from being a CT the shift before and barely knowing the job. From there, he made a very sudden change: He went to being a medical doctor. If I've got half a brain, someone who goes from several different roles in a short time frame and THEN goes to a vital job after showing proficiency in the jobs he was already doing is probably doing something off. I haven't personally experienced him as the MD, but several players, such as Ruby Lotami, report him as quite the horrible MD, and unfit for the job. From there, after TWO SHIFTS as a MD, what does he do? He went to being a Psych. At this point, I had decided to alert staff of his constant job hopping. If I knew the name of the staff member who had warned him about it, I would provide it. I assumed the issue would be handled. I was utterly wrong. He would continue his constant job hopping, switching between Medical, Cargo, and Bar tending constantly, under the guise of "working psych and bars on the weekends". I have a very good reason to believe he is not only unqualified IC'ly, but has little to no knowledge of several of these jobs OOC. He also neglected to take the SPECIFIC JOB meant for new doctors and players, going straight to doctor and psych. If that was all he had done, I wouldn't be making this report. But believe it or not, he's done more. On the date of October 4th, between 3:30pm and 6:30pm MST, the round of b3y-dAX0 was currently going. It was an infilitraitor round, and I had come on and hour in. So, around 4:30pm. I go to Cargo Surface, unaware of the crisis and begin loading the shuttle. A infilitraitor comes in, and tells me not to try anything and to hand my radio over. A buddy teleported behind me while he did. I shouted over radio of their location, and they quickly apprehend me. After dragging me in Maint, I eventually struggle out and escape to Muhawir's campsite in the Surface Garden, where I am shot to death and Yahir is severely injured. After stuffing my body in the Dorms and bolting the door. It is a while before I am found. The AI unbolts the door and, after finding me and setting up a crime scene, I am brought to medical by a doctor. After some time, I am eventually cloned by Kirsi. This is where the trouble begins. I am brought to Cyrotubes to be healed (expected), and he shoves me in for a while. Eventually, he pops me out. I try speaking, and discover not only a speech impediment and blindness, but a desire to be around others. At the time, he believed me to only have brain damage, and proceeded to shove me back into the Cyro. Keep in mind, at no time did he scan me in the full-body scanner. After popping me in and out a few times, he finally decided to ask me what was wrong. I told him of my blindness (which he had already known about), my brain damage (he also knew about that), and my heart damage (which he not only didn't know about, but blatantly ignored several times.) He drags me off to psych, and to some sort of red machine, which he shoves me inside. After fiddling with it for a while, he is unable to figure out how to fix my ailments with it, and drags me back to cyro. Give or take another 30 or so minutes of Cyro, and I'm FINALLY able to see again. However, my heart troubles had gotten worse, and I made note to tell him about it repeatedly, and the fact I wanted a SURGERY to fix it, since his previous method had failed. He blatantly ignores this, drags me back to Psych, and locks me into his office while he handles Summer Snow, who got similar symptoms as me and was treated the same as me (which is to say, not good.) After some time stuck in his office and attempting to message someone to let me out, he comes back and releases me and Snow. He was going to attempt and continue his ineffective treatment, but I refused to let him continue on me, instead asking for another doctor and my stuff. He allows it, but refuses to give my stuff OR tell other doctors. If not for the help of Ruby Lotami and Neith, I wouldn't have gotten my stuff back or my heart handled. To clarify something, I'm going to be honest: Halfway through his incompetence, I repeatedly told him he was doing stuff wrong, according to procedure. This wasn't Rebecca's first time in medical, after all. For now, this is all I can come up with regarding his character. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I wish you a good day. EDIT: NEW INFORMATION HAS COME TO LIGHT After going into the NSS Aurora, asking Kirsi of his credentials, and talking to both Cordia Claudius, HOP, and Lizidia Immoen, I have discovered new information that conflicts HEAVILY with current lore. Firstly, let's go over Kirsi's degrees: He claims to have both a degree in General Medicine, AKA a MD, and a degree in Psychology. To give context, a MD requires 8 years of college and 2 years of residency to earn the right to be a Medical Doctor. In addition, it takes an additional 5 years to earn a degree in Psychology and 5 years of relative work experience before they will be allowed to work on the NSS Aurora. For reference, Kirsi is also 35 years old. Now, let's go over the time frame of Kirsi's education: He spent 8 years, plus 5 years of residency, to obtain his MD, 13 years. After that, a Psychology degree requires 3-4 additional years of schooling, as well as the IC 5 years of work experience to obtain a job at the NSS, which would be 8-9 years. Assume Kirsi went to college at 18. He would've had to be in schooling for 11-12 years. In addition, he spent 5 years of residency and 5 years in psychology work before hand. He spent around 21-22 years worth of schooling and work. Now, keeping in mind he is 35 and claims to have both degrees, he would've had to go to college at the age of 13-14 IC. That is near-impossible for a human character. The time frame he gave is impossible to justify... but he tried to. His excuse: Cloning to a old backup. This is impossible. By IC lore, cloning only works if the person you are attempting to clone is dead. He claims to have done this at any day he felt he had not learned enough or learned nothing. By IC requirements, a Suicide is considered an auto-DNC, therefore it is impossible for him to have used this method. Making him a fraud IC and a lore-cheater OOC. Approximate Date/Time: October 4th, between the hours of 3:30pm and 6:30pm MST
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