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  1. THE AURORA TRIBUNE IS HIRING Hello all! I am Stuart Blackwell. I run the highly popular news organization, the Aurora Tribune. We had temporarily suspended activities for some time so that we could sort out a change in power. However, we are finally back and looking to hire new and dedicated reporters! If you believe yourself to be a good writer and a good people person, then please send me a private message, respond to this advert with your contact information, or come and find me on-station. Specifics can be discussed in private. All of your work shall be lightly edited and shown to everyone so please make sure that it is professional and as unbiased as possible. The best reporters may one day become famous! Associate Reporters If you're reading this and the life of a reporter sounds interesting but too time-consuming for you, then you can become an associate reporter. This will allow you access to all of our power and resources while allowing you to keep your current job and work to your schedule. Associate reporters will be able to hand in any articles they decide to write, and if they are deemed to be good enough for the newspaper, then you will get a fair commission fee for your time. You won't make as much as a proper reporter, however, you will still be able to make a satisfying amount of money, and make an even more satisfying change to people's lives as you document all of the wonderful, or not so wonderful, things about our station and our universe.
  2. This idea would be very beneficial. I find that injuries are basically pointless as I can go to medical and immediately have them fixed. This takes away from the RP massively as I don't have to make any hard decisions when in medical about my health or a patient's if I am playing as a doctor. Adding these side effects would help improve the RP massively and make antag rounds and major accidents very entertaining.
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