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  1. Reiterated from my comments from the github. Colors : Change to white stray too far into the cartoon sci-fi side of things. We don't have to go full milspec like Bay, but gunmetal grey/black is better. Oversaturation of colors also contribute to this problem. Shotgun is inconsistent with the other guns. If there was to be a contrast, it is too muted to tell, and isn't explicitly obvious what the contrast is supposed to mean at a glance, since it is too generic to derive any context from it. Proportions : Triggers for most of the guns are inconsistent and problem lies with the ones that are disproportionately large. Stocks for the laser rifle and ion are too short. Ions and laser rifles are vertically stretched. Ions, and disruptors especially, look very bulky and cartoonish. Outlines : Blaster pistol grips have no outline, inconsistent with the others. Style : It isn't a bad thing that these sprites are being updated to be more futuristic, however the stylisation is far too inappropriate for the tone for the server. The cartoonish proportions as well as the oversaturated colors lend the tone to be more retro sci-fi rather than corporate dystopia. This could work on a server like Goon, but we are a HRP server, and the tone is much more different.
  2. Accepting members for the Muscle Girls Appreciation Group. Inquire within.

    1. wowzewow


      Greetings gentlemen. I hope you all have brought appropriate primer material.


    2. KingOfThePing


      How heavy are the dumbells that you lift?

  3. That would defeat the purpose of the restrictions IMHO. Also medical doesn't need that many gloves since there isn't particularly a shortage problem.
  4. The original latex glove box had like, 4 nitrile and 2 latex, one nitrile and one latex were guaranteed to be xeno-friendly. I could always you know, change it back
  5. It would make a lot of sense if the kitchen and bar actually worked like an actual restaurant with waitstaff and line cooks, so people ACTUALLY have things to do. Taking orders and serving meals. You know, that's probably the intention anyway. Should probably add a "Waiter" title.
  6. would be much easier to port from baycode if you could provide a PR
  7. I've always felt that vampires are strictly chaplain territory. Shame we have a distinct lack of salt circles and yelling "BEGONE DEMON". although not particularly realistic vampires aren't either so
  8. a lot of stuff has been VueUI'd so I'd reckon they SHOULD be fixed and displaying disabilities properly. There hasn't been any extensive testing in a long time though. This is likely a bug. Report it to the Github.
  9. You don't really have to do that - we can recycle the worn sprites for mobs. However, hard part is getting them onto the chairs. Easier said than done, however I'd reckon it would be one of the same with the janitor's cart.
  10. Coat racks are severely limited, this is a good idea, but requires some code magic to re-use the onmob sprites.
  11. You can just take the candles out and just unfold the box, then fold it back into a regular box.
  12. I'd rather not have any more citizenships. How many of these unaffiliated territories would the goverments recognize, realistically? Honestly, I feel that you should probably go into the nitty-gritty in the backstory.
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