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  1. anyone else play deep rock galactic

    i bought it instead of mordhau



    1. Alberyk


      I got minecrat, wanna play?

  2. i just went to the convenience store

  3. I think it's a little early to be applying for a dev position. I think you should try and make some merged PR's first so we can gauge your work and see if you're a good fit for the team. Also, play a few rounds and get to know the community first.
  4. i made these on a whim dont laugh at me please
  5. wowzewow

    Cultural Trends

    1. Language. Language should definitely be more mixed around. First hand, grammar and vocabulary. Brains do that for expediency, at the cost of making educators and bureaucrats wanting to kill themselves, if the point gets across, then what's the problem? Especially to communicate hard expressions when english lacks the word. Like for example, 乖 . Well, I could explain to you what it means - a form of praise for obedience and being filial. you can use it in terms of an adjective > he's a very 乖 child, or a verb by itself, 乖 to praise someone or you can just use the word by itself instead of going through translation spaghetti. Similarly, linguistic habits. These are more from enviroment - like how in people say "ouch" differently - personally, I say"AIYAH" Kinda weird, but that's how I was raised. It can also be as simple as the slow shift from people saying "Pardon me" to "Excuse me" and "You're welcome" to "No problem". These things you don't notice until you've realized they've already happened. Easily explained is how American English has drifted from British English - z's and s's getting swapped, u's being removed, etc. In all honesty, it comes from mistakes your brain makes in the neverending quest to explain things to people. 2. Food To be honest, Fusion food doesn't have to be like, whoa slam two foods together - It's more like adapting to a culture. Japanese burgers and pizzas are prime examples. They love their bellpeppers and barbecue sauce, and their beef burgers aren't 100% beef. they knead in some vegetables and stuff in there too ( literally the only reason i know this is because i bit into a mos burger and got a bad surprise ) They don't fundementally change the thing - like changing the buns to some weird wakame blobby mess or a pizza made with rice ( please don't try to give me IRL examples to prove me wrong i'm just trying to make a point here ) but just the topping - little, tiny changes that give it a little touch of culture. Just to complement their diet. I love unathi food. They've basically taken human food and said "needs more meat". Which 100% makes sense. 3. The Homefront I feel like the loredevs have been focusing too much on the politics of some far off planet I don't really care about - I'd much hear about stories of people's daily lives. The working class, their families - you know, people that we're going to interact with the most. Like a Tajaran mother having dinner - how is she serving stew to all her scamps? A quiet dinner meal at an Unathi household - tense, where the son doesn't want to take over the father's family business, or how some Skrell Drifter eats his Microwave Dinner Tenta-crisps watching corny Skrellian romcoms. I feel like this'll help roleplay more - In real life, we don't really talk about politics, do we? We usually talk about our families, our lives and our dreams. Why not in our lore too? What's a usual day in these planets? Their cities? How's it like to live there - Be born and die there?
  6. how do i make a status update

  7. Don't worry. Also, there's going to be flavor text about it too. Technically it's canon now.
  8. PR here : https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/6159
  9. BYOND Key: WowzewoW Character name: Wesley Miyazaki Item name: NT-endo Switch Why is your character carrying said item to work? Item function(s): playing videogames, streaming anime on corporate WI-FI. Item description: a NT-endo Switch. It's well loved. The screen's polished to a mirror shine. Item appearance: https://gyazo.com/c8f6290deec7e86aff4798df04fcd48b How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? giving wesley more opportunities to show off the digital media side of the universe bullying wesley acting as a centerpiece for conversation (he's going to use it a lot) conversation starter (showing off and people being interested in it) helps other crewmembers build their own slice of digital media in lore (hey, you play ____ game, i personally do _____ and _____ in my free time) bullying wesley Additional comments: since it's functionally useless, i guess make it able to fit in a box, at least. i don't know if a carrying case is applicable.
  10. i'm just going to show pictures knock yourselves out don't worry i changed the trash sprites too PR here : https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/6153
  11. don't forget the grilled sprite! anyway, probably a good workaround is to just translate into a different language for the names. we'd also need to rename cavern dwellers.
  12. people told me to make a feedback thread (again, even though i used to do it, and gave up because no one responded) it's 2019 and aurora is still using sprites from 2003. i'm trying to change that. keep in mind i'm not the greatest artist and i'm doing this during my free time. if you've got a sprite that you're unsatisfied with, or you want to be done just post down below or DM me in discord or here, i don't really mind. i cannot stress this enough. see some shit in the PR you don't like? REE at me before it gets pulled. in the meantime, i'll just be spriting random things here and there. don't expect any rhyme or reason, i'm just doing this for fun.
  13. basically K.Rool vs Snake in Smash ultimate lolol
  14. unfortunately it's a very delicate balance if traumas are too hard to cure and annoying, then the entirety of medical and the patients are pissed off if traumas are easier to cure and are less annoying, then only the psychs are mad
  15. id love to sprite that inb4 people use the thing as a beer cooler lolol
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