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  1. why are the clown shoes not oversized How will the **SQUEAK**
  2. why are clown arm stripes perpendicular also that dithering on clowns pants looks like he's wearing a red IKEA canvas bag lol and I'd say the mask is a little *too* off-white Other than that looks sick, ready for a new age of pie flinging and...silence?
  3. I'm pretty sure there would be a hard NO on Bay-like skills ...anyway, general consensus is to just...RP it out.
  4. Posters 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Bsposters 4,7,10,29,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58 Also I'm pretty sure that text is legible.
  5. Because I should probably use the forums more. (please browse the github more guys, your feedback can be implemented more expediently) https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7147 civilian and security get a nice gunmetal grey engineering and cargo get a nice silver sheen science and medical get a nice sterile white command staff get a nice deep navy (except quartermaster. he gets gunmetal grey.)
  6. Honestly I think we should actually get down and actually try to sprite some good posters instead of downsizing .pngs because honestly they're illegible from a distance and look like 4th wall breaking donkey dong
  7. He's done a lot of small scale PRs and bugfixes which usually get merged. (Although some are contested as they are balance changes) I'm excited what bigger scale PRs hold for him, and if he does feedback threads he should be OK. +1
  8. Keep it navy blue please It's going to be absolutely hellish to resprite every color-coded thing
  9. I can put it in but coding it to be filling AF will require some mental gymnastics from rebalancing raw MEAT and also coding in bite sizes
  10. Still dumb that you can welderbomb yourself point blank and still come out mildly bruised.
  11. You know, an elegant solution is for it to not actually deal any damage, just hurt. so you could just ask for some over-the-counter traumadol and ignore it for the rest of the round you have the choice of RP-ing it out. So everyone is happy. People who want the mechanic inside and the people who don't can just ignore it. Hell, even reduce the chance of getting appendicitis.
  12. I mean, there isn't any money here so I doubt EA's going to even be interested And unlike Nintendo, they don't gulag every mod which includes even a single hair of Mario.
  13. now as a better coder I think I can probably change the density...shouldn't be that hard, since it's a subtype of regular chunky computers.
  14. Honestly : 1. Assistants are already extremely few and far in between anyway - they're practically non-existent here. Separating them would exacerbate this even further. 2. Code-wise, creating an entire new job just for visitors is just a waste of time, probably. 3. You know the function that makes you automatically an assistant when you don't roll your job at round-start? Yeah, I would not like to be demoted to maintenance rat. 4. I don't know, but people visiting a random research station in Fuck-Off, Asteroid Belt somewhere is kinda dumb from the get-go. And I doubt Nanotrasen wants any random contractors to just... visit, and steal company secrets.
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