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  1. oh, they are from TG. anyway, here's the eris sprites they have better shading IMHO
  2. I feel that Eris canister sprites would look better. I mean, I've already implemented their water tanks, so...
  3. I mean, unathi can probably canonically regrow appendages and we can always just use the proto-human limb-cutty-offy-re-attachy thing.
  4. Honestly, thanks for the feedback There's obviously something that needs to be done with the chat bubble animation and the throwing animation Even the drop sounds have a toggle feature now It's a very delicate balance between a conducive heavy roleplay enviroment, a gamey shithole and a brain atrophy simulator and I'm working to improve it In the end, what the hell. We won't know if we don't try.
  5. i could probably port this from bay. bay basically makes it like any other mask but it's animated to occasionally blow a bubble Maybe make it two seperate items, one for chewing gum and another for bubble gum. Flavor i'd have a problem though. Unless, of course someone helps me. Then we could also consider stuff like chewing tobacco.
  6. I'll be following this thread and see what needs to be done (since I was the guy who put these in)
  7. You have my support, you've got a bright future ahead of you man
  8. Character setup was what I was thinking, yes. Unfortunately, I don't wanna deal with Byond Spaghetti and recurring decimals converting from inches to centimeters or whatever, so.
  9. literally the only reason why this isn't in-game is because of shitcode. ...by the same guy who made eating food give you organ damage, now it's burn damage *cough cough*
  10. Balancing this would be extremely tough, though. There would definitely need a cooldown and a downside. For example, that bone would need to come from SOMEWHERE to cut that collar. so you break off a rib...and stab it out of your neck. Now you've got blood all over, and you've put yourself in immense pain before you can recover also you've technically have broken ribs now, so you'd have to endure a little bit of organ damage. Perhaps a biomass feature? If you shrink yourself to the size of a rat to ventcrawl, you'd need to eat something (or someone) to regain that biomass to regrow into a normal person (because you left behind all your bones and viscera to actually become smaller) until then, you're as weak as a rat that literally can be stomped out by a janitor.
  11. Metric, definitely. (unfortunately, most of our playerbase is probably american, but we're devs, har-har.) This could be coded into the loadout, and is certainly possible. (see : bay, with you being able to choose your body type such as height and weight and you can see it when you examine them , e.g : Greytide McBaldie is of normal height and slightly overweight.) And the measuring tape could just spit out the actual number. Here's how it would go. If you put your height to be... 80 units to 130 units, you would be examined as short. 130 units to 180, examined as average. 180 and above, examined as tall. But if you want the EXACT number in the character loadout, you need the measuring tape. Same could be applied for weight.
  12. anyone else play deep rock galactic

    i bought it instead of mordhau



    1. Alberyk


      I got minecrat, wanna play?

  13. i just went to the convenience store

  14. I think it's a little early to be applying for a dev position. I think you should try and make some merged PR's first so we can gauge your work and see if you're a good fit for the team. Also, play a few rounds and get to know the community first.
  15. i made these on a whim dont laugh at me please
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