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  1. I don't believe that this would negatively impact my ability to write quality lore for the species, what lead me to applying for this position was actually a combination of scouring the existing lore and conversations I had with existing lore devs about the species that i had done in preparation for my whitelist application, which got sidetracked by real life problems suddenly eating heavily into my time. Regardless I plan to revisit my Whitelist application sometime soon so that i can enjoy the dionae ingame just as much as i enjoy reading their lore out of game. The aforementioned IRL issues had caused me to have a very small amount of free time for several weeks, which caused my sudden departure from the server. Now with the ongoing quarantine that has been instated opening up my time i intend to be playing more often. If there are any other questions you have feel free to ask ^_^
  2. Mechanically? They have several potent defensive abilities but as far as actual survivability goes in this game the most effective method to survive is to not get hit in the first place. Their nerfed mobility makes them easy targets for enemies that are more mobile in combat situations. I haven't really messed around with the nymph splitting ability but the crux of it is the ability to be in multiple places at once at a reduced capacity, so i guess for information gathering it has the capability of being very useful. Overall though i feel like they are probably fine as is given how nasty a penalty that slow movement really is in SS13. Because the Dionae aren't really a unified group, there are a lot of ifs related to this question. The deciding factor on whether the Dionae are invested really depends on what source your nymphs came from and whether their experiences would warrant having such an interest. The fact that the Dionae are kind of scattered all over the place means the potential exists for Dionae characters to interact with most events as long as it is relevant to the either the character personally or to the cluster that they originate from. For instance the Warbling event is an example of an event where Dionae that have ties to the Jargon Federation would have been able to participate heavily, however Dionae that lacked such ties would have little reason to be involved. There is some interesting stuff but i feel like there is definitely room where things could be expanded regarding Clusters and fleshing out how they interact with the various nations of the universe as well as with each other, as well as general expansion of the Clusters themselves since the more that exist offer more options for the creation of new and interesting characters. In fields like Research, Engineering, and Medical that are more focused on information they make great heads of staff. I'd probably also say they'd make an okay Head of Personnel as well, but i wouldn't put them into the position of either Captain or Head of Security due to their inherent slowness because of the fact that those roles sometimes require acting swiftly in order to ensure the safety of the station.
  3. Ckey/BYOND Username: Hazrond Position Being Applied For: Diona Lore Deputy Past Experiences/Knowledge: I DM for several tabletop RPGs and i have a specific interest in worldbuilding and the associated lore implications that stem from it. Additional Comments: I find the interactions between different elements of settings to be fascinating to consider. One of my favorite things to do when given an expansive setting with many individual elements (such as the Aurorastation universe) is to take different individual elements and theorize how they would interact with each other. When i am told an interesting note like "Dionae rely on light to survive instead of food" my immediate thought turns to things like "I wonder if there are Dionae that use circuits in order to weave small lights into their clothing". I love expanding on the initial premise of things i am given in interesting and sometimes out of the box ways while at the same time making sure it grows organically from the information already known about a subject. Dionae are one of the most fascinating parts of the Aurorastation setting in my opinion, and that stems mostly from their unique biology and enigmatic history that make for an incredibly diverse set of possible stories for any one Dionae character. Dionae can come from nearly anywhere and while that makes them somewhat like humans in a way it also leads to an interesting way of creating characters because of how Dionae are formed. A cyclops could be formed from nymphs that all share a common background and were grown together or it could be the amalgamation of nymphs from several different cultures into an entirely unique being and that is merely only talking about the background of a single character. What i would look towards changing or properly defining would definitely be matters of biology and how they affect the gestalt when looking to improve on the current Dionae lore, most specifically the way that currently the way that the nymphs are connected is somewhat unclear and disjointed depending on which information you are reading, which can lead to confusion on how the merging process functions on a mechanical level and as an experience for the gestalt in question. This is a topic that i've actually talked with Dionae lore devs in the past about a bit and i'd love to help clarify the process.
  4. What makes the Beaker any worse than having one in your bag? Draining either would basically be the same amount of effort (since you need to be basically helpless for it). Just use a syringe or something to drain it out if you are worried. For that matter for speed you could even use an IV drip if you can convince medical to share one. Edit: As for not being seen. I never suggested as such. It could be visible on examine for instance (as should the Lights and Storage Compartment as well). Plus, it is restricted to the Medical and Service focused chassis. AKA, the ones likely to be mixing chemicals and drinks internally. Rather than just every IPC frame having access to it.
  5. So when i read over the various forms of IPCs i was spellbound. Each of the chassis sounded so unique and interesting! A speedy paramedic chassis for medical! A shiny chrome fancy chassis for command and civillians! It all sounded so cool and i made a few IPCs to test out each of the various chassis and i was... disappointed. Despite all the fluff surrounding them, each of the IPC types has very little to differentiate them from one another. But just adding racial abilities for each of them would be too powerful. So i was chatting about it in the Discord and someone else (i'm sorry for forgetting your name) mentioned a great idea. Loadouts! So that's when it all clicked. What i am suggesting is special race-restricted loadout items for each type of IPC that function similar to a spellbook, consuming the "kit" in question and giving them an ability to represent an inbuilt upgrade to their systems dependent on their type. For a few examples i was thinking: Universal (Any frame) Internal Storage Compartment: A 2 slot storage, same size as the Synthcotton Webbing. Mounted Lighting: A maglight-equivalent flashlight built into chassis, toggled using a button like the engihelmet. Zeng-Hu Mobility Frame Integrated Syringe: A syringe that can be extended and retracted (IPC Door Cable style, but extended direct to hand). Otherwise functions as just a normal syringe. MedHud Suite: Basically just a medical HuD that doesn't takeup the eye slot (Required Role: Something in Medical) Liquid Storage Tank: Lets their chassis function as a rather large beaker. Can be directly interacted with by clicking on with appropriate items (syringe, beaker, cup of liquid, so forth) with a button to dispense into/draw from an adjacent container. Bishop Cybernetics Chassis Liquid Storage Tank: Lets their chassis function as a rather large beaker. Can be directly interacted with by clicking on with appropriate items (syringe, beaker, cup of liquid, so forth) with a button to dispense into/draw from an adjacent container. Integrated EFTPOS (or however you spell it): An extendable/retractable card scanner for performing transactions. Integrated Drink Shaker: Extendable/Retractable drink shaker (like the bartender has). Can be filled from Liquid Storage if both are installed. These are just a few ideas i had of some flavorful things that could be added as loadout options that the IPCs could "install". These would obviously cost your loadout points, and would probably have a limit of like, 2 maximum installed at once. But i think they are interesting and help to reinforce the "flavor" of different chassis.
  6. A color picker for the labcoats would be AWESOME.
  7. The bees don't necessarily have to inject stuff, just produce it.
  8. The difference I believe, is that usually those characters aren’t just “let free” but are bought from the corporation by engineers and others that they have worked with closely. While it may be a bit cheesy I wouldn’t call that grounds for a ban.
  9. So I was thinking about Xenobiology and one thing that came to mind was how small the amounts of extracts you can get from slimes are. As I was thinking of how that could be played with an idea came to me. Bees. Specifically, a rarely used subsystem on TG that allowed Bees to be used to reproduce a chemical that was introduced into the queen of the hive. Since Bees have little use currently (why have flying stingy jerks when messa’s tear does just as well?) I was thinking that it would be a good way to make Bees a relevant part of the game again. The gist of the idea I was thinking was this: By combining 1 unit of a liquid with 1 unit of some other specified material (Royal jelly? Some sort of mutation toxin?) and then injecting the mixture into a Queen Bee the Xenobiologist could create a hive of bees that, in addition to honey, produce a small amount of whatever chemical was introduced. This would allow a clever Xenobotanist to utilize them to create larger quantities of usually rare chemicals. Then, in addition to this, beehives would also produce a small amount of randomly selected reagents from nearby plants that they gather nectar from. This would make sense given their source of material and also encourage cooperation with Xenobotany. Lastly, these mutant bees would, as biological experiments, fall under the purview of the Xenobiology division. Both because it makes sense and because it gives them a bit more to play with alongside slimes. Thoughts?
  10. Well, i don't think they were technically a robot. But there was the Skrellian AI, Glorsh-Omega, who upon gaining sentience absorbed hundreds of other AI and quickly took control of Skrellian society until he eventually was destroyed by his own creation. A synthetic's place in the world is dependent entirely on where they were made to be in the world. While an android or IPC might be capable of performing tasks other than what it was originally created to do, they will not be equipped nearly as effectively for them. Sometimes to the point of being unable to even perform certain actions considered simple by organic races such as picking up an object or using a tool they weren't designed for.
  11. BYOND Key: Hazrond Character Names: Aliya Steele, Martha Steele, Victor Steele Species you are applying to play: IPC What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): N/A Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question Why do you wish to play this specific race: In SS13 i've always enjoyed playing the synthetics the most. Cyborg, Roboticist, pAI, and AI are some of my favorite roles to play. Overall, I most enjoy the completely different mindset and skillset each synthetic has to tackle a problem: Sometimes i like to be the construction borg sealing breaches and creating entirely new locations upon the station, other times the omnipresent AI with the bird's eye view able to make the station's subsystems sing, and still other times im the sneaky pAI prowling about and creating mischief for my owner's benefit. Every type of synthetic has it's own flavor and they all are great fun to play as, which is why when i heard of an entire player race of synthetics my mind began to whir with ideas for new characters. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Sometimes, very little, other times, very much. Depending on the unique code contained within the Positronic Brain that is running each IPC they could be as friendly and personable as any other person or as cold and efficient as a machine. One thing they all share though include a general disregard for biological needs and threats, what is disease to a machine? What is food to someone who survives off energy? And also a slew of tailor-made threats to themselves (Ion weaponry, Overheating, and Electro-Magnetic Pulses all come to mind). Most importantly though, each IPC is an individual. The very thing that threatens to make each IPC the same is what sets them apart, for while their bodies may share eerie similarities it is through their minds, each of which is a unique and irreplaceable thing, that allow each individual unit to carve out it's own existence. Character Name: Gaius Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs: Gaius was originally created by Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals as a botanical specialist. His original purpose was to study the medicinal properties of various types of xenoflora and the best ways to develop them into products for civillian use ranging from pills to injections to food additives. He took to his work with vigor but major discovery ever eluded his grasp, frequently being stolen by other researchers just shortly before he could file his own findings. Gaius suspected foul play but lacked evidence, and so returned to his work with dissatisfaction. Recently, to quell the protesting of a faction of pro-IPC workers and civillians, the company has made a show of good faith by freeing a small group of IPCs from their indentured servitude and integrating them as full staff members. Chosen for his perceived lack of results as one of the lowest risk, Gaius was designated to be one of these "emancipated IPCs", and things mostly continued as normal, but over time his growing anger and paranoia directed towards his coworkers eventually forced him to request a transfer. Seeing an opportunity, they offered his employment contract to Nanotrasen and he was reassigned to the NSS Aurora for xenobotanical and medicinal research purposes. What do you like about this character?: I like the drive he has. Freed from his treacherous previous workplace i imagine he will throw himself into his work and possibly create some interesting results with his newfound freedom. How would you rate your role-playing ability?: I mean, i'm not perfect, but on a scale of 1-10 i'd probably place myself at like, a 7. I'm pretty good at keeping in mind my character's knowledge, backstory, and skillset when deciding how they act in various situations. Notes: Coalf said i needed this meme here, so here ya go.
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