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  1. We already recieve the contents of fake announcements, like garn said, there are ooc consequences if you ask for confirmation for no reason, and we have ccia policies in place to also deal with it. -1
  2. 1) If we were that worried about breaches guns would be rare, but its the opposite. The fax is there because a alternative way to transmit paperwork was not not thought of. 2) The captain is not above regulations and policy, the pets and other benefits were given by NanoTrasen for morale of HRs. 3) Unlike the gun, swords have no stun option, its either kill or dismember, and either option cuts someone from the round. 4) Its unrealistic for a Captain to risk his life so haphazardly, even if some captains would, a sword would force all to follow suit. 5) Even though they have methods, a nonviolent option is even less likely (like kidnapping) 6) Makes sense lorewise, only grabbed in emergencies, makes sense for NT to provide, safer for Captain to use, etc.
  3. I do not agree with this suggestion for the following reasons: 1. Does not fit the setting of a futuristic space station 2. Sword is a military tradition for officers, the Captain is neither in the military nor is he a officer 3. Encourages Captain valid hunting worse than the gun, since the sword can amputate limbs 4. Extremely dangerous for Captain since he has to close the distance and do CQC 5. Encourages captain being always armed with a saber, making it harder for antags 6. Gun is a overall superior alternative -1
  4. You would risk meta about phrases, also I like the idea of allowing players to decide their own phrase, bad ones can be dealt by admins.
  5. Going to go into a bit of how I imagine a round like this would go, skip if you do not care I feel that you should have a antag preference regarding if you want to be patient 0, and also recommend setting up a way for admins to give the antag another host if they leave or go afk I think it should just be something that people find out about on their own, or the psych can find out what the trigger is through therapy. Regulations and jazz already cover this antag, since all the HoS/Captain/IAA needs to do is make a injunction about how they must never say a certain phrase. Also I think it should be at least 2-3 words, no 1 word triggers As tempted as I am to have a word like "Communism" or "Yeet" as a trigger .
  6. the coalf one about tajaran changes cracked me up solely over coalf's mouth.
  7. How about Memetic Hazard? (You are not the only guy here that knows SCPs) Regards to counterplay, I feel this will be a very effective way to have psych have more meat to it. Perhaps it's crystal chamber thing can remove the anomaly? I am slightly worried about the phrase however, as it would likely be something like "security" or "medical". Not that this is a bad thing, I personally enjoy that idea. If this gets added I am going to have my phrase be "Have a NanoTrasen Day!" I feel that there should be some ablities to allow the infected to fight against organized threats, such as a super shriek or some other thing. I recommend having infected sometimes say the phrase randomly, as a sign they are infected. Overall, really like this idea, and hope that a dev picks it up +1
  8. Its rather simple really, CCIA is basically the IC admins. We deal with IRs and other IC issues such as faxes and the like. We do not have bias in regards to species because of the ooc consequences of losing a character, and we decided that the pros of being more realistic does not outweigh the cons the bias would cause. Back on topic. I understand the concern to make humans have more special factors, but I feel that self regeneration like Wolverine is not a good idea (yes, I am aware oit will be slow and that bleeding stuff, but that just takes time and a bandage.) Also, I would be surprised if the other species do not have similar healing factors to us humans, as it would make sense biologically if they did.
  9. I feel this will destroy medical, as all injuries will be fixed in time with a bandaid and maybe surgery with internal dmg. Overall, I feel that perhaps it should be that humans have a higher tolerance before death (like instead of 100 brute being death, 150).
  10. We should not restrict any security action to ert, this means that any attempt to use the shuttle or antag reasons results in a free excuse for ERT to be called to shut them down, since dept sec is ineffective with dealing with any organized/non-department threats or problems I still stand by only xeno arch being the principal explorers with the shuttle, yes, RD is in charge of them, but the archs are the explorers of the science department, and make the most sense Yep, also coolant (when added) and possibly nanopaste
  11. For another time Yeah I agree that roboticist built RIGs should all be unlocked by default, makes so sense why a fab would lock it in the beginning.
  12. a few things: 1. yes, we are a asteroid orbiting a sun in a cloud of stuff, but why would we have so such derelict stuff right beside us, changing so often? 2. Who will man the pursuit vessel? Non-existant regular security who have to patrol the rest of the station since dept sec can't do so? 3. What if antags take both shuttles? 4. Only xenoarch should do this, otherwise places like RnD will never be manned in favor of "space adventure" (we can increase arch slots) 5. Policy needs to be made regarding this, likely a directive and some reg changes as well. Reason is to have grounds to punish those who abuse/damage the shuttle (and how shuttle is still under regs, but the areas explored are not....). Plus, all of the crew will try to find an excuse to board the shuttle as well, there should be a policy in place to prevent this so we have people on the station. 6. Make sure IPC stuff is added to them Overall, will not make a ruling until these points are addressed.
  13. TO: Arrashi Irrkosh M'rta, Maintenance Technician NSS Aurora FROM: Benedict Smith, CCIAA, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: The investigation of this incident has concluded, and appropriate action has been taken for affected individuals. This matter will now be considered resolved. -------------------- DTG: 14-05:21-TAU CETI STANDARD-04-2461 SIGN: Benedict Smith
  14. I can confirm this (although sadly the person in question has cut all communications via discord), and I feel like we need to stop beating people while they are down 1. Yes, what she said can be considered rude, but considering all that happened so far to them, I understand the need to vent off frustration. 2. There has been a general increase in dislike for CCIA and pushes from some vocal staff in regards to many things CCIA-related. This is likely the crux of what JMJ was upset about. 3. Overall, I am pretty worried over the increase of hostilities regarding some staff members and CCIA, and I hope that things calm down. 4. There is no doubt to me that they care about their position as staff and the game, after all, if they didn't, they would not be so frustrated about it in the first place. Caring about something does not mean you like it, it means you pay attention to it. JMJ, I feel you are an excellent member of CCIA, and while I hope you remain in CCIA, I completely understand if you wish to take a break due to recent events and workload, and wish you the best of luck in your recovery Overall, this boils down to a increase in hostility between certain staff members and CCIA, and I cannot stress this enough of the need to reconcile and return to regular business.
  15. Pretty simple really, we overlooked the Republic of Biesel's flag and banner (https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Republic_of_Biesel) This is the nation that occupies our space, this flag or banner can be used for TCFL or other government places down the road, and I hope this is added soon.
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