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  1. I like it, only thing I don't like is allowing 3-4 changlings to always spawn in changeling rounds, and I also feel that the min should at least decrease to 2.
  2. The fact it ISNT included makes it excluded tho. He wants security to either have a smaller chance or no chance of being traitor. I agree with this idea for the smaller chance, I feel they should still have a small chance just in case there isn't enough traitors and/or dead hour. +1
  3. ben10083


    "Can't kill what is already dead inside"
  4. Thank you and sorry for that, I get busy in the winter
  5. ben10083

    LOOC White/Blacklists

    I understand what you are getting at, but if looc is being salty, you can ahelp and the admins can deal with it efficiently (or mute it globaly if it gets too bad). Why do you feel we should add selective looc instead of moderating it?
  6. ben10083

    The Great Perspective Switch to 3/4

    I don't like the idea of changing our style of sprites just so we "look like bay". I want us to be unique from other servers, yet having the same sprite style doesn't help things. -1
  7. Synthetics make the best waifus, but apparently┬ápeople don't think they make the best Vice Presidents according to the elections. ­čśĽ

    1. Hendricks


      Tbh, I voted Astralus.

    2. ben10083


      obviously the cats hired the russian bots to betray Astralus

    3. Hendricks


      Those carpet dick bastards... We'll get em, we'll get em..

  8. This will provide stimulating rp of people attempting to escape the sim, +1
  9. ben10083


    Synthetics are the best waifus
  10. ben10083

    On Security Transparency During Crises

    @Elliot Might be best for in Directive 11 that number 3. be changed to "Recommended actions", aka something like "get to a secure location" or something. If you do "further steps to bet taken" That will just give antags a red carpet of what sec will do next, or the exception will be pulled. Either way I feel my replacement will be a better fit
  11. ben10083

    [Dismissed] Revert Security Dress Code

    I dont see how the standard uniform would "drive people away". Security needs to be easily identifiable so people know who to call on for protection. Plus this can be enforced or loosely enforced by the command staff. So its not like you are banned for adding some personal touches, just dont make them too big.
  12. ben10083

    Security, Command, Antags. AKA the Burger Manifesto

    I agree with this idea, however I feel we should also encourage antags to not go terminator-mode and kill everyone once/if security is unavailable. I have seen many merc rounds where they rushed the station due to low to no security, and feel this can also ruin a round for many people depending on the gimic of the mercs. Onto security: I dislike the idea of a official militia, we should still have security, but to a less extent, any militas should be made by the players, not because that is your alt-role. SIDE NOTE: I will be VERY disapointed if people try to derail this and turn this thread into X complaining about Y for 3 pages. So don't.
  13. ben10083

    smuggling items

    Speaking of butts, although this is an interesting idea, I feel that this will end up having security be much more invasive in searches, and I am sure that no one wants the warden performing complimentary colonoscopies to people who are being searched. However I would like some clarification: What can be used to hide the objects What objects can be hidden How can they be revealed.
  14. ben10083

    Malf AI and Newscaster

    Thanks to me investing 15 points into necromancy, I roll a critical and revive this thread once more!