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  1. ben10083

    Playable simple mobs on extended

    I could see this becoming a problem, and this is why: Lets say I spawn as a space carp, I head over to where mining is and attack a miner in eva and end up killing him, I then hide and attack anyone who tries to help them Again as space carp, I head over to bridge and try to vent the area, when I see the airlock open, I (swim?) away and wait for them to leave, then I go back and attack it. Rinse and repeat. Overall, I feel this will lead to alot of shittery and I feel that there are way better ways to entertain yourself on extended. The entire point of it is a break from all the antagery you expect in an normal round. -1
  2. ben10083

    bigass sprite rework

    I believe the problem lies in the different styles and perspectives different spriters use. For example: I feel the bureaucracy sprites are weird due to how they try to incorporate the 3rd dimension, which is something we usually do not see in other sprites, and of course, spriters have their own unique style which is incorporated into their designs. If we rework alot of sprites, we should look into having set guidelines to the style and perspectives to ensure that the sprites are similar to each other in these regards.
  3. ben10083

    Add HoloAdverts

    People can also add it themselves thanks to our contribution system, but I digress. If you create the system @Ornias and post a PR in github, it would likely be added, that or someone convinces/orders a dev to do it.
  4. ben10083

    We actually use the thunder dome

    The idea of using the Thunderdome is more for the Event Creator's discretion, but I feel that the dome isn't used as much due to the difficulty of transporting everyone who wants to come to the Odin.
  5. ben10083

    Stop people from abusing SSD rules

    This reminds me of a time as warden when I had a variant of this. Every time I went to my office I could hear the person in the holding cell doing shit to try to get out, and every time I exited to investigate they cryo'd. After confirming this via cams, I took them out of cryo and shoved them back into their cell. They bwoinked it and after I explained what happened to the admin the admin reprimanded the guy. TLDR: Ahelping is sufficient, admins also don't like shitters and will give you the OK to deal with them if they abuse it. I also feel there is insufficient reason to add an extra rule when current enforcement should be sufficient, so unless proved otherwise... -1
  6. ben10083

    Better TCFL Access

    I +1 this, while I understand the lack of access being a drawback, they should at least be able to enter each department.
  7. ben10083

    RIGs re-haul and re-balance

    Shouldn't it be robotics who can make them? They can already make RIG modules, so it makes far more sense for robotics to be building a robotics device
  8. ben10083

    Make the new gasmasks more common

    Gasmasks are available in the armory, and they are rarer since a gas mask can provide a great tactical advantage depending on what gear you are facing against. If we make them plentiful you might as well throw away any pepper spray grenades and other gas grenades you have. @AmoryBlaine You explained how to do your suggestion, but I would like to know why we should make gasmasks spawn everywhere.
  9. ben10083

    Increase the chance for the tau ceti legion to spawn

    Perhaps a compromise of 65/35?
  10. ben10083

    Field Medic - 1 dismissal

    People complain about lack of rp engagement with antags with sec and command usually being the only ones being about to interact with the antag, and this would make it worse by removing any chance of medical being involved, as any injuries on the antag or sec will be dealt by someone who will be isolated inside brig, and which the #1 source of patients in medbay taken away, this makes medical be alot less interesting.
  11. The AI camera network is the same as the entire station's network, I see no reason to change them at this time, and I also see no reason to have individual locations to be given their own network. -1
  12. Daily reminder to stay woke against the synthetic threat

  13. ben10083

    Security uniform update

    @AmoryBlaine 1. You need to say the magic word first 2. Could you elaborate what uniforms in question you want "fixed"? 3. If this IS a bug, shouldnn't this be put on github?
  14. @PoZe wouldn't the "look at the ceiling" button help you see where you are aiming at?
  15. ben10083

    [1 Dismissal ] New Regulations

    It's been more than a week, @Butterrobber202 do you still abide by this suggestion? Currently, I have seen no incidents showing me a need for any change to regulations.