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  1. I remember when the warehoue conveyor was added, someone fired a laser rifle and it went on the conveyor belt. The server REALLY didnt like that and grinded to a halt. I believe it took around 30 mins before they discovered what was causing the lag.
  2. -10 respect. Honestly I don't see the problem with down-scaling pictures for posters, as long as it is executed right. I saya combination of down-scaling and original posters would be best.
  3. IMO the blue would fit more for research, I feel having distinct colors for each dept. would be better. I really like the blue design, but for aesthetic reasons I feel Green would fit best for medical.
  4. I feel we should have a mix, I am fine with them some being the clearest to look at because seeing images that you see in news articles and other things is rather interesting.
  5. No clue, its been almost a year IIRC since I last did it, so things changed, I dont do it anymore since I am focused on the mech thing.
  6. Unlike a scientist, a roboticist completely depends on other roles to be able to do their job, even in the case of RnD, as RnD can get almost max tech without any outside assistance. How do you feel about the idea of permitting Robotics to operate proto and auto lathes, but no research?
  7. ? The title says remove all the postersand replace them with stuff like this. I feel we should keep some however.
  8. Disclamer Purpose of Thread: Rather simple really, post in this thread with things you have done which barely scraped by, things that make sec want to arrest you but you manage to avoid arrest due to wording or regulations, paperwork, etc. Examples: A) Sometimes as a Roboticist if I am so inclined I would have the captain in that shift sign paperwork which authorizes me to claim any bodies which failed cloning, DNC, etc. for cyborgification. Did medical like it? Eh, depends on the death toll, but did I end up with a legion of SSD cyborgs? You bet I did. B) My roboticist is currently trying to gather data on exosuit weapons and plans to make a book about it (making some progress). The first round I did with this objective was blessed with competent RnD and mining, which allowed me to make some equipment and a combat mech. Sadly, there was a bomb in science conference room and sublevel was vented, and engineering said that they cannot repair it before the end of the shift. So here I am with my combat mech and my co-worker, and I am brainstorming how I can test these weapons still. Then it hit me. The holodeck of course! So I ask the Research Director for permission to use the holodeck as a weapons testing range, but they said I should ask the captain. The RD likely was thinking that the captain would never accept such a request and they wouldnt have to worry about it, but they underestimated the power of paperwork. Within 10 minutes I was able to convince the captain to stamp a executive permission form permitting the use of the holodeck as a weapons testing range, provided the RD was supervising and was the Head of Staff who signed it (liability issues I reckon). Victorious, I come to the RD where he signs the form and brings a monkey cube to the holodeck while I have my coworker bring a dropper with a beaker of water and I bring my mech. By now the shuttle was enroute to the station so we knew we had to be quick. So I grab 4 weapons (Machine gun, taser carbine, improv laser, gatling laser) and attach it to the mech. The RD makes a plea in common to clear the holodeck and we see people watching us from outside the holodeck to observe the test. I fire the weapons and we record the damage it caused and their effects, and besides a few stray laser shots ending up outside the holodeck (we had the area below holodeck clear of people) and a stray shot that narrowly missed the gardener in hydroponics I was able to complete my testing. RD expresses his suprised I was able to do all this in LOOC, and we both laugh about it and discuss what is a superior combat mech for the rest of the shift. Now you must be wondering, where was security? Well when we were testing our 2nd weapon (machine gun) the HoS likely heard the shot and ran into the holodeck demanding we stop and for me to exit the mech, likely for a arrest. The RD, me, and my coworkers all say at the same time how the captain approved it, I have a signed permission form, etc. The HoS ran out as soon as he came in, without a word. Overall I am curious who else did things like this, and would like them to share it in this thread!
  9. Already a thing, weapons can only be used for science purposes and cannot leave the science department.
  10. Personally I feel that the development of RnD should be fair game, so the roboticist can build the machines to help streamline mech creation and upgrade their machines. However I feel you should try to raise tech levels unless there are no scientists doing RnD.
  11. TO: Jessie Hamelson, Head of Security, NSS Aurora FROM: Benedict Smith, CCIAA, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: An Investigation has been conducted regarding the incident, and appropriate action(s) has been taken. The matter is now considered resolved. -------------------- DTG: 06-04:07-TAU CETI STANDARD-10-2461 SIGN: Benedict Smith
  12. Ah yes, I remember when black kois was first implemented... after a few rounds ending after 30 mins kois was nerfed and removed from public seed vendor (yes, this plant was on plantable in hydroponics and garden)
  13. All Hail The Supreme Fax Machine!
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