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  1. You realise Lin came from warden and before that CSI. So yeah that effect the character as a whole. So I will be forced to no longer play her. But that's fine. Saw this coming anyways. I literally get shit talks daily on your server in ooc, looc, discords and you as admins fail to constantly do anything against these players. I already had one player say they left cause it's toxic and depressing to read ooc. I constantly say how I feel ganged up on and it's the reason I'm a bitch. Yeah. I'll admit it. When you constantly have this looming over you it gets tiring and makes you that way. I literally didn't play for one night and people talked about my supposive reign of terror ending yet I got messages from so many people who did not post here saying they would be sad if I left, that this thread was bullshit. But I told them not to get involved or they themselves didn't want to get involved. But it's ultimately your desiccation. I'll probably think about leaving and just keep in contact with the few who weren't complete toxic assholes. I honestly already tested a new character weeks ago to see if people and characters treated me differently and they did. As soon as it was revealed as me? Suddenly specific people stopped talking to that character. Surprise surprise.
  2. Again. Is this actual evidence or solid contribution to my complaint or you quoting what I say and trying to counter it all. Lol. Which is not either of those things.
  3. When did this complaint turn from a complaint about me valid hunting to psychoanalysing my character from every single angle and how she isn't fit for command. I've already address her mental issue has nothing to do with her doing the job. Stop trying to make it a thing, it never was a thing, stop bring it up as fodder. How about instead of saying how specifically Lin Dyslioth; in your opinions, is not fit for command but as a whole there are a lot of characters in command positions; in my own opinion, not fit for command. Stop countering me by saying 'thats not an excuse' and address the damn issue as a whole. Its very double standard, one way mirror to say my character is not fit for command, try to get my character removed, but not also do the same to all the other characters; some also HOS', who are also not fit for their command role; again in your own opinions. I could go on here and detail several displays of horrible HOS behaviour I've witnessed in the last month alone that came from other HOS' but I'm not here to bash people. I'm here to defend myself but I'm not going to sit here and take this shit if you guys can't pull your own heads out of the dirt and realise getting rid of me ain't going to fix what you seem to have a problem with. Which is valid hunting. If I broke the rules, stepped out bounds SO much I deserve to have my character removed why has NO ONE made an IR? Why has NO ONE ahelp'd had an admin address this? Its hard to take you guys seriously when you clearly have done neither. Just sat there as ghosts, discord, whatever and spit on how horrible I am then when some one finally makes a loose complaint you all hop on in like a firing squad. If you have actual proof that was undeniably incriminating of me doing this stuff, sure. Maybe I'd be like 'oh hey my bad' but from my point of view its hard to see how my behaviour has been to that level of scummy that my character deserves a termination from her position. Anyways. I suggest every one stop posting in general to this. It was made as announcements opinions are not really contributing to complaint cases and otherwise.
  4. Sorry if I don't play up to your level of standards but honestly, I have played nothing but security for over a year an a half, just on Aurora not counting playing the seven years on other ss13 over the years. I've watched really shitty people be HOS, main sec, be shitters constantly but because they are popular they are praised as being good security players. Thats my opinion. I'm not going to bash others here, say all the things I personally see other recent HOS' do that I think should exclude them from their own whitelist/role/characters because thats their own character and its stuff you can easily bring up in an IR if you want to take the time and it some how effects me so badly I don't want to play some how. What you accuse me of, is behaviour I've literally seen others; not just HOS players but some are because amazingly I do ghost and such myself time to time, do repeatedly and you chose me, out of all of those other players to complain about. Why? Because my play hours are greater? ANYONE you see daily you will end up finding shit to complain about. So yeah, little offended. Its a bit unfair for you to come on here and be completely oblivious/naive/stubborn, whatever you want to call it about other sec main players and their own valid hunting and say I'm the worse. I am not the worse. Me being gone isn't going to fix shit all for the general community, only going to make you pleased some how. Which is fucked. I agree. I want to hear some raw, real, criticism. Not just, 'you valid hunt and throw fits and I want you gone' which pretty much is what I pick up off you as it is now.
  5. You mean the merc round where the mercs literally took an hour to even arrive on station, made jokes about shestrying being 'sheskidnapped' in looc the second we walked in then bitched about us wanting the mercs to authorise their visit when they showed up unannounced, heavily armed and demanding to just freely barge in? Then the captain telling Lin to ensure they were watched and once they got what they came for to be escorted back to their ship and left then they wanted back on and the captain told me no and to keep them behind the checkpoint till she arrived. How the fuck is that Lin's fault? She was following orders. Maybe don't start a gimmick an hour into a round then bitch when security and captain slow you down. RP is RP. We were all rping, not delaying the round. If I remember correctly the merc team then went on a shoot on sight killing spree against vamps who hadn't even done shit. AKA why Lin hid Lafortune in the bunker after the merc team no rp blasted him trying to kill him. Then she got turned and guess what? The second they saw me green SHOT ME with NO RP while I was just standing there. I even made a rp post the second after that I had ready because I KNEW that would happen. Did I ahelp that bullshit? No. Because I'm not a cunt. I give people a chance to make up for mistakes if they go onto trying to rp afterwards. Do I get that same courtesy back? Hell the fuck no. Never. Don't come on here and boast about me getting 'punished' on topics you don't even clearly know the full context to or even know if some one WAS 'punished'. Its really shows your lack of understanding and assumptions on a situation apparently you seem to think you have all figured out and are accusing me of being an offender of.
  6. I was literally warned by Garn about remaining loyal to the law when bit by a vamp the first time I rped a conflict of interest. I myself, have no control what Kalna's char does. Nor can you really do anything to prevent being turned into a vamp. If you have a problem with that take it up with Kalna, or Garn who gave me a warning for rping anything related to loyalty implants after being bitten. Honestly I like to give all antags a fair chance. You ask to talk in her office? Sure. Exactly how I said it above. Lin is pretty chill giving antags a chance but then its a double edge sword of people hating me because, of well look at the main topic of this complain. Its not about me so I throw a fit? Seriously? I told Conway to go patrol and Jarvis to take over escourting the Wiz, which he was suppose to be doing anyways and the Wiz instead got inbetween Lin and her officers and turned her to stone. Also obviously after you get turned to stone four times, in a row, you are not going to want that person who did that to you on the station any longer. Especially after you said you'd get them an ID; which even after what they did Lin went and got Conway his ID properly suspended and the wiz her id with a title which she didn't even have to fucking do, allowed to them freely roam and didn't do anything to them before that. Not sure what you see wrong with this. Also a lot of the times the tranq doesn't even take down an antag I'm perusing. Funny you bring up Hasam as Lin literally had a conversation with some one about them and not minding them at all working together. She even said for a tarajan they are a good officer and one of the ones she trusts to get a job done when its needed. Which lets be honest there is a lot of officers who don't listen; which I don't control people ooc and them not respecting me is COMPLETELY out of my control no matter what I do and honestly I know for a fact some of its oocly drive. I also have not had Lin purposely been a dick to Hasam, despite her bias against tarajan. She even used Hasam as their name instead of Al, when she strictly usually ONLY refers people to their last name. She comes from Sol in a place xenos were more rare then a butterfly. Tajaran is only something she has dealt with for less then a decade. She knows hardly anything about their culture, and honestly in the past her experiences have been bad which is how and why she has a negative bias against them. She has recently made some progress getting to know them a bit. Infact, even Unathi were a bit of a mystery to her and she hated Kalna till very very recently. It kinda hurts that you wave her off completely as being ignored. Sometimes stuff in chat gets missed. Don't take it so personal. A lot of text flies by the screen. You'd be surprised how far you can get with Lin if you just stop and actually talk to her. This is all stuff you'd learn...if ironically you stopped and talked to her. People tend to LOVE shit talking her in dchat but a lot of you guys don't even bother ever, ever try and get to know her. You judge her, and so many other characters; not just mine. for face value. Its easy to hate people as a ghost. You are not in the situation, you don't see every side of a situation. You don't know how those characters think, work, feel, their friends and outside things driving their actions. Maybe one of Lin's rare and only friends is in danger, maybe the captain is in danger and she'd put her life on the line to do anything to protect them, maybe she had to deal with 13 other shit heads and now suddenly another antag had popped up and she has lost her marbles. ANY role in sec is extremely stressful. Officer, warden, HOS. If you are truly dedicated to sec you know this. People will get mad if you don't stop the antag, people will get mad you did stop the antag, people get mad no matter what you fucking do. Ghosts will say you have shit plays, say you deserved to die when you die and enter dsay. So in short, the only opinion I care about anymore is the admins. Because at this point I've gotten so much hate in the last couple of months before and even more so after making HOS that I just don't see a point anymore. I've blocked ooc completely, I muted every discord channel except announcements, I don't reply to people who random message me on discord if its trash talking and I mind my own business and stay in char. I just want to play, and rp and maybe find others who also want to just play and rp. I wont be saying anything more here.
  7. I firstly want to say the first part of your complaint about my char or me; which ever, throwing a fit because a gimmick doesn't revolve around me is total bull. There are tons and tons and tons of rounds I let antags do w/e they want. I give them tons of chances to play out their gimmicks but do you understand that as HOS, you are loyalty implanted. Its literally BUILT into your char as HOS to not allow active antags against the station roam around willy nilly if core station laws and regs have been broken. This includes; stealing high value items, intruding a station with no valid right and putting crew at risk, not complying with simple demands and orders from security to ensure property protocol and safety measures are followed, not listening and doing what they want ignoring security {surprise surprise} You come on station as a merc team with full lethal weapons and wonder by Lin stops you and tells you to leave? HM. Have you even SEEN some of the other HOS on station? Lin is pale in comparison and quite fairly played if you are a antag who doesn't obviously go out of their way to break the rules in front of her. She has simple principles that make her easy for antags to get around if they play smart. Sorry that I expect antags to come up with convincing gimmicks instead of 'I'm a ninja and I totally stole all the captains shit but let me visit'. Clearly you hardly have seen my playing if you automatically assume I'm a valid hunting, self centered fun killer. I assume you are making this because of the wiz round. Which my char had rights to shut them down in the end when her officer was reported to be doing inappropriate things, disobeying an order, and then the wiz turned her to stone, repeatedly. Was it because it 'wasn't about my char' no. Infact the wiz came to her office at the beginning, we rped, I said go and do your thing. The conflict started unrelated to what the wiz was doing and was only about her officer but the wiz made themselves involved. There was ton of other variables and conversations you probably didn't see. But its easy I guess for a outsider to come to this conclusion. As for the round you mentioned, I don't remember any round going on like that. I don't empty the armory. You can ask most people who play with in sec. I usually always only use the tranq rifle and a carbine. If the antag is seriously hostile and I need lethals I'll use a energy rifle or whatever is appropriate. If I 'emptied' it it was to take them to other officers. If this was about the round where there was a huge fight outside the elevators, thats what happened. The weapons were taken to the officers already there. Again, you clearly don't watch me as much as you seem to think you do if you think I do this as a normal thing. I've literally had people COMPLAIN I don't open the armory quick enough. So tell me, which is it? Because there is serious conflicting opinion from what I hear others say and what you just said. Also the implant and loyalty to NT? She was deftly loyal to NT before even making HOS. I've played Lin for over a year now and she has ALWAYS been loyal to NT and the law. She stood on the station as a warden when revs blew it up and said 'I server NT' refusing to abandon her company and station to join the revs who took over the entire station. Is having a officer who ACTUALLY VALUES the law and strives to uphold it and also greatly is devoted to the company she works for so far fetched to you? Why did you NEVER bring up Lin's values BEFORE she made HOS? Funny that. Also I coordinate quite a bit with security. Yeah sure, like anyone, I'm human and I slip up and maybe don't communicate as good as I could. But you can't say ANYONE is perfect 24/7 and I do actively try to coordinate more on the coms as of late. Its honestly everyones one major flaw there is a lack of communication. Not just mine.
  8. I have ic issues with Gonzales, not ooc. All based on Lin's view on Gonzales. I already messaged you on discord about ooc remember? After that I accept its just the character. Also from what Lin was told it was a totally different situation. Then when she was dying it was confusing, had no idea what was happening and next second she watches Gonzales whip some one across the room. So it all a ic miscommunication and because of the other shit happening it never got talked through properly. IDK why NO ONE informed Lin or talked to Lin about the supposive 'meeting' with Maxwell. She was only fed information from Bayer and Maxwell. Even when she asked Fren about why every one was having a meeting, she was shoved out. Literally, told she can't learn the details. From her stand point, she wanted to talk to the captain before doing anything. She took Maxwell and herself to the captains office, but he was swamped and it never got sorted in the end. The only thing that happened was she relayed the situation and he said he'd talk to the other first. Then round ended.
  9. I have no further comments really to say. I've said my points. I could sit here and counter but that doesn't do shit. I will defend myself however in regards to I find it funny how no one IR'd Lin, cared about Lin. Bothered to ever say her 'uniform is unprofessional' some how till she made HOS. Now that I've been playing HOS its very often people find reasons/ways to ridicule her in her position and not even look at themselves and their own actions with the excuse of 'they didn't mean it'. You still did it. TO me it still comes off like that. I still quit the round upset, couldn't sleep last night and cried cause I honestly don't get why people like to paint Lin as a horrible bitch who can't do her job and live up to 'standards'. Look at all the shit Gonzales gets away with but Lin stating her opinion on some one who wronged her to her crew is stepping out of line? WTF. Seriously. That is disgustingly double standard. No matter how hard I try some one I never saw before comes out of the bushes and instead of keeping it ic and talking to my char, collects a book of gossip and tattles, escalates and then it usually ends up in multi-round bull shittery where I'm battling some stranger and the negative views they spread all over the department I'm suppose to be managing. I could be a real bitch and just fire every one who dares speak up against Lin. Sometimes OOC I really want to. REALLY want to. But no. Lin understands people will not agree with her. She fully understands not every one will respect her in the position she worked her ass off icly to get. Surprisingly, she can be very reasonable and lax. But if some one is going to shit on her and not even try to talk to her, disrespect her right out of the gates? Go around the department and claim she did this and that wrong to every one she manages like they could do it better; whether thats true or not. Why would she waste her time trying to 'patch things up' or 'be an adult' when they didn't show that being their intentions to begin with. Thats just as bad as Lin being catty in the captains office. Which was fucking understandable after everything she went through. All Lin and I want to do is play a job. But it seems people keep waiting for her to spill a little tea so they can find a reason to prevent her from doing her job. When its a player I repeatedly saw in HOS position till the one time I finally role it then that very person is the catalyst of harassing my character over her 'unprofessional behavior' its HARD to take this all ic. If I just surrender and say 'fine its an ic issue' which some of this to a degree, I'll get an IR and guess what, Lin will probably be the one in trouble. Which in the end, isn't that what I claim they want? Lin to get in trouble ic because of ooc reasons? You can all say what you want that they didn't mean it now that the player complaint is up. That it was all ic. But from my point of view that is a stretch. You don't say; 'when I don't get the role stolen from me' or 'and I even asked nicely in OOC if I could have the role. I ended up not getting it' And then try to say you never were trying to snipe the role from me. If you were serious about not sniping you would have left the role alone. Hell if you have left my character alone or tried to talk to her and GET TO KNOW HER. Also you would have not said what you did ooc. Not ask for the role in that very round I cryoed. Like come on. I'll man up and admit some of this IC related but that just above is not. I expect the same admittance to fault.
  10. Hawkins literally brought up more then once her issue with Lin was not that it had anything to do with Gonzales it was she belittled your character. Nows there is different context and she was merely defending her friend? Also its extremely hard to believe that if Hawkins has spent ANY time at all on Aurora in the presence of Gonzales that Lin would not be the first to have brought up Gonzales being a prick and doing very unsavory stuff towards other crew. Its literally being completely ignorant to hear any bit of bad news about some one and write it off as fake news. Not to mention people supported what she was saying about him and that it was true yet Hawkins still decided to be that stubborn about it and call it slander? 9/10 rounds I see Gonzales SOME ONE complains about his behavior, he commits battery or verbal abuse and usually is trying to fire some one that isn't part of his posse or he deems a good employee. No way. I'm sorry but no way in hell could Hawkins had dodged the amount of complaints about him if Hawkins is as old of a character on Aurora as you make her out to seem. Also he literally; in that round, was from what Maxwell claimed was acting as if psychiatrist was not a respectable profession and was at risk of getting canned. Which Maxwell relayed to security. Whether it was true or not unless you had your fingers in your ears its again, very ignorant to ignore what Maxwell was saying what was happening to him and it was literally about working within mental health and Gonzales not taking it seriously. Also why would Lin, the HOS, your boss. Need to finely detail a arrest warrant? They are your boss. You do what they say. Do you also question the captain? I explained what he did, that he even admitted himself to committing a crime over coms. It just seems like your character is more stubborn then a mule when it comes to intaking information that sheds her friend in a bad light. I even explained that Maxwell was not to be charged with anything till after I spoke with the captain since Gonzales was spouting for Lin to arrest them on charges he didn't even commit. You want to accuse Lin of over stepping her rights in command, Gonzales all round was trying to boot Maxwell for every little thing. Also Gonzales completely ignored Lin when she explained; 1. Maxwell was already in the brig with her when Gonzales accused him of responding like an EMT. Thus it wasn't responding to her was it. Just helping Lin not die when she collapsed into crit at his feet. 2. Maxwell 'failing to comply to an order' charge would have been letting Lin die at his feet if he listened to Gonzales. Which would realistically lose a doctor his license for failing to do what you can to save a person that you have the means to save. Its called a code of ethics. Which does exist. 3. Wasn't trespassing, he was let in and welcomed...like hello? 4. EMT didn't show up till much later even after Maxwell yelled over the radio for help. In the end, Gonzales, no, anyone. Has no right to put their hands physically on some one and throw them across a room like Gonzales did. Command or not. That is battery. For Hawkins to act like Gonzales did not deserve that charge should be questioned as to how and why they are a HOS. The law is the law. No excuse or pardon because of rank. Also Lin made no comment because she was pissed. Text was flying by, she was talking to the captain about Gonzales and Maxwell and honestly, security shouldn't need hand holding to do their job all the time. The warrant was placed, she gave reasoning. She is the boss. Those two rounds, Hawkins didn't treat Lin like she was Head of Security at all. The whole time was judging her ethics and accusing her of shit. You wonder why Lin was so hostile? Maybe because like with Gonzales, no respect was ever given. Not even at the beginning. Just head butting and denying Lin her own right of opinion because the opinion just so happened to one Hawkins didn't agree with. Using the excuse of you being British isn't really an excuse for being rude. You are after all in charge of what you type and considering you seem aware that your culture of speak might offend some one or come off as rude means you should be aware enough to take a step back and maybe think 'hm will this hurt some ones feelings'. You typed those things and pressed enter. Yeah, sometimes people make mistakes, get mad but to continue with them, all round? I find the apology for the ooc stuff kinda hard to accept. If it was a one off comment, sure. But to continue blabbing is the very reason I have ooc off. Unnecessary drama. Also Lin's sweetie comment and bringing up her years of dedication to the company, yeah. Was catty. But then again, you interrupt your boss right at the start of a meeting, you kinda deserve to take a hit for it. Especially when that starts off with insulting them before they even say a single word. In front of every one. Lin could have just fired Hawkins on the spot. Realistically, if you pulled that on a boss irl thats what would have happened. It wouldn't matter if you were right or wrong. If that boss was an asshole or not. You can't at all expect some one to want to be reasonable, calm and want to talk after you blurt out they are not suitable for their position in front of all of their employees. Then continue to cut them off when they are trying to just move on. Whether you were or weren't trying to get Lin demoted is not the point. Hawkins came off as a hundred percent as trying to get Lin fired, or at the very least in trouble. No way would every one from my point of view look at the situation and would think Hawkins wanted to just talk it out. You don't go to the top of the food chain and complain and expect people to assume you just want to 'talk it out'. Also the fact you just mentioned talking ooc about the perfect command line up and such, its basically metaclick. Which is very hypocritical considering you said above you are not metaclick/metabuddying. You are saying basically; as I see it, I was HOS and because you didn't end up HOS, I ruined your metabuddy dream team which clearly I'm excluded from lol, jk, not funny. Highly insulting considering this is not about how likable you are like thats suppose to convince me to forgive you. You could have every other command staff player say you are awesome but it doesn't change how I feel about what you did, towards me. This is not a popularity contest. Also I didn't ignore your discord. But private discord discussion chat flew out the window when that second round started and you continued rolling the punches. Little late. I want it out in the public.
  11. BYOND Key: MissNatcula Game ID: b1U-aJnx and b1U-bdyl Player Byond Key: Sophie Hawkins, Shodan Staff involved: TheGrout Reason for complaint: First I figured this situation was IC. I don't normally jump to OOC. I have OOC muted except for looc. I don't like ooc drama. But when I've only seen a character every one the manifest oocly; never ig. Never as a ghost. No interaction whats so ever, then this character seems drawn and out to get mine with no provokation I begin to question. Round b1U-aJnx started slow. I played normal Lin doing normal Lin things. A PDA message comes in from Albert; a shrink to Lin and sorta friend, about how Gonzales is being a usual asshole. Lin basically agrees Gonzales is a prick and round continues. Lin minds her own business but eventually the radio chatter for security gets on the topic of Gonzales and Lin; hating Gonzales for ic reasons, states her opinion openly about not showing him any respect if he wont show her respect; which he never does even on command chat in that very round. Then Hawkins starts defending Gonzales and Lin continues to defend her own opinion and what Gonzales has done to her, and all of it was truthful from Lin's expierence. Bayer even mentions that what Lin was saying is true and Gonzales indeed is an asshole. Sophie then goes to the captain and hop and reports Lin for belittling her, ignoring her. Security calls for her to come to a scene of a possible murder; body found with what looks like foul play, and Hawkins refuses and claims her meeting is more important. Round ends with every one confused why she thinks she has been belittled and ignored when Lin personally hardly even talked to her at all. Infact never once that I personally can recall did I directly, personally, speak to her aside from when Lin stated her own opinion on Gonzales. Next round starts. This happens straight out of the gates; https://pastebin.com/3znxvLGJ This is when I start to question. This is when I ahelp. This is also when I get called into a discord chat to talk about Maxwell and Gonzales from last round. When everything finally finishes the station is dark, power is loss and captain summons Lin to his office. I was told oocly by ghosts on discord that Hawkins went straight to the captains office after the meeting scene so I already knew she was saying some sort of w/e and since I ahelp'd it right away I already knew oocly what mess I was walking into. But ICly I kept Lin in the mindset of 'why is my time being wasted I need to stay in the brig while power is loss'. I have to go the extra long way all the way to the captains office due to blast doors. I finally get there. Confronted about the obvious. Lin gets bitched at over the sec; boarders boarding, no weapons out, help, help, where are you lin, shit going on. Lin finally says she has a job to do and this whole situation is a huge waste of time and basically Hawkins is fishing icly to steal a job Lin feels she worked her ass off to obtained and leaves. By the time she finally gets back to the armory some one has died. I just oocly wanted to cryo because every one is blaming Lin for not being there; despite Lin trying to explain she was summoned by the captain for by far the stupidest reason compared to what was actually happening. Eventually I cryo because oocly I'm just fed up with every one saying Lin let them down because apparently Hawkins accusing Lin of belittling her was more important then letting Lin just do her job. Then Easter; the officer who died, basically has a melt down and keeps pestering Lin up till I cryo her. I get sent SS' and texts of Hawkins after I cryo'd and disconnected furthering this was oocly driven and not just IC. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/378473615693447171/592648273026875402/bruh.PNG '(OOC) SHODAN43893: Sophie Hawkins - I apologise for the start of the round disarray. I was not the HoS. (OOC) SHODAN43893: I tried to get Lin in a room with the captain so we could sort our issues out (OOC) SHODAN43893: Lin was the hos' Like her being HOS would have made the round better. Basically laying all the blame of the shitty round on my character. Despite I was pulled away from the start of it BECAUSE of her. At least thats how I read that. Also right at the beginning of the round it was clear she was upset she did not get HOS in looc with the; : oh come on. Kiva Santorii: oof Oscar Easter: poor shodan I want to say that it has been a week of me getting off work irl, logging into the server and seeing Sophie Hawkins as HOS and then closing out of the game to play something else. Never did I log in under her and start 'finding' things to complain to a captain about. Its not -my- role. Its not -anyones- role. I respect there are other HOS players and they want to play. Sure, got upset when every single night I could not play because she was taking that role. Did I ooc slam her? No. Did I IC dig dirt and try to get her fired? Hell no. But it certainly looks like that is what she is doing to me. The two rounds, back to back, after I never saw or rped with this character ever till today. Now I don't even want to fucking play after days if not getting a decent full round of game in. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? Yes, and I was also pulled into a discord involving Albert Maxwell/Activeknockback, Fernado Gonzales/Resi and Eric Bayer/Bear which relates to this whole thing since Sophie was reporting to the captain about Lin 'slandering' Gonzales when she was expressing truthful situations she had been in with Gonzales and has been wronged which was only brought up when Albert Maxwell's character came to Lin complaining about maybe losing his job due to Fernado Gonzales. Also Eric Bayer was witness to everything that happened in round b1u-aJnx as he was in security and also was a witness to how Lin had been treated by Gonzales meaning the 'slander' was truthful stories. TheGrout first claimed it was ic issue but then said to make a player report if I had an issue after explaining a little it coming to Lin facing possible demotion or action taken against her icly. Approximate Date/Time: 06/24/2019
  12. No problems with her. She always roleplays well in game and is very nice oocly from what I gather. I think she could pull off playing CCIAA with how often she plays and is active online. +1
  13. I don't usually browse this section but considering I've played with Volvalaad several times since we both main security thought I'd chime in. I don't know Orleans oocly but icly I know his character Nick very well. There is a running joke among friends of 'oh no its vovalaad' when we see him on and its not a good thing. Lets start with Nick. I've experienced his character do some of the most unprofessional things. Nick doesn't follow orders well; and often butts heads with my character when I was warden and even more now that I made HOS. He literally threw a hissy fit when Lin told him he should be a cadet and not a officer because of clear lack of competence as a officer. He asked to be suspended instead and toss his gear at her and was charged for battery and slander after he cursed at some one involved in the situation. He doesn't show a drive to learn despite he clearly lacks knowledge about the own laws his character is suppose to enforce and doesn't seem to care much for protocol either. I remember a specific round where another hos; before I was HOS, ask him to see him about having a talk and the HOS told me he was going to help teach Vovalaad the basics of being an officer after he said Vovalaad should be a cadet. Vovalaad decided to cryo instead...then I saw him next around. He tends to avoid wanting to learn so badly despite he really needs to be taught how to property play his own role. Anatoly Kovacs is a hard no. I convicted a murderer who turned out to be a Ling and despite my CLEAR orders to keep the ling locked up he let them out disregarding my orders completely as HOS. Later when I told security to arrest him for gross negligence he hid behind the ling which then rampaged and killed all of security plus a ton of civs while he also helped shooting an officer in the back. He did all this as a nonantag mind you and from my point of view I saw no reason for him to so willingly give up holding a convicted murderer alien and abandon his coworkers. OOCly I don't know him as I said however over all he has shown a play over rp mentality. He gets quick into the shoot first talk never and because he doesn't listen to orders, tactics, or anything. Him as a player playing HOS would be scary for antags. He'd be quick to just gun them down. I'm not saying my play style of Lin; who attempts to not harm people unless she must and always goes for detain over kill, is the only method of playing a sec member but I don't think having a player who rather jump to lethals over negotiation and smart tactics is a fit for command. Also because he has shown a lack for respect for anyone above his characters rank I have to wonder how he'd react to other command who he's suppose to work with if they ever nudged him wrong. I'd like to see him willing ask for help on the problems ic instead of always avoiding the topic by any means necessary and show he is willing to take criticism and learn from it. I've seen two other HOS' both ask how his Nick character is a officer and that alone should say something if he thinks Nick is fit to be command. He has a lot to learn to take on that role from my honest opinion. Playing a couple of warden rounds and thinking he is fit for the position just doesn't cut it. Especially when he has shown time and time he doesn't want to improve. From my point of view anyways. -1
  14. I think this is more of a issue of LI not having proper description in combination of also thrall/spell possession also being a bit iffy. I'd like it changed; if removable is not a option, and I'll be making a suggestion that LI have a proper implant/starting message for those who have it. I've always thought of LI having a bigger impact then people rp. But tbh you implant a prisoner, or are implanted yourself and there is not even a message about it. How are you suppose to act? What happens when something ions you? Or when some one tries to control you with spells/vamp/whatever. For some reason cult and rev is negated from LI but vampire isn't. You literally get a message when some one tries to force convert you as a cultist about what is happening. But vampire? Nothing. Nothing can be mean a lot of things. Even above people sound a bit conflicted. You are yourself but not? You are forced to aid the vamp but even in the thrall message you can hate them while doing it. Its a gray area honestly...The actions required to protect some one can vary. Are you SUPPOSE to go full lethal or would you still play as yourself, but with the main focus keeping your master alive? But this I'll move to suggestions.
  15. I've had no problem with Sterben the rounds he has been played as CMO. I've seen him around on other characters in the past I personally have not had a issue with him but I work in a different department so its hard to judge some one I only interact with once and a while. For the most part I've had no issue. +1
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