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  1. I have the privilege of being able to read and write on the lore_writers channel, but you're right when you say I barely use it for other motivation that is not related to what I'm suppossed to do there, which are clerical purposes as you say. If you've ever seen the hierarchic relations of the server, on how staff interrelations work, you'll see that the Administration branch is completely separate and unrelated to both lore and development, which both respond directly to the Head Developers, and have nothing to do with us. I do not mingle much with any of those, other than the occassional remark, or comment which is normally unrelated to lore itself; I like to keep in my lane as what my current position entails, even if I do have the privilege of being able to interact with you over that channel. I have zero authority to go and give my opinion about something in those channels, and the reason we have them is to be able to actually moderate, and perform our assigned tasks with ease. It would be no different if someone external from the staff team applied into the position, from my point of view. I do understand your concern, however, since as I've pointed out in the application, my relation to lore has been minimal for the time I've been in the server. Mofo, according to both the thread and our private conversations, is looking for someone able to manage the lore staff and issues, rather than someone who will take the lead on lore development. I know lore experience is valued, but the reason I applied is because I feel this position can be taken on without much prior experience to it, since out of the tasks outlined by Mofo, only a couple require 'lore experience', and one of them is processing whitelists whose lorewriters can't handle for whatever reason. I am in possession of four out of the six species whitelists, and keep up-to-date, as much as I can, to their lore developments. I'm pretty familiar with most of our lore, barring certain minor topics I've never showed interest in. I'm not sure what you meant by this, but I don't have a Diona whitelist, and I'm pretty interested in all species I have my whitelist for pretty much equally. While I mostly play Skrell, it's not a hard preference, and you can commonly find me playing my Vaurcae or my Cats indistinctly. I don't play IPC that often, because it really limits the RP in a way I'm not a fan of, but I do have IPC characters that I play from time to time. I do not intend to mess with any of the species maintainers' vision, since I'm a firm believer of lore development freedom, as long as Mofo, who's setting the main guidelines of development here, agrees with it, and as long as it makes sense/doesn't give a 180º turn on what's already developed, wasting everyone's effort in the process.
  2. Ckey/BYOND Username: Juani2400. Position Being Applied For: Interim LoreMaster Deputy. Past Experiences/Knowledge: I have never worked with or within the Lore Team before, and thus have zero experience or creativity in the aspect of writing lore, which is the reason why I have never applied for such positions before. However, I have been serving this community as a moderator and then admin for over 3 years now, with no interruptions, and through all of this time, I've been working in most if not all of the faces of this business. I was part of the trial moderation team, in charge of the whole process of trial moderator recruitment, for about a year if memory serves well, under the command from Catnip at first, and Flamingo for the most of it. I have relatively recently quit that team to focus entirely on Command applications, which is my main and only focus as it is. As you can probably guess, our main role as modmins is, in fact, resolution of conflicts that arise from player interactions. Most of them are handled in-game through ahelps, and some of them you can see posted on the forums. I've decided to apply since I think my experience and profile can meet the requirements that are being looked for in this position, namely being a peacekeeper, a resolver of issues, a recruiter and a handler of unhandled applications. The Loremaster has also asked for someone who is naturally calm, unbiased, level-headed and friendly, and I think most of my interactions with the community in this regard can be proven to be evidence of these traits. Naturally, as an administrator, there are times in which you need to be quite firm with how to speak to people on ahelps, complaints and similar, but that is not my natural state, and I think the modmin team can agree I'm as soft as a plushie on a personal, natural level. On the specific topic of handling applications that have not been taken care of by the species loredevs, I think I have a decent understanding of how most species work, having passed all the processes to be in the possession of species whitelists for Tajara, Skrell, IPC and Vaurca, while being an active player of all of them (IPC is probably the least one I play on a regular basis). Besides my experience in this community, I have also served in a few other different community and places on the internet in positions of responsiblity, most of them always having to do with people. I will not go over most of them since it is basically neglegible for the position I'm applying for, but I have served as Human Resources Director for an online community of about 800 active members, handling all of the affairs having to do with them. Examples of Past Work: I have no physical evidence of any past work because I have done none! Closest I have done towards writing something sensical and sensible for this server was when I started the draft for NBT suggestion, which involves a portion of lore (setting, structure of the base...) which you can read here (it's not complete, since I started working on it too late and was never posted, some people may have read it already since I've posted it before on Discord): Link to Google Drive Additional Comments: I definitely think there is people way more capable of occupying this position, with past experience as lore writers and similar profile to mine, however, I think it would be interesting to serve in a different team for once after a while, and get a more in-depth view of what happens behind the curtains of the lore team which, besides what I can see on their Discord channel, I'm sure I'm not that updated on. Approval from Alberyk was granted to go forward with this application, to make sure no unwilling association of the administration of the server happens with the lore administration. Anyway. That's my application. I think I covered most of what I wanted to cover on it. I'm fully open for questions in regards to the application itself or my duties as an admin of the server. A lot of you know me pretty well, some don't know me at all, so any kind of questions is welcomed.
  3. I like them all, but I'm personally in love with the futuristic Captains one. I'd need to see it IG to make sure, but it already looks pretty good. Suggestion: have the Captain's uniform include a suit item that fits the outfit perfectly and has all the formalities you would expect from a captain's uniform (the command colour marks, shoulder patches and stuff , and leave the actual uniform be slightly more informal (like it is in the futuristic version) below. Great job, anyway. Command was in dire need of this.
  4. I studied Marine Engineer for several years, and I'm now studying Business. Thanks to my years as a student of Marine Engineering, I got myself a place in a program where I work for a few months per year in a shipyard, within the management teams of the company. The shipyard doesn't hire the bulk of the employees directly, but instead they use contractors. To the point, they /do/ have as their employees, though, the engineers who supervise the construction and repairs, and that are responsible for any mishap that happens in the ships. They are the ones who issue the orders, and make the design of the construction and repairs, and the ones who stay in contact with the customer's representative on the technical side of it. The others are just technicians, and mind you, where I live, technician is a title given to everyone who completes an specific level of education which is for practical proffessional purposes (e.g. Electricians, Mechanics, Administrative staff, all kinds of stuff), and it's common to refer to them as what they are, technicians. I know it's a fault of the English language to have people who isn't an engineer commonly referred as engineers (train operators, even ship staff), but they aren't people who studied engineering and as such is incorrect to call them as such. Maintenance technician, station technician, or just remove the technician title and think of something else that may fit, but engineer is a term that is not correct and it's not what they should be referred as because that's not what the are, in my opinion. +1 to the suggestion.
  5. Feedback is positive, and I have personally seen you play. Please have into account the points made by the other players in order to improve. Trial passed.
  6. Please edit your post to meet the format available here:
  7. Hello. Staff complaints are not handled by the person being complained about, but they do have the right to explain themselves and discuss the point of the complaint on the thread, as they have done. As such, I will be in charge of handling this complaint. The way I see it, the warning as the selected punishment was fair and in accordance to the escalation principle we follow. You broke the same rule not that long ago by joining as an AI named "Stalin" and you were spoken to by an admin, about the very same rule, so you perfectly know what the rule is about. So if the point of the complaint is trying to get the warning removed, it's not going to happen. In regards to the other point raised in the complaint having to do with the language used on the contact, while I can understand it may have been confusing at the start, Prate continued to explain how and why you were breaking the rule in the following interactions. Nonetheless, a notification will be made to the admin in question to try to be more precise and to-the-point whenever talking to people about this kind of stuff. If no objections are made by either of the parties, the thread will be locked in 24 hours and considered concluded with no actions taken against the issued punishment.
  8. Barely any feedback has been gathered, and I personally have not found you around the game to see you play, so the trial will be extended for 3 more days counting from tomorrow, so until the 5/NOV, inclusive. Please be aware that the feedback doesn't necessarily have to be for your HoS character, so if you find the Head of Security's slot taken, you can use other characters and play other Command roles. If the application has not gathered enough feedback in both quantity and, specially, quality, the application will be denied by the deadline. Good luck!
  9. Application withdrawn at the request of the applicant. Locking and archiving.
  10. Hello. I will be handling this application. First of all, I need you to ammend the format to remove the bold and make it actually a bit more readable. Secondly, I am not entirely content with a lot of the answers given in the application. Since I will not be judging this application right now, and instead let it sit for a few days for it to gather feedback, I'll give you the chance to re-do the application and fix whatever you think may be an issue. I don't want more words, I simply want to see that you understand what the question is aimed towards, and that you can give a proper response to it. Community members are free to pop into the application and ask you questions that will result in the enrichment of the application content. I'll be back in 3-4 days with a set of questions if I see it unclear, or outright deny if the quality doesn't meet the standard, like it is the case right now. My personal suggestion, go read on our lore, on our RP guides that are around the forums, our wiki pages on heads of staff, and past applications of players. Try to get the grasp of what is being asked here and what we want to hear to know that you know what playing a head of staff entails. I'm always open for questions and a chat via Discord, if you have any doubts about what's expected. Good luck.
  11. I'm super aware that balaclavas don't require any access, but it is still completely out of place for a security guard. The zipties and the combat belt are tactical equipment, and while there is nothing against them being ordered other than the access (which implies a granted permission by the relevant positions), which is IC, it is still kinda meta to have them ordered in the first 20 minutes of the round as a security officer when you have your regular standard-issued equipment that is intended for you to use. Every of these items have small advantages, which all combined, make up for a generalized higher advantage. There is absolutely no reason to have these items as an officer on round start, other than the aesthetics. And the aesthetics alone will not justify such order. I am fine with a warden ordering a handful of zipties on round-start to store them in the armoury to be used if necessary. I am even fine with the warden ordering balaclavas to be stored together with the riot gear/heavy equipment. But these items are not for regular usage by the officers, and shouldn't be treated as such. In regards to the generalized use that it's being done by other officers, the situation doesn't change one bit. There was a ruling already made by another different administrator on this very issue on Wigglesworth's notes, and this warning. that I have issued, has only served to extend it due to it being repeated after being told to stop, following our escalation process. Whoever is found or reported to be engaging in this behaviour may expect the same. The fact that you have not been noticed, or that it is not being actively enforced but passively, does not mean that it is right to do it. Now, in regards to the thread in general, this is a staff complaint, and as such, only the involved parties are expected to participate, as per the subforum's rules. Please do not post unless you have something that is very important for any of the parties to be mentioned. You can contact me privately via forum PM or Discord for any matter that needs my attention on this, if you deem it necessary, or if you feel you can add a different angle to the discussion.
  12. Hello. I'll be handling this. Considering the feedback and the contents of the application, a trial will be granted. It will start today, 25/OCT/2019 and will last for a whole week, until 1/NOV/2019 inclusive. Please remember that during this time you still require to continue gathering community feedback, so please keep advertising the application whenever you play Command so the community can rate how you play on this thread, since it's normally the best way for us to cover your performance. If no feedback is gathered by the end of the trial, it will be extended for a few days, and once that period is over, it will be declined. Thanks and good luck!
  13. Hello. You should remember that I spoke to you about it, and intended to simply point it out for the future, until I read your history and found out you had already been told the exact same thing, and there were also related notes to it. The warning resulted as a natural escalation of the notes that already existed for the same matter. The zipties, the belt and the balaclava are considered tactical equipment out of reach for officers under standard operations. This situation happened pretty early in the round, I would dare say sooner than the first 20 minutes. You shouldn't be ordering these without a pretty good reason, as an officer is not expected to carry a combat belt or a balaclava during code green with zero events that justify it. I am against the removal of the warning, but I will leave that decision to be made by the handling staff of the complaint, which will be assigned soon. Logs and previous player's notes will be posted if necessary.
  14. I absolutely love the Captain Alt suit. I think the black captain suit could stay as formal wear, and named as such explicitly. It could go well with some headwear, to replace the crappy white formal wear that we currently have.
  15. Apologies for the delayed response. Trial passed on the 30th. Locking and archiving the thread.
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