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  1. I am also interested in learning the ropes of DM coding, so sign me up.
  2. This appeal has been denied as per the reasons stated above.
  3. Hello. You were spoken to or punished about the reason of your final ban 9 times before it happened. You evaded, in fact, a permanent ban on your previous account, which is what lead to this accumulation of notes and various punishments. You bypassed the system and kept doing the same with the newer account, which made you end up here. What makes you deserve a tenth (tenth!) chance at it? You were already explained how what you were doing was completely against our rules, and our staff was already pretty lenient with not perma-banning you earlier. I am not completely closed to unbanning you under severely strict conditions, but I will need some time to discuss this with some people first. I will be back at some point this week.
  4. Trial will be granted. It will start today 07/MAR/2020, and will end in a week, on the 14/MAR/2020, inclusive. Good luck!
  5. Hello. I will be handling this application. Please continue to gather feedback. You can expect a review of this application through the next week, before weekend. Cheers.
  6. Alright, then the trial will be extended for 72 more hours, starting now, until wednesday, 4th of March.
  7. Reporting Personnel: Kilqrr'Quraqk Xiiqrxum. Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Head of Security. Game ID: b5W-dgbl Personnel Involved: - Holiday Lynn (visitor), offender. - Riori'Uptari Nunuz, (captain), witness. - Quintin Copperfield (visitor), witness. Secondary Witnesses: (Name, Job Title: Short description of what they witnessed) - Katherine Linenbord, Security Officer: potentially was aware of Mrs. Lynn's takeover. Was not present for the slander. Time of Incident: ~12:00-13:30 aprox. Real Time: 00:00 UTC, 01/MAR/2020 aprox. Location of Incident: Non-relevant. Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ ] - Misconduct [X] - Other: Regulations breach Overview of the Incident: As you may be aware, such shift was a problematic one given the arrival of a ship from the People's Republic of Adhomai full of hostile robots. Hostilities among the crew arose, and by the end of the shift, our Captain was physically incapacitated. They were still concious. It was at this moment when, Mrs. Lynn, who had been with the Captain as a visitor at all times during the shift, decided to take justice by their own hand and take over the Captain position. Mrs. Lynn is hired in the position of Captain for the NSS Aurora, but this time they were just visiting. They did not seek the approval or even mentioned the take-over to the Captain or the rest of Command. They acquired Captain-level items (including, but not limited to: Captain headset, Captain-level ID card), and started to exercise their authority over the rest of Command staff and crew, including over myself. They fully expected to be complied with their orders, and did not think twice of insulting my management of the situation after being in the position for less than twenty minutes, suffering from asymmetrical information and lack of situational awareness herself, due to not being kept in the loop with the previous events or the on-going tasks and orders of the Security team. They did so in the open, with several other visitors who she invited into the shuttle's cockpit, among them, Quintin Copperfield, and at least one more whom I can't get the name of. I felt slandered at the time, unable to defend myself over the very resounding arguments and attitude she was having. You must know, it is strictly prohibited, under company policy, to be assigned a position if the subject's status on-board is nothing but a visitor. Only the Captain, under extreme circumstances, is allowed to circumvent station's policy in this regard, and they did not do such. Even more, when they took over without authorization or approval from anyone in the Command team, they did so with their implant off, which could have resulted in catastrophe would they have been in the position for longer, as they may have incurred in wrong decisions against the interests of the Corporation. Charges of Mutiny, Grand Theft and Slander on a Head of Staff may apply. Submitted Evidence: No physical evidence is available. Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: It was not reported to a superior due to lack of time. Actions taken: None. Additional Notes: Please consider that Quintin Copperfield's statement may be biased due to openly siding with the offender at the time. I have no more names of the staff present during the slander situation. As for the acting captaincy, several other crew members are surely aware of this happening, but I do not have any concise names to give.
  8. Hello. Since you are arguing a decision on the highest level of the hierarchy, that has not only been reviewed already a few times, but has also involved discussions in the administration team as a whole, we will not be reviewing this complaint. The ban will be kept in place indefinitely. Following discussions made some weeks ago, the ability to make appeals and complaints by proxy will be removed. Community-bans are already discussed widely among the modmin team and we feel that this process is enough to guarantee the fairness of the procedure since consensus needs to be reached. Closing and archiving this complaint.
  9. Hello. First of all, apologies for the slight delay in handling this. I have been reviewing the rounds you've been playing, and it looks like the feedback just stops after a certain date, but you've kept playing the character and the role after that time. Not only that, but you have also played the Chief Engineer role with a different character than the one in the application. Is there any reason for that happening? You are expected to play a consistent Command character through the trial, in order to aid the feedback gathering process. I have no particular issues with the feedback given; it is mostly positive, but since it's a bit vague, I'd have loved to see a bit more of it. I'm considering extending this trial for a bit longer to see if you can gather a bit more of feedback. Would this be convenient for you? Cheers!
  10. Feedback is quite positive and uniform, and I have also personally seen you play and interacted with your Consular. Trial passed.
  11. @Boggle08 @Lemei @Screemers @Skyflieger It still exists, but it is not very active. It's still reccommended for every whitelistee to have access to it, since CCIA sometimes post stuff in there. Please PM me via Discord or forums your whitelist application from the archive and your forum name if interested, and I will get you sorted in no time.
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