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  1. I've been waiting to see if the application managed to get some more feedback, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I'll be granting you a trial, but you'll need to gather said feedback through the duration of it. Trial starts today 05/JUN/2019 and will end in a week, on 12/JUN/2019 inclusive. Good luck!
  2. After several points raised by the server's administration during the trial, and an error during the processing of the initial application, moving forward into trial when it should had not due to a few factors, this application is being denied. You are free to contact me for any questions in regards to this. You are also free to reapply if you so desire at any time.
  3. Hello. I've been waiting for a bit to see some plurality of the community in this application. As you've probably read, most of the people here raise similar points and we are not sure if you would be cut for a trial. This application is being denied, with the expectation from you to create a new character and possibly take into consideration some of the feedback people have passed you, and work towards an improvement of the situation, with a character that you'd think would actually fit the role of Command, in order to show the community that you truly understand how you must behave OOCly in order to be Command, and that you know how to play a character that is not how people described Nick as being here. You are free to reapply whenever you decide, once you think you've fixed most of these issues. Good luck!
  4. Reminder that gathering feedback is a crucial part of the trial procedure. If this application does not reach enough feedback by the time the trial ends, it will be denied.
  5. Hello. We've decided to grant you a trial that will last for a week. It will be starting today 23/MAY/2019 and will last until the 30/MAY/2019, including it. Please continue to gather feedback and advertise your application through this important phase, or you might face denial once it ends. Have fun.
  6. Hello. This application has been sitting here for a while without getting feedback, nor is most of it positive. I am unable to recognize you by your characters' names, and thus I'm really unable to make a move forward with this application. Furthermore, I see the quality of the application has not improved substancially since my colleage told you to improve it. For those two reasons, I will be denying the application. You are free to reapply any time, however I do reccommend you make yourself knowledgeable a bit around the community and play some regular characters so people can judge your playstyle in your future applications and they actually help the case. Good luck for the next try!
  7. Hello. I will be processing this application. As always, you'll be required to collect feedback from the community for it during the next few days, or weeks. Once it has a good amount of it, we'll come and review it fully to determine whether you will get trialed or not. Good luck!
  8. Hello. It seems there's quite some disagreement between the feedback gathered in this application, but I certainly share some views on your person from both sides. Some of your characters, when played properly, make for okay RP material, while others do not as much. Now, what really concerns me is your history with staff, in which it doesn't seem there has been a remarkable improvement, tied with some questionable word choice decisions when going on OOC and similar channels. I've discussed this briefly with the whitelist team, and we have decided to deny your trial until you can prove you are capable of keeping a cool head, and a clear history of incidents with the staff. As a head of staff, you will be facing a lot of critics to the way you will be doing things and the decisions you take. You will not be able to focus as much on the development of a character due to the added extra factors to keep in mind when making decisions. I do not consider you are ready for this challenge just yet, and this is why I invite you to re-apply in a short period of time once you have shown both the staff and the community that my words can't apply to you at that point in time. We'll be watching for any improvement. For the time being, this application is denied.
  9. Trial being extended for two days, until the 24/MAY/2019, due to health reasons of the applicant.
  10. Hello. As I've told you privately, I conducted a brief investigation on this case before this complaint was available for everyone to read, as it is normally the case for moderator trials. I read through all the logs, and let the trial team know about it. We found no issue on Goret's judgement, as far as their trials go. You've got an intestering history, and as I told you, you had an active "don't fuck up" clause from your previous unban appeal (here), and it played a major factor in this ban happening. I will leave it for Goret, and the rest of the involved parties to discuss this publicly here.
  11. Hi. Short notice. I will be taking over this application, since Read will not be around for the next week. Let's continue advertising the application and gathering feedback on your Command play, since that will be a determining factor on the sucess of the application. See you on the 22nd.
  12. Hello. I will be handling the application. I am going to let it sit for a few days and gather feedback. I might post a few questions in regards to the application in a couple days, so I need you to pay attention to the thread, as well as I ask that you anwer to any questions or issues the people on the thread might bring up. I'll see you again in a few days.
  13. I need your BYOND key written in the application, please. On other words, admitted and being processed! Continue gathering feedback. Once it has collected enough feedback a decision to trial you or not will be reached.
  14. Hello. After review, we've decided to go ahead and pass your application. However, we will still keep an eye on your Command characters to make sure an improvement is made in regards to the complaints logged in this thread related to your characters' knowledge of more areas than what they realistically should. Learning is a process, and no one is born being an expert; I expect you to make efforts in this matter to adapt to the way Command characters should be played and portraiyed. If you require any guidance or have any questions about this, you are free to PM any of the Command Whitelist overseers. Enjoy!
  15. Hello. After review and discussion, we've decided to pass your trial. We have not been made aware of any problems with your character, other than what has been said here. And from the comments here, it seems to be just the way you play the character, with no significant conditioning reasons not to be a head of staff. If there are any concerns that the rest of the players wish to treat in regard to how the applicant plays their character, I invite them to open a character report. For what occupies us, which is reviewing the player's ability to roleplay as a Head of Staff and act in accordance to what is required from a player with a Command whitelist, there are no concerns from our side. If you wish to bring up one in regards to that, you may contact either me, or any other Command Whitelist staff member privately. Congratulations!
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