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  1. Ok I understand, I guess this suggestion wasnt actually necessary then, due to miscommunications I thought this was an intentional design
  2. I joined the game and clicked the button which prompted the message "You will now see messages on the LOOC channel from observing/ghosted players. Prompting me to believe that I previously could not see those messages
  3. I really dont need to explain why having it off by default (Without any indication) is a bad idea. Some new players probably would like somebody to help them when they are just starting out, and have no indication that people are there and trying to help and ghosts feel like they are getting ignored when giving people actual LOOC advice, additionally, theres no way to know as a ghost that somebody has LOOC hearing for observers off meaning you might just be totally wasting your breath. Its not going to cause Irreversible Trauma for somebody to hear a ghost tell them that they can make a sc
  4. So I was thinking about a cool idea earlier and wanted to hear some feedback on it. Basically how it would work is this: There are multiple AI slots but 1 master AI "FIREWALL" is the master AI and is whitelisted, and by default does not control the station "PROGRAMS" are the subsidiary AI's and arent whitelisted but cannot exist without a firewall. "Firewall"'s job is to regulate programs and act as the social hub of the entire conglomerate, as programs Cannot speak and as such have to push requests through the firewall, Firewall can do things such as lock down programs, see every actio
  5. Speaking from a borg main since im waiting to apply for AI; I personally dont like the lawset and its mainly law 3, when I was dealing with an antagonist that was attacking a crewmember, I was worried about flashing them because "Protect" is such a broad term and it doesnt specify rank or role, so everybody is equal, I ended up pushing the traitor into a corner in a 1x1 tile hallway and just tanking the hits and letting them get away while the victim tried to attack them, and attacked me instead for blocking them. While I feel like this is the right choice, I feel it could be seriously detrime
  6. Pierre Godard as far as I can tell is quite an enjoyable person to play with when playing viax. I have seen Desven's interest in vaurca grow over time and his roleplay has also been pretty good as far as I've seen. I believe they've really done their research both by watching vaurca players in game and on the wiki and are passionate about this. I would be happy to see them playing the part of the bug instead of ordering me around as a human when I play viax +1
  7. I think it could be interesting if the bar, hydroponics, and the kitchen were connected in sort of an L shape, so all 3 rooms could provide for eachother if needed (Without the bar having to go through the kitchen to get to lemons in hydroponics). Im not sure if that would be plausible though
  8. I honestly whole heartedly agree with this, I have rarely even seen the breakrooms used at all, but in servers that use collective recreational areas they are used all the time similar to the bar. Break rooms typically just take up space and are good in theory, but in practice are typically just places for a ninja to sit back and restock on water in after hes been sprinting cloaked for 10 minutes straight
  9. -1 The usefulness vastly outweighs the cons in my opinion, removing it would be like cutting off your leg to clip a toenail. Simply adding a little description to the LOOC text input box that simply has a disclaimer that says "Players can see this message through walls, please do not abuse or overuse LOOC." would be infinitely better rather than having administrator action
  10. Baystation has a similar feature where, if you attempt to join the game and your spawn is lethal, you will get a warning that either there is low oxygen, high radiation, or both
  11. Exactly my thoughts, I often go with the spirit of what the laws want me to do, even as my drone intelligence AI. Whats the point of an AI to grant you access when it wont let you into the janitors closet without captains approval and somebody dying before hand. I treat law 1 not as a 'bar everybody from everywhere' but more of a 'No, the assistant cant go into the armory just because he said please', the point of being AI is to be a tool, a screwdriver that will only accept a specific brand of screws that nobody uses is not going to be used, just like an AI that considers the research hallway
  12. Somewhat, it would need to be cleaned up in a few areas. Akaix are sentient, and have freewill, otherwise they would be a viax, It would be important to specify that your akaix was designed for the role they are given, and probably spent the majority of their life in VR training to be a chemist, as well as why they chose to be a chemist, or if they were chosen by somebody else (such as the queen) to do the job. I wouldnt say that they would be created for cheap labor, since the akaix is a sentient beings, but Zeng-Hu could have seized the opportunity to have a new influx of fresh and well tr
  13. Hello. I've been playing vaurca viax for a really long time and gotten what people tell me is very good at it. Vaurca viax can be programmed to respond in certain ways with kindness, but its not because they are kind, its because they are programmed to respond in that way. A viax is lobotomized in all sense of the word, a viax can, and will throw away their life at the word of an akaix of their hive, and wouldnt exactly do almost anything outside of their job aside from wait for orders, and maintain their basic life functions like breathing, eating, and drinking and health. I always tell pe
  14. BYOND key: Colfer Discord name/id: Co.LF-ER#8285 Borg / AI names: Anoxie-v8.04 (After my harddrive failed and I received a new computer, I moved on from anoxie and am instead using Reactive Systems Oversight:) AI: Reactive Systems Oversight Robot: DOS/WIN/GNU/ARMA-#### (Sapient drones, I examine my robotic intelligence circuit every round which has the name format, I like it and rename my drone each round depending on what the circuit is randomly named that round) Have you read the Aurora wiki page about the AI?: Of course, many times when it wasn't whitelisted to help myself Why
  15. Thank you for the swift response, I'll try to keep to gamemodes im comfortable playing in the future or play it safe in ones im not
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