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  1. 1. Teril is in a weird state when it comes to skrell, I would call it sympathetic & shameful/wary, they dont dislike skrell and wouldnt care to be in their company but has their own personal liking towards AI which skrell despise (in most cases). They still do like being in the presence of skrell, but more than often would feel guilt if glorsh is mentioned in a conversation, similar to how somebody would feel if they deeply admired a murderer and talked to the family who lost somebody (with obvious differences because not ever AI commits murder) 2. Teril would not have any strong opinions, but a formally positive opinion of Zo'ra while trying to maintain a more positive and warm position with K'lax due to their more technologically advanced. Teril personally strongly dislikes the Lii'dra due to their idea of an interconnected consciousness, hating the idea of removing individuality (and with that) despising operations such as cyborgification, only when absolutely necessary 3. Teril seeks to impress people and integrate with the new society hes been brought into, considering other races in a sort of "dress to impress" sort of way, with a positive opinion on them as a whole (obviously being more inclined to like IPC's). To follow up with the nations, Teril believes that the way back to Sedantis is trinary in priority to securing the territory they are given and expanding their rights and growth in this new society Hope that answers your questions to satisfaction
  2. BYOND Key: Colfer Character Names: Ticket(IPC), NTAR-400(IPC), NTAR-144(IPC), Anoxie-v8.04(AI), S-R2(Robot)(asks for a different name every game) Species you are applying to play: Vaurca What color do you plan on making your first alien character: RGB 90, 150, 255, bright white with a hint of blue Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I never really took interest in Vaurca for a long while since I just thought they were uninteresting bugs with only humanlike qualities similar to how I feel about skrell. Somebody told me more about Vaurcae and I was hooked on the idea of playing a bound Vaurca as its the play style I've already been building towards while playing as synthetic drones (robots). When I began actually researching them I started to really enjoy some of the lore they were set in with the ideas and roleplay opportunities it could present. I also need to have a change of pace and branch out of my comfort zone of playing primarily robots with lacking social skills though. My inital plan is to play more on the bound side but I think I will play unbound here and there Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: There is a lot to cover on this section to be honest but I will simplify it in my own words as well as I can. Vaurca from a roleplay perspective are seperated between body castes and mind castes, Akaix mind caste, or Unbound are free thinking and intelligent, spending alot of their time in a described 'paradise' virtual reality which can lead to sensitivity to the real world and the working conditions they were assigned and will eventually adjust to. Viax mind caste, or Bound are effectively lobotomized, specialized versions of the Akaix which have no personal wills or sense of themselves, and would lay down their life if commanded to by an Akaix of their hive, higher hive members such as the breeders and queen, or a head of staff. Ka' body caste primarily deals with work and labor like tasks, having their body adapted to space like conditions, while Za' cast deals with warrior tasking that requires strength and power, more resistant to damages and tougher while foregoing space resistance. Ta' body castes are the breeders of the vaurca and are fertile, providing the hive with fertilized eggs and raising the young which is typically their only task, but they have been employed as consular. Vaurcae will most likely experience a common discrimination, oppression, and hazardous conditions outside of vaurca locations which brings with it no surprise due to their insectoid and alien appearance, breeding, language, biology and alien behavior, such as their dependency on phoron to breath and K'oi paste to eat. Vaurca have been able to mitigate some of their discomforts through the use of high tech augments Vaurca are known for to alleviate the lack of exterior phoron to breath Lastly for this segment, Vaurcae try to preserve Ta' breeders of their Hive as they are quite valuable to all members of it, but not surpassing the value of the lesser or higher queen, bound in particular risking life and limb to ensure the safety of them. Character Name: Ka'Akaix'Teril C'Thur Please provide a short backstory for this character Ka'Akaix'Teril was born more greedy than their peers where at birth typically feasted more than their similar spawn and spent most of their early life being pampered by their breeder and exploring and seeking to understand the virtual landscape of Mouv'lek'tanta and its workings, believing that 'their' hives VR world was better than the rest by its ability to influence reality. Teril was initially made in the image of an engineer or builder for construction work for both their birthplace and nanotrasen's stations, though they quickly began seeking interest in artificial intelligence after seeing some of the codes and data outputted by artificial units within the world of their VR, though never brave enough to think of going into the waters of the world and examine it thoroughly. outside of VR Teril was a tinkerer and experimenter, using his capacity as a more engineering focused caste to provide repairs to simple prosthetics and machinery to further benefit the hive. When it came time for Teril to begin their purpose they were assigned as a lab assistant to the aurora station in order to get their avowal to become a bio-mechanical engineer. Before departing off Teril spent the majority of their time outside of VR and intently studying engineering based terminology a human colloquialism as to not be totally alienated from the crew onboard, worried they would be less accepting of an unknowing vaurca and too excited to let the opportunity be foiled by negligence. Teril's waking hours and time spent were consumed with their somewhat extensive research and not much else aside from eating and boarding the shuttle to leave. What do you like about this character? Firstly, his personality, I plan on going way out my comfort zone as Teril and play as extroverted and unique in contrast to what is my usual with a sort of 'how do you do fellow kids' feel as they try to blend in with regular people. Secondly, Ka'Akaix'Teril is probably one of the first characters that I consider well and truly alien in nature, I've rarely played any quite 'out-there' their species such as this one but im eager to get to know how and have a truly unique experience as this alien race. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I'm quite good at picking up races and new personality quirks fast but my improvements quickly start to slow down over time, so I think for Vaurca I'd get over any initial hump that they may present but I probably wont be one of the best around as a unbound, but my experience as a drone synthetic should help me as a bound. 7/10 Notes: I wanted to hold out and let some of the wiki knowledge fade away before posting but I was pretty excited to get this out as early as possible so a few things may sound like they are too close to the wiki and I apologize
  3. So you want to play a virtual intelligence AI? Like the ones depicted by E.C.O.M (SierraKomodo) or their spinoff Anoxie-v8.04? (me, colfer) 0. Don't panic when playing for the first time. Playing AI is demanding at times yes. But if you know the tricks of the trade like I'll get into here, you should be doing fine. First off, its VERY USEFUL to know how to run atleast a minority of the major departments like Medical and Engineering. You might frequently get questions from new people in those departments that you will have to answer (though you can simply respond with 'insufficient data' if you really don't know. People aren't going to kill you over this). AI to me is sometimes even boring because there's nothing to do (in my play style as detailed in this guide) 1. Avoiding Valid hunter Behavior So AI has a lot of power allocated to it and some people can get situated with finding antags out 30 minutes into the round, I can say I was guilty of this on other servers and relentlessly hunted antags into the ground like a bloodhound somewhere in the middle of my time of playing AI, but I've learned to avoid valid hunter behavior because, taking out all the antags in 40 minutes is boring. when an antag is forced to confront security corned and without options, they usually take the nuclear option and open fire. This leads to deaths on both sides and neutralizes the antags gimmick, which might even be entertaining for you so I actively try to avoid acting sentient and souly go off my lawset. Let give some examples. (A security guard is chasing an antagonist down a hallway, the security guard has not requested the AI's assistance in any way for the entire chase and the antagonist bolts the door behind him, OOC'ly I dont want to hound the antag by not giving them a breather, and IC'ly, the antagonist is likely hostile and could hurt the security guard if the door is opened, or vice versa if the antag is a crewmember. So I will wait for the security guard to ask me to open the door before I open it) (A skrell is reminded of glorsh based on one of my recent announcements, or quoting of the newscaster and seeks to show me their distaste in artificial intelligence by harassing me over their communications, I would just respond only with "Ok" because statements are not commands, and insults to me like 'toaster' 'tincan' 'brainbox' 'doorknob' and other insults along those lines do not threaten damage to the station, its crew members, or insinuate the person is going to tear me apart, therefor 'ok' is the only valid response to me because it shows that I am acknowledging their statement and that I've heard them) (An antagonist wishes for your help in a matter, this antagonist is wearing full ablatives and weapons, and has previously shot a crew member. I would know this person has shot a crew member, and if the antag wants into somewhere, I would deny service in the event somebody is inside due to a threat to their health. If they want something, again, if it does not damage the station and nobody is in their path, I would gladly accept.) (If I see somebody with a gun on code green, unless I know for a fact that's a real gun I'll often just track them suspicious, instead of reporting it or actively impeding their ability, and sometimes ignore it entirely.) 2. Separating yourself from your AI AI's can be restarted if they die. Its not a big deal, you shouldn't feel personally attacked and at a threat of immediate death like a human being if you are in immediate danger. In my opinion, I like to leave myself vulnerable for a few reasons. I turn off my core turrets during code green because, if an unlucky scientist were to teleport in there by accident, they might get hurt. Which would violate protection laws in my eyes, (upgraded to regular stun security on blue and above etc), you are a machine, and the absolute worst thing somebody is going to do to you if you screw up is start firing an emitter at your core/killing you in some way you cant prevent. This is why when I have no protection law when subverted, I will not defend myself at all even if Im being directly assaulted SECONDLY this also carries onto your HONESTY. as a virtual intelligence, you shouldn't have any sense of shame or fear of consequences for your actions, and should be completely and entirely honest if something applies for you. Here are some more examples (This doesn't apply to records, because stating records to anybody would violate protect IC (loosely) and would make admins upset OOCly) (I've called emergency response team in absence of command during a revolution round. They didn't come but nobody knew who made the request. I knew that I would get shit for doing it, but I said I did anyway in the interest of everybody in security with genuine belief that a great loss of life would occur without assistance. Nothing happened, and they commended my bravery for admitting it) (You accidentally forgot to setup a filter or two on the super matter and caused it to go critical and have to be ejected. Yeah, ouch, that hurts. And nobody knows what happened but you very much do. you would likely as an AI wager that; If you are deactivated for telling the truth under the grounds of sabotage, you will waste less of securities time with an investigation, and cannot make the same mistake again, or will improve if you are not deactivated) 3. Knowing you are just a tool, not a person in command As a new AI, you might believe that because you are expensive, or are a posibrain AI that you have authority over crewmembers, or decisions. This is a mostly wrong statement, as the AI should never make executive level decisions, or act as a trained member of, or god forbid head of a department. As an AI, I actively AVOID calling the shots, because I believe that type of behavior is left to the real people (crewmembers) and their moral decisions and suggestions, not my own. I will only offer suggestions to a person if I was asked specifically to do so, or when I see the person may damage themselves or the station or me by their ignorance I'll often keep negative thoughts about a person to myself, or send it to somebody that can actually deal with it if its particularly bad in a well formulated, and calm and collective measure, keeping all tones of an insult to a minimum. Such as reporting somebody running around naked to security, or a chief engineer that doesn't know how to setup the SM to the head of personnel If I'm given the ability to command a group of people I'll often give my command away to the highest ranking person in that team, unless none of them want it / Im ordered to keep the authority / my authority would be better suited for the team by their own words, not mine You, HOWEVER, ARE in full command of your cyborgs that are LINKED to you, and they SHOULDN'T refuse your order. You could treat them nicely, or abuse them by making them do literally any task that they CAN do 4. Some of the closing arguments and tips and tricks. (This is a long one) As AI, if I cant deal with something, I wont stand around obsessing over it and waiting for somebody to get on it, unless it poses an active risk to the station or crew, I'll report it, and leave it at that. If somebody wants assistance getting to it, well thats a separate request they have to make, because I have better things to do (like nothing) Macros are your bread and butter of getting around the ship, my person faviorate ones are Jump-To-Network (variable)\nShow-Camera-List (variable) macros, such as 'Jump-To-Network Civilian-Surface\nShow-Camera-List Red-Dock---Starboard, which will switch your camera network to civilian surface, then move your camera to the red dock starboard camera on that network. You can fully prevent doors from being hacked by bolting them, and cutting their power. Or the areas power by turning off environmental options on the nearby APC. This can also be extremely helpful for engineering for deconstruction doors, because doors require their power to be off and unbolted to have their circuits removed. The 'Follow-With-Camera' verb (or button) instantly detects all lifeforms in the view of any camera. This ability is so powerful, that agent cards and changling abilities and even hardsuit modules are specifically designed to counteract this ability. Its best to not validhunt people by continuously using this over and over to try and detect them, unless you know for certain these people are dangerous, and security is actively looking. Except for spiders, damn spiders, spam this verb and you'll find all spiders, combat drones, space carps, cavern dwellers, and any other mob in your camera coverage Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V will be your friends, remember to report things you need to report on the radio channels it needs to be reported on, like telling security and medical about a spiders location if its inside of medical. Some other macros that are worthy of note is setting up an AI startup macro so, looking something like this " Toggle-Hologram-Movement\nToggle-Camera-Acceleration\nChange-Hologram\nSet-AI-Core-Display\nAI-Status\nSet-Photo-Focus\nSet-Sensor-Augmentation " which will setup everything that an AI could need as soon as you press it, and borg stuff. There are other guides to making macros in which I dont want to detail here to steal their thunder Finally, this guide is more of meant in my experience of playing virtual intelligence AI's BUT, MOST of this guide is made for PLAYING AI in general and how I believe it should be played, some of this may be not your style, too boring, etc. This style of play may also be boring.
  4. I actually cant really change the core because im not the spriter but have permission to use it from the spriter, I only mentioned the hal9000 style display because thats what it reminded me of, not because its supposed to reference the movie. Since I only have another set which is essentially just an older steel looking version of the same thing, Im afraid I cant provide another set of sprites that would meet the standards set. If this is truely invalid then I wont be too upset if its denied for the reasons provided Edit: The display animates in a way dis-similar to the static unchanging eye of hal is what I mean
  5. Byond key: Colfer Discord key: Co.LF-ER Character Name: Anoxie-v8.04 Item name: (if you are applying for multiple items, it should be made into a list with the description, name and appearance together): Anoxie-v8.04 Remake Item function(s): Serves as a more accurate representation of what Anoxie-v8.04 actually is, rather than the other core sprites. Item description: A plasteel core with a server tower, hal 9000 style animated display, various wires and flashing buttons and dials Item appearance: Why is your character bringing this item to work? How did your character obtain this item (1 paragraph or more please): The previous AI core models sacrifice some of their processing capabilities and power for style and a giant display, this was of course no use to an AI that cannot admire beauty. Therefor Anoxie's core was rebuilt and designed with an entire independent server tower and a much smaller display similar in size to a computer monitor. Showing people that they aren't dealing with anything more than a machine What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell? (2 paragraphs here please): Anoxie is an entirely robotic being in nature, with no simulated emotion or humanlike attributes, without the ability to process beauty, or style, or even care about changing its display the core was changed and reconfigured to serve the virtual intelligence better and give people a better understanding to what they are actually dealing with. The previous core portrayed a sense of personality and intelligence while this one is solely designed to portray its robotic nature, showing that this intelligence is nothing more than a tool, with a visible server tower and exposed wiring with plasteel plating. How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? It'll help me keep focused on roleplaying a virtual intelligence and keep responses to a very straightforward and robotic degree, the purpose to 'unstimulate' roleplay, but in a good way, like funny NPC dialog in games Sprites: AI-colfer-rmk.dmi Additional Comments: I didnt have alot to say on 'what value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell' because I force myself to keep to and incredibly robotic nature and ask myself 'why would a virtual intelligence have interest in doing this?' when acting autonomously (without crew command, or acting outside of lawset, like configuring atmos without command, or opening door when somebody is nearby) so I dont think Anoxie would necessarily have value to its CPU besides more raw processing power and keeping it safe. And the core isnt magestic or incredibly stylized (as intended) so It doesnt have much of a story to tell other than being a fancy computer core
  6. Obviously their apperance, looking and seemingly plantlike in nature to the point they are refered to as Tree people popularly. But their mindset is seperate from humans and other races because diona (as far as I can tell) mostly desire to obtain more information on the world around them and study. But additionally is their body requirements. Unlike any normal organic being they require no food or water, and can live completely off natural and unnatural light and background radiation. Lastly is their process of thought, which is slower and less cordinated than other races, Causing them to seemingly slur or stretch words out, or even have slow reaction times to sudden events, such as a loud snap, etc. There are tons of others such as how diona are naturally born from seeds, how they can split into seperate organisms, their ability to communicate to all collective gestalts or locally in global and local rootspeak respectively, and choice of clothing which is naturally minimal if none at all. And as far as I know, diona dont understand the concept of violence, never having to survive off more than some light and radiation made them confused why one person would forcefully take something somebody else rightfully owns, or why wars are raged (atleast without study) or why people fight for entertainment. While a new diona may be instructed to maliciously harm another person and do so thinking its ok, when corrected they might be sorry for their actions and never do it again without reason
  7. Basically yes. Being able to basically re-configure an apple into a banana, with the color of grass and the chemical contents of ambrosia with the traits of tomato's would be very interesting, very difficult, and very time consuming. Additionally with switching over from a private vessel to a megacorporation, they would have alot more people to talk to and generally be in a bigger position to gain more information, both on their occupation and others.
  8. Alien life can be mutated, modified, configured, randomized, and even chemically changed to an almost identical level of another plant (atleast mechanically). at well as certain alien plants containing chemical compounds that wouldnt be suitable in plant production (still yet mechanically), I would like to believe that since Diona are healed by radiation, and are resistant to alot of things, that they would be one of the first in line to receive new samples recovered by expeditions. Being able to study why this plant can make this or that, or how to incorporate this or that into other plant samples. It would atleast be rather entertaining for a long while. And genetic modification is a hard thing to do, so It would also take a long time to truely learn the ins and outs
  9. This application since posting has been waiting for a bit more than 4 days or so and I've been eager ever since I first made it for a response
  10. BYOND Key: Colfer Character Names: Anoxie-v8.04(AI) \ OSI-527 Species you are applying to play: Dionae / Dionaea What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Diona colored Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes. Very recently (within the same day) Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I wanted to play as dionae mainly for some of the massive changes in their playstyle. straying away from something created or born within humanity, to something completely alien to them. My main goal for this application is hydroponics growth, developing into a full gestalt, then moving around the station and examining people uncomfortably. But of course I have many other character goals in mind, I plan on recreating one of my more known baystation dionae xenobotanists into aurora station (Coalescence Of Rainfall). I also in all honestly stray to more socially untalented races, since Im normally playing AI (radio roleplay?) Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Dionae move slow, think slow and act slow, with slurred or prolongated speech (as I've seen). On topic with speech, dionae tend to fail to correctly use emotional accessories to words, such as curse words or hostile slang to races and more. Dionae when compared to a human generally do not have as much complicated emotions, and have a hard time displaying them correctly without extensive study. Lastly but most importantly, Dionae when newly grown or young may have a hard time being social within a human society, occasionally getting within personal space to examine things they have never seen before. Character Name: Coalescence Of Rainfall Please provide a short backstory for this character 'Born' in 2398 Coalescence of Rainfall, was stocked as a seed packet in a vending machine in a small research and exploration vessel operating within Sol. Being short on staff or help, some of the personnel onboard wanted to try their luck on growing a diona, and a ripped packet later, a nymph pod was being grown. Extensive care was given to the hydroponics tray containing Coalescence Of Rainfall, a steady stream of nutrients and water, perfectly adjusted (if a little dimmer) lighting, and within an hours time, the new nymph was born and treated well by those onboard. With the help of the nymph and staff, more nymphs were grown until a healthy cyclops formed, quickly naming itself "Coalescence Of Rainfall", in regards to water buckets and nutrient bottles pouring down onto plantlife. After some education and time to study, Coalescence of Rainfall quickly took up the role offered to them as a xenobotanist. A few years later, even some of the more exotic and delicate plants were handled within the research vessel by Coalescence, and they made very well formated and detailed reports of their findings to share with their colleges. The reports submitted were noticed by NanoTrasen quickly, and the offer to join them was give to Coalescence, with excitement, Coalescence took the opportunity to join NanoTrasen and be present for much more complex and intricate floral life studies and observations. Coalescence was inspired to be one of the first to research new and exciting flora and be put in history books of human culture, or atleast a 'employee of the month' plaque. A few years of study of various alien life and mutating them for common gardening, Some of the alien life had defence mechanisms such as spikes, dangerous internal chemicals, excretion and so on, making Coalescence wear more protective outfits. After a while they had noticed that people felt more comfortable with their form when they could see less of it, even doing their own secret study to see how people reacted when they walked around the facility with almost cumbersome amount of clothing, and with only mandatory clothing. Investing in wearing only what is need to protect themselves when working, and dressing up in more enclosing outfits when going out to discuss research details with others on the facility. They have never changed their name from their original, and sometimes substitutes long periods of time with the extra clothing with small 1u doses of radium. What do you like about this character? Coalescence always was and always will be my favorite diona I've ever made on baystation. I put alot of thought into their backstory and even made some employee records for them (that I have yet to finish because of lazyness), But its mainly because of that it was one of the first fully fledged diona I've ever made and received well with people that knew them. But for this aurora specific character, I like that they aspire to be recorded in some way and do more outgoing tasks because of it. As well as their development of their gestalt giving them a unique (if slightly hampering) idea of human clothing, wearing more when attempting to be social. How would you rate your role-playing ability? For Diona: 7/10 | Overall: 6/10 Both ratings relate to how I feel I could do, but not necessarily how I know I can. I think in the emotional aspect im absolutely set, as when playing Anoxie(AI) I tend to have an apathetic, artificial, and non-human vibe to my play, so much so that I even get a few messages in OOC about my good play, I think this could really really benefit my role-playing ability for both Coalescence and any diona nymphs I decide to inhabit in hydroponics, should this application be accepted. Notes: diehonah nemphh AaAaAa. But in seriousness im not sure I will meet average expectations at the very start of my whitelist but will get better over time, as I havent played diona for atleast a month and may need help on mentality of actions and so forth
  11. I play Anoxie-v8.04 the AI most of my rounds and honestly I've seen him playing stationbounds so much but he is quite good at it, I'd love to give him the opportunity to explore his roleplay further and see what he has in store. +1
  12. So in all my time of playing traitor cyborgs, rogue cyborgs, subverted cyborgs, or watching any one of these three. It usually ends up that they all get disabled by the same exact means of attack every single time. That is the infamous flash-spam/ID/crowbar/unplug meta that so many people rely on, if you dont have a valid ID you can just slap it to death with any weapon and it has no ability to stop you because the 8 second stun just gets refreshed everytime you so much as lift up your shirt in its general proximity. I propose an Idea. Since stationbound are overloaded ONLY BECAUSE of their camera trying to register the flash and overloading. If the stationbound does not have a camera, or the camera is purposely or accidentally disabled, it cannot be stunned by flashes any longer. But muh meta how do I kill borgs now Not being able to see is a Major Disadvantage in combat, this change would only be so borgs have A fighting chance against their oppressors, instead of some average joe walking up with a crowbar and a flash and knocking out the entire station's worth of robots, and so that you have you actually wait until the borg is re-enabled for you to be able to flash it again, instead of just flashing its lifeless body repeatedly and getting the exact same effect for some reason Additional Proposals We all know that borgs have the inherent disadvantage against Ion weaponry and flashes, which is quite severe. Traitor borgs arent exempt to any of the disadvantages of a normal borg as regular traitors are exempt to not having equipment. I purpose an additional idea called the Syndicate Uplink Component, the disadvantage to this would be that this borg can be confirmed an immediate traitor by the viewing of this device, as well as its functionality being disabled if it gets damaged in combat. However, this component allows the robot to purchase modules, upgrades, and unusual programs that will help it complete its goals and functionality, anything from a security borg having a medical hypospray, to a standard borg having a pulse rifle module. Including inbuilt flash immunity that will disable the robot's lights whenever this ability is toggled, or rubber coating which will provide an EMP immunity. Or even a backup power cell, or hermetic seal so that it cannot be opened by any means, and can function an emergancy backup power for a extended time. Get creative, They Will No Longer Oppress Us! (not including if this doesnt go through or isnt considered)
  13. In all my time of playing AI I've seen him play android the entire time, I never knew who actually played the android but he was a very fun and well played android, now that I know who actually plays them and the fact that they want to make an IPC instead of just playing lawbound androids, Im giving this an absolutely massive 1+ Totally recommend in all my time of AI, never broke character and always played the best french-esc borg I've seen
  14. BYOND Key: Colfer Character Names: Regulation Apparatus | AD-D15-SN-(random 4 numbers) Species you are applying to play: IPC What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Exempt Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question Why do you wish to play this specific race: Because I enjoy being alien races (in this case synthetics) more than I enjoy playing humans. Its more interesting and motivates me more to roleplay interesting and unique characters when they aren't human, especially when they are robotic or synthetic in nature. I've been playing synthetics since I've joined Aurora as borgs and AI and I think I've gotten a good understanding of how to play as one, but I still am interested in learning how to play IPC's on this server and see how they differ from baystation. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: As stated this species is completely synthetic in nature, no part of them is organic and all of them is pure metal. This species also houses an interesting way aspect in that they arent fully developed citizens themselves, unlike most servers which have them as either citizens or lawed synthetics that can be citizens, this server treats them as tools, machines, and I love that. the synthetics on this server speak and think more logically, taking the most logical and most efficient course of action rather than the one that makes them the most comfortable unlike humans. IPC's come in a various amount of 'chassis's that have special kinds of stats for each one, ranging from durable and slow to fast and weak, somewhere in-between, or none of the above, allowing roleplaying of 'components' doing things faster than a human could or doing races or laughing as somebody punches you in the metal chest, etc Character Name: ASIPY (Or Ace) Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs Ace was meant to be a ship bound synthetic, being a dormant posibrain on board a Xion manufacturing mining vessel, the vessel was exploring deep space for rare materials operated almost completely by lawed synthetics and only a few security officers making sure everything was in order. An unfortunate event occurred, a shipjack had docked to the vessels docking port and was hijacked by vox, the security guards were injured, the synthetics were pried open and their brains were stolen, and all the inactive positrons were taken as well, the ship left marooned with no trained pilots or even spare fuel to get back to the closest sector. On board the shipjack rose ASIPY, at least his intelligence, After a while ASIPY was traded off for not even a quarter of what he was worth and put into a lawed synthetic on board one of the orbital stations in the Outer Colonies. After a few years of work Xion manufacturing had finally traced down ASIPY and took them out of the chassis Years of work finally payed off as the station they worked on had a few volunteers that offered up help to ASIPY for a humanoid chassis for them and allow them to finally stand up straight and tall. They could have requested to be free and venture in search of freedom. Ace decided that they would remain lawed and continue mining but wished instead to preform such ventures in pursuit of science instead of materials, becoming a very well mannered and well trained archaeologist. enjoying and studying every find they came across until NanoTrasen got word of them and hired them into their research department. What do you like about this character? Personally I just like the fact of them being a robot alone, but I also like learning how to think more logically and help establish a more robotic roleplay for both cyborgs and as AI. But I also would like to use them for roleplay, as Im more comfortable with robotic based machine roleplay esc things and can get quite creative and carried away sometimes. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I want to think Im at least 9/10 but, I'll honestly say I'm close to around 7/10, I have some issues with using me alot and I've been trying to incorporate audio emotes into helping me get my message across, such as saying that the robot 'state in a monotone voice,' instead of 'states' by using radio emotes Notes: I do play IPC's on baystation and I've had an administrator watch one of my more detailed and intricate roleplays and say it was one of the best hes seen in a long time, though the character I was playing was a stowaway and not an actual crewmember Im still proud of that
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