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  1. This seems like a good idea but only for specific circumstances, I do not believe they should freely roam the station, antagonists are already having to avoid 7 actively in use cameras, the AI, and also upwards of 20-40 crewmembers, they don't need throwaway wandering spirits to dodge as well. I think this would be better suited as lawbound holographic projections that are only available in the holodeck (OR) at upgraded holopads. To further expand (or contract, depending on your view) of your vision, heres how I think it should work. Default holopads cannot project holographic persons. Holographic persons can be projected in the holodeck, clicking a button opens a ghost roll and you can have up to 10 holographic persons at a time, clicking the button again closes the ghost roles and you can dispel holograms by shutting off the holodeck to remove all of them, or removing them from a list via the holodeck pad. They cannot leave the holodeck after being projected there Holographic persons can fully interact with their surrounding environment with no limits besides their 2 hands and take the appearance of the loadout slot of the person in the role. Holographic persons can project to upgraded holopads, holopads have 5 microlasers and all of them need to be tier 3 to project holographic persons. After projection is complete, the holographic person cannot walk out of range of the holopad. All holographic persons get the "Despawn" verb just like ODIN personnel, and stop holopad transmissions when despawned by themselves or somebody else. All holographic persons in the holodeck are allowed to form holographic weapons in a limited range, such as laser tag guns, energy swords and boxing gloves. (Obviously, these do not deal damage unless safeties are disabled. This could also happen to emagged holopads) All holographic persons are bound by a couple laws; 1. Do not under any circumstances bring any form of life, synthetic or organic to minor or moderate harm without consent. Serious or irreversible harm cannot be done under any circumstances. Holographic persons are not a form of life. 2. Obey commands from any form of life, synthetic or organic, and answer any questions as truthfully as possible within your skillset and knowledge, answers or actions which may violate the privacy of another individual are strictly prohibited and cannot be answered. Holographic persons also get a prompt at the start of their life as a hologram that informs them that they are not a sapient being and meerly a computerized program, and that they should not concern themselves with tasks outside of their lawset or commands, such as reporting murders, break ins or otherwise acting as a crewmember and giving antagonists another set of eyes to avoid. With the lawset, holographic persons would still be able to do things such as training in CQC, boxing, personal socialization or generally populating the holodeck or where-ever they are at, without feeling like "Just another risk" to an antagonist
  2. Simple fixes could be put into place to combat some of this, such as making a person have to spend time upgrading the grab to aggressive (which would lock somebody in place) which takes 2 seconds if the victim is in help intent and 4 seconds in harm intent (and start the 4 second timer if they begin resisting), meaning somebody can still act while being grabbed such that they could resist by spamming the movement keys while pulling out a weapon to deal with the aggressor or attempt to shove the aggressor off with disarms if no weapon is available. This could make grabbing more of a struggle move thats primarily favored towards the victim in terms of damage as the victim would be able to act during the grab while the aggressor would be focused on upgrading the grab. On this topic I completely disagree, most people are trying to grab a person in order to take them hostage or restrain them in some way for later antaging goals, saying "This feature is bad because you could kill somebody easily with it" is a horrible mindset, because I could play a scientist, emag into the CMO's office at roundstart and steal the hypospray, load it with toxins from experimental chemistry and go on a murder spree, that doesnt mean that the hypospray, emags, or associated chemicals need to be nerfed, I just want to give antags more of an option than "You use sedatives or you nearly kill the person getting them to paincrit so they stop resisting"
  3. This suggestion is to address a serious issue with grabs at this moment, they seem to be straight up broken and non functional, grabbing a person will still allow them to simply walk away from the aggressor for another 2 entire seconds after being grabbed EVEN IN AGGRESSIVE GRIP, while the aggressor is fully incapable of movement for this entire period, allowing the victim to run almost 6 tiles away before the aggressor can even act. This is unacceptable. The change I propose is to simply make passive grabs stop a character from moving for 0.5 seconds (or until the grab is released), and aggressive grabs immediately stop a character from moving indefinitely (or until the grab is released), no other changes to functionality. At this moment, it is honestly easier to kill your target or significantly wound them than it is to get them into a kill grab and restrain them, considering this is a high roleplay server I think this should be changed. Examples of this being extremely useful: Security grabbing a suspect in order to stop them from trying to escape by forcing them to stop for 1 second in order to subdue them. Antags actually being able to use grabs in any capacity without having the person run an entire marathon and then call for help 7 screens away, giving the antags away if they were previously hidden.
  4. So I had a fun idea of a species that I've wrote in my head and thought I'd share it just out of curiosity if anybody wanted to put their 2 cents into it. So basically its a race of mostly feral creatures that are basically a natural evolution of slimes over time (about a period of 50 years) and entirely rely on mimicry and instincts for survival. For the most part they are entirely feral and resemble the fiercest predator they know of as a scare tactic to other feral creatures, when entering society they typically take the form of whatever seems most prestigious and positively biased race available and lose a part of their feral attitude. They are incredibly intelligent and easily grasp new ways to communicate or blend in to their surroundings but struggle with things such as personal preference, abstract conscepts and art, This is because all members of this species lack emotion or consciousness, and are only concerned with remaining as valued a member of society as possible as to prevent extinction for their species. This leads them to naturally gravitate towards higher positions in where-ever they are working, or seek employment for very little pay ontop of being undyingly loyal until it conserns their continued survival. They are naturally biased in favor of their species as their is power in numbers. The mechanics of this species would be: No Organs / Pressure sensitivity (begins taking damage at 50kPa) but survives 500kPa before taking damage / Water vulnerability / Heavy brute resist / The ability to sacrifice your head to create a baby slime, it will grow with nutrients and can regrow into another body, you can jump between both bodies or cycle between multiple bodies if there are 3+. / Regrows limbs similar to diona regeneration just with the requirement to eat 6 stomachs full instead of natural regen in light Roleplay specific things that this species could do: They could try to mimic things that older members of their species do, such as their accent or emotes/phrases, they may greet eachother by asking eachothers age first and foremost to see who has the most experience in life. They may also naturally treat diona's suggestions with extremely high regard or with the same priority as captains orders depending on their age, as diona can reach hundreds of years in age, they must have very high levels of experience and excellent knowledge of survival.
  5. This is very good feedback that I didnt actually think about and mostly agree with. I didn't realize that emags could disable safeties on mechanical parts at all, or really had any function when used on an IPC (unless you mean emagging parts pre-attachment, which wouldn't have much of an effect considering how situational that would be). I thought that emagging specific body parts to make them weak or non-functional all-together was only a feature on baystation as it wasnt obviously used anywhere else. If I had the ability to delete this I probably would under the feedback and new information.
  6. IPC's currently have a ridiculously long battery life that can last the entire shift and almost never need to charge baring certain extremely precise circumstances, this has made emagging unlocked APC's to hijack IPC's that charge from them effectively a forgotten feature that has no, or extremely niche and circumstance based use. The suggestion here is to allow emags to hijack IPC's after a 10-15 second charge-up time, maybe using multiple charges of the emag in the process such as having the maximum amount of subverted IPC's being 4 per emag due to how many charges it consumes.
  7. 1) Kraski struggles with affects from isolation when out of his commune, likely not relating to the various non-aut'akh and hesitant to speak with them even as a shaman, especially if they are opposed to Aut'akh as an idea. Kraski still maintains the Th'akh beliefs regarding unorthadox marriages, such as between multiple species or the same sex, and believes that same sex relationships disrespect the memory of the bloodline. 2) Kraski views the Hegemony almost as a whole with distrust or suspicions and believes that the usage of alien technology in the contact war against weaker less technologically advanced targets was in an attempt to save face for a lack of strategic understanding and a lack of dignity to face opposition with what they have earned, rather taking a quick shortcut, they also have a slight bias against humans and skrell because of this. Most importantly, Kraski believes that the contact war began due to the Hegemony's cheap exploit over others, and that atomic warfare would never had happened if they simply fought in a traditional manner, as they would have lost. Kraski believes that working for a megacorporation is simply a fact of life that must be passed through for the greater good of the self, others, or a group; in summary, they do not enjoy it, but know that their earnings can further their ultimate goal to support their commune. Kraski's mother was adversely affected by the choice after having lost her husband in an accident, fearing that her only son may be lost as well she initally refused the notion and assigned Th'akh shaman to regularly preform rituals and try to maintain Kraski's faith in the Th'akh, ultimately driving him away from the clan entirely due to it and the sudden strictness of his mother. Buying a pAI did not bring people to view his father with suspicion, most people saw it as a harmless and intriguing toy or annoying at worst.
  8. I've seen ASPERA and LEVIATHAN sometimes when playing my own cyborgs and can attest that they are pretty good at what they do as far as I've seen while playing AI and maintenance drone, though I havent seen many of their other characters. Still a +1 from me
  9. BYOND Key: Colfer Character Names: Ka'Viax'Zoin C'thur , SMNR-350 , Observing Unique Forms Of People, Mister Mug Master Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: A darker greyish in color Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Of course I have Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Some unathi I've seen have have ranged anywhere between extremely bland to extremely intricate and interesting, focusing more on the interesting parts, I've personally looked into their lore to see what they were all about since it seemed heavily based on player choice to make it interesting and I wanted to see what the options were. After quickly glancing over the unathi lore page I found that I was captivated by some of the lore and possibilities for characters, and ended up reading through the wiki page for about an hour and a half before I grew bored, I thought that their approach to honor, be it normal honor or pirate honor was neat, as well as the various guilds, namely the shadow service being my favorite. In summary, why I want to play this race is that it seems very open ended and friendly to forming new and interesting characters without any ridged design choices I was mislead on or misinterpreted Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Unathi are largely different to human beings in psychology and not just physiology, unathi males being brutish and straight forwards with their environment and the people in it, while females are more charismatic and social, having somewhat relaxed responsibility and need to act as an example to others. Unathi most of the time, play similarly to a human physically, except when it comes to things like duels or play fights, whereas unathi may hit, slap or tail tap friends as a sign of respect or brotherly love, a human may be wounded or injured by these acts. Most unathi are also honor bound, unlike humans, sworn to certain beliefs of their clan, their family or themselves, unathi are strictly bound by certain parts of their belief, and most unathi always respect their ancestors and look up to their elders for wisdom, guidance or instruction. Talking about unathi being different from humans wouldnt be complete without talking about their religion with some religions being equivilent to cults, and others being wild and traditional, some faiths revolve around the spirit of a being, that spirits from beyond can contact the living in many different ways and supposedly influence the natural world based on the experience with the person that that have spoken to. Other religions following unusual paths, such as the Aut'akh which follow a trans-unathiist doctrine which believes in augmentation to remove weaknesses of the flesh and scales, and that losing more parts of the body to augmentation strengthen the magic that believers control and allow their spirit to flourish within their still partially living bodies. Physiologically unathi are cold blooded carnivores, and are often taller and bulkier than humans on average, sharing alot of similarity to reptiles on earth in other matters of biology Character Name: Kraski Urzika Please provide a short backstory for this character Kraski Urzika was hatched on the planet of Ouerea shortly after the start of the contact war and spent the majority of their life as a child in simple studies provided to the original colonists to Ouerea. Kraski Urzika's father would often be out working within Isoz that had cropped up on the planet while the mother tended to Kraski Urzika and his education in the free time, and helped in simple labors elsewhere. Kraski was taught in the ways of Th'akh but never thoroughly grasped onto the conscept or the ideas of it very firmly, treating the religion as simply a fact of life and a normality, but not a devout believer, especially after hearing about the practices of Aut'akh, Sk'akh and various other interpritations and human religions and wondering which of them was the most true During Kraski's years of childhood up to the age of 12, he was particularly curious of everything, enjoying the understanding of the newest technologies or ideas or ideologies, listening to new or old rumors circulating around the colony and watching the news to see how the contact war had been progressing over time. At the age of 7 years old Kraski was given a gift from his father, a personal AI device purchased on the day of his birth and preloaded with a helpful social assistant, unknown to his father, this object embued with the simulation of a spirit would sow the seeds of Aut'akh in Kraski's memory later in his life, but at the time, the helpful assistant was able to entertain Kraski with his curious tendencies and technological inquiries and served as a close companion for years to come, pushing aside some of Kraski's real childhood friends in the process. At the age of 12 Kraski's father had been critically wounded while preforming logistics for the colony, having a majority of his lower body and his right arm destroyed after being crushed by hephastus industrial machinery during his work. The father remained alive for 2 days before finally succumbing to his injuries, refusing prosthetics whole-heartedly which would have otherwise saved his life, much to the protest of Kraski who informed him about Aut'akh and life-saving prosthetics that were available to him, choosing to die instead of distort his spirit, as he put it. After the death of Kraski's father, despite the proper burial rights preformed, Kraski felt as if the ideology his family followed from that point forward were detrimental to the survival of himself and his mother, and partially converted to the ideas of Aut'akh, further motivated by the lack of corporate consern over the death of his father, now believing that the corporations simply didnt care, even if it wasnt fully their fault. During Kraski's adulthood, after the age of 16 he began to consult believers near the places of the local workers guild that he served, or aut'akh themselves for more information about the ideology and quickly fell in love with it, seeing the weaknesses of his flesh after his fathers death, he quickly became an firm believer left his previous life behind and denouncing his clan, naming himself Kraski Rikurt, or "Revealed" in Mador due to his revelation of faith, keeping himself determined with the memory of his father, seeing that converting others to his new beliefs would help them avoid the same misery that he had to go through when his father refused to live to what he now understood to be influence of the flesh that clouded his fathers spirit. During the massive population spike of Ouerea around when Kraski was 19 years old, Kraski got his first augmentation in the form of a soul anchor, inscribed with the name of the pAI he had long before, since the card had since gone dead from a lack of maintenance months ago, as much as he wanted to, he resisted inscribing the name of his father onto his augments, out of respect for his beliefs after he died, no matter how wrong his fathers last wishes felt now. Over the rest of Kraski's life was the eventual recruitment into nanotrasen as a roboticist to offer discounted supplies to the growing number of unathi within the commune he was in and the eventual becoming of a shaman of sorts today with a couple different augmentations What do you like about this character? I like this character because in ways he is a reflection of myself in certain aspects and it helps me stay connected to the individual im playing as if I have something to keep me anchored to them. I've always wanted to play a shaman of a religion but I simply didnt feel like the options I had available to me (diona, human, IPC, vaurca) fit well with what I had in mind, but a shaman from unathi culture is naturally superstitious and wouldn't seem very out of place to do special rituals over people in the chapel or have unusual methods of meditation. (Even though humans could theoretically do this, they'd just get weirder looks) How would you rate your role-playing ability? If I was really getting into character I'd rate myself pretty high at 8/10, since I've made somebody actually cry in real life while playing a nurse on another game because I took care of them a little too well Normally im pretty average, bit better or bit worse depending on the alignment of the nearby planetary bodies Notes: Sorry if anything is a little lackluster or something, shoulder began cramping up like hell to the point where I could hardly see and was only going at like 2 words per 5 minutes, it sucked but im glad to finally get the application out after a couple revisions
  10. I noticed there was a distinct lack of any literature in the loadout whatso ever, so I was thinking for a book selection for all your reading needs, anything from the classic hardcover to holographic panels to small tags or slabs of material for decoration or as props "What exactly do you mean?" There isn't any bibles or configurable books that you can select in the loadout. Why I am making this suggestion is to add some way to give your character written books that were customizable with any text you could think to put in them, either as a CMO to help new players / to make your own bibles / for comedic effect when spawning as security with a book titled "Guide To Getting Away With Murder (Security Edition)" "What do you mean holographic panels?" I mean that it could be neat if a new paper type called the "Holographic slate" was added, which was basically just a glass device that projected text onto its surface, useful for chaplains who want to digitally engrave their commandments onto an unburnable surface, or for chefs to have a new way to make menus. "But colfer, I don't want to write some of the religious commandments of my characters religion, because I want to make them up on the fly" Of course, which is why this suggestion asks for an option for the books to be "readable" and "description only" so you can describe what somebody would find in the book if they happened to open it, rather than reading actual words, since we're all actors and play pretend "Anything else you would like to add?" 1. Hardcover books already have multiple sprites for multiple colors and covers, if a person uses the hypothetical book selection for a hardcover book, then it would be neat to be able to select from all the book covers available except cult, obviously 2. Hopefully not using the library book selection since those can have hundreds at a time, may not be feasible code wise if a person spawns with a library book that no longer exists in the library 3. Maybe a holographic projector book, which "projects" its words similar to holographic projectors in the bar and kitchen, maybe at a more expensive cost in the loadout 4. This suggestion was made because the loadout is entirely barren of any customizable literature, the only exception being business cards, there isnt even a bible in the religion category
  11. AI can use multiple holograms at the same time, you can also switch images per hologram. The suggestion is to replace the windows with holopads and the floor under those holopads with processing tiles and leave the outer facing directional windows alone, with this, the AI would be able to project 8 characters into the holodeck (or around it) should there be a reason to. It could be neat for training, or plays, or just being creepy while malf by treating the holodeck as your own personal dollhouse and projecting crewmembers inside it.
  12. Add a row of AI holopads (8) here so that the AI can interact with and do fun stuff in the holopad, and have as many holopads as they need to do whatever they want to (The previous windows could be replaced with, I dont know, just one directional windows facing out with processing tiles underneath the holopads to indicate that the AI should use them if it sees fit? Could be useful. (The area that would be altered is outlined in red)
  13. It always irked me that antagonists had the same simple slashy or batty type of hit that is identical to normal crewmembers despite whatever training or knowledge they would have as an antagonist with no real upgrades or improvements on it. This suggestion is about an "Antagonist Melee Preperation" for antags to use against their target which disable/incapacitate most targets in a single precise strike, in order to let gimmicks move along smoothly or to disable a target quickly. How this would work is this: All antagonists have a new verb called "Prepare To Strike" which can be accessed via the right click menu when used on a mob of any kind. Using the verb, the antagonist will get a notification that they are "looking for weaknesses on the target that can be exploited" and warns them not to break line of sight and after 1 minute, they gain some weapon relevant boost against that mob. It would also give the affected mob a warning in the chat that says "You feel like you are being watched/You feel anxious" so that the player can either prepare to defend themselves, or prepare to be a victim of an attack, whichever they feel they want (If they happen to want to be apart of a story by playing along as a victim) Examples: John Traitor wants to incapacitate the chef in order to take his uniform and make human meat, he has a baseball bat in his inventory and wants to use it to knock out the chef. He prepares an attack for a minute and sneaks in the back after its finished and attacks the chef in the head with the baseball bat, which knocks the chef out, allowing him to take his uniform in order to fufill his gimmick. Jane Traitor wants to take out the captain in one swift strike but shes being escorted by security, she managed to sneak a knife into one of her pockets and prepares to strike the captain as he informs her that she will be executed for her crimes, after he is done, she informs him that it was a mistake for him to bring her here unprepared, and pulls out the knife and stabs the captain, which (according to this weapon type has a 100% chance to embed on prepare strike), embeds into him and stuns him for a moment, allowing her to pull a pen off her ear and teleport out with it (Teleporter pen exists, I think. I've seen it before?) Why is this important?: To me, it feels that antagonists are more or less the same as crewmembers with a catalog of things they can use (unless they arent a traitor/ninja/merc/etc) and it would be neat to be able to preform silent takedowns on the crew hitman style should they need to. Being able to prepare attack with unconventional items such as cable coils which will strangle a target, or a beer bottle to knock down a person would be great. (Also because we could recreate the OG starwars scene where a light saber cuts off a guys hand in one hit during a fight) Isnt this overpowered/abusable/annoying to deal with/etc?: It might be, and may require tweaking. But I figured to balance it out, you can only lock on to one mob at a time, and it only counts for one strike against the target which has special weapon related effects + just a good amount of extra damage. Lastly, this would only apply to melee weapons, and most armors would prevent disabling type of effects and instead just adding extra damage. EG: baseball bats cannot knock out a security officer wearing a helmet, but may knock it off. Do all antagonists really need this feature?: Probably not. I just find it useful for being able to do a gimmick or letting antagonists use non-weapon items as weapons with special verbs (such as cable coils). Or to emphasize a point. The only antagonist I can currently think of right now that might not require this feature is blood cult, since they are inherently murderous and have the tools to commit it already. Traitor borgs could probably also benefit from this feature by allowing traitor medical borgs to prepare to strike with a hypospray to instantly inject a cocktail of neurotoxins or something.
  14. I completely agree with this. I am going to echo King's words by stating that I honestly see no point to the PR. because to me it just adds an issue as a fix to a non-existent problem in my eyes. I understand that roleplay is important on an HRP server and that the knowledge of lobby people having the right to change the course of the vote could be impactful, but this will only, in my opinion, lead to subversive behavior and assuming this behavior is punished, could lead to problems. If somebody joins too close to the vote how do you determine if they are just joining to vote? if it continues and they leave moments before the next vote but stick around to put in their next vote is that subversive? What is the threshold for what seems like suspicious timing to leave after joining and putting in a vote? 5 minutes? 30 minutes? What if they disconnect immediately because they were just testing the lag and were to laggy to join and have no knowledge of this change in the voting system, do they get banned and have to appeal since admins cant talk to them about it? It just seems like this will either encourage subversive behavior that will make this change negligible, or will add a rule that is too variable to be enforced, not even in clear cut cases
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