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  1. I do understand, however being angry doesn't justify your actions. Also, warnings and all staff actions are confidential among-st staff, unless you choose to dispute it, or talk about it on your own. You'll have to wait for a primary admin, or headmin to handle the rest of this complaint. I've said my piece, and there's not much else to add for it. Have a good rest of your day
  2. You were banned because of your attitude. I will cover a couple of things. What caught my attention was this - I explained it pretty clearly, you attacked an AFK officer. You didn't roleplay, logs prove this, and you didn't provide any escalation to justify this sort of action, because yes in some cases wordlessly killing is okay- if the round progresses to that point. Usually like Code Red, multiple dead, being shot on sight, etc. However, in this case, it was no where near that sort of situation. So, I warned you for it. It's hardly "stupid". I said this after seeing what you said in AOOC, because Antagonist Out of Character chat is not meant for this kind of talk. You have tools at your disposal to get your frustration out, such as complaints on the forums. So I informed you all of this. I planned to leave it at that. Then as I was responding to Karhast, you brought this up. Again, not the place. Especially after I said to stop. I opened the ticket with you, to discuss this behavior. I made a statement, which was true. Could I have worded it differently? Yes, I'm sorry if it upset you or made it seem like I am on a "high horse". However; anyway you cut it? I did not insult you, or do anything really to deserve the language and attitude I received from you. You proceeded to ask "Why are you like that" and continued to be rather rude, and heated. You had a bad attitude, I called you out on it because I do not need to sit here and be berated. I treated you with respect. I never once cursed at you, insulted you or berated you. So again, how do you justify this? Right here is where I decided to escalate to a temporary ban. The complaint you've presented proves why I've banned you. You've insulted me even more now. You need to calm down man. Also, I'm not a man. It's not a big deal, but let it be known for future reference.
  3. Are you okay with me moving this thread to the staff complaint forum @t0ky00?
  4. You should probably move this to Staff Complaints, because it seems like you have an issue with my ruling, rather than understanding why you were banned,
  5. Hi, sorry for this late reply. @MattAtlas and I will be handling this complaint.
  6. This is the format, you need to use this format in your appeal to be considered for unbanning.
  7. All good man, I had no way of knowing your internet crashed. I'll remove the warning, it seemed to be a failure of communication on multiple parts.
  8. I don't really know what you mean by messed with you more than once. I've only messed with you one time, and I was reprimanded for it. I apologized and still feel bad to this day. I do not mean to make you feel singled out, I hardly even interact with you anymore because you've made your dislike for me very very clear. If the round is not dire enough to warrant an ert, then you should not be promoting visitors to emergency positions. It says that in the station procedure. Not the ert part, but the dire part. I do not really know what to say about this complaint, because I don't want to run around in circles. I told you that I understand your thought process. But just because I understood it, does not mean it is right or able to bypass the whole "visitors cannot be promoted unless the situation truly calls for it, etc." And I didn't feel like one gunman with a lwap and a machine pistol, was dire enough for the emergency officers. I'll happily rescind my ruling on the situation if @Garnascus see's fit, but until then, I standby my judgement that it just wasn't justified enough to ignore the procedure. I wasn't even trying to punish you. I was trying to tell you to just not do it again unless the situation is worse than the last. I'm sorry I ruined the end your round, it wasn't my intention.
  9. I'm going to be lifting your ban. I do still encourage you to play other command roles on different characters, before jumping into HoS. However, I believe it has been long enough and you deserve the chance. Best of luck.
  10. So, I had some brain issue's (literally) I've decided to pass your trial, good job! Locking and Archiving.
  11. I hope you're all having a wonderful day :)

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  12. I've read this about two times now, and I've aged six years because of it. I'll be granting you a trial. MAY/16/2020 -> MAY/23/2020. Best of luck!
  13. Hi, before anything is done with this appeal, you will need to use the format found here https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/8692-unban-request-format-last-update-11082017/
  14. Ban has been lifted. Locking and Archiving.
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