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  1. You're not old enough to drink. Get back in line, junior. In all seriousness though, I disagree. Malf actually makes sense in this gamemode. And it gives the ninjas something more to do other than just "unga im gonna sneak around". Several gimmicks can revolve around the Malf and the ninjas working together, against one another, or being passive to one another. Just because you have experienced a few bad rounds recently, it doesn't mean the game mode needs to be removed. Rework it, don't remove it. Nerf the ninjas cloak. Add longer timers on the Malfs abilities, etc. Give security
  2. Pretty sure it was sheets that I used against you, because I made it a POINT to use a different material, with the hopes that it would make things less lethal. I was wrong, clearly. But my intentions weren't malicious.
  3. I used it on Rosa.. twice? And all I remember was that it caused some bleeding and (what I thought was, at the time, just fractures) so I didn't really take note. Considering she was unarmored, etc. "The second time, I threw one twice, and purposely missed the two officers. Chemistry floor tiles" I suppose this would actually be the third time. I used the chemistry tiles in the Lab, but was trying to actually miss the officers. Hence why I started grabbing the officers and throwing them instead. During the conflict with Radic, I believe I hit the Unathi (Tau?) With the floor tiles a
  4. Alright man, we've all done something stupid due to being new. I have like 25 notes that I gained in a course of two weeks because Aurora was my first ever SS13 server. Long story short, I'll lift this. Just don't log out during tickets and don't grief. Read the rules!!!
  5. Alright man, I had life blow up in my face recently, but I'm here now. I'll lift your ban, but you really need to be careful. I'd avoid playing borg for a bit.
  6. I guess you just heard it here. I personally have no issue's with Revenants using melee weapons. If they aren't mechanically restricted from it, then I suppose they can use it. Simple as that.
  7. Alright bud, you had so many chances in game when it came to this kind of behavior. How do I know this isn't going to happen again? What can you tell me that is going to convince me that you've genuinely changed and you're able to fit into our HRP environment?
  8. I used the abilities continuously yes, because the base ability of tk itself does no damage, unless flinging stuff at people apparently. And I tried to mitigate the damage with the change of material used. Bragging icly and oocly intentions are COMPLETELY different. Atleast to me. I can separate how a char acts, and feel absolutely shitty oocly while playing well icly. Just becauseI brag icly, does not mean I plan to actually be robust oocly. However with the Psiblade itself, I definitely overused that. But I again, did not know that they havea force of 50 damage. I also didn't take preca
  9. Really quick, player complaint is the right avenue. All I have to add is that, the only other time I used tiles was in the chem lab, but I threw it like twice, the swapped to "disorienting" the officers trying to arrest me. I really had no intention to kill you. I am sorry. However I don't think I wall slammed you? I do know I tossed you around. However, if you hit a wall, it wasn't intentional. Arrow and I weren't aware how strong the TK is. So, when I used the floor tiles the first time, the result was a COMPLETE shock to me. The second time, I threw one twice, a
  10. Okay. I'm very sorry this took us so long to get to, there was some major miscommunications going on. The resolution is as follows - @Warbidon is going to receive a warning, which I will not post here out of respect for their privacy. Simple as that. I will be locking and closing this within the next 24 hours.
  11. Lifted. I thought another admin had done it already, sorry.
  12. I hadn't forgotten. Just been too busy to even get on my PC. Getting another admin to do it now, haha.
  13. Anger is something we all feel at times. And as long as you agree to follow the rules, and work on maintaining your anger, I see no reason to deny this appeal. It was kind of funny to be called "literally hitler" as well.
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