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  1. Hi, I have spent time considering this. I'm going to have to deny this trial. I want to see more improvement over a longer period of time regarding your ooc behavior, along with ic behavior. I will contact you over discord, explaining the ic portion of this if you want me to. Please feel free to re-apply at a later date. Thank you!
  2. Hi, there is a disturbing lack of feedback here. Have you been advertising your app?
  3. I will unban you. Sorry for this delay.
  4. Alright. I'm going to grant you a trial, try to collect feedback throughout your trial. Trial Begins (AUG/21/2019) - Ends (AUG/28/2019)
  5. I meant nothing else, the only issue I really saw was how blunt they were. No other staff member will be taking this, because I am closing the complaint. I have addressed the issue/issues at hand, and given you my response to them. I will talk to TT about being overly blunt, and that is it. It was an IC issue, staff are not required to give you context of anything. You could have sought out the context yourself, as a ghost. Telling you to find out icly is a legitimate response to something you could find out on your own. TT conducted themselves properly here, and nothing else needs to be addressed. I am sorry you did not agree with what happened here, but there is nothing else to discuss. If you wish to make a complaint regarding this resolution, go for it. Have a good one!
  6. My mind still has not changed on this, and I still feel TT did their job properly. You may not feel that way, and we're not going to reach the same agreement. So, I'll tell you what. I will tell TT to be less blunt in tickets, such as this one. But that is it. No action will be taken against them for anything, as they did nothing wrong. It was an IC issue, and it wasn't something that required a long or even usual time investigation. I'm not touching anything else you said, as it will just lead us into a merry go round of brick walling. I have justified my thoughts in my previous posts, and do not need to do it again. I am sorry you feel that you were ignored and that TT was too obtuse/blunt with you. I will talk to them about being so blunt. Anything else before I close this complaint?
  7. I'm sticking to the reason for your complaint. It was near the end of the round, they did answer your questions. "Find out icly". I also believe that TT did not do a sub par job. If this was a ticket that I handled, I would have done the exact same. Anything else you said, was not really relevant to the complaint. TT conducted themselves perfectly, investigated efficiently and handled it in a timely manner. I'm telling you that the resolution was fine, and that TT did nothing wrong here. What else do you want? You were not ignored.
  8. It was investigated. Staff members are not required to tell you the lengths of the investigation. I spoke to them, they investigated, and they deemed the Berko thing an ic issue, which does not require much investigation. I am agreeing that it is an ic issue, and have decided that they have investigated well enough. You were a ghost, you could have scrolled up an searched for context if you really wanted it, but TT is not required to give you context/ic information.
  9. I'm going to deem TT's actions valid in this complaint. "Find out Icly" is not mean spirited or intentionally obtuse, the staff member at hand does not have to give you context of anything. I assure you your frustration was taken seriously. TT handled the baldie comment, but the second "issue" was not an ooc issue. It is the same as someone walking up to you and saying your name repeatedly to annoy you. If I went "Ornias, Ornias, Ornias, Ornias" repeatedly, it'd annoy you. here is another example of annoying someone by saying their name/title repeatedly. Here I have nothing else to say about this complaint. I will be locking and archiving within the next 24 hours, unless you have anything to add.
  10. https://pastebin.com/x6mc1Khn Here is the interview, I completely forgot to press the post button. oops.
  11. I would like to see more detail in the answers to your questions. Specifically - "What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?" and "Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about"
  12. Yes, I had to go to the hospital before I could lift this. I'm lifting it now. Apologies.
  13. Hi, sorry. I had to go to the hospital for a little bit, either way, I'm going to lift this. Don't get involved in vampire situations as a chaplain unless you're asked to be involved in the gimmick (ahelp at that point). Escalate properly, etc. These are all things you know how to do now, considering it has been a while. Don't use the role as a "lemme valid" ticket. Lifting today, locking and archiving in 24 hours.
  14. I will be handling this complaint. Apologies for the delay, I've been in the hospital.
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