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  1. I like this answer, and from what I have seen, you have changed a bit for the better. I will grant you a command trial. Be active, and seek a lot of feedback throughout the seven-day trial. Trial begins JUL-9-19 and will end JUL-16-19.
  2. Hi, I'll be granting you a trial. It will begin JUL/9/19 - JLU/16/19 Good luck!
  3. I've sent this over by about 5 days, simply because I've been really really busy. I'm going to accept your application. Locking and Archiving
  4. Hi, I'd like for you to play here for at least a month before I consider giving you a trial. Until then, denied.
  5. Hi, I will be handling this application. @Spider I'm seeing a lot of conflicting posts, about your behavior as an officer. What do you have to say about this?
  6. This has been sitting for too long, and I'm sorry. I'll be granting you a trial. Jul/9/19 - Jul/16/19.
  7. Hey there, I'd like to throw my two cents in on this complaint. I don't believe Garn is really in the wrong here, a shuttle is only to be held under certain circumstances. Perhaps he could have warned the players he was going to launch it, but he is well within the right for launching it. And, as Alb said, we, as Admins, have the ability/authority to decide when it's being held too long and when it should be launched. Regarding Garn's behavior, he hasn't been rude, toxic, salty, or a general ass at all in this thread. He's simply defending himself, as a player, not as a headmin. For those of you who are attempting to use his rank as a gold ticket to dogpile. He's a player, like all of us, and he is human, like most of us. (We all know Alb is Skulls personal AI). Garn will make mistakes, we all do. I've made my fair share. Garn is right though, this complaint will continue to circle and go nowhere. I don't think he's broken any rules here, perhaps he jumped the gun when he forced the shuttle, but he certainly broke no actual rules. Thanks for reading, cya!
  8. Denied, since you failed to provide a better reason to be unbanned. Feel free to reappeal in the future.
  9. I will lift this ban onceI get on today , just be sure to ahelp if you need to go and cannot make it to cryo.
  10. Denied until you post a proper appeal in the correct format.
  11. Still need a better reason to unban you.
  12. Trial Passed! Sorry for the delay, life has been kicking my butt.
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