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  1. Well, actually the only reason I search maint is to find them damn cat ears... or get one of those extended oxygen tanks.
  2. Reporting Personnel: Jake Jarvis Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Security Officer Game ID: b3D-bzv9 Personnel Involved: Timothy Cooper, Shaft Miner (Offender) Bernadette Wint, Head of Security (Victim) Machi Malinsky, Security Officer (Victim) - Secondary Witnesses: Oscar Easter, Security Officer. They were one of the arresting officers of Timothy Cooper. - Time of Incident: 10:33-12:43 Real Time: 09/10/2019 12pm GMT Location of Incident: Bar, Brig, Surface. Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [X] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [X] - Assault [ ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ Overview of the Incident: Timothy Cooper broke in to the bar, stole the bar shotgun. He was shortly arrested and questiond by me, he said he didn't steal the shotgun, or know anything about it. We let him go with a fine for breaking in to the bar as we had no proof of anything else. A short while later Oscar Easter spotted him with a crate full of Contraband, including the Bar's double barrel shotgun. Upon detaining, I heard over the radio that Miss Wint was shot by Mr Cooper with the Bar's shotgun. Thankfully, it was loaded with beanbags and Miss Wint was not severely hurt. However, he was arrested and put in the brig under assault against Head of Staff, Resisting Arrest and Contraband. Once inside the brig the cell, the officers had left and I tried to question him, he was getting rowdy so I walked in to his cell, he started to beat me, I used my flash, and defended my self with my stun baton. Cuffing him, and then calling for help. He was shortly placed back on his bed. A few minutes later, the AI reported that he was breaking out via the visitor section. Machi Malinsky manged to intercept him and detain him before he got out. We decided to stay inside the communal to watch over him, he then proceded to get up and slap me across the face, in return I slapped him back, if not harder and told him to back off. He then started to beat me and Miss Malinsky. I used somewhat exccessive force which resulted him having a fracture according to medical. Thankfully none life threatening. I do not see how this man can be a member of the stations crew, especilaly after shooting the Head of Security with a shotgun. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Miss Wint, Head of Security at the time, was a direct victim of Mr Coopers actions. Actions taken: Arrested and put in to a cell, for seventy minutes, or, at least until the shuttle arrived to pick him up. Additional Notes: Personally, I would have liked to charge him with attempted murder, as he used a shotgun on Miss Wint at point blank range. However they were not charged with that. I personally would like to see him fired for his actions.
  3. +1 I have had a few rounds with Jessie now, and I have to say that, they are pretty good at being a HoS, though sometimes you have to shout at them a little, but I understand that you can get tunnel vision'd so hard while playing HoS.
  4. I believe one of the IDs was for Reads sol invasion event, which was b26-abPQ IIRC.
  5. Well that's just extremely rude. And what does that have to do with any agenda? Being rude and racist in a workplace would get you fired on the damn spot, what do you think's gonna happen?
  6. +1 I love the sound of this idea, it sounds far more realistic than cloning, and, it brings me memories of Starship Troopers.
  7. BYOND Key: Dark1Star Game ID: Honestly any round Kaleb Rasam plays on, you just have to see an average science round with him to realise it pretty quickly Player Byond Key/Character name: Kaleb Rasam (Ckey: Sgtmind) Staff involved: I have been thinking of A-Helping, but up-until now I didn't, I recently A-Helped at the end of the round and ReadthisnamePlz asked me to make a complaint, which I am doing so now. Reason for complaint: Sheer Powergaming, Metagaming, NON BELIVEABLE CHARACTER. I have been meaning to make a complaint for a while now, but I didn't in hopes that he would improve, from LOOC tips and help, and just general experience on playing in the server. Sadly, I haven't seen an improvement. More of a decline really. Where do I start... I'll say the first time I met Kaleb ICly, as my Robotocist John Normandy. It was a bit later in the round, and we had gotten materials from mining, so I had Kaleb come to me and go "Hey, can you build me a Stealth RIG?" and I said "No, we don't have the research up." he goes away, five minutes later, "I bumped the levels up, how about now?" I said "No we can't" and in return he said "Can't, or wont?". That was my first round with him. Forward more in to the future, I was a ghost one round, appeared to be secret, no current alerts or anything, code blue I think, anyways, he asks the Robotocist at the time for a Combat RIG, in which in turn, the Robotocist builds for him and Kaleb Rasam somehow knows how to use a military grade/style RIG suit, as a Scientist. I would understand as a Robotocist, you work with RIGs all the time, but a Scientist? A bit much, AMI RIG sure, he also had a energy gun attached, and a taser, plus a bunch of other modules. Forward to a quite recent round, it was Ninja/Traitor, and we were told that Kaleb has a Hazard RIG, we walk over, aim laser rifles at him, and tell him to take off the RIG, which he did without harm, thankfully. We commendeer the suit because the station was falling apart, I put the suit on and, would you look at that? Hazard RIG and Energy Gun, I ask him, how does he know how to use a Hazard RIG? he just responds with, "Frontier Baby!" Whatever that means. Fast forward to today, ReadthisnamePlz's Event round with Sol, Science was taken over, blown up, instead he asks a member of command, to allow him in to science because he needs to get something, in which I told him no, we are evacuating under the orders of Sol, he complies, we get to the Red Dock, and then he starts to go on about how we can easily fight them with a well placed bomb he somehow ALSO knows how to build, ovbiously ICly I screamed at him for being stupid, as we were taken over by a Sol RIG Squad, six of them in fact. I told him how they are almost immune to bombs, he still pressed on how we kill their families in their sleep, etc etc. Near the end of the round he asks security for a gun, saying he is TRAINED in how to use a laser rifle, I take the rifle off him as he is just a scientist, as we get to the Odin with guns lying about, he picks up an energy gun, I take that off him, he then picks up a sol rifle, saying he also knows how to use it, and I take that off him, even the Odin guards were getting tired of him. To TD;DR info, Kaleb knows how to, Pilot, security and military grade RIGs and use the weapon systems, he knows how to use military grade combat rifles and laser rifles that security use, he also, knows how to make bombs, he is also a very unbeliable character and every time I see him it ruins the overall... atmosphere. When you play science with him, you can tell just from the way he acts and talks, he's very power gamey, oh and he also knows well... I say "knows" he uses Telescience, all though fails a lot. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? Read above. Approximate Date/Time: Any round Kaleb Rasam is Scientist
  8. As the title says. I feel like this removes from the actual atmosphere of the game. I've seen this when someone is wearing an EVA suit, and a helmet, how do I know they're not just knocked out? It would also make it so checking their pulse MEANS something. You see the message, you know they are dead. No point. Instead have it where they die as usual, but no death message pops up. It would make you be more cautious, and allows for suprise attacks where they get up suddenly as they check your pulse. I can't think of reasons why this SHOULD be in the game still. I only see benefits rather than downsides. Perhaps if people comment here with downsides, then perhaps it might be a bad suggestion, I don't know. But I always thought it as weird.
  9. Problem is, armor doesn't have a proper... penetration calculation. EG: you can get shot in the chest while wearing an armor vest, and the vest doesn't even stop the bullet, it "absorbs" some of the damage. But that is it. If armor had proper pen values. Slugs and buckshot would not be overpowered. I garuntee you buckshot is not going to go through a RIG. Same with Slugs. If armor had proper values I think we could be looking at bone breaking and a lot of pain. A slug hitting you while you're wearing an armor vest is still going to hurt. The entire gun/armor balance is... honestly just really bad. It is set values and RNG. When if someone is wearing a damn kevlar vest, that 9mm shouldn't do SHIT.
  10. Time and time again have I NEEDED the AI to do something for me, usually if there's a situation when there's no command and there's an AI, a lot of the time the crew rely on the AI. AI, open the armory, and could you send a cyborg to open the lockers, or AI, quickly open this door! They're in here getting dressed! etc etc. Having no AI, I can see it having a huge effect on the overall flow of a round.
  11. +1 just cause I wanna be cool. No but seriously, a huge +1 for this. Snoops is really good at security, and I haven't interacted with Azza that much, but I did have a round recently with her, and I must say that she took control of the situation as interim to the best of her ability, all things considering under the circumstances, it was a a terrible thing to try and get control of, but she managed to do it and coordinate security. Even giving up her gear so we could fight off the hostiles when we lost gear. I'd argue that snoops has the ability to become one of the best command players out there, mostly because of their RP capabilties. They're also robust as all hell so don't try to fight them.
  12. +1 I've seen scientists complete research in 10 minutes. Which is... kind of amazing, I'm slow at it. But honestly, it's just a quick chore so the rest of science can have fun.
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