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  1. I play Jake Jarvis, and this is the first round in a long time I've played with Stafford, I joined the round about an hour in, and I asked what was going on, but got no response from the HoS, so the captain stepped in and told me to read the newscasters, so I thought, fair enough. A while in the round, I had to basically take command and start getting information for the ISD my self, I felt like I was the HoS more than the ACTUAL HoS. I had to at least command some members of the ISD to help me, I went around my self getting information from all the wizards on how to handle the situation best, and so I saw fit to start taking the wands away, without detaining the wizards. I only saw and heard the HoS ONCE. That round, and that was not even on radio. It was when i came in to security to deliver the wands I confiscated. The lack of communication was... appauling. This is the same reason why we lost Lin Dyslioth, was because of lack of communcation, but this was worse. Much worse.
  2. I'm not going to lie, you seem to be busy with miller ALL the time. Even when you are needed to help-coordinate security. Every 5-10 minutes I see you in robotics. Miller this, Miller that. Code blue? Code Red? just seems like Miller comes first. In fact, just today. You got SIX PEOPLE KILLED. Because you decided, Miller was more important than everyone in robotics. You were literally about to kill your self, because you wanted to save Miller. You LI should have stopped that and gone "She's just a Robotocist, I need to think of the big picture here and do my best to talk it down" Instead you rushed in, swiping and grabbing at Miller. causing her to blow up, then the welder tanks, and then causing everyone else in that room to die.
  3. To be honest, on the topic of Exo-Suit voices, would it be possible for RIGs to get their own voices too? EG: Imagine the HEV suit from half-life 2. Say if you break a leg. "Major Fracture Detected"
  4. And copyrighted sprites... _cough_ literally every voidsuit.
  5. The current mech voices are ripped straight from MechWarrior. That's still copyrighted.
  6. @Skull132 This is actually the same with a lot of sounds. They have changed in pitch drastically. Though, I wouldn't mind brand new voices for the exo-suits. Perhaps each exo-suit having differnt voices/voice lines? EG: The voices from titan fall. EG: This voice for the Durand https://youtu.be/zvp5V92fvKY?t=1390
  7. This does sound tempting, however, I haven't played DnD in... a long time.
  8. John Normandy https://i.imgur.com/cvbpyuG.jpg
  9. Personally, I've never had isuses with Lin as a character. Perhaps when I first started playing yes, but that was about a year ago on this server. I can say for a fact there have been times where Lin should've done something better, but with most of my experience Lin is usually one of the better HoSs out there. I've seen much worse, and I do agree that, we should all be making the game better. Perhaps you could give some constructive critasism and feedback, instead of just complaining about them. Perhaps you could explain what she should of done better and why.
  10. I'm not implying that this post is a meta-grudge in general. It just appears these days that most people want to grasp at straws and to try and get her bwoinked, and I don't even know what a metaclique is either, google doesn't come up with anything so idk. Either way, there might be issues, there might not be, everyone has them, in the end it's a game.
  11. To be fair, I can't blame her for b eing overly defensive. How would you like it if people got annoyed every round because you're a HoS and shut down their gimmick because they didn't play it right, find a way around sec, or just even go guns crazy. I've started to notice that people have been trying to find /every/ IC string that they can pull, for a good enough reseaon to get her bwoinked and perhaps even warned. It's not on the character its self either. This is OOCly a grudge against Nat her self. I bet you one-hundred-percent, that if Nat did away with Lin and made a new HoS, people wouldn't complain as much. But that's besides the point, people shouldn't have to make new characters to avoid people flaming on the player themselves.
  12. I know I +1d before, but he's not a good head of security. From what I've seen, he plays to win, and always has. But from what I've seen now, just a solid -1. I don't think he should play as HoS, but as other command members, sure.
  13. +1 All my intereactions with Armstrong are always top notch, in fact, the main characters I play, like armstrong as a character, always fun to be around. Spider's RP is also top notch, never goes overboard, always acts like they should, glad to see them trying to one up their game and going for command.
  14. +1 Thea is a great character, and trying is a great roleplayer (not like I need to say that but...) having a nice tea time with Thea would be pretty cool RP wise. You can talk about many things during tea. I know cause I'm british.
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