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  1. When I said "robust security team" I was more referencing their usual greater experience in combat, in comparison to less combat focused players who play antag every once in a while. Like myself, for example. I've pretty much played every department but security. So my knowledge of even somewhat simple combat mechanics are lackluster. This is one of the reasons I only have Wizard as a role enabled these days. I tried off the cuff antag stuff, and most of it was bad. Although, to be fair, I was also just a bad antag in general. It took several months, and two antag bans before I
  2. I agree with a lot of what Cnaym said here. The current lackluster environment is a result of many different issues that combine to become one massive issue. To add to what Cnaym has already said: Double standard between antags and crew. When an antag talks about how they did that round, you often hear remarks to put down the antagonist (ie "it's not about winning"), but whenever security/ERT brag about bagging the antag they're celebrated instead. Toxicity towards antags in general. A lot of times people will just shit on antag gimmicks, and even the antag themselves. If there even
  3. Another agreement from me. With only four options to heal oxy loss, one of which is usually unavailable (Rezadone), patients with extreme oxygen damage have to be monitored and kept on a steady drip of inaprovaline and dexlin/plus. That's two people forced out of the round for some time. The other option is to give Pneumalin or Dexalin/plus the ability to heal oxy loss at a decent rate like all the other damage healing medicines.
  4. It takes so long because there are only four methods to heal oxy damage: tricordrazine, both cryo mixes, and rezadone. And all of them, except the last iirc, heals at like 1 per tick or something.
  5. BYOND key: lordnesh Discord name/id: Neo_shark#3620 Borg / AI names: DIRE, PIXIE, and Ficsit Have you read the Aurora wiki page about the AI?: Yes. Why do you wish to be on the whitelist? I wish to be on the whitelist because I love playing the AI. I don't always feel like playing, but I do often enough that if I didn't at least try I would be upset with myself. Sometimes I feel like being involved in a round, but at one step removed. Not in the action, but adjacent to it. The AI allows this style of play. It also allows me the ability to share my knowledge, experience
  6. For reference, I was the bartender that round. Was the gimmick bad? Yes. Do I think someone should be punished for bad gimmicks? No. Not even if they should know better. Punishing players for bad gimmicks seems like a bad idea to me.
  7. I really like this. With the current system you essentially only have two choices, extended or secret. But with dynamic I can actually influence the vote, even if only marginally (rip wizwoz).
  8. There is no reason every department must be the same. Diversity of experiences is a good thing. I like medical the way it is, including the trimming of the roles. I just wish they'd add nurse back in.
  9. I just had an idea. What if we link being able to follow people on cameras to their ID/PDA? That way, an antag can just hide/toss their ID/PDA, and they can't be tracked.
  10. I think eight seconds is good enough. I'm almost tempted to argue it should be ten, but I feel this is a good middle ground to test things out. Making it an audible alert is an excellent change. It'll give the antags A) information about how the AI/crew are planning to deal with them, and B) allow them time to decide if they want to move or stay.
  11. One thing I've noticed, and haven't seen addressed, is the shield generators near the core. They were added as an extra layer of defense in extreme circumstance. However, with the removal of the mech, they no longer function without outside help. Has anyone considered making them bolted to the floor by default?
  12. It's difficult, for me, to think of ways to mechanically nerf AI more then it already is. Mostly because it can't really do much anymore. With the removal of the mech, it's greatest strength at the moment appears to be the automatic follow function of the cameras. However, you can't simply remove the feature, because it impacts other things. As I've mentioned, a lot of antags have ways to counter this already. Agent ID's have a scramble function to interfere with the AI's ability already, and lings have a similar evolution. If you remove the camera following feature, or restrict it, those feat
  13. I recently came up with, what I believe to be, a very interesting wizard gimmick. One that doesn't even use the dreaded fire ball.
  14. I would support linking camera following to suit sensors. Although, agent IDs have a function that make it so the AI can't track you.
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