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  1. I just had an idea. What if we link being able to follow people on cameras to their ID/PDA? That way, an antag can just hide/toss their ID/PDA, and they can't be tracked.
  2. I think eight seconds is good enough. I'm almost tempted to argue it should be ten, but I feel this is a good middle ground to test things out. Making it an audible alert is an excellent change. It'll give the antags A) information about how the AI/crew are planning to deal with them, and B) allow them time to decide if they want to move or stay.
  3. One thing I've noticed, and haven't seen addressed, is the shield generators near the core. They were added as an extra layer of defense in extreme circumstance. However, with the removal of the mech, they no longer function without outside help. Has anyone considered making them bolted to the floor by default?
  4. It's difficult, for me, to think of ways to mechanically nerf AI more then it already is. Mostly because it can't really do much anymore. With the removal of the mech, it's greatest strength at the moment appears to be the automatic follow function of the cameras. However, you can't simply remove the feature, because it impacts other things. As I've mentioned, a lot of antags have ways to counter this already. Agent ID's have a scramble function to interfere with the AI's ability already, and lings have a similar evolution. If you remove the camera following feature, or restrict it, those features become defunct. I like the idea of adding a message about the AI's role in a round, something similar to the traitor message they get at start. Because, like with most things, it's not so much a problem with the tools, but about the people that misuse the tools. Either deliberately for power gaming, or accidentally. With that said. I don't like the idea of removing it completely, as some people would wish. I'm my opinion, the advantages it offers the crew, and even antags, outweigh the disadvantages. In my opinion, one of its biggest strengths is the ability to interface between departments. Things like, warning medical to expect patients because security is freaking with a hostile situation. It also offers opportunities to antags. A simple law addition can suddenly give them the advantage.
  5. I recently came up with, what I believe to be, a very interesting wizard gimmick. One that doesn't even use the dreaded fire ball.
  6. I would support linking camera following to suit sensors. Although, agent IDs have a function that make it so the AI can't track you.
  7. This has been my experience with one exception. The other reason people tend to die is when medical can't get to someone in time. Sometimes people die through no fault of theirs, but sometimes they do. Sometimes they stop and chat with the crazy cultist when they should be running. Sometimes an antag dies because ERT curbstomps them to death while they're on the ground. Death isn't inherently the end of roleplay. Sometimes it's a turning point in a narrative. Your death only means nothing when you mean nothing to everyone. And chances are, if you end up doing on my surgery table, you meant something to me. Deaths always impact my character, shakes them out of their usually devil may care attitude. Especially avoidable deaths. TL:DR turn on your suit sensors and run faster next time.
  8. Soultheif is a good, and consistent, player. They do their best to involve themselves in the round, despite being the AI most of the time. +1
  9. Yes please. It's very irritating to have to dig around in someone's cheesy cavity fifteen times or more to remove a handful of bullets. No, that wasn't deliberate. Yes, I'm keeping it that way.
  10. I would support changing this to some sort of special terminal that can upgrade an inserted ID. One that could be hacked/magicked to be used by antags in general, and general crew in extreme cases *cough* engineers/science. This would ensure that someone couldn't just hide it, and completely negate certain crew responses to antags, as well as negate certain antag gimmicks. Removing it completely? I don't think I can get behind that.
  11. Actually, at this point only the one I was holding had a bomb. The rest were just a distraction and to help sell my gimmick. The other monkey bomb I'd set in security, against the wall with HoS's office behind it.
  12. It was working with the crew. They were just conveniently ignoring the order to leave the AI alone, now that it was fixed.
  13. If you get rid of the Mech, then you should give the AI a way to deal with free stationbounds. I had one round where there was a borg that just blitzed its way into my core, and prevented me from defending myself. At the time, I didn't realize I could have used the mech to defend myself against the borg. As it is, I'm not in favor of punishing the good players, for the behaviors of the bad ones. I think the bad ones should be punished with warnings, and if it comes to it, job bans. That's what they're there for.
  14. There's one sleeper in the GTR and one in the ICU.
  15. That might be good. One of my biggest issues with medical is lack of chemists. As for the problem of lack of chemists, I'm not sure how to fix that. Maybe streamlining the recipes? I don't know though. Although, now that I think about it some more. There are dermaline pills in the cabinet iirc. And you can always make tric easily.
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