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  1. For one, I do not think they are giving their opinion on what should happen, I think they are trying to tell what happened from the perspective of other command members in this round and even accepting the blame of some of the issues mccrrib brought up in the initial coplaint, unlike abo who only restated the previously stated information that was said by mccrrib and then decided to bring evidence of an old issue I had years ago. The reason I can safely deny that it is old is that I have multiple other characters who are different then I initially stated. Using old things in a complaint
  2. In counter to Vinnie. Yes I did say to continue operations as normal multiple times over science radio. Multiple times. Chat was so chaotic with the amount of people and when science was grouped up at the actual place with no radio, i said again to the grouped science team. You were not there. To counter abo. When i asked for the team, i checked through the records for ANYTHING of anyone having geological expierence. There was nothing. So he picked the most experienced characters he knew, the two current directors. I couldn't get the miners cause i was trying to get so much oth
  3. Okay this is going to be a response on my phone so I first apologize for any typos or grammer issues with this 1. My Director, Edgar Dawnguard has had multiple issues with Ian White ICly with them not following orders directed from me on not cleaning up an absolutely fifty lab and breaking station regulations. Such has giving force gloves and experimental tech to people without any proper paperwork, on top of others. 2. During the event I was told to take 4-5 scientistists and a few miners. Edgar decided to take two other On station Directors as I was asked for people who had geologi
  4. @Garnascus Just noticed I was actually in this entire ordeal. So I will explain what I saw I will first mention that I really don't understand why the statement of "And Edgar Dawnguard too I guess?" when I was just following captains orders and continuing what they were needing to be done ICly So I was ghosting just hanging around, watching science as I usual do when I saw Vira (Schev) talk about an expedition, I kept watching and then decided to join and assist with it. After, I will say this, forgetting that RnD made weapons because ICly I was focused on the mech for the expedition a
  5. Most of these I actually expected funny enough, so lets start from the beginning - Having grown up in Sol, how do they feel about other Dionae and non-humans? Once Arms noticed that that all Dionae are 'hostile' like what happened during the Rueltab Incident, their opinion of other Dionae improved. This made them start researching other species and interacting with them more - You mentioned that Arms "tried to not cheat unless the situation was absolutely dire" when studying, does this mean Arms cheated during their studies and testing? Why was this? Arms only cheated when
  6. BYOND Key: HunterRS Character Names: Edgar Dawnguard (RD), Jordan Hudson (Captain) Praetor (AI) Species you are applying to play: Dionae What color do you plan on making your first alien character: (Color of your character; Dionaea & IPCs exempt) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yup Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Dionae Culture and the Species itself is very fascinating to me as I love how each cluste
  7. It's more of the fact that this is actually a spawn, and that it actually spawned here.
  8. BYOND key: HunterRS Character names of all involved: Uriel Evans, Ryan McLean, Kuhserze Ioraks, Ka'Akaix'Yava C'thur Documentation of the event, Link to post/Screenshot in game. If multiple screenshots please compose an album: http://prntscr.com/kbehck Have you read the application rules??: Yes Have you made sure this incident didn't result in administrative action? Yes, complete RNG Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. Why does this moment deserve a spot in the Hall Of Fame?: Level 7 Bio hazard announcement, engineering get e
  9. From my experiences with burger, I gotta say they aren't great. He insults players who don't agree with him or just for no reason, and half the time he means it He doesn't take any criticism well and will fight for what he wants to change. He thinks he can change whatever he wants and will get mad when people tell him they aren't good ideas. For all these, I will -1 this.
  10. I will also like to point out you are saying the 10%, the loud annoying science team, when the silent majority, the actual good players, who actually give stuff, case an point a few of the scientists I have trained who give stuff to security/engineer/medical.
  11. Miners never hoard anomalies, I don't understand why you think this. Never while playing Marwani have I encountered a miner who hoarded an anomaly for themselves. It always goes to science. I'm honestly noticing a theme in this thread, and it's basically "miners are literally hitler." Regardless, I'm going to straight up say it. Mining is under no obligation to report anomalies or ruins to scientists. Scientists are spoiled brats as it is, mining provides them with materials while science provides them with absolutely fucking nothing 99% of the time. I've mained quartermaster for several
  12. It's up to players if they want to engage the rest of the station in what they find, but 'I found some random shit and fish in this cavern' is significantly less likely to engage anyone but medical than finding an ancient temple full of shit people can poke at. And when the players don't interact with science because we are "Hostile" or "Rude" It really stops players from going in science, which is something I have tried to change.
  13. Have you even listened to science? As RD I yell at any of my science team if they get mad at cargo for minerals, and half the time we don't even ask, it's mostly HoPs/Captains asking.
  14. If you are saying mining will tell science anything about these dungeons, I highly doubt that. We are already told minimal about what happens and the one time it happens is when some anomaly starts hurting miners, then we get involved, how do you know miners won't just horde everyone.
  15. As a research main, I am always open for ways to change RnD, but putting it to an time based system or a RnG based system is one of the things I do not like. I really believe it should be the players, instead of the system, that make it fun. Forcing the players to stand and wait for something while it takes forever will get people away from RnD, much like the new system. A time base system will feel less rewarding because people will wait for small things. Like, whats the point of doing RnD to get to level 5 or 6 when the server is just going to restart? We will barely be able to do half th
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