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  1. Hello! I play Valera, and I would like to offer my own perspective on the situation. So, to start, the round was not a deathmatch as described. Only one person died during the course of my gimmick, unfortunately as Rain and I were attempting to capture the Head of Security. I explicitly withheld from killing anyone outside of self defense. The idea behind the antag round was the formation of a vampire court within the station. I will agree that I did not get to roleplay as much with your character as I would have liked to, however I was expecting a security team to arrive on the bridge very soon after I encountered your character, so I had felt a bit rushed at the time. I did try to make up for this by interacting with you as I looked for a space that you could receive blood from. There was no expectation that you kill anyone, and as a fully turned vampire you would have had the option to assist in hunting Valera down. As for the situation with Rain, there was no romance subplot, and the comment that Valera had made that you gave as evidence had been made as an excuse to mask Rain being thralled. Valera and Rain are friends ICly, which is why Valera acted apologetic towards her, however, interactions with Rain were not the focus of the round nor a priority, and Valera had interacted with a number of other characters over the course of the round. Finally, the reason for the armor and weapon was purely as a self defensive tool that Valera had taken after the ERT team had been called. It was not used to threaten or gain an unreasonable advantage. I do think I could have taken more time to flesh out Valera's intentions, however, I will stand by my actions during the round as acting in good faith and attempting to provide an interesting and inclusive story for the other players.
  2. Hello, I play Z.I Markos, so I'd like to go ahead and give my side of the situation, though Rushodan already did a good job of explaining the situation when we both paired up. I had started the round with a gimmick which meant that I would help out my fellow antags with their objectives due to being subverted. I had no idea Unity was an antag until the HoS was already dead, and Unity even fired on me before I completely understood what was going down. We were attempting to track down the Captain once we both teamed up, which is why we ended up moving into Cargo. The only people that we attacked were members of security and other members of cargo who tried to attack us, there was no intent to just go around murdering people for no reason, and there was absolutely no intent to powergame. I have had a warning for poor antag behavior in the past, but I do not believe this round was poor antag play. Our behavior progressed naturally, and we were not going out of our way to murderbone the round, though I understand if that is how it felt to other players. Regardless, I will no long be playing traitor on Markos, so incidents like this aren't likely to continue in the future.
  3. I'm talking about communities like Purpose, Trinitary Perfection, and the SLF, groupings of IPCs large enough to have influence and representation. Sure! During the time Facsimile spends training before being cleared to begin her position, she encounters a borg who has malfunctioned, and watches as it's taken away to be reset. From that moment, Facsimile gained a paranoia of being reset herself, and she sees freedom as a way of ensuring that none of her programming is tampered with.
  4. IPCs stand in a very precarious position. Their very existence is often contested by various groups (i.e Dominia) and even the IPCs that are technically 'free' risk being treated as though they are simply talking pieces of metal. Whereas humans and other organics have created their own societies and largely guide the direction of society, IPCs are scattered, and only recently have begun to establish their own 'voice' on the galactic stage. As for the second question, that is a bit of a secret, it does involve encountering another synthetic however.
  5. Of course! My main point when describing the difference is that IPCs don't process information and sensation like any other organic race. They learn and grow differently, because it's all data and machine learning, and this transfers onto how IPCs express themselves to others. Some stick to hard logic, acting like how most people would describe a robot, and others attempt to emulate emotion to various degrees. This allows IPCs to form personalities far outside of what is possible for humans, based on programming and intent. In regards to Facsimile, her positronic brain and chassis were created on Jupiter by Terraneus for use by NanoTrasen. She's a shell designed for use as a Psychologist. She's confused by her own purpose, doesn't quite understand the idea of emotion, but is very good at taking interactions from others to give fake responses. She does her best to fake organic mannerisms, but does not understand the meaning of anything she does. She has a desire for freedom, but deems her own survival to be much more important, and tries her hardest to placate anyone and everyone.
  6. BYOND Key: PsycoticCone Character Names: Merrilyn Amalthea, Kamryn Alacost, Wren Oppenheimer, Vai Issonich Species you are applying to play: IPC What color do you plan on making your first alien character: IPC exemption. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yep! Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I find the idea of creations that are human-ish to be absolutely fascinating, and want to play a character that interacts with a society that can't quite make up its mind about them. I've seen such a heavy contrast of mannerisms between IPCs than any other organic race. The variety of different chassis are also a large part of my interest, there are tons of different choices that add their own advantages and disadvantages. In general IPCs add a ton of variety and features to a character. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: IPCs are excellent machines, but imperfect as people. They lack a fundamental part of every other organic race on Aurora: emotion. An IPC constantly stands between their logic based programming, and emotions that they can only really act as though they are feeling. They lack any natural element outside of the metal and wiring that makes up the interior and exterior, they live by ones and zeros instead of neurons and heart beats. Any IPC that gives emotional response will always be doubt, as to whether or not the feelings they show case are genuine or not. Character Name: Facsimile Please provide a short backstory for this character: They had celebrated yet another successful creation. They reveled on in self appreciation as that which they had made stood blankly. She did not comprehend the way they smiled, the force they applied to each other's backs. Her programming had told her these were positive actions, that they were indicative of a pleased group. Simple concepts attached to a folder, as they were necessary. They did not keep her in the facility long, it was a soft lift from the wrenches and wiring of her creation to a blue container. The journey went on in silent darkness. By the time she was reactivated, her surroundings were completely new. The images she processed indicated her metal surroundings to belong to a N-T. This was the place she had been wanted. A human dressed in more blue approached. His face was contorted in a manner her folders had indicated as a 'grin'. He was appeased, or perhaps enjoying a situation. In his hands he held blue and white material, a lab coat. They wanted her to perform a task she was programmed for. "We would like you to undertake some tests, to insure the company received exactly what it wanted. Is that alright?" She smiled and gave him a pat on the back. The first solution was easy to retrieve. What do you like about this character? I think she represents the contrast between the logical decisions an IPC makes versus the outward mask that is portrayed to make them 'seem' human. In addition, I think she helps to showcase the corners that NanoTrasen might sometimes cut in the name of time and money. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I'd probably give myself a solid six or seven out of ten. I'm confident in my ability to roleplay on Aurora, but I know I have tons of room for improvement. Notes: This is my first ever whitelist so please give me as much critique and feedback as possible!
  7. I'm still rather new to HRP servers, and wanted to get some feedback on my most fleshed out character. What do you guys think of Intern Amalthea?
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