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  1. hit the nail on the head its boredom , i get bored and start doing stupid shit to entertain myself, but thats good advice thanks for it.
  2. BYOND-CKEY:BUBBAGUMP69420 BAN LENGTH:PERMA BANNING STAFF-MEMBER-CKEY:shadow7789 R.O.B(REASON OF BAN): Appeal Reason: You know its bad when i enter bubbagump in title and it auto-formats unban request,its been three months, and i wont lie i miss the server,but ive been given plently chances, so its all good, if you deny this,dont worry you guys still my homies,so pro tip,boredom and dumbassery are a recipe for disaster.
  4. BYOND Key:BUBBAGUMP69420 Total Ban Length:Permanent Banning staff member's Key:Shestrying (dont know if she still active though ?) Reason of Ban:BIG BRAIN IQ MOVE aka dumbass thing i did not going to lie it was insane and i think we or i kinda laugh about it now ban appeal reason: another chance to prove myself asking for redemption and trying not to be hostile and argue with admins most of all trying to mend bridges
  5. more mature and know what not to do now and also and i can promise but until i get the chance to prove my promise is just words iam confused how do you expect me to prove i can change without allowing me the chance to prove it ?
  6. and should the appeal go through i will be delighted i will do my best to make sure that admins no longer here from me about issues concerning me i would do my best to improve my roleplay and do my best to adhere to the rules if iam allowed back in i kinda wanna keep my head down if possible mam
  7. plus not get mad and do insane things like cut off my foot to get back at a player and meta game
  8. and i do apolgise for being hostile in the ticket that was wrong of me
  9. Be patient and keep my cool and also do my best to role play it out and not argue with staff because they have the authority i do not and if i have a disgreement then i will make a complaint and not argue with them in the ticket
  10. Byond Key:BUBBAGUMP69420 Total Ban Length Perma Admin Byond Key: shestrying Ban Reason: Reason for Appeal:First off I want to apologize for my actions and add some info during that round I remember the hop I think saying a comment like the detective was an idiot or something I mean it wasn't the first insult to my character buts it is the one that broke the camels back regardless I should not have acted the way I did and shytrying is right it was an insane thing and it broke not only rule but two to and i would go as far to say it was meta gaming I
  11. the ban is not the problem if you know what forget it
  12. my grammer is horriblethee reason is rather long i do apolgise
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