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  2. BYOND Key:BUBBAGUMP69420 Total Ban Length:Permanent Banning staff member's Key:Shestrying (dont know if she still active though ?) Reason of Ban:BIG BRAIN IQ MOVE aka dumbass thing i did not going to lie it was insane and i think we or i kinda laugh about it now ban appeal reason: another chance to prove myself asking for redemption and trying not to be hostile and argue with admins most of all trying to mend bridges
  3. more mature and know what not to do now and also and i can promise but until i get the chance to prove my promise is just words iam confused how do you expect me to prove i can change without allowing me the chance to prove it ?
  4. and should the appeal go through i will be delighted i will do my best to make sure that admins no longer here from me about issues concerning me i would do my best to improve my roleplay and do my best to adhere to the rules if iam allowed back in i kinda wanna keep my head down if possible mam
  5. plus not get mad and do insane things like cut off my foot to get back at a player and meta game
  6. and i do apolgise for being hostile in the ticket that was wrong of me
  7. And remember to not take it personally
  8. Be patient and keep my cool and also do my best to role play it out and not argue with staff because they have the authority i do not and if i have a disgreement then i will make a complaint and not argue with them in the ticket
  9. Byond Key:BUBBAGUMP69420 Total Ban Length Perma Admin Byond Key: shestrying Ban Reason: Reason for Appeal:First off I want to apologize for my actions and add some info during that round I remember the hop I think saying a comment like the detective was an idiot or something I mean it wasn't the first insult to my character buts it is the one that broke the camels back regardless I should not have acted the way I did and shytrying is right it was an insane thing and it broke not only rule but two to and i would go as far to say it was meta gaming I let my frustration with the cloaked ninjas and hops comments get personal and tried to ruin there experience by doing something out of character that would jeopardize there gameplay. Most of my problems beside this one is my boredom or misunderstanding of detective I think you wanted a Sherlock Holmes but I played as a jack reacher as I now understand my job is to investigate and report to security and let them carry out the arrests and do the action and not engage the antagonist also in my arrogance and stubbornness to learn in my pasts temp bans in idiotic mindset with my annoyance with the detectives restrictions was that you wanted sec hands tied behind their back blah blah. I apologize and want to thank you for putting up with my stupidity and issuing me a temp ban at those times. Also, I want to apologize for my notes I've probably had more notes than pages in a phone book I know you will probably take this into account but since this my first permanent ban I do ask your permission to be given and allowed the chance to crawl out the hole I have dug, I probably have a lot of notes in a short time period. In regard to role-playing Jack Reacher isn't very RP friendly Sherlock Holmes is. Secondly I have Asperger 's which means I take things in their literal definition sometimes. Lastly I also have a learning disability that is writing not grammar related unfortunately where I live they don't take time to correct those, and they stuck me in class for learning disabilities for grammar and writing but sadly its more of a daycare then to help us with our disabilities and the consequences of that was that many never knew the basics of grammar most of what I know is self-taught and that is little, so I do apologize but ask that you forgive me sometimes for grammar related issues and do not be shy to correct me and show me why my grammar is incorrect. In the end it is up to you for the decision to lift or not lift this appeal if you do not will I be sad yes but I've been given plenty of chances and in time I will understand at the very least should the answer be no may I be allowed to contribute to the lore?
  10. the ban is not the problem if you know what forget it
  11. my grammer is horriblethee reason is rather long i do apolgise
  12. Beyond key:BUBBAGUMP69420 Staff BYOD key: garnascus. In Game Key:b5u-aHDb Staff Complaint (Get ready it's a long one): As the body of my staff complaint I will be highlighting cases and in game evidence that of which will serve as not only evidence but as part of my complaint It is important to note that this complaint isn't a knock against garnascus this server has very fine admirable admin staff and please note that i myself not asking for an unban if anything I want assurance that this issue will be addressed and fixed, so I shall be its last victim. Issue #1 to better highlight my point I will provide the following evidence highlights. [Security] Opamator says, "The suspect who escaped EVA is dead." (One of our suspects is now dead that means we only have one other suspect to interrogate to find out what is going on we are down on Intel and the antags now have us in the wind as such we have no idea what they are up to who is friendly and who is hostile). Jaquelyn Roberts asks, "... You couldn't get insulated gloves?" Jaquelyn Roberts runs the scanner over Jack Wolf. Your right arm hurts badly! Jack Wolf says, "No." Jaquelyn Roberts says, "Holy- /stop." Your upper body hurts.(Damage text) Jack Wolf says, "We ain't got none." Jaquelyn Roberts says, "Fucking hell." Ansiba Seki says, "He obviousssly hasss no clue how to hack a door (There are several key game issues here that are not apparently clear at first glance) the first is that there is a lack of equipment that Station Security has Available to them let me be explicitly clear this not an issue that this server alone suffers in my opinion most if not all space station 13 servers have this issue. You couldn't get insulated gloves?" Jaquelyn Roberts asks ? no jack wolf says cause when he had checked the eva storage locker where security stores Eva suits now i will admit i dont know the station layout very well i get lost often so forgive me if this destroys one of my points . Jack Wolf found a yellow toolbox with a crowbar and a wire cutter this is the equipment issue i have Station security forces should already be equipped with these the station main enter and exits are airlocks it ridiculous to assume that security has to ask engineering to help open station doors Engineers are not Security forces they should not be deviated from their tasks to help out security unless absolutely necessary. Engineering and security are located in different areas this is a time issue by the time engineering or ai helps us open a door the suspect or antag will already be halfway across the station lets view this from a different perspective and situation lets say a suspect behind the bar locked airlock door is beating someone to death with a crowbar he is a antag and this is his target he is perfectly within the game rules to do this the only unfair advantage is the locked door and time the more time he is given by engineering to walk over he could have placed a mine by the door in 2 seconds while our victim is already dead and when the door unlocks sec steps in and boom were dead he dead and his companions now have extra time from the remaining chaos. use the preexisting sprite of the security glove and paint a yellow line in the middle of the glove and edit the functions to make it insulated or just provide insulated gloves with their sprites painted black when ever I play security i feel like i have one hand tied behind our backs we can't step foot in a rival department without being yelled at or chewed out or thrown out the door told to get the fuck out or threatened they say you need a warrant and a warrant takes time the more time we lose the more time the bad guys gain. yes jaqulyn roberts i have one question what in the holy fuck are you doing why were you even in the bar to respond to a security issue only EMT's should be there, and they will deliver the antag too you or we will and oh the medical staff in the medcial room reread rule number 1 dont be a dick if that rule ever needed a poster boy it would be your characters we have had cases which i cannot list because they happened many rounds ago of numerous times please for all things holy either lose the attitude or rewrite your character because you come off as a arrogant asshole. do we even have a EMT role we do need one if not Need a internal affairs department in conclusion Why are you hacking a door and why are you shocking yourself over and over? exactly my point why am i hacking a door is it A:Jack Wolf is trying to save lives and is ignoring pain cause of adrenline B:LACK OF PROPER EQUIPMENT :C ALL OF THE ABOVE garnixcus the head admin yes i know i used his name wrong tempbanned me for powergaming ? are you telling me that the most epic advantage a anatag has is a locked door ? Not crying in pain if you know how electricity works when you're shocked your muscles contract that's why people cant let go of electrified fences it closes your hands it would make it impossible to scream ? This isn't the Oscars this may be high role-playing but don't use that as an excuse to cherry-pick. I know it deviates from the format but my point still stands. Lastly consider these steps when dealing with an issue. 1:ROLEPLAY IT OUT 2:DISSCUSS IN LOOC 3 CALL THE ADMIN (THIS A LAST RESORT)! log 2020-02-01 (2 21 pm).htm
  13. I can understand if i had killed myself if i had greifed the wholefreaking server i would understand but this is bullshit you know it and i know it Hacking a door your telling me in a space station the security teams biggest weakness is a fucking locked airlock and that they are so retarded that when a suspect barricades themself behind a door or locks themselves in a bathroom to kill themselves like our other suspect unknowingly fell on the floor i mean if you want high roleplay its really hard to kill yourself by falling over mutiple times it kinda hurts oh the icing on the cake is that this suspect who was locked in the bathroom was killing themselves in the damage chat it said they crushed there kneecaps but wait they didnt scream and fall over like a little bitch like there supposed too in a high roleplay server wait a minute isnt killing yourself what i got temp banned for but wait it was at the end of round that i did it which i can understand i know i did wrong wait hold on a minute THE EPIC KITCHEN FIGHT THE ONLY ONE WHO SUFFERED THE MOST INJURY ME AND APPARENTLY YOUR TEMP ADMIN IS SMARTER AND A BETTER ADMIN THEN GARNASCUS now iam sure garnanascus is a real good admin most of time hell i already know none of yall will agree with me but when you cite a note as something i did wrong AND NOT CHECK UP WITH THE FUCKING ADMIN WHO POSTED IT TOO GET THE FULL SCOOP THAT I HAVE A FUCKING PROBLEM WITH. YOU SEE JACK STEEL ISNT A PATIENT KIND TIMID MAN HE WORKS ON A GODFORSAKEN NANOTRANS FOR CHIRST SAKES STATION WHERE THE BEST OUTCOME OR BEST PART OF HIS DAY IS COMING OUT OF THE STATION ALIVE YOU SEE JACK STEEL DOESNT BACK DOWN FROM A GOOD FIGHT BUT HE FORGIVES KNOW HOW IRISH MAN OR MEN IN GENREAL FIGHT IN BAR AND USALLY AT THE END OF IT THEY BECOME FREINDLY SOUNDS WEIRD DOESNT IT BECUASE SOMETIMES A LITTLE SMOKE NEEDS TO EXPELLED TO PREVENT A WILDFIRE BUT APPARENTLY NONE OF THIS WOULD OF HAVE BEEN A PROBLEM NOW BACK TO THE FUCKING CORE ISSUE You have been banned by garnascus. Reason: Hacking a door as sec without even using insulated gloves. Shocked themselves over and over which should be incredibly painful and avoided.. This is a temporary ban, it will be removed in 4320 minutes. THERE WERE NO INSULATED GLOVES WHERE I GOT THE TOOLS FROM AND I DIDNT HAVE TIME TO LOOK BEFORE MCDUMBFUCK KILLED HIMSELF You really wanna go over all the times other players have not roleplayed correctly (you know what i mean iam talking things you i would react too but is easy to miss i game dont mess me with cherry picking bullshit) ? iam not fucking oscarworthy actor i miss things so do other players but they dont get called out for it ITS CALLED BEING HUMAN (BUT THIS ISNT YOUR FIRST TEMP BAN SHOULDNT YOU BE MORE CAREFUL i would agree but that doesnt mean i will put up with cherry picking bullshit. the powergaming thing on doorhacking is bullshit especially when its sec your telling me if we got a syndie by the ballz all he has to do is lock himself in a bath room and take a cyanide capsule and bingo bango he ruins any chance for future roleplay and now our only source of evidence IS DEAD IN A PISS RIDDEN BATHROOM WHILES HIS GHOST LMAOS being shocked causes all your muscles to constrict making yelling impossible but please if wanted roleplay correctly i guess i would of held on to the door shocking myself in essence the only way could of rolelayed correctly was to die like a little bitch BUT YEAH I SHOULD OF AVOID TOUCHING IT BUT DIDNT BECAUSE THE PAIN THAT I FEEL FROM THE SHOCK ISNT WORTH SHIT TO DEATHS OF THE MANY STATION PEPOLE IF DONT FIND OUT WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON AND THIS DOOR IS IN MY WAY let me get this straight sec mimics a police force so if we are be held high standard roleplay and my charecters job is make to ensure the Safety of everyone he watches over do you think the policeman when his only living suspect is behind a locked trying to kill himself is gonna wait for the fucking locksmith to open the door or owner to open no he is going kick it down am i supposed to wait for fucking engineering to waddle their ass over to my postion which depending on the circumstance could be anywhere across the station to open a locked airlock seriously my charecters job at the end of the day is make sure everyone comes home safely when he can ability to do so what if some one was being attacked behind that locked door is my sec charecter supposed to wait for engineering to open the airlock cause by that time our vitcim is dead and is already well aquainted with the spirt in the sky, please explain when times means lives and in hrp server my charecter has that mentallity it is powergaming.
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