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  1. Julia Barnes, RD for one small example. One of the loud "WHAT?" in that round. I play a lot of folks and am pretty active, i seen you do a good job I've seen you making hilarious mistakes, I've seen you learning quickly from them. Overall you are doing a good job... i'm sure you'll find your place in command
  2. Oh boi the balls on this one. I had to go to bed an couldn't play the event but i saw you going in as the trial command and i got to admit i wouldn't have done that myself This is the new kid going all in and i like that, i got two things for you which you should do -> Ask for a longer trial, since you are learning quickly, which i enjoy, but dropped into command way to early struggling with things like the nuke... i strongly agree that we have a lot of unwritten rules as command and it's not easy to be the new guy in there... Apart from that a secret i will share with you on this very privat format: We heads don't play to win, we play to make the rounds fun. You can get a way with a lot of bad decisions if everyone involved has a laugh out of it which more often then not i had with you Giving my +1, but you should really get that trial extended to get a better feel for handling command
  3. Strongly agree, the rest of command often has a problem when Lin goes quiet, which i cannot judge since i don't do HoS. I figure it's a busy and dangerous job, there are better people at that. I myself am guilty of not answering to everyone all the time. Can confirm, abused this, got free out of jail ^^ no realy... if you are traitor, play the heads, you will get off the hook quite often for only having a emag or captains headset on you... heck i got away telling i found the captains headset chip way too often. Think i watched this round and it is (at least for me) a meme to see Lin go for the suit and tranq rifle fairly early... again not a HoS player so i can't judge, it's just something that makes me chuckle every time. Overall I'd say that the complain makes some points which i see, but without Logs detailing that it sounds very much like a total bash. I get people are unhappy with current HoSs, I am guilty of this aswell. Looking at the new ones (John Lock or Jesse Armstrong) hast certainly brought in some fresh air... i liked the round where we had two HoSs and i think working as a warden under another HoS should be something you do once in a while to get a feel of how someone else handles the situations. Why do i bring up the warden role? Lin does that and i think it can be a good way to learn. Iffy.... i play Julia Barnes and we had some rounds that revolved heavily around Lin. Again not sure if that is due to the role... for example on lowpop you get heavily targeted as HoP, while on a full server the captain is a juicy target. When i went down to xenobio to burn a vamp and she followed all they way i would have made the same point... but she was a thrall and did exactly what she had to. About raiding the entire armory. I have not seen that behaviour of her yet, i have however seen her going for a tranq shot and then pulling out the carbine which at that point didn't exactly make people happy in DChat. Again -> No logs, no proof, not going to write a complaint about a single thing from a chaotic round. If you feel like Lin is a bad command member or MissNatcula just outright sucks at the game find logs that show your points. I got my own problems with the character Lin, but a rant is not the way to go about that.
  4. Enjoyed both the HoP and CMO, worked under them and together as command with them. For a new command member Tyranny has shown the ability to communicate when needed and take the step back when needed. Overall handling the departments he chose really well. Not just saying this for the Coffee my RD gets but the fact that every new command member is tasked with finding connection to the older ones and Tyranny has done a great job of doing so!
  5. That is really conflicting... i play engineer a lot, it was my start, too. I consider myself more than able with that and yeah... we all do the atmos thing, we all learn the atmos thing... as an engineer you just do the thing. It's standart settup, if an AI has a problem with that... let command staff handle that IC. Like have her arrested for breaking in, explain it, whatever.... a one week ban shouldn't be the solution to an IC issue that really only affects the one round it happened to be a problem. On the other hand i get why this would be prescribed back to Willow and the past but i realy don't see anything strange coming from Samara Watson here. She is yelling a lot, she wants her space a lot... and i think that is totaly acceptable behaviour, since all in all she wants the best for the station and crew (a lot). Considering that most of engineering is Booz-O-Mat main by now i don't really think banning them for a week, which is not generous at all, is the smart thing to do. Make a note, tell her she went after a possible malf for no good reason and to just get permission from command next time (I see that she tried to contact them and if she moved on without awaiting an answer telling her to wait until going in loud would make sense for me.) or an Atmos tech / CE arrives. I feel where you are coming from with that, we have a lot of people doing other peoples jobs and it's annoying me a lot lately -> My hate pit is the surgeons who can do everything but thats another thing i guess... We should think about the implication of her action though. She used the tools she always uses. She did the thing everybody does. It is part of the engine -> Waste to filtering maxing is what makes the common setup more stable. The other ones are faster room filling and enabling the tools upstairs, which she has access to and needs, to be usefull in any shape or form. And she did not try to do anything that is atmos specific at all... if she was doing a special mix or flooding the station with something i'd get why this is bad RP and self antaging, but trying to reason with an AI that just focused on not letting her in seems very much in character for me. That's what Samara does, a lot... even with command staff. Sometimes she get's her way, sometimes not, but in almost all cases she RPs it well enough to not be problematic with it. I'm interested in @Brayce on this, as he teaches this IC. It's basicly -> do the quick and easy thing, as atmos is complex and hard, but this simple thing is really usefull for you as an engineer May post a bit more after i read what @Garnascus says about this. So far I've had pleasent talks with all parties involved here and think we can figure this out together, since it is something that everyone does and a fair ruling on it would be useful for future reference. Don't think any of us is focusing on the ban duration that much... a week passes quickly... i for one just fear that if we take a week for this as generous, and more people get in trouble for this, we'll be losing even more engineers.
  6. Honestly suprised, command enjoys you, security enjoys you. Outright one of the few good HoS we have right now. I saw you pulling together the team, i saw you trying to improve the relation to departments and overall percieved opinion of the ISD, i saw you taking care of the crew before taking care of the antags and i liked all of it. Whenever people forgett that crew > valid, that's when you get called bad... i don't see that happening to Armstrong any time soon. I had my doubts, you wiped them away really quickly, i hope i get to play more with your HoS. You improve the rounds by a lot -> The low salt levels after them speak for themselve +1 a lot stronger then the first one. People said "just do it", you went and just did it. Great job!
  7. Basic Information Byond Account: Cnaym Character Name(s): Spike Barnes, River Frye, Liara Fei, Julia Barnes, August Barnes, Kaiser, Lucien Grace, Zofia Arika are my most known. The admins can see the few others. AI Name(s): I go with VER-T G0 but play AI like once a month tops, since it's a default AI name others may be using it, too. Discord username + tag: Cnaym#9103 Age:27 Timezone: CET, GMT+1 (Currently +2) for simplicity around +7/8 Hours from an american viewpoint. When are you on Aurora?: Daily 19.00-23.00 CET, usualy more on days off and weekends. Experience How long have you played SS13?: Created Byond account March 31. 2019, making it three and half months now. How long have you played on Aurora: The same amount, maybe a day or two less. How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: Due to not having to work lately i have invested way too much time into learning all roles, i have a command whitelist and am constantly teaching others the mechanics. My known weakness are the detailed numbers for armor and weapons, the way i see it a lack of combat knowledge has helped me RP out situations far more than the simple "robustness" would have. Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: No, though my IRL job is very close to being a moderator. Have you read through the criteria thread; https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=4198 - and believe that you mark off all the criteria?: Yes. One of the reasons for the app. Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: No bans, no Warnings, I've read the notes on me. Personality Why do you play SS13?: A friend told me this game was hilarious and i was forced to agree seeing him play. I am not into fast action stuff and got realy lucky with finding the Aurora and above all Roadman. Without him i would not have stayed around to learn the game. I don't play to vent stress, i do it to enjoy my free time and oh boy did this game deliver. The memories and people i made and met on SS13 may haunt me for the rest of my days and it happens frequently that a situation reminds me of something that i RPed out and it puts a bright smile on my face. Why do you play on Aurora?: The community really. Some have joined after me, some had to leave or are on break... all in all i still love all of them. I can watch an entire game doing work on the second screen and still be interested in how my virtual work environment is doing. I enjoy people having the same "oh snap" moment as i often have when they figure something new out, or realise what is going on, or have a genius plan to handle a situation you are very unlikely to face IRL. I get the salt mines after some rounds and i appreciate how people can leave them behind when the next round starts. The moderators and admins who i had talk to me so far did a great job of not accusing on pointing fingers, but invest time to figure out what happened why, and what the best course for all involved parties would be. Strangely enough when i got bwoinked the first couple of times it helped me get my RP mindset. Having no prior experience with RP at all i figured those guys would ask why my character did something and i should have an answer to that before it happens. As soon as that clicked into my brain i started to really get into character when playing and it made my experience much better. I tried a few other servers over the time but usualy don't stick for more than a couple of rounds before i realise that i don't enjoy Aurora because of SS13 but enjoy SS13 because of the Aurora. What do moderators do?: Guide new players, glue together a community of highly different people by resolving conflicts using the rules that everyone agrees to when playing on the server. What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: Enforcing the rules in a way that does not cause tears, helping new players ease in if the really want to (like i had the pleasure) by answering ahelps. Clear up situations that are iffy, in the best of cases finding a solution that benefits all involved parties and as a result the community as a whole. Add and interpret notes before taking steps that would lead to punishment. What i harshly realised lately was stopping greytiders and trolls... you guys are quick on that one. While traumatising people IC with the bluespace artillery i figured out that somebody enforcing the rules also meant that the atmosphere of the server was protected, which meant a lot to me. Why do you want to be a moderator?: I got so much fun and good times out of the server that i figured it is time to invest back. I've seen the salt, I've read the complaints and i don't want to be on the sidelines and throw in complaints that lead nowhere. Instead i figured stretching out a hand and offering help was the best way to go about it. Any new person joining a team must realise that they are not going in smashing the order and implementing 20 new things on day one. From a realistic viewpoint i would be just another name showing up in the PMs if you get bwoinked or ask for help. Nevertheless more people means a wider spectrum of opinions. Leading to at least less accusations of meta buddies and all that. What i really valued was the fair treatment i received from admins and moderators so far and that's exactly what i wish to offer back to the community. What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: I tend to be myself... which sounds like a serious problem depending on where you come from. I got my opinions, i will voice them, i will not roll around on the floor crying if i do not get my will. I had the luck to work in leading positions for the last 7 years. Being the connection between a team and upper management has taught me that bias will always bite you in the back, so getting rid of it is always my first step. My style of conflicting resolving usualy consists of handing the facts to both sides so that we are all on the same level, then identifying the own mistakes before pointing out the ones from the other side and last find a way to do it better in the future together with both sides, which sometimes doesn't even evolve me anymore when they manage to talk it out with each other in a fair way. How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: Stress and insults do not influence me much anymore. I got used to both, i learned to handle both. When i feel that i get stressed i take a step back, have a smoke and start from scratch or a different angle. Now anger is a real sucker... i remember a situation where i got ganked with zero RP by five people in robotics. I ahelped it. I let the admins talk to them instead of spreading salt. I took a shower to cool down and rejoined the next round. What i keep in mind with anger is that i am angry about a situation or something relative small that will maybe ruin a round, but not my day. Having made enough errors in the past i know that anger will hinder you from thinking efficiently and so i tend to get rid of it before engaging in anything that demands my attention again. During work my inner mantra is to think now, feel later. It has done me a lot of good over the years. It is a lot easier to admit an error in your thinking during a later talk than telling the police why the entire building is on fire. Anything Else You Want to Add: I enjoy my time with the community, I really do. I see this as a way to give back what i got from you guys. I might not be the big change that some people are hoping for, but from my experience the little things that happen daily are more important anyway. Apart from that i tend to get the dead hours on weekends... we can use another moderator in those.
  8. Now i'm sad and interrested... i would love to see them work like this... maybe make a canon event introducing them like a recruitment event and point out their strengths before raising the chances for them to spawn. (at least for the newer players) I feel like this is often missunderstood.... they are meant to be the rapid response and should wipe the floor... the way it works right now is 9/10 times they will jump in an throw grenades and fire all they have without any RP.... if they where very lethal, antags would need to coordinate and strategise... the way it works right now is -> get shot or bomb them to hell, giving them an emergency defense would increase their survival chance, giving them the room RP and maybe catch the bombing to the face. The way it works now is usualy the hotshot ERT who was salty in dead chat will run in and get killed while the rest try to work as a team and the antags just evade them at all points.... again not that good for RP. The idea of soldiers holding their ground is realy what they should be and i feel like the shields already do a good step toward this. IF they are meant to work with the crew and hand them guns for example and organise them, i feel like their attack could even be lowered as to encourage RP and strategy over what happens right now -> They will charge in against the antags, they will get killed or have heavy losses and complain about beeing underpowered. Like 9/10 times people will be in dead chat saying ERT could have easily won this... from a mechanical point i feel like ERT should be the fast killing fantasy and Legion the slow protector types... this is not understood or indicated by most who play them at all. They will run in as cheap ERT knock off going for the valids like it's christmas and both sides will be pretty annoyed that they did not manage to do the thing when in fact their thing should be something else alltogether. I'm sadly/gladly not a number expert, i suck at combat, i feel like we should make the distinction between the two clear, maybe give command the choice who to call in -> ERT will do their thing without any care for command or crew while the Legion might put the crew over command or something... it would make them more attractive from an IC point and open the chance to call them earlier without feeling like a round ending thing. I see the legion durring a rev round taking sides since they got called in early and i have an amazing RP round in front of my inner eye. Please please please. I cannot realy evaluate the numbers on this but i feel like an ERT with an engineer and a medic should be more usefull than just the basic grunts. I've had so many rounds where there where 4 ERT soldiers getting shredded because the players did not know how to play a soldier and where very unrobust, leading to the moment where they all or most are in the medbay... making them the perfect target for the antags and risking all of the crew nearby. We had lowpops where we would call in an engineering ERT to start the engine... we should have one if the antags heavily try to manipulate the engine or most of medical is dead, we call in the doctor who can defend himself... make the roles valuable, interresting to play, and more carefull to play as. If you ever seen an engineer or medical ERT running at the front of the formation, gunning down cultists, you know what i mean with this. Give them one emag for emergencies, like command is dead, they need to enter the bridge, as soldiers they got a handy tool for that which will just rip the door apart. Also as written above, we need to point that out a lot more... i feel like i should play with the legion more to figure out how to use them. We need to change the opinion from "oh they send in the mercs to save money" to "Hell yeah, legion will helps us, help ourselves"... I will +1 this any day. They are volunteers with combat gear. Give them easy to use, high payout modules. Make them easier to play so newer players can hop in and help out. What i've seen was ERT getting filled by grizzled or salty dead folks who knew how to punish the antags. Make the legion open for people who do support roles and want to RP. TLDR: Make Legion great again. Do so via RP since i got no clue about the numbers. Make ERT more specialised (at least the support roles) and give newer people an easier entry into the Legion via the proposed module.
  9. There are some IAA players who don't touch the command roles... you are however listening in on command and will be often asked for advise or to send back and forth reports of the situation which requires good knowledge and situational awareness which is realy hard when you start out with command. As Soul pointed out IAA is part of the command whitelist and you'd be given access to all of it, even captain... i can see why some people don't feel comfortable with that. The App is written good and i enjoy the honesty but you should get better known in the community and have a good grasp of the game before applying for it. What i think would be a good idea and what I've seen people do is: a) Become a bridge assistant -> ask for it IC, get command access and headset, help with mundane task and help / learn what and why command does. b) Make an internal affairs cyborg. We had one of those and it was hilarious... maybe ask an admeme how you would go about that, but just walking arround asking for problems or noting regulatory violations is a good start, along with the chance for realy extensive RP. c) Okay that's a new one, but as assistant you could also ask someone who plays IAA to be a junior version of it like an aprentice. People get a chance to see you in the IAA role, you have a boss and don't need the whitelist for it and you can even advertise your app after rounds I also see the counselor role is pretty under used... who knows, maybe it is one who takes and interrest in the crews personal wellbeing and works together with a shrink, could be fun and needs no whitelist + much RP and people get to know you I'll withhold judgement since nothing i wrote is about the player, just some pointers :3
  10. Lucy is great, Vesper is one of my favourites. The RP is realy good, sticking to none combat roles helps with the typing speed This was what i started with when i joined the server... it was a fun experience and i hope you get the chance to enjoy the Aurora through the eyes of a Tajara. Easy and honest +1 from me. You are great IC and OOC
  11. That's the spirit. I have no doubt you can do it. Sign of good RPer detected. You are one of the best, stop hiding. Seeing how well you do with Skrell and how much fun and different personalities you provide i am left with nothing else than to wholeheartedly give you a big +1
  12. Do i see Jesse as a man of the people who'd make a solid commander? Yeah/ish... i don't play sec often enough to evaluate that. Do i think his RP with Jesse is great and that he adds to the rounds? YES. Has he supplied me with plushies? YES. Back to the gist of it. Trial for Jesse is more than overdue and i think it's great that one of the more grounded chars can get some expansion... i don't know how well he will be so i'll watch the Trial closely and write another one durring that. For now, for trial +1
  13. Think this explains it a lot better than i managed. I mean that you can break IPCs. It's not as easy as humans, but IPCs are not without personality, agency or morality. They have priorities, the have opinions -> They can be manipulated and broken. I did this to HoPs, RDs, CMOs, and CE IPCs. I have yet to meet an IPC player who follows the "I am a perfectly programmed mashine" concept to the point. If they wanted to play uncaring calculators they'd go for the borg role. Avery is known to be unable to handle weapons. It's part of her. Going into a dangerous situation like this carefree is pretty much part of her. That's all from my side. Unless someone handling this complaint has questions toward me i'm out of this. Would suggest to scrap it as a messy round and be done with it.
  14. Wrong. I played the RD and got taitored pretty late so i abused the chaos to push command over the brink. We met near the core by accident since an ion storm was announced and telecoms where down -> Which she repaired down there. At that point the officer was protection since the entire station was hell for command and the CMO was taken hostage before and infected with a deadly virus which was a pretty stressfull situation to say the least. The one pushing for borgification was I as RD. Also the aiming a loaded revolver at detained criminals. Avery stated three times that she only though one of them should get borged and that the other one not -> Which was ignored Again i used the entire thing to attack Thea on an emotional level and bring to command to a complete standstill which worked easily. Why? Because HoP and HoS had no information on what was going on and reacted purely on a best guess basis. I even ordered officers to leave me alone with the detained criminals, beat ones leg with a crowbar and so on. All but one officer wandered off which i used to frame the entire sec department as idiots.... IC She stated multiple times that she did not want that and had no clue how to do it. For a command member with IC no clue on sec she pretty much RPed a great, yet desperate try to get things back under controle. Not leading a search, CE was the only one unarmed and there to repair the comms. Again -> You did not see what happened nor know what we did down there, this is purely guessing. Why not? It was the main aspect of my taitore idea. I knew Avery and Thea pretty good IC, even used stuff from previous rounds to get both to break and it worked realy great. There's no reason for you to asume that the CE did anything that i did. I aimed a gun at them, i beat them with a crowbar. CE did not even carry a gun nor aim one, CE made one barehanded punch to the face after she got taunted a lot. They made fun of us for not acting, i blamed command for not beeing able to decide. All in all it was great to create chaos and if you got OOC exhausted by all of this... imagine how it would be IC This is one of two reasons why i decided to write something. As command members we often get the roughest roles of the round. We drive a story while having the biggest target on our backs. I'm all for accountability but please make sure to get the facts correct before calling someones whitelists to get checked. Talk to people OOC, try to find out what happened from their perspektive... all in all we all do some stuff that's good and a lot more that is bad. I see why this round riled up many people IC and OOC. Avery was no antag that round, but if any of you want a demonstration on how much a mental attack can fuck up your shift i'm happy to deliver Conclusion for me from all of this -> We should OOC work together to make the rounds fun, not write miles of text on forums without adding all sides to the discussion... and we should never ask for punishment. This should be the mentality of all of us. We play to have fun and improve in RP. To make the game enjoyable for the playerbase and not for single persons. Autotraitor is more often than not a total mess and that could be a lot easier with a command that has at least OOC a united goal -> Fun Harsh punishments would block our ability to experiment with our characters. All of this could have been handled in an IR. Would have loved to see all sides sit down and try to clear this mess IC.
  15. I made him interim HoS, i was not disapointed. good RP, quick mind, enjoyed it a lot :3 +1 Creative minds need room (or whitelists) to blossom ^^
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