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  1. I ran into a stealth merc team during yesterdays bug hunt. The playing for objectives came from not understanding many mechanics and being scared of almost everything on an OOC level. I have voiced a couple issues with the current system already, but having to explain every merc how internals work should not be a permanent thing, people do learn and get more easy with doing the funny stuff. Then came tower defense... oh boy... Our team did not even manage to stay together, we just randomly shanked people for their IDs and credits. I am not saying this is bad for starters, but good gimiks will be rare with teams being that random. On the other hand people trying it out might lead to more regulars that then in turn offer good stories, so we'll see how it goes. It just feels really wrong to me, having someone try out traitor due to the random chance, then getting punished for sucking at it. Recent case would be a cadet and a medical intern both being traitor and so unfamiliar with the mechanics that everyone involved just kinda panicked and started clicking until horizontal. RP goes out the window when people are scared or laughing their ass off and I hope this improves rather sooner than later.
  2. Just remove the SM out of your settup and pour in oxygen as needed. If you start with hot enough phoron it does the entire maxcap game inside your pipes. Brayce and I had a good laugh from that, think Cybs watched on cameras. Honestly though, 1 to 1 phoron and shoot until you feel it tingling in the monitoring room is what I do nowadays. Legend says you can throw in Oxygen anytime you want as long as you keep the walls from melting. But that is not something for the faint of heart ^^ Zippo engine is a waste compared to the power of oxygen and heated phoron. Then again some races need oxygen to breathe, so not sure how they react to you burning it all for the glory of the engineering department.
  3. Saw you the first time playing a grey assistant who did a ton of RP as a vampire and was baffled to say the least. Next round you played the bridge assistant and command enjoyed your presence a lot. Learning the tropes of the whitelist ICly is always a smart move, but usually people ask for interim instead of assistant positions. Your antag play was stronk and fun, the RP was there and you showed that without antag status you are still a fun person to interact with. Getting randomly put sunglasses on your face to match your outfit was just a simple little nudge I did back then, but your reaction made me giggle a bit to hard ^_^ This app has my support
  4. Good characters, good RP, good player. I might be late for the admin party under your app, but it's a pleasure to have you in command ICly and in the round OOCly. Good luck with your trial, shouldn't even be a small problem for you to pass 😄 You have my full support for the command whitelist ❤️
  5. Hey dropping in the admin side and "sometimes" hacked IPC side here. We did that a couple of times with mercs doing the posi emag swipe and then giving the player the antag role. Usually only requires both sides to be cool with it and an ahelp and there is little in the way of supporting this. A mechanical item would still be very useful to make it more accessible to those who do not like to ask the admins or want to force it onto someone in an evil fashion. I would imagine doing it with a multitool and having it take a long time makes sense, maybe even announce it to stationbounds and AIs, like some kind of emergency protection message. Maybe not a name and a location, but something like "Illegal Posi Access in process" would spice stuff up I suppose.
  6. M E L ? So far nothing bad at all, saw you active a lot and you played an able CMO who even interacts with the rest of command. You know your stuff and have a general feel on how to direct a round without taking it over, good candidate for the whitelist imho. Also a great thing to see some fresh CMO, lord know we need them.
  7. I have taken some time to think about the issue at hand and come up with the following. The ban will be lifted on the 03.04, we usually do not do month long bans but I am a firm believer in second chances. You have a long history of promised change which did not come about and led us here. I have hope that the month of absence will not only show the severity of the situation, but lead to a better respect towards our rules and general atmosphere once you are allowed to return. After your return you have the chance to show this to us by staying out of trouble and keeping a clean record. I can only talk for myself in this regard but actions weigh a lot more than words to me. The appeal can be considered accepted with an unusual condition. I will close this within 24 hours. If you do not agree with the decision made you are free to post a staff complaint to have another member of staff look into it.
  8. In this case the issue of logging out in a locker (70+ minutes, a small discord DM would have been enough to solve this or an ahelp ala "not sure if I can be back soon, please cryo me if I do not return.") itself, nor the fact that you made some small mistakes is not the reason why I banned you. The issue is that you do not stay out of trouble, nor have improved after a lot of promises of doing so. When we put a warning or ban on people it's always with information on how to avoid it in the future and why exactly this was placed on you. In this case I read through your notes, warnings and bans and just found a massive amount of them deeply disturbing. You got one from 29.1 saying to stop handing out warnings and notes but instead start banning since you already collected a large amount of both. On the same day you got temp banned from antag, two days later you got temp banned from the server. 16.2 a warning clearly telling you that if you screw up within a month you'll be perma banned. 21.2 Temp banned for abusing malf powers after death and lying to staff 23.2 Asked for a week ban from antag, collected notes for abusive language in OOC and stripping a wizard instantly in that week 02.3 Warning for turning people into vampires without RP, once more saying that the next infraction will result in more than a warning. That was a day before I applied the permanent ban and what brought us here. I have left out the notes between each of these events to not make the list even longer, but every time you told staff that you would improve, yet you do not seem to stay out of trouble for long, which is really concerning to me and the main reason why I invited you to the forums with the ban itself.
  9. Same, that should be an option after someone is willing to do it. Staff complaint if a shitty malf is not handled, let another staff take a look at it. Depends on what you mean with salt, for me it's a useless debate. I can defend malf for days, I can see why it needs to be removed. This entire discussion stems from quote number one though. If rework was the vote result and nobody wants to rework it, go for another vote. We do not pay coders to do what the community wants and if nobody is willing to rework it than the vote should clearly be between keep and scratch. Heck I would vote for scratch it, since it's a shit ton of work for the staff with little to no silver lining, does not mean that I will support the forum game of "He said, she said." A vote could solve the situation, this threat only generates and spreads salt. I will take the prior suggestions about improving malf and AI as example here, the best ideas will not help if nobody does the coding part. Playerbase wants their new shiny things, coders want to remove it since nobody wants to do the rework, magic contributor to fix does not pop up out of nowhere, result is everyone pointing at each other, rewind in a couple months. That's what I mean with salt in this case, there is little discussion going on about the topic.
  10. I love how most of the issues presented should be ahelped, but rarely are. Before malf it was ling, before that it was merc, before that it was traitor. It's never the gamemode that is broken, it's the playerbase. Salting on the forums will not fix them issues, ahelping them might, playing malf yourself to offer some better rounds would be even better, but nobody does that. APC explosions can be nerfed, so can the gravity slam. Cooldowns on a lot of stuff would make malf a bit better. Removing the shuttle recall and delta would solve it, so that the entitled part of our playerbase can RP in their department while the rest engages the antag and gimmik of the round. I honestly enjoyed it when a ton of people went to cryo and salted in dead chat (because I can mute that ^^) that the roundtype is malf before even waiting for any kind of gimmik or interaction. Made the rounds less populated and by extension a lot better. Maybe giving solo malf a top of 20 readied players could help with removing it from high pop as solo antag. If you want to enjoy antags though, both sides should scale back their need to win a ton. That is what ruins rounds.
  11. Swiping in with a small solution here, make it scale better. Let's say three people need to be readied up for malf, one AI and at least one borg. Reducing the damage from shocked doors would be another step to allow the playerbase to touch doors more often before salting in dead chat enjoy the round longer. Right now it's rather on the high end of damages. Instead of large scale APC explosions, I would love some small camera explosions to punish the unga people valued members of the crew. Maybe give an ability that creates camera traps, so you should use ranged options against them. I frequently find malf on lowpop to be rather great, while high pop always has a couple people rushing the escalation within a minute or the AI going silent. Removing it from secret would not really fix the mode itself though. From command and staff view point, the problem with malf really is the inability to come up with either a good gimmik, or the crew completely unwilling to go along with one. More RP focused tools might help with that, but ingame it seems to be a playerbase issue more than a mechanical one. The example of Ninja + Malf comes to mind, when the AI is hiding behind other antags, to not be silent but in concept still going the full stealth malf round for a greentext instead of making the round enjoyable.
  12. Like the sprites, but have to agree with Skull on the futuristic part. Hilariously enough Deus Ex plays in 2025, but the fashion in that game seems really far away (sadly). They did some really good artwork with different ideas for how futuristic clothing could look like, absolutely worth a look at. Armored vest anyone?
  13. One of my favorites to see in engineering. They know how to handle their department and have survived the initial crash of being in command with some really hard rounds for all command members. You did a better job than most and stayed humble throughout it. Enjoyed working under them as engineer, with them as fellow command and against them as antag. You did great with your trial so far and have my full support.
  14. As newcomer to the Vaurca whitelist, Leudo has taken the time to welcome me with their Ta, provided a ton of interesting RP and made it a really enjoyable experience. The statement that he is always going out of his way to create interesting RP for others is something I can wholeheartedly support. My overall opinion remains unchanged. A great person to pick up the mantle of command, always looking forward to seeing him on the list.
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