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  1. I agree with the log generated for people who vote for a winning game mode with no intention of playing, but even that only to a degree, since people might just be joining 10 minutes later for one reason or another, is of any value to me. This has the same effect as the forcing of antags. NONE. You cannot force someone to play, you cannot blindly shoot into the dark to figure out who voted as meme or who did not (use OOC and deadchat for this please). The process of voting itself has a different player implication than it does for the server: 1.) You enable our antag choices to
  2. Basic concept: Preface: So you got your first job in a medical field aboard a space station! Yay you! Space can be quite something... people expect the weirdest things and don't get me wrong, we get that here from time to time as well. That being said space is also full of nothing.. absolutely nothing, nada. You can spend days staring at a screen or sorting pills just to keep your hands busy and the most common cases might be drunk visitors depending on where your corporate overlords assigned you. 1. Help, I am alone and there is no doctors around. People will die. Like.
  3. "This lawset does not prevent me from abusing crew to change the AIs laws and download them if required as such I approve of it." -Kaiser Going to apply with my bartender AI and a possibly a custom sprite huehuehue
  4. You have shown by now that you care for the lore, are willing to put the effort in and also able to differentiate between IC and OOC. I honestly wish more of us would display such vital aspects of providing for and partaking in a roleplay community. The ability to engage with criticism in an open and polite manner is the real dealmaker for me here though, you won't be given the same kindness in return by everyone, but that does not mean that you should ever give that up. Combination of moderator and lore positions is highly dangerous in my opinion and in all honesty this has put
  5. Please expand on that. I love having deep philosophical conversations ICly because it makes it so easy to represent different ideas that you do not hold OOCly. It's why I love the diona, their viewpoint is just so different. It's why I appreciate the tajara lore, it's dark without being edgy. Would this be a relationship I'd describe it as complicated, it's not a bad thing to have people from different cultures and religions be... well... different. Do you plan to expand on cultural stuff as well? I am having trouble with most recent lore stuff describing situations and places instead of
  6. Nothing worthwhile comes without backlash. I'd be more than happy if none canon events would be announced on the discord so that people who want to play it can join and the rest can dodge it (this was not done for the last one for example. That's an option to every admin to make it clear even shor term that some sort of event is happening). For all the subjective reasoning, like when is it too much or not, we still should make it clear to people about to join that something may be different than their usual experience.
  7. Yeah that is clearly against the rules though, you should ahelp such things.
  8. Fair, but we got this nice feedback thread now, which replaces the usual staff complaints that pop up after events. Don't get me wrong, this is a massive improvement. But the overall feedback seems to be rather positive. My most impeded round probably had three tanks in the hallways in it, does not mean I did not enjoy it or would consider it LRP, just that it influenced a rather large portion of "my" round. It's hard to call an event LRP when the rules clearly aim to make any round HRP, we even fought Satan on station and it went down with more roleplay than the average round. It's no
  9. Not all of us, funny stuff is fun. Under these ideals we would also need to scrap a lot of canon events. The admins just throw in the carrot, what the crew decides to do with it is the issue from what I have seen and experienced myself. Absolutely should be! Not only voted the playerbase for said event, they even enjoyed it as seen by the feedback vote. I absolutely get that certain events, roundtypes, command members, whatevers can ruin your round. In that case I take a step back and play something else for an hour or two. If the rest enjoys it who am I to
  10. I just want to throw in my two cents of why I do not antag anymore. It's just to simple. What I mean by this is that you either go the RP route and wait for seccurity and command to facemelt you because one bald guy decided to test if the laser rifle works or you get the path of no resistance because the crew cannot do much against you. Sparkled with the "I will 1v1 the ninja in the holodeck" this is not really interresting as antag. If I cannot deliver a good story I do not want to antag. If the crew cannot push back in a realistic manner I do not want to antag. Maybe it's an u
  11. The antag had pretty much no opposition and I think the ERT teams usually got involved in the round events when needed ^^ As the CE, it was a nice thing to see outside forces with their own plans get twisted up in events they just stumbled into. I liked it a lot more than pushing the ERT button and giving out a list of names to kill or detain. I would like to see the ghost spawners stay tbh, the community has suprised me with more than one refugee team that they are very capable of creating engaging narratives. My biggest take from this entire arc is that we should stop doing railro
  12. [b]Reporting Personnel:[/b] Feliks Baier [b]Job Title of Reporting Personnel:[/b] Chief Engineer [b]Game ID:[/b] b0k-dkI7 [b]Personnel Involved:[/b] Consular Yen Nguyen, Offender Captain Que Tup'Xequal'Valurex, Witness [b]Time of Incident:[/b] (If unable to provide, leave blank) [b]Real Time:[/b] 1am CET [b]Location of Incident:[/b] NSS Aurora, Hallway towards bridge [b]Nature of Incident:[/b] [ ] - Workplace Hazard [x] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ ] - Misconduct [x] - Other
  13. The ghosts spawners are a lot of fun. Not that impressed by the conspiracy thing since nobody talked and everyone ran away, but I think you got that on your list already. Balancing is a bit all over currently though, getting random ERT who save the day for a bottle of milk is kinda odd. Not saying it's bad but that may be something worth looking into, for example disabling ghost spawners on code red, since the station is not safe to dock with or such.
  14. Shodan's been around longer than I have without fucking up in my memory. One of the chill people who kept their head out of politics and cliques, I don't think they will have any problem staying neutral and professional. Wish you best of luck with your trial!
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