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  1. Full support from my side. They know the department, they do the RP, they know how badly science fucks up without someone taking a look at it from time to time. Good mix of knowledge and already handling OOC responsibility of not shutting down rounds with said knowledge. Will make a good RD. +1
  2. Probably one of the biggest defenders of the AI role and I love the mech, but people be abusing everything they can so all for the removal. Imho the remote mech concept overall is a bad one, roboticists and officers have done the same with worse mechs. Keep it for IPCs, they get abused but are at least no military combat gear. Also AIs do get slapped for being shit. The rules are clear, no action on law conflict. I do not know why this is so hard for (seemingly) most AI players. You do not know if someone works for or with your company, just do not fight people as the stations camera and door system, it is that simple. Just slap a "Do not harm anything considered living" in the lawset and be done with it.
  3. That card is mostly used to escape terrible rounds by a crew without command that cannot stand the power fantasy of the antags anymore ^_^ Or to inform central / swipe for ERT when no command staff is around. It provides more RP by existing. I'd prefer it to be a stationary terminal so people would stop hiding the thing and messing up antag / crew plans. No idea why antags and captains frequently think it's a good idea to hide it. Have to fully agree with Carver here, this removal is very unlikely to improve a thing.
  4. Ahelp all the things. If you think staff does not care you are posting into the void. If you do think staff cares -> Ahelp If you want to help staff handling it, go apply. Honestly take a trial, take a look at what they handle and what not, it's an overall fun experience. The issue is the "best as you can tell" part, only way to be certain is ignoring it and not ahelping (in which case nothing happens) or going for some moderator trial and taking a look at it from the other side. In conclusion: Ahelp all the things.
  5. How to find the worst AIs quickly, do something different, watch the player OOCly completly loose their shit for not understanding it, face an AI that requires you to explain everything you did only to get told how to do it "the right way". It's a voice control for the airlocks until it gets tasked with something different. Announcements about current situations make no sense, even if the AI understands the situation, it cannot know what command wants to share with the crew. Always ask command and crew how to help, heck even basic stuff as setting up smelters for miners to help out goes a long way, but ordering around or "correcting" crew as AI is one of the biggest holes you can dig yourself into ICly and OOCly. Back to the topic though, I strongly agree with the fact that the AI can make or break antag stuff, or just safe people from carp and such. I do however recommend not relying on the AI, or if playing as AI, not making the crew depend on you. There is nothing more boring than suit sensors in the entire game, ignore those, work with alarms and signals from crew that require active interaction, like fire alarms or holopods -> The later means someone wants to play with you, the prior means 9/10 times you are ruining someones round. There is a ton going wrong there. It should be made clear for the AI to not report such minor issues, instead let forensics riddle a litte, report a door issue to engineering after the antag is gone and watch two departments interact and RP. Security arresting over messing with airlocks -> Invite the person to the lobby, over the public radio, let them explain what they did and why and then fine them tops. If you are an antag and tell me the panel was open so you decided to close it, I will ignore anything an AI has to say about it. Antag getting spotted -> Use that agent ID, give yourself another name and use suit sensors while breaking into the captains office, always makes for a good meme to send the valid hunters another way. Being stealthy only helps you in getting a couple items to start out, apart from that it only leads to ganking and boring hostage situations. Be fast instead of sneaky, a lot more fun for everyone involved. Last but not least, ahelp that. Ahelp the AI and the officer, heck make a staff complaint against the entire team if nobody took your ticket. You get an okay boomer for ahelping an AI rating you out, but more often than not the AI gets one of those fancy notes along the lines of "told to give antags some more breathing room". People do not get to play AI or officer for long if they collect those.
  6. Nailed it Carver. Changing the AI will not improve our antags, we had far better antags even with bolted doors. All it did was sort out bad AI players, which is a good thing. Stealth is will never be a good as a / or for a gimmik, nor will a powerfantasy be good when 80% of crew just return to extended because they cannot do anything else. This is not a singleplayer hitman game, but more of a Payday session with drunk friends. The fun comes from the mistake both sides make. I never even see getting a headshot in spessmen but the officer running in to slip on oil will always crack me up. Instead of being invisible, or worse yet winning, an antag should focus on being fun to interact with. That will give you more breathing room than any nerf or buff ever can. If people enjoy the antag, they will keep them around and interact more with them. I had longer conversations inside the brig than some of our current antags manage to get outside of it. This is the issue, you will not fix that by changing other jobs, but only by playing a better antag than this, in hopes that one or two will pick up on it and improve. Because giving them more stuff has not worked. Because telling them at 1:50 in AooC to finally do something has not worked. Because giving them a buddy for certain roles has not worked. Because drafting from everyone who voted secret has not worked. Even removing the AI cannot fix the current mindset of both, security and antag players. You can run the experiment yourself, play an absolute useless AI, never helping security find anything or anyone, it makes no difference for the antags at all.
  7. "You cannot feel 20 years younger again by rewatching ancient anime shows!"



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    2. Skull132


      I've been feeling like rewatching Digimon. I've legitimately not seen the original series since my childhood. 🤔

    3. Cnaym


      Grab the blue-ray version, pull the router from the grid, laugh as the world around you waits for 248 seasons to finish ^_^worth it.

    4. TrainTN


      Detective Conan was a great show. I remember staying up very late at night as a kid, just to watch it.

  8. We used to have lottery tickets until "some" miners decided they earn 30 grand in credits per shift #SorryNotSorry Seeing how ending up with 20k points is the new usual, we could just stuff entire mechs in there and deliver them via the shuttle. Spacebikes sound nice, so do monowheels, am all for it tbh. KAs are kinda dead right now, paintjobs for rigs would be cool, but needs someone to sprite them.
  9. Player of Leazi here, I was bashing my way (without much success) against the armory wall and had no clue the skeleton was in there. Door next to me opens and I get blasted, so there was not really much to answer from my end. I hesitated a bit, typing in the little "shit" before I planned to run, but seeing how the shooting just kept comming I decided to bonk them at least once or twice, since I had not much of a way out of there anyway. At one point there was the hur dur I'm going to kill everyone now over the radio and that was pretty much my antag interaction for the round. Ahelped it, but no staff around, just another lich round in my book.
  10. Seeing how this may affect different people differently, would it be possible to just have a color overlay with R,G,B settings in the game? Not sure if it would be a hard one to make it save and all, but it would probably be the easiest for future instances @Myazaki
  11. We could come up with new events to expand the list and have more variance instead. I always love the power loss and radio disruptions, heck even looting maint during rad storms can be fun. What I have been thinking of adding would be: 1. Time limited cargo bounty, involves other departments, maybe something hard to do like special plants or quick organ delivery, could be announced via CCIA for all to help with. 2. Hivebots to medium, just a swarm without beacon, same for carp migration, both could do with a smaller number of "annoying" mobs to deal with. 3. False Bounty, intercepted error message or such from a bounty hunter ship, placing a bounty or warrant on someone random, letting the crew decide if they want to help or capture them and such. 4. Expedition alarms, stuff like the delaminating crystal on an expedition site was a great meme, having such things announced together with ghost spawners opening could make for good large scale events. For example the unathi / taj expedition site could be suffering engine failure and needs to be evacuated and looted in 20-30 minutes from the start of the announcement. 5. For engineers mainly, emergency decompression. Could be like scrubbers, but instead of splurting out random stuff from scrubbers, a section or department could be about to loose integrity or flooded with harmless gas. Message would give a warning, engineers get a time to fix it or vent it or such. 6. Instead of merchant or survival pod we could have a team visit with a harmless ship which is announced, you could be stuff like refugees or bounty hunters and such without needing to be antag. With AooC access and only on extendo, those could come up with some smaller gimmiks like some merchants do.
  12. "Welcome to NSS aurora how tough are ya?" "How tough am I? How tough am I?! I laugh at the EMP and Ion as antag borg!" *Chuckles "yeah, so?" "I make the EMP myself with beakers and syringes as antag borg to take out as many of synthsec as I can!" "RiGht ThIS wAy SiR, SoRrY fOr KePPinG yOU WaITiNg."
  13. comment under this post when combat mechs are finally removed or locked away so I know when to come back...

  14. For the love of god, yes please. Robotics is overflowing with mech mains, who also use them without any shame. If you are wearing a labcoat your character should provide more than an obsession with murder and utter disregard for their own safety. It's annoying as hell how cheap those parts are. You can spam combat mechs on lowpop and let the AI hunt down antags like crazy with it. Having them locked away behind this wall at least requires a command decision or actual antag involvement to do this stupid stuff.
  15. Really enjoyed you IC and OOCly, no issue at all. I think you will make a good moderator. Don't worry about being unrobust, you will get so many things thrown at you just by the questions others ask and the stuff you witness as moderator. I just hope you keep playing Samsara, during the trial most shy away from demanding roles and hide in maint too much ^_^ +1, much love, amazing player
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