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  1. Got to be real here, I don't think being a mod would be enjoyable for you, but you'll never know without trying. I pretty much observed you mature into a competent roleplayer and become a lot more chill with experience, which seems to be a frequent way of things for people who stick around the though parts of town. Imho a great sign for things to come. Don't see anything in the way of you being a mod or on trial at all, just knowing that it may be a lot less fun and a lot more stress, which will be overwhelming at times. Nonetheless you got my full support if this is what you want to take a swing at and I wish you good luck and a lot of fun / memes in your time! +1
  2. Always enjoyed having you around, let us all know if you decide to come back, always good to see the old guard return. Take care
  3. Player of Ionia here. I have seen them play their CMO a lot now and think I can +1 this as well. What little mistakes they made they either played out ICly or excused them self via looc for it, sometimes both. Communicative, Knowledgeable and friendly. Fits command.
  4. Never used those but it's a great option to have. Give people options, make this happen.
  5. My main gripe is having meta comms set up for events. A clear documentation and goal, maybe some IC intervention would be far better than having the entire space marine squad sit in voice chat. Not saying this is a frequent thing, but it's not something that happened only once either. People expect to partake in storries, not observe or hide from them. The suggestion to just have such rounds as newspaper articles is not that bad, stuff like elections and such could be held on the Aurora itself to ensure players can contribute more than IRs.
  6. High Speed Gyroscope: An ancient piece of technology required to keep any synthetic upright. Located in the center oft its movement mechanism (read lower body). If damaged it would make one stumble over their own feet from time to time.
  7. Played command during the round and was actively involved in removing the antags afterwards. Just a few corners that I figured were worth noting: Security had decided to betray the antags. Security had set up a chokepoint and geared up with lethal weaponry. The antags went around and had security back into a corner now. From pretty much the first contact onwoards, the nuke threat was in the air. Might just be me, but trying to betray the antags to arrest or murder them backfired hard and that resulted in an understandable shootout. I can understand how it sucks for the first to die but it looked like pretty much normal escelation to me, i.e. the nuke was on the board, lethal weapons in every hands. It was pretty much them or us for both sides and I can understand why the antags decided to engage after the obvious betrayel.
  8. I have seen you confirm more than once that your detective suffers from OOC stupidity. This has my full support. +1
  9. I would even make atmos tech the learning role of engineering tbh. These roles are played by new people and experienced roleplayers alike and say nothing about the OOC skill level of folks. Anyone willing to learn can play any role, for medical the learning role mostly is surgeon because of the detailed wiki and you can really tell by how many new surgeons we used to get ^_^ I don't even mean that in a bad way, but by having it an alt title of the learner role you can roleplay a new nurse or someone with 200 years of experience just how you like it.
  10. A CMO that is not super cringe. Knows mechanics and even roleplays, what more would I want from a command member? They even talk on the command channel which CMOs tend to dodge like the plague, so overall a very good addition to the whitelisted peeps. Big fat +1
  11. Sad state of affairs that having alt titles to promote roleplay is considered bloat on an HRP server, just my hot take. Just throw such alt titles into the learning roles, unlimit their slots and be done with it.
  12. One of the best role players and a constant delight to see on the manifest. Has been nice OOCly as well and I am happy to see you finally applying for a whitelist! Best luck to you and my full support :3 +1
  13. This is mostly a human issue since white listed species have rather established living conditions. Sure a Tajara RD is going to earn more than a tajara janitor, but neither will be able to spend money like a skrell captain for example. To my understanding there are no hard rules to allow a bit of a grey area concerning the off station situation, but the believable character rule should make it pretty clear that your average employee is not the owner of his own merchant fleet for example. In my experience this usually works and rarely clashes with some of the more, let's say "special" characters that people come up with. If you ever feel that someone is doing something unbelievable you can simply ahelp it to have an admin take a look at it.
  14. To be clear about this, Kistler iniciated the fight and lost. There was over an hour of roleplay before violence broke out and it involved multiple interactions with a lot of crew that only saw part of it, which I believe may be the major issue here. It is okay that you did not witness the entire story, but an IR is a purely IC thing, which does not apply here since Kistler was an antag, which was made clear via OOC at round end. The reason why your character was constantly turned away may have had to do with the nature of the job as psychologist. Running into the brig and demanding to talk to someone is a surefire way to get thrown out by most officers ( not saying that you did that, just naming it as a possibility for their reaction here, as it was quite a busy round for them). Overall, if this was ahelped, it was handled, if it was not, the parties involved deemed it fine. I saw nothing wararnting an ahelp to be honest.
  15. We need AIs. Give us AIs. Also used OwO talk to advertise. The AI council approves of such methods. +1
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