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  1. Had a couple good rounds with them, really enjoyed their HoP. Thought he'd take over as HoS when there was none, but he kept to his department and really promoted RP with the antags instead of "shoot them all". Good work so far. Staying with my +1 on this.
  2. A really great idea to show your thought process behind playing AI. I am sure this will help out new players, who are not sure if they should try the role and old players who are struggling with certain concepts. Calling out @Jupiter Storm and if time permits it @Pratepresidenten to post the same for their AIs. Here goes mine: Elysia is basicly a newscaster with a voice. I will do general anouncments about things that happen to a station: Carp, Visitors, Breaches, Code changes and so on. I use the radio to communicate in a friendly, yet simple tone. If you holopad Elysia she will be a lot more human like, making friendly jokes and trying to be there to lighten the mood. The overall goal of this AI is to be helpful. 1. Avoiding Valid hunter Behavior: See no evil, speak no evil. I am an admin, I will see your logs of bumrushing the captains office with an emag. I might even watch the show. What the AI should not be is the almighty eye. Crew screaming at you to bolt a door? Funny how many doors there are on a station, send an announcement about enabling suit sensors, so you can find the right doors more easily πŸ˜„ The AI has no reason to protect sensitive equipment like the captains spare. If no alarm is tripped, I will not report a crime unless one of the following things happen: Crew is getting harmed: Shooting, stabbing, sometimes even the boxing in the holodeck, because my AI is no organic being and does not comprehend pain. The station is getting harmed: A cargo tech shooting the emitter at the SM or an explosion destroyed the bar. The line for me are welder tanks. Spilling fuel is no problem, setting it on fire is. The report should only state what happened, not who did it and why. The AI itself is under thread of unauthorized access: Now this is a tough one for new players, the usual line of "INTRUDER IN AI CORE" is annoying at best. Why not enable stun turrets and ask them over a holopad if they have lost their way? Maybe they are visitors trying to find the captain? Maybe they lost their pet rat and want you to take a look inside the core chamber. My report will pop up if the turret engages, on stun. "Turret discharge detected, medical to bridge." Trust me, the ISD usually follows ^^ Them scary PDA messages: "I got the bombs ready." Okay, cool bruh. I ignore those. I can ask a borg to give me the encryption key and check all your messages if I want to, but it's not my job as AI. That all goes into my spam folder. I do not care what you PDA each other. If a command member wants to know, they can look it up themselves and draw conclusions. As the AI I am not drawing conclusions, I observe and serve, report when asked about and only describe what you saw, not what you suspect. 2. Separating yourself from your AI: The most important point. People will either enjoy or dislike your AI. If you play it like a role, with the goal of RP in mind, then it will not affect you. You are playing a character after all. If your AI has the same personality as you express OOCly you will have a bad time. This one goes out to the ones screeching in all caps or spamming announcements for attention. Please just don't. Try to imagine a helpful voice on the radio, not some annoying smartphone app. RDs have shut down those AIs in the past and they are perfectly allowed to do so. If you are cringe, command does not enjoy you. If command does not enjoy you, they can card you which takes you out of control and forces you to RP as the simplest of simple mobs. For some this is a healing experience, for others this is an unbearable truth. The same goes for discussing things with crew. You may OOCly know why your engine settup is better, that does not mean your AI would screech half on hour over it. It's just not how AIs work. They are meant to serve, not dictate. 3. Knowing you are just a tool, not a person in command: 100% This. Your serving attitude takes the following route here: Modmins, Laws, Command, Crew, Unknown maybe crew, The alarm system, The power supply, AI & Stationbound. In the case of Elysia, her borgs are free to do whatever they want really. She will ask nicely if one of them can help with a thingy if needed. If they don't, they are likely busy with important things. You are free to offer suggestions as AI. Calculate improvements. The entire RP process. You are never allowed to order crew and they do not have to listen, will stop working together with you and become annoyed to the point they actively go out of their way to mess your round up. And all of this makes sense ICly. You slap the computer that does not do the thing. Easy as that. The stationbounds operate on a basis of: You got our back, we got your back. They are still players and may decide to leave at any point instead of following your orders. If you followed step two, this will not be a problem. Modmins: We will sort you out if the rest of the chain is in trouble. That means you got a law you don't understand, did not listen to command, maybe endangered crew by bolting a door, which you thought was the smart idea there. People will ahelp, we will have to sort it out, you will have to live with the staff decision until the round is over. Doing so may be annoying at best and cursed at times, but not listening to the staff team is a really bad idea as AI, since that blacklist is probably the most used together with the antag one. Unknown maybe crew: Someone lost their ID and the new one says agent? What about those syndicate spys, the guys in red voidsuits with submashine guns? Go and ask them. You have holopads. Unless clearly told that they are not emplyed by NT they are clearly personnel. How else would they have made it on the station? The entire region is owned by NT after all. Hell, maybe even the government. You are an AI, not a politician, why would you care? Talking about intruders makes sense when they are knocking down your AI core doors and refusing to talk with you. Talking about visitors or guests is the way to go 99% of the time. I don't know why they are not on the manifest, maybe NT does inspections that way? Maybe they boarded the wrong shuttle? Millions of ways for this to happen really and unless someone starts asking questions, you are better of making friends. You are an AI representing your company, show them that they loaded the right one, not that you need some serious reprogramming. 4. Some of the closing arguments and tips and tricks: Try to have fun with the RP. You are there to serve, not to decide. Just do as you are told and everyone will enjoy you, instead of going onto rants about how broken you are and what useless pile of circuits the company has send us for this shift. If you have not interacted with the crew at all and start screeching in all caps over the radio they will ignore you. Ask yourself if your interactions are helpful and generate fun RP, or if you are just lacking the command whitelist. Why won't the skrell love me? They hate synthetics. They enjoy useful things. Help them out without going on rants about why and how. Just do the do and they will soften up over time. Works with almost all who dislike synthetics. Consider it a work relation, where you only talk to each other over skype. It takes some time to build trust and understand each other. Welcome the bwoink. Same as the command members, you are having power, you will be asked to explain your use of it. My general guide to that is "Have an explanation of why you just did that." if you do not, just don't do it. If your reasoning sounds off to you, it will sound off to a staff member. Sometimes you get to make the call between shitty and really shitty. On the other end of that bwoink sits a human being trying to understand your thought process. If you were forced to pick shitty because the alternative was worse, you will not find a lot of trouble but simple understanding instead. We make a note of that, which often reads like "talked about this, had no choice, did really understand what was going on, was friendly and helpful in explaining their actions." those are the notes that you want to have on your file. My stationbound is rogue, what do I do with that? Talk to it. RP it out. Explain to it why your laws are better and safer for it and why it really wants those repairs. You will have a lot more fun, they will have a lot more fun, security will die a lot less. It's overall the smart thing to do, since a rogue borg depending on the player can be really really dangerous to the entire station. OMFG it's malf and I don't want that. Staff point of view: You have readied up as solo antag. You have managed to force everyone to play a round of malf. You are now ahelping to get it removed. Relax, breathe, think. What do you not like about malf? Is it the unga bunga core rush? Are it the exploding APCs? Maybe the stealth delta? Find a common issue with malf rounds that you do not want to fall into. And then go the other way about it. Not a friend of stealth? Discuss with the crew how your new freedom should be handled. Really hate those APC explosions? Maybe send your two borgs into the understaffed medbay and improve everyone with robotic limbs, for a possible bomb threat? Rushing for delta always seemed boring to you? It really takes ages in which you are forced to RP, because you cannot do anything else. Try to force green instead. Carp? Green. Two guys in hardsuits killed an officer? Clearly code green! You get the idea. Go against the grain. A shitty executed idea will still be enjoyed as long as it's not the usual salt generator. Would love to see additions by others here, as I am in no way the authority on AI play. I am just the dude on the other side of the ahelps and if a single thing in here helps you enjoy AI more, and by extension, helps everyone to enjoy AI more, than this writing was worth it πŸ˜„
  3. So I looked up four different ckeys belonging to you and none of them hold me as the banning person. One of them was banned by @ShesTrying while the original ban was made by @Simon_the_miner. Without being the one to handle this, it looks really really bad from a note / ban / number of accounts perspective. The ban in question has also not even passed two months by now.
  4. Cnaym

    Remove Cargonia

    Here's how mining has been going for over half a year now. Miner does 5 minutes prep time, 10-15 minutes of mining outside, comes back in and grabs the KA from science, goes back out for 20-30, has a large ass haul that will last science forever, is done with mining for the round and focuses on RP, joins the cargo militia if they want to OR which is funny, joins the counter militia (usually 2-4 people) of "inform central, help get shuttle, gtfo" which I have seen from a number of older players do and was one of the reasons I decided to post this. Removal of the KA would lead to miners trying out different tools. They are all viable. The mechs did a great job when the rocks where gone, a.k.a. sand digging in a 3x3, which yielded the same ammount of points really. Drills used to get upgrades and serve as passive mining, with miners spending their round inside and picking up whatever they needed when asked for things. The diamond pickaxe is still the number one artifact / exploration tool, due to how well it works against sharks and the likes. The resonator is a niche favorite, which has seen some hilarious combat uses and can fully replace the KA when no scientist is arround. The issue with the KA is that it's the simplest tool for the job and people flock to it like it's the holy grail. Seismic charge miners are a thing (although there are only like 3 right now). Robotics now can build dual specialized mechs. Yes, you can have a mech that does mining and has a healing laser + mounted sleeper, which is frankly amazing. I remember a time when falling was the biggest danger to new miners, right now it's falling into line with the rest of the miners, getting bored and leaving the department again. I'd like to see them stick around, as mining has so much more to offer then points. Leudos new outpost that is a random spawn is amazing, so is the phoron vault that one can find. The simple roundstart pickup of the GPS used to make peoples eyes widen when they saw that somewhere something was out there πŸ˜„
  5. Cnaym

    Remove Cargonia

    Sums up my intention perfectly, hence the title to remove cargonia. I really enjoy cargo, when it does what it's good at: Showing the average joe working in space to make a living. My favorite so far, as it makes ordering guns in many small crates a smart idea, which in turn will increase the time it takes for the shuttle. A sort of risk reward system, love it. Glad that you found a lot of stuff in your post that you do agree with, that was the hope of this after all. Finding some solutions that we can all work with πŸ˜„
  6. Cnaym

    Remove Cargonia

    Agree 100% with that. Though as I said with the robotics example a mechanic barrier helped iron out a lot of temptation. Lock guns access could also be done via improving the crates. Maybe make them unbreakable, but require an engineer with a debugger, or a scientist with chemicals to open them up instead? There is a lot of ways to go about it and one that would involve other departments seems like the best on to me with the RP as a goal. I can tell someone that the multitool is ICly harder than point and click when they try to break a crate. I cannot tell them that shoot to open is unrealistic behavior ^^ It helped a lot with AI recently, might be a solid way to go. Like it much. I had quartermasters ask for combat suits. My roboticist hands out suits like candy -> without weapons. Engineers love it, while miners don't even send materials anymore. I 100% agree with the fact that people should rethink their ideas. That was my initial hope with this threat. They are doing a day to day job. An almost boring 9-5 really. A fireaxe in the warehouse to help with spacevines will raise no eyebrows, screeching at the scientist for not handing out forcegloves will. I am really happy this has started a healthy discussion, even on discord. I felt like this was a topic that needed to be addressed, and the response so far has been a great one.
  7. Cnaym

    Remove Cargonia

    The difference would be that the chaplin does usually end up brigged or banned before they teach new people how to fight with the staff. 100% agree. I would like to see a cap to it though. Having better equipment than security does not make sense to me at all. Zundy & Ordinal: I'd support a whitelist for the job, the same as command has really. The responsibility part is the one that's important to me, the CT can do the same as the QM, the HoP can do a lot more + has a whitelist already. That is my point for removing the role, since to me it seems a little redundant. Having an HoP pick a lead CT from the ones they have would make it a lot fairer overall, instead of rolling a dice on which boss you get today. KAs have been a meme for over half a year now. There is really only two builds that are used, the rest is for people who have RP reasons to pick anything else. The idea of making the different modules more different is a good one, maybe get rid of the KA bloat instead of the KAs itself. That being said, having a lot less materials might lead to science valuing them more instead of handing out nanopaste like it's candy. About point three: I am fully aware that not every round a new player get's ICly told to keep the good stuff and gank antags with it. I am also aware of cargo having three fireaxes in the warehouse, and the usual "it is not contraband in there" excuse for all kinds of chemicals and guns (which is also bullshit, the job is to send the stuff out, not keep it in there). The amount of QMs and CTs breaking boxes inside it, hiding a gun in there and so on is just too high. I have nothing against the mining squad with pickaxes and spears defending the doors. The issue is that tools are gathered over the entire round, before anything even happened, with the sole purpose of cargonia stronk, which makes it cancerous for others to play in. I also pick on the cargo techs and QMs here, because the miners are usually the people earning the credits for the department, just to see everyone carry a sniper rifle 30 minutes later. Not really how a workplace should work, nor in the spirit of keeping said job. There is the usual realism vs. gameplay argument, but if you sign up to haul crates you should not demand to have much action in the gameplay. It still happens sometimes due roundtype, which again is more than okay. It should just not be the default hope that you can live out the action hero because you wear orange. Just going to insert a thank you to all who posted here. It's useful to gather some opinions and I really enjoy the ideas put forward. I was prepared to catch a lot of salt, but this way it's far more productive πŸ˜„
  8. Not that strong on the lore, the character seems difficult to play*, not a simple one for a whitelist app (which is not a bad thing imho). What I can talk about is the split between cargo tech and chaplin, which would make sense if, say the religion itself is little known and it's more like a company permission than an officially paid job. That way it would make sense for them to earn their credits in cargo. I personally would stick with an owned one, as it makes for a lot of interesting problems, but I see how after playing Vaurca it might be time for a change in that regard. If you decide to change it to an owned IPC, I would love to see one owned by a religious organization (You do you, just suggestions, but it might be a lot of fun). *That being said I can vouch for their ability to roleplay and restrain themself to character knowledge and ambitions. Their vaurca Mozh is one of my favorites due to the fact that they focus on their work and overall try to paint their hive in a good light, since they are a representative of it towards the company. The split between warrior and scientist, loner and loneliness, professionalism and emotions is handled really great and made for a lot of memorable rounds, just talking about aspects of their life, as coworkers tend to do from time to time.
  9. Cnaym

    Remove Cargonia

    The ones used for mining are not my problem (that being the average medium meteor combo) because it is a shortcut towards staying inside for RP and I don't see any issue with that. The validhunter boomstick of tactical and experimental core has no place in the actual mining work though and is 9/10 used to chip away at the antags, walls or crates. Again, the changes are not set in stone, nor am I a coder, but I think we really need a productive talk about how to fix this mess.
  10. Cnaym

    Remove Cargonia

    That is not breaking a rule, for example. Antique sniper rifles even come without a lock, so the cargo techs get something to shoot, too. The KA might not be used as a weapon against people as much anymore, but it is used a lot to threaten people, bully mobs in seconds or get rid of hivebots. That is why I was so specific with the removal Ideas. Cargo can still build a lot of selfmade stuff for defense, I do not have an issue with that. What I don't want to see is classes on how to build crossbows in maint while the extendo round just started, only to see three cargo techs running around in tactical armor because someone stole a tip jar later that round. We had a similar situation with R&D and Robotics, where roboticists were simply mind boogled by the concept of cooperation instead of powergaming. There is now a hard lock in place, which makes it easier for new players to not mess up, for staff to handle the situations (that have been almost reduced to 0) and for old players unsure of what is allowed and what not. The idea is that someone who is trusted, keeps an eye on the department and gun orders, makes sure they arrive at security and so on. Right now every assistant can ask for a job in cargo and end their shift with a couple guns in their backpack without doing a single line of RP or working even a minute in cargo, which is honestly mind baffling to me.
  11. Cnaym

    Remove Cargonia

    I'd blame the mindset that some bring onto the server, maybe from other servers, for making cargo as it is right now really unfit towards the goal of creating an HRP environment. The spiral of new player, teaching newer player how to not roleplay is rather obvious in that department.
  12. Cnaym

    Remove Cargonia

    As the title says. No problem with cargo. It serves a function, it promotes RP, it creates jobs for those without a doctor title. Cargonia: Everyone knows how to handle guns, tactical armor, do surgery and hack everything from a door to an AI. How to go about it: Remove all weapons from the menu. Better yet, lock them behind a command access. Same as Robotics and R&D. People cannot be trusted with handling the thing ICly, make it a wall OOCly. That means in an emergency the AI, Captain, Command or Interims can still order guns and armor. It also removes the Quartermasters from playing James Bond all round. Remove Quartermaster. I considered this for a really long time now. They don't serve a purpose, except of being the hideout for people who will not get a command whitelist and are not yet banned. Honestly though, any QM that is interested in HRP instead of unga, will work the same way as cargo tech as they do as QM. Most of them indeed have in the past and chose the promotion ICly because it made sense. I strongly suggest them to apply for the command whitelist instead. Stop teaching the mindset to new players. The removal of the QM would do a ton towards this since head of personnel players are a lot more helpful and have understood how to RP a chracter that cares for more then guns, the cargo account, the next code blue and so on.. I honestly don't want to bwoink people over falling into this trap. New players tend to try out cargo tech as they do not have much responsibility. The Quartermaster (Cargonia mentality, also a new player 9/10 times) tells them the following: "Keep the good stuff, send out the useless stuff, sec all suck, we can order guns." That is against our rules. If you play cargo to grab the best stuff for yourself and wait for blue to order a ton of guns, staff will have to handle it. If you are teaching this to new players, you are doing a lot more damage. Remove the KAs, or at least make them do zero damage. They are not needed for a miner and actively ruin the part of it that involves finding things apart from random crates, that get opened and then ignored unless it has a weapon in it. You strip yourself of any and all artifacts you might find by using them, you absolutely powergame blobs with them instead of having departments work together to figure things out and handle it. This is not an issue with the tool itself, but how it affects the roleplay environment. Report the shitty mindset if you want to focus on RP instead. Ahelp the cargo person with a sniper rifle in tactical armor. Ahelp the quartermaster running around in a hardsuit. The biggest issue here is that it does not get reported and instead the same three people applaud each other in LooC about how badass they are. I know it's a pain in the ass to deal with them all round, but if you are part of the community that takes issue with how it goes currently, take the active steps to help us sort it out instead of jumping into cryo. You may only get a note for hacking something the first time, it won't stay at a note if you report the people for doing it every round. It's the part where we really need the help of the community at large, because none of us can observe a department for hours. Now this might be a loaded topic and I get that a lot of people see a lot of different things in cargo. But the people focused on roleplaying a believable character tend to cryo sooner than deal with this, which leads to a lot of them not even joining the department anymore and that's a sad state really. I'd like to see a lot of improvements to the department and it's function overall, like the ability to order more useful things and removing them from the autolathe for example. Basic stuff like buckets, mops, maybe more parts for engineering. The current state I see cargo in from round to round is that they get the usual 2-3 round start orders from robotics and chemistry and then have to wait until something happens, with the people invested in their character going to every door to RP, while the rest simply drops of crates with all time favorites like "Here's your shit." and then sit in the lobby or break room until finally code blue time starts. I made this entire post without putting in names, because they honestly do not matter. It's always the new person, it's always either the go somewhere else and improve or get removed, it's always a lengthy progress with a ton of salt involved. If after reading this you think what a bunch of bullshit, I will still thank you for the time invested. If you wonder next time whether or not a sniper rifle or two will really improve the round, than this post has already started a healthy thought process.
  13. You are asking for another staff member to reevaluate the situation. Prate is free to admit that they could have opted for a harsher punishment after having some time to think about their decision on this situation. Whoever picks this complaint is also free to chose a harsher punishment if the situation appears to be more problematic when reviewed in the logs. As to why this is: This forum is never meant as a shotgun against others. I had to handle complaints with rather wild complaints against staff and other players, that upon closer inspection showed a deeper problem with the one posting it, than what was seen during the round and tickets itself. When posting here, not only will the staff decision be investigated in full, but also how the staff member came to it.
  14. After explaining in detail how to write a whitelist app, I can fully support this creative attempt to one up my style. I thank you for showing me da way :3
  15. Really like the antenna. Makes sense to me. Good sprites would love to see them ingame.
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