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  1. Amazing roleplayer, one of the best engi-main we got, super chill OOC and has always taken up the mantle of teachin the new and old. You'll do great as command!
  2. You will be missed. Be safe.
  3. That is always an option and done from time to time, I think the official wording was "in case of scheduling issues" or such. That being said, servers provide official logs which are worth a ton more than the screenshot fights of "he said, she said". This would work with honest and quick responses. You usually don't get either. I don't remember who it was, but one CCIA member got told to "go fuck off" because a person involved got banned between liaison check and the agent contacting the player. People are often times "asked" to write an IR by others in round. This is either due to another person just partly involved (but wants stuff to be investigated) or more often than not due to the fact that an affected player has no clue of IRs or the CCIA at all. There are rules in place against abusing IRs to get others in trouble, you can also appeal IR results, staff complaint the agent or player complaint the person who made the IR if you think it was OOC motivated. This however brings me to the big issue I saw with the CCIA during my time. Limited supply of liaisons: You really only get to pick from the admin pool due to having to review logs. This is a very limited resource. Limited supply of agents: Timezone issues mostly, or the fact that frequently half of the CCIA on list doesn't even seem to play the game anymore. The usual fix is for people to take IRs at timezones which are hard to schedule for them, thus taking a lot more time to interview everyone involved. Understanding how CCIA works: It's written down nowhere, this thread shows that even other staff do not know a lot about the process and the "behind the scenes". As far as I see it only admins do get to see all forums involved and possibly the logs / the WI side of things. Understanding what CCIA does ICly: They are HR, they will be used to get others in trouble. This should mean having to explain the big dumb someone did and work as janitor for a weekend or visit a anti racism seminar. If people would focus on the fact that CCIA is there to provide RP and has little to no way of getting you into real trouble that would shift the entire process from everyone lying their asses off to "participating in interesting RP". Punishment: A clearer display of what is done and why would go a long way. Currently the playerbase seems to think you delete characters left and right and there is nothing to be done about it, which is kinda funny because the head of staff forums already show that you do not do that. Maybe a more visible place is needed? Oddly enough your appeal forum is also rarely used, you get little to no staff complaints. Instead we had people "threaten" to quit at the mention of CCIA. Apart from that public image, the rest was pretty much working from my perspective before I left.
  4. A "ready / defensive" stance could solve that. Like being on disharm intend only knocks down the one rushing you for example. Could create some interesting situations. Would be very interested in a test of this idea.
  5. Hewwo! That's me! :3

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  6. I am watching the current numbers as rather higher than average due to corona. 1. People decide not to join extendo or secret based on personal pref. Both modes on lowpop would profit from this not being the case. 2. Joining a lowpop extendo round late or early does not reflect upon the willingness to play another extendedo round after it. If you got time for two rounds a day and only play half of one because of the mode, we lost on a player already. See Boryas comment on this one. 3. The vote system shows every round that a lot of players do vote "against" extendo. The typical image I get is a vote of roughly 1-2 more for extendo than secret, resulting in almost half of the active voters not getting their mode at all. If I then see a manifest with only 5 names on it, out of 15 voters, I start to question why another extendo had to happen. 4. This idea does not lower the chance for extendo at all. It lowers the chance for extendo happening in a row. One if them is fine, and has people vote every thirty to see if they want to continue the round. The other is actively driving away players, which has together with point three split the already low community of lowpop. My hopes for this change are that people join both rounds and respect that others want to play a different round type. On the manifest you posted are a couple names I would like to see on secret, while there are a lot missing I would love to have on extendo. Antags do force interaction from time to time, be it with their gimmick, the rest of the crew or just a player you don't see on extendo. This is not something that makes it unable to fly the HRP banner. For that is our community to blame ^_^
  7. For your character. That does not make it more / less meaningful or fun on an OOC level, since that is subjective for everyone. Antags do not mean a round never happened, which is how people misinterpret it recently. Even during raider or merc you usually get 30-50% of a round as antag free. We are missing a lot of good people during lowpop simply because the cannot stand having to interact with the same three people for two-four hours without anything apart from carp and engineering busy work happening. I do like a good extendo, but the massive amount of bad extended we get and the amount of people we lose (and miss out on really) is a too high price imho to keep the back to back votes. Even when implented, extendo -> secret extendo -> extendo can and will still happen. Six hours without antags mean we lose a lot of people towards more interesting games. Don't get me wrong you can make the same arguments for secret, it's probably just that the same six to eight players have been holding the lowpop hostage for long enough that the complaints pilled up ^_^ Maybe put it as test merge or predefine a date for a community vote, to decide whether it is well received or not.
  8. Which is my main issue with extendo itself. We should not need a gamemode devoted to it, there are even rules in place to keep everyone realistic, yet if it's not extended our medical fridge is empty, our warehouse unsorted and our engineers armed. (Please take this as a joke, I know it's not that bad, but there seems to be a different mentality going into antag rounds) Antags do not exclude meaningful roleplay from a round. We as community decide to. Not really sure where to point a finger, but the performance of antags and the reaction of crew to it does make me wonder if the "don't play to win" rule, among others, are still in place.
  9. Hard to manage, since extended would be opposed to ~10 modes, which on lowpop only 1 or 2 work anyway. We could 50/50 between extendo and secret (with vote) but that would crush highpop. I find the argument that someone wants to join a "fresh" round of extendo really poor. So do I find it rather sad that people do not join secret because antags could show up. We'd have almost double the pop if both sides could just join both modes ^^ My gamer solution? Remove normal extendo. It will happen often enough in secret anyway.
  10. At first I thought this to be a stupid idea, extendo voters would just leave lowpop so the playercount argument is not that big of a deal. The idea that people have to decide actively whether they want more extendo or not is an improvement imho. We have those back to back rounds because vote out, then voute in extendo again. If I am not mystaken this should extend the duration of a normal extendo rounds, until the people are done with it and decide that another round is needed, instead of "blob ate a wall just restart" I'd however recommend having solars prewired for extendo then (if that can be a thing) since without it people will leave quickly and not be able to play their wanted gamemode due to an engineering mistake or lack of engineers. Something something better antags and people playing secret like extendo instead of gearing up at roundstart. As a passionate uncaring person I like these changes. Best outcome they improve extendo and secret, worst outcome, secret rounds between extendo Could this also yeet meme tower defense votes? Basicly you cannot revote what has failed in a prior vote? Thank you ❤️
  11. F for the solars indeed, it is added to the list of power generators that no longer function. The idea to yeet z level 2 is good, coolers could be just somewhere else instead.
  12. Well.... They enabled to trade a ton of nutrition for stabilizers or healing chems. From an RP perspective really neat. From a powergaming antag perspective super duper overpowered. It got a bit broken when I noticed that Nar-Sie monster spam could not even keep Aut'akh down because you were able to just eat the monsters. That being said, it was part of what made them unique. Punishing the one antag that abuses Aut'akh seems better than yeeting the entire subspecies. I'd not have trouble with the point cost (or removel / nerf to the ground) of those two implants if they would instead keep their racial modifiers such as cold resistance. They live in polar bunkers, cold should not worry them ingame.
  13. Lord knows we need more invested bug players. Colfer is a good egg OOCly and ICly. One of those players that are just overall uplifting to rounds. I think he would do great with the whitelist.
  14. It's almost like having giant mandibles on your exoskeleton head would do that. Another thread about balancing things that needed no balance ^_^ We could just delete the bite and increase brute armor. Would require even less skill, but combat would be easier for new players I guess. Overall against anything that would change clotting. Vaurca are not designed for extensive and armed combat, they are throwaway brick walls. Dropping the grab after a bite would fix the stunlock abuse while leaving the often called weakest race at least a little bit of offence.
  15. From a mechanical standpoint they also lost their lore background due to the changes. Survival on the polar capes: Subspecies did not take burn damage in a the kitchen freezer for example due to cold, was very weak to lasers as trade off. Full prosthetic body: Slightly higher brute modifier, repeated flashing overloaded their eyes and dropped them on the floor. Augments: In my opinion the biggest offender. Picking their two native implants and the (required) soul anchor costs you 9 loadout points. Add another three for a grasper and this becomes a joke. Limbs: Can no longer remove and exchange limbs at will, one of the most unique features they had. Sprint: Now the same as unathi, prior slightly slower with a little more stamina. Not a big one, but made sense for them being survivalists. Flavor stuff is mostly their loss of unique colors and their weight now being a normal unathi. Not the most important, but people enjoy to call each other thick or RP with it. Onto the good stuff then. You can be an ion proof aut'akh now, abusing the chemical systems until they get destroyed. Medical will no longer have to handle you like a difficult patient with mechanics that got rarely used. You can now space Aut'akh, which kills them quickly due to cold. You can finally be an undercover Aut'akh, recruiting folks that got crippled. As probably one of the three to four people who played Aut'akh, this hit hard, but I do agree that they needed some changes and fixes. The way this was handled was not better or worse than the usual changes imho, it would just be nice if folks could work together to find some solutions now instead of pointing fingers. Finally the balance side of things should be left to the coders and the lore side to the lore dev of the species. Maybe they plan to rewrite them a little to make this PR check out a little more
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