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  1. Your RP is solid and so far I did not hear about you causing troubles ICly or OOCly. The thing with the low ammount of CEs on our server has to do with the tasks complexity. That is why I gave Steele my +1 and will withold it from your app until I have seen a) superior knowledge of all engineering related tasks (mechanis) and b) the ability to learn, react and teach from and for the issues during a round (mentality). To be fair and give you a good chance to show me those two aspects I will explain them in a little more detail: a) Knowledge: Engineers know how to start the engine. CEs know how to safe it from certain doom. This also involves issues that almost never arise, as people will look to you for guidance as CE. (Steele asking about how to remove dirt comes to mind. Gardener know that you need a shovel for grass tiles, CEs should, too.) b) Mentality: People want to learn from you, that costs a lot of patients. What else is the CE about then? Service. To the community, to your team, to command, to the crew. Listen to the radio what people need, be the guy who always drags something to the atmos alarm (be it a pipe dispenser or a crate of materials, maybe you are the dude who always has some spare power cells in his backpack?). Those two aspects make a good CE in my mind. The thing about the whitelist is that it involves command. My tipp would be to play command before joining it. Ask about the interim title, command is usually happe to hand that out based on the shifts team feedback and all. Make your name known and your character trusted among command and engineers and you should be the guy with the interim title more often than not. That being said, good luck with your app! I don't think you will get the whitelist this time, but I think you are one of the people who will put in the effort to earn it
  2. Let's start with the words I and other staff chose during the tickets: [2011:43:23.250] b38-bIy7 ADMIN: MOD: Cnaym/(***) : yeah, vamp is imune against vamp afaik [2011:45:34.398] b38-bIy7 ADMIN: PM: SonicGotNuked/(***)->Garuhn/(***): They're vampires. No they don't. I asked Cnaym aswell After some back and forth that yielded no fruits [2011:47:09.852] b38-bIy7 ADMIN: PM: SonicGotNuked/(***)->Garuhn/(***): If you disagree with the decision, feel free to make a staff complaint. I'm going to close this ticket now. You then started another ticket demanding to talk to me, which I took. This was my conclusion to the entire situation: [2011:49:52.650] b38-bIy7 ADMIN: PM: Cnaym/(***)->Garuhn/(***): There is no fully powered or lesser vampire. You can send them orders so you don't get a vampire detector. As soon as someone is a vampire they are equal and do not have to listen. [2011:52:21.682] b38-bIy7 ADMIN: PM: Cnaym/(***)->Garuhn/(***): You win some, you loose some. Round will be over soon and we can all start from scratch. If you think the issue requires a closer look you are free to post a staff complaint. Another admin will then take a look at the situation and reevaluate it. [2011:54:54.729] b38-bIy7 ADMIN: PM: Cnaym/(***)->Garuhn/(***): Apart from that you are free to discuss it with the player in question over discord or after the round if they so desire. Don't be rude in LooC, it does not get anywhere usefull. My reasoning here was wrong. As it turns out vampires are able and allowed to dominate other vampires. What I think of this does not matter, I made a wrong decision. What matters are our rules: You were informed twice to file a staff complaint. Instead you decided to use LooC and OOC to vent. After the server restarted you decided to let your attitude play out ICly, too. I do not mind admitting a mistake or having another staff member take a look at my decisions. For the staff member taking this: Round ID was b38-bIy7 I do safe the forums the rest of my opinion on this situation.
  3. Would like to talk about the parapen. Can we rework that to promote RP instead of monologue before death? My suggestion would be to replace the chemical inside with the pacifier, so that you cannot fight but still talk and interact with people. That's not a big suggestion since I'm not that creative of a person, but I think this item in it's current state is rather counter productive to our environment. I would even prefer it to hand them out in a box of three, if the effect was anything else than instant cuff and off to dead chat. We could implement it into a set of pens that are color coded and have different effects (Heal, Pacifier, Hyperzine, Poison?).
  4. +1 on the basis that they roleplay functioning adults instead of brain dead children. Honestly one of the people I know, that will take Vaurca serious and make the character refreshingly alien instead of a total meme. Been knowing this guy since I started out in SS13 and the RP has always been serious, well thought out with them. Their characters have their own goals, urgency and mind that Leudo has been able to differentiate from his own state of mind. Apart from that they have been helpful to newcomers ICly and in LooC, which shows that they been working to strengthen the community. While I may not be the strongest lore person around, I have no doubt that Leudo will bring Vaurca lore to new and old players alike that are interested in it.
  5. I'd be more than willing to trade an atmos slot for this. We never have two atmos people anyway and the Idea of someone in engineering focused on the vendors and frequently used mashines sounds awesome! It would also give engineering a couple more tools and stuff to do in the downtime between RNG events giving them work. All for it +1!
  6. Multiple people have tried to explain that while a technician may have the same requirements, those guys are usually specialists for a single area of expertise and do not have the widespread knowledge to design and construct new things. That is what engineering is all about in the end. Finding creative ways to solve issues. Saying that a technician is payed to keep the place running is simplified but true. This should make clear that the choice on what to call themselves should be left to the player. I do not have any issue with changing the default title. I do see an issue with removing the title engineer alltogether as it stands for a lot more than technician. Apart from that a similar education does often lead to different jobs. The usual difference being ability and responsibility. This has been RPed by people in so far, that they know a lot about engineering, but not yet all of it, or lack the creativity to solve some of the more interesting issues that arise -> Balancing a power grid when the engine and a solar field have gone missing for example. I'd expect the technician to keep the station running under normal circumstances, the engineer keeps it running while it's on fire, exploding and being hit by meteors at the same time without any engine running. Bear with me here as I once more try to find the right words: The alt title exists and can be played. I do not want to see the engineer title removed. I do not much care for which is the default job title. After multiple people trying to explain the difference between the titles it boils down to: This is not a good reason to remove something. I don't think anyone is having an issue with change. It's the part where things that people enjoy get removed that cause these discussions. I don't think we should remove things that people enjoy (and that cause no obvious harm). The goal of this PR is to make the alt title of technician the main title. Remove the engineer title altogether. Even if you now add the new "This guy ain't as smart" title it still has not added anything of value in my eyes. (I want to specify that this is my opinion. Maybe this is a great addition for others. I am just trying to understand what exactly this would add for the player and why the removal of something is required for that.) Suggestion and possible solution was already given by Brayce. Make the alt title more in depth instead of just names. The maintenance technician is not the dumb guy. It's the guy specificly trained for a task, just like the engine technician for example. Responsibility does not stand for overall ability or know how. It has been used as bridge between the apprentice and the engineer in the past. Pretty much the resident of engineering.
  7. That was not meant to be rude nor degrading. The issue I see is that this change will be discussed for days while creative suggestions will get attention for a day and then be ignored. I'd prefere a focus on valuable additions to the game instead of changing minor details that (in my opinion) do not improve the game overall. As for the title, both can be chosen right now, both should be able to be picked even if the default one is changed. This brings me to the question on whether or not this discussion is required. I am sorry I worded it in a way that can be interpreted as rude.
  8. I'll side with Satin here. It's no progress, it's not even a change. Let's get back to important stuff instead.
  9. Big -1 For all intents and purposes they are working on a space station. In space. U know? Qualifications: At least 25 years of age, applicable Bachelors degree or 7 years experience in engineering-related field. It's called station engineer because they need to be ready for everything. Breaches and blobs included. Maintenance is more of keeping the place running from how I understand it, while the Station Engineer knows a ton more in order to solve problems through creativity and new solutions that aren't exactly by the book but keep the place running. I'd love to keep it as is really, so newcommers can learn the engineer job as Maint Tech (someone who worked in that field for a year or two maybe) from someone who has studied that stuff and worked in it for a lot longer. I found this to make my point ^^ Engineers come from all walks of life and split into really interresting things like medical engineers for prosthetics for example. When I hear Station Engineer I usually get more of this picture in my head: Those where the guys working in the coal industry, as my dad did for example. They did not get fancy clothing or a clean desk. They where paid to keep everyone secure and alive in a place where help takes days or weeks to arrive if something goes south. A much better comparison to our station than someone working in an office really.
  10. Hewwo! I joined at 0:30, to a ticket about security ordering tons of stuff, took a look at the antag list which was filled with 6-8 cultists already and knew it would only go downhill from there on out, which is why I allowed them to summon Nar'sie to end that mess. I remember that after the round we had a lot of salt about the antags and the AI. Here's two things that jumped into my eye: Antags where pretty focused to claim that Nar'sie is the goal of cult -> Not a good mindset for our server There where a couple of people in this cult that a) always roll antag and b) always get salty (be it AI, getting shot, general "losing") Just going to quote the rules here. This is not aimed at anyone specific, but I would prefer if you would read and try to follow these simple steps to making antag interaction fun for everyone: "The primary goal of antangonists is to DRIVE A STORY AND TO GENERATE INTERACTION. Be creative when coming up with objectives, and try to do things which will be fun for others, not only yourself. Do not resort to the bare minimums of generating a story through mechanical means, either. This means: no unmotivated/not roleplayed out mass murders, etcetera. See the rules below for further clarification." "Only resort to killing if it makes sense or drives a story. Randomly killing someone because you’re a traitor will get you removed right quick. This also means that murder for the sake of murder is punishable. However, in certain situations, murder can serve as a tool, if none other applicable. If you’re uncertain, ask for guidance via adminhelps." "No ganking. While antags will sometimes kill, it is expected for you to provide interesting roleplay to your targets first, if your goal is assassination. This does not mean that you need to monologue your opponent before killing them: roleplay leading up to a murder can take place over the course of the entire round, for example, leaving the murder scene itself to be “wordless”. Collateral damage is acceptable within reason, but this means you must use common sense, and avoid creating scenarios with a lot of potential for collateral (setting bombs in high-traffic areas, etc.)"
  11. Hello! After reading through your notes I'm willing to unban you. There is something you got to do for me before that happens though. First of all give the rules a good read and let me know that you did so, understand them and will follow them: https://aurorastation.org/rules.html Further I want to point out this rule as it was included in the events that lead up to the ban: "If you are contacted by an admin, you are expected to reply, and communicate clearly and in good will. Failure to reply or disrespect towards admins may be grounds for a ban. We do our best to be polite and courteous with you, and thus expect you to do the same with us." That's a rule that is very important to me and I'd like to point it out here in hopes that it does not come to a situation where you break this one again. Overall it's been five years and I am a big believer that people do change. Reply when you are familiar with our rules or have questions.
  12. @VisVirific had to bin this one, shoot a DM if you need details.
  13. Wanted to drop a simple +1 but Borya said no, so.... Good guy, sometimes doing stupid stuff, sometimes getting in trouble for it. Does not mean he no good guy anymore. Overall seen you help out new players a lot in LooC and ICly. Appreciate it, good work should not go unseen and I think the feedback you got so far speaks for itself. Good luck with your app!
  14. Staff: Hey I handled it 😄 Player: Thank you Staff forgetts to "Enjoy your round!" and leaves ticket open. Player: Why am I not allowed to slime myself? How do I build maxcaps as officer? Is surgery really an issue as EMT? Staff: Out of the round for 15 minutes I usually wait for the player to be like "Allright, thanks for looking into it" to which I give my "Enjoy your round!" and close the ticket. That has the reason that a new question about a different topic may come in and someone who knows more about that topic can take it. On the other hand I often close tickets about spawning stuff or giving respawns with a simple "Bless!" and that's it. Hope it's allright to do so, feedback from the community has been rare, so I think it's a good thing that you posted Although there are not really rules about how we handle tickets, giving the other side time to respond or asking if there is anything else or simply wishing a good round are formalities that I'm a big fan of.
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