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  1. Yeah am aware but it's going to pop a million red flags seeing a vaurca with insulated gloves lmao. What I usually do is grab an entire Eva suit and put a nice cloak or such over it.
  2. Not a bad starter but you may want to speak this through with one of the species lore staff, they usually are up to date on the mechanics as well. The biggest oversight I found on my first read through is that you missed out on the fact that vaurca have three frequently played subspecies Ka, Za and Ta which all have different resistances and such. For mechanics like sulphur and iron you may wish to test them before publishing them. There is a lot of headcanon going on with the species and even mechanics described through lore may not be implemented or functional. My suggestion would
  3. You could remove the tampering part to give antags a bit more reasoning to interface with Borgs since the AI core is restricted either way. It would account for engineers attempting to weld Borgs and such. I mean you can send a borg to robotics by claiming a wire is picking out somewhere if you feel funny but no other crew may touch it, feels kinda weird as someone who frequently recruits all kinds of people to help out Borgs. The third law was basicly a whitelist suicide since both sides could ahelp you whenever you interacted with either really. Claiming the AI role is dead is well
  4. Makes it better but I am still for a full revert, don't see a need for a new set when the old one already handled it better.
  5. Remember the RDs that were always traitor? It's the same with AI in this system yes. Should not be, but if you play AI on a traitor round your chance to get it is pretty much certain due to how few other antag ready players we usually got. Not judging on how the AIs performed as antags up to now but the potential for massive abuse is of course given. Currently heads of staff can only be turned into antags like vamps or such, the AI traitor idea is not really a solution to malf, better malf is the only solution to malf. Until the people willing to fix it have done so it should lay in rest
  6. I am once more asking for a full revert to the old lawset. The whitelist improved a lot, the lawset improved nothing. A whitelist forum section like command staff has would also be a neat addition to gather frequent feedback since this thread seemingly dieded. Without touching too many toes I would also like to see feedback from people who actually applied and played with the AI during the month. It's not exactly a lengthy or complicated process but having feedback from inactive people or those who have little to no interrest in the whitelist is kinda weird in my eyes. Not much else
  7. Decided to add It's a great idea for roleplay purposes and people should never feel forced to do it on their own. Thanks for the suggestion! Going to wait for the admin decisions on the qualification stuff, ping me in the wiki channel or here when that is to be changed 😄
  8. The council of ghosts found your gimmik lacking! Feels like 2450s all over again... Last for today: When science asks for materials so you send them the nuke
  9. Both are the peak of suffering as antag. You do not need gloves but in return you can never wear gloves. Sounds harmless enough until you realize that both have the same fingerprints as humans 😄 All for removing the idea of taj/nathi gloves. Any sane person would just poke their claws through the fingertips and not touch the lifewire with exposed skin.
  10. Job requirements will get a slight adjustment and the wiki pages will need some reworking, so in the future there may be one or two alt titles depending on where lore/admins want to go with it. May want to see how it plays out and make a suggestion about having an alt title if required and desired.
  11. The manual clear is removing the camera alltogether by deconstructing it. Very funny with the bomb range cause the deleted cameras sometimes stay with you for the entire round and your only way out is to reconstruct one with the same tag in the same area. Manual removal would be cool for engineers and antags alike. Clever idea!
  12. Thank you for clearing up without a doubt that the complaint had no basis to stand on. In my eyes this could all have been avoided with a little benefit of the doubt but it is what it is. All I can offer is that my DMs are still open for everyone, in my entire time in this community I have not blocked a single person and I had worse interactions than this complaint.
  13. As someone having to deal with the worst security position for far too long this has my full support. The detectives were used as investigator by a minority of players at best. Most of them either cryoed early when they did not get the antag slot desired, thought they were in any position to command officers around when no HoS was around, or performed absolutely disgusting frontlining with half the armory. I have not experienced more lrp behavior from any other role on the station, this being a problem with the role being appealing to new players which get the wrong idea of it and sadly experi
  14. Tamir admitting to doing it. Tamir admitting to why he did not just say it during the round. So you make a player complaint about me, ignore my response and want to have it handled in DMs with Abo or ShesTrying. Works for me. Hi "others", my DMs are also open if you wish to discuss something or share your opinions. I still struggle to understand how we came to this complaint so if it was a group effort feel free to let me know.
  15. This is the IR in question. There is at no point a request or even the intend to get your consular punished for this. It is a general plea for improvement as to provide issues with festivities in the future. This is the message I send to you. Again. At no point was the aim of this IR to get you ICly or OOCly into trouble. The tone should make that more than clear. There is a difference between "He just wanted to drink" and "I'm so ready to get that Hadiist rafama IR'd," It's kinda fascinating to me that Tamir is the most chill person to file the IR here really. Sues character ha
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