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  1. This was a mistake. I told you people would abuse it. Guess now time will tell. In the name of all those who will just use it to claim the "best scientist 4eva" in LooC I'd still like to say "Thank you". Hope I'm not right on this one.
  2. Really enjoying what I read so far. I've been doing people from the frontier and I agree that the choice and headcannon part is important to keep up while streamlining it a little bit for newer players looking for outlines to their characters from the wiki. I think your Idea may allow people to keep their storries, but also outline how the alliance works and why they'd stick together. Making the out rims a bit more dangerous seem to make sense with all the mega corps and empires controlling the more civilised spaces while giving the alliance a bigger role in handling their territory. Think of them having to defend the outside from criminals and the more established parts from companies would make for an interesting enough form of government which more people might pick instead of going with the "out of nowhere" characters. Would love to see you build up on this side of the Frontiersmen, too. +1
  3. Okay it's me again. Closing this player complaint and letting you know that the player in question was handled. Next time make sure to provide proper evidence as it helps us out a lot and makes the entire process faster.
  4. @Dark1Star Okay, so the logs are from another round since neither of you two are in that round you posted. Please try to find one that shows the behavior you described. @Sgtmind Waiting for your follow up on this one if you want to still post it. It's usually preferred to have a civilised discussion about this.
  5. @Alberyk and I will be taking this. We would like to get a round ID or two to find specific instances of bad behavior. A comment from @Sgtmind would also be useful.
  6. After problems getting the right logs due to a missing round ID and little to no interaction in this thread I am going to keep the post on this one as short and precise as I can while trying to explain the verdict. Let's start out with Pennant's first complaint against the AI. The logs showed that Pennant was not ordered to pick Engineering or construction, but simple asked to pick one of the two. From my point of view there is no urgency to do so and they did not go against this order. This is every word that was exchanged in regards to the AI by the stationbound. Since no active alarms where found and stationbounds can monitor alarms remotely Contextual decided to not pick a module yet and wait for work to pop up. Pennant helps out the scientist that it knows with small tasks and RPs with them fine. After asked by the AI why they are sitting around near them, it explains over robotalk what it is doing and why. Instead of displaying any hostile intend they decide to RP that Pennant wants to work and is stressed about not being productive enough for the AI which is rather fitting for a simple robot. After this conversation the scientist decides to ask the AI why it is giving Pennant a hard time. What I see are two things here that will pop up again and again. You are clearly misjudging the situation and deciding that you know how they should act and behave. Instead of giving a simple order and seeing whether or not Pennant follows it or if it outright goes against it's laws you decide to call them shitborg in your ahelp and be openly hostile towards them ICly by telling them not to complain about you, which they at no point did. To the other points raised in this complaint. At no point did Pennant complaint about the AI. The phrase "I cannot complain" is used in every professional setting as a meaning that you either have no issue or that it is nothing to be discussed with external parties. How another person interprets this is up to them, but Pennant just outright stated and followed it's order. You clearly did tell Drwago so in your ahelp, calling Pennant a shitborg two more times without any evidence of them causing IC issues for your AI. You listened in to people, you where caught, you blamed another player for it. Now here's the kicker. Even after Alma outright ordered Pennant to ignore the AIs order to not complaint, it did not complain, neither tell people that you are listening in on them. It emoted flinching when you caught it saying that it's not allowed to complaint which would be hilarious if it happened with harmless consequences. In this instant you decided to force them to leave, have no more interaction with the scientist and outright telling Pennant that it is "a terrible unit" which brings me to the core of my issue here. Instead of asking ICly whether or not Pennant complaint you started calling them shitborg in the ahelp. Instead of asking whether or not Pennant was the cause that you listening in on people was found out you went after the player in your talk to Drwago. Instead of trusting a staff member to handle it OOCly you decided to use IC means to force another player to do what you want without any other reason than you thinking they where trying to harm your AI play. Two things about Contextuals side of the ahelp. They left the round and decided that it was simply not worth putting up with this kind of behavior, they even asked Drwago if this AI play was acceptable because it would lead them to outright stop playing Pennant anymore. The other thing is that they outright asked if this had any OOC reason, because they felt mistreated by you without any way of knowing who you where and still followed through with the orders about setting up cameras before leaving. I don't see many players bringing that level of patience with them when faced by situations like those. The usual response to this kind of synth play would be a straight up ban from that role. Given the fact that you clearly used IC means to take out your own OOC issues on them baffles me. You where caught doing shit, you where asked about why you are doing shit and your solution was to blame it all on another player. First ICly, followed OOCly in the ahelp and now on the forums. In addition your notes paint a really clear picture about you not keeping IC issues out of OOC and raging / salting frequently makes me question why you are not banned from OOC chat by now. Doing it the other way as you did in this round shows me that you have trouble dividing the two. You managed to ruin the round for someone who mainly plays as stationbound up to a point where they outright asked in the ahelp if your AI behavior was acceptable for this server and that they wouldn't bother to play as a stationbound anymore if it was. So after talking this over @Pratepresidenten and I have come to the conclusion to remove you from the community for outright toxic behavior. We'll be applying a permanent ban that you may appeal in four weeks from now on. Your other option here is to file a staff complaint which you will surely do. I personally urge you to take the time off and think about distancing yourself from ingame issues as much as possible. Gaming in and with this community should provide a fun environment to RP out characters that you and hopefully others enjoy with the goal to have a good time doing so. This will be locked and archived in 24 hours.
  7. Good meme Garn. Okay let's talk this over. The QM is one of the RP roles that is focused on being consistent and useful. That means I have three miners and not one of them gives a single fuck about QMs. So cutting of mining from them would already solve one of my main issues. Next step would be to ask what we want a QM to do. A cheff asking 50 people for dinner requests gets two responses and the QM gets even less if he asks around what people need. Access to the cargo account is a joke because everyone can work the console if they forget to close the program again. Deciding bonus payouts to people helping and miners selling? People tried, they where yelled at a lot. Teaching new CTs to do their job? They are able to do that if they want. Be relevant and have responsibility? Okay this one is hard for me. Not going to point fingers but the usual QM is the person who is either very new and wants to have power or the person you'd not want to see with a command whitelist at all. Now what would make them useful without making it a job that we really need to have a good player in? Guns to arm miners against carps would be funny, but people usually get nervous with having more guns around. Make decisions? What decisions? The usual QM is already trying so hard to decide things... And fails. QM would be a job I wouldn't miss at all really since it currently adds nothing positive for me. If you play one that is well known and handy with words, who command trusts and gives tasks and responsibility... Please tell me the name as I'd love to see them in game. But the way I experience them they should be added to the command whitelist or maybe only be able to become one via in round means -> HoP or Captain, before being given any responsibility.
  8. That was a rather harmless meme about the shrink getting a guest pass to the brig to talk to prisoners and not aimed at the player at all. I was sitting in a cell and watching the fight. A captain with a shotgun and an officer with a laser gun against a tree with a submashine gun. Why there was a psychiatrist in there was not clear to me, but I didn't want to stop the entire scene. This was arround 1-2 minutes before server restart, so no ahelp was send on that instance. This is why I recommended a complaint in case this behaviour lead to a poor experience in that round.
  9. @Pratepresidenten and I will be taking this complaint. Sit tight while we do the log dive and come up with a verdict on this one.
  10. You gave me nightmares. Tree man bad! Like how Rain is always the good natured, well manered tree that is up for fun stuff. But never do 1v1 me in a maint tunnel again or I'll panic. 😮 We had a good REV round that described Rain really well. He went up against management while keeping his character in mind, he recruited me with the promise to keep it peacefull and invested into red dock repairs and bringing out people alive... while I went on to choke a captain to give Rain back his job Also have fond memories of raiding the cantina with you and bashing rats against my IPCs face: "They all taste crunchy, everything does." Loved it. The first diona who was ready for a race with my Xion Industrial. It was hillarious... I slum to the ground, Rain stops to ask if I need a hand ^^ good tree ❤️ Also make him engine tech. You learned your stuff. Your engine test will commence soon.
  11. We don't use light. We meta the shit out of materials + mesons to gank ERPers through windows.
  12. How cool would it be to add yellow lights to the suits? Like.. stripes that glow outside? I really like the color plate, but I strongly agree with making miners visible outside. Another Idea would be to let them glow on material / meson scanners. Maybe as a hardsuit module for the RIGs, always enabled on the softsuits? It would make medical and minings work much more realistic and atmospheric.
  13. It's Urinal Evans. Good meme, good RP, good command member. Honestly only a few who can constantly deliver that good RP and decision making while still making the round fun for antags and crew. That said, what's up with your backstorry? That and the backstorry... why do you want to suffer? No seriously. If you will enjoy this character I'm giving you the +1 with all my heart, but I seriously would get bored to hell. Welp, maybe I'll learn how to enjoy the paperworks from you +1
  14. The truth has been spoken. No honestly. Apps are hard, glad you wrote one. +1 Not only because I still wait for that one HoS to turn around the entire department, but because I think every good HoS does another step toward a better ISD. I trust that you will be one of those steps. I've seen you RP when all the guns where drawn, I've seen you keep a cool head when the salt was around and I've seen you be uplifting ICly when the rounds went south. Overall stuff I want to see from the HoS players. Only question that wanders around in my mind is if you will enjoy it. You are going to have to be a bit more strict, you'll be a rolemodel and a parent for the kids with guns department... I'll watch your trial with great interested and in hopes you not only make it, but actually enjoy it.
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