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  1. You lied to me, saying that Kindnesschan was not you. You knew you were banned. You were banned while you were online. You told us that you would not create any more accounts. Stop lying, please. You're only digging yourself a deeper hole.
  2. I banned you on kindnesschan not two hours after Cnaym banned TwoTales. You lied to my face, saying it was not you.
  3. I love Fren, and I love these sprites! I may be bias but I helped create the sprites, but it's a great concept for a great roleplayer. +1 +1 +1
  4. I would, in honesty, prefer this to be a custom item. I paid for the sprite work, and while I wouldn't mind psychs having blankets, because it would be great for all RP, I'd still like Naali to have a blanket that is, uniquely, hers.
  5. Byond key: ShesTrying Discord key: Olivia#4393 Character Name: Naali'Xiiux Qu-Uish Item name: (if you are applying for multiple items, it should be made into a list with the description, name and appearance together): fuzzy pink blanket Item function(s): It is a blanket! Goes over clothing, can be equipped. Item description: A rather large, pink, fluffy blanket. It feels quite heavy, and smells slightly of saltwater. Item appearance: See sprites! Why is your character bringing this item to work? How did your character obtain this item (1 paragraph or more please): It is a well known fact that humans like fuzzy things, and blankets are already used in commonplace to comfort trauma patients. One of the first things paramedics do is wrap a blanket around patients who do not need immidiate help. It is a comfort item, much like the stuffed animals in the psych closet. What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell? (2 paragraphs here please): Naali came to Tau to study humans. She wants the best for them, and as such, she's purchased a few things to help them feel comfort in a way that is uniquely her's. She uses her Stellascope to calm frightened patients by showing thems constellations, and I have frequently roleplayed wrapping a hospital gown, or my own jacket, around a patient 'like a blanket'. It would be nice to actually use a blanket. For Naali, being a psych is all about being comfortable. This will simply aide in that, and help to make her patients feel at home and safe in an otherwise stressful or horrid position of being cloned, facing trauma, or finally getting in to that tragic backstory(tm). How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? I plan to use this nearly exclusively in roleplay! As stated above, it's a comfort item for patients, and allows Naali one more tool to help make her patients feel warm, safe, and just OK again. Sprites: Additional Comments: Wonderful sprites made by Wezzy! @wowzewow
  6. :^) For sure! When Naali first came to Tau, they very much found themselves floundering. The rules and education of the profession that they had been studying for the majority of their life were very suddenly just not applicable-- and that’s scary! Over time, Naali developed a set of rules for interacting with humans, and how to help them to feel comfortable in the face of an alien, open up, and communicate better. 1. Allow the human time to observe their surroundings, and settle. Have a variety of places to sit readily available, for as their comfort level changes their preferred location and posture will change as well. Blankets, pillows, soft things. Humans like these near beds and lounge chairs. 2. Do not rely on the wake or your auditory stimuli to convey your understanding or emotions in general. Humans cannot hear the sounds you make or read your body language. Lean forwards if you are interested. Tilt your head to the side for curiosity. Sit back a bit if the human says something particularly egregious. 3. Do not compete with humans you do not know very well as you would with skrell. They find this offensive and undermining. 4. Acknowledge human’s emotions with verbal confirmation. It may seem redundant to you but it is important to them, to help them feel heard. 5. Humans do not always mean what they say. Watch body language to determine if it is true in this scenario. Looking away is ashamed. Modulating their voice down means they are sharing something private. The more lax their posture and speech, the more comfortable they feel with you.
  7. BYOND Key: ShesTrying Character Names: Thea Reeves, Gwendolyn Miller, Cleo Ora, Ka’Akaix’Voa C’thur, Ka’Akaix’Vind C’thur, Ta’Akaix’Ivara Zo’ra, Cera Rivers, Naia Willam. Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character: RGB 213, 234. 245 (A light, pale blue colour with a hint of gray) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yus! Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I’ve recently found myself re-reading the skrell wiki after interacting with a few folks, and after reading it through, and getting a little push from some folks in discord, I put a concept that’s been bouncing around in my head to pen and paper. I think skrell, while arguably the closest to humans in terms of xeno species, have such an interesting history and backstory that I wanted to try to branch out into this uncanny valley of frogmen to see what I can come up with and contribute. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Skrell, while they may have human-shaped bodies, are very different from humans proper. The most notable is that they are, primarily, amphibian. From the mucus that their body naturally secretes, to the gills, to their webbed hands and feet, their similarity with humans ends past a cursory glance. Skrell need to keep themselves hydrated, another hail to their aquatic nature, but past a purely outside standpoint, the way that they communicate, live, and interact are very, very different. Connected through the wake, and in the srom, skrell are intermingled in a way that humans cannot hope to achieve. They communicate so flawlessly that they can nearly predict the other’s thoughts, and I think that there is a beauty to that that shouldn’t be discounted. From their culture of always pushing to be the best you can be, to the gentle competitiveness of almost all their interactions, they are so similar and yet so different from humans that it’s a refreshing splash in the face. Character Name: Naali’Xiiux Qu-Uish Please provide a short backstory for this character: Born on the tail end of the Supernova Era, in the year 2380, Naali was largely considered a miracle by their parents, and the people around them. Sheltered in life both by the location of their hometown of Oibuish, and the adults they grew up with, they often found themselves asking questions about their circumstances that they were given no answers to. Serving as a sort of emotional support for all that were grieving, they watched as the adult’s cheeks became stained black with time, often times listening to grievances without understanding just what they were being told. As they grew older, however, the rubble of their city turning to buildings, and the weeping turning to quiet sniffles in the night, they became more privy to the atrocities that had occurred, and the consequent burden that had been placed on the shoulders of the people that raised them. A receiver from birth, they quickly learned to adapt and assist with those grieving, quick to pick out those that might need comforting. It was this role, since childhood, that pushed them into their field of study-- psychiatry. Tearfully moving from Oibuish to Qerr’wesi for their studies, they found a surprising switch in the roles they had been accustomed to their entire life, the elderly skrell, Xiiux-Gra Vu’ex, they were staying with often comforting them in the transition from the familiar to the unknown, telling tearful stories of an AI they had treated like a child as though the child had died in a tragic way. Passing away at the age of four hundred and ninety one, during Naali’s twenty-seventh year of college, was enough to, with their parents’ encouragement, drive Naali to push past Jargon’s borders with some of the first groups of skrell to integrate with humans, finishing their residency on a Nanotrasen medical station, the Avra. Their studies completed after their thirty-first year of schooling, Naali was lucky to take up a full-time position on the station, eventually settling down into a specialization of hypnosis, and communication skills for humans. Of course, humans were not so easy to decipher as skrell, and Naali often found themselves confused and struggling with the alien species, as their lack of telepathy and alien body language left Naali worried about how they could possibly communicate in an effective way-- which was, they could not, not very well. Quickly dedicating themselves to providing the so-direly needed communication skills for humans, Naali began to write papers on the strangeness of a life without telepathy, without the wake, without the srom. How lonely one human could feel even surrounded with other humans. How secluded their minds must be, and how one could assist them to communicate better, even without the wake. Naali stayed with the Avra until it’s eventual merger with a larger medical station, twenty-one years after their full-time employment began. Discontent with the new management, Naali began to look for other stations as potential places of employment- eventually settling on a Nanotrasen-run hospital in Mendell City, Naali spent the next eight years there taking patients, mostly, from one station-- the NSS Aurora. Eventually intrigued by the trend, they looked further into its statistics and were rather surprised to find a daunting portion of staff having had some large trauma in their lifetimes. Intrigued at the anomaly, and in the interest of furthering their various research papers, Naali placed their transfer paperwork near-immediately. What do you like about this character? Honestly, I’ve been meaning to get back into psych for some time, but it’s difficult for me to do without an inspiring character do so with. The development of Naali has been a wild ride, and though the name, city of birth, and workplaces have changed the general idea of something like this hasn’t much. I enjoy their sentimentality, and that they have some experience to bring to the table, lessons to teach, and lessons they have learned. I often find myself playing younger characters, so I think that the branching out into older, more experienced personalities will be good for me. How would you rate your role-playing ability? A solid 8/10-- there is always room for improvement. Notes: ^~^
  8. +1. Tailson is what I want people to look to when they are wondering what they should do in an HRP environment. Their AI's and synths were some of the first ones I interacted with when I started out with the Aurora, and they remain today a shining example of what I think synth play should be, not to mention a kind and wonderful person oocly, which I think is really important in whitelisted members of this community. The synths I have seen them play are top-notch, interesting, and feel grounded and realistic in our lore and setting without feeling boring, and I have had very few issues with them, if any. I love this concept for a character, and I have no doubt that Tailson will be able to carry it out wonderfully. I cannot speak enough praise for them, if I am being honest. They deserve this whitelist, and they deserve all the love that will come their way for it. I'm so glad they've applied for IPC, because it will really only improve their roleplay and roster of characters. I am proud of you ^~^
  9. The issue isn't that you're job-hopping in-round, it's that you're job hopping between robotics and rnd at all. It's against the rules, and it's been against the rules since long before I became a trial mod. Unfortunatly, it's not a matter of how good your roleplay is. It just isn't allowed.
  10. Hey! Sorry for the late reply, working full time sucks :c To give some premise, I was playing my RD, and asked my roboticists if they had any other secondary qualificaitons, imagining circuitry, biomechanics, etc. When T1GWS's character responded with 'RnD', I was concerned. Admin PMs aren't a place for discussion, and no matter how hard I tried to clarify it with you, the discussion went in circles, so I ended it. I said that it went against staying in your character's knowledge. Playing both robotics and rnd is powergamey. In a lot of instances, the rnd barrier is there so you can't go making your own durands and print the advanced scanners and capacitors yourself. Past that, though, this is a long-time standard that I really am just trying to uphold. I am sorry that you've been playing your character for a week or so without it being noticed. I am sorry that you felt things should have been discussed more in bwoinks. With that being said, however, your character is in violation of our rules. Exactly. Not only is it not a feel-good moment when, as a scientist, you find out your roboticist has literally no need for you, but by playing both robotics and rnd you cut out the roleplay that can be achieved in the science department in general.
  11. Reporting Personnel: Ka'Axaix'Voa C'thur Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Scientist Game ID: b3G-afTg Personnel Involved: Za'Akaiz'Crono Zo'ra (Witness - Security Officer) Za'Akaix'Chot C'thur (Witness - Security Officer) Petra Volvalaad ( Head of Security - Witness) Klaus Eliade (Offender - Captain) Oppression Under Steel Rain (Witness/Offender - Warden) Time of Incident: ~10-11pm EST Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ x ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ x ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ Overview of the Incident: During this shift, I was being harrased by a human. First in the bar, where we were both brought in for minor assault. I was fined, even though I told the warden that I could not afford the fine. I need to buy k'ois. I asked to serve brig time, but nobody even told me what my charges were until I was charged. When I was released, the human who had harrased me in the bar stripped naked in the security lobby. He was arrested for hoolaganism. When he was released for the second time, he told me to suck on his toes, but I do not know what that means. He then approached me in the halls and told me he had a bomb in his kidney and insisisted it would go off very soon. I told him I was very bad at surgery but he insisted so I told him I would do it. I didn't know where humans keep their liver, and when I was using the saw to open him I cut his leg off. I was freaking out so I asked for help from my vaurcas on the station. They asked where I was and I told them, and when I finally got the kidney bombs out the roboticist ran off with the kidneys. When I was taken to security, I tried explaining what happened, and why I did what I did, but the officers told me that the captain ordered me to be arrested without speaking to any witnesses. I was fined again, even though I don't have the money and asked to be brigged. The officers said the captain ordered it, and they couldn't do anything. Nobody investigated or talked to the witnesses to see my side of the story. Then, when I finally had a meeting with the captain, he started insulting my Queen! He was telling me what my Queen thinks of my actions and what She said to me, which is a lie! He does not know my queen! He was insulting my kin, he was insulting me! He didn't care for any of the vaurcan crew onboard his station, and he doesn't know how to interact with us. I understand that I was in the wrong with trying the surgery, but I was coerced into the surgery and railroaded into charges-- charges that were wrong! In my official notes, the warden and the captain say that I cut three limbs off! I only accidentally cut one!! This only proves that the captain didn't, and didn't let security do any investigation! My charges say I cut three limbs off which is a lie! I was manipulated into operating on someone who I thought was in horrible danger, and instead of trying to look at my side the captain railroaded security into charging me with false facts!!! Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: The captain did it! Actions taken: Additional Notes:
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