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  1. Awesome. Accepted, then! I will move this shortly.
  2. @Krab Meisterdo you have different sprites for all the departments?
  3. Books are funky. Kathira is funky. You already have a code lizard and sprites. Accepted.
  4. @MattAtlas and I will be handling this complaint.
  5. Haha stupid doesn’t know how to separate sprites. accepted.
  6. This bag makes me happy. with the added bonus of being able to neckgrab an idol with no consequences, this is accepted.
  7. Heya. I handled the last app, and at the time thought that you reapplying wouldn’t be an issue given time and improved performance. However with the discussions in command chat I would not have accepted your current app either. As Matt stated above— you haven’t improved that much.
  8. Happy to accept this with the changes.
  9. The entire station account is 75k. If you pool together every department account and the station accounts, you would have 140k. There isn't really any way to justify having such an absurd amount of money stashed away, nor giving anyone access to it. I understand and appreciate the idealism behind Goldman not tending to use it, but still, it's way too much of an advantage to Goldman. Again, I really can't accept this unless the chip is a) unable to be redeemed on station, and lowered significantly or b) lowered to a much more realistic amount (under 8k credits)
  10. I may or may not have forgotten this app existed. I'm so sorry. You're accepted ?
  11. 100000 credits is waaay too many. I would be more inclined to accept this if you lowered the amount, and also put a stipulation that the chip would need to be redeemed off-station, somehow. Maybe at a special bank or something. That way it retains it's value, but also cannot be used to powergame and go off to buy a Supermatter crystal.
  12. Application accepted. Brace for the item being put in. I really think this will support your roleplay with this character.
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