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  1. I'll take care of the warning tonight if Alb doesn't get to it first.
  2. Bottom line, you shouldn't be doing surgery on live people as a CSI. Especially things like brain and lung surgery. It's just not in your field, and takes many years of specialized schooling. That's all I really have to say for this one.
  3. Myself and @MattAtlas will be handling this complaint. Give us a couple days to go through everything.
  4. So, after quite a bit of deliberation, and a few more people coming forward, we are going to be removing Shaegar from the community. Without going into unneccecary detail, they are not respecting our playerbase’s boundaries, and violating our first rule of conduct. If any of the involved parties wish for more information, they can DM myself or MattAtlas. Locking and archiving in 24 hours.
  5. Trial time! Starts today, 07/13, ends on 07/20. Remember to keep gathering feedback!
  6. I'll leave it up to whoever takes this complaint to decide if this is resolved.
  7. Right, so, I see where you're coming from. I didn't issue the warning, I don't even remember seeing Cabbage issue it. I would be fine with removing the warning, leaving the note, and just letting you know that, until a new ruling is made, you aren't allowed to touch the rnd lab as a roboticist. Fair?
  8. I'm not really sure what to say here other than don't touch rnd stuff when you are playing roboticist. It's just not allowed. We've recently stripped rnd access from roboticists, and if you are getting additional access to bypass this, you will be bwoinked for it. If you see other people breaking the rules, that doesn't mean you can too. It means you need to let staff know so we can put a stop to it. Staff don't make a habit of watching the rnd lab, and we can only bwoink about stuff like that if we see it happening, but still. Going back in to the rnd lab after being bwoinked about it is a bad move. You shouldn't have done that, and because you did, you got a warning. I'm not sure what you're confused about.
  9. Hi! Myself and @MattAtlas will be handling this complaint. @N.U.L.-D., please post what you have to say for this.
  10. Hi there! This is to let you know that staff have checked over the antag involvement in this IR and it is being binned due to direct antag involvement. This thread will be locked and archived.
  11. 👀

    1. Vulcenus
    2. Scheveningen


      play hots with me more...

  12. The gimmick was bad. I didn't see the halls start venting, as I had to go. The gimmick was not, however, against the rules. After VVing them, they were nearly out of TC, and so my ruling was, if they want to waste their TC on dumb shit, they can. The antags were doing things in the halls, and the rad announcements are a viable way to get people away from where you are trying to operate.
  13. @MattAtlas and I will be taking this. @tbear13 say your piece please.
  14. Were you fighting when you were winded? If not, why did you say no? @Hesphos
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