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  1. After speaking to the applicat-ee, we'll be extending the trial another week. Your trial ends on 04-17, now. Continue to gather feedback!
  2. I'm going to trial you, as this doesn't seem to be gathering much more feedback-- please continue to gather feedback during your trial, which starts today 04-10, and ends on the 04-17. Good luck!
  3. I'll be handling this app. Please continue to gather feedback.
  4. Byond key: ShesTrying Discord key: ProbablyTrying#4393 Character Name: Qoi Liuiq Items: A games console with a case and removable controllers! List below with names and descriptions Holoconsole: A game console capable of displaying a three-dimensional, holographic image of the player's game of choice. It's pink! left Holoconsole controller/right Holoconsole controller: A controller for the Holoconsole, capable of folding in half and re-attaching to the machine. It's pink! Holoconsole case: A case for the Holoconsole. This one is made of fabric, with va
  5. I don't have much to add here other than going on the normal escalation I usually use. You were tempbanned for joining as Gordon Ramsey, and then the next time you joined you joined as John Snow. These are both very clear refrences.
  6. Your trial begins today, 2021-04-02, and ends 2021-04-09. Good luck, and remember to keep gathering feedback!
  7. I'll be handling this application. Keep gathering feedback, and remember to post your app at roundend!
  8. Your trial will start today, 2021-03-26, and end in a week, 2021-04-02. Good luck! Remember to keep collecting feedback.
  9. I’ll be handling this. Please continue to gather feedback.
  10. Hi. Myself and @Aboshedab will be taking this. @Cnaym a response when you can would be appreciated.
  11. Byond key: ShesTrying Discord key: ProbablyTrying#4393 Character Name: Akila Aksha'Shalwariran Item name: (if you are applying for multiple items, it should be made into a list with the description, name and appearance together): Item function(s): Reflective first responder jacket Item description: A jacket in an eye-blinding yellow, with flourescent green, light-reflective striping along the cuffs and bottom edge. A bright red cross rests on the front, over the heart. Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Paramedics, in my opinion, should have a much bri
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