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  1. Only because I have been peer pressured....
  2. She, for the most part, holds the usual mindset of vaurca: service without question. The expoitation of bounds is simply 'the norm' for folk from the Xetl brood. There isn't anything else Voa has experienced, and as such she's not overly concerned about a bound's mistreatment. If they were made to be a chair that moves on it's own, that is what they are made to be. Voa was made to be shaped by the people around her. Her experiment and her generally secluded VR experience were formulated so that she would be able to bring fresh experiences to Xetl. Sure, Xetl may know not to pull on a Tajaran's ear, but Voa may not, and the resulting claws to the face and Voa's surprise would be a new and pleasurable experience for her Queen. I guess what I'm trying to say is that fresh experiences are sought after by Xetl, and as a response Voa is made to question the world around her and develop and experience things from a fresh perspective. Xetl's actions are largely whim-based, and as is her VR. Sure, there are norms, but Newt's experiences can be pretty mind-breaking, and I like to think that Voa came out of it a little-less-than whole. Because of that experience it would explain her general outlier status from the usual results of Xetl's brood, but I don't thin it discounts her completely.
  3. Okie! So I'll go through one at a time: -Vaurca are super different from humans! What with their open blood system, they can bleed out much faster, and of course the phoron and k'ois dependancy. And of course, there's the drones, which are generally complerely purpose-driven and focus entirely on their task, as designated to them by their Queen. Even unbound vaurca have a purpose, and so they will go about their assigned job and work with perhaps more dedication than a human. -Because the c'thur are a much smaller hive, they struggle to stay relevant, and have to rely on different means to form reasons to keep themselves alive. Sort of information brokers, and diplomats at times, to quote the wiki, they're the smallest, though I believe the craftiest hive, focusing on the importance of money and stocks. While they can be bullied at times by K'lax, their relationship with the Zo'ra is still strong, and as a result of that playing a c'thur is, I believe, lacking the Zo'ra's politics or the K'lax's techology, playing a character who needs to find more creative ways to be relevant. -While Voa does know about Sedantis and it's ultime demise, after her stint as a fly she was flooded with a lot of information, very, very quickly. She is still young, and is mostly curious about it, as she is everything else. She often reflects back on the planet with a sort of nostalgia, because, as Xetl can do, she learned about Sedantis by taking the place of the planet itself, in a horrid, sped-up movie of her own- and the planet's- deterioration, watching the vaurca exterminate entire speces and the ozone slowly fall apart. -In Voa's experiment, she did not know she was a vaurca. She thought she was a fly, and interacted with the world from that perspective. Now aware of the fact that she is a vaurca, Voa does get great enjoyment from serving her Queen! Bred specifically to be curious, and read between the lines, her service to her Queen is to learn about new experiences and new sensations, and it is stated that Xetl enjoys and even rewards new sensations. Voa's service is to touch, feel, and learn from a new perspective, and show these new experiences and sensations to her Queen whenever she can. -Zzzzkhrell are zzzquishy! But yes, Voa loves Skrell! She's generally excited to see any alien speces, though skrell especially. I like to think of the nameless, faceless researcher in her VR as a skrell, and as such Voa is drawn towards them. Again, still young and lacking of experiences and interactions, Voa still needs, largely, to form an opinion on Skrell! She's been left, largely, to learn about things and races on her own, and relate those new experiences and sensations back to her Queen. -Xetl's unbound are generally desensitized to pleasure, but there are the outliers. The experiments that create Newts, the vaurca that live in VR believing that they are another race entirely. Voa grew up largely without any physical contact or the use of her hands, and as such, having hands now is exciting! Physical touch is new to her, and especially given that she is to show new and exciting sensations to her Queen, she is eager to feel and touch whoever she is able to. Hope this helps ^-^
  4. BYOND Key: ShesTrying Character Names: Gwendolyn Miller, Thea Reeves, Cera Rivers, Lynn Songna, Cleo Ora, Lillian Wallace would be my best known ones. Species you are applying to play: Vaurca What color do you plan on making your first alien character: RGB 55, 0, 120 Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yezzz Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: For some time I’ve been wanting to branch out from human and play something entirely alien. I can’t really think of anything more alien than vaurca. The interactions you can have, and the way the race is set up is something that has interested me for a really long time. Every time I see them, I’m inspired by the wide range in which they can be roleplayed, and I thought I would try my hand at roleplaying one myself. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Vaurca, almost every part of them, are starkly different to humans. The way that they view the world and the people around them, to the way that they interact with objects. Vaurca are made for a purpose. There isn’t the uncertainty that a human faces in what they want to do, and so they are able to focus more on their job, and their interactions. Vaurca are able to view even small things like the sensation of heat or cold or the feeling of a human’s skin with a sense of wonder that often goes unappreciated. Character Name: Ka’Akaix’Voa C’thur Please provide a short backstory for this character Click. The lights came on in the research lab, as they did every day. Every day after the sounds of the door opening. The faceless, formless people filtered into the room, setting to work on the complicated machines that Voa had no idea about. ‘What are you doing?’ The question went unasked, and unanswered. From her place near a flickering lightbulb, she could see the people working diligently on a project. Different every day, great projects of wonder, though their backs were always turned. Their hands and their work always hidden. No matter what direction she moved, what angle she took, she could not see the great advancements they focused so intensely on. ‘What are you doing? What are you doing?’ Watching, from a million different fractal perspectives, Voa released her grip on the ceiling. She was small, and the spider-webbed wings on her back carried her closer, silently, stealthily to the researcher. Closer to the white lab coat that hung around their shoulders. Smack. Hit backwards, Voa careened through the air. ‘What are you doing?!’ She wanted to scream, though she had no voice. Instead, seeing through eyes with fifty-lenses each, she watched as fifty of the same scientist worked, back directed to her, no matter how she tried. She had no means of communicating that she was not just a simple creature. She was more! She could learn, if they would only give her the chance! ‘Why are you doing that?’ Slowly, over time, her questions became more complex. Instead of focusing on the task at hand, her mind drifted. ‘Why do the lights flicker? Why do you wear white? Why do you curse and swear when you drop your objects on the ground?’ Torment, not to know what was happening, and yet sharpening to the things that were happening around her. ‘What does your skin feel like, that you must protect it so? Why do I not wear the same protection?’ Unnoticed, Voa’s questions were left unanswered. Burning, in the back of her mind, singing to be answered, her tenacity never changed. Voa was but a fly. She had no hands to aide in the research. She had no mouth to speak her findings. She had but her eyes, watching, learning, a kaleidoscope of colours and people, research and findings that she only wanted to make sense of. She wanted to know why they left, for great hours at a time. She wanted to know why they stopped to hide food near their face once every time the lights came on. Why did they laugh? Why did they shout? Why did they shuffle their feet every so often, twitch, and move? Every breath, every movement, it was noted, analyzed, and picked apart. Such was her torment, eternally curious. -- Voa is an unbound of the C’thur hive, from the Xetl brood. After her VR experience, she was quickly woken, and placed back in VR to learn both Research and Development and circuitry. Perhaps the biggest thing to note about Voa is that she is very, very happy to have hands. She is obsessed with simple things, such as touch and sensation, so much so that often in social interactions she will forgo social norms to stand as close as physically possible to someone, drinking in their presence and the fact that they simply notice her. Curious to no end, she will often find herself going off on tangents simply to experience or learn something new. The phrase 'curiosity killed the cat’ is not misplaced here, for Voa will approach any alien, object, or place with a voracious need to understand just how and why it works. What do you like about this character? Her curiosity. Voa is amazed at, simply, interaction with people. She’s excited at basic conversation, and I think it is an amazing thing to be. I’m honestly excited to interact with crew from an entirely different perspective, and I think Voa is a personality that will be truly fun to play and bring to life. Edit: Voa's interaction with the world is very tactile. She likes learning through touch and closeness, and combined with her general social ineptness, this can lead to some uncomfortable situations with crew. Yearning to make use of the hands that are still new to her, she'll often be found pulling a human's hair or poking a skrell's head tails. Moizzzzt. How would you rate your role-playing ability? A solid 8/10, there’s always room to improve though I like to believe that I can play my characters well! Notes: If there’s any questions or anything, please ask- Voa is still rather new, so I struggled to come up with interactions that she would have out of VR. ^-^
  5. I can only assume you mean my character, Thea, here. Firstly, I'll ask you to not insult me when I haven't even been active in this thread. Thea had nothing to do with this situation, and I don't see why you'd bother bringing her up. I don't know what you have against me or my style of roleplay, but if you really have an issue with me make a player complaint. Don't offhandedly insult me when you're trying to defend yourself. I digress, either way. I can attest to Smoke's behavour in ooc to say the least. While his reactions to this complaint should speak for themselves, he seems to take great offence when things in round don't go the way he wants them to, or when someone doesn't act the way they want them to. For example, Thea and her tea parties. Not to beat a dead horse, but I've had Smoke both complain in looc to me, saying how he doesn't think I should be there, and outright telling me it's 'breaking his immersion' that I dare have tea in the holodeck. Past that, I've heard that he will complain about it behind my back, which in my honest opinion is a pretty crappy thing to do. Past this one example, however, Smoke has shown time and time again that he is completely unpleasant and downright insulting to interact with in any ooc capacity, a case of his way being the only thing that can be right. He deflects blame, choosing to insult others and blame everyone around him, instead of improving. I've watched him in the time he's been on the server, as both an RD and an HOP, and everything in between, but without fail almost every time I see him he is unpleasant, argumentative, or insulting someone.
  6. Reporting Personnel: Gwendolyn Miller Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Mechatronic Engineer Game ID: b2L-b3lI Personnel Involved: Gwendolyn Miller (Victim) Bernadette Wilt (Offender) Cran Conway (Witness) Jesse Armstrong (Witness) Time of Incident: 17:30 2461-08-16 Real Time: about 9:30EST, 2019/08/16 Location of Incident: Robotics Bay, PDA messages Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ x ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ x ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ [Overview of the Incident: After an unrelated issue with Nurse Solis, I wanted to file an Incident Report for my own personal use. I didn't want to start an investigation, I just wanted to go through the proper channels and have my paperwork signed by a head. I messaged the only head on-station at the time, miss Wilt, and she in turn said she would speak to Miss Solis. I didn't ask for Miss Solis to be fired, or anything, I merely wanted to have a report for my personal record. Instead of allowing me to sit down and discuss my issues, Miss Wilt informed me that she would not be filing an IR, that I was wasting her time, and that I should, and I quote, "take a long walk out of a short airlock" and "stuff it" over security comms, which Mister Conway can verify. I've attached my PDA history to this IR to serve as proof. I am not upset that she was busy, I am upset with the unprofessional, and frankly demeaning way in which she insulted and belittled me throughout the shift. Even after the immidiate threat of spiders had passed, she ignored me, belittled me, and made fun of me to her peers. After this exchange, she proceeded to insult me over the Common radio frequency, and belittle me further on public communications. This resulted in a frankly hostile work environment, and I believe that she got some sick entertainment out of mocking me for just wanting to follow the proper channels of reporting incidents. I will note that the multiple PDA messages were sent at least ten minutes apart, and the alert was lowered to green right after I sent the message "It's really important to me." Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: The only head I could report it to was Miss Wilt Actions taken: None Additional Notes:
  7. i have never stolen any cyborg analyzer ever, I don't know what you're talking about, this is slander. but anyway big +1. I came up with these designs after running out of tablespace a million times.
  8. Lmfao, I hope it sparks joy. It's too much. too. much. I want my circuitry with beepsky sound circuits to work, too!
  9. I'm serious. Log on and build one. Listen to it. Feel yourself die inside.
  10. Hello. As a roboticist, I can say that when I work hard on a mech, this big, powerful machine, and weld that last plate in place, I get a little upset when it.... Squeaks at me. Seriously. The sped up, rushed through mech startup voice is horrible. And it hasn't always been like that!!! Plx revert it. Same with Beepsky sound circuits and Medibot sound circuits.
  11. To Arms! Kill the rats! FIND THE RAT GOD AND DESTROY HIM!!!11!11!!1 Rat god isn't real. Rat God isn't real. Rat God can't hurt me. Rat God can't hurt me.
  12. I think that this complaint in general has a lot to say about Nat a player, and a contributor to things from an OOC standpoint. I've kept largely quiet on all of this because I was afraid that it would devolve into just this-- a back and forth. I am, however, glad this complaint was made, because it gives a proper forum for those who haven't had time to make a proper complaint to come forward and air our experiences with you and your behavior both IC and OOC. From an IC standpoint: I find Lin can be extremely two-sided. On one hand, when the round is going well, and everything is smooth, she is a kind, understanding, and an overall quality HOS. However, when things start to go awry, or the antags and people around them don't do what she believes they should, an almost 180 spin happens. Lin goes from an understanding HOS who can be reasoned with to a commanding, controlling, well, Commander. At times, it feels like you can be playing two characters at once, and let me state: neither of those characters are explicitly bad. I feel like you may be trying to play too many people with only one main- and I think that if you made another HOS with more of the qualities of angry-Lin, that you would find that normal-Lin mellows out a lot. It's good to have that diversity. On the validhuntry ways, I agree, to an extent. When normal-Lin does become angry-Lin, she can be... a lot. She seems to get stuck in this frustrated, emotional state and allows no reconciliation or further RP, only detain-imprison-or-kill. I'd take into consideration that if Lin does suffer from anger, the implant may play a larger role at this point, and you could even rp out that change for some really interesting interactions, from angry and emotional to cool and calculating. I aswell, honestly, don't think that Lin is fit for a command position. As the people above have stated, she's just too emotional. Too hot headed. She made a great warden, and I think that she is still a good character. Not being fit for command isn't a bad thing. Plenty of characters are not, and that doesn't say anything about the player themselves, so long as they can remove themselves from their character. From an OOC standpoint: In this complaint alone, Nat, I'm sorry, but you're catty. You're taking actual, constructive criticism from people who want to see you improve and twisting and turning it so that all you see is people attacking you. Even in your defense of yourself, you say for people to provide proof, and then two sentences later you go on about how "plenty of other HOS's are bad" without providing any backup of your own. I think it might be best if you took a step back and realized that nobody here dislikes you -- I can only speak for myself, however I think you're a great roleplayer, when you want to be. That's the key here. I've seen you get frustrated, and that's okay, but when you get frustrated ooc it shows ic. If you need to take a break, take a break. That's nothing to be upset about, but you've shown time and time again that you can't separate your characters from yourself, and that's a very important thing to do. Past this complaint, you've shown an inability to look at things objectively. You see things as a slam against you, when, most of the time, they aren't. Your character, isn't you. Your character, is allowed to have flaws. I think trying to make a flawless character is what you're trying to do and that's where a lot of your frustration comes from-- because everyone around you isn't seeing Lin for what you want them to see her as. I've seen you say a lot of "if you took the time to get to know her" but the bottom line is, people shouldn't have to get to know your character. People are allowed to have first impressions. People are allowed to only know Lin on a surface level, and people are allowed to dislike your character. It seems like, sometimes, you think you're entitled to people getting to know your character when a lot of the time people just won't. That's not how real life works, and nobody is obligated to spend time with someone they don't like, be it in game or out. If a character meets Lin, decides they don't like her, and moves on, it's not up to that character's player to change their opinion of her. It's up to Lin. Workplace politics suck, but they're there, IC and OOC. In the end, the world we live in isn't a perfect place where nobody gets upset. People will be bugged by you, and you will be bugged by people. This complaint isn't a personal attack against you, it's people pointing out ways in which you may improve. You have a command role, and with that you need to understand that progressing rp and allowing a bit of leeway is really important. I know you and I especially have had our differences, but I urge you to take the things said in this complaint to heart, instead of brushing them off with an lol as you have been. Anyway, that's my two cents.
  13. Tyranny is a great roleplayer. They are able to react to scenarios in a very believable way, and I think that they bring enough depth to their characters without going overboard and making things a little too complicated. By that, I mean, their characters are fleshed out enough to be real people, but not too fleshed out so that canon events and time cannot change them. They roleplay their characters as evolving, changing, learning people, and I think that it's really refreshing to watch them grow and change, as I've watched Alice grow and change to be a great CMO. Overall, I trust Tyranny's roleplay, and their understanding of game mechanics, more than enough to give a big fat +1 to their trial and to them in a command position for the foreseeable future.
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