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  1. Hi, I was one of the medics. The jugg barely touched me, only enough to make me fall to the ground, and when I fell, you went to town on me with a cult sword until I died. I didn't see you ask if I wanted to be a jugg in looc, but I was long gone from your sword attacks regardless, as you can see the arterial spraying out of me in the logs. I hadn't spoken, seen, or heard from the cult before the two of you stormed medical and killed us all. It left a really bad taste in my mouth, and it still does. I may have had a chance to survive if you hadn't gone to town on me with a sword once I was already on the ground. You made sure I died, when I hadn't even interacted with you. It was super shitty, in my opinion.
  2. Cull them...

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      Your toons silly. Kill them all...

  3. my owo liscence is valid, thanks

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      Can confirm validity of owo license.

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  4. I like Owen. I've taken some extra time to interact with his characters since seeing this application, and he seems like a genuinely good person for a moderator position. I wasn't aware he was staff in the past, but it would make me happy to see him as staff again. He's been active, helpful to new players, and generally respectful from every interaction I've had with him. A solid +1 from me.
  5. +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 Mel is everything I want to see from a mod. Already well respected by the player base, kind and considerate in ooc, a willingness to help new and old players without judgement, and a genuine kindness that's hard to come by. I've been pressuring her to apply for ages and it's hard to say how happy I am that she's finally done it.
  6. Xiang Zhou is a good HoP. Conflict resolution, someone you can approach, and yet still a member of command. I like them! And I like Cinny! +1, give them command whitelist or bust
  7. The archive unlocking thing is a widely broadcasted holiday/event-- to my knowledge, most all Fed skrell would have been watching it and seen the AI uploaded-- until the Federation cut off the stream. As far as I'm aware it's common knowledge ^~^ Good answers, though! My +1 remains.
  8. The application itself looks good, and I think this would be an interesting character to see on station. Lemei plays pretty good characters, and in them, I trust her roleplay capability with something like Skrell. I have not interacted with many of their characters on a further than superficial level, however they still leave an impression on me-- and I think that is the mark of a good roleplayer. A +1 from me as it stands, but I am trying not to leave feedback without questions, so, how does Jilijoo feel about the other speces aboard the Aurora? How does she feel about Vaurca, and c'thur in specific?
  9. Hi, while I was staff that was online, I wasn't reading the ticket. I think tbear's asking what we thought of it flew by in roleplay that I was participating in. I didn't really offer any input either way.
  10. Appeals are for when you agree with the ban reason, and want a second chance. Make a staff complaint if you think my decision was wrong. You were banned because you failed to listen to staff, and continued to have a horrible attitude towards us. That being said, Appeal denied.
  11. Unbanned and secban applied. Behave yourself, and have fun.
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