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  1. So lets give the benefit of the doubt to the person in the unban thread after me, who had history of repeating some shit for like years lol is given MORE liberty then me just explaining myself in THIS AMOUNT. I have a feeling if i just had come out saying sorry i didn't mean it, there wasn't such a fuss about it. Like what do you want, say sorry to someone who it might've touched or what. I already said that i do not hold the same view i already explained in the post. How many times do i need to repeat that i didnt mean what it came off as and why i then went for the things i went for. Holy sh
  2. Okay this whole thing is really weird, since we have been already talking about the USSR and things regarding it, also the people in charge. Of course i would have things on that subject. I already explained why i felt the need to give an honest explanation because as ive said i dont get the whole racist part, and i knew where i might have fucked up, not the exact PIN POINT understanding. So regarding this, i already went over it in my explanation and its blunt but cause of my autism it wasnt INTENDED AS WELL THE JEWS ARE EVIL AND BEHIND THIS. It was an obvious generalization, for me at le
  3. BYOND Key: frankynb Total Ban Length: unknown (assuming, permanent) Banning staff member's Key: alberyk Reason of Ban: Reason for Appeal: So let me, explain. The reason for this to be written in the first place First, i do not belive that the ban shouldve been permanent if it did took place, and i could argue about what i was saying as not being racist, tho i understand at the time i did put it blunt. Second, i really do care and want to play, being permanently blocked without a word (only being called out by an admin), from the game and the discord of the community i invested m
  4. maybe leave medical resident as it is, and just add a medical intern with a lowered age cap and a bit different role that would more suit them?
  5. Reporting Personnel: Kait Tea Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Bartender (Suspended) Game ID: b9r-bLl1 Personnel Involved: Offender: Evrart Luukanen- Security Officer Witness: Eva Meier - CSI (?) Time of Incident: Around ~08~ Real Time: 18:05 - 18:25 Location of Incident: Near the chapel Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [x] - Assault [x] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ Overview of the Incident: As i wa
  6. Well. If its more about the balance, and not what my character can reasonably be able to have simple knowledge about or learn, then i just have a problem with how restrictive and wide it is. That leads me to question everything, such as "what if my character is a reporter but i had him be in a militia for like 4 years, would that be no the cross knowledge that would be approved? Since that sounds even force balance then security/engineering". I find funny that the administrator, whom gave me the warning mentioned nothing about the balance, and more that it did not make sense for them, and t
  7. I have just explained myself and this is not a satisfying reply to what i have said, if im being honest. I have expected more of a conversation, then "just that, and thats it". Non the less, thank you for your reply. And i also think its important to add Does not do a great job at understanding the rule, since the rules imply the wording such as "reasonable", and believable, which is subjective and only achieved to be understood through dialog and reasoning. I would not have a problem with any of this, if the rules have gone about every possible scenario in which i would have no que
  8. I do not wish to repeat myself, but as ive said, in my opinion, it does not take much effort to understand in a week of time, how a certain type of airlock would work, and only the principals of work of that specific airlock type on this specific station. I would not call that "complex knowledge". Me, ICly talking about that with people and somebody multiple times explaining that to me and myself implementing that to be my interest at the time, is not just "someone showed me icly". Then that does not show any respect to the situation, nor do i as the result come out knowing what exactl
  9. BYOND Key: frankynb Staff BYOND Key: shestrying Game ID:[/b] b80-crnN Reason for complaint: I wish to get a different opinion of staff, and as i think, i should've had a full conversation about what i can reasonably be able to do and what cannot, if you feel like completely ruining my developed in the sake of your view of it as wrong, instead of refusing to argue how and why on something that i suspect is not regulated by the rules or regulated in a way as described to be "reasonable". If im wrong and such regulations touched on my situation exist, please provide them to me or point in the rig
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