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  1. Although it seems like we're mostly in agreement about the issue, I've decided to create a quick poll to get a general gauge for what most people think. https://www.strawpoll.me/21126467
  2. The problem is that has the opposite issue of leaving the medical department without a dedicated helper (but not necessarily learner) role, although maybe that's not a major issue?
  3. Hello.. With the recent removal of medical alt titles including medical intern, there is now a problem; a clear lack of learner lore for the medical department, especially one that's intended for young characters. I used to have a particularly young medical intern character which I'm now unable to use without some serious modifications, since the minimum age required for a character to be a medical resident is 25 years old. I find that the medical resident's original intention was to be a medbay helper role, not a learner one. Sure, they're a lot less qualified than a physician and needed
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