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  1. Omicega has long been one of the people I respect most in the Space Station community, here and elsewhere. They have been extraordinarily helpful in our communiques over the last year-and-some-change, and I really appreciate everything they've done to help me out. Their characters, as well, are quite good. Always a +1 from me.
  2. This is a good custom item. It's very unique and very jealousy-inducing. +1
  3. Due to the mechanical constraints imposed by Byond limiting us to 15 items apiece, I have had to re-add a cost of '1' to accessories, which is a tragedy. I could alternatively remove the additionally loadout slots to cannibaljze space, but that would get messy. I will take some time to re-evaluate the costs of other items to- hopefully- allow for us to continue at 15 points until a permanent solution can be found. I will also put a poll in Discord later for a more severe solution, like removing gear from jobs that already have it. Watches cost the same because, as Arrow has pointe
  4. If your loadout is at the maximum now without accessories, it should see some survival, but may need to be reviewed. I don't think this will be a common problem, though, unless someone has been taking eight sets of clothes. After some review, you'd be correct. In the end it will just be a cap of five, or no cap at all. Thanks for all the kind words and replies, so far!
  5. Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1o3mXOwxti84NBqCneGpy5VMAM0li1Oj-UgjZhioSBnQ/edit?usp=sharing PR will go up tomorrow. I'm still working on some cleaning up of the files. This is a long post. I go into detail on why changes have been made. For full context about why some of that may be, see the attached spreadsheet. Why did you do this? Because a lot of people have implied interest in a large-scale reduction of loadout costs. A few things in the loadout also didn't make sense, lacked appropriate descriptors- partially my own fault- or otherwise needed some TLC on a sc
  6. If we only had one AI player for the rest of time, I'd hope it was Stryker.
  7. Faye is an excellent medical player(and her other departments, really, but medical seems the most pertinent as it's the one I've seen the most of during the whitelist). She's extremely knowledgeable, extremely willing to teach, and, most importantly of the bunch, she's very willing to learn. She's been of immeasurable help, such as during conflict-heavy changeling or autotraitor rounds, and has been extremely willing to take advice and course corrections during her trial. Out of character, she is all the same and more, and a really pleasant person to talk to. She's also been very supporti
  8. I disagree with the above point. I think it's suitably realistic AND creative to be worth the application, especially given the character. There are also only two other applications open, with the last accepted being half a month ago. I'll happily code it myself if you believe 'three clothing items' to be an unfair burden on the coders to reject. I suppose I may just not understand why this is a point you would bring up at all- if there are ten good applications that provide necessary assets and aren't forcing the input of an entirely new mechanic, what reason is there to deny them?
  9. If I may also be personal and entirely off-topic, then, I had truthfully written an entire response to this. I realized, however, both how rude that would be to the applicant- and still is, on my part- and how disappointingly lackluster your entire point is. Seeking 'two-dimensional spaceman political capital' by making bizarre, half-true mentions of realpolitik is very odd and holds no real relevance to their competence as a lore writer. With that said, I do have some questions for you, just to gauge some feelings on longer-term projects. I am not, presently, a Tajara player, althou
  10. It doesn't have to be malicious to be dumb. The problem with this line of thought is that it implies the majority of people do really, truly want to play that gamemode, and it's not simply the most popular vote among secret and extended. It could be five secret, five extended, and six for, like, borer or something; That's still a ten to six comparison, and that's assuming all of those people actually want to play borer. Most of these gamemodes also have stupidly low required players- wizard being one, for instance. This seems like it would require too much effort to bother with
  11. Having seen the abovementioned collowered version, I can confirm it does. Good coat +1 please get rid of the weird shiny one
  12. Jack Monroe is an exceptionally good character and I want to see a Skrell from Mono with the same distinct vibe. It's the kind of vibe that makes you wonder, what really -is' "hardsuit foot"? Something, probably. I love Mono's characters and I wholeheartedly endorse this app. +1, especially with kirby icon.
  13. I used to play Obrigald the Defiler, actually! It really warms the heart to see him mentioned. Unfortunately, gameplay from other wizards resulted in the removal of the spells that made it possible to last more than ten seconds- namely lich. In regard to the antag list growing shorter, I doubt one gamemode compared to merc, raider, cult, vamp, ling, rev, burglar, and ninja will be truly missed. While I appreciate the faith in humankind as a believer in the innate goodness of the soul, I feel as though if the kit is that easily utilized to make for a miserable two hours then it should
  14. Please, God, just let it die. Ninja is bad enough, but this? This? Funnyman Referencename of the Wizard Federation is here to turn the representative into a statue because he wants epic reddit gold? Please. PLEASE. While I understand 'improve don't remove', I raise a counterpoint: It's a bad gamemode! Why is it bad? The following: 1. It doesn't provide any player agency to working with the antagtype. You're either a peacewiz or there are fireballs spitting left and right and nobody has much fun. 2. There's one of you- maybe more if you spend spell slots on familiars. As has be
  15. Easily among the best character job progressions I've seen in years, done by an exceptionally skilled roleplayer and all-around cool player. Easy endorsement, it's essentially where he belongs. +1
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