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  1. I used to play Obrigald the Defiler, actually! It really warms the heart to see him mentioned. Unfortunately, gameplay from other wizards resulted in the removal of the spells that made it possible to last more than ten seconds- namely lich. In regard to the antag list growing shorter, I doubt one gamemode compared to merc, raider, cult, vamp, ling, rev, burglar, and ninja will be truly missed. While I appreciate the faith in humankind as a believer in the innate goodness of the soul, I feel as though if the kit is that easily utilized to make for a miserable two hours then it should be removed. Besides, nobody is saying it can't be added again down the line when it has been made less griefy.
  2. Please, God, just let it die. Ninja is bad enough, but this? This? Funnyman Referencename of the Wizard Federation is here to turn the representative into a statue because he wants epic reddit gold? Please. PLEASE. While I understand 'improve don't remove', I raise a counterpoint: It's a bad gamemode! Why is it bad? The following: 1. It doesn't provide any player agency to working with the antagtype. You're either a peacewiz or there are fireballs spitting left and right and nobody has much fun. 2. There's one of you- maybe more if you spend spell slots on familiars. As has been seen in the past, familiars can often make for a good round, but not enough to justify every other kind of wizard. 3. It makes no sense in the lore. The Veil, Nar'sie, blood cults, vampirism, the like all have connections to our current lore. Wizard is... bluespace? Bruhhaps? Where do we get the wizard juice? Sometimes, bad things don't need replacements! Sorry! Variety is the spice of life, but we're not living on Arrakis. Technomancer would be a great reflavoring if you're desperate for a spell-y gamemode, but there are ways to do 'fun and quirky' with the other antag types that mean this one is utterly, completely obsolete. I continue to see no reason to keep it.
  3. Easily among the best character job progressions I've seen in years, done by an exceptionally skilled roleplayer and all-around cool player. Easy endorsement, it's essentially where he belongs. +1
  4. Nienna really hit all the points on the head with their post, ESPECIALLY with how exhausting it is to deal with constant carp. That being said, I love meteor showers because they seem like a realistic event to be occurring while living on an asteroid, but I can live with its outright removal if it means no more carp or dwellers beating the windows for fifty minutes while I'm trying to roleplay.
  5. While I support their efforts, I should point out that their job is hit rock, not hit fish. They'll just have to complain to a head for them now. EDIT: The combat rigs also have worse melee resist than the industrial. They're not even powergaming correctly when they do this. Get an industrial, they have a good sprite and give you benefits as a miner.
  6. I'll see what I can do for returning old security stuff, but I'm a full-time student with crippling juststartedlearningbyonditis. This is a quick, easy, and effective solution. While I initially leaned toward an alert level locking system, that presented the problem of antagonists being able to spam-lower the alert level.
  7. I'll try and answer these inquiries as I can find them, so sorry in advance if I miss something. Correct, which is why this is merely a band-aid barebones measure to curb mass production. I will look into adding other safeties- items needed to activate weapons that only spawn in the armory, alert level requirements, etc- as feedback and gameplay necessitate. Science requires mining to produce their weaponry, so it logically falls on robotics to require science and mining as well. I will look into replacing this. As a precaution, I've just gone ahead and added the removal the ability of visitors to use mechs in general to this PR, being as they're off-duty employees without the authorization measures/jury-rigging/etc necessary to use sophisticated vehicles that would logically require some authorization or removal thereof. This seems like a contradictory statement, but, regardless, mechanical regulation will allow for command staff to make more informed calls to building weaponry than 'oh yeah just go ahead and do that'. The statement of 'paperwork can wait' is something best left to IC regulation, as you should logically be complaining to someone about this if it's happening in a canon situation and never actually gets filled out. See the above statement regarding re-adding access, insofar as 'I will do it eventually'. I don't see a problem with the requirement of three staff in the meantime, nor do I particularly care about the parts required, as they can be easily enough sourced by the 1:00 mark on a good day. Similarly, visitors will no longer be able to use hardsuits outside civilian models. You're not working. You're a visitor. This makes no sense to me. You're an observer at your workplace, and if you want to 'get involved' there are plenty of other ways to do so. Sorry. This is all generally related to what I'll be blocking off in hardsuits, so I'll address it as such. I'm going to bold this for clarity: This is not a balance PR. This is a measure undertaken for basic security measures to prevent people manufacturing combat equipment when it wouldn't be necessary. Weaponry and these two RIGs are explicitly stated as being combat equipment, and I have treated them as any reasonable human being would treat munitions at a workplace. The only things I am blocking off are: -Mech weaponry -These two hardsuits(Combat and Hazard) -The energy carbine. Also: Yes. I'm trying to stop that. EDIT: The taser will be left in. It's a good nonlethal weapon and it has limited shots.
  8. This seems cool, but I'm both not that good of a coder and unwilling to curb the power of antag roboticists to that degree. I'm also working on an anti-xenofauna mech weapon a la the phase guns from other Baycode derivatives, although from my time as a mining main I've found the carp hunters never used mechs or hardsuit weaponry.
  9. Hello, gamers. One thing that's bothered me lately is the ability of robotics to produce combat mechs and hardsuits without so much as a green light from anybody else. RnD has their firing pin problem, the armory is the armory, but this is an entire sub-department that essentially builds walking tanks and powered armor with no gameplay barriers outside regulations. Regulations are fine, of course, but there's an old saying: If you can enforce something mechanically rather than judicially, then why not do it? So I dug in the code, and what I've gone and done is essentially copied emag code into a sort of lock; An item that spawns for the RD(and HOS! I'm also considering the Warden) that allows you to permit robotics to produce combat-related mech equipment, hardsuit devices, and the hazard and combat rigs. At the moment, I'm still working out how to make it reversible, and what to include, but even those are negotiable. The mechfabs will also be emaggable to produce the armaments as normally, to allow antags to get their gubbins without bureaucracy. Why? Because itdoesn't make any sense, logically speaking, for a non-military installation to just let you produce a functionally limitless supply of heavily armed munitions without mechanical checks. "You shouldn't do it!" doesn't stop people in the Real World, nor does it stop them here, nine times of ten. This is a basic, almost ineffectual measure to be taking that does nothing but ensure a little realism and a lot of not-producing-an-armory-because-you're-bored. And, really, this sort of thing should require some sort of go-ahead from a department head. I wouldn't let my kid sister touch my shotgun, so I keep it in a safe; I don't want Baldie McNewintown to have a combat hardsuit with built-in weaponry, so I'm adding a lock. It'll also prevent powergaming on lowpop antagonists like burglar or changeling and give the antags more of a fighting chance, if you want to think of it that way. Counterpoint I: RnD/xenobot/cargo can produce weaponry! Rebuttal: RnD has the firing pin system, xenobotany can be countered fairly easily and takes some modicum of focus to produce weaponized plants, and cargo ordering guns/building them still requires some level of antagonist play to obtain them without authorization. Counterpoint II: This will drive away robotics players! Rebuttal: If your only goal to play robotics is to produce combat mechs and hazard suits for your friends, you shouldn't be playing robotics. There are loads of other really, really cool things you can do and I highly encourage them because they don't produce deadchat salt. Counterpoint III: Security needs equipment to deal with xenofauna/events/etc and sometimes there isn't a head of staff! Rebuttal: This is a tricky one, but ultimately, one less way to skin the metaphorical cat isn't a huge reduction in power, here. Giving a fabricator what is essentially a childproofing is a basic measure- it doesn't remove them entirely, it just makes them require someone else's permission. The armory has a similar issue, but it typically can be resolved fairly easily and the miners know what they're doing. Counterpoint IV: My counterpoint isn't listed! Rebuttal?: Post it below! I'm happy to get some feedback before I open the PR. I'm not really a master coder or anything, so it'll be a moment before I can get that going, but I've already got it working on the test server, so, this is just a waff-ai-is-doing-this-because-they-wanted-to-sort-of-thing. If it's unpopular, I simply do not do it. i showed you my robotics concept please respond
  10. I've always been for the roles to be merged into one. The problem isn't that they both feel like half-jobs, although they do; The problem is that they both feel like full jobs that then have to depend on the other to do some very important work, or, mechanically, vital work, in the case of the CSI, being as having physical evidence is about 90% of any given case that you didn't watch happen. big plus one please let me do x-files memes icly
  11. Incredibly solid roleplayer, very good at balancing out the IC responsibilities of the role with the OOC necessity for story development over valids. Played with him in a few rounds and saw his work in a few I was observing before I went off playing other games for a few days. Even his non-command characters during the trial have maintained a solid IC and OOC attitude and I'm sure he'll use the whitelist to its fullest in his years to come. Has my +1.
  12. I like Stev's cargo tech a lot. I don't know much about Elyrans, but I know their character's a good one. Give them Skrell and they'll make an excellent one. This is my +1.
  13. As a former Detective main, yes, please. The times an investigation has been hampered or full-on stopped because I can't get in the CSI lab and nobody wants to play the role is absolutely agonizing. If you combined the two, you'd get a much more robust job overall that lets you decide if you want to focus on one or actually be able to handle a crime scene competently as a duo.
  14. I love Val and I would love even more to see Cybs given a command whitelist. Absolute icon of a skrellman being. +1
  15. Lezakh is a delight and one of my fondest memories of cargo. Plus, Skyglazer is just an all-around good person, one I would be fascinated to see embark on the rocky road ice cream of command. Has my endorsement, my +1, and my wife.
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