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  1. 'Spawncap' in this circumstance meaning 'it has to begin by a certain point', rather than 'they stop spawning around then', sorry. Couldn't think of a better word for it- the intent id that it begins around the time most other antag gimmicks are in swing, if not at roundstart.
  2. Personally, it just needs a spawncap of maybe an hour. I don't see why a gamemode committed to larger population sizes should be confined to lowpop, nor do I really see why it would be removed altogether for any reason any other gamemode wouldn't be.
  3. I've known Faye for the better part of a year now, and it is without any doubt in my mind that I give her a +1 in this application. She is, by far, the most earnestly committed applicant to this post to bettering the server in recent memory. Faye is kind, beyond words, but she is also honest and strong in her moral compass. Not only this, but she's eager to help others on an IC and OOC level; I can't name a single time she hasn't been happy to be of help when it comes to mechanics, character creation, or even just trying to think of something. I think this makes her all the more clear: not only is she committed to the values of the server and its rules, but she's also committed to the fun of the game and the roleplay we have in it. It takes a certain will to do any sort of staff duty, and I firmly believe that Faye understands and possesses that exact force of character to excel at the position.
  4. Roaper's an excellent roleplayer and an inspirational player at that. I appreciate his commitment to what he wants to do as a Command player, and, being a Command player myself, see a lot of what makes for an excellent Command player in him. He has my endorsement, and that's even before I think about how much I like his characters. +1 from me, dog.
  5. Over the years, I've made few friends on Aurora as genuinely talented, funny, or passionate for the server around the game as MccRrib. His ability to create characters outside the conventional bounds of play astounds me: without fail, every single character he's shown me to date- be it ingame or just as a concept- has been a carefully-crafted concept with drive, substance, and, well, character. Over the short year and a half I've known him, give or take, I've watched as he found his stride, and with that a deep appreciation for the Skrell and their background. In my eye, there are few other individuals- in the world at large, no less- who would do Skrell justice as MccRrib would, on an OOC level or an IC one. I would be doing him a disservice if I did not emphasize as to how he has repeatedly, selflessly, helped me(and many others!) to better enjoy the game, new or old, whether it's by helping flesh out a character or simply by introducing new aspects of the lore that I had, frankly, no idea existed. He's also funny as hell. As always, as forever, a +1. No notes.
  6. Removing NT from service in place of, say, Zeng-Hu- a faction with established ties to hydroponic or food production work- or even just independents would allow you to keep it at three, if that's an issue. Just make the quirky roles like chaplain, reporter, or janitor into independent or Idris-branded roles. The largest problem there is just how problematic Hephaestus is as the only option for Cargo with how many Cargo-minded in-universe groups there are that would rather not work for them. The option of smaller sub-groups like Getmore, which is established in the lore for food and stuff, or a new one like proposed Major Bill's(or something entirely new) is also there, if we're in need od options. Heck, could even make them indies, as well. As to the Zavodskoi thing: it just seems out of left field without the context of the articles we haven't been able to read yet. It seems unfair to say 'knowing that, these aren't being done out of nowhere' when our only information for the NBT so far is the weekly map update, especially when an established bioscience and weapons constractor is suddenly growing an engineering division. Everything else looks cool. Getting excited!
  7. Omicega has long been one of the people I respect most in the Space Station community, here and elsewhere. They have been extraordinarily helpful in our communiques over the last year-and-some-change, and I really appreciate everything they've done to help me out. Their characters, as well, are quite good. Always a +1 from me.
  8. This is a good custom item. It's very unique and very jealousy-inducing. +1
  9. Due to the mechanical constraints imposed by Byond limiting us to 15 items apiece, I have had to re-add a cost of '1' to accessories, which is a tragedy. I could alternatively remove the additionally loadout slots to cannibaljze space, but that would get messy. I will take some time to re-evaluate the costs of other items to- hopefully- allow for us to continue at 15 points until a permanent solution can be found. I will also put a poll in Discord later for a more severe solution, like removing gear from jobs that already have it. Watches cost the same because, as Arrow has pointed out, you can only take fifteen items per slot due to code constraints. Making accessories free is one thing, but allowing for an entire wardrobe of spare outfits seems unnecessary.
  10. If your loadout is at the maximum now without accessories, it should see some survival, but may need to be reviewed. I don't think this will be a common problem, though, unless someone has been taking eight sets of clothes. After some review, you'd be correct. In the end it will just be a cap of five, or no cap at all. Thanks for all the kind words and replies, so far!
  11. Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1o3mXOwxti84NBqCneGpy5VMAM0li1Oj-UgjZhioSBnQ/edit?usp=sharing PR will go up tomorrow. I'm still working on some cleaning up of the files. This is a long post. I go into detail on why changes have been made. For full context about why some of that may be, see the attached spreadsheet. Why did you do this? Because a lot of people have implied interest in a large-scale reduction of loadout costs. A few things in the loadout also didn't make sense, lacked appropriate descriptors- partially my own fault- or otherwise needed some TLC on a scale beyond 'well it's in'. By no means is this exhaustive. This feedback thread, beside allowing for people to say the change is unnecessary with a point of view beyond myself as the coder or player, is to gather suggestions for further price reductions and adjustments. OVERALL CHANGES -Loadout points have been slashed by five across the board. Max loadout value is now ten. Since everything is cheaper, now, it makes less sense to have fifteen points. We can now stay at ten and adjust prices accordingly in the future. -No item costs more than four points, now. With the revaluing of points, it doesn't feel good to use all of half of your 'money' on one thing when you could get five other things. I hope this encourages exploring the loadout. ACCESSORIES -All accessories are now free, with sparing exception. THIS is the most controversial part of this PR, personally. I doubt it will survive feedback, but let me address a few concerns: I. Inventory Bloat Someone is going to take fifty accessories on their jumpsuit and become a horrific goulash of lore and need a talking-to. This is inevitable even today, but will become much more common if this goes through. SOLUTION: I'm working on a way to cap accessories as per-slot, a la one holster, one tie, one shirt, etc. You will still be able to take a bunch, but they won't count against your augments/wheelchair/etc. II. Griefing A greytider is going to take one of everything and crash the server under a burden of ties. SOLUTION: I don't actually think this will be very common. Will it suck when it happens? Absolutely. But most greytiders are so dumb as to name themselves 'Snoop Dogg' or 'Chem Urist' and get banned before they cause real damage anyway. Overall, I feel like the benefits far outweigh the detriments. Allowing people to take a larger array of small items will mean you can complete an item-heavy character, like a Gadpathurian, without sacrificing things like a banner or a toy. The only exceptions to the 'free' rule are generic webbings and drop pouches, which offer expanded storage space and could be argued as a small mechanical advantage. AUGMENTS Mostly unchanged. I haven't really touched these yet, codewise or ingame, and didn't want to do much beyond reducing the prices slightly to reflect the new loadout point maximum. BELTS AND EARRINGS Unchanged, except the one-small-slot belt and the stud/dangle earrings are now free. FACTION ITEMS Holy crap, was this file a mess. On a code level, I've sorted it into headwear, uniforms, outwear, and misc items. Elsewise, sleeve patches and contractor passcards are now free, and I've put like headwears into faction-specific selections. GENERAL Adds a greimorian plushie, as promised. He makes a 'gort' sound. Otherwise unchanged. RELIGION Much like accessories, everything here is now free. I hope this encourages more openly religious characters. SUITS I've reduced the cost of suits to '1' universally, because of the loadout point reduction and because it was strange for suits to cost '2'. EVERYTHING ELSE I didn't change anything else, even the things I suggested in the refactoring, because I want to gather feedback, first, and because some of it, on reflection, seemed useless. HOW DOES THIS FEEL INGAME? I'm glad I asked! To test the difference, I've taken some of my characters with full loadouts and shown how this changes things. My HoS, Hammer, was a bit light all around. He went from 15 points to 5. My HoP, Antediluvian, is a little heavier. She went from 15 to 7. My apprentice, Aen, was similar. They went from 15 to 8. Feed some back if you can/want/shouldn't! Feel free to leave comments on the spreadsheet, as well; I've included access.
  12. If we only had one AI player for the rest of time, I'd hope it was Stryker.
  13. Faye is an excellent medical player(and her other departments, really, but medical seems the most pertinent as it's the one I've seen the most of during the whitelist). She's extremely knowledgeable, extremely willing to teach, and, most importantly of the bunch, she's very willing to learn. She's been of immeasurable help, such as during conflict-heavy changeling or autotraitor rounds, and has been extremely willing to take advice and course corrections during her trial. Out of character, she is all the same and more, and a really pleasant person to talk to. She's also been very supportive of my own characters, and has offered a lot of invaluable advice for when I ever get around to playing medical, especially in the aspect of making it seem like less of a massive, stressful challenge. Now it's only stressful! Very, very good applicant. +1!
  14. I disagree with the above point. I think it's suitably realistic AND creative to be worth the application, especially given the character. There are also only two other applications open, with the last accepted being half a month ago. I'll happily code it myself if you believe 'three clothing items' to be an unfair burden on the coders to reject. I suppose I may just not understand why this is a point you would bring up at all- if there are ten good applications that provide necessary assets and aren't forcing the input of an entirely new mechanic, what reason is there to deny them? This gets +1 from me, as arbitrary as it may be. I believe this is nothing if not deserved from the development of both involved characters, and I like that it's transformative of existing assets in a way that suits the character from a realistic standpoint while remaining identifiable as work-suitable materials.
  15. If I may also be personal and entirely off-topic, then, I had truthfully written an entire response to this. I realized, however, both how rude that would be to the applicant- and still is, on my part- and how disappointingly lackluster your entire point is. Seeking 'two-dimensional spaceman political capital' by making bizarre, half-true mentions of realpolitik is very odd and holds no real relevance to their competence as a lore writer. With that said, I do have some questions for you, just to gauge some feelings on longer-term projects. I am not, presently, a Tajara player, although I have considered application in the past of my time on the server. What do you plan to bring to the table in order to continue the species' relevance in a mobile setting away from Tau Ceti, as is hinted in the NBT? What do you, believe, would be the best way to bring in new players, with or without the themes of the Republic of Biesel or Adhomaian politics? Tajara lore is by far the most expansive non-human, non-commercial lore category on the Aurora wiki, and in some regards on the forums. How healthy do you, as a deputy, believe the direction of the lore to be? Do you believe this momentum is sustainable, or that it should be made more introspectively focused, with revisions of older lore rather than continued additions of the new? Any mention of Brave New World should also be cited with its relevance to the themes of Tajara lore, as well as mutual connections to the subsequent novel, Island, and how it contrasts the ills of Brave New World with decidedly positive takes on the themes introduced. Do you feel your own synthesis of 'grimdark' and 'noblebright' would be appropriate for the current standing of Tajara lore? Would it benefit from a greater amount of thesis or antithesis? Do you believe this is necessary?
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