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  1. So, I'm making a Himean roboticist, and I definitely want him to have some relations to the Scarabs, so I was thinking about having him spend a few years on the Jotunheimr. I also want him to get trained in the arts of robot making while he's there, so is the Fleet like giant cities with stores and homes, or more like the Odin? If the latter is true, are the stores like small markets or are there actual small, locally owned companies that do their own thing in there? As for spending time part, would it be likely for a Frontiersman to be welcomed on a Fleet ship, or would they just b
  2. Yes, I mean for docking ports, the ability to rent a docking space (not just for houses), nothing more than a tube that leads into an apartment-esque hall and park your ship in there and go to the middle and buy yourself something to eat. Like a bed and breakfast. The ability to park on the Odin was also supported by a system to rent a dock through NT.
  3. My wonderful brain thought about the equivalent of camping trailers for space, and I got houseships. As someone who lives on one of said house-ships, where would one park it? I asked about it in-game and got the idea of ship docking stations that act like bed & breakfasts, and also was given the idea that the NSS Odin might allow for renting docking ports and was told to come here since it was a very specific question. So, what do I stick on my records, is what i'm asking? I live on a ship; I don't have a planet or adress.
  4. Byond key: DeteledSawI Discord key: cud#2099 Character Name: Darrak Torigg Item name: 'PhD' Item function(s): Pressing Z or clicking on it whilst in-hand will switch from open to closed. Makes the paper rustling sound and says 'You unroll the paper.' and 'You roll up the paper.' when opened and closed, respectively. Item description: 'A rolled up sheet of paper. Looks official.' (When closed.) 'A PhD for Skrellian Language & Literature / Architectural studies. Looks official.' (When open.) Why is your character bringing this item to work?: As a Himean, h
  5. Byond key: DeteledSawI Discord key: cud#2099 Character Name: Darrak F. Torigg Item name: 'journal' (Lowercase as advertised.) Item functions(s): Glorified piece of paper. Blank inside, you can write in it. Item description: 'A synthleather book bound by thread to hold your thoughts. ARTIFACTS is broadly written across the front.' Why is your character bringing this item to work?: As a xenoarcheologist, you've got to have somewhere to log your studies of ancient stuff. What better than an old leather journal?
  6. So, I want to try to get into Xenoarcheology, and there's two things I'm trying to find out. 1. What's it like? Can somebody describe it to me? 2. What kind of alien artifacts are we looking at here? Skrell? Mystery artifacts?
  7. Well, two things. One, this isn't just any action figure lying around in maintenance, this is an ultra rare limited edition figure, 1 out of 100. In the entire galaxy. That's a lot of galaxy and not a lot of figures. Two, it's like a trophy. A source of great pride, to be displayed for all to see. In reality, a dart crossbow and a few foam darts from cargo would be worth more than that- but it's not about actual, solid value, it's about personal value. And as a librarian, I have a display desk where I display all of my fun toys, so of course this one would go up there.
  8. Byond key: DeteledSawI Discord key: cud#2099 Character Name: Joshua Browning Item name: golden captain action figure (lowercase, as written) Item function(s): Absolutely nothing. It’s an action figure. Item description: A "Space Life" brand captain action figure. Coated in REAL faux gold, only a hundred of these limited-edition figures were made. Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Because action-figure hunting is a hobby (as librarians have a lot of free time) and having a limited edition figure to display is a gr
  9. 1. Well, me being who I am, I don't 100% understand where or how one 20-something year old would acquire a brain in Mars Uni, so I assumed the brain was left in the chassis. Basically, he was reset and was like a baby; He had to learn to walk and so on, so forth- If that's not enough (which is totally fine) do you have any ideas? 2. Duncan died in SolGov space, bedridden on Mars. Mark had gotten citizenship with the Sol Alliance when he was about 13 but chose to stay with Duncan, as that was the best and only idea he had. I will most definitely expand on the backstory, I just have to spen
  10. BYOND Key: DeteledSawI Character Name(s): Markus Thomasson (only got the one; i don’t have a concrete concept so i just switch jobs frequently) Species: Baseline Model IPC Species Color: N/A Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, very frequently. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Well for the longest time I just wanted to be a robot because it was flashy and looked cool. I originally thought about becoming a Hephaestus G2 Industrial Frame, but after a while and time had passed, I really began to research IPCs, thinking for a bit and de
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