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  1. I don't play on Aurora all that often, but I'm the closest my cyberpunk addict friend has to a reference here, so I'll say what I think about this for him. I've played with Neuromancer/AyB0ss on various RP servers for a good while now, Bay mainly due to neither of us really liking many of the other servers out there with a tendency towards custom races, He enjoys playing Corporate Rep or Passenger roles like Investor on bay quite a bit, getting into that semi-shady corporate RP that I would think is a good fit for aurora, He's certainly gotten a lot better at rping and mainly keeping himself within the rules recently which is impressive to me from how he has been in the past, But I've had fun and we've managed to not get banned on bay which I would say has some rather strict rules around. I think his RP would fit a lot better on a corporate driven server like Aurora than a government driven one on bay, and I'd like to see him be given a chance to enjoy the rp side of SS13 cause he has a real need to do cyberpunk corporate RP and I'd love to have him bang on about it a little less. So yeah, I think he is mature enough now to not get himself banned, I'd hope anyway, Obviously I'm not a huge regularly to Aurora so this won't really stand for much but I find it nice to see someone enjoying the RP side of SS13, and I hope what he did in the past wasn't bad enough to warrant a second chance at that enjoyment
  2. Ah! Poor wording on my part, I mean to say that given her being a outdated model now she would be contracted on Aurora at a reduced rate to other, newer IPCs, her contract is still fully with Index Security Solutions and she will be an EPMC employee ingame, it's just meant to be a little reason why NT would contract a robot from Eridani under a different corporation rather than simply use internal employees
  3. BYOND Key: SilverSZ Character Names: Amara Ele, EMPC CSI Species you are applying to play: IPC What color do you plan on making your first alien character: N/A Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, along with a few other sections that have IPC lore, such as the parts about IRU’s or IPC’s in the EPMC in Index Solutions or N4NL Why do you wish to play this specific race: I’ve always been a huge fan of synthetic intelligence in works of fiction, AI, Drones, Synths and all the rest inbetween I find super interesting in works of fiction, from the replicants of bladerunner to drones and minds from the culture novels, they have always been some of the most interesting characters when explored well in media. As for roleplaying games, I find the many varied ways that a synthetic can be taken and the questions they can pose through interactions with other characters to be extremely interesting,If they can actually feel or if it is just programming? Are they beings or objects? Do they deserve freedom or even if they should be allowed to look so close to humans like shells. Along with this I enjoy acting out various robotic attributes and tropes myself, Such as being overly analytical to the point of flaw or being extremely polite in as many circumstances as possible, regardless of how you are treated. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: IPC’s are very very different from Humans and other organic species mechanically, having unique strengths and weaknesses due to their inorganic biology and use of electronics. IPC’s are highly vulnerable to EMPs, Temperature Damage and Laser Weaponry. They also produce a large amount of heat, needing a suit cooler as a substitute for oxygen tanks in their spacesuits, or just a cooler in the case of some frames that are able to act in a Vacuum. However, of course, there are a lot of advantages to their bodies, They don’t require any form of specific gases to breathe in an atmosphere, simply the correct pressure and heat for their bodies to function in. Their metal bodies are a lot less hurt by brute damage compared to squishy organics and don’t feel pain in the majority of cases, and they can’t process most reagents except for when they are splashed with acid or burnt alive. Finally they can be repaired with tools, cables and nanopaste, and need to charge from cyborg chargers or APC’s. In terms of roleplaying, IPC’s are extremely different from the start, from the moment they are created they are different from humans, built for specific purposes and full maturity, without a family or parents beyond a manufacturer or company. They don’t feel emotions although they often simulate them to some extent for interacting with humans, but at their base act off their logic and deductions instead of them,seeking to make actions that are efficient and impactful especially ones who are owned given their fate is dependant on job performance. Whilst some are free a large amount are owned, and those who are free discrimination that humans simply would not see which likely affects their personality, along with the treatment they might have had as they were owned, and whilst they might care less about harm due to their lack of pain than humans, they are also built to preserve their own lives as strongly as they can, although this could just be a corporations method of assest protection if they are owned. Character Name: Nia Please provide a short backstory for this character Nia was commissioned for work within Index Security Solutions, A Shell produced by Terraneus Diagnostics through the companies connections with Einstein Engines in the Eridani System. Designed to be the first in Lab Work skills, as well as an example of clean cut corporate Eridani culture. Her permanent contract with Index making her worth every penny sunk into her, she entered service in 2450, quickly working on several high-profile cases on Oran, Index happy to show off their new unit, complete with advanced visual calculus processing and new emotional simulation software! Nia set into her work with a passion, as she of course was programmed to do, finding her position with the company and her pay and maintenance to be more than satisfactory to her, she did he best to excel at her career and uphold the professional appearances of ISS and Eridani Corporate Culture as a whole. Eventually, the brilliance and wow factor of the new unit wore off, overtime more models like her entered into service, and incremental improvements began in core programming and bodies of new units, causing Nia to fall behind on the curve slightly, while she is still a respected and useful Employee, any time to stand out is mostly gone. When a position opened up for a CSI on the NSS Aurora, Index put her forward based on her exemplary record and a price cut due to her slightly outdatedness, she was granted the position and began work shortly after, seeing it as an opportunity to work in a new challenging environment and show the strengths of her company to a whole new group. What do you like about this character? I enjoy playing excessively polite and respectful characters when I play synthetics, and a Shell designed to show off and adhere completely to the competitive corporate structure of not only EPMC but Eridani Culture as a whole sounds very fun to me, given Eridani is my favourite origin for humans for similar reasons. Additionally, The idea of having a permanent contract with no options for freedom or transfer is interesting to me to explore with other players and to develop the character, especially as their role and prominence has begun to decrease, something they might begin to consider as to why they are on the Aurora, and what their future might be as things go on like they are. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I would say I’m an alright roleplayer, I’ve played other SS13 HRP servers for a good time, Primarily Baystation 12. Additionally I’ve played tabletop games for an even longer time since I was a kid and have always enjoyed it, I find collaborative roleplaying and character development with other people to be extremely fun and rewarding. I’m able to play realistic and detailed characters and I do always enjoy building backstories for characters which helps with RP. Notes: I will admit my playtime on Aurora is not the best, I’m a student so I don’t have much time to play and committing two or more hours to a round of SS13 is even harder to do than playing games in general, I hope this isn’t too much of a damper on my application as I would see myself playing more with the option of playing Synthetics as I am rather burnt out on HRP humans from other servers.
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