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  1. I hope for him to have become known in the Aurora community as a positive influence in the medical field, and to achieve his dream of becoming a doctor. There is no chance for him to become a CMO, because of the restrictions, but maybe some time in the far-flung future that will be able to happen.
  2. He is interested in the knowledge. Maysak doesn't follow every ideal set forth by the commonplace. As it comes to him being raised by pre-revolution Tajara, it's highly unlikely he would follow every rule set forth. He read them outside of supervision, without knowledge of his parents. Once I finish writing out the entire backstory instead of the short summary of what I have in mind, I can give that as well. That entire thing is pretty much a book on Maysak's life at this point. I shouldn't say removed, I should say he left, yes. He didn't join the military due to him being averse to fighting in general. I may have forgotten to write that in. His lack of aversion to blood stems from his interest in biological and anatomical standpoints. He went against his family because of those two things, something that would likely be common for those in their teens/
  3. BYOND Key: MASMC Character Names: Calvin Flickinger Species you are applying to play: Tajaran What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Ivory (Roughly RGB[205, 205, 192], although likely to not be exact) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: I have, and am referencing as I write this application to ensure quality backstory and lore-friendliness. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I personally wish to play this race because the additional gameplay interests me, and I enjoy RP as races that aren't human. They add extra flavour that normally you wouldn't be able to do, and gives an entirely new perspective on how different characters will treat you. As a real-world example of this, a white man (specifically John Howard Griffin) examines how life for the average African American in the United States, writing a journal as he goes (which ends up being called "Black Like Me", published. I'll try to find a link for anyone interested). I would enjoy seeing the different perspective, as this man did, although in a different way. The differing mechanics from human characters also seems to be an obstacle to overcome, and I wish to battle with those as I play as well. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Even down to the minute details of your poses will be highly different from humans. You have many more options for relaying body language, such as your ear and tail positioning, your different attitude sets, and much more. As for the general speech patterns, you'll typically use a Russian or Arabic based name, and you will tend to avoid referring to yourself in first person as much as possible from what I've picked up on this server. As for mechanics, you will definitely be much warmer on the station than you would be on your home planet of Adhomai, and therefore need to add additional small details. The way you wear your jumpsuit (if you wear one, skirts and such are the other alternatives. I know you can't run around nude.), or any additional accessories you have will be different and should be reflected in flavour text. There's also the usage of language, and you'll need to find some balance between what languages you use for conversation, be it speaking in Tau Seti Basic or Siik'Maas (or whatever other language you speak, since it varies by race). Character Name: Maysak Kirillovich Please provide a short backstory for this character Maysak Kirillovich has always had an affinity for biology and anatomy. He did well with those topics any time they were brought up, and has never once felt scared or ashamed at the sight of blood. In fact, he has always wanted to help those who were bleeding. But that plays a major role later in life. First, we must go back to when Maysak was a little kit, fresh from the womb... Born in the year 2428, Maysak grew up during the uprisings and revolutions on Adhomai. Maysak, being the youngest of his siblings, was left with his parents as his brothers joined into the uprising, fighting alongside other Tajara for the sake of the rebels (or at least, that's what the family was told. There is no account of any of Maysak's siblings taking part on the rebel's lines...). By the time Maysak had grown old enough to understand what was going on, the uprising had come to a close. His home city, left intact from its location being so far off the fronts, had accepted the People's Republic of Adhomai willingly, hoping it wouldn't be left behind in technology, nor would it be home to fighting with the possibility of being destroyed. Maysak's life through that time was mostly uneventful. He picked up scraps of knowledge and literacy from books that he found laying around, left by those passing through his city. His siblings, however, have never returned. Following along Maysak's journey, he eventually learns how much he truly likes biology and anatomy, finding out that there are schools for him and his love of such fields. He leaves home, without the support of his family who want him to join the military like his brothers, and goes off to the Trizar State Medical Academy. There, he gains formal education in the medical field, although basic. Mastering his field will come with practical applications instead of theoretical. While at the Academy, he learns Tau Ceti Basic to a highly acceptable standard by most races, although he is still unable to hold a full conversation outside of his own languages of Nal'rasan and Siik'Maas. He was removed from the Academy during the second revolution, and he reached out to NanoTrasen, who employed him as a cargo technician for the duration of the second revolution. After that time, he was allowed to become a medical intern. What do you like about this character? I quite enjoy his willingness to learn, as well as the portion of his backstory relating to not doing what his family wanted him to do (I can completely relate to it, my family absolutely despises me for wanting to pull off a double college major in music and IT, mainly the music part) How would you rate your role-playing ability? Personally, I'd rate my ability depending on a few factors. If I'm well-rested, and not mentally dead from my music classes or whatever, I'd say I'm pretty good. Otherwise, I drop down to mediocre, and if I'm just generally tired you'll barely get a few sentences out of me before I just kinda pass out and miss your messages. I attempt to keep it as high up there as possible, though. Notes: May come as a shock I'm applying so quickly, but I have played on Aurora long ago, I just recently got back into SS13 after computer failure and some stuff on other game servers. I am also willing to learn, if anyone wants to teach, or has any qualms about my writing etc EDIT: Fixed some spelling mistakes, didn't catch them on my proof-read!
  4. BYOND Key: MASMC Total Ban Length: Permaban Banning staff member's Key: Alberyk Reason of Ban: Banned from pAI, AI, Cyborg - Opened the sm's chamber airlocks to the engine room and firing at it with an emitter, as a non subverted AI, pretty much starting the process that would cause the engine delamitation. Reason for Appeal: Whatever I was banned for, I have definitely improved. I have become staff on another server, I actually almost main synthetics over there. If anyone knows FTL, they should be able to vouch for Particilizor and Covfefe. The meme name was from something else that happened (Cough cough discord cough) I can definitely do much better than before. Would be nice if this ban was lifted, I can't really stand playing a human or any other species, I can really only synth now that I have been doing that for quite some time.
  5. Ckey/BYOND Username: MASMC Position Being Applied For (coder, mapper, spriter): Wiki Editor Past Experiences/Knowledge: I am easily able to search code, thus it would be useful to allow me to write and/or modify wiki pages. Examples of Past Work: Is this needed? I don't really have examples of past work that aren't obsolete. But if it helps, I do have an entire book on HTML? Preferred Mode of Communication (Skype, Steam, etc.): Discord, always. If not there, email me! [email protected] Additional Comments: None at all!
  6. LOOC an Engie to set up the construction site drone fab, so you can construct away with those weird things.
  7. I agree with Wesmas on the bucket mop, so no need for the mop bucket.
  8. MASMC

    New interface idea

    Wait, why are we talking about this here? Take it off the forums. It's done and over with. This is about my suggestion, not my fanfic.
  9. MASMC

    New interface idea

    My suggestion is actually from /tg/. We should take a page from their book again, and add a neck slot to the game! It is kind of weird swapping out things that, really, you shouldn't need to, such as taking off a necklace to put on a breath mask, or gas mask, or really, anything in that case. Also, I have a quote from one of our players to support this idea. That is all. It would require a bit of copy paste from code, but I feel that, if we use it, we can make it better.
  10. Ah, damnit. Well, to try again next year. Meh. Thanks for taking the time, anyways!
  11. So, honestly, I am kind of sad b/c my relation of the ckey to chars is now broken. I used to hide one of the chars. Nobody but admins knew it. But, worth it if I get accepted.
  12. I edited, most of this will be a bit off now. But I will still take into consideration, thanks Coalf!
  13. Okay, thanks, House! Will take a look and revise! <3
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