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  1. tbh the more pertinent question would be 'Would you deviate more if the current regulation wasn't there,' as I imagine it's the prime motivator behind people not really doing that.
  2. Also depends. Generally I always have a bunch of accessories, or different shoes. My old G2 officer would wear a flight jacket (green or blue) when she wasn't wearing an armor vest. She would wear a poncho over said vest to look less intimidating, as well as dark jeans (because we already had a black uniform.) My Zavod shell wears stud earrings and tall boots, but is a contractor so my choices are limited. My most out there one is also a Trinary shell, wearing a black blazer over the normal 'blue pants and shirt with a tie' uniform, as well as the Trinary cape, halo antenna, and some jewelry.
  3. Alright. I'll give you another chance.
  4. Adds lore on how Scarabs deal with problem children and problem adults. Extra special super big thanks to Happy Fox and AlchemicalToad https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Scarabs#The_Released
  5. Yeah, hi, sorry, Mod Formerly Known As ParadoxSpace here. You gave this a good amount of time. That shows me you probably have a genuine interest in improving. What steps will you be taking to not have this happen again?
  6. This is one of our best Skrell applications I've ever had the pleasure to witness. In fact, that I've ever had the pleasure to approve. You've hit *all* the right beats of a Skrell that was born and raised outside of the Federation, and I physically can't wait to see her come to interact with Federation Skrell and C'thur.
  7. Okay, so. I took issue with multiple things here. While it is possible that the Warden could've squealed, the following facts remain true. You had the advantage by having them on your home turf. You could've easily blocked the elevator or even got in there and stop it. I can assume you had ample time to prepare things like stun talismans or runes to not have to kill. The base act of using the elevator to fish for converts even once. I'd rather you abduct people from dark maintenance tunnels than ever use the main way people get to the main level. Yet you all set up the shooty pylons infront of the elevators and did so anyway. The fact that you've been playing here for just under a year and should've known better. However, I'll concede that a week was probably excessive. I still think your actions merit punishment, but maybe 7 days was too much.
  8. Sorry this has been sitting for a bit. Please whack me upside the head next time. How do they feel about off-Federation Skrell? How about Dionae and Vaurca? Why did you use 'father' as a descriptor? Are they a Listener or Receiver?
  9. In response tohttps://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/9907 This thread mostly exists to ask the community if it presents a problem or not to have flash-proof sunglasses be just accessible. Arguments I can think of for this: Hardly anyone uses flashes Flashes no longer stun Security has thousands of other tools besides flashes that are way more effective There are readily-accessible means of gaining flash protection anyways The old 'stylish' sunglasses were bloat in some way shape or form Flashbangs would still be reasonably effective Trust in the community for everyone and their mother to not be wearing shades Criminals would way rather have something like thermals or night vision over such a low-tier passive benefit
  10. I would support this if only mechs were not complete garbage. If you just focus fire on their arms, or yknow use the ion rifle. Like even without the ion rifle, if you just shoot two laser rifles (or two carbines) at the mechs arms it just becomes a giant paperweight that can at best flicker a floodlight at you or walk away. Plus mechs still have a shit turn speed and have no real answer to being in melee. I have seen a combat mech be taken down by 3 heisters just slapping it up with telebatons (so long as you don't get infront of it.) Plus heavy mechs have like, only enough battery power to get them maybe down 3 hallways, and that's with a hyper cell. If you're gonna fight with a heavy one it better be right outside the garage. And if you get it back to the garage you better either have 15 uninterrupted minutes of charging, or a spare battery that also took 15 minutes and multiple brown outs to charge. Want to get out of the garage? Best waste your back slot on a quick entry system or not get shot at/stunned while ejecting out to hit the button. Want to get up a z level? Better be okay with having the weak as fuck hover thrusters that will get bricked in like 5 laser shots. Want ion resistance? Better be okay with having only 'ok' armor at best against literally anything else. The only time a mech is even remotely good for combat purposes is if has the TCFL gauss thumper. And even in the case of the OP, where it's a validhunting roboticist, you need either multiple mechs to do anything effective, or at least have a remote chair so your ass doesn't nearly die with the mech or get captured. Pretty much every antag has some kind of answer for a mech besides revs/loyalists or solo traitors. Even then, I'd rather just give them those options. Mechs are a joke and the combat hardsuits robotics can make is an infinitely greater issue. They seem scary but that's about it.
  11. New lore has been added about Scarab family and education. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Scarabs#Family_and_Education
  12. comment under this post when slimegirls are finally a kissable station species so I know when to come back. Thanks.

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      Chin up king, you don't need slime girls to be happy, horny is bad, be stronk.

  13. But, even then, that only covers the surface of all the things you've done in this community in the past. While we've deleted (without archiving) the Thunderdome since the last time you were in the Discord, I can recall many, many, many instances of you being ridiculously offensive towards women, being antisemitic, and generally just being abhorrent. I have about 4~ questions to ask. 1) What's your actual motive for coming back here. 2) Why would you delete your account, say re; the lore diary stuff that you don't even like/want to use Discord anymore, yet try to come back? "Yet I don't really like joining large communities on Discord due to Discord's recent policy changes." What are these changes, even? 3) What do you have to say about your previously, hilariously-offensive behavior, do you ever plan to apologize or make anything right? 4) Do you plan to be courteous to our development staff? You've been nearly the opposite even in recent history towards Myazaki, and you were incredibly unfair to Fowl and others in the past.
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