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  1. Do you think it's important for a CCIA agent, or any staff really, to maintain regular contact with the community. We've had a lot of former agents be near-silent outside of their channel.
  2. I don't think you have the right attitude for it. You tend to be very, /very/ blunt at probably the worst of times, like calling some of the excellently hand-made sprites in today's event 'coder sprites.' You also seem to have a very short emotional fuse.
  3. After some backroom talks, I'm totally alright with approving this. Good character, I'd like to see where you go with it.
  4. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/10299 To help mildly salve this problem, I've decided to try to take the objectively strongest ERT (short of deathsquad) out of the equation, helping shift the balance of power into teams that actually have strengths and weaknesses instead of 'why oh why didn't we get the team with no weaknesses.'
  5. To start off, the logs we’re going to be posting tonight do not reflect the full story, and there are private elements such as DMs and personal testimonies that have only been sent to Garnascus, in the interest of respecting the privacy of those that have come forth. All of the publicly available logs can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/1PhzbXU The reason the both of us agreed to banning you is based upon a pattern of toxic behavior that has gone on for many months. Namely-- the harassment of other players with IC bigotry, OOC aggression/salting, a stern refusal to stop or adjust even when approached by multiple players, and a breach of the agreement you made in your last appeal to improve. To start off, the IC bigotry centers around your portrayal of a homophobic, transphobic Tajaran character. While this is certainly not forbidden by the Tajaran lore, your portrayal goes far beyond what other players portray and to a much more heinous extent than the lore demands. Tasteful depictions of this behavior that employ subtlety and keep in mind the expectation to function in a multi-species workplace are regularly done, but your character is one that essentially goes ballistic when presented with anything tangentially related to a non-cisgendered/non-heterosexual character. You go out of your way to have these hostile reactions ICly, when it would be easy to simply exit the conversation or just not chime in at all. There’s a case to be made for this being unrealistic in a character who could easily be fired for causing constant disruptions to the workplace but, even worse than that, your roleplay and focus on this specific aspect of the lore has made many users uncomfortable to the point of not wanting to play on the server when you are present. People have come to you before, despite any anxieties, and asked you to dial back your behavior. They have tried explaining what the issue is, offering ways to improve, and appealing to your sympathies only to be brushed aside as “overreacting” or “incapable of separating OOC and IC”. A bold claim since you yourself often carry grievances about your character not being given work or others fostering IC relationships into OOC with complaints of favoritism and cliques. Previously, your mishandling of Tajaran traditionalism was to the point that you had to be asked to stop loitering around the Medical lobby calling people homophobic slurs, only to shift to derailing any conversation vaugely related to LGBT content and guilting characters into shifting topics. Or repeatedly insulting them if this does not work. The claim that you are only now going after Tajaran characters for their “degeneracy” does not hold any water when you look at the numerous incidents of your character harassing human characters for so much as mentioning their sexuality where you could see it. This has demonstrated both a lack of concern for the feelings of people around you, and the conclusion that your actions are based in spite rather than an interest in bringing a theme to the table or, as you’ve claimed, “motivating protest against bad lore”. If this was your intention, you could have posted on the suggestions or lore canonization boards on the forums, struck up discussion on the Tajara sections of the lore discord, or approached the lore writers directly to bring up your concerns. Instead, you chose to cultivate an actively unpleasant environment for players of LGBT characters just to make a point. On top of all this, you agreed the last time you were permanently banned (for a storied history of breaking rule #1) that you would improve, and that any further rule breaches related to OOC conduct would be another permanent ban. While initially you did indeed seem to improve and have less of a presence in OOC spaces in general, it’s clear that that grace period has waned and you are back to your old self. It was thus our opinion that you have displayed the exact same behavior that got you banned once, show no intention to improve (instead blaming conflict on the people you are hurting rather than taking any responsibility), and have burned through all your chances and our goodwill. We gave you time and opportunities to get better as well as play a different character that does not incorporate these aspects of lore you supposedly hate so much, you just didn’t take them. https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/9467-resolved-ban-request-menown-06mar2018/?tab=comments#comment-90920 https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/14315-resolved-player-complaint-menown/?tab=comments#comment-135777 https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/14586-unban-request-menown-lessons-in-futility-and-backtreading/ https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/14588-staff-complaint-boryatheslayer/ https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/14607-menowns-ban-appeal-a-new-hope/
  6. I've had a pretty good sleep since last night, and despite all this rest, I still don't know what you were aiming to accomplish last night. Literally none of this, especially not your whitelist being stripped, was necessary. It was a simple request: Change your name. Blorp is blatantly a meme name. It's the same as making a Tajaran named P'urr, or an Unathi named Hiss, or an IPC named Beep. It's something you'd joke about in deadchat, or some noise you'd think a Skrell would make (they probably do) that you find particularly humorous. It's not something a Skrell's Quya would name them. At no point did I ask you to delete the entire character, I simply asked you to change only their first name. I'm completely fine with the name Worshol. There is also the fact that having an approved backstory more than a year ago does not mean it's forever acceptable. I looked over your original whitelist application, and there's many things that no longer mesh with Skrell lore. As a whitelisted player, it's your responsibility to keep up with new lore changes. We don't do grandfathering, as it's never been good for long-term sustainability regarding the writing of said lore. Despite my own brashness, which I apologize for, this only happened to you because of your attitude. There was no actual need for you to act this way.
  7. Yes, but they're super weak to EMPs and lasers and can't self-heal without nanopaste, breathing is pretty negligible as they die in vacuum anyway (besides xions and g1s/g2s for a limited time), not needing to eat and drink is so hilariously negligible it's hilarious, bleeding can be patched pretty easily, they *do* take brain damage, nobody uses toxins/biological damage to kill someone, traumas were removed, and their parts being replaced requires robotics to be both present and competent. Also, again, overheating does damage IPCs a lot.
  8. Did you read the thread? Like, the entire thread. Lasers wouldn't get any weaker, and mechs would actually get *stronger* because you can't destroy them in one click with a lethal ion rifle. And IPCs wouldn't be immortal?? Again, you just can't destroy them in a single click. If an IPC overheats, it's /genuinely/ a dangerous situation.
  9. This was a delight to read, and we're actually pretty excited to interact with Qen. Very unique premise, a Skrell having to give up on their dreams basically would be torturous. Approved!
  10. I cannot, in good faith, accept this at this time. All of your actions, all of the things that led you to be talked to, warned, banned by staff, all took place in under a month. I have no real indicator that you're not just going to break the rules not long after you get unbanned. Given this, I'm going to be denying it. You can reappeal on 01/01/2021, and not a day sooner.
  11. This is a bretty good application. You show a really good level of reading comprehension, reading between the lines, and I appreciate that your answer to 'am I a good roleplayer' wasn't '7/10 i'm okay but sometimes I struggle.' This is kind of standout. Approved.
  12. Why is hacking such an integral part of this character, enough to warrant a roundstart multitool and a coin to buy gloves with, when they aren't even an Engineer?
  13. Here's something most important. Do you think it's important for a CCIA agent, or any staff really, to maintain regular contact with the community. We've had a lot of former agents be near-silent outside of their channel.
  14. Post-mortem cloning is now available since 2440, not 2461. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Cloning
  15. Sorry for the delay. I'm going to be watching you closely, and I hope you know what's at stake here.
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