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  1. After some small talks about parts of your application (not huge concerns, good job!) I'm totally willing to accept this. I'm interested to see where your character is going. Approved.
  2. Very well, I'm willing to retarget this thread to be 'no LOOC for ghosts.'
  3. I have updated the title with an actual suggestion/solution.
  4. If 'nothing is happening', you should be roleplaying, not shitposting about the new Call of Duty or something. 'Muting it' is also not a solution, because my own likes/immersion is not the problem. LOOC being used as a substitute for roleplay, the thing we're here for is the issue. If you want to joke/shitpost/talk about Kanye being President or something, use Discord.
  5. How many times has the following happened to you. You're Security. The situation is tense. You're negotiating with a nefarious hostage taker, the man in her arms could die any second if you aren't careful. A firefight could break out right here in the bar. Your friend died earlier. Joebob The Officer (LOOC): lmao this is just like that one movie Something tragic or crazy happens. Maybe even something funny. Your character laughs, cries, shouts in excitement. Suddenly, everyone around you onstation goes completely silent. Rather than actually reacting in-character, looc: OH MY GOD XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD You walk into the Medical lobby. You roll your shoulders, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it. You take a seat in one of the chairs, looking for a conversation. Both doctors are completely silent, staring at each other for the next 30 minutes. Joebob The Doctor (LOOC): so dude have you seen the new warzone update Bobjoe The Nurse (LOOC): no lmao tell me i didn't have time to download it You're a traitor. You've been in maintenance, methodically and stealthily hacking your way through with your door hacking tool. You're prepared to duck in a locker if anyone comes by, but you're equally prepared to use your weapon. Jobboe the Observer (LOOC): dude stealth antag seriously? you're shit You're a chaplain. You're attempting to hold a funeral for someone who recently died of organ failure. Everyone sure did love Sam Jones the Engineering Apprentice. You'll do the best you can to honor their name- Boejob the Assistant (LOOC): dude this is why they should nerf brainmed and 5000 other comments and 10000 other scenarios. In my honest opinion, LOOC should only be used for the following. 1) Saying you're going AFK. 2) Correcting a typo. 3) Asking for help. 4) Helping someone who needs it. It is used too much for the following. 1) As a substitute for reacting ICly. 2) As a substitute for even roleplaying at all. 3) Dumbass ghost commentary. 4) Flooding holodeck/chapel gatherings with stupid memes. I would like to suggest that staff crack down on this more, making it an actual rule we enforce. A mechanical solution would be weird and isn't really needed. Addendum: Ghosts, at this point, do not actually need LOOC either.
  6. I've discussed things with Pan (apologies for the wait). Your application (particularly the second one) still shows very bad understanding of the lore at large. - SS13 servers are not interconnected universes and you should not port characters between them, especially when our Skrell lores are incompatible. - An independent city state would not exist within Aurora Skrell lore, and feels like an attempt to port over stuff from BS12 lore. - Skrell can have animal protein here, that's Baylore. - You show an extremely poor understanding/usage of Vaurca lore. - You show a bad understanding of Skrell relationships, as Skrell do not marry and do not have 'husbands.' - You do not really get how Srom works. - Generally, it seems to us that you're just skimming the lore. You can reapply in a month. I encourage you to come hang out in the lore discord, and talk and learn about our lorebase before you attempt to use it.
  7. Right. Thank you to everyone for depositing your feedback. It has been vital in making the decision that I will be making today. I will be giving Moondancer no less than three months from today's date to 1) Be active and a good person in the community. 2) Contribute to Aurora through PRs and lore canon apps if willing. I will be not only working alongside her, but monitoring her behavior to ensure that her improvement actually has effect. At the end of this three months, she will apply again. We will see what we will see when that happens. With that, and with my complete inability to add any more meaningful sentences here, I will be closing this application.
  8. I will be deliberating on this soon once I get a word in with my boss. In the meantime. When commenting on future applications, I would rather nobody post feedback in a fashion such as This is neither necessary nor wanted. Please try to keep things respectful with the person that has been offering this much respect to those that commented.
  9. Apologies for the time this took. We feel as if your application is incredibly thin, and the character section is pretty much starved of content. Foremost, I would like to reiterate that your Skrell would not be openly bubbly in Tau Ceti Basic. It isn't how Skrell emotion works. Secondly, I've decided to draft up some questions to help you, that I'd like you to answer in a reply. 1) How and why did your character leave the Federation to join inferior work with simple primates. 2) Does Xesos still have much of a relationship with their Quya, what does 'Xiquim mean in their name? 3) Are they a listener or receiver? How has this affected them in their life so far? 4) What do they want out of NanoTrasen and their career there, what are they aiming to accomplish. 5) How do they feel about synths. 6) How do they feel about Dionaea and C'thur. 7) What faith do they follow, how does this impact their personality? 8 ) What are their overall feelings on the Federation?
  10. While I know you have genuine passion for Skrell, and have been playing them for several years, I'm not sure I like what you'd be bringing to the table, and I don't think you'd be a good fit either for me, or the team in general. You're totally free to submit lore in lore submissions, and I'd be happy to accept it, but I don't think you're what I'm looking for.
  11. You know everything there is to know about the Lore, know how to use it, know how to bend it, and I vibe with you heavily. I, also, extremely appreciate that you're willing to criticize the lore right to me, rather than buttering me up with compliments about it. I'd be a fool not to approve.
  12. Discord interviews could be made optional if someone insists on speaking to an actual agent ingame. Asides from that, we could just schedule more events where agents could show up and have presence, or just ways for them to be onboard. A not-impossible concern, really. It'd be possible if Arrow had the free time and inclination. There would be one place for logs, and one format for them. Wherever Borealis outputs them, in the format that it would. That's where the system would come in handy. You wouldn't have to find out via logs if someone got an OOC punishment or not, When CCIA has everyone cited submit their version of events over DMs or the WI or some type of shit, you can easily see if antaggery/OOC punishments were involved, because they'd just tell you. Like a player complaint. Being that the information would be more readily available in a standardized format, it would be easier on the agents to want to take an IR, and it would be easier on us to actually want to go through with them. Currently you have to experience both 'please sit down for 20 uninterrupted minutes in an ingame interview' and 'please tell us about events that happened 5 months ago that you did not submit a summary of.'
  13. The current (absolute) state of the CCIA process, interviews and all, has always heavily incensed me. The current model, I feel, is insufficient. It is slow, and tiresome. The ideal process should be the following. The IR maker makes their IR. They give every detail they can here (without writing a novella, of course.) They name their limited allowance of witnesses. This is where things change. The IR maker's job is, essentially, done. CCIA may contact them for some follow-up questions (either through Discord, the forums, or whatever other platform, but preferably Discord), but they do not take a followup interview unless necessary. CCIA will also contact the witnesses in the same manner. This is all IC, despite being on an OOC channel. The logs are captured and sent to Borealis, who will (somehow) format them for readability and post them in a channel in the CCIA staff discord section. If a person volunteers, they can take an on-station interview, but it would no longer be the main way of doing it. This would additionally have the benefit of player comfort during an interview. You have many things to worry about in the current way it's done. Ghosts watching you, pissing off the agent somehow, and worst of all the fact that you cannot step away. A Discord interview could go 'uninterrupted' because there is no worry about 'there is a ninja, please leave CCIA', or generally the fact that rounds have a limited amount of time to go on.
  14. I don't think it's necessarily a fair suggestion. While lowpop extended might suck, lowpop wizard is like bear crawling naked through hot coals. Let people have doublestended if they like. If you want to disable double extended, disable double secret too.
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