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  1. I feel the same as EJ_Denton. I can just spend all of my money at the nearest laptop because I can and it does not affect future rounds or RPs. I can tell everyone that drinks are on me at the bar and empty my bank account because I'll get them back by the next round. Someone might get bwoinked just for emptying the bank account to buy everyone drinks because it is not a "sane decision". Sure, you can give antagonists the money but the real question is... What is the antagonist going to do with the money he just got in a round? He can do some influence on stuff with money but will people give two shits? Nah. Does this influence future rounds? No, antagonists are retconned and any actions caused by an antagonist are reverted before an upcoming round. With this in mind, I can safely tell everyone that this is the exact source of problem where credit starts being useless. Let's be honest. Many of us have suggestions to make credit be useful but I see small or none of them being accepted. I know this is off-topic, @EJ_Denton, but like many other people, I personally have a suggestion for it. My personal suggestion is just make accessories and/or custom items that you bring onto station cost money. Realistically, SOMEONE has to pay for it. Additionally to that, each round you miss, your bank will be taken by 100 credits to pay off your taxes and whatnot. Watch this get shot down because no one wants this because they cannot deny real world reality.
  2. @Bsmiffy78, feel free to contact me anytime on Discord. I'm in the same boat as you are. @VTCobaltblood, let's just see where we can go with this.
  3. Just something for me to say. I have communicated with @LordFowl earlier today on staff discord in a short discussion. His behavior is slightly better than before. He knows what is right from wrong. I no longer have a heavy complaint though his attitude can appear as an insensitive prick to others on discord and forums.
  4. This is a suggestion to call in a removal or archive of the following inactive forum categories. We should remove, archive, or push down to the bottom of the following forum categories: Worker's Association Board under Private Terminal Personal Query Terminal under NanoTrasen Personnel Database under Private Terminal Fan Fiction under NanoTrasen Personnel Database under Private Terminal Mendell City Council under Central Command Forum Roleplay under Off Topic Boards Hobbies & Interests under Off Topic Boards Hall of Fame under General Boards These forum categories just takes up spaces. I am okay with most of these going away. And while we're at it. We should totally remove the entire complaints board.
  5. I personally like this idea for the reasons already mentioned by @Juani2400 and @Lent23. I view this suggestion as it not only creates stress on antagonists but also on security member. Imagine a scenario where a security member is alone... Watching the department.. The said security member can be taken down by a mob of people in a department. It might be best to make Security coordination less effective with each other to create more conflict and allow for antagonists to be able to create a story. This is just my opinion.
  6. I somewhat plan on this. How dare you compare this to Virology! There's nothing with seeing how far you can get. I intend on having some machines "breaking down" over time. This is just my idea at the moment: I could have a security processing machine somehow breaking down and security needing to call up an I.T. Or even a vending machine breaking down and a clueless person has no idea whether it's internal problem or external problem. Unlike Virology, I plan on expanding IT. Damn it, admins! We're in space age but this doesn't mean that our information technology security is robust! Anywhere, someone can pull off DROP DATABASE. This was originally our goals. It's my goal now. You are correct in wired connections that are safer than wireless connections but do be wary that someone can plug into the wired system anywhere on this technological station. I haven't thought far for the wire resistant to standard wirecutters. For now, I need to focus on ensuring that a server works with a computer somehow and sprite machines so that I have a picture of what I want them to look like before I go into code. Somewhat I have in mind except furries. We, otakus will never acknowledge them. The first piece of what you said sounds a bad idea to immediately start with but I do like the idea of limits to how much memory server can hold and upgradable.
  7. I decided to start with visualization to demonstrate how I envision this project to be. I dug back to my old works that was left unfinished and finished it. The original idea that Arrow and I had thought together was better to have IT Juniors and IT Seniors in a different job titles. "IT Administration", "IT Tech Support", "IT Junior", "IT Senior" and so on. It would resemble the same chain of command that Quartermaster has with their own department. CT and Shaft Miners listens to QM while QM listens to Head of Personnel. In this scenario, I was hoping for... IT Junior listens to IT Senior while IT Senior listens to Research Director. IT Clothing IT Server/Switching/Router I haven't decided how I want them to look like. It's barebones as it is. Additionally, server wiring is a mess. I intend on having three colors: red, blue, and yellow. These colors are better to start with because they are primary colors of the color wheel. Although, I often see yellow and blue being used server/routing but not often red. I intend on trying to follow this color sheet and use Green to connect from one machine to another machine. Thoughts?
  8. I read this entirely. Time for me to post some facts and my opinions. These characters that you listed out has many well-done interactions with me and above that you dictate that you're a 16 years old. You're a young person with good achievements in terms of roleplay and writing out this application. Take it when I say this, I noticed some attempts to be professional. Not many people realizes this. Being part of Central Command Internal Affairs Agents can help you prepare better for College/University improving on your English vastly. You seem to be confused on part of communication. I'll clarify this for you so you have an advantage on your interview with one of us. Forums is a disorganized, we're in middle of organizing stuff up and should be ready to go in about a week. We talk on discord to keep in touch with each other and try keep our work up to date. We will have arguments with each other however everyone has a different approach to their views what is best for Central Command Internal Affairs Agency. We usually come to the server to be involved in a round by actively playing. You do not need to staring at a fax machine for the entire round only to realize that no one sent a fax and you've wasted your time. I see you have interests in law. Like I said, this can help you prepare better for College/University. Just to let you know ahead of time. We will only touch the surface of the water, we will not be going into deep government policies or try to change the way the government should think. That would be the lore writer's job. The basic purpose of Central Command Internal Affairs Agency are: Investigate into incident reports and deliver a decision, respond to fax/emergency message broadcast. That's all. It is a very time consuming job compared to basic duties of a moderator. We do have other secondary duties. You'll learn more about it if that is... You get in. Our Central Command Internal Affairs Agency differs from many other servers' CCIAs if that is, they have one (I don't go to other servers). We don't take our decisions very lightly as we follow a specific process. Skip part of a process and you'll be held liable. This has happened before and a Central Command Internal Affairs Agent got their hand smacked. To realize the facts and put aside emotions is a tough one for us players, we even confront confront despair in the name of hope. Humans are irrational beings, we all have emotions, it is easy for humans to get frustrated. You stated the purposes of Central Command Internal Affairs Agent during an ongoing round. You're gonna have fun responding this in the interview. You are correct in Central Command Internal Affairs Agency's moderation is different from administration and server moderators, it's worth an experience. Your current ongoing Head of Staff Trial has no impact on this whatsoever, but you do not have full immunity from this. Should a behavior arise that you did something very bad, you'll have less chances of getting the job. My young padawan, Ben has applied for Central Command Internal Affairs occupation, during this tenure Ben did not have a Head of Staff whitelist. He applied on November 27, 2018 and never got the accepted whitelist application until December 30, 2018. My turn to ask you better questions regarding yourself. If you are uncomfortable with answering on this forum section, you may DM me to answer my questions. I won't share it with anyone, leak it, or even hand information to Central Command Internal Affairs Agent. I value a player's privacy. What's your weakness? Do you foresee that Central Command Internal Affairs Agency can thrive at our current state? Do you have a personal motive for being part of Central Command Internal Affairs Agency? Do you think you can stay motivated for long? Are there any obstacles to your path preventing you from performing this duty? What are your greatest strengths? How would you handle difficult person/people? Why should I give you my approval? May the Force be with you.
  9. This idea dating back to early 2016 was a high in demand, I'm very sure new players would love this idea. Since, Arrow is no longer able to work on it. I plan on starting this project over from scratch so that way, I am able to understand Baycode more better and have experience in the development process. This means, I'm going to try to do my best to create my two year old suggestion into a reality. If you have any ideas or wish to work on it with me. Feel free to contact me here. I will not be able bring forth my full attention to this project. To ensure that I am able to my job efficiently and keep eyes on this. I have forked from AuroraStation/Aurora.3. The complexity of it would be extremely high due to my first time ever coding for a Space Station 13 server, I've never coded for any servers. Currently at the moment, I'm taking a quick refresher to get my mind off holiday festive laziness. Again, I will be working on and off due to college. URL: https://github.com/UnknownMurders/Aurora.3/projects/1?add_cards_query=is%3Aopen
  10. The reporter would like this report to closed as thus closing.
  11. I knew you were applying to be as a Head Whitelist. For the remainder time, I just kept my mouth shut and stayed neutral hoping that you would change for the better until this point. Game ID: bX8-c6K6. This is a traitor round with traitor gimmick. As a loyalty implant Head of Security. You just lied to a Research Director. Talia Varick is @Scheveningen . You intentionally gave Talia wrong opinion about Central Command and NanoTrasen. This can be seen by many that you went against your loyalty implants and smeared Central Command AND NanoTrasen. You just tried to make the situation much worse and that's not really what you should be doing as a whitelist person. You were just let off the hook due to CCIA investigation. It's not just only this. Marc Price has done some unquestionable things in this round that should not happen at all. Marc Price decided to ahead and take down Null despite Null saying that Captain is a hostage and if anyone touches Null, the Captain's neck is to be snapped. There was another hostage, Faziah. You showed little to no care for either of these hostages. Additionally, you also showed some terrible command staff behavior toward to Emergency Response Team. @ParadoxSpace & @Irosi9 These actions are going to be an extensive issue with Command staffs. You didn't bother making many attempts to get people together. You often tried to go alone and nab people and be a hero. I could have made a player complaint based on what I saw but I had decided this is good enough and not give administration too much trouble. The old head whitelist moderators were doing their best to crack down on miscommunication with each other. I do not want to see this again. Let's not put their work in vain. -1
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