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  1. You may close this staff complaint. Irreparable damages have been done. I'll be sure to tell people that I can't help them anymore and will find someone else to express concerns. They'll have to take matters in their own hands and make a new staff complaint should they feel ridiculed rather coming to speak to me and hope my voice means something when it does not anymore.
  2. He asked me "what's it to you" I responded with a fact. This staff complaint still matters to me. The order goes by. 1. I asked a question. 2. Lancer "corrects" me. 3. I reworded my question. 4. Someone tries to answer in Lance's place but I want to hear from Lancer. 5. Lancer does the snarky "What's it to you?" 6. I straight up and say that people are coming to complain to me 7. Lancer does meme photo and tells me that's his response 8. Someone irrelevant to his ruling tries to explain his response and Lancer does "yeah, what he said". 9. Salt pours and "GAMER RIGHTS!" If I had to say from my perspective, Lancer started being snarky first.
  3. Contact me privately if you would like to know @Garnascus, I just spit the facts out straight when asked for it. I have a player that is willingly to voice to you privately about Lancer's conduct (who just DM'd me in discord when I made this complaint). I'm relaying evidence and persons interested to @Alberyk atm through Discord. And you said as I quote "uh" and allowed someone to explain your ruling and pulled off "yeah, what he said". This tells me that you could not explain your argument or answer questions (or because it's morning and you're not in the right mentality if you live in U.S. then I wouldn't have made this staff complaint). I'll swallow this one. Maybe I should have been more kinder but I wanted to get to the point rather going through obstacles ("how are you" "oh im good how about you" "good too, so uh what's this about your ruling"). Just give the facts that should have been explained in the announcement whether obvious or not. But in this case, Paradox and Lance became snarky while called to duty, of course, I responded by being snarky back. Treat others as they would treat you.
  4. BYOND Key: UnknownMurder Staff BYOND Key: Lancer#7243 Game ID: N/A Reason for complaint: Once I engaged Lancer in a serious but yet simple conversation. All I wanted to hear his explanation backing up the decision. Someone irrelevant to the situation decided to step in and speak for the person. Lancer then could not answer his question for his ruling and let someone else answer the question. Once someone else answered the question, Lancer decided to post this to my face and thought I was someone not worth explaining to or hearing out his rationale reason. This is uncalled for and unprofessional to respond to a simple question to a recent made policy. Evidence/logs/etc: Additional remarks: I wouldn't show up out of nowhere while in middle of college and ask Lancer this question.
  5. While I don't play often now, but I did play in your "Historically" and I will tell you that it is a lie and/or misleading. Even if I told you what I have seen, you would just shut me out and tell me we just need stronger moderation. This is the strongest moderation we have at best and you will only want to weaken it. The reason I respond this now rather waiting for you players to resolve the issue is to ensure that we don't repeat the past mistakes. This just happens to be one of the past embarrassing mistakes. -1
  6. This is not a command hopping to non-command, more or less a command hopping to a lower command. This is not an argument against OP. I agree with @Scheveningen's reasoning, the suggestion is unlikely to pass as we have sensitive players who may not have a lot of characters and prefers to stick to three or four characters. Unlike myself, I have already created over ten characters and used them diversely during my active time. I often turned a blind eye to this issue as a rare occurrence had happened to me long ago and (I shit you not) one quoted "I was but the learner last shift; now I am the master."
  7. It is to my understanding that an excessive tasing has the strong potential to stop your victim's heart and effectively render them deceased. I never got tased before so... I think this information helps. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/taser-what-happens-body-tasered-12608433
  8. Please. I don't want to get a (at)everyone for events that I won't be participating in because I'm most likely doing something somewhere else in real life and Internet. Just telling us to "just mute it" isn't going to make us happy.
  9. We're off topic from what's OP's point. All we know it's awaiting a grand fix so yay. I agree with having a better system for recording player's active time, not just inactive and active time. I mean a literal active time.
  10. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/6799
  11. Implying that eating out at cafeteria counts as a restaurant. Yes, I do eat out to restaurants. I order food. Aurora Station Cafeteria is different from a restaurant. Now if you want to hear about charging food in real life experience. My work doesn't charge people for food. We're already covered by contract. No one has to pay for it in our work, it's a big incentive for us. I do eat out. Yes. Vending machine and homemade lunches are definitely much cheaper than eating out.
  12. Just played with Nantei today. Nantei was Head of Security of the round (Round ID: b2t-dmr7). Nantei played a cool, calm, and rational Head of Security. Her character, Mia Frei, hardly show signs of panicking (not accounting for confrontation) when facing with a vampire and changeling situation. She did her best not to valid even though it was obvious. Mission Complete, Boss! Maybe you'll actually break a sweat next time? RANK: A
  13. BYOND Key: UnknownMurder Character Names: CCIAA Cedric Ozpin, CCIAA Edward Whitley, Oreki Nomura, Drake Bond, Daisuke Ogawa, James Silver, Vincent LeChiffre, Joseph Freidrich, Gordon Scott, Guilluame Da Silva, Katsuro Kaizuka, Giovanni Romano, Bastien La Flamme, and David Richardson. I have more others but let's not talk about it. 🏳️ Species you are applying to play: Integrated Positronic Chassis (IPC) What color do you plan on making your first alien character: N/A Have you read our lore section's page on this species: Yes. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Honestly, I never cared about IPC species until I got the PlayStation Plus free game deal that had included Detroit: Become Human. I didn't play the game thinking it would be garbage. So, I had a free time after my work. I loved it. I loved Detroit: Become Human. I loved every sense of Connor. The way I played Connor, Connor was loyal, strict, and did not care about others as long as it does not interfere the mission. And yes, I killed Hank to accomplish my mission. This was obvious enough. When I got onto the server. Playing a human felt boring, it felt pathetic. I wanted to play something that did not have any emotions or remorse to something. So, that's when I decided that playing an IPC without a personality is better suited than a cyborg/android without a personality because there are times as a cyborg/android, you can't interfere with a crew member's job. It makes me want to choke the living soul of the IRL person. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: I think what I said above helps but I don't mind going further. Human have emotions, they can feel things. IPCs do not have emotions. They emulate them. THESE...! These quotes attracts my attention. "As such, IPCs almost never have childish and unpredictable dispositions." | "Ultimately they are robotic in nature, making every decision absolutely based off of cause and effect. " - Cause and effect are often how I roleplay my characters. It's like saying, if you kill a person and you would get arrested for it. IPCs should know the consequences of their actions by logic default, does it accomplish your mission or make the matters worse than it needs to be? Character Name: Grande Please provide a short backstory for this character: Pre-Creation of Grande In the year 2438, there were two young twins whom were scientists. They worked in the same field but yet different specialized paths. One scientist pursuing in Robotics field was William Grande and the other was a programmer was Bill Grande. They were 37 years old. Together, William and Bill were the Grande Twins. They live in the outskirt of Mendell City, a Biesel territory. They were a good twin in the public's eye that seems to get along well. However, if you look in the other way, the twin do not get along well. William Grande's goal was to create an android for the family and let alone customize the android however they like. Bill Grande had another thing in mind. Bill Grande wanted to create an Artificial Intelligence for the family. They often rivaled in whether hardware upgrade or software upgrade is more superior for humanity's future. Little do the twins know that neither Artificial Intelligence nor Androids are the humanity's future. Integrated Positronic Chassis is the future. In the year 2444, there was already a growing uproar for Integrated Positronic Chassis being developed. The Grande Twins have developed a basic prototype, "Short". William Grande worked on piecing together the robotic skeletons with the oldest frame, Hephaestus Generation I. On the other hand, Bill Grande was developing a software capable for Hephaestus Generation I "Short". More than a half of year effort was placed into this basic prototype, "Short". Once the project was nearly completed, Bill Grande immediately fell to ill and was bedridden. Doctors couldn't identify the source of Bill Grande's sickness. A month later, Bill Grande had passed away to illness at age 41 years old on November 12th, 2444. He had died a virgin. William Grande knew that he would have assume responsibility of Bill's tasks and resume the work without him. Once he had opened up the software file, the way Bill Grande typed his code, it was a literal mess. There is a comment at the bottom of the program file in which was a single sentence, "I finished the program. Sorry, I couldn't be there for you when you see to it that 'Short' comes online." This had meant that the code on both frontend and backend was already done by Bill Grande. It was up to WIlliam Grande to finish the task. Creation of Grande "There it is! The magnificent Integrated Positronic Chassis that we worked together to invent!" cried William Grande! William Grande approaches to the Calendar and crosses off November 11th, 2446 then approaches to activate the Integrated Positronic Chassis. William Grande speaks to Integrated Positronic Chassis, "Arise! Arise! For we have worked on you for the last eight years!" The Integrated Positronic Chassis's monitor starts to display a boot-up screen displaying, "Initializing... Receiving system updates... Will be completed in twelve hours." William Grande had went off to sleep while the Integrated Positronic Chassis updates itself. Hour passes by. William Grande is spooked by the Integrated Positronic Chassis staring at William Grande while he is sleeping and waking up to see it's face. Integrated Positronic Chassis immediately spoke to William Grande, "Greetings. My name is Short. I will be assisting you for today. How may I assist you?" William Grande stared at Short from his bed, and calmly responded, "Please change your constant variable system name to Grande." Short replied, "It shall be done. I am now designated as Grande". William's thoughts were processing many times. William knew that Grande would have to be tagged to claim him as his own property and having to go through a series of specialized testing to be considered "integrated". Grande's Pre-NanoTrasen Years Grande was tagged with no difficulty by specialists. Grande had went through a series of testing and was considered "integrated" in Mendell City. No further comments or remarks were made by specialists. William Grande and Grande were met with protesters/IPC-discriminators one after another while trying to get home on the outskirt of Mendell City. The further they get away from Mendell City, the more protester/IPC-discriminators they meet. They would give William Grande and Grande weird faces, yell at the that IPCs are taking over people's jobs, and even threatening to throw a rock found on a nearby sidewalk. Many job-offer apps. had come in today asking if they would like to for their master to send their IPCs to go make money for their master. William Grande was absolutely disgusted and even said the words to these hungry scammers, "No one's taking my property!" *KNOCK KNOCK* "Aw fuck off." *KNOCK KNOCK INTENSIFIES* William Grande opens the door, "What do you wan-" And before him stood a latest, fancy, and polished IPC model. "Hello, my name is Trasen-Oh-Fifty-Five. I was sent here on a recruiting protocol. Two days ago, we have sent you a job offer for Unit Grande to work at NanoTrasen. You have not responded, we were concerned about your well-being. Why have you not responded?" It was speaking in a "professionally robotic" tone. The next thing William Grande knows, Unit Grande is qualified in it's state work for NanoTrasen which is remarkable. Trasen-055 had given William Grande a free shuttle ticket for Grande. Guess where's Grande is going? NanoTrasen Headquarters in New York City for Recruitment Process. What do you like about this character? (Describe what you like about this character): First of all, I made a detailed story. More detailed than my head application three years ago. I enjoyed making up story as I go along. The reason that I sometimes like to do this is because I like to develop a character's story by showing before this became a thing, how it became a thing, and what happened afterwards. I hope you noticed a little joke about "Short" and "Grande". It's a "Short" and "Grande" thing. Coffee sizes. I did it on purpose. Praise me for it. How would you rate your role-playing ability: I got talked to many times about reference characters. Reference characters are my literal motivator/inspiration. Other than that, I'm a talented roleplayer. Notes: I am the first and the longest active player to not have a species whitelist app. I am proud to let go of my attachments for this IPC whitelist.
  14. So, a friend pursuing a electric design major student fascinated about this decided to ask me how this works. I shall explain as I should've explained in my original post. The green line is how much the power is available to be distributed. The red line is a demand for power. In the screenshot of OP, the green line is going up which means that more power is being generated. The red line is flat on 0 W. This indicates two things. The power is not being distributed. The power monitoring system is not hooked up to station grid/engine. I'm sure the answer is 2 because you can see below, there are no areas connected which means it is not hooked up to station grid/engine. Given a scenario where demand for power (load) increases and power generated. It would definitely look like this. If the red line is over the green line, this means that there is more demand for power than there is available. Some areas will not be getting charged and station will lose power eventually. Statistically, the relationship of Available Power (green) line is the opposite of/contrasts with Load Power (red) line. I hope this is clear for you. @Pratepresidenten @Soultheif96 @Karolis2011 @Arrow768
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