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  1. UnknownMurder

    [Dismissed] Revert Security Dress Code

    -1 This is a funny suggestion thread. We don't need a cowboy looking people on the station as Security Officers. There are people who are expected to wear uniforms in many workforce. Even Star Trek, a fictional world, does the same.
  2. UnknownMurder

    Mira's Alchemist Set

    As a conservative CCIA, -1. Wear your uniforms. Stop covering your uniform. As a person who wants others to have fun, +1. Enjoy your game.
  3. Incident Report Rules Incident Reports must strictly be in IC format. This is not an OOC complaint section. To file an OOC complaint see the Character/Player Complaints board. Incident Reports must be made using the format provided below. Incident Reports may not be submitted against antagonists or situations heavily regulated by antag action. Antagonists may not submit Incident Reports. You are expected to try and find a resolution to situations in the round within the chain of command. You may seek further action on unresolved issues via an IR. Attach what investigation findings you can in the additional info section. Making no effort to resolve an issue may cause the incident report to be closed without investigation unless a very good reason is specified. Incident Reports are not public record, only the filer or any people who are directly given information about an IR are allowed to speak about them ICly. If you have a question regarding the Incident Report you wish to file, you may contact any CCIA team member or @Doc or @ShameOnTurtles. A report will be dealt with when feasible, do not bump the IR threads or post unnecessarily on them, even if they are unlocked. Investigation Guidelines Filing a report does not guarantee action will be taken. Your report will be noted and stored for reference purposes. If an investigation is opened, your own conduct will be investigated right along with everyone else's. An incident is treated as a single event from all perspectives, so there is no need to submit a report regarding the same event that was reported by another player. If you are not the reporter of an incident and have more information to add to a report, you may do so when you meet with CCIA. When an incident report has been taken by a CCIA agent, the contacted parties will be given seven (7) days to respond to any contact attempts from the agent, otherwise their interview will be waived. A time extension may be requested if it is required, however, it should remain reasonable. If you submit an incident report, you are expected to participate in the process. Failure to respond to a CCIA notice of investigation within a week after an agent takes your report may mean that the report gets thrown out. Requesting extensions for unavailability and then frequently playing in rounds during the 'unavailability' may be considered evading CCIA action and spark additional punishments. Interviews may be conducted on server aboard the NSS Aurora, NTCC Odin, or through discord should circumstances make an on server interview difficult. Antagonists are expected to leave an agent's interview un-interrupted. Antags may only target an agent during the period after an interview has been completed. If you end up as an antag while escorting an agent, either ahelp it or tell the CCIA in LOOC to excuse yourself from being an escort if this will significantly interrupt you. Anyone violating an action resulting from an Incident Report will be subject to administrative action. Incident Report Format Simply copy the content in the spoiler and paste it into a new topic. Title your report as: Incident Report [Date] (Example: Incident Report 12/25/2460) Remember to delete the text within brackets.
  4. UnknownMurder

    Staff Complaint - Lordfowl

    Regardless if it's disproportionately significant or not, it's a project and it had a bug that you knew of it. You acted on the problem by using software flaw a thus the result was unexpected to your advantage and Arrow was forced to disable it. I do not know why you're trying to pretend it is no big deal nor should you be proud of it. To reiterate my main point is that I'm not fond of developers intentionally trying to screw other developers' WIP project whether how small or large it is. You are brushing off the main point. Take it from a developer approach, instead of reporting and informing Arrow whom is responsible for the project of the bug on a public code base that can be exploited. Ignoring the unwritten rule, you decided to exploit a bug as a developer. I'm very sure that Skull will feel insulted if a developer exploited his big time project that had an unintentional bug on a public codebase. Suppose you work for Amazon as an administrator. You notice an another administrator unintentionally created a bug exploit with a million dollar exclusive product. You think that it's a great idea to exploit that bug because there is an obvious incentive. Had Amazon superiors or whatnot found out about you exploiting the bug, your big time career is over unless you're very fortunate enough. Here's some more screenshots from back then.
  5. UnknownMurder

    Sign language clarifications.

    As somebody who is Deaf and knows American Sign Language and does signs exact English with American Sign Language. The community I am in, I communicate through American Sign Language on a daily life. I can confirm that there is a large difference between American Sign Language and British Sign Language. Fun Fact: American Sign Language is derived from or at least influenced by French Sign Language. In other words, American Sign Language is closely related to French Sign Language. Feel free to hit me up if you want to learn about ASL/SEE in general or you can just google it.
  6. UnknownMurder

    Aboshehab Letter of Resignation

    Be safe, Abo.
  7. UnknownMurder

    New Forum Design

    Welcome to the DARK WEB.
  8. UnknownMurder

    Staff Complaint - Lordfowl

    This is a persistent issue in staff chat in discord. I had once contemplated to file a staff complaint but spoken with Arrow behind the scene and I believed it was a better to take it up with Skull. I have contacted Skull regarding and further explained Fowl's behavior upon request. I have not heard a single response back whether issue was handled or not. So, I'll pursue this case along with Jackboot. Here is the chat log below taken from Staff Chat regarding his negative attitude. Let me remind everyone of the ugly truth. He is not joking when he said these words. I intentionally allowed Coalf to be direct as I was beating around the bush. We later got to see Lord Fowl's true intent. Undeniably that this attitude is unacceptable. I'm not fond of developers intentionally trying to screw other developers' WIP project of any kind whether how small or large it is. It could become more of an issue it it happened in public's eye and left alone not noticed by original developer. What I foretold in my conversation with Arrow just did happened. I'm disappointed in Lord Fowl as I'm sure that many other staffs are as well disappointed in this.
  9. UnknownMurder

    New Forum System

    No. People abused it the moment forum was ready for public use. We can serve a time out for it. Leaderboard is not a big deal otherwise people can be very dramatic about it.
  10. I see. I cannot support nor vouch for your application. I'm sorry, I'm going to give this a heavy -1. -1
  11. I cannot support this application due to original reasoning that Coalf conveyed directly to you. I've gone through investigation and review due to process. Those CCIAAs involved in that incident report, we have not only double checked our work but has gone through serious scrutiny by the administration team. Nonetheless, your actions had caused to has keep us on our toes, made our rookie Ben nervous of performing his duties at the time, and our work harder than it needs to be. I've temporarily led a charge of a brigade on incident reports, one after one. CCIAs took risks to take their time off and finish many incident reports as possible even though they were volunteers who had life. I'm aware that we're past that "point" now and I do not think you understand what it means to have our two weeks of work to be challenged, scrutinized for approximately for a week, and to be insulted at the last minute. I neither have confidence nor trust in you and naturally actions like this takes a long time to regain the confidence and trust in you. All you have are your words and promises like a politician but I don't hear or see your actions that are being commended by people. In other words, I am not seeing many sweats, blood, and tears on you compared to other applicants. I know that you don't want to hear this like many other people that do not want to hear this. I think one way that you'll be sorry is going to have to cut your ties and connections with Marc Price. This is the way that I can feel forgiven until then I cannot support this application for the reasons stated above. I think you should just take Marc Price as a whole character out and find a different character and is not Marc Pryce. After doing so, take an interest in your new different character with a redefined personality for a change. This will tell us that you'll keep to your promise and shows us that you are making a big step in adjusting your style of roleplay in exchange for Head Whitelist. What do you think?
  12. UnknownMurder

    A Map Overhaul of the Security Department

    Bay already has railings, they'd likely just import those. I think I saw railing above medical department's lobby. Me and [mention]Menown[/mention] went up there once together.
  13. UnknownMurder

    You're pretty good: The Trickster Revolver

    Special operations Nuclear Operative ....Revolver Ocelot.... This is the greatest handgun ever made. The Trickster Gun. Six bullets. More than enough to kill anything that moves. It brings thrill to a combat. There's nothing more exciting... I love to reload during a battle! There's nothing like the feeling of slamming a long silver bullet into a well greased chamber! +1
  14. UnknownMurder

    Incident Report 15/10/2460

  15. UnknownMurder

    Round Time Based on Real Time

    I remember now. I provided a link to the time zone the server is already based on and it got pruned with the thread. The server time is based off Chicago time. Thanks for answering - very helpful.