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  1. Ckey/BYOND Username: UnknownMurder Position Being Applied For: Wiki Maintainer Past Experiences/Knowledge: I know web design with HTML/CSS/JS/PHP. I am not sure what experiences are you looking for exactly. It's HTML/CSS and they're the fundamentals. Trial Mod: March 27, 2016 - May 19, 2016 1st CCIA Tenure: Unable to find my application tenure but if you ask @YouJustGotOwened, he will tell you that he pulled me in. Had to leave for academic reasons. 2nd CCIA Tenure: December 10, 2017 - May 29, 2019. Left to work for the U.S. Government research. Command Whitelist received on Feburary 27, 2016. Examples of Past Work: Recently I just got on. Made a change proposal to main page. That was easy enough. Additional Comments: I hope it helps me be more little involved in the developer aspect of the Aurora Station and prepares me to work with people in real life at a later time. I'm also seeking to do a project related to Aurora Station. I am known to be a supporter and help people whenever I can and available around Aurora Community.
  2. I'd like to echo this question. This is a very good point that remains unanswered. I also agree with Prate. Aurora players have fought/begged (myself included) and wanted transparency for complaints. Players and community members have sought for a transparency relationship between the non-staff and the staffs. It is essential that the players remain conscious of what is happening, why is it happening, and how to avoid a certain incident. This way, we can all learn from each other's mistakes/punishment and make better judgements. I want to say I firmly believe that if you have a solid case and you 'accuse' someone of breaking rules with a descriptive explanation and concrete evidence. No doubt the accused will be the one likely at fault. However... On the other hand... So, I'm going to go in paragraphs about 'hostile to staff' because I have not been hostile to/inuslted staffs for a long time. I will agree this is a problem for some people. Welcome to the Internet, in case you have not noticed, it is difficult to see how the recipient sees your message and it is difficult for some receive certain messages that you are trying not to be hostile.As the accused/witness/accuser, I make sure I word my words carefully before I say something officially regarding a staff and often hesitate before saying something. I ask myself these questions. I do not want to appear as hostile or rude. Please note when I say you I refer to the reader of these paragraphs wanting to learn more, not Marlon Phoenix. Do my words hold weight? If no: Don't say anything. If yes: Say something. Show concrete evidence. "John Doe griefed Jane Doe. Here are the logs and his reasoning. I'm not sure if he is an antag because [fill in the blank]." Do I want to call out someone? If not, don't do it. Word it. "Someone griefed Jane Doe." If you don't know. Do not say someone. "I think Jane Doe was griefed. Not sure who." If yes, make sure you label it with facts and do not include your feelings. "I saw John Doe grief Jane Doe." Do I want to make a serious accusation? If not: Word your words carefully that you do not offend or call out someone yet. "I am not sure who abused the wall glitch." If yes. "I just saw John Doe bug abuse the wall glitch." So, you got spoken to, warned, or banned and you would like to know more about your reasoning to why you were banned? Say these magic words - these words will make you less hostile/aggressive and more wanting to learn and improve. Always start a "May I ask a question?" otherwise moderator/admins will ticket you for 'arguing in adminhelp'. If staff says no, it's not the end of the world. You still can take it to forums and ask questions there. If staff says yes, ask these questions. They are polite and attempting to show mutual understanding. I do not understand. Can you help me understand more to why this was not a good idea. Okay so, you tell me not to do X though I had Y reasoning. Could you explain your opinion why this is wrong? If you get ticketed for 'arguing in adminhelp', launch that staff complaint asap. You will most likely 'win' this argument and get it revoked from your notes. This is because the staffs allowed you have a moment to ask you a question. Be sure to word the question and your opinion carefully and acknowledge the staff's perspective on it, otherwise you will seem as if you're arguing. Most may not allow for follow-up question because one question was asked. Do not ask these questions or appear as overly aggressive. NO, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. YOU SEE. HE DID IT TO ME SO I HAD DO IT TO HIM. (caps lock is bad and makes you appear as screaming and defending on your last leg. "He did it so I did it." will never work.) You're a trial mod, so let me make things clear as elementary. (Do not ever consider someone lower than a moderator. Treat them with respect as they would to you.) You know. You're being asshole. You not giving letting me out to do my antag stuff. I'm telling you. The shithole officer arrested me for no reason. (Do not use vulgarity in any adminhelps or call an admin names. BWOINK! You got a time to talk? [no response after 10 minutes] (You could be permanently banned for not saying anything.) BWOINK! You got a time to talk? No. (If you don't have time to respond, then you don't have time to play games, yeah?) It falls back to square one. Be nice, be kind, be courteous. It's like the same concept as SS13 Colonial Marines. If someone shoots you intentionally, don't shoot back. Just adminhelp it and it will count as grief. If you shoot back, it does not count a grief. If someone insults you OOCly, don't insult back. Just adminhelp/put it on staff complaint. You might be helping someone later in the future and you'll help each other rid of toxicity. Don't get involved in any drama and talk about positive things and you'll be alright. If someone's negative to you, just brush it past and leave it be. It's a sign of good respect and people will look up to you for avoiding positive leeches. While this is a problem, I do not believe that making reports confidential is the right solution to this problem. I believe the right solution is for both parties to understand and acknowledge each other. Players can have a lack of confidence and they are willingly to speak with people privately whether it be staff or non-staff. I will reference this topic of mine because it relates to people speaking to each other in private messages with lack of confidence to bringing out to the public because people are afraid of angering/accusing/criticizing a person who has a great control and could make something happen. Marlon Phoenix is free to back it up as it is less than a year old. To summarize my stance in a single sentence, I am neutral. I will agree with Marlon Phoenix on what the problem is but I cannot agree that making reports confidential is the right solution to the problem.
  3. @niennab https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/8925 I did one quick pull request. It's easy fix.
  4. @Chada1 I am okay with digital camouflage equipment appearing invisible to the AI and not the synthetics. All I can say does draw up an interesting RP from general population of synthetics like "Who? There's no one else here besides us. You must be imagining things. You should see a doctor." You can agree on the interesting RP but I see from your point that it may be overused and become too powerful that no synthetics can stop them.
  5. +1 I am in favor of this and I think it would draw more interesting to RP if digital camoflauge ID/equipment is invisible to all synthetics (yes, even the IPCs).
  6. I have not played with you enough to give a good detailed response. I do not remember interacting with you. But, reading what you did and I assume that you were a non-antagonist. Generally, as an non-antag, you shouldn't try to break things or ruin things.
  7. Discord, talking in OOC on the server, and DMing with people you interacted with are guaranteed ways getting a feedback response. I don't get that much involved on forum and spill my opinions on everything because aurora politics, gotta be careful what you say. You should also play a little longer, talk in OOC whenever a discussion springs up, and have people to get know you. It'll help for feedback. Speaking of which, I'll take a look at your feedback thread now.
  8. Hi, @Huskydogg. You probably haven't heard of me. I am notorious for making references both IC and OOC and I disagree with more redtapes on administrator's part. Some people knows that I have reference characters to help me be motivated to play. For me, it's like a cosplay with one name and you feel energy going through you. It's a much worse addiction. You should probably listen to me, I have notes more about references than bad RP in my past four years and I know what it's like. Some of my reference characters have been found. Those who were all deleted. As far as I know, there are three ways of identifying what makes reference a reference. A character has a full name of a popular person/character. This is where people tends to get caught easily, you will get the warning immediately. A character has a partial name of a popular person/character. This is by case by scenario. You give it away if they spot you using a quote, similar personality, similar clothes, or similar job title. Your character speaks about a game that your character should not know. An example when station is falling apart and your character joke directly about Fallout 76 was the hardest to fall. The thing is that your character should not know about. While they are three ways of identifying what makes a reference. But, I would love to hear how staff decides of how it is a reference character so I can safely steer from. There are no clearer rules or if else diagrams. If anyone's interested in knowing what reference characters I had, some of references were... Drake Bond: Got caught for using "Bond, Drake Bond" - violates #2. Daisuke Adachi - someone actually knew Persona 4 and decided to ahelp me even though I did nothing related to Persona 4 - violates #2. Joseph Birkin - RD Birkin | No one knows Resident Evil 2 until Resident Evil 2 Remake was announced then admin learned of it and caught me. - violates #2. Donald Drumpf - Captain Drumpf | When I was 15, okay? I just thought it was funny. Politics ain't funny anymore considering what's happening now. I ain't proud of this one. It was very stupid of me. - violates #2 As I said, it's a much worse addiction. You shouldn't make references. If you are planning on making references, be smart. Few of my characters weren't considered a reference until much later when it became popular. It is not a small price to pay for salvation. I played them before it got mainstream. If you wanna be on the staff team, don't do it. It tarnishes your reputation.
  9. The Unknown Thesis on Chada1's The Revolution Rework By UnknownMurder May 16, 2020 I would like to say some positive words before jumping ahead and speak of future roadmaps that may be either existent or nonexistent. @Chada1 has done a very admirable movement to rework a game mode that everyone complains of being broken, developers 'not touching it', or have gone far enough to say "if you want to fix it, fix it then". It is very rare for Chada1 to complain, instead of complaining, he takes upon a huge responsibility to change something that has been around for a half decade and created into something that no one has created before. This is an act of well deserved respect and deserves a top notch thesis on his project. Seemingly no one has responded to his project thread, Chada1 has requested me to feedback on his project and so I shall do so with my utmost respect and everlasting relationship him. I do not choose to write this thesis for no reason but I choose to do so because Chada1 has been a friend with me since our first interaction on December 26th, 2016 (nearly half a decade, my old friend). The success of the latest patch soared across the skies and pierced the heavens. This laid out and gave a new age gave birth, birth to a new twisted gamemode revolution - a battlefield revolution. This revolution is no longer steered by the Space Station 13's past or even it's will. The project recreated a new gamemode without substance. In the past, we have had defined objectives to flexible defined objectives to player defined objectives where is our current position at the moment. However, a flaw remains to be seen. Chada1 and I had a productive discussion about this in Aurora Station's official discord. Before the revolution patch was applied, the problem was there was a general unwritten "rule" by groupthink that Captain and Head of Security must become a loyalist because they had Loyalist Implants/Mindshield Implants serve as a role more important than other command staffs during revolution game round, and tend to have direct access, communication, and authorization with Security Department. Also, because of Head of Security and/or Captain leading the Security Department, it became a general concept that security personnel should also become a loyalist to enforce Central Command's orders, to do the job they were paid to do. This was realistically easy due to most security personnel were either waived because of two big repeated reasons throughout entire many revolution game modes: to target others before targeting yourself or you weren't among the target so why bother revolting? There were also another problem that revolution round repeated the same path over and over, and players have already gotten bored of it. After the latest patch, Chada1 has achieved the endgame goal of eliminating the problem. Ladies and gentlemen, we're in the endgame now. The problem is eliminated. There are no such thing is Loyalists or Revolutionaries and is instead replaced with Fellowship and Contenders. When the latest patch was applied, people had difficulty understanding and communicating with each other in AOOC. Most of the AOOC conversation relates more to "who does what". Sometimes, these AOOC conversation have several conflicts such as "Oh, I can't do that. I'm suppose to be enforcing this but I'm targeting myself." I've heard these repeated conflicts. This is the endgame problem #1. The endgame problem #2 is this is no longer about the revolution but to more of ideology vs. ideology or relates to the true Spy vs. Spy on Nintendo Entertainment System, to eliminate your opponents before they eliminate you. The endgame problem #2 may in the later years encourage specific party/people not to recruit but instead ally up and attempt to create their own gimmick. I've come up with one idea that may solve the the two endgame problems that we are in. One idea would be to show optional pre-defined objectives that the antagonists could work together to decide on that allows for a smoother transition to starting the round. The two potential limitations, one limitation imposed on the player's imagination to do creative and innovative things. Forced pre-defined objectives is something that the playerbase would be wholly against. The other limitations is non-compliance and/or compromise between the two antagonist parties. The antagonist party A wants gimmick A but antagonist party B does not like the gimmick A but wants gimmick B. They cannot reach a compromise and drag antagonist's actual start time to do their gimmick into 15-30 minutes in. A name change for this game mode is also needed, this is no longer "revolution" game mode. Truly, when you solve a problem, another problem comes up. Then you solve problem again but another problem comes up. And then you fix that problem, and then another problem shows up, and so on and so forth. What a vicious lifecycle we are in. We all are entrapped in it, there is no solution to everything in Space Station 13. This is not the only idea but it is one idea that may help us overcome this obstacle. This is my thesis.
  10. Hey folks. Right now, we have... @Menown and @mwhit030 on the farming team and we're interested in finding more people. If you're interested in playing Farming Simulator 2019. You require a PS4 and PSN (just for 1 month for $10). Farming Simulator 2019 is "free to own for the month for PSN members" right now on the PS4. We want to try to do a group effort in making farming game a success. We're probably going to play it for only a month. Interested? DM me, @Menown or @mwhit030 to be invited to a discord chat group (not a discord server).
  11. @geeves What will you do now with the result is out? I must say that if you choose to go ahead and remove AIs. You are more likely to anger more people by removing AIs than not removing the AIs. Note: Visualization statistics
  12. +1 Worked under this player couple of years ago. His determination and willingness to hear out and work with people is still there. My experience roleplaying with this player is more than just fabulous. As a head of staff, he gives people chances to better themselves and toss a rope to show it's done. He is the Senate. He loves democracy. This is how liberty dies with thunderous applause as Owen becomes a trial mod.
  13. I'll keep it simple and to the point. I am in 100% support of Chada's approach. Whitelist it, hold it to higher expectations, and if it doesn't work for whatever the reason that may be. Remove it. Outright removing things without attempting to fix is a bad card play. I like the silhouette idea but I insist the AI should see silhouette after being tampered with via APC or some computers/laptop connected to the network or refer to the old suggestion of mine malware.
  14. I say no. I thought about suggesting "One Winged Angel" but decided not to, it's just the overhype thing. I prefer "Space Oddity" as is because it feels more related to SS13.
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