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  1. As an Aurora non-developer but a having a computer science major in real world wandering around on GitHub once a while to see what's been changed, improved and removed. Funny PR titles do get me addicted and gives me the desire to read the PR description and sometimes the commit. I'm with @Scheveningen as a whole on this. Aurora Master Branch on GitHub is just like YouTube but without anime girls clickbaits. Give me a funny/meme/punny/MetalGearSolid/anime/otaku title and I'm more prone to reading your PR. @Kaed, due with all respect. I think you're just in a bad mood when reading the PRs and making this thread. Fun is allowed on GitHub and Aurora Station Forums. @KingOfThePing
  2. I'm assuming the silence tells us that this is a dropped idea now and we're sticking with our icon?
  3. @Alberyk I suppose you were looking for this?
  4. You absolute madman, @Soultheif96. I've never expected you would to approach this from a criminal justice perspective. Let us tango, my friend. I'm going to read it off on the original post and better your understanding of Central Command Internal Affairs. I will speak as a Ex-CCIA speaking from experience and prior knowledge. This is subject to change by god knows who is changing what in Central Command Internal Affairs Agency for better or for worse. Central Command Internal Affairs works externally and does not and should not weigh or interfere with station's proceeding as a whole. In turn, they should expect that the station knows how to take care of themselves. Admittedly, Aurora Station is the only station that we will actually play on this entire time. We only see Central Command Internal Affairs Agents boarding Aurora Station more often than any other stations. Not like we're heading to other stations and roleplay. This could be done if we had a larger playerbase and et cetera but only a dream. Point is, the game that we play on revolves around Aurora Station built on lore by many different people through time. Secondly, I have to argue @Arrow768 and agree with Soultheif that to reportly direct mistreatment or request to appeal to Head of Personnel is best recommended as Head of Personnel is nonetheless a human resources command staff. If anything, it gives Head of Personnel something to do. On the other hand, I will not be happy Head of Personnel being able to reduce/repeal sentence. I'm satisfied where Soultheif has it in his modified case and I have no problems from this perspective. For i300, I'm standing on the middle ground here between Arrow and Soultheif's perspective. Some privileges should be removed but some privileges should remain. Suppose if a prisoner with i300 infraction is sent to the private brig. He does his best and follows through the procedures of how to be a good boy. He can get more privileges just by doing that like with some of U.S. prisons. tl;dr: You be good boy. You get good stuff. And yes. The warden should be the first person to speak to about appealing. Communication should be passed down from the lower chain of command through to the top. I am unfamiliar with how appeals can work on Aurora Station. So, I'm going to wrap my wall of text up because I have real life. I like most ideas. I believe few needs changes. It would be difficult to uphold this.
  5. How's this three months old trial going? The longest CCIA trial ever, I do declare. @Mofo1995 @Resilynn
  6. Please place this in the discontinued project. I lack the time to do this.
  7. @Conspiir https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1uMsY_loNKF1tAoIzWS5Y0xcKpBb5c2x7SeYdvvoJIYA/edit#slide=id.p I've found it for you. This was announced a long time ago as a solution to a major crisis and the whoever decided this solution are ableism. As you can see, I've hated this solution very much. Why include deaf/mute/blind functionality to a game if you're just going to place a heavy limit on it. But yeah, I suppose you can argue that if there's nothing relating to disabilities on Aurora Station rules, it's not an actual rule but again we have unwritten rules that are not in Aurora Station rules. It's a lousy argument but disabilities just happens to be one of these unwritten rules and you have to go searching around it to find a precedent ruling.
  8. The text and logo have been remedied. I'm unsure to how you expect the sprites to be or otherwise, we can remove the sprites altogether and just have the plain ole Aurora Station and NanoTrasen logo. My envision was to develop a form of diversity among people or puny synthetic their performs being cast out onto the spotlight. Rather responding with a critic, do share with us what you had exactly in mind for discord logo. The informal responsibility was left to the community to develop it. I have one. Geeves has one. Perfectly balanced as all things should be.
  9. Since you are asking me and I shall answer. I'm okay with this alterations. I'm not too offended or picky. I just wanted to put my art out since no one other than Geeves was willingly to put forth a small amount of effort by using an already used art to further their agenda whereas I put forth more serious effort by starting over from scratch and building it together as I go along. Biesel logo is okay as long as Administration is fine with it. @Arrow768, what do you think?
  10. Here. I did something creative for people of Aurora Station on my free time. Please appreciate my work.
  11. You know. My science teacher have told the class to always be careful with glass beakers in high school. The science teacher said as I paraphrase "These glass beaker shits. They break easily. Don't be a glass breaker". I think we should hold them to my science teacher's expectations on the basis that they break easily. I totally did not make this story up or lied about my experience like other people in other threads to prove my point.
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