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  1. e I have never seen something more productive than this Captain.
  2. I just roleplayed with Holiday Lynn when she was the kidnapped Captain of a hostage situation. She played along with the antagonists and let herself get captured. This is a very rare RP trait. +1
  3. This is my perspective on this change with different antagonists.
  4. Sometimes, I wonder. What does our headmins and headdevs even look like in real life.
  5. After the end of Interstellar War Two, galaxies were split into two: East and West. This marked the beginning of the era called Tajaran Cold War.
  6. Sure. This might encourage some illegal animal cage fights roleplay.
  7. "Perhaps UM was a shitmalf, but not shit enough to warrant administrative action." -Pratepresidenten "The staff members in question also deemed the malf not rule breaking, so they did not see the need for staff to step in and pace a note or warning on them." -Cnaym I have been reviewed twice under scrutiny of four different staff member. A team consisting of Pratepresidenten and ShesTrying has reviewed my decision and large scope of how events led to several actions. Another team consisting of ParadoxSpace and Cnaym reviewed have Prate and ShesTrying's thinking process and actions and stood by their ruling reflecting back on my justified actions. I did nothing wrong. I'm open to any questions asked by staff members. I will try to recollect my memory of this atrocious round.
  8. This is Bedhead 4. This is Bedhead 5. Original PR that added this: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/6900 Removal PR in Progress: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7901 Bedhead 5 and Bedhead 4 doesn't really bother me but can be less "thicc". Kaedwuff seems to be the only person who has an issue with removal of Bedhead 5. To isolate unique hairstyle to antagonists only puts them on the obvious spot and we have people who will learn OOC information and be OOCly prepared to do anything defensively when antagonist confront them offensively.
  9. I believe this thread can still be useful in our times of trouble.
  10. Response to ShesTrying's decision. I acknowledge this statement. I believed I was very sure that my gimmicks were across, but it seems from a staff perspective reading the log that crew did not see my shotgun barrage gimmicks attempting to get through hitting any of the targets. I believed I already had hit a target with the following reasoning in the next block that I saw fit for more escalation rather keeping it quiet some more and letting the round end without knowing there was a Malfunctioning AI until end of the round stat. I must inform you that I had thought the security whilst in Medical Bay knew what I was doing based on Cheshire's PDA message to me with medical witnesses, the summarized message of Cheshire's PDA communication to me is "We've been found out!". In a response to this, I've made an announcement of synthetic takeover was the beginning of my escalation to move onto the crew. Security was already shooting up a crisis module synthetic unit. As a response to Burger's critics on ShesTrying's decision. You made a ban request when you were told to make a player complaint, I will defend myself as this is an obvious attack to me. I remembering asking to clarify what SonicGotNuked meant in AOOC by "make a complaint". You wouldn't be punished if I were the one responsible for everything (in fact I wasn't), you have no right to subtly backseat moderate based on either OOC information or metagame. Really, complaint is about you, not about me. I have so much IC justification and saw whole thing fold, you did not. You relied on the LOOC chit chat and used that as your only evidence to say I had a bad escalation while I had the whole communication and even eavesdropped on the Head of Security to get more understanding of how my actions causing what consequences. You thought it was me, but it was you, Dio! BurgerBB has confessed to disobeying orders repetitively and claims that he does not see enough justification while I saw a larger picture justification to make a move. You already confessed to refusing to leave the engine damaged and proceeded to fix it and undo every of my actions because of your narrow OOC perspective. Ergo, Ignoring orders because you OOCly don't agree with them isn't acceptable-- you will be noted for the failure to follow orders. I see no contradiction here, everything flows with what she ShesTrying trying to say to you.
  11. I apologize. It was a Happy Holidays week. My memory of this is now fading. New Year's week is coming soon. Happy Holidays, though. From my perspective, it's the attitude and must have been the heat of the round but yet, I am disappointed. I saw the attitude and heat differently based on your comments on OOC. My current claims are you disobeying orders as it stands. Unwillingly to head back to the engine and sabotage it again after an engineer have repaired it and left to cryo. You have already admitted to this. Unwillingly to change module to crisis intentionally ignoring frequent given orders and mechanics. You once again have already admitted to this. You have already admitted to intentionally disobeying orders and going against your Rampant Artificial Intelligence which is Malfunctioning. This paragraph exaggerates into one sentence making a point at the end in which has already been overturned. I'll need to make a sentence never been made before hopefully in a sense repeating myself very often that you will understand. Your character, a cyborg that os slaved to Malfunctioning Artificial Intelligence, is slaved to the Malfunctioning Artificial Intelligence. There is no "within reason" for a Malfunctioning Artificial Intelligence. If the Artificial Intelligence is Malfunctioning, then it must be logical to assume that a Malfunctioning Artificial Intelligence is Malfunctioning and has reason to act malfunctioning. Somebody, I am not sure who, has already said something about that we do not need to write every rule for nitpicky people. Afraid we have ourselves in this situation. We both see this situation from a different perspective.
  12. This sets a dangerous precedent for future incidents related to this and can be said by anybody to get off the hook for not wanting to listen. I already have my eyes on a person exhibiting a similar behavior and will do what I can to avoid repeating similar scenario. I had a lack of knowledge for your lack of knowledge of EMP shielding I suppose I should have informed E.Y.E. to inform you or inform you myself but you did not inform me so I expected you already to know it. Like in college/school, if you do not ask for clarification or questions relating to ability, I would expect you to already know what it does. I apologize for putting you on the spot to move fast and active, I suppose I was in the heat that moment; I should have asked E.Y.E. before his termination to do the job that you were incapable of doing. A simple answer to the problem. Put yourself in the storage like the aforementioned player have already done so. I would not be disgruntled or frown heavily on you. There are people who dislikes being antag and I respect that wholely. Resolve the adminhelps appropriately that I've sent out in-game and an admin doing something about your track record of toxic behavior in OOC. Everything leading up to the second adminhelp, I have watched your existence as a cyborg have gone impacting negatively on my gimmick agenda but I would be selfish and a dick to say that you are worse than no cyborg since you have already made commendable actions (touching SMES before second incident). I was trying to think up ideas to re-assign you to different tasks. In the end, I tried to be positive (I even admitted to SonicGotNuked that I would forgive your cyborg in first adminhelp) at the third and last adminhelp. I was absolutely clueless of what your agenda was until I've found out your behavior in defiance toward to me. I have answered your question in a positive way and I hope you take it as such. See next page for Engines. These yellow spots are what I wanted you to disconnect from. I wanted you to disconnect the SMES' output to the station. You originally assumed I wanted you to cut the SMES to the Supermatter or Telsa. Note: I have already adminhelped to Garn and made sure that Garn knows that I am never intending on blowing the Supermatter or releasing the Telsa. In a way, I did ask for permission from the Headmin and you insisted feeling uncomfortable without permission, you also refused to disconnect them again and you explained your answer in which I feel against and is rule-breaking to defy the Master Malfunctioning Artificial Intelligence. Once again, to set this dangerous precedent for the future can create disorder and gives the players able to restrict their master for instance a thrall refusing to follow the vampire because it "may be rulebreaking" or "i saw no justification and therefore I refuse (while vampire saw a whole bigger picture and has a reason to justify but doesn't want to sit and explain everything at a dangerous time)". Who is taking this player complaint again?
  13. I apologize for not immediate response. I am a busy person in real life the specific round last night was the only time that I was able to play for the week. I'll will go into details of each points made by BurgerBB. It is obvious that BurgerBB and I are upset at each other because of his assumptions and presumably my assumption as well come into clash. Cut the Telsa: Cutting the telsa's power output. You did cut it but the power was still distributed by the engineer who wired it and left. Sabotage the Supermatter: I have never told you to go sabotage the supermatter but only the output power. I have only instructed you to sabotage the output and keep to it cut. Secondary Gimmick: "I ended up fixing this later in the round when I noticed that the red dock was also destroyed because of this, and did not want to create a situation that annoyed the crew and interfered with my gimmick of creating my airlock maze that players had to get through." That is not your decision to make. Your actions not only have limited the Artificial Intelligence's ability to see and interact with machines but sets a dangerous precedent in the later future. If I recall, you have had a bad record about this somewhere on the forums. Prevent them from leaving: Still a gimmick even if it is bad that is overused and can be used at any given scenario. Never ever I ever said to "kill them all", this is more of a shitty gimmick. Kill xyz (aka specific targets [Security ( mainly Head of Security ) ]: Yes. I did order you to kill specific targets. I have already have justification to why specific targets are to be eliminated due to Cheshire's PDA message reporting me of Security's movements and clear and danger to synthetic unit DOOM. People, especially engineers, were absolutely upset that all this was happening in looc to the point where some cryo'd: That is their decision, they can cryo any given moment. There's no punishment ofr anyone cryoing nor does it any effect on the perpetrator. Many people were unhappy about the round, which is why I didn't want to make it worse for people: Moral/emotional attack is irrelevant to the player complaint. This is about you, not me. I did not see any roleplay from you towards the crew: You late joined about an hour. You missed most of my RP interactions with the crew and in person via holograms. I was already hostile to the Commander, harassed a medical doctor, eavesdropped and gave Officer Wiles an indicator I was listening to their conversations. Bugged a scientist. I repetitively informed Commander that I would not obey their orders regarding "senpai". Played with the power alarms for a while as engineer takes a look and should have found out that it was me. You had no gimmick or reason or cause or any motivation: I've had two gimmick approaches, these gimmick approaches did not appear to work or indicators were ignored/overlooked. You stealth malf'd for an hour and thirty minutes: See "I did not see any roleplay from you towards the crew" answer. I was not comfortable with murderboning with 0 admins online: Never ever I have ever told you to "KILL THEM ALL!" in direct to the crews but to respond to possible gunning down Security. DOOM was already doing so and you would not assist DOOM and as a result, DOOM was eliminated by the Security Team. I was not comfortable without permission from an admin: This is a dangerous precedent to set in stone for future related incidents like this and gives them the ability to ignore laws. Not to mention, thanks for confessing to metagame or let alone letting OOC information interfere with IC decisions. You were actively hostile towards me, constantly giving me resets without my permission while I was doing things to progress the round: Permissions? Cyborgs that are slaved to Master AI and Master AI requires permission from their slaves? That rubs me in the wrong direction. You also constantly reset me while I was placing a borg converting machine. I told you to stop resetting me, and to give me 60 seconds, but you kept resetting me: You were told to do this a while ago but you did not because you were repairing the engine. You also avoided this order that I have instructed you to do so during the commence of synthetic takeover. I intentionally closed the red dock after it was done venting not to spite the AI: You have already spited me. You've undo every actions and effort as I've done to the red dock. It was already obvious in middle of the round, you showed me your path of unwillingly obey a direct order. I do not know the security member, but because of the space wind of me vending the red dock again, I managed to knock down a security officer and cause them to flee, and also secured an ion rifle in the process: You were already immune to ion rifle thanks to my orders to have E.Y.E have you upgraded. At the end of the round: Because of your actions that the crew members were already fleeing, I wanted you to stop building the construction of assimilation machine and change to CRISIS. However, you chose not to do so because you have assumed I would order you to "kill them all". To answer @Garnascus's question, I was intentionally hindering BurgerBB from making the machine and change module to crisis module as DOOM was eliminated by Security Team. As a construction module, FLAWED is unable to defend or protect itself in Security's sight. My intentional was to have FLAWED (the only cyborg left) run and gun out of the Departures as it has already proven itself to be useless in Departures with fleeing crew members. FLAWED was incapable of following orders from the beginning, this was done with out of little spite and to coax FLAWED into becoming a crisis module. That would be the consequences of my oversight, not yours. As a malfunctioning Artificial Intelligence, I will sudo this. Then that means more work for engineers. They can and already told the command that they can't keep up and detect problems with the power alarms. They practically didn't know what to do or/and most likely told the Commander that it was the work of my actions (should have found out that it was me, I made it super obvious for them). OOC Escalation: You say that... And yet you believe... Trashtalk the player of the Artificial Intelligence was the right escalation and rub dirt on them for everyone else to see then file a ban request on the player of Artificial Intelligence? You know that you are already being watched for this and have not improved your OOC attitude. You still have that general toxic behavior and it is leaking into OOC and this forum (particularly the ban request and in this staff complaint). IC Escalation: I saw escalation fit, you assumed there were no escalation. I see a bigger picture and receive more information than you do. I already check once a while with SonicGotNuked in AOOC to make sure the actions that I am doing is on the level of "okayness". Message to BurgerBB: You were adminhelped about 2-3 times in this particular round, SonicGotNuked respond to my 2-3 adminhelps but could not get involved. I still continued in hope of getting a staff from discord. As you know, SonicGotNuked was already involved and will deliver unfair justice to you. I ask of the person taking this player complaint to consider the source and judge accordingly. Fiat justitia ruat caelum | "Let justice be done though heavens may fall."
  14. Cheshire reported that our cover is blown (aka pull the plug on AI) as you rolled to Medical Bay which as a coincidence. Cheshire also reported you and Security were about to do gunslinger. This was my authorization for you to shoot (or/and shoot back) security members. @The Stryker can confirm this.
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