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James1995967 unban request

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BYOND Key: james1995967

Total Ban Length: permaban

Banning staff member's Key: tablespoon

Reason of Ban: Griefed a player by hitting them repeatedly. Claimed he heard they had a energy sword then immediatly logged.

Hi this is one of my first unban requests so sorry If I do something wrong.

I apologize for what I did and I know that this ban was just and in good reason.

I was hitting a player when traveling on a esape pod when I thought he had a e-sword. By the time we reached centcom I had killed him and one of the admins have begun questioning me. When we got to cent com and the round was about to end, I started experiencing a huge amount of lag and I logged out, to re log to get rid of the lag and continue talking to the admin while we waited for the next round. Unfortunatly the ban was too fast and I coundnt relog in to explain myself.

I have been banned since 12-21-14 and its 1-19-15.

Thank you for your time, sorry If I left anything out.

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Notice: date of ban is 24NOV2014. The mismatching date is due to information migration.

According to the notes, you have been banned twice for ganking a player, and logging on contact. Once on 01NOV, then again on 24NOV.

Alright, on the count of you believing that the individual had an energy sword, okay. However, you've been talked to about 3 times prior to this, at which point you should have read the rules and the part which explained that End of Round grief is punishable by staff. As such, had they even attacked you, you could have just adminhelped it and been free without charge. What happened?

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We were on the escape pod to cent com, alot of times the person I am with will just start fighting me, and I fight back. When I saw he had a Esword I though he was going to use that to kill me. I also thought he was a traitor and Didnt know what else he could have had with him. And honestly it was so long ago I dont remeber it very well.

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Alrighty, I'll lift the ban and provide another chance for you.

For future reference, if you see something like this happen in the future, don't jump and attack them. If they attack you, adminhelp it, as it does go against the rules for the majority of cases.

Have a nice day.

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